What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy - Vol. I (Our Created Solar System)


  1. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien6 months ago

    Note: I consider this extremely important reading creation.com/its-not-science and creation.com/right-perspective-interpreting-data otherwise you will be totally clueless and/or lost over the issue of Creation/Evolution, it will help get rid of a lot of confusion and strawman arguments/comments. -------- I read a lot of comments on here from people that seem to think faith (Christianity) and science are in conflict. What's ironic is that you actually have Christianity to thank for modern science. creation.com/biblical-roots-of-modern-science creation.com/science-biblical-presuppositions One of the worst things today is how ignorant todays culture is of history. If one wants to use science to try to undermine or attack the Christian faith they are like someone trying to aim their canon and fire on the platform their canon is standing on.

  2. Dustin Ducote

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  3. ween69

    ween698 days ago

    Daniel Skupien There is no reason for you to believe that you have a soul, or that you will have eternal life after death, or that there is a heaven and hell.babbling on about an imaginary God like this is dangerous, if for no other reason than this one. If so many people are this delusional in the area of religion, it makes you wonder where else they harbor equally significant delusions in their thinking. In addition, religion in America is now actively restraining scientific research and social progress. The problem that American scientists are having with stem cells is just one of the many.Religion is delusion. A planet full of delusional people is not healthy.there is no such thing as an atheist.I am a Rational Person,Rational People know that all human gods are imaginary.

  4. ween69

    ween698 days ago

    Daniel Skupien typical brainwashed spiel from an unthinking, uncritical wasted mind. you idiots need to be ridiculed and insulted because you are a danger to the future of humanity. There is no evidence to support any of the claims made in the Bible concerning the existence of a god. Any ‘evidence’ proposed by theists to support the Bible’s various historical and supernatural claims is non-existent at best, manufactured at worst. galaxies continue to form from spontaneously created matter. observations by space telescopes and other instruments show this Our universe didn't need any divine help to burst into being. God is nothing more than an illogical, irrational and immoral human emotion.? The fantasies of ancient, ignorant Israeli tribal leaders have no bearing on your life right now, so you’d be better off to leave them alone. God exists as a fantasy in your mind. God does not exist in reality. If he did, then God could prove his own existence. I don’t have to. You can’t prove his existence because he doesn’t exist. But if he’s real, he can speak for himself, and you wouldn’t have to defend him. The mere fact that you speak in his defense proves that this God is incapable of being real. Pity you don’t recognize this fact.

  5. Mike Truther

    Mike Truther8 days ago

    +Andrew Gulick go fuck yourself sheeple.

  6. Andrew Gulick

    Andrew Gulick10 days ago

    ++Mike Truther: I have no idea who you are talking to, but whether you are an evolutionist or creationist, there is no reason to belittle yourself with such language. Your better than that. If your going to answer someone, show them that you are better than that.

  7. Kieron Browne

    Kieron Browne2 hours ago

    Evolution doesn’t explain how life began as know one knows yet.

  8. Kieron Browne

    Kieron Browne2 hours ago

    There may well be a god but it’s not the man made one from the Bible or any of the other many man made explanations of the world that they didn’t fully understand but needed to make sense of things.

  9. Nicholas Gerard

    Nicholas Gerard7 hours ago

    Use the Darwinian Theory of Evolution at Massive seminars and meuseums and Zoo's and sea world the LeBrea theme parks etc. You can and do make lots of Money they (experts who know Darwin Evolution everything comes from nothing ) None of it is ever free ! They all make money cause there scientists and have degrees that they have to pay there big expensive loans and grants back! They have the answer there best answer for the many problems and inadequacy ,is WE DO NOT KNOW YET! That's there Best answer. Yet it isnt free! Curches donate money to those in need . And they will definitely have an unloving Jerk belligerent ATTITUDE and no problem being a complete Jerk ,if you disagree and say that your a fool that can't do science unless you agree ! Dictators ! And discredit the fact that the first scientists were creationists and primarily Christians but they don't care about that! Your just a darn fool a dunce dolt idiot for not KNOWING that evolution is an undoubtable total fact of science with proof of abiogenesis and wrought with Missing links and transitional forms a massive amount of absolute factual evidence totally the truth that we for sure came from ape like creatures we can basically transfuse directly with apes and primates and there the only mamals that have opposable thumbs ,and over and over again Darwin theory in Medical Science has not had to be Scrapped ,and everything that exists came from Nothing is the only thing to know is true ! And believe in a creator then your a dumb dodo ,cause they don't even need to time travel to know that is a fact ,you can't do science if you disagree ,the scientists that did science must be fools and totally wrong cause they didn't know that Darwin's theory is true only! So there wrong ! And there's no problem with Darwin's Work even though HE WAS WRONG about what he wrote on The Cambrian explosion and the cell and DNA that he didn't even think about at the time that he wrote about as the Fact that we Evolved and all the missing links that we've been finding for so many years! Completely fact that we Evolved for sure so if you kill someone or yourself that's totally fine ,oh and ALL the Math is so GOOD!The numbers are full proof great numbers the math is solid as diamond it's not only possible it's also both probable and likely to ,don't ever defy those geniuses there basically God's with there glory and intelligence yet primates are just as smart to because we're completely the same as them since both of us have been evolving for the same time and we share are DNA with them and none with tabacco and have evolved from an app like creature evolving for the same time so we should be humans and ape like creatures contempary with each other ,but creationists especially Christians are idiots ,so attack those Dumbo's but the Evolutionists are the smartest people on earth and can do NO WRONG Ever! Surrender to them your knowledge Money and life to them ,we must bow down to there Masters degrees and pay there grants and dig grants back ! Sir/Ma'am ,your a Dilbert for not .

