1. Xopok999 Gaming

    Xopok999 GamingDay ago

    A big but will crash into earth and turn our world into the day my but went physco and adventure time and we all have exploding dieareah

  2. G Earth

    G EarthDay ago

    I think the world will end in November of this year (2018), because in that month, a skull-shaped asteroid will try its best to... *W I P E* *O U T* *A L L* *H U M A N I T Y* *W E R* *O L L* *G U N N A* *D E I* *T H E* *D O O M S D A Y* *B E G I N S* *D U N* *D U N* *D U N*

  3. QuakI'mQuinn YT

    QuakI'mQuinn YTDay ago

    I LOVE i am legend

  4. scruffy ishere

    scruffy ishereDay ago

    I think were are going to die from to much water because we already have over 70% of water on earth

  5. Ali Abdoullah

    Ali AbdoullahDay ago


  6. Lilac Smith

    Lilac SmithDay ago

    Wait a minute the world was supposed to end on my fifth birthday?! Wow

  7. Max Supha

    Max Supha2 days ago

    I think a meter will strike like how the dinosaur dies

  8. Angela TheWolf

    Angela TheWolf2 days ago

    I know how the world is going to end,Robots are... COME ON WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF THAT IS LIKE INTERNET WE HAVE TVS COMPUTERS!!!!!!

  9. Karim A

    Karim A2 days ago

    He is making things complex than actually making it more simpler

  10. TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox

    TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox2 days ago

    100000000000000 years later maybe but I'm Christian they don't know when the world is ending

  11. TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox

    TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox2 days ago

    Do a video about what happens when your mummified

  12. Violinist 1

    Violinist 13 days ago

    I enjoy your channel & presentations. I like anything to do with very complicated mathematics, physics & chemistry.

  13. Wendys

    Wendys3 days ago

    I lnow how the world is going to end We run out of bacon

  14. Zentoonz

    Zentoonz3 days ago

    It doesn't really matter if the world ends. Dead is still dead, and nobody wants to die.

  15. Omaroscar Mascarenas

    Omaroscar Mascarenas3 days ago

    On 10/21/11 the world would end one day before my birthday

  16. kris2487

    kris24873 days ago

    Chickens will take over the world

  17. Jeremiah Hickey

    Jeremiah Hickey4 days ago

    Thank you for calling these crazy ppl out

  18. Aimless

    Aimless4 days ago

    Doomsday will happen one day but real Jesus will never return

  19. Jaca Galic

    Jaca Galic5 days ago

    i think ceres will collide with earth

  20. Customzsazsa The kitty lover

    Customzsazsa The kitty lover5 days ago

    The mezzo American cal calendar. Why does he include a voice crack in a video?

  21. Michæl 9686

    Michæl 96865 days ago

    Jesus will end the world with fire if there and very rare Christian people.

  22. olive I'm a canimal

    olive I'm a canimal5 days ago

    We will die if we didn't drink water, stayed up for 1 year, fire, gun shoots, and there is lots more.

  23. olive I'm a canimal

    olive I'm a canimal5 days ago

    We will die after we be old doesn't that make sense?

  24. Sal Gaming

    Sal Gaming5 days ago

    Probably the same Way dinosaurs died

  25. Nathan Higuera

    Nathan Higuera5 days ago


  26. Pluto !!!

    Pluto !!!5 days ago

    Plz dont say June 21st

  27. Derpynoobs lol

    Derpynoobs lol5 days ago

    I would hope my doomsday ended in snow then I can do something I enjoy instead of hot boiling rocks

  28. lee Hebron

    lee Hebron6 days ago

    it is true that an asteroid one like that killed the dinousars it happens every one million years so get ready

  29. Survival Toucan and Eagle

    Survival Toucan and Eagle6 days ago

    Explosion big BIG one!

  30. Taylon Tauo

    Taylon Tauo6 days ago

    Revelation look at the bible

  31. fallout new Vegas Game star1833

    fallout new Vegas Game star18336 days ago

    Wait if you see something about internet going off that's obviously the end of the world

  32. The Silent Ninja

    The Silent Ninja6 days ago

    Hey I think it’s gonna elf by WWIII 🤔

  33. Jane's Power!

    Jane's Power!7 days ago

    I Rather die before the world ends.

  34. dat kid

    dat kid7 days ago

    this is cringe

  35. Redwolf singer

    Redwolf singer7 days ago

    Now i know that the world is already dying from air, water or other pollutants which can most likely result in the loss of humanity from the loss nature that will most likely happen from earth but also after we die(like humanity dying) thr earth will go back to its original form and it will most likely bring back life on earth with humans. fact... tho that is most probable to happen(my opinion btw) but its not like the world is going to end FUCKING TOMORROW yep thats my opinion im not saying this is true but from what i know from studying this at school and from backround knowledge its most likely to happen peace✌(sorry to make this long)😓😅

  36. ZinQ Miro

    ZinQ Miro7 days ago

    I remember 21 of decemeber 2012 and i was so scared cuz peop,e were just talkin about it

  37. hacker the Poop

    hacker the Poop7 days ago

    Me farting on the world

  38. quizzlei

    quizzlei8 days ago

    I think the world will end because Thanos will come and we will all evaporate

  39. Abdullah Alani

    Abdullah Alani8 days ago

    fack !

