What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy - Vol. I (Our Created Solar System)


  1. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien4 months ago

    Note: I consider this extremely important reading creation.com/its-not-science and creation.com/right-perspective-interpreting-data otherwise you will be totally clueless and/or lost over the issue of Creation/Evolution, it will help get rid of a lot of confusion and strawman arguments/comments. -------- I read a lot of comments on here from people that seem to think faith (Christianity) and science are in conflict. What's ironic is that you actually have Christianity to thank for modern science. creation.com/biblical-roots-of-modern-science creation.com/science-biblical-presuppositions One of the worst things today is how ignorant todays culture is of history. If one wants to use science to try to undermine or attack the Christian faith they are like someone trying to aim their canon and fire on the platform their canon is standing on.

  2. Ayinde Murphy

    Ayinde Murphy3 days ago

    Daniel Skupien I mean you are correct that religion and science need not contradict

  3. Ayinde Murphy

    Ayinde Murphy3 days ago

    Daniel Skupien You are 100% CORRECT!

  4. Ayinde Murphy

    Ayinde Murphy3 days ago

    David Anderson This comment is not accurate. Here's why. Homer and Plato and Ceasar's books may or may not be accurate. NOBODY cares though because none of them are being upheld as "The Ultimate Truth" upon which we could or should vase our beliefs about the world and or our morality. The Bible (I will leave aside for now that there is a Protestant version with 66 books, a Catholic version with 72 , Orthodox with 80 and Coptic with 83) is divided into Old and New Testaments. Christians and Jews say the Torah/Pentatauch/First 5 books were written by Moses but they include his death so that can't be true. Modern scholarship states that there are at least 4 authors labeled as J(Jehovistic) E(Elohistic) D (Deuteronomic) and P (Priestly) due to the different writing styles and content. Beraishis/Genesis CAN'T be true because it says Universe created in y days but Sun made on the 4th day. But since THE DEFINITION OF A DAY is Sunrise to Sunrise this is not possible. ALL definitions of a day are based in The Sun which is why a day is a different amount of time on each planet. Their rotations mean that a day is longer or shorter for Sun to reach that point in the sky. The "New Testament" is the Gospels followed by a bunch of purported letters largely by Paul who used to torture Christians. Then he converted and had the nerve to ARGUE with the Apostle Peter WHO ACTUALLY WALKED WITH THE BLESSED JESUS(Peace be upon him) and told him that non-Jews could be Christians whilst ignoring Jewish/Mosaic Law. That's mighty funny since Jesus(pbuh) DID follow these laws. Even the Crucifixion story adheres to them. Here's how. The Sabbath is from sundown Friday til Sundown on Saturday. The Gospels have Jesus(pbuh) dying BEFORE Sundown on Friday. His own mother did not wash his body and prepare him for burial that day OR the next. She waited til SUNDAY AFTER THE SABBATH WAS OVER to do so. But when she went to his tomb he was gone. Notice that not only did SHE not do any work on the Sabbath but JESUS HIMSELF(pbuh) did not do the "work" of Resurrection until AFTER the Sabbath. Anyway the Gospels DO co trading each other. An example is the genealogy of Jesus(pbuh) given in Luke and Matthew. They CAN'T both be true because THEY DON'T MATCH ! ALSO there is the fact that they are both PATRILINEAL but JOSEPH WAS NOT HIS FATHER SINCE HE WAS BORN OF A VIRGIN! There are many examples of things like this. Just look up 101 Contradictions in the Bible on Google. There are LOTS of sites with lists of them. Last but not least there are PLENTY of things in the Bible that ARE NOT historically accurate. Oh yeah and the Bible IS NOT a book if science. It is a book of DOGMA. it is about relationships between man and other man, man with women, man with God and man with himself. The Creation story is not told to explain how it happened but to establish God's authority as The Creator and tell us what place we hold in Creation

  5. Ayinde Murphy

    Ayinde Murphy3 days ago

    I didn't see the whole thing because my phone is running low on data. I saw most of it though and the one thing I dispute is the part about the Moon. After it formed it has been hit by comets and that is where its water comes from. The impact theory is probably true. Oh yeah and the Universe being created in 6 days is not literally true. For one the Sun and Moon were not created until the 4th day. BUT THE DEFINITION OF A DAY IS FROM SUNRISE TO SUNRISE. YOU CANNOT HAVE A DAY WITHOUT A SUN! DUH! Besides that though he makes some pretty good points.

  6. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    lol,......agreed 100 percent

  7. therugburnz

    therugburnz13 minutes ago

    What does evolutionary theory have to do with the moon. Is it made of DNA?

  8. Andrew Golding

    Andrew GoldingHour ago

    No problem with god doing all this, lucky for me you all throw this jesus person in on your mix of believes, Love it, Its like the biggest joke that could be played on Humanity, enjoy your selves with that one.

  9. Greg Penner

    Greg Penner6 hours ago

    Drink a shot every time he says "crater"

  10. PifflePrattle

    PifflePrattle8 hours ago

    Obviously the universe was created. Thanks Allah!

  11. erxcwrestler

    erxcwrestler11 hours ago

    Lots of attacks against this video by other commenters, little refutation with facts...