  10. john brown

    john brown11 hours ago

    Like most people I started to question what reality was at a young age.unfortunatly I hated school. But if there was a big bang then wouldn't it be a super super nova.yet science says it was so hot that only hydrogen and helium was created.if this hydrogen was expanding radially at tremendous speed how could it have condensed into stars. Then when the hydrogen condensed enough it fused and became a star.this produced solar wind which blew away the left over gases.wouldnt this make almost all stars the same size.then some stars were so large that they went super nova and created all the heavier elements,again wouldn't this cast out these elements radially at tremendous speed.how could they and manage to come together and form planets.space is very large and mostly empty it seems very unlikely that these elements could come together in such huge amounts that they could form even a small planet like earth.and quantum mechanics gets rid of the paradox of infinitesimal factions by having smallest distance (plank length)and smallest unit of time(plank unit of time)but wouldn't this mean that to move any distance in length or time we would be blinking in and out of existence as we jump to the next point in reality.

  11. GizmoFromPizmo

    GizmoFromPizmo18 hours ago

    There are geological events that have taken place MUCH longer ago than 6,000 years here on planet earth. Volcanoes over the past few thousand years that have blotted out the sun, caused mass extinctions, and toppled empires. There are huge calderas from past gigantic volcanoes in Yellowstone that predate mankind by many thousands of years. There are magnetic bands in the ocean spreading out from the mid-oceanic ridge which swap magnetic poles every 22,000-years. I believe the scriptures but I cannot believe in a young earth - otherwise, mountain ranges would be building and collapsing around us all the time. Look at the Great Smokey Mountains. These used to be much higher elevations but have worn down over time... lots of time.

  12. Dustin Ducote

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  13. kwantumspin

    kwantumspinDay ago

    so much shit . oh my god !

  14. Eve Again

    Eve AgainDay ago

    Oh, "not being told", riiiight, there's a big global conspiracy to hide "the truth" about creation for some unfathomable reason. Just because you don't like the evidence where it conflicts with the Bible, it doesn't mean the evidence is false. Hard evidence beats stories.

  15. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking2 days ago

    Creation is not science as science requires evidence. This provides no evidence.

  16. Joe Playing Outdoors

    Joe Playing Outdoors2 days ago

    None of you get it. God created the universe, known as the Big Bang and watched it evolve. Getting bored with that he looked around and tossed some microbes into pools around the universe and watch it evolve. When he looks at this rock he shakes his head. Morons like this who believe the story written by a man are his main reason to shake his head.

  17. Bonita Hancke

    Bonita Hancke3 days ago

    The fact that you believe what you are saying is the funniest fact of all!! Bwhahahahaha

  18. Rick Vickery

    Rick Vickery3 days ago

    The speaker keeps saying "evolution can`t explain …" and offers reasons why evolutions theories and models don`t work but offers absolutely no evidence for creationism other than words … from a book … written by a man … who was in contact with god or one of his angels. He draws conclusions without offering any evidence for his pro-creationist argument. Evolutionists will readily admit that there are problems with their theories and models and will readily admit when they are wrong. This does not discredit everything they hypothesize and absolutely does not prove creationism by default. The only thing this video proves is that the mechanics of the formation of the solar system are unknown … nothing more.

  19. christovdoja

    christovdoja4 days ago

    This was a pretty decent laugh. Thanks for the entertainment

  20. Tim

    Tim4 days ago

    Stupidity and bullshit brought to you in a deceitful pseudo scientific fashion. But hey, it worked for me, I used to think there was no proof or need for a god. This morning I mutilated my genitals, and those of my son. I sprinkled water all over my family to bless them. I ate some bread, so now I have the body of Christ in me, drank some wine to receive his blood. Went to church to listen to some virgin child molester talk about an obscure book. I fear god but I know he loves me. I am planning a trip to some third world nation to convert the heathen souls there, and brought a gun in case they don't listen. I made a shrine in my kitchen, where I will slaughter a goat every day in his honor. My life has improved in every sense, I truly believe now.

  21. Brian A

    Brian A4 days ago

    Really? You quotes from scientists are usually 10 years, even up to 40 years old! That is dishonest.

  22. Dave G

    Dave G4 days ago

    Scary a guy dresses in a suit and you think hes telling you the truth ... science is about finding explanations to what happens in nature .. for the one expert who says there is no refuting this guys evidence. I just watched a video on the creation of complex molecules from simple ones using two basic models that if I am not mistaken one was done as far back as the 50's .. the experiment put simple gas molecules in a chamber and simple water and then mixed the two with a spark. AND COMPLEX compounds were made inside this system. this doesnt mean this is the way it happened it JUST means its possible for something to happen without a THING CREATING IT..