  40. Elias McSorley

    Elias McSorley8 days ago

    Its gonna end when an aliens grandma comes to earth in a rocket and kills her self

  41. Brett Herring

    Brett Herring8 days ago

    Here's how it happens big shaq jumps into space explodes the whole universe the end. OR Pluto came hertuling to Neptune makeing the solar system into enstiens ball thing were the ball hits the other ball makeing vibrations makeing the ball bounce back and fourth the vibrations killing us all. OH also every one died playing fallout 76 Jesus I'm a dark nerd OR TO STOP THAT WE GO THE FRICK OUTSIDE AND PLAY LIKE WERE ALL GONNA DIE SOMEDAY! wait we are gonna die some day SCREW IT BINGE WATCH GAME OF THRONES plz reply

  42. Echo Pamblam

    Echo Pamblam8 days ago

    blocko would stop making vids and then we would become so dumb that we tear our own wourld apart on axedent

  43. Saniya Ansari

    Saniya Ansari9 days ago

    Why why why why waaaaaa why will world end waaaaa i want to live in wolrd so where we are ganna live waaaaaaa in wolrd is so good good things but we need to die 😢😥😢😥😢😥😣😣😣😞😞

  44. Chloe Fennell

    Chloe Fennell9 days ago

    I think the world is going to end by pollution or climate change or global warming is not then I'll be dead by then

  45. atlock 34

    atlock 349 days ago

    The worlds gonna end when God let's Lusifer out and destroy the planet. That's when Jesus Christ will come down to earth and take all the good people and the children up to heaven leaving all the very bad people to go to hell by seeing the world rotten and burn and decompose. That's How the world is gonna end.

  46. Vincent Francis Janeo

    Vincent Francis Janeo9 days ago


  47. CowGenorator355

    CowGenorator3559 days ago

    WE WILL RUN OUT OF BRAINS! thats how doomsday is gonna look like. lol😋

  48. I'm totally not a gay

    I'm totally not a gay10 days ago

    *Kim jong un and Donald trump are meeting this instant* *In Singapore, my country* *Discussing NUCLEAR WEAPONS*

  49. Denis Boy

    Denis Boy10 days ago

    From us being extinct

  50. Someguy

    Someguy10 days ago

    The world will end in 2030

  51. J K

    J K10 days ago

    Big red letters appeared across the sky saying:are you still watching then a big hand presses no

  52. Tamara Hawkins

    Tamara Hawkins11 days ago

    Nuclear attack

  53. Tamara Hawkins

    Tamara Hawkins11 days ago

    asteroid or

  54. Kean Nino

    Kean Nino11 days ago

    I m Not ganna Die And o m from Philippines

  55. nbkud73

    nbkud7311 days ago

    Nooooo wifi

  56. God Of Games 123

    God Of Games 12311 days ago


  57. Jason Adeogun

    Jason Adeogun11 days ago

    It's gonna end because of the greenhouse affect

  58. BlueCacti10 Cacnation

    BlueCacti10 Cacnation12 days ago

    The world will end at Wait I mean never😂😂😂

  59. Emufasar

    Emufasar12 days ago

    January 21, 2038 is when every 32-bit computer’s time will overflow

  60. Quadakid NBAQUA

    Quadakid NBAQUA13 days ago

    the rapper nbayoungboy said 2020 we all will die

  61. Logan Contreras

    Logan Contreras13 days ago

    We will all die when kids get no Summer break

  62. xTOOTSx

    xTOOTSx13 days ago

    I think the world will end by the universe going under so much gravity pressure it will tear every single thing apart and there will be no more.

  63. Deprassiòn Lee

    Deprassiòn Lee15 days ago

    This is incredibly selfish but I wish when I die it’d be the end of the world so everyone’s going down with me

  64. Chester the dog

    Chester the dog15 days ago

    Black whole,red giant sun,Collides with other planet, and the main one asteroids

  65. Lily Paris

    Lily Paris16 days ago

    Pollution or global warming

  66. Eisenfaust

    Eisenfaust16 days ago

    Coca-Cola truck crashing into a Mentos truck

  67. Ben Hoover

    Ben Hoover16 days ago

    When we will be fukin kising each other to sucksome oxygen... Thats end baby ^^

  68. Beanieboosunlimited

    Beanieboosunlimited17 days ago

    Everything good must come to an end...

