What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy - Vol. I (Our Created Solar System)


  1. Daniel Skupien

    Daniel Skupien9 months ago

    Note: I consider this extremely important reading creation.com/its-not-science and creation.com/right-perspective-interpreting-data otherwise you will be totally clueless and/or lost over the issue of Creation/Evolution, it will help get rid of a lot of confusion and strawman arguments/comments. -------- I read a lot of comments on here from people that seem to think faith (Christianity) and science are in conflict. What's ironic is that you actually have Christianity to thank for modern science. creation.com/biblical-roots-of-modern-science creation.com/science-biblical-presuppositions One of the worst things today is how ignorant todays culture is of history. If one wants to use science to try to undermine or attack the Christian faith they are like someone trying to aim their canon and fire on the platform their canon is standing on.

  2. Rick Adam

    Rick Adam7 days ago

    +Michael Gabriel No it is based on man's ego!

  3. Rick Adam

    Rick Adam7 days ago

    See Doug Vogt at Diehold.com you will then have greater understanding of creation, remember God said let there be light! Light was the tool that God she/he used to create matter. The 12068 year clock cycle helps to calibrate time and the Creation Clock.

  4. AngryCatfish Briggs

    AngryCatfish Briggs9 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-W7xqsM3jjMs.html answers for those , unanswered questions

  5. Finns Mom

    Finns Mom10 days ago

    Wronger Wronger: LOL.....part of Moses problem getting to the “promised land”, soon to be taken by force from it”s founders, was that he was a man and men NEVER ask for directions!!! ROFL Oh, and there was also a rumour that one of the Jews had dropped a $.25 piece somewhere out there in all that sand. Hahaha

  6. Robert Dumicz

    Robert Dumicz26 days ago

    +Kevin S Nobody denies that the Bible was written down by hands of men, however, if someone calls you on the phone and tells you what to write down and you do, whom are those words then, yours..? No, those are the words of the one who called you, so the words in the Bible are the word of God, those words were inspired by God. So not that hand wich wrotes a book is the author, but the mind behind that hand. The evolutionism, big bang and the other theories were written by men but in contrast to those men´s theories, the Bible was inspired by God, otherwise those men who wrote the Bible, couldn´t know that the stars are as many as the sand on the beach, nor that they have different glory, nor that the earth is round and it hangs upon nothing, nor that the universe expands but God thru them even revealed the reason, God stretches out the heaven, wich stays written 14 or 17 times along the Genesis. So the truth from the Bible brought knowledge along the history, the problem was, as it still is today, that the people wouldn´t want to accept the truth written in the Bible, while men´s theories were discarded by the observational evidence one by one as the time got by, and the Bible stays firm on the pillars of the truth spoken by God. Any reasonable and honest person has to recognise that those are strong evidences for God and God´s inspiration, in honesty nobody can deny that. Furthemore you don´t even adress the evidence l provided to you about direct evidence and traces from God on earth so you are dishonest, you deny or deliberately overlook the evidence so you keep silent about what you don´t like and doesn´t fit your agenda. I asked you about several times already but no, not a word from your side... You can´t accept what you don´t like even if it is the truth. But even worse, you even lie pretending the truth would be the lie... This evil society twisted badly your conscience. The same way you don´t like God, He won´t like you either. Who can logicaly think and count the evidence as reason to belive, even better, anyone may read what l wrote, l don´t have to seek someone to preach to. That link is not stupid but a discussion among scientists about the evidence in the universe. You name rant exposing the truth... That again speaks a lot about your level of honesty. Forgive me for any pride of mine and the sadness l brought onto you.

  7. taketimeout2

    taketimeout210 hours ago

    Why does the bible not include some of our planets, didn't mention how vast things are or mention nothing about the microscopic world? Why does it claim a man walked on water? I agree the theories about the universe are faulty but they never say its fact, its theory, best guess so far. But the bible, koran or bhavagad gita are all, quite frankly, laughable too. The secular ones are theories, and can be improved upon, whereas the creation theory cannot. Which is just sad. Using press releases as the basis of your confirmation of proof that science is broken is a bit desperate.

  8. Sam k

    Sam k11 hours ago

    Over five minutes and twenty seconds and still talking about what we will see in this video.. and way passed you saying "so let's get started"... thats just too poor

  9. forrallofus plenty

    forrallofus plenty17 hours ago

    Tom Jackson... trigonometry told me the wobble of axis of "globe" earth (if you believe that sort of thing) is 66.6° textbooks will say it's 33.4° a quadrant of the 360° "globe" is 90° 90° minus 33.4° = 66.6° 66.6° is the angle


    MIRR0R0RRIM23 hours ago

    You were always a Christian. Stop lying.

  11. Dan Gunn

    Dan GunnDay ago

    We really don't know. Like it or not we are all agnostic. Here is what we do know. We murdered 60,000. women who we knew were witches because the bible said so. Then we discovered that there was no such thing as witches and never had been. Religion has caused many many deaths for no good reason. Morality and laws are good. Let's try not to kill each other while we learn what really is.

