1. MRDexzy

    MRDexzy7 hours ago

    Sven Smörboll meens Sven Butterball

  2. Ryan ASMR S

    Ryan ASMR S2 days ago

    Avengers Infinity war be like

  3. LemonJuice 18

    LemonJuice 182 days ago

    Hey that’s quite long for a meme 10 days Most memes last 1-2 days

  4. Virre

    Virre2 days ago

    Gilla min kommentar om du är svensk

  5. Can of Pepsi

    Can of Pepsi2 days ago

    What if those shirts were a real thing you could buy



    Olivia as Lil tay is the best

  7. Katherine Dogger

    Katherine Dogger3 days ago

    OOH that’s good :3

  8. patrisha and becky

    patrisha and becky3 days ago

    "...anD yOU uglY1!!!!"

  9. Garrett Herrington

    Garrett Herrington4 days ago

    I know we're your dog went You dropped him in a moatfield

  10. destin gamer

    destin gamer4 days ago

    That's not Alex that's shawn or shayn

  11. [insert good name]

    [insert good name]5 days ago

    I think they made this video just to say remember meme

  12. Luc Dang

    Luc Dang5 days ago

    Sven is the old dude, Maurice is the little dude, and Ian is the grandpa dude

  13. Bad Boys

    Bad Boys6 days ago

    Olivia as mean baby girl is the best!!! 👻👻👻

  14. Nana nana BATMAN

    Nana nana BATMAN6 days ago

    Lol Noah is a Christian

  15. Mainer William

    Mainer William6 days ago

    4:36 what is that

  16. AYX AYo

    AYX AYo7 days ago

    It would be bettered as Mempirestate Building

  17. AYX AYo

    AYX AYo7 days ago

    Ooo that’s not Good

  18. Can I get 100 subs with no videos

    Can I get 100 subs with no videos8 days ago

    Totally not making fun of lil tay

  19. Onkar Dogra

    Onkar Dogra8 days ago

    The music reminds me of Rob Flair Drip with Ric Flair tryin to stay relevant

  20. Loser Bakå

    Loser Bakå8 days ago

    Let’s put lil ta- copyright. BABY MEAN GIRL!!

  21. princess keke

    princess keke8 days ago

    Ooohh that's good!!😂😂

  22. Mike-Daddy

    Mike-Daddy8 days ago

    This video is a masterpiece

  23. Jellyfish Dude

    Jellyfish Dude8 days ago

    did he literally just say "i dropped my dog in a mine field"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  24. frank takis

    frank takis9 days ago

    When lil Tay becomes an adult ... huh I don't see a diffrence

  25. Lars Jørgen Berglund

    Lars Jørgen Berglund10 days ago

    Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

  26. WolfByte-Overwatch and fortnite

    WolfByte-Overwatch and fortnite10 days ago

    Mean or meme idk baby girl aka lil tay

  27. TheThug Pug

    TheThug Pug10 days ago

    2:41 I don’t feel so good

  28. ImQuiteWeird *

    ImQuiteWeird *10 days ago

    Honey I WOULD TrAsH taLk my PEeRs in a second

  29. The Mandough

    The Mandough10 days ago

    When smosh dies

  30. Occasional Emily

    Occasional Emily10 days ago

    More like "When Smosh Dies" Too soon? Maybe... 🌚

  31. Toucan

    Toucan10 days ago

    4:10 the cringe is real on this one

  32. London Davis

    London Davis10 days ago

    Mean baby girl :Mean baby girl Rodney:and Rodney!

  33. Keo Kowalczyk

    Keo Kowalczyk11 days ago

    Like your channel boom shots fired....

  34. The Bright Eclipse

    The Bright Eclipse11 days ago

    Lil Livia 😂😂😂

  35. Morgan Farr

    Morgan Farr11 days ago

    2 things Christian side hug just...yes and I like how you used Noah for the Christian just...yes

  36. Tom

    Tom12 days ago

    Look in the mirror at 6:53 😂

  37. Creative Heart

    Creative Heart12 days ago

    Remember Meme......

  38. AceNotThePlace

    AceNotThePlace12 days ago

    biG tAY

  39. XXBrazz

    XXBrazz12 days ago

    This is you 🤪 👕 👖 And you are a freaking stupid

  40. Sultanna 2.0

    Sultanna 2.012 days ago

    It’s Big Tay

  41. Isaiah Comstock

    Isaiah Comstock12 days ago

    Smosh pit

  42. Alejandra Ortiz

    Alejandra Ortiz12 days ago

    Damn you internet

  43. markiplierfan 3452

    markiplierfan 345212 days ago

    Uhhh I looked at the cast and saw video What happened to Anthony

  44. AsEnd_ Wolf

    AsEnd_ Wolf12 days ago

    🙉 🥼 👖

  45. cinthia aquino

    cinthia aquino12 days ago

    6:45-7:00 is my favorite part

  46. TheFadeSword

    TheFadeSword12 days ago

    when *SMOSH* dies

  47. T Harmon

    T Harmon13 days ago

    This shoulda been titled "Where memes go to die."