  12. OuterSpaceCow Moo

    OuterSpaceCow Moo13 hours ago

    GTFO with this BullSHIT

  13. Myles Peake

    Myles Peake21 hour ago

    I'm talking about this video

  14. Anti Law

    Anti Law23 hours ago

    No comment. just laughing my ass off"

  15. Albert Desrosiers

    Albert DesrosiersDay ago

    idiots abound

  16. Stephen Karl

    Stephen KarlDay ago

    Times in the Bible are not the same as ours. We invented our own time system, but Bible writers failed to understand the scales used by God to describe times, sizes, matters... Evolutionists vs Creationists ? You're wrong, those are just a fraction of people around the world. There are theories that prove both the Bible and Science to be true, those are not necessarly true vs false, that's your assumption, not reality. We just don't have the right overall explanation yet. When you learned there are atims out there and believed electron would be the smallest existing matter... you were wrong. Flat earth ? We changed mind. Everything revolves around Earth, we were wrong. Expecting this or expecting that ? We were wrong, but that's why we learn and try to understand. If knowing the truth were wrong, GOD WOULD BE ALL WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE. Not because you're telling rubbish like a child must mean you must blindly believe what any adult says ; that would be an insult to God itself. So, shame on you, telling people "scientists are contradicting themselves over the centuries just mean science is a big fat lie" ??? Yes, science isn't perfect, science is barely telling us how it works, models do have flaws, but hell yeah, it's better today you can explain how chemicals reacts rather than mass believing some poor woman was a witch just because some early chemist demonstrated a chemical trick noone knew at the time in front of an audience. Jupiter cannot form ? You're a tiny human which know nothing for sure about what's 10 miles below your feet, and you'll explain exactly how Jupiter were formed ??? You weren't even there !!! Right on your planet you have several types of Gods (when you compare Icarus's story with Jumbojets, Rockets and space Probes today, you can LMAO power infinity...) If I were GOD, I would flee far away in a distant Galaxy ruling other alien beings rather than wasting my time and common sense with people like you.

  17. patchris07

    patchris07Day ago

    The problem with science today is their refusing to revise what they found as untrue. The reason is because they built science like a Janga game. Remove enough blocks that have been proven wrong and the entire structure falls. Can you imagine all the Nobel peace prizes and text books that would have to be taken away and rewritten? Most to all of them. Science has become a religion itself. This fact is not based on any religious outlook, just a clear fact of what "some" science's become.

  18. Mafia Tours Philly fox

    Mafia Tours Philly foxDay ago

    The universe is 6000 years old BAAAAHAHAHA

  19. Asrat Mengesha

    Asrat Mengesha2 days ago

    The earth is not flying rocks. Nothing massive fly in the space if it has no wing or motor. "What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy - Vol. I (Our Created Solar System)" There is no solar system, man! there are no flying rocks.The earth is mostly a rock(massive). However, it is not a planet/the earth is not flying rock.

  20. Mlunny81

    Mlunny812 days ago

    The brightest minds on the planet are lying to you. Just because.

  21. Mr Taylor

    Mr Taylor2 days ago

    Nothing man made has ever left low earth atmosphere!

  22. Sean Anon

    Sean Anon2 days ago

    This guy hasn’t been on MReporter lately, half believe we live under a dome, the other half believe we live inside a simulated video game.

  23. garbagemanify

    garbagemanify2 days ago

    I, myself am a dyslexic atheist, and still, after I viewed this video, I have to say " THERE IS NO DOG!"..... Geeez, you fairy tail believing jeezus jockey people... For your viewing pleasure, there are also some videos here on you tube for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, The abominable snowman, Cinderella, The Easter bunny , and oh ya- the one you make up and tell your children- Santa Claus!!!

  24. Steph Boeker

    Steph Boeker3 days ago

    4.5 billion years of 1-1/2 inches the moon moves away from earth is only 71,000 miles. Not 230,000 miles the moon's distance from earth. How can you make a movie discounting facts by lying about math ? You said 4.5 billion yrs of the moon moving 1-1/2" away each year would make the moon be touching earth that long ago. Check your math.How much faster did it revolve ? I believe in God but not because of your math and it don't help to lie to people.

  25. Myles Peake

    Myles Peake3 days ago

    You a dumbass

  26. go2mark

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  27. go2mark

    go2mark3 days ago

    The sky is a superconducting sea of supercooled hydrogen created by an electric field . This is why they say the stars are made of hydrogen and they say there are radiation belts thousands of miles in the sky . H2O can be separated in an electric field . Explains RF communications , GPS , SAT TV , HAM RADIO . discharge from lightning . Lightwaves travel in a circuit and deliver the charge they carry to organic life . Depleted light returns to the moon , giving a cooler light in moonlight . Wave pattern shadows On the eclipse is earthshine reflecting off the Hydro-Dome firmament . Extreme vacuum creates ultra low temperatures . At these temps gases and liquids are converted to solids . H2O can be split in an electrical field to create a hydrogen superconductor which could explain the following . van allen radiation belts , stars made of hydrogen , aurora borealis , star trails held within the field lines . BB microwave background radiation illustrates the earth to be the center of our universe . ( aka : axis of evil in the religion of psyantisim ) The sky is a firmament made of a supercooled hydrogen superconductor held firm by an electromagenic field . The cosmos we see are the fields of magnetism holding the HYDRO_DOME firm in place , like a tent to dwell in . a molten looking glass . facebook.com/groups/1271561299613833/ SQ/CIR

  28. Karl Lober

    Karl Lober3 days ago

    Amigos .. that fact is that you will never know and cannot know why anything exists at all .. you can only believe in what someone smarter than you tells you .. got it ? Now .. are you the smartest man in the universe ?