  12. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    @Daniel Skupien Agree with you that evolution is bunk, but go deeper! All this "planet" stuff is CGI and speculation. The Earth is flat and stationary, and the Bible says so.

  13. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    Watch this: Aethereal -- a documentary that exposes the occult roots of modern science. mreporter.net/v/video-ax6ytIWlIY4.html&t=17s

  14. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    "Quotes that tell us we have all been lied to" about science and cosmology, in particular... mreporter.net/v/video-_44v_gYmyEs.html

  15. Lon Brouse

    Lon BrouseDay ago

    This entire video appeals to non-scientist's "common sense." Until the scientific method of investigation developed, human "common sense" came up with a multitude of incorrect conclusions about how the universe works. Why would anyone want to regress in human knowledge and fall back on fallible "common sense." The presentation continuously appeal to the bible and even uses one of the ploys presented in the book. The serpent's question, "Hath God said . . .?", has been rewritten for the same undermining goal, "Hath science said. . . .?" This video also misconstrues the term "evolution" and is a string of outdated and misleading statements, all intended to discredit science in general. By constantly repeating "evolutionists can't explain. . . . ", is propaganda, also designed to attack science. The various fields of science are not nearly as clueless as is presented in this video. The term evolution, as used here, shows the expansion of the term to cover many step-wise natural process. The loose use of the term is used as a catchall to discredit a wide variety of scientific concepts. Unfortunately, videos like this have become a weapon to attack "science" in general and scientific education is suffering in the United States to support the belief in religions. Islam and Christianity suffer from this same flaw of attacking anything that challenges their philosophies. This is problematic for the future of our country. We are producing a young population of scientifically ignorant people. As a former teacher of HS and college science and mathematics, I am dismayed by this kind of science derailment, and so should you!

  16. I P

    I P2 days ago

    One of the more fascinating aspects of modern science is that it has abandoned the scientific method. Is this absurd? Obviously. Is this statement provable? Find some Rupert Sheldrake youtubes and judge for yourself. Or listen to an astrophysicist describe dark matter and dark energy without wondering what breed of dog ate his homework. The sham is wonderfully profitable, that cannot be debated. But apart from money, what is the motivation? You only have to read a few comments below to see that this same pseudoscience has a death-culture lining. Biological evolutionary theory, for instance, got its foothold to justify disguised forms of slavery (child labor, imperialism, etc) and is currently being used to muddy the reality of targeted genocide by abortion in the United States. In the 20th century, Godless Russia (USSR) and Red China killed more of their grown and ungrown citizens than all external enemies combined, in all of each's history (pardon the grammar). But newly Godless America is getting up there, according to some computations. People, we can't keep this shit up. I will agree to turn atheist if you will agree to stop killing babies.

  17. william pierantoni

    william pierantoni2 days ago

    The Bible, was a group of scrolls found in clay vessels of testimony of hearsay passed on by mouth hard-hearing speech impediments. Suspiciously in the same area packaged to be found. God does not bound by time so referral to days first second, third must mean steps. So-dam & Get-more of revealing Let that & more is 20 th century English . Can Beats Able in proceeding. out of Adam a rib means joke to rib & to go against is to usurpent not serpent.GOD IS A ROCK WE ARE EMANATIONS

  18. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    English much? Can't afford your syn-tax?

  19. william pierantoni

    william pierantoni2 days ago

    This show is to convince people space exploration is real. When the outer atmosphere is Nitrogen gas of about minus 200 deg. F. and space away from Earth is aprox. minus 600 deg.F. No material on Earth can handle that coldness. so space probes not possible & no moon trips. metals,fabrics,plastic,glass brittle & shatter. No superior tech. has conquered the depths of ocean or harshest of South Pole. Crystallization

  20. Lon Brouse

    Lon BrouseDay ago

    No temperature can be lower than Absolute Zero. That is 0 Kelvins, -273 deg. C, and -459 deg. F. A temperature of -600 deg. F is impossible. Please study some scientific literature before you post on a public site.

  21. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali3 days ago

    This vedio is a gem

  22. Bud Bradley

    Bud Bradley5 days ago

    He's quoting Corinthians lol From Paul who thought the world would end within his lifetime.... What he's not mentioning about mercury, is that it was much larger at one time and a planetesimal collision stripped away its mantle. He doesn't offer any proof that mercury is younger than thought. I have no desire to watch anymore of this nonsense. Bring facts or bring nothing....

  23. M Cast

    M Cast5 days ago

    You are a brainwashed moron. Hope God cures you of that one day!

  24. Kory D

    Kory D5 days ago

    what a bunch of bullshit

  25. Brian Mackey

    Brian Mackey6 days ago

    A fourth grader should be able to fill out and receive tax-free status for a devised religion. End the monopoly.

  26. Judd Biggs

    Judd Biggs7 days ago

    It hurts to watch this video. Its premise is false that there cannot be both creation and evolution. Evolution is just change. The question is what occurs naturally from consequences and what does not. If all existence was God created, God could certainly have created evolution. I cannot watch a video that appears to start so stupid and illogical, it hurts the brain.