  23. spencer clark

    spencer clark5 days ago

    Dose this guy look like a Robot?

  24. -OK Internet-

    -OK Internet-5 days ago

    God is not a book.

  25. GetMeThere1

    GetMeThere15 days ago

    Funny how he requires utterly NO explanations for HIS "theory." I took note about the huge differences between Io and earth, and his explanation that Io cannot be as old as earth. An "evolutionist" could say "well, maybe it ISN'T as old as earth." What can he say? Mostly, this is just the same old "god of the gaps." Scientists can't explain something, therefore god. What we CAN see again and again are two important things: 1) Science comes up with a LOT of very good and very difficult to obtain data (it must be, because the video creator certainly likes to use it (I mean, cherry pick it, lol). 2) Scientists are HONEST. They put their misunderstandings and puzzlements FULLY FORWARD to the light of day.

  26. GetMeThere1

    GetMeThere15 days ago

    I wonder, why DID god create all that useless debris floating around out there? The solar systems does not IN ANY WAY appear to be a "creation" of a mind. Instead, all the debris makes it appear as a random mix of processes and chaos.

  27. GetMeThere1

    GetMeThere15 days ago

    Well, just one example. He says that the current theories of how the solar system came together are just "wrong." They don't work. So why not write a scientific paper to that effect? It would not IN ANY WAY be turned down as "religion" or "creationism." Show such scientists where their calculations are wrong, and they MUST accept what you say. But....you can't, can you.

  28. Deaf From Above

    Deaf From Above6 days ago

    I gave it 10 minutes to listen the first point and I'm not impressed. Protoplanet formation has been observed. Do a search for LkCa15. The wonderful thing about science, when done properly ("research" on smoking funded by the tobacco industry is not science), is that it can admit it doesn't know how something works. It has to do that because science must do it's best to prove it. Contrast that with the religious approach: Q. How did God create the planets? A. God moves in mysterious ways. Meaning they don't know. So science doesn't know how a specific aspect of a theory works, religion can't offer any insight beyond God did it. I don't want to take anyone's faith way from them, I think that for some, faith can be a very positive thing in their lives. What I think is unhealthy, is blind faith. Does it really matter that much if a religious book got the time it takes to create a universe wrong? Six days or 13.799 billion years. These books were written a long time ago, most people probably couldn't count to 1000, asking them to comprehend billions of years would be a hard sell, so dumbing down was required. Videos like this seem to be for people uncomfortable with the notion that the old religious book that forms the basis of their faith may have been incorrect in some areas, such as the time and effort involved in creating a universe. Perhaps there is the fear that if it's wrong in one area, it could all be wrong? That however, is a question only an individual can answer for themselves. Please note that I used the term "old religious book" because all religions have the same dilemma of reconciling faith and science.

  29. Ishaq Ibrahim

    Ishaq Ibrahim6 days ago

    Amazing! I have a couple of questions. 1. Where are the Igbo’s 7,000 years ago when planet earth is under construction? Where they in space, on the moon, on a star etc. 2. Is nuclear reaction true or just another fabricated lie? 3. Do nuclear bombs work or is it just another lie? 4. Does uranium-235, uranium-238 etc. have a half-life of less than 6,000 years? 5. I have come across the history of earth but never come across the evolution of earth. What is the difference between the two?

  30. TheAcceber1

    TheAcceber16 days ago

    Before the word scientists...they were natural philosophers. There has always been that element of asking why in our studies.

  31. Wingrove Dasent

    Wingrove Dasent7 days ago

    I am surprised that the Earth isn't flat in this Video!!!

  32. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    OMFG! 10 and a half minutes into this video and we get a cross section! How do I respond to that...FUCK YOU! I'm done with this fucking video! This guy's a fucking moron!

  33. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    Don't add gravity into your explanation. One just has to look at the definition of gravity and they will find there is no definition for gravity. They can only show the effects of what we call gravity here on Earth, like your little dust bunnies. Go ahead, look [it] up till the end of time on the internet and you will NOT find an answer for gravity, just its effects of what we call gravity. Even Einstein went to his grave unable to prove his theory. And I might add... years before he wrote his theory on relativity he wrote... It is impossible for anything to be drawn to or pulled to the Earth. He was so right! One day my theory will be out there for everyone to see. And by the way... it's based on laws and principles.

  34. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    Gas and ice?! I can't help but laugh everytime I see a cross section of the Sun, the Earth or any other Celestial body! This is pseudoscience at its best! This is so typical, somebody preaching bullshit and then stating more bullshit! All religions and beliefs were founded upon man's fear of the unknown in very, very dark times.

  35. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    Planetesimals?! Pseudoscience! What scientist failed to take into account... the Earth is increasing in size. The amount of time we have had the technology to recognize and measure this, there would show little to no size increase, because it is growing that slow, but the evidence is overwhelming. And they are too blind to see it!

  36. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    6 minutes into the video... the proposed Theory he's about to explain is negated by two fundamental rules... there is no Center to the universe... And the law of motion. Now, on with the video...