  29. Al Catraz

    Al Catraz3 days ago

    Where are all these knuckle-head Bible-Literalists being spawned? Has to be the USA - no wonder Trump was elected. Thanks to the internet, their pseudo-intellectual crud spreads like the plague. These people are consistently and pathologically anti-science. Humans are clearly an endangered species thanks to this kind of insidious genocide.

  30. Robert James

    Robert James3 days ago

    Another Nutter!

  31. Howard Smith

    Howard Smith4 days ago

    Why do science and religion have to be mutually exclusive?

  32. OldDesertshooter

    OldDesertshooter2 days ago

    They don't and they aren't. Neither side knows enough about God .... or science, for that matter .... to see it. The real surprise will be at death.....even the atheists will reach the other side when they die....imagine their surprise....when it goes on, and loved ones who went before are there to meet them. While we're here? Learn charity...make this time count. To the "creator" of this video....good try, at casting pearls...neither side can prove anything physically. Spiritually? Only to those who inquire that way, wanting to know and willing to search.

  33. Philip Harrison

    Philip Harrison4 days ago

    Lava flows on the moon? Where are the holes? Fossils on mountains? Have you heard of tectonic plate movement, which takes thousands of years to happen, this also needs the animal that became the fossil, to have been dead for a while longer, which altogether exceeds the biblical time scale. Has anyone found out the true age of the Himalayas, or the Andes, or the Alps? Do they exceed Biblical time? I'm not a betting man but the house is going straight on the fact that they do.

  34. Alex Christiaens

    Alex Christiaens4 days ago

    dude, real quick: Big Bang -> Universe (expanding 24/7) -> Size is relative -> we are speculations of our perception and our location in spacetime... so don't choose the ignorant way out. Even if you're right It would be absolutely foolish not to have faith in the essence of logic... what you're doing by turning your back on something plausable, has an equivalent of taking a huge dump that looks like a lump of gold but not even verifying, because "people don't shit golden bricks". you're wrong in every aspect of life dude. I would rather say: "People never pooped lumps of gold before, i should defenitly investigate this matter!' Hope i'll lay one tonight ;)

  35. xImBeaST12321x

    xImBeaST12321x5 days ago

    I am two minutes in and I can tell its not any different from any other creationist video: false equivalence of evolution with "creation, as well as evolutionist and creationist"; equivocating atheist and evolution. Why are we 2 minutes in and im being told about evolution and not ASTRONOMY.... Did they forget what astronomy is? I didn't know it was the study on how species change over time?

  36. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    God is an illusion......it"s yust made up...fantasie......when,if ever; will you get it...damned :-D

  37. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    my last note: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, really...???? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...enough

  38. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    I give you some credit for the making of the vid,...kind looks like a sience vid.,..........appreciat

  39. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    are you in fairy tails....sure are

  40. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    who give YOU the MONEY for proclaiming that shit ....sorry to say,...but this is just made up.......nothing else...period :-D

  41. Frank Laubach

    Frank Laubach6 days ago

    only one word and one word only: BULLSHIT ;-)

  42. Jose Santiago

    Jose Santiago7 days ago

    How about we never went to the moon . That sounds better you damn 2face bastard

  43. Charles Zorn

    Charles Zorn7 days ago

    Pure bull.

  44. Jose Santiago

    Jose Santiago7 days ago

    Hippocrit . How are you mentioning certain things in the Bible but when it comes to Earth you still talk about it as the evolution " ball Earth" not the flat plane talked about in the bible. Don't qoute my Lord's words if you aren't gonna qoute him all the way.

  45. Jose Santiago

    Jose Santiago7 days ago

    You forgot to mention that the Earth is flat

  46. Roger Wilco

    Roger Wilco7 days ago

    you guys wanna join my christian minecraft server?

  47. Ronald Small

    Ronald Small10 days ago

    Comets are not made of ice.

  48. Amber Vlogs

    Amber Vlogs13 days ago

    God did not intend for us to know everything but by faith and the carnal minded can know God but only the spiritual and the bible that was written thousands of years ago that man would deny his creator .Thank You Spike for getting the truth out there.When we stand before God no one can claim ingorance because God gives everyone a chance

  49. Gamers

    Gamers16 days ago


  50. Chris Berry

    Chris Berry18 days ago

    Flat earth theory says the earth is flat and stationary. The sun and moon are much smaller and closer than we’ve been told. The Earth is obviously not moving. Same stars for 5,000 years despite flying through space at millions of miles per hour. Based on this video, if God created the earth before anything else. What was it orbiting? The Bible says god created the sun and moon after the earth and that THEY move around us as is visually observable.

  51. Chris Berry

    Chris Berry18 days ago

    I was an atheist for 34 years. Only when I discovered that the earth is flat and was thus created did I start to believe in a creator.

  52. Johnnn Doeee

    Johnnn Doeee20 days ago

    So this is my thoughts 1,we worshiped the sun and moon until we realised it would come up and go down regardless of what we did the sun that is 2, so then we made are selfs gods by saying we are gods and we fell in line 3,now then that failed we then thought if we say gods son was a man or what ever god there's a different one for each religion here we are present day the religions that conquered all the others are left ,so what the left religions do is do a about turn gay marriage ect so the bible is not the law because the christians and all the other religions do is change whats written to reflect the present day hahahahahah make your minds up ,religion will end the world not man

  53. ijams sum

    ijams sum23 days ago

    Planet evolution theory lacks evidence to adopt it as anything but a failed hypothesis ! Same goes for Core fusion theory of our Sun , evidence supports Corona Fusion theory by electromagnetic excitation and that should be adopted instead ! The only fusion temperatures occur in the Corona as the Surface is far too cold for fusion ! The temperature data does not lie but directly points to the fusion process but science is stuck on there assumption theories and will not admit failure or of being wrong ! They still teach what they know is wrong in textbooks ? They will not talk on subjects they know there wrong on , they hope questions will go away and be forgotten ? Forget so called science facts , trust in those are in question after known lies are taught in school ???? Lack of knowledge created the Dark Matter theory , there attempt to estimate how much mass the universe has is based on flawed junk science ratios !