  27. Larry Parks

    Larry Parks7 days ago

    Sorry, space is fake. The Earth is flat.

  28. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago


  29. Rick Adam

    Rick Adam7 days ago

    Maybe the dynamo effect comes from a conductor [the planet] moving through space there are many reasonable schemes that can create the magnetic field if you allow your mind free to utilize your creative imagination which education seeks to destroy.

  30. bill

    bill7 days ago

    Anyone who claims to be a scientist or claims they use scientific reasoning and rules out the possibility of the supernatural realm, their objectivity must come into question by the scientific community. Evolution offers no concrete explanations on the origins of man and the universe. The Biblical account of Creation is not proveable either. No one can offer any tangible scientific observable evidence for these things. It is all theory. Theory is not science. I deduce that we will find these answers when we die, that is one sure thing we all can count on. Man trying to explain the origins of the Universe as vast and incomprehensible as it is seems ridiculous. Take note of one thing, The root definition of the word "Universe" means single spoken sentence.

  31. Shawn Warn

    Shawn Warn7 days ago

    i seen 5 min and was enuf of his bullshit for me...god created everything about 6000 years ago...thats awfully funny,... then who the hell created all the dead indians that have been discovered in BC that are 10,000 and 15,000 years old? enuf said!!

  32. Bill Kitchen

    Bill Kitchen8 days ago

    If there is a God why does he allow evil? He could have killed Hitler at birth or any other time but instead chose to allow millions to be killed in war. He supposedly destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah so why can't he tackle evil now? Is he dead? He must be an evil sadistic God if he exists.

  33. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    A God who prevents all evil would have to prevent free will entirely. Instead He loves us and gives us freedom. Evil is our choice.

  34. Bill Kitchen

    Bill Kitchen8 days ago

    Perhaps I should say god, not God.

  35. Carol Lewis

    Carol Lewis8 days ago

    Psalm 53:1. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

  36. Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad

    Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad8 days ago

    You cannot “prove” anything about God. That is why it’s called faith........”belief in that which we cannot see”. Christians have nothing to prove to the rank unbelievers. I can guarantee you one thing for sure, they can twist and turn their universal model any which way they want, they will never prove what caused The Big Bang. We know who done it.......God:)

  37. Chris Manzi

    Chris Manzi9 days ago

    There's countless proof that Christianity is only a story, but you can have the facts fall out of the sky and land on a Christian's face and they still won't accept it, You can sell people crap and make them eat it

  38. Heresy Smith

    Heresy Smith3 days ago

    Ibuprophen is made from ecoli in Human poop (several drugs are made that way). You've eaten poop and were grateful to have it. There are Christians who have had interactions with GOD. Your only interaction is going to be punishment. Your stupidity shows that your punishment has already begun.


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

    To choose to believe or believe in anything, you have to first not know that it is true, the exact opposite of what a real truth seeker does and if you choose to believe /believe in Science Theory, you're just as idiotic as the idiots who believe that magic sticks can turn into magic stick snakes on command by design.


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

    What funds the Science Theory morons?


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

    You then have Science Theorists as your Gods by design you fucking morons, in addition to having Policy Enforcers and Policy Readers as your Legal Gods right along with also having the same exact Actual and not real God /Government these Holy Roman Lifelong Debt Contract Scam Bible worshiping imbecile purely programmed Contracted Vatican Debt Slave Constitutors have been totally brainwashed to have and worship for life by design.


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

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  43. Heresy Smith

    Heresy Smith3 days ago

    Does that card come with an Amazon discount, by any chance? Where do you apply for it? I don't want one, but I often wonder where people come up with these ideas. What church do you go to for this information?


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago



    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

    Here's the good news, we are all only here to survive until we are dead and everyone who has ever lived, every thing that has ever lived, is 100% successful at it the entire time !


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

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    VERBALMILITIA2 days ago

    You're a complete retard anti truth teller for life and it already completely shows. Get the fuck out of my replies stupid. There's no freedom fungus allowed here.

  48. Heresy Smith

    Heresy Smith3 days ago

    Right. "Da joos?"


    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

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    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

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    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

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    VERBALMILITIA9 days ago

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  53. David Maximo

    David Maximo9 days ago

    I am person of faith,. I also believe in evolution I believe the bible does very well explaining universe and earths creation for being a 3500yr old written from stories passed on from 1000 yrs before that. The people just left the stone age into early bronze. All were illiterate and few could count beyond 10. No calendars beyond seasons. To teach big bang, special relativity, chemistry and biology to bronze age people would be waste of time. Bible should be interpreted on that basis not taken literally. The bible is collection of stories not to explain all but to understand what it is to be human and live our lives how god wants us to live. I am also an astrophysicist. For those serious about learning how there is mathematical proof intelligent design I will try to help, just ask. But... I can not believe Dan has any degree in astronomy. If he did he would know the early solar disc has mass and with that mass has gravity. The. center of a local group of mass will carry all the gravity of the mass square root to distance If the sun was a whirlpool the discs gravity will create eddys (small wirlpools) that created our planets I could break down point by point dans arguments but will not Dan is missing biggest point of all. He is taking a book written by men over the universe and life written by god God made and works miracles through physics, not in spite of it

  54. David Maximo

    David Maximo10 hours ago

    +amybee40 Hebrews adopted greek numerical system that had numerical values for letters that were added together, they had no zero therefore no ten Apparently you are incapable of comprehending significance of zero which means explaining mathematics to 6th grade level scholar is a waste of my time. you should slap your teachers even if you don't know why... They failed with you

  55. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    David Maximo The Hebrew number system predates all that and uses the same characters as its alphabet. People could count to 10 way before the Arabs devise a particular symbology. You are full of bias and arrogance as peviously stared. Thanks for proving it!