  37. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    4 1/2 minutes into the video... anything and everything inside the universe? Why do I put a question mark at the end of that? You just put parameters on the universe! The thing that is hard to perceive to most everyone is the concept of infinity. There's a simple explanation and definition for the UNIVERSE... everything outside of Earth's ATMOSPHERE and INCLUDING EARTH and its ATMOSPHERE! That's a whole lot of everything! Now, on with the video...

  38. Murph

    Murph7 days ago

    One minute into the video and you have to bring up The Big Bang Theory... FUCK! I don't know about others, but I watch this stuff hoping to learn something. So I'm going to watch a little bit more of this video, but I'm afraid it's going to disappoint me! We want to know what you know, not speculation or pseudoscience.

  39. kneubuhlify

    kneubuhlify7 days ago

    You sure do know alot of scientific theory, only to discredit the evolution theory, but none of which can prove your creationary theory. Scientists might not be right on all theories, but thats not prove of a creator. Take your theory to those scientists and set them straight. Dont be scarred to not find your creator.

  40. Jasmine Larimore

    Jasmine Larimore7 days ago

    Question # 1: @9:26 - If accretion did not occur, and the planets could not form from the dust balls, then you assume then that science not being able to explain how they formed is a valid argument for creation by God. Ok. Then, please explain this: Why would our solar system need more planets than just Earth? Genesis indicates God created the heaven and the earth. Why all these other planets? In fact, why would there be a need for anything else? Why would there be other stars? Why would those other stars have planets (and they surely do, as they are being discovered in the hundreds lately), and why would there be any need for billions and billions of them in galaxies as far back as telescopes can see? What purpose do all these extras serve? I'm sure I'll have more questions.

  41. Alexander_the_Goat

    Alexander_the_Goat7 days ago

    Good question. We do know that God loves diversity and based solely upon the Earth we see great variety. If you decide to build a house might you not include rooms, furnishings, gardens, fountains, etc. that serve no purpose directly related to shelter, but which add interest, beauty and variety to your creation? Another reason seems to be contrast - to demonstrate to man that there is but a single, prepared place for existence, and the Earth is made even more wonderful and remarkable when compared to the other planets. Also this time-world is extremely temporary and intended solely to bring about the 15 billion or so of God’s children before He takes us to the next step, which is an end of time itself and resumption of eternity (we don’t currently have the capacity to understand this). "But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." I Corinthians 2:9 I don’t normally reply to comments but felt led to reply to yours. Keep seeking my friend. Seek - with honesty - and you shall find.

  42. Horb Gorble

    Horb Gorble7 days ago

    total shit

  43. Malcolm Abram

    Malcolm Abram8 days ago

    I am a PhD scientist and now a theologian. The Bible does not say the universe was created in a literal 6 solar days. It just does not say that. It says in the beginning God created. All space and time started at a time-point in eternity. The model of how the Universe came to be now is not at divergence with Genesis, indeed it compliments Genesis. Science points to how. Genesis points to why. The clash between Science and Theology is a misconception created by man; when the reality is there is no clash. When one gets into particles physics and cosmology (and I lecture on both) one can only look at God and say WOW, and it is a WOW that no fundamental creationist will be able to connect with. The enormous number of fine controls in the laws of Physics that govern how we and the Universe came to be, points to a supreme mind with an intelligence that is far greater than the deepest imagination of the mind of man. However that mind can only be connected with on God's terms, not man's terms or interpretation. It is divine revelation, a simple word for which is faith. Faith is beyond science, theology or philosophy. It is a trust in a being who is far greater, but when He reveals, then we get a WOW. But then this WOW is not to titillate, but begs the question, 'Okay I exist, now what are you going to do about it?'

  44. MeatRocket99

    MeatRocket998 days ago

    interesting but for example why would it mater if Mercury has a liquid metal core or not ,what difference would that make to God?

  45. Wayne Henson

    Wayne Henson9 days ago

    God nice

  46. Wayne Henson

    Wayne Henson9 days ago

    I told god i come from a monkey he said you did! Boom start over!

  47. alienworldsincolor on facebook

    alienworldsincolor on facebook9 days ago

    more christian contradicting himself, one video about creation says we are living in a created system by god and earth has a dome over us and has floodgates god can open up and flood the earth. but when it suits him we can escape from here and send out robotic probes to see the other masses in the heavens. and that we studied mercury has a magnetic field but by some miracle the field is dying within the past few hundred years lol. yeah it all starts happening the second we get technology to see this crap. nooo way, nasa lied about everything including earth. i can prove even the earth is a painting, for those who can see reality. these planets all have hidden faces mocking you. look up the video showing all versions of earth by nasa going back to the 60's are cartoons and none of the 8 earths introduced and put into the school books are in fact cartoons. and they are not telling you what you need to know to make sense of this stuff. one key piece if evidence is in the bible's creation story says one day is equivalent 1,000 years to god.

  48. W Morris

    W Morris9 days ago


  49. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise10 days ago

    The Bible does not say Earth is a few thousand years old. Tell me were

  50. drumier

    drumier10 days ago

    ok now tell us about the flat earth

  51. Gary Malcomb

    Gary Malcomb10 days ago

    His opinion's r moronic at best!

