1. JustLive

    JustLiveHour ago

    ooh thats gud guy i dont feel tu gud 3:19

  2. OG COLT

    OG COLT3 hours ago


  3. John Whick

    John Whick4 hours ago

    Remember me, i know how hard it is to say goodbye, remember meeeeeee

  4. wooden gamer 98

    wooden gamer 986 hours ago

    so unpopular la

  5. dopefinn

    dopefinn7 hours ago

    is mean baby girl lil tay or bhad bhabie

  6. the gamer

    the gamer8 hours ago

    What happend to Anthony

  7. Golden Minecart

    Golden Minecart9 hours ago

    How high was the manager

  8. The English speaking man

    The English speaking man10 hours ago

    can i have a merchandise

  9. derpyredpanda

    derpyredpanda13 hours ago

    Mr Meme I don't feel so good

  10. Poke3War

    Poke3War16 hours ago

    Rodney is my name

  11. Marius Tomlin

    Marius Tomlin17 hours ago

    Everyone get pewdiepiekj to do a meme review on ohhh that's good

  12. Waylon's World

    Waylon's World20 hours ago


  13. Annanya Menon

    Annanya Menon20 hours ago

    "dude you're getting coco'd too!!" 😂😂

  14. Moncus5155

    Moncus515520 hours ago

    3:21 Mr. Good I don’t feel so good

  15. nose from a knuckle

    nose from a knuckle20 hours ago

    Me:Ooo that's *BAD* My friend:*slap* Other friend:Ooo that's good!

  16. Rianna Serrano

    Rianna Serrano21 hour ago

    2:41 “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good..”

  17. Bubbl3gum_Boy

    Bubbl3gum_Boy21 hour ago

    I was looking throu the comments and saw this is 😀 👕 👖. H3 has cancer 1 like I cure Stop

  18. Herr Orm

    Herr Orm22 hours ago

    👩🏻 👙 👠👠

  19. Fanoos Fortnite

    Fanoos Fortnite23 hours ago

    when smosh dies

  20. EnsamISamhället

    EnsamISamhälletDay ago

    Sven smörboll... it means sven butterball..

  21. woube kebede

    woube kebedeDay ago

    This hit a little close to home for Smosh

  22. Zujce 37

    Zujce 37Day ago

    I hate you guys my name is Sven

  23. Melai Enterprise

    Melai EnterpriseDay ago

    Lil tay? Lol

  24. The Serge

    The SergeDay ago

    Mr. Stark.. i don't feel so good...

  25. bill nye the Russian spy

    bill nye the Russian spyDay ago

    2:41 *Mr. Stark, I dont feel so good.*

  26. Superman 500957

    Superman 500957Day ago

    Mr meme I don't feel so good Too soon this is too soon

  27. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto UzumakiDay ago

    Who else just saw its made by smosh?

  28. DreemurrKid118

    DreemurrKid118Day ago

    0:57 I dropped my dog in a remote field- WHAT THE F*CK!? 2:47 When your Meme is forgotten... You fade from existence! 2:51 Oh Damn! Just like COCO...

  29. PhoenixWrecker1115

    PhoenixWrecker1115Day ago

    Its funny that they made noah christian even though he is jewish

  30. Welch's Fruit Snacks

    Welch's Fruit SnacksDay ago


  31. Lily’s Life

    Lily’s LifeDay ago

    OOOOH that’s good. It was posted on my birthday

  32. Cas Vandervorm

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  33. TheHariZ GaminG

    TheHariZ GaminGDay ago

    👏👏 meme rewiew

  34. Omega Retro gamer

    Omega Retro gamerDay ago


  35. Darkness Blazer

    Darkness Blazer2 days ago

    Just like coco.

  36. Lilia Lopez

    Lilia Lopez2 days ago

    That is ben he has stage 4 cancer

  37. Lilia Lopez

    Lilia Lopez2 days ago

    😁 👕 👖 👞

  38. anonymous artist

    anonymous artist2 days ago

    Let’s make this a real meme

  39. 3GgG R0lL

    3GgG R0lL2 days ago

    I don’t want to go mr pewdiepie I don’t feel so good

  40. Thoughtmaker 202

    Thoughtmaker 2022 days ago

    Mr.stark I don’t feel so good 😖😖😖😖

  41. Noob stuff And random stuff

    Noob stuff And random stuff2 days ago

    “meme review”

  42. REBELION 12.16

    REBELION 12.162 days ago

    I know that this video is supposed to be funny..but I kinda feel sorry for Rodney

  43. Ugandan Warrior

    Ugandan Warrior2 days ago

    That one guy was high on w33d look at them eyes

  44. DannyW075

    DannyW0752 days ago

    Hola shayne and Ein.. I do not speak Spanish.

  45. phantomdancer is crap

    phantomdancer is crap2 days ago

    Olivia has a AMAZING lil tay IMPRESSION XDXDXDXD!!!