  56. David Maximo

    David MaximoDay ago

    +amybee40 Hindu-Arabic numeral system was invented by two Indian mathematicians; Aryabhata , who invented 1-10 in the 5th century AD. Zero wasn't added for another 100 yrs by Brahmagupta. The symbols 1,2,3,4 ect are of Arabic notation after Islamic expansion post 600AD. furthermore standardized units of measurements wasnt established until 1824 when number of countries accepted the revised imperical system. Metric system using decimals was invented by french in 1799 but not internationally adopted until was revised in 1960. Before accusing one of arrogance you should check your own ignorance. As for accusation of bigotry ... pathetic attempt of intersectionality in attempt to silence by holding higher moral ground. Identity politics political correctness was devised 1930s by members of Frankfurt School by group of Marxists who wanted to destroy free societies and replace with socialism, As Karl Marx prediction of a peasant revolution didnt occur because the masses were prospering with better living they devised long term means and goals to destroy them socially and culturally. I would like to add the Frankfurt school was moved to Cambridge campus in 1927 because they were fleeing from other Marxist regimes notably Leninist, Soviets and German worker socialists otherwise known as NAZI's as well as Italian socialist party known as fascists. So without any mention of me of any race you invoke accusation of bigotry in support of an ideology that has horrifically failed in every attempt but had been behind murder of 220 million people Go screw yourself dumbass

  57. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    Your arrogance and bigotry are astounding. The people who built the pyramids could not count past ten? Are you serious????

  58. John Brown

    John Brown9 days ago

    Personally, I don't discredit the existence of God, and as many understand, there is no proof that evolution isn't the method of God's creation. However, pointing out that things that cannot be proven currently, or that any theory that cannot be proven doesn't prove or disprove the actions of God. I have seen several of these videos, and they claim that any details that support their theory is true, and anything that may cause doubt should be overlooked. We can live here, so creation is true, couldn't be that we have adapted to the conditions that exist on the planet we evolved on

  59. shannon dove

    shannon dove9 days ago

    I like the video except,...the part where you think people have walked on the moon, you lost a lot a credability by talking as though people on the moon is a fact.

  60. Jake Brown

    Jake Brown9 days ago

    I believe that the universe has been designed. Our cerebral capacity couldn't even fathom the force that created it. Not "GOD", "spirit" nor anything that our vocabulary has developed. I believe that this level of existence is only one part of something much grander and complex that our consciousness is connected to. No religion or scientism mustered up by man, with its derogatory and fanatical ways will ever explain the true purpose of these given senses of life when we are told that we are an accident by science. Moreover the thought of being created so the creator or as we put it "GOD" can be worshipped for it sounds like a very selfish egotistical human trait of the universes "creator". However, religious practices require as such. Control and repression, so the old ways of man can still make some feel power and benefit.

  61. John Bossley

    John Bossley9 days ago

    another total fuckwit

  62. Manila Bry

    Manila Bry10 days ago

    I dont care what any Evolutionist say, what they believe goes against the same science that they try to use to support their theories...

  63. Rich Johnson

    Rich Johnson11 days ago

    update needed as we now have much better images of Pluto

  64. amybee40

    amybee40Day ago

    Like the one with Pluto the Dog's face on it? LOL

  65. Aquilla Fleetwood

    Aquilla Fleetwood11 days ago

    Genesis 1: 14...the stars shall be for signs... Psalms 19: 1...the Heavens Declare the Glory of God... Psalms 75: 6...exaltation comes from God out of the north.... Romans 1: 20...the attributes of God are clearly seen by the things that are made.... A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS

  66. hjalmar poelzig

    hjalmar poelzig9 days ago

    Aquilla Fleetwood Bible writers thought that there are "signs" in the stars-- that's astrology and it is only for dummies.

  67. Aquilla Fleetwood

    Aquilla Fleetwood11 days ago

    WHAT YOU AREN'T BEING TOLD ABOUT ASTRONOMY Google, the Northern Cross, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube! Google, Night Signs, by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube! ZAYIN......The Word of God HEY+YOOD=..."My Mountain (Kingdom) BET= [is]...in ALEPH+SHIN+DALET+TAU= [a]...fiery law VAV=...and CHET+GIMEL+TOV=... Holy Festivals."

  68. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt12 days ago

    It's all fake! Period! Get over it! Do your own research. NASA lies! The church lies! ITS ALL FUCKING LIES!