  52. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns10 days ago

    Daniel Skupien has the end in mind as he states at the outset. Scientists simply observe and make models that can predict existing and future behavior of the thing being observed. As talented as homo sapiens are at science, recording advances for peer review and the benefit of posterity, and building on the other science discoveries and, for other homo sapiens, at studying ancient papyrus manuscripts that eventually evolved into the anthology known as The Holy Bible, there is another talent sometimes overlooked and seems to be used more and more. Homo sapiens can rationalize almost anything, from the logically plausible to the patently ridiculous. I suspect that, other than public speaking and being an up-standing member of his community and family, rationalizing falsities is this man's main vocation. It comes natural to us all, this taste for rationalizing. It's happening a lot these days-of-the-internet. Scientists also rationalize, but they see as an essential co-objective to hunt the instances out that lead to false conclusions, largely through real-time observation of evidence, peer review, and future experiments, dynamically, all the time. This is not done by creationists other than to develop more and deeper rationalizations. I believe that's harmful to my children and their ability to think for themselves.

  53. Strident Atheist

    Strident Atheist10 days ago

    "Almost all scientists believed in the biblical account of creation". The term _scientist_ wasn't even coined until the early mid 1800's. And _of course_ all 'scientists' were Christian (minus the rest of the religious world), because everyone grew up in a church setting and if you didn't believe, no one took you seriously. Or, the Church arrested you and threatened your life unless you recanted. It's extremely disingenuous to claim 'almost all scientists' believed in the biblical account of creation. They had _no choice_ /and/or, were brought up to believe this. Such is not the case today. We now have the intellectual freedom to chose what to believe based on available evidence, and can do so without getting arrested, tortured, burned at the stake, or shunned from the community at large. Is it any wonder then, that most scientists in the world reject the Christian Creation Myth? Good science can be (and has been and still is) practiced regardless of religious beliefs. However, when your results are 'filtered' through your religious lens, expect to get critiqued and/or ridiculed for doing so. Science is the only way of knowing..... faith is believing that which you cannot prove, and the creation account of Genesis has been decimated by various scientific disciplines over the past 150 years. It simply never happened that way.

  54. Rob Patty

    Rob Patty10 days ago

    Your all f__k_g Neanderthals Get rid of religion and be better off

  55. RtB68

    RtB6811 days ago

    .."a fundamental unsolved problem exists" which, apparently, means "therefore God did it".. A few hundred years ago people were burned alive for daring to suggest the Earth wasn't the centre of everything. This is the type of man lighting that fire people. Have a good look.

  56. Art Saliva

    Art Saliva11 days ago

    This is just another attempt to present random info as a documentary, but it is only Christian propaganda.

  57. kevin veney

    kevin veney11 days ago

    Ummmm ...the creator created everything...he also created evolution..everything evolved..probably including the creator

  58. Wizzle

    Wizzle12 days ago

    So prove to me we have oceans? I've never seen one so how can I be sure?

  59. Mike Truther

    Mike Truther12 days ago

    yew delusional unChristian ASSHOLE. Earth is motionless.

  60. Kynko Kytsumi

    Kynko Kytsumi12 days ago

    What has evolution got to do with the creation of the solar system?!

  61. Slyte Lee Acidic

    Slyte Lee Acidic13 days ago

    Fuck you bible pounding IDIOTS

  62. Berean Call

    Berean Call13 days ago

    Indoctrinated globe head. He sounds soooooo smart.

  63. Philip Bannor

    Philip Bannor14 days ago

    Yeah right - 'cos a MReporter video discredits ALL of science...... And this is not even a christian / atheist dispute, because (newsflash!!) - some christians accept the fact of evolution. Awkward.....

  64. Carlos Mascote

    Carlos Mascote14 days ago

    So your ONLY 'proof' to all these claims is "because god said so"??? Sorry. Not convinced. No scientist ever claimed that any of the planetary creation models were 100% factual, which is why they are called THEORIES. However, there is sufficient scientific evidence to support those theories. Read a book besides the bible, you ignorant prick.

  65. alan whitham

    alan whitham15 days ago

    God designed the earth for us . Maybe you could do a video explaining why our home is often inhospitable . Too hot , too cold , disease , snakes poisonous insects , storms , mosquitoes , famine , drought etc etc. And nature red in tooth and claw as Tennyson put it , and of course , death . Is God benevolent or indifferent , or are we here to be tormented ? I think these are reasonable questions .

  66. alan whitham

    alan whitham14 days ago

    +Daniel Skupien No benevolent , just God of Christianity then . Look at the state of the world , God is not an interventionist benevolent God . On balance I must side with the deists , the world is not the work of a benevolent creator . God doesn't need to kill billions he just needs to sit back and watch man do it for him . It's all so contradictory . Bring it on God , because I for one have had enough of all this crap !