  48. XxXgirl kickassxxX

    XxXgirl kickassxxX13 days ago

    Noah Gross man

  49. Vicki Gotschall

    Vicki Gotschall13 days ago

    I love coco

  50. DaRealHowToBasic

    DaRealHowToBasic13 days ago

    When smosh dies... oh wait they’ve just shut down.

  51. Trampus Tefertiller

    Trampus Tefertiller13 days ago

    Smosh has lost its touch

  52. The uncontrolable Gamer RBLX

    The uncontrolable Gamer RBLX13 days ago


  53. Killer Beast56

    Killer Beast5613 days ago

    This is exactly like *C O C O*

  54. NobeliumUranium

    NobeliumUranium13 days ago


  55. NobeliumUranium

    NobeliumUranium13 days ago


  56. NobeliumUranium

    NobeliumUranium13 days ago


  57. NobeliumUranium

    NobeliumUranium13 days ago


  58. NobeliumUranium

    NobeliumUranium13 days ago

    Pewdiepie:You should’ve gone for the head...*snap*

  59. Gabriel Oliva

    Gabriel Oliva13 days ago

    1:36 five: rises 4 fingers me:ok

  60. Nakitta Stanislaus

    Nakitta Stanislaus13 days ago

    That's bob say hi bob

  61. Nakitta Stanislaus

    Nakitta Stanislaus13 days ago

    🦍 🥋 👖 🧦

  62. Tyler Ivey

    Tyler Ivey13 days ago


  63. Genie  Snow

    Genie Snow13 days ago

    Mmmmm that's good

  64. stick man

    stick man13 days ago

    Its actually Ian and shayne from smosh

  65. GracieFox34

    GracieFox3413 days ago

    1:36 "Like five." *puts up 3 fingers*

  66. King Of Ducks

    King Of Ducks14 days ago

    oh I get it

  67. TayTay Coburn

    TayTay Coburn14 days ago

    shane was obviously high for this video.

  68. Squids AJ

    Squids AJ14 days ago

    HAHAH coco refrence omg

  69. XR Titan

    XR Titan14 days ago

    I'm the 3,639,990 viewer

  70. Bus 101

    Bus 10114 days ago

    I don't feel so good

  71. Analy Quintero

    Analy Quintero14 days ago

    at 3:50 to 3: 53 look at the bsck round

  72. Analy Quintero

    Analy Quintero14 days ago

    back round

  73. How to me Cutie Loulie

    How to me Cutie Loulie15 days ago

    I’m 10 years old my name is Emma

  74. pickle joe

    pickle joe15 days ago

    I shall keep the meme going ooo that's good

  75. William Holloman

    William Holloman16 days ago

    Lil tae

  76. Golden Geeky Guy

    Golden Geeky Guy16 days ago

    Wait isn't Noah Jewish?

  77. Roticher

    Roticher16 days ago

    Sven Butterball.. Really?

  78. Franken gummy

    Franken gummy16 days ago

    I don't feel so good

  79. TiredTaurus_

    TiredTaurus_16 days ago

    But Noah’s Jewish

  80. itsyoboiroy 1234

    itsyoboiroy 123416 days ago

    Date shane

  81. ugh JezzieDut

    ugh JezzieDut16 days ago

    mean baby girl got me

  82. Mehwish Ali

    Mehwish Ali17 days ago


  83. Ducky films

    Ducky films17 days ago

    This is fred 👯‍♂️

  84. Cheyenne Frank

    Cheyenne Frank17 days ago

    lil tay

  85. infinite memories

    infinite memories17 days ago

    *aka. LIL TAY*

  86. Icecreamlover forever24

    Icecreamlover forever2417 days ago

    Love that shirt Jesus sVes bro pls give it to me

  87. Icecreamlover forever24

    Icecreamlover forever2417 days ago

    Mean baby girl aka lil Tay

  88. bendy ink machine

    bendy ink machine17 days ago

    Remember me though I had to say goodbye

  89. The Ducc

    The Ducc17 days ago


  90. Sami Khoja

    Sami Khoja17 days ago

    Im swedish

  91. Lovely

    Lovely17 days ago


  92. Amor Venus Cunag

    Amor Venus Cunag17 days ago


  93. Eziyah Bryant

    Eziyah Bryant17 days ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhh thatsss gooood is that fake

  94. SD Bo

    SD Bo18 days ago

    I know that this video is old but I thought the thumbnail was an asian mom no offense

  95. thuytienthanhnguyen

    thuytienthanhnguyen18 days ago

    Why Thanos do dis

  96. Wolfie Studios

    Wolfie Studios18 days ago


  97. suranga abeysinghe

    suranga abeysinghe18 days ago


  98. suranga abeysinghe

    suranga abeysinghe18 days ago


  99. Little Youngie

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  100. Hot N Cold

    Hot N Cold18 days ago

    1:35 Like five shirts *Holds out 4 fingers*

  101. family rockers

    family rockers18 days ago


  102. Fluffy Warrior

    Fluffy Warrior19 days ago

    The funny thing is, is that noah’s Jewish