  69. Amber Vlogs

    Amber Vlogs12 days ago

    For all who believe this video is not true and reject God unfortunately for people like yourself maybe when you realize he was telling the truth maybe when you meet your creator and it will be to late and you will be separated from God forever to eternal suffering I pray that you will become a believer before that happens for all who don't believe in Jesus

  70. relentlessmadman

    relentlessmadman3 days ago

    It is much easier to maintain control of the population if they believe, god vindictively enforces the rules of the road.. Also creates the I'm saved and your not, attitude> and Makes it easier to Ignore the admonition to love your enemies. and the scripture that states God hates violence. The scariest thing in the world is the true believer that believes he gets to be judge jury and executioner of the wicked!!

  71. Zeph Smith

    Zeph Smith3 days ago

    Why do you think it would matter to the Creator of this magnficent universe whether or not individual puny humans "believe this video"? And that he would punish their non-belief through eternal suffering, as a just and proportionate punishment? That's way worse than burning people alive for a simple parking violation (since the burning is soon over at least). That would be a kind of sick concept of divine justice and mercy for a no-victim crime of disbelief. By some exceedingly odd coincidence, it does fit in well with the patriarchal Jewish culture in which certain humans wrote down what they believed God wanted them to preach thousands of years ago. We are asked to believe that the ancient scribes transmitted God's word accurately without any of their own coloring, AND that it was pure concidence that His word just happened to be entirely consistent with their existing culture at the time - that his Commandments just happened to accord with their culture.

  72. relentlessmadman

    relentlessmadman4 days ago

    your supposed to pray for the foolish for it is useless to argue with them


    BOB SMALLWOOD9 days ago


  74. Jerie QUINTY

    Jerie QUINTY13 days ago

    Our “Solar System.” Please explain a Sun Centric solar system vs an Earth Centric system. I can’t even take you serious.

  75. Wubba lubba dub dub

    Wubba lubba dub dub13 days ago

    He says the Earth's orbit is nice and circular, but that's not the case, the Earth's orbit is an ellipse not a very huge one, but an ellipse all the same, the average distance the Earth orbits the Sun is 93 million miles, at times it's as close as 91.5 million-mile give or take, but then as far away as 94 million miles. The earth can survive as can we a lot more change then creationist give us credit for, I've heard some dumbasses say that if the Earth was a mile closer to the Sun or a mile farther away we would all die Isn't Our God great? NO, they're just stupid, we could also live if we had 30 hour days and 30-hour nights.

  76. forrallofus plenty

    forrallofus plenty13 days ago

    too many 666's in the ball model: like the tilt of axis is 66.6° DECEPTION

  77. tom jackson

    tom jacksonDay ago

    Who told you that the tilt of the axis is 66.6 degrees?

  78. forrallofus plenty

    forrallofus plenty13 days ago

    we live in a bio-DOME

  79. zellerized

    zellerized14 days ago

    This comment has been left by an evolutionist, a super bright person who claims everything happened by random chance processes and is themselves the product of random chance including the brain, which happens to produce thoughts that are.... You guessed it, the product of random chance.. and thus you are crazy not to believe the obvious things I'm saying. Everyone knows what I say is true. Nothing I say is based on the non-material laws of logic. Afterall, I'm a materialist.. but I claim the ability to use those laws, child. Shall I go on? You enjoy fairytales dont you? You believe me right, and have every reason to. I'm the product of chance and chance is is the core of repeatable science!! Dumb ass, if you want to know confusion just follow me on twitter.

  80. Adam84

    Adam8414 days ago

    Can't take you seriously when you use "evolutionist" in the context of cosmology.

  81. SuperStuey2

    SuperStuey214 days ago

    At 10:23 pause, enlarge. Those 4 holes? Sure seems strange all 4 look the same and the 3 smaller ones? They don't look natural to me.

  82. Mole Nz

    Mole Nz14 days ago

    Crazy ideas these creationists have. Radiocarbon dating disproves your approximate 6000 year age of the heavens and the earth. Attempts to debunk radiocarbon dating by creationists also fail as explained here, ncse.com/cej/3/2/answers-to-creationist-attacks-carbon-14-dating

  83. Jeff Ahlers

    Jeff Ahlers14 days ago

    You aren't being told this about astronomy because its wrong. DERP

  84. Skibum Wannabe

    Skibum Wannabe15 days ago

    They're not impact craters, unless they all hit vertically. More likely to be electrical discharge. Check out the thunderbolt project

  85. Martin Skrzypek

    Martin Skrzypek16 days ago

    Are you Joking ? This guy is parroting lies from nasa and I think He really believes all of this crap. OR he is part of them.....maybe he is a 33 degree mason. I cant watch this anymore. I woke up when I realized water can't curve on a ball. The Devil or Satan or Illuminati.....Owns this earth and has deceived the whole world. Try to figure out for yourself how to wake up! The world is in a trance. m

  86. Duderama 67

    Duderama 6716 days ago

    The Ancient Migrating Asteroid Impact Theory seems like a convenient Deus Ex Machina. Aren't you engaging in the same reductionist logic by shoehorning everything that you can't explain into the Creationist Theory? P.S.ssst, I have 3 words for you: Electric Universe Theory, fix you right up.