  67. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien14 days ago

    +alan whitham "The God of the Old Testament is an angry vengeful God, yet in the New Testament he is loving and benevolent.." This seems to be a very common misconception. Here's a few things to consider first; everything God has done, is now doing, and will do, is not written down, so the only thing you could really say is that the Old Testament records more of God's miraculous judgments than the New Testament, and the New Testament records more of God's miraculous acts of grace. All this says nothing about God's character changing or being different, it only says something about God having different purposes during certain ages. 1 Corinthians 10:11 "Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction, on whom the end of the ages has come." That verse is referring to the judgements that happened to the Israelites during the Exodus. So those judgments happened and were written down for our instruction, it is to teach us something. Some of God's purposes in the Old are different from the New, so there is no contradiction, if God is behaving more like this during that time and then more like that at another time, it is simply because of different purposes/different things to be achieved. Also, when ever someone compares God in the Old to the New in the way you just did I like to point them to the New Testament book of Revelation, if you take it to mean exactly what it says (premillennial view), at some point God will pour out divine wrath on this planet, and He is going to kill billions. What God did in the Old Testament will be like nothing in comparison to what He's going to do.

  68. alan whitham

    alan whitham14 days ago

    Daniel Skupien The God of the Old Testament is an angry vengeful God , yet in the New Testament he is loving and benevolent .. I think the bible is contradictory and is the word of man , not God , although it may contain some truth , a literal interpretation makes little sense , in my opinion . But I accept that it's more plausible than Darwinian evolution .

  69. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien14 days ago

    Studying Biblical theology will give you all your answers. Cliff notes version to your answers. God made a perfect world, man sinned, the punishment was that the entire universe was cursed; physical death became a reality, before the curse everything was vegetarian, and etc. When Noah's flood happened it caused catastrophic changes to the entire planet, reshaping it completely, to the point that the earth before the flood looked like a totally different planet if we were able to see it (before the flood, there were no fault lines). Now, for all that to be sufficiently explained would take a long time. I could answer one rather important question, that being, how could a good God allow all of it to happen in the first place? Well, the reason He even made everything in the first place was to glorify Himself, in other words, to put Himself on display, we are simply the beneficiaries of what God has purposed to do, the purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. If God didn't wish to put His full attributes on display, we wouldn't even exist. That was just some background information, now back to how can a good God allow evil and suffering. A good God can allow evil because it is good that evil is allowed to exist. It is only in the dichotomy that the existence of evil creates, that the greatest good can even be achieved. You should ask yourself what would an all-good God do? Well, He would achieve the greatest good, right? Well, for that to be possible, evil must be allowed to come into existence. How could you get to see the act of kindness, if you lived in a perfect world that didn't need it? How would you know the satisfaction of justice in a place where no one does anything condemnable? How could you experience the greatness of grace, mercy, reconciliation, and etc in a place where no one has done wrong against another? Or when it comes to the issue of suffering, it is only in the circumstances of disaster that much of the goodness that is done can be done. You see, we actually benefit personally from evil and suffering, because in it, through it, by it, the good we experience is greater, is magnified to such an extant that could not be experienced otherwise. But ultimately, we could never know how good God really is if evil and suffering did not create the circumstances for Him to then put His goodness on display.

  70. alan whitham

    alan whitham15 days ago

    Sorry , forgot earthquakes .

  71. Astrophysics Questions

    Astrophysics Questions15 days ago

    2018 and ppl still blame god for creation.....what a total misused of the internet...

  72. Jim Keller

    Jim Keller16 days ago

    He only has a cursory knowledge of Planetary Astronomy. And his proof that God did it... "it's in the Bible" Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  73. Todd

    Todd16 days ago

    Remember everything the so-called astronomy have stated is nothing more than an attempt to get money from the taxpayers. There is no truth in "I think therefore it is" to say there is is a lie.

  74. Claude Hall

    Claude Hall16 days ago

    You say the universe is only 6000 years old and you must accept what the speed of light is when you say it takes light photons 4 hours to reach Neptune so if the universe is 6000 years old how can we see stars and galaxies hundreds of thousands and millions of light years from earth? If the universe was six thousand years old the sky would be void of stars because light would not have time to reach earth. The same planetary models this video tries to debunk were used to predict that Neptune existed before it was discovered.

  75. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien16 days ago

    This is one of the ways we explain the light issue mreporter.net/v/video-5vUel1AIM8w.html it's a short 11 minute video.

  76. Eddy Catflap

    Eddy Catflap16 days ago

    what a load of deliberately disingenuous nonsense ..... this guy is preaching to the ignorant ... didn't he get the memo `the earth is flat`... lol

  77. ZommBleed

    ZommBleed17 days ago

    If you believed in God and read the bible, you wouldn't believe in the solar system. Just saying. Research 200 biblical proofs for flat earth.

  78. 3x1TV

    3x1TV17 days ago

    we know that we know nothing -> so everybody believes something... some people believe and trust faulty people and some people trust in the word of the living god and in our savior jesus christ amen

  79. Brian Cananzey

    Brian Cananzey17 days ago

    Venus has never been accused of having a moon, that i am aware of. The earth did not form with a moon it was a later creation by a collision a specific angle( so the theory goes). The chace OF VENUS AND EARTH BOTH forming a moon by the exact same collision is extremely unlikely. The chance is that Venus was hit by a large body that killed its magnetic field. That is just an assumption but so is most theory till it is proven to be a law

  80. Brian Cananzey

    Brian Cananzey17 days ago

    I am not an atheist, or anti religious. I believe the possibility that god created a non static universe. Personally I believe maybe God got it started and let it go. He knew everything that would ever happen like a prescripted scenario. He gave us all the freedom of choice but he knew the choices we would make. Science is not perfect and that is why we have so few actual laws and mostly theories.