  54. stormykeep

    stormykeep23 days ago

    The only thing that is "old, cold and dead" is Darwin and his ridiculous theory, which atheists cannot bring themselves to call it that, despite not being able to reproduce anything in a scientific manner. Instead, they invent creative stories to explain everything and follow that on blind faith. That's called a religion, folks. The religion of evolutionism.

  55. Kevin Watson

    Kevin Watson24 days ago

    If science can’t explain it they make up a storyline and then throw out all the facts that don’t agree with it🤥Right?

  56. Scott Brownawell

    Scott Brownawell25 days ago

    except the sun moon stars and lights are in the firmament. but i will listen to your video,..

  57. no body

    no body27 days ago

    i had asteroids...very painful.

  58. ian callard

    ian callardMonth ago

    No magic sky fairy made our solar system or any other part of the universe, it’s just a myth made up many centuries ago to control the people, amended according to the political needs of the day

  59. blanca roca

    blanca rocaMonth ago

    Quite nice description of solar nebula and formation but he should mention gravity and angular momentum to explain the plane ... so after a whole bunch of evidence showing how the astrophysics really works we come to a detail of the planetisimals which the scientists said wasn’t fully understood. Yeah that’s how science goes, we don’t know everything from the outset, we proceed little by little and must balance evidence. The planetisimal problem was recognized but in no way totally discredits all the other evidence. Probably by now even that planetisimal thing will have been solved by the scientists... that is what they usually do.

  60. blanca roca

    blanca rocaMonth ago

    99% of evidence favors established solar system formation and of course some details are still unclear but that’s exactly what you d expect for something so complex and which happened so long ago. Only looking at the 1% and making a fuss is unbalanced.

  61. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    Good video thanks

  62. moxelle x

    moxelle xMonth ago

    ~5,35: god created the heavens & the earth about *6 THOUSAND* yrs ago -- skip to ~46.55: the moon would have been touching the earth only *1.5 BILLION* yrs ago omg omg omg the moon actually touched the earth before the earth even excisted ! which proves, without *any* doubt, that god is trolling us biiiiiiig time !

  63. Kris Jaipal

    Kris JaipalMonth ago

    Heb je crack gebruikt of ben je met je kop tegen een deur aangelopen en hersenbeschadiging opgelopen......die je nou denkt op anderen over te brengen, want wat ben jij achterlijk met jou theorie.......volgens de christenen was de aarde toch de middelpunt van het universum....

  64. Casparus Kruger

    Casparus KrugerMonth ago

    What a complete pile of utter bullshit . "What you aren't being told about astronomy " Give me a break. Science doesn't hide or invent or MISREPRESENT information order to support some hidden agenda ( like atheism -- as some theists would have us believe ). THAT'S WHAT RELIGIONS DO. Creationism has absolutely no scientific significance or merit whatsoever. In fact, creationism is anti-science. Creationism's lifeblood is totally dependent on discrediting science with totally misrepresented scientific information. Religions lie. A lot. In world history the number of times a scientific claim has been proven wrong with a religious explanation is ZERO. Creationism is defended by lies by people telling lies. Creationism is supported by cowardice. An indoctrinated belief is defended at all costs, and any information that is in conflict with creationism ( which is all the information ) is challenged, despised and FEARED as it is information that is contrary to an indoctrinated beliefs system. Creationism is direct assault on what mankind knows is real. When one declares, "I am a soldier for Christ" or any similar type of religiously based declaration, what is really being said is: "My indoctrinated belief system has made me a coward. A coward who fears the reality that demonstrates my belief system is all based on lies." And in the course if one is defending not only creationism, but religion as a whole you will be seen as three things: A coward A liar. A complete imbecile

  65. Casparus Kruger

    Casparus KrugerMonth ago

    As soon as you use the word 'evolutionist' I know you are full of shit. Science has this thing about scientists submitting any finding for peer review. In this way any biases, misconception of any particular scientists is QUELLED. This is part of scientific method. And this is why NOT ONE academy of science anywhere in the world accepts any creationist claim. "Anti-creationists"? That another new one on me. That's on the level of "Anti-Flat Earthers". And the claims of creationism warrant no more credence, respect and than flat earthers. Creationists think you are in some type of game where one has to yet determine a winner. You aren't even on the playing field. You aren't even in the stadium. You aren't even in the parking lot. You are nowhere other than bouncing a tennis ball in your living room.