  69. John Borton

    John Borton17 days ago

    Well if we are going to all die why not end it now

  70. Aryadeep Ruhil

    Aryadeep Ruhil18 days ago

    I hate to talk about death😣😣

  71. Shiftyguy _

    Shiftyguy _18 days ago

    we will all die from a proton star, look it up

  72. some random boi

    some random boi18 days ago

    *_a backup folder getting deleted_*

  73. matty cruz

    matty cruz18 days ago

    My b-day is may 21st

  74. matty cruz

    matty cruz16 days ago

    Hey my name is also matthew

  75. Matthew Cotton

    Matthew Cotton16 days ago

    Mine is May 27, So you have a very close birthday to mine!

  76. Diamond Noobz

    Diamond Noobz18 days ago

    The year March 9078 is the end

  77. CookieFox Gamer

    CookieFox Gamer18 days ago


  78. Annoying Derp

    Annoying Derp19 days ago

    over population

  79. Bright Futures Melodies

    Bright Futures Melodies19 days ago


  80. Madison Adams

    Madison Adams19 days ago

    Yellowstone. Yellowstone will be our doomsday

  81. Matthew Cotton

    Matthew Cotton20 days ago

    The world will end when chuck norris becomes a serial killer.

  82. Grant Rhymer

    Grant Rhymer20 days ago

    Nukes or Armageddon

  83. Oladennis

    Oladennis20 days ago

    World will end when fortnite is deleted

  84. Newnie & Savoy

    Newnie & Savoy20 days ago

    Overcrowd of trash.

  85. wat ???

    wat ???21 day ago

    Humanity is killing it self about 40 years half of the people on earth are dead. So I guess about 87 years

  86. Mew Mchouston

    Mew Mchouston21 day ago

    I think the world will end by meteors and then we have a chance to find a planet to move in to otherwise we're doomed

  87. edge21str

    edge21str21 day ago

    Pretty weird how so many people perceive the end of human life as the end of the world. People making earth uninhabitable for themselves, doesn’t mean other life won’t be able to flourish. Earth and life on it will exist until the sun gets too big and hot. If humans managed to survive until then, we’ll be sure to have started colonizing at least our solar system so we might even exist after earth had already ceased to.

  88. Thomas Drake

    Thomas Drake21 day ago

    this is my theory, i think the sun will expand and gobble up earth and we will have to move to mars if we can then soon the sun will gobble mars up and thats the end of us!

  89. Janny The killer

    Janny The killer21 day ago

    **sees green/blue light in the sky** well, if that crashes into Earth, we’re screwed for like... a minute at the most. But, if that thing goes around Earth... we’ll be screwed for about a year. Then it’ll go back to normal... not really. Everything will be under construction. It’ll be a new beginning for building designs. But... there’s always the possibility it’ll completely miss and we’ll be fine... except for like a flood or earthquake... maybe even a tornado.

  90. The emerald Pig

    The emerald Pig21 day ago

    A astroid

  91. SAA ALEX

    SAA ALEX21 day ago

    I don't think anything would hit us the only thing that I think will hit us is planet x or the sun but I don't think it will happen in a long time cause people saying the end of the world is in that time line but guess what it didn't happen 😐😐.I think it's gonna end in a long time cause the dino were living for a long time so I think humans will be here for like 900mil years and so another part of anything could come and live in this planet.



    Plzzzzz make ur vids longer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Chowchowthepoptart Poptart lol

    Chowchowthepoptart Poptart lol21 day ago

    That kim jun un will send a huge bomb in space then ka-plow there goes the whole world 🌎

  94. that one hair on ur screen

    that one hair on ur screen21 day ago

    It's on a friday.. But I don't know wich friday.. Only god knows.. I'm muslim..

  95. Nightmare Foxy

    Nightmare Foxy7 days ago

    Develop Roblox & MC me to

  96. Megatross Gaming

    Megatross Gaming22 days ago

    probably because a giant meteor will hit the earth and destroy everything Or the eart will die because of the sun i think the sun boost up its heat and its large diameter every 1milion years

  97. Malion 54

    Malion 5422 days ago

    My dooms day is if my phone dies.

  98. TamWam

    TamWam22 days ago

    Doomsday is just like the day of judgement. Day of judgement is where acid rain, flood, tsunami, earthquake and many other disasters like tornado happening all at once.

  99. Kitty Dragon

    Kitty Dragon22 days ago

    Why and when did the black cats are unlucky myth began?

  100. quack plays

    quack plays22 days ago

    i think the world will end by the swelling of the sun or a gigantic, life-ending asteroid (stronger than the one that happened 66 million years ago)

  101. Toti Lualhati

    Toti Lualhati23 days ago

    And the world will end if plague Inc was real

  102. Toti Lualhati

    Toti Lualhati23 days ago

    The world will end when NASA failed to destroy a big asteroid

  103. TorSGaming

    TorSGaming23 days ago