  87. Robert Mershant

    Robert Mershant16 days ago

    heres the thing, if you go to science to learn about the world, then you learn how to fly several ton chunks of metal through the fucking clouds. you can have a face to face conversation with somebody on the other side of the planet. you can even fight cancer. even cancer in babies. you know, the babies that god gave cancer, because eve was being naughty. if you go to religion to learn about the world...you dont get anywhere. then every question about nature turns into a frickin philosophical exercise. "oh, baby got born with cancer cause...its beyond me but surely, god knows". if you want to heal the cancer, go to a hospital, cause you know, science actually works. then if you want, go to church after and pray that people that are smarter then you are competent enough with science to heal your baby.

  88. Matt

    Matt16 days ago

    This is good, but what you're missing is the electric universe model. It explains "all" of this.

  89. mental bob

    mental bob17 days ago

    your full of shit please take your lies off MReporter. your taking info from science channel not cool

  90. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith17 days ago

    more God shit ffs I searched for astronomy not religion!

  91. Kevin Wirth

    Kevin Wirth17 days ago

    One commentator, representing similar attitudes of several other respondents here, says "This video is full of logical fallacies, unsubstantiated assertions, semantics, and psychological tricks, to cater to an audience that is not scientifically educated enough to notice that.." LOL, the sad part is, this is exactly how I have come to view proponents of evolution. Only they are supposed to know better. They package and nuance their theory with words like "is thought to be," "likely evolved," "is believed to have occurred," and so on ad nauseum. Such commentary is then promoted as evidence: for evolution. What a total joke. Many critics of the creation worldview reveal their scoffaholic attitude and say stuff like "'Science doesn't have all the right answers yet, therefore god.'" But its just as accurate to turn that around and say "'Science doesn't have all the right answers yet, therefore evolution." Science only PRETENDS to know that evolution is as reliable as gravity, but the only thing it knows really well is how to market a failed concept to a society full of true believers who wouldn't give a second thought to the possibility that evolution just might possibly be flawed.

  92. jerry pfaff

    jerry pfaff18 days ago

    GOD created adam and eve 6000 years, the genealogy of adam is 6000 years. no where in scripture does it say the earth was created 6000 years ago.

  93. jerry pfaff

    jerry pfaff18 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-qWBB6Lz6vj.html the gap theory Genesis #1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and earth, :2 and the earth was without form and darkness was upon the face of the face of the deep. how can the earth go from a place of complete perfection to a state of being without form and void without something happening inbetween. i encourage you to watch the video i sent it will explain this further

  94. redic

    redic18 days ago

    Breathtaking nonsense. It always amazes me how blind bible nuts are when science is put before them. The God of the unknowns always wins out for them. Very sad.

  95. tommy sport

    tommy sport18 days ago

    LOVE IT,,,want to know more about PRIME CREATOR,,,and the man who created the milky way galaxy,,,,go to,,, zorra of hollow earth.com best wishes,,,and thankyou sir.

  96. Viveka Borkland

    Viveka Borkland18 days ago

    ya know what ,,,, a man ejaculates into a womans vagina and and and a baby comes out in nine months...... creation and evolution. not a discussion.... the creator can do hwat ever.... can you tell forth the mazeroth!!!

  97. Juan Cuadra

    Juan Cuadra18 days ago

    Why you decided to jump far away from facts, to degenerate into a such small creature, twisted and misinformed?

  98. Saz Zas

    Saz Zas20 days ago

    You nincompoop!

  99. Kirk Doak

    Kirk Doak21 day ago

    So much cgi. Cool video game for sure. Flat!----------' local stars and ...

  100. frank mc cann

    frank mc cann22 days ago

    ah there aint no life nowhere

  101. cora lackey

    cora lackey23 days ago

    The whole Darwin theory is wrong, if we evolved from Apes then why are there still Apes????

  102. cora lackey

    cora lackey23 days ago

    The whole Darwin theory is wrong, if we evolved from Apes then why are there still Apes????

  103. cora lackey

    cora lackey23 days ago

    The whole Darwin theory is wrong, if we evolved from Apes then why are there still Apes????

  104. wong

    wong23 days ago

    "How about the people who wrote the Gospels who were eye witnesses to the Biblical Jesus? " There were none were there, so why are you lying? And it is not irrelevant is it, it is extremely relevant, especially given your belief "I choose to believe the Bible because it's a reliable collection of historical documents, written by eyewitnesses". Which you know is a lie, don't you. Who were the eyewitnesses of your mythical creation? The mythical flood etc. None, obviously. So you are a blatant liar, aren't you. Why do you lie to yourself Daniel? Why? "modern day Christian studies theology" What exactly do you consider modern day? As for the lying Dr. Jason Lisle - Jason Lisle - creationist (astrophysicist) debunked mreporter.net/v/video-II3XnsYA3c4.html I think I'll stick to real science and honesty, thank you all the same. "I take your claim of having studied out theology with a high degree of skepticism." Poor Ickle Wickle Danny, the lying , gullible fool believes he is a skeptic because he disagrees with the truth.