  66. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel SkupienMonth ago

    I agree, science does not misrepresent anything but scientists do because they are people and people have biases, especially when dealing with worldview issues. "...prominent evolutionist Professor Richard Lewontin said (emphases in original): “We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfil many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism. It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.” “Our ways of learning about the world are strongly influenced by the social preconceptions and biased modes of thinking that each scientist must apply to any problem. The stereotype of a fully rational and objective ‘scientific method’, with individual scientists as logical (and interchangeable) robots is self-serving mythology.” - Steven Jay Gould As worldviews are by their very nature bias, so are secularists. You may want to inform yourself of the correct way of seeing the Creation/Evolution debate, because I don't know of one anti-Creationist that does. creation.com/its-not-science

  67. rEVOLVEr

    rEVOLVErMonth ago

    religion = mental illness

  68. Tom Clark

    Tom ClarkMonth ago

    Sorry Dan, but science doesn't care what you believe.

  69. Gary Pugh

    Gary PughMonth ago

    The matter thru out the infinate universe is in a constant state of change. It has always been in existance and is infinate in distsnce. There is no need for a god or big bang. Anyway, what did god do before he made the universe? Where did god come from?

  70. Bill A.

    Bill A.Month ago

    The Scripture says, "Only the fool says there is no God".

  71. roland watts

    roland wattsMonth ago

    A terrible video. Like so many arguments from creationists and IDers it mainly operates at the level of:- 1) Here is some phenomenon (call it 'X') 2) This is what secularists/atheists/scientists/evolutionists said about X. 3) They got it wrong. 4) The Bible got it correct or Therefore the Bible is correct. But the Bible offers little more than assertions by way of explanation and in no way attempts to explain things the way scientists like to explain. You could use the narrator's style of arguing to "prove" the atomic theory of matter, gene theory, germ theory, the theory of relativity or any other theory a creationist might not like, to be wrong, and thus to prove that the Bible was right. Because the Bible has nothing to say or so little to say on any of the topics covered, it's claims or lack of claims simply cannot be tested in the manner scientists test and correct ideas. As a result, the video gets away with pulling the wool over people's eyes, and all in the name of a God of pure truth and justice.

  72. roland watts

    roland wattsMonth ago

    //I hear far too many people accusing our position of using base/simple "God did it" explanations or invoking some "God of the gaps" sort of thing, but if one reads the technical journals in the Creationist literature, they would not get that impression.// I get that impression from a lot of creationist technical literature I read. A few months ago when "challenged" by the author to critique this article:- creation.com/shining-light-on-the-evolution-of-photosynthesis - I did so on precisely those grounds, in addition to others. //Here's somethings to consider about a "God did it" sort of answer, because frankly, it's a perfectly legitimate response; // In the same kind of way that "nature did it" or "Fred did it" are legitimate responses. The problem always comes when someone asks:- 1) What evidence do you have? And/or 2) How? And of course, in the context of many questions, "I don't know" or "I don't know but here is what I think" are perhaps better answers. They are not pretending to absolute knowledge when none can be had. //If things that we observe now like stars, planets, life and etc. really have no or can not be found to have a reasonable naturalistic explanation for them, ...// Well the aim of science is to determine natural explanations. And in many cases it more or less succeeds. Natural science is based on the very sensible assumptions that nature exists in some real sense, and that the human mind can understand nature and natural processes to some degree at least. //Basically, if God really did do it, then trying to use nature/natural processes to explain those very things which require the supernatural, would be an exercise in futility and irrationality.// Another alternative to an eternal, supernatural intelligent agency is an eternal, supernatural non-intelligent agency (an algorithm). //The Christian faith is responsible for much of modern science, ...// First of all, it had to overcome it's distaste for the ancient Greek toleration for differing ideas, and its distaste for the ancient Greek love of philosophy, logic and reasoning.

  73. roland watts

    roland wattsMonth ago

    Hello Daniel, "... and then trying to show how your model best explains the observed evidence." Well, look at Saturn's dancing moons (1:20:10 mark) as one example. If conventional astronomical thinking cannot explain their existence, what is your explanation - by explanation I mean, offer something to the same degree and depth you would expect from me? As for your other point, which can be summed up as "Same data, different interpretation", a few points:- 1) All interpretations are not equal, otherwise the earth is just as likely flat as it is spherical. 2) The past or present makes little different. The same principle can be applied no matter what - particularly when the alternative to natural science invokes an invisible, omnipotent, supernatural deity.

  74. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel SkupienMonth ago

    I hear far too many people accusing our position of using base/simple "God did it" explanations or invoking some "God of the gaps" sort of thing, but if one reads the technical journals in the Creationist literature, they would not get that impression. ------- Here's somethings to consider about a "God did it" sort of answer, because frankly, it's a perfectly legitimate response; The creation of the universe is a one-off non-repeatable event, you had nothing and then you have something, there can be no scientific explanation for that, everything happening now (the processes you observe now) is a product/result of a one-off non-repeatable event, so studying what is now/what happens now can never logically yield a naturalistic answer to the cause of it, nature/natural processes/laws of nature are the result of something ontologically different from itself. Thus, from a rational viewpoint, people (like those at CERN) that are trying to figure out the origination of the universe using nature (the result of something that created the very naturally processes they are using/appealing to) are not being rational. If things that we observe now like stars, planets, life and etc. really have no or can not be found to have a reasonable naturalistic explanation for them, then an appeal to the supernatural is a legitimate one. Basically, if God really did do it, then trying to use nature/natural processes to explain those very things which require the supernatural, would be an exercise in futility and irrationality. Also, just because we have some answers that essentially must say or appeal to "God did it" does not mean we are not interested in knowing/understanding what God has created. The Christian faith is responsible for much of modern science, it is what drove men, they desired to know/understand Creation so that they could better know the incredible genius and supremacy of the One who made it all. creation.com/biblical-roots-of-modern-science

  75. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel SkupienMonth ago

    The purpose of this video is not to prove anything necessarily, we're dealing with inductive reasoning, so what you really end up doing is trying to disprove the competition (like showing its inconsistency with what is says and what is observed) and then trying to show how your model best explains the observed evidence. Ultimately when it comes to origins, both sides are actually using the same exact data/evidence, so it really becomes a matter of whos interpretation is correct and why, remember we're talking about one-off specific past events, so this is all in the category of history/historical science, and all evidence in relation to the past is circumstantial.