  46. Guest 674

    Guest 6743 days ago

    When memes die has turned into a meme

  47. ExtraSweat

    ExtraSweat3 days ago

    LIL Tay wtf hahhaa

  48. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf3 days ago

    3:19 Me Rodney I don’t feel so good

  49. Shemilton Westerborg

    Shemilton Westerborg3 days ago

    Not in my Christian fortnite server

  50. bryce 101

    bryce 1013 days ago

    literally june 13 is my sisters bday

  51. Nora like Pickles

    Nora like Pickles3 days ago

    oh my god I thought he was gonna say years!!!😂

  52. Master pro Games

    Master pro Games3 days ago

    We’re the songs tell mee

  53. TheChaoticBlueBlur

    TheChaoticBlueBlur3 days ago

    if SMOSH was lil tay

  54. notethefollowing

    notethefollowing3 days ago

    Shane looks like he's on 5 different planets at one time

  55. Jaygooz Botw

    Jaygooz Botw3 days ago


  56. Bushra Mateen

    Bushra Mateen3 days ago

    **Hey thats pretty good**

  57. Christian Kolev

    Christian Kolev3 days ago

    *ooh thats GoOd*

  58. wolf king

    wolf king4 days ago


  59. Joey Altieri

    Joey Altieri4 days ago

    This is a cry for help from Ian to make him relevant again

  60. Deangelo Velez

    Deangelo Velez4 days ago

    Ooh that good and that is god

  61. Noob stuff And random stuff

    Noob stuff And random stuff4 days ago

    He looks like Ian from smosh

  62. A and E *#*

    A and E *#*2 days ago

    He is

  63. Adamaster

    Adamaster4 days ago

    Look even little tay!

  64. Acnologia Dragon

    Acnologia Dragon4 days ago

    💀 this is bobby like he gets older but hes dies if he reaches 200 likes dislike for it to get lower 🧥 👖 🧦

  65. Underswap Sans

    Underswap Sans4 days ago

    So mean baby girl is little tay

  66. Zoop Woop

    Zoop Woop4 days ago

    omg i hate that song so much

  67. Kaung Aung

    Kaung Aung4 days ago

    2:10 the best part

  68. Lion storm

    Lion storm5 days ago

    Oooooooh that video's good!

  69. xTKC TVx

    xTKC TVx5 days ago

    Cringe life

  70. Panzer

    Panzer5 days ago

    2:40 *I DONT FEEL SO GOOD*

  71. savage who

    savage who5 days ago

    OooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooH that's good

  72. Dan WereWolf

    Dan WereWolf5 days ago

    Lil Tays Sister

  73. Cristian Martinez

    Cristian Martinez5 days ago


  74. Golden Gamer299

    Golden Gamer2995 days ago

    hi welcome to Meme review

  75. Aiden Pearce

    Aiden Pearce5 days ago

    what's the music form the mean baby girl scene?????

  76. 기 key OFFICIAL

    기 key OFFICIAL6 days ago

    Sven smörboll in Swedish means sven butterball

  77. Dead _sh0ck

    Dead _sh0ck6 days ago

    Do u know da wae:wtf is this vid? Im not ded 24 hours later........ DYKDW:oof

  78. Bendy Plays

    Bendy Plays6 days ago

    Mr.jakepaul I don’t feel so well

  79. Fuzzygori11a

    Fuzzygori11a6 days ago

    Wait, isn’t Noah Jewish though?....

  80. Joe 3040

    Joe 30406 days ago

    Ooh THatS GoOd

  81. Culby Meekins

    Culby Meekins6 days ago

    I miss shut up so much

  82. Zayed Salford

    Zayed Salford6 days ago

    Smother meme

  83. Ng Agustin

    Ng Agustin6 days ago

    real or fake

  84. Alan Ng

    Alan Ng6 days ago

    Is that god... let’s see how many like we can get for god to get u a T-Shirt

  85. Pullover

    Pullover7 days ago

    Good Memes never die

  86. thathalloweenlover

    thathalloweenlover7 days ago

    baby girl lil tay

  87. NormalN19

    NormalN197 days ago

    3:20 R-Rodney. I don’t feel so good...

  88. Evan Mauzy

    Evan Mauzy7 days ago

    Wait but he’s Jewish

  89. Snoop dog roblox

    Snoop dog roblox7 days ago

    Passed the pizza place

  90. Donovan Donovan

    Donovan Donovan7 days ago

    Lil tayen't

  91. Ciara Helen Grace

    Ciara Helen Grace7 days ago

    Is mean baby girl lil Tay or Danielle Bregolli

  92. Карли

    Карли6 days ago

    Lil Tay

  93. Caitlin Underfell

    Caitlin Underfell8 days ago


  94. Caitlin Underfell

    Caitlin Underfell8 days ago

    The water that comes out of the sink is gold! And this sope it’s its…ITS SOPE

  95. HeyIt'sDre

    HeyIt'sDre8 days ago

    I love how they got Noah (a Jewish person) to play the Christian lul

  96. morgan minecraft legion

    morgan minecraft legion8 days ago

    A meme dies when it becomes forgotten. A lot of memes fight for survival, but in the end, nobody survives the axe of a fresh new meme.

  97. Im No Hater But

    Im No Hater But8 days ago


  98. Mr Stygimoloch

    Mr Stygimoloch8 days ago

    😒 👕 👖 👟 This is tord Every time you like My ego gets higher and higher



    Christianity: literally 90% of America

  100. Donut Comics

    Donut Comics8 days ago

    OOH that's sucks!

  101. FNAF Plush Adventures!

    FNAF Plush Adventures!8 days ago

    Ive been watching ur channel since it started and I’m nine and plz like this comment I haven’t seen this yet tho but what happened to the old smosh like if u agree but. What happened to the old Smosh

  102. TheWeirdo

    TheWeirdo8 days ago