  81. orogenicman

    orogenicman18 days ago


  82. Ben Ton

    Ben Ton19 days ago

    The atoms in those planets did not just appear in one place to form a planet. Physical proceses caused it. Just because you are frustrated that you cannot find answers to the universe doesn't mean you turn to the bible because it somehow gives you all the answers.

  83. thomas makucevich

    thomas makucevich20 days ago

    click bait

  84. charles kriss

    charles kriss21 day ago

    Whoever made this is a complete moron. All of the planets do not go in the same direction. Venis goes the opposite way. I really feel sorry for this person

  85. DormantIdeas NIQ

    DormantIdeas NIQ21 day ago

    Yes, science is a slow process that is no perfect, but it continues to bring more and more understanding while BEElievers tend to decide up-front they know how it went/is going ... and the most hypocritical is that they use science to prove their 'BEEliefs'... by exposing the failures of science! SO, if science failed in some respects, it means that what you BEElieve in is how it is!!! ...utterly irrational! It is just as stupid to BEElieve as to NOT believe(atheism) and surely to attach oneself to the JOOdeoJOOstian nonsense of an intervening GOD who never intervenes, and is only present in future promise.

  86. michael briscoe

    michael briscoe22 days ago

    An immortal Jewish zombie that fathered itself,is all one needs to classify your belief as a crock of fucking shit.

  87. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien16 days ago

    You, as is very common among unbelievers, misunderstand what faith is or rather don't understand the several different types of faiths there are, this should be very helpful mreporter.net/v/video-kUhAEVQa3Wc.html

  88. michael briscoe

    michael briscoe20 days ago

    Or shut the fuck up.

  89. michael briscoe

    michael briscoe20 days ago

    Show me some evidence,that doesnt need to be taken with faith.

  90. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien20 days ago

    That is one of the more unique misrepresantitive statements I've heard regarding the Gospel and Jesus Christ. You know, it is rather interesting to see the same kinds of things being said about Christianity that people said about it some 2000 years ago and ever since. It's the same type of thing being said, just being said in the cultural understanding and vernacular of the day. "18 For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 19 For it is written, "I WILL DESTROY THE WISDOM OF THE WISE, AND THE CLEVERNESS OF THE CLEVER I WILL SET ASIDE." 20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. 22 For indeed Jews ask for signs and Greeks search for wisdom; 23 but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness," (1 Corinthians 1:18-23, NASB) Do you have any idea how incredible it is that Christianity even survived the first century, especially in light of the Greek culture of that time? The Bible not only points out exactly what people will think of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, it even tells us that God is pleased to use a foolish sounding message to save people, so that many of the arrogant, proud, wise, intelligent, and etc of the world will at the end be made into the real fools.

  91. markros

    markros22 days ago

    Dude, You're going to Hell, cause, with such weak (fake) arguments FOR God, most, even semi-intelligent people will call BS. Thus - You reinforce the argument AGAINST Him. Don't try to lie anyone into faith. God does exist.

  92. the therorist

    the therorist22 days ago

    ask yourself how water is made?? and you will have your answer

  93. the therorist

    the therorist22 days ago

    explain why all of the planets are perfect ball spheres....lol...friction in space from spinning??...how about the moon it doesn't spin....what wore them into balls??? were they drops of liquid that cooled into balls? haaaa...no gravity in space.....show me please...im on the edge of my seat

  94. eric debord

    eric debord22 days ago

    There will never be an end to the discovering, every new discovery will only bring up new question and new discoveries and new theories. Forever......

  95. Bud Brangard

    Bud Brangard23 days ago

    Wow! Home of self-important, self-absorbing, trolls. Clearly their parents failed to teach them how to be humble and respectful to their fellow man! Like demons, they seem to be so distraught hearing the mention of God they go straight crazy frothing at the mouth and cursing. Anger is the sub-emotion of FEAR!

  96. MadCityObserver

    MadCityObserver24 days ago

    If we were to grant the narrator in this video that the solar nebula theory is completely wrong, then what alternative scientific observations and tests would he offer us which when taken together confirm that at some time approximately six thousand years ago, during a six-day creation frenzy, a Hebrew-speaking deity created the solar system?

  97. Nazis gegen Rechts

    Nazis gegen Rechts24 days ago

    So modern science is wrong at some issues and therefore... the bible must be right! I will never understand this kind of creationist "logic".

  98. fulwell1972

    fulwell197225 days ago

    I'm flabbergasted stubbed toes hurt so much? Why would a god allow this type of thing?

  99. fulwell1972

    fulwell197225 days ago

    If there was a creator who built us in his own image, why did he leave us so flawed we sometimes bite the insides of our own mouths whilst chewing? It's uncalled for and it knacks...I know if I was god I would have ironed that nightmare out and made lego resistant feet while I was at it....