  76. n00g75

    n00g75Month ago

    all of this doesnt make sense .. because the earth is flat! periode!

  77. A StoneAndSling

    A StoneAndSlingMonth ago

    Thanks for clarification. No offense was intended.

  78. A StoneAndSling

    A StoneAndSlingMonth ago

    I have been annoyed with all this flat earth non-sense. It's really childish and a product of paranoid minds. I am equally annoyed with all the great Christians who are so desperate to prove God and the Bible, that they try to make scriptures "state as fact," that the earth is round. They try to use scriptures such as Job 26. 7 - 10, which says nothing about a round earth. The fact that God draws a circle on the water does not prove a round Earth. You are trying to make something out of nothing. I find it absured that educated Christians would try to make a scripture say something that it does not. Isaiah 40.22 clearly shows that the Earth is circular (round/spherical). You don't need to twist it to make it say what it already says. Christians don't need to prove anything to anyone except the fact that God has saved them and loves them (John 3.16), and that God loves them and wants to save them too. Honestly, is God concerned about flat vs round Earth theories? Not likely, boys and girls.

  79. Paul Lyon

    Paul LyonMonth ago

    Dangerous crap

  80. Jerome Goodwin

    Jerome GoodwinMonth ago

    The asteroids are a Planet that broke up. BTW God can create in any way he wishes including Evolution.

  81. windy pup

    windy pupMonth ago

    If your going to start your so called facts with references from a fictional, stone age multi story book then you might as well throw in unicorns, witches and talking snakes! Oh, you have, they're all in the bible!!!

  82. Steven White

    Steven WhiteMonth ago

    the rings are not braided. It's a filiment, it's what plasma does because it is electrical. And it isn't a fountain....... mreporter.net/v/video-gTS0Vv3yS6U.html mreporter.net/v/video-ia3_VsEAvk8.html

  83. Peter Diggler

    Peter DigglerMonth ago

    Oh for the love of God. We're still debating creationism....*still*. This is why fewer and fewer people are religious anymore. Instead of failed attempts at refuting science, why not update/evolve the religions? We don't need creationism to believe in the Truth which all religions have. You (religious quacks who insist on the literal Bible) are effectively denying billions of people from coming to know God. It's sickening what you're all doing in your fatal clinging to the old ways. Religion is dying, and it's all your fault!

  84. rb2268

    rb2268Month ago

    The only thing I'm sure of, is no one knows anything "for sure". So you can believe anything you want without guilt. No one really cares what you (or I) believe anyway?

  85. henrik thaisen

    henrik thaisenMonth ago

    Thank you for your decision about stopping your career as an engineer, you've saved many lives.

  86. Louie Simonedi

    Louie Simonedi2 months ago

    wow! AWESOME MAN! God bless in Jesus name! what a tool for bringing folks to the father, Jesus and the holy spirit! whom all 3 are 1.

  87. lenander

    lenander2 months ago

    I don't understand why the two ideas are mutually exclusive. Einstein said: "God does not play dice." He also asked: "Did God have any choice when he made the universe?" Maybe Einstein was wrong on the first statement. Couldn't God (if there is a God) use the laws of probability to his advantage the way a casino owner does? At least the astronomers and physicists are being honest when they say they don't know how something came to be. Try reading the bible with the same critical acumen you apply to the scientific record. Maybe start with the language it was written in. P.S. the Media is only interested in fostering division among people.

  88. Jordan Browne

    Jordan Browne2 months ago

    This guy is not an astrophysicist or an astronomer. He is not even a scientist, he is a military engineer who holds no degrees in these subjects. Make of that what you will. But if a car mechanic with some first-aid training told me that biologists are not being honest about how the human body works, I would be skeptical of his statements.

  89. Afshin Yaghtin

    Afshin Yaghtin2 months ago

    Love this and planning to purchase vol. 2 & 3 to watch also.

  90. wong

    wong2 months ago

    "I choose to believe the Bible because it's a reliable collection of historical documents, written by eyewitnesses". Actually no. It is mainly a collection of myths from other cultures and a lot of hearsay.

  91. Timdeuces

    Timdeuces2 months ago

    Sometimes I think butthurt Atheists purposefully seek out Creationist youtube videos to call everyone agreeing with the videos an idiot.

  92. csmcmillion

    csmcmillion2 months ago

    You have got to be joking. if anything, the evidence says our solar system is *not* created, but was formed from natural processes.

  93. Yska Arvihide

    Yska Arvihide2 months ago

    I believe that we are inside God's body. The arrangements of all heavenly body will form a pattern- this pattern will form a greater pattern just the way our DNA shaped our bodies. If you were to ask a DNA what above them they will more like say darkness. We just cannot see what outside us and that is so beautiful.

  94. csmcmillion

    csmcmillion2 months ago

    You must be in his colon.

  95. Miss Sweety

    Miss Sweety2 months ago

    2 hours of BS

  96. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    Miss Sweety did you watch the video?