  105. TheAcceber1

    TheAcceber124 days ago

    Just make some more theories for your surprise findings that dont fit previous theories. Astronomers have a permanent surprise face. Hahah

  106. Tracy Rosellini

    Tracy Rosellini24 days ago

    I have a hard time believing that to rocks banging together become one rock.

  107. hjalmar poelzig

    hjalmar poelzig20 days ago

    Tracy Rosellini Gravity holds rocks together is space, especially when an impact melts them.

  108. Tracy Rosellini

    Tracy Rosellini20 days ago

    hjalmar poelzig ..... rocks break apart when they're smashed together. Rocks colliding at high-speed shatter into millions of smaller pieces, not merge into one piece

  109. hjalmar poelzig

    hjalmar poelzig23 days ago

    many rocks impacting one another at high speeds will be smashed together, melt and become one rock under the influence of gravity, that isn't hard to understand.

  110. Larry MacDonald

    Larry MacDonald24 days ago

    The Law of One by Ra. Explains most of this, how and why it was created, how it functions and where it is going......

  111. John Keen

    John Keen24 days ago

    Creationists are hear no evil idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Damn bible is not written by any god and it's not a science book. It's a travesty to teach children this total medieval superstition as fact.

  112. michael3112 prochnau

    michael3112 prochnau25 days ago

    It just amazes me that a full grown educated man can believe so strongly in a deity making the universe. Then I thought this guy has to be an amerycan and sure enough first thing he says is he worked for nasa . One huge bunch of liars on the government payroll. So I am not at all suprized this stupid fool is so confused that he is willing to embarrass himself and his country. Religious zealots please go stand over there in the corner with the flat earthers.

  113. Jumor Jetseter

    Jumor Jetseter25 days ago

    Some religious scholars say the Bible is no different than a Legend and can be rewritten in rhymed poetry ??

  114. Ted's Build Tech

    Ted's Build Tech25 days ago

    The fact that this young fellow omits facts, or flat-out lies about other scientifically proven facts is appalling. From the beginning of this presentation to the end is wrong on every, (yep, every) count. What really surprised me, is that the presentation is wrong on all counts and subjects for one reason or another; whether it be by omission of scientific truth or fact, or flat out mis-statement of of scientifically proven parameters. You won't find God here. Only a charlatan selling his "elixir" out of his carriage. Sad.

  115. Robbie McGill

    Robbie McGill26 days ago

    you are a complete nutcase and need psychiatric help

  116. Denny Ramsey

    Denny Ramsey26 days ago

    To us, 360 days in a year,, but to god a year could mean something much different,, after all he did create this universe thats who knows how many human light years across, yet thats not far to god...we think as humans we are smarter than we are..those that dont bealieve im god,, dont even worrie about it because you know everything right??? Better get a nice big understanding of hell and learn where the shade trees are..you know everything about the universe, so hell should be no problem for ya to figure out

  117. Denny Ramsey

    Denny Ramsey21 day ago

    +hjalmar poelzig as far as us traveling out there in space,, sir unless we are sending a better telescope out there it's a huge waste of money and time to send humans to try to travel in space,, we are nothing more than earthlings and thats the only place we can survive..we should for certain learn how to harvest and use the abundance of fuel from big ass gas planets thats here in our reach but lack of know how...its a worthless idea to want to even think about traveling on out there,, to where would anyone want to travel to??? Hell we have a damn satellite thats been travelling faster than any rifle bullet since the 70s and it hasnt made it to our solar systems edge yet,, from what i understand it still has another 30 years or so before it gets there,, if a small rock fragment dont hit it and blow it to pieces,, we got less than a zero percent chance of making it anywhere out there....sorry, but we are stuck right here where we belong...

  118. Denny Ramsey

    Denny Ramsey21 day ago

    +hjalmar poelzig i agree that we have not been visited, as a Christian and one the absolutely bealieves in god,, i bealieve that we are it,, i bealieve that it would be so foolish to bealieve that there isnt other life such as bacteria or vegetation of some kind out there somewhere, i cannot dream of speaking for GOD, but i know we humans were made as is by God and not some stupid monkey evolution bullcrap,, he made humans, adam and eav,, not monk and chimp to transform,, some humans aren't intelligent life, such as evolutionists, idiots, enough said about those fools,, god made us humans and we as Christians know that after GOD destroys this planet by fire and brimstone that he will make the earth again perfect and be heaven for us forevermore,, and then and only then will we learn the facts of the universe and then and only then shall we have the capacity to grasp the answers of how huge the universe really is...but the way the planet is as far as like the ice is melting at our poles and earthquakes and huge storms anymore, id say we wont last any tens of thousands of years brother, mabey another thousand at best before our rock self destructs..who knows how long it can last but we are it for so called intelligent life..