  100. Catherine Mendel

    Catherine Mendel25 days ago

    I would have LOVED to download your videos...but MReporter won't let me.... Soon these kinds of videos might be pulled from MReporter...and I so want them before that happens! :'(

  101. So No

    So No26 days ago


  102. Paul anon

    Paul anon26 days ago

    Dont watch this vid guys complete bs lol.. just a shit show of sum1 saying the universe was created 6000 years ago

  103. A A

    A A26 days ago

    read the "Sumerian tablets of creation" where all bibles are edited from. There was no big bang and there was no creator.

  104. A A

    A A22 days ago

    +Daniel Skupien "come let us go down and confuse there language" So you think this explains god? Yeah, I've herd this cover up argument also. Once you start thinking out of the ridiculous limiting box your in,you might just learn something. Study the Vatican and Jesuit farce and how the Smithsonian tries to cover up and destroy real evidence when it goes against the creationist theory. The flood occurred. The best explaination on why it occurred comes from Dr. Shock. The same guy who has dated the sphinx. Yes your going to find your god in outer space all right, it's nothing but a more advanced genetically tampering extraterrestrial that dosent want to loose the grip it has on its experiment. Explain the Cydonia region on Mars having the same configuration as the great pyramid area? When mainstream science gets real evidence they dismiss it away with lame attempts and excuses that don't hold up. Not everyone is fooled. Explain the Sumerians cylinder seal that shows all the planets in there correct order? This is not imagination or theory. It is fact. One of many reasons we have war in Iran and Irac is to destroy evidence that god is no where near what you thought it was or is. It's time to evolve, suck up the fantastic truths and move on in fact land, not fantasy and blind faith land.

  105. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien26 days ago

    Just because a civilization wrote down their creation story first, does not mean the Biblical authors copied from them, theories and imagination are not good baseses for making sound arguments. And by the way, if the Biblical creation story is true, the Flood did really occur, and the tower of babel where ALL people now came from actually did occur, where you have a situation where all the people in the world are living united, they would all have the same oral traditions of the Creation story and of the Flood but would eventually become corrupt as all oral traditions do and especially after God confused the languages and split everyone up. Thus, based on the Biblical view, we actually EXPECT other cultures to have similar creation and/or flood stories.

  106. Bantham Nobilis

    Bantham Nobilis28 days ago

    Okay, a lot of what you say is spot on BUUUT, The gas swirling with the Planetesimals would NOT be slowed by the gasses, the gasses are moving at the same rate around the sun, remember is a vacuum ALL objects move at the same rate, JPL nasa is wrong.

  107. KosmiekAltertainment

    KosmiekAltertainment28 days ago

    There is a lot that science has not proven. Just a tiny bit more than the bible.. Existence is a wonderful miracle man, go enjoy it and stop worrying about these complicated things. God will take care of everything.

  108. walkergarya

    walkergarya28 days ago

    Sorry but this is all crap. We have very reasonable and detailed explanations for the formation of the Solar System without resorting to magic.

  109. TRUE FACTS NO BULLSHIT no time for your lie's

    TRUE FACTS NO BULLSHIT no time for your lie's29 days ago


  110. Black Diamod

    Black Diamod29 days ago

    I was watching, and I was open to what was being told, until the age of the earth came up ... "keep in memory, we have The Lucy specimen, an early australopithecine and is dated to about 3.2 million years ago, and that the Bible has been edited several times to favor the ruling power in that specific period in this matter, not all that can be expressed in the New Testament as The Word of "AHYAH and his son is YAHUSHUAH the Messiah. .

  111. dontzenyourselfout

    dontzenyourselfout29 days ago

    ...the guy’s a robot

  112. Ponsonby The Cat

    Ponsonby The Cat29 days ago

    0:32 seconds of this rat vomit was enough for me. Thumbs down, no subscription and channel blocked.

  113. Kevin Kammueller

    Kevin Kammueller29 days ago

    Beyond idiotic.

  114. Job Applicant

    Job Applicant29 days ago

    i love religious kooks

  115. Imaginews Report

    Imaginews ReportMonth ago

    The ***THEORY*** OF EVOLUTION is presented as *fact* in our educational system. To speak out against this THEORY is professional suicide for those working in the educational establishment. How sad that an unproven theory is presented as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Darwin, in our schools. Even as a grade school kid, I could see how ridiculous this theory was..and still do after college, grad school and my doctorate.

  116. Christiaan Baron

    Christiaan BaronMonth ago

    i dont think there is a heliocentric solar system. it looks more like the earth is a sphere inside a larger sphere upon which the stars are projected or placed or something inexplicable. the sun goes around the earth with the celestial sphere but also moves in an annual cycle. the epicycles and the movement of the planets are a bizarre phenomenon. when we look up at the sky it is supposed to inspire awe. I really think that there is no mechanical corollary to the movement of celestial objects. it's ineffable and inexplicable.

  117. Altavian

    AltavianMonth ago

    Most of the comments fail to understand the basic thrust of the arguement; he is not trying to debunk science with science or religion, what he is talking about is the obstinate nature of science to make theory, which is really just a hypothesis, but keep calling it a theory, though the evidence contradicts it, and yet trying to ignore the other possiblity, of a young (HENCE created) solar system

  118. Tiffany Hagerman

    Tiffany HagermanMonth ago

    This man is a liar, as are ALL creationists and ALL flat Earthers!!!