  97. Stixx n stones

    Stixx n stones2 months ago

    This is ridiculous and the title is deceptive. He's not telling you any truths about astronomy either. No big bang, which you guys require, no impacts, asteroid or otherwise, no collisions of any kind...very rare in this Universe. We live on an electrically machined world just like all the other worlds. Modern archaeology is way off, the human race (homo sapiens) is millions of years old, more supporting evidence and research today than ever before. His arguments are on archaic and obsolete notions of physics, (Relativity) when he worked for NASA vs the Electric Universe that we actually live in and phenomena demonstrates observably and can be reproduced in the lab. How about this, "The Earth was void and without form" in our polar orbit of Saturn, El, Kronos. "God said let there be light" Saturn burst into brilliant plasma discharges as Jupiter, Zeus, Yazeus, or Jesus if you will, killed Kronos, Saturn, El or Elohim. Saturn being a brown dwarf Star lost it's plasma sheath in a spectacular burst that was surrounding Earth and Mars and ejected both worlds from their polar orbit...the brown dwarf sheath kept us in place. Once ejected all kinds of chaos and calamity ensued. Humans saw stars for the very first time because we couldn't see stars from the illumination of the plasma sheath of Saturn www.reinervogel.net/ProtoPN/ProtoPN_e.html Example of protoplanetary nebula Humans witnessed these events and wrote them down. They called them Dragons and Leviathons, and referred to planets as gods because their intellect couldn't understand powerful celestial phenomena. It created fear and awe among our species. It took Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle to put them into perspective, these events were not gods but natural phenomena. Humans witnessed mountains being raised by arc blast creating supersonic mach waves that sounded like 10 thousand trumpets. They watched Mars and Earth in a death dance as they exchanged huge thunderbolts of plasma that excavated large portions of each world and the ensuing fire storms of meteors that resulted. Finally Venus flew between the two embattled worlds and killed Mars. All witnessed by humans in ancient history. Visit the Thunderbolts Project, TBP, if you are seeking truth. If you just want affirmations of what you already believe then stay right here! See no ad hominem attacks or straw man arguments just facts in evidence as witnessed and written down by ancient human beings.

  98. Rik Williams

    Rik Williams2 months ago

    ….sooo the evolution theory doesn't quite fit, therefore you feel the only other alternative is creation by God. Ffs that's a narrow minded way of seeing things, I truly pity you and all others just as simple as you. Religion is one the biggest misconceptions of man and does more to divide the human race than it does to bring us together. Think about it ...one of us, if not all of us, must be wrong in that regard.

  99. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien2 months ago

    In the realm of theories, especially with something like origins/history, you're using inductive reasoning, and in that you don't go about necessarily proving something, you just disprove the competition, and so the theory left standing that is most consistent with and has the best explanatory power of the evidence/of what is observed, is what should be held to. A troubling thing about the scientific education system is that most people that go about studying science in depth or are going about to become professional scientists, are almost never, if ever, required to take a class on the philosophy of science. This can be very helpful, it needs to be read and understood if one wishes to engage or understand this debate rightly creation.com/its-not-science

  100. ezcondition

    ezcondition2 months ago

    aww shit. here we go..


    DAIAN LAUDIC2 months ago



    DAIAN LAUDIC2 months ago


  103. Bullwinke̷le

    Bullwinke̷le2 months ago

    What a loon.

  104. Mary Antonio

    Mary Antonio2 months ago

    "What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy" Sounds like a big claim. This better be good. And this better not be a conspiracy video. We'll see.... 1:16 ok, the fact that you'd even ask that question says enough. I'll see how far I can get before I can't even listen anymore.

  105. Sean Mac Mahon

    Sean Mac Mahon2 months ago

    Why is he not in a padded cell?



    The Earth was not created to suite us, we evolved to live in the conditions provided by the Earth. Not the other way round. There are so many flawed assumptions and plain falsehoods in this video that I'm not even going to begin, but to ridiculously quote biblical chapter and verse while trying to explain planetary formation is childish, backward and would be sometime funny if it wasn't so annoying. I hope impressionable young minds don't stumble on this nonsense!

  107. Timeless1

    Timeless12 months ago

    Wow, just wow!!!!! Please go put your head back in the sand. Wow, that dust cant form rock thing would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

  108. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    Timeless1 when did he say that ?

  109. Casparus Kruger

    Casparus Kruger2 months ago

    There has never ever been in history, any reliable and viably tested data that supports the claim that any type of supernatural god, angel, ghost, demon exists --or any paranormal, supernatural event to occur. Ever. This is a fact. People that believe and worship there are such things are purely and simply victims of indoctrination. And you are one of these people. You have been led to believe that lies are true. And ALL religions are lies. And this is a fact. Each and every one of them. And religions deserve not one shred of respect. And that's because they are lies. Lies deserve no respect. If you are an atheist you are right. If you are a Christian, you are wrong. Pure and simple. This is a fact --ALL the evidence we have found supports the Theory of Evolution. All of it. If something was found or discovered that would lead to another explanation--then science would work from that explanation. But that hasn't happened. Ever. And this is a fact. This what the data supports . Not one single solitary claim by any religion has been shown to be true. None of it. And this is a fact. There is no debate here. NOTHING that has been discovered supports any religious claim or explanation. Those who believe religious claims are victims of brainwashing and indoctrination. They have been told lies. And they are ALL lies. If one defends a religious claim, they are wrong. About all of it. This is what the data supports. This is a fact If you believe creationism is true, you are wrong. Pure and simple. This is a fact. . In world history the number of times a scientific claim has been proven wrong with a religious explanation is ZERO In world history the number of times an atheist argument has been proven wrong with a theist argumment is ZERO. This is a 100% track record. Science is only atheistic because it has never found evidence for a god.

  110. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    Casparus Kruger do you hold that same position on everything in life?It seems we maybe heading towards the how did nothing come from nothing argument.in which I think as has been beat in to the ground.see I don't think evidence or facts would change anyone's mind one way or the other.I do not believe in atheist. I believe they just haven't looked for themselves.who can find anything they don't believe exist.the evidence for the creator is in the creation.Jesus said knock and the door shall be opened.look and you shall find.the evidence is there it's just how one interpreters it.and I don't think NASA can help their hands are tied on the matter.after the lawsuit .lol .thanks for all your comments they have been very helpful.

  111. Casparus Kruger

    Casparus KrugerMonth ago

    As I would with anything.

  112. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    Casparus Kruger I'm not sure I do understand what your saying.are you saying that if somebody could provide evidence to you that God exist you would be come a devout believer?

  113. Casparus Kruger

    Casparus KrugerMonth ago

    Chad Suratt Do you even UNDERSTAND my argument? And in the case of believing in God, don't you think people will whatever they can to hold on to that belief--REGARDLESS of what counter-evidence and counter-logic is rammed into their face that says otherwise?? And when I do present this argument, I NEVER see : Yes, you are right , there could not possibly be a God," as they would if someone proved the non-existence of anything else they don't a vested commitment in their lives FOR believing. All I hear is "well how about this?..and it could be this?..and how about that?. These are all little escape routes one typically grabs at just so they can hope to discover a way out of being cornered and have their claim of God to shown it could not possibly exist. That's why I addressed the typical objections I anticipate I would get when people read this argument. I didn't invent this argument, it has been around for years, but do you ever think ANY group of believers would EVER declare :"Well, there it is folks, our God isn't real after all!" Of course they wouldn't. But to refuse to accept this argument just shows that in order for one to sustain a theistic belief, one has to evade elements of reality to do so. This is being dishonest. This is where that lovely method of believing on faith will bring you. To believe in a lie, no matter what. It's evasive, dishonest and its cowardly. If God was real, all these dips, ducks and dives, deflection s and tap-dances I see form EVERY Christian I post this argument to this would not be necessary. But the christians DO perform all these dips, ducks and dives, deflection s and tap-dances in the name of God. Wonderful. "But I still feel God in my heart --so He must be real" If a Hindu ever said "I feel Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma in my heart" would that prove those gods are real? Of course it doesn't. And if it doesn't, why should YOUR feeling prove YOUR God is real? Just because one "feels it in my heart" doesn't make what they feel as being true. But they certainly have been brainwashed to think if they get that feeling that MAKES it true--even though they wouldn't know how they could possibly tell the difference between "I feel Jesus/God in my heart" from their own brain activity. But the last vestige that keeps a believer believing is also being BRAINWASHED to believe that they will be tortured eternally in the Lake of Fire for not accepting "Jesus in their heart" and believing in his grace. Again, lets look somewhere else. Do you fear the wrath of Allah and his sending you to hell for not serving Islam? Of course you don't. What believers have to understand that an atheistic position is and can only to be defended in ONE way: Telling the truth

  114. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    Casparus Kruger yes to the last part of your comment,I think.but saying you proven that God can't exist to everyone I do not see the logic in that statement.if I am to be honest all you have proven is how you think of logic .there's lots of good books on the subject some wrote by believers and some not.I guess I'm trying to say logic is like beauty it's in the eye of the beholder.if truth can not be determined with facts so to speak.there's a lot of debates on the subject on MReporter.also


    JAYMZSAINTJAYMZ2 months ago

    Take this down so many lies

  116. Chad Suratt

    Chad SurattMonth ago

    JAYMZSAINTJAYMZ. Your lying😀

  117. PeterDad60

    PeterDad602 months ago

    Ask the viewers simple questions about science, common knowledge for those of us who bothered to read books and educate themselves. You shall learn most people here are as stupid as a pile of manure. Without looking up the answer, how does the wing of an airplane generate lift? None of you know this and trust me it's a question that I knew the answer to in 4th grade. How tall was a T-Rex, how long was a T-Rex. That's 3rd. grade material. Who many miles are we from the moon on average?

  118. EveryCrumbCounts

    EveryCrumbCounts2 months ago

    Was watching David Bulters videos on space then I stubbled on this. Huge difference between the two videos, show me the math. Again show me the math instead of your believes and disbeliefs. If the first calulations of distant stars using triangulation is true when appled on Earth or large scale examples that you can go and do on your own at home. And still want to tell us it's a lie. Riiiight

  119. James Johnson

    James Johnson2 months ago

    MReporter really needs to start tagging these type of low budget videos that try to come across as "expert." This person can't even produce a convincing argument on YT, but somehow when other scientific minds are stumped, he has all of the right answers posted on YT. Some people are so gullible, and they will eat this up because they lack the critical thinking skills needed. That's obviously the intended audience. No need to wonder why ignorance is at an all-time high these day. Darn MReporter!

  120. Mike Geisen

    Mike Geisen2 months ago

    Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Moon.

  121. Aron6JR

    Aron6JR2 months ago

    sooo much bullshit

  122. EducatedObserver

    EducatedObserver2 months ago

    This is pretty much the textbook definition of pseudoscience.