  119. hjalmar poelzig

    hjalmar poelzig22 days ago

    Denny Ramsey We currently don't know how common life is in our galaxy, but if life developed on earth it could have developed elsewhere. It may be rare or common, but intelligent life is rare even on earth, humans have existed for only a few hundred thousand years out of the 4.5 billion year history of this planet. An alien species might be so different from us that we would not even recognise their form of intelligence. If our civilization continues to thrive for tens of thousands of years we will be exploring extrasolar planets. Tales of aliens visiting earth in spaceships are just fantasy, not science.

  120. Denny Ramsey

    Denny Ramsey22 days ago

    +hjalmar poelzig rather than try to just throw insults at you ill say, that i wish there was some other life way out there that we could communicate with but never be able to reach,, hell we fight each other bad enough on this rock, so i sure dont want war with a potentially way more intelligent adversary...i use to look up thru my telescope in winter nights and wonder as a teen and twenties if there were something or someone else out there,, here i am 42 now and there has never been anyone yet,,if there were even a fraction of the claims each year true, out of that fraction they would have made for and audience or why else visit so many times,, people arent very smart for the most part of the claims and the others really bealieve they saw something,, as for them they should have been rational rather than radical in the telling of what they think it was, but after the alien watching radicals get there talons sank into them, well rationalizing things gets thrown out the window.....sir there is so much more proof out there that says aliens don't exist,, where none, not one thing exists that shows otherwise..no bodys, no ships, nothing sir,, the only thing in area 51 is a lot of good laughter and jokes made at the fools bealievebelieving they hold anything or ever held anything alien there...its bad that so many want to bealieve so badly that some fuck up what could have been a great astronomy career on looking for aliens that dont exist....a few of these folks are wasting away a great mind on nothing, when its badly needed other space related assignments thats real...use that mind to go mine a real alien, there is so many floating around up there worth hundreds of trillions of dollars or any other moneys, its real aliens folks.. sorrry no alien people other than the aliens trying to invade my country daily, go catch them, shoot them if ya can.

  121. Denny Ramsey

    Denny Ramsey22 days ago

    +hjalmar poelzig i do agree with you about the god part,, but we were talking about aliens i think,, it would take an absolute monster of a vehicle, something out of only our imagination, a vessel or vessels in the size of say, a football stadium to house a lot of aliens, enough to keep populating it over and over, plus hold enough food and water to live,, no matter what, it would have to be huge and be able to move at unimaginable speeds,, something that large would be seen if they visited us and more than some bullshit blurry video like all the ones ever taken,, aliens arent any different than the bigfoot bullshit,, someone would have for a fact shot and showed proof before now, even aliens walkin around would have eatin a bullet by now,, i guarantee you bealieve in Bigfoot aswell dont you??? You bealieve in idea's,, basically you hope its real and ya let it cloud youre brain so much you stop being rational...i along with the other non believers have wat more proof or lack of,, that there is no aliens out there and certainly no freaking Bigfoot..to be fair, you never said there was a bigfoot,, that was me,, you are a type of person that bealieves in crazy things is why i said it...no aliens sir,, and no proof, nor will there ever be.....sorry.

  122. Denny Ramsey

    Denny Ramsey26 days ago

    I believe in jesus Christ,, i bealieve he Gave us this big universe just to give us something to marvel at,, but we got people that is to arrogant, they think they and there understanding of it is more than it really is...science and god can coexist you fools.

  123. Lynn Phipps

    Lynn Phipps26 days ago

    The Bible does not mention any planets or asteroids as such. Only the earth, firmament, sun, moon and stars. Also, in Revelation something like a "Mountain" crashes into the sea. A piece of the firmament? An asteroid maybe? The Earth is a plane not a planet, the Sun and Moon are "luminaries" not "bodies". For a "creationist" you're not very well informed.

  124. George Worthmore

    George Worthmore26 days ago

    you're a moron

  125. Jesse Griffin

    Jesse Griffin27 days ago

    You know-the only problem with this is that people believe this 💩. I think it's safe to say -- hey all you fucking idiots the earth is certainly more older then 6000 years. From that vantage it's really very simple to figure things out. But not when your being dumb. Ok

  126. Mike James

    Mike James27 days ago

    To a certain extent, no matter HOW old THINGS are, “time,” or our recorded history, that which actually concerns us and measures motion of these heavenly objects IS about 6,500 years long. That’s absolutely true. The history of Our God IS 6,500 years old, and THAT is all that should matter since science and religion will and have always been completely and mutually exclusive.

  127. Kevin Hosking

    Kevin Hosking27 days ago

    honestly does the solar system look like it is created, how is it that there are massive amounts of left over materials from the beginning of the solar system, material that can and does impact with earth with catastrophic consequences

  128. BunnySMG

    BunnySMG28 days ago

    I am loving this. A full two hours of false dichotomy. And the funniest thing about it is it's not even the old` "if they're wrong we're right" flavor it's "if they admit they aren't 100% sure of something we're right". Reality check time, buddy, it's the very nature of the scientific method to suggest possibilities to explain an unknown then adjust when given new data. Only when the evidence becomes overwhelming in favor of a given conclusion does it get the stamp of approval.

  129. honey bear

    honey bear28 days ago

    I have an idea when the scientists discover a planet that is 100% all water we will build a couple spaceships and load up all the atheist on it and send them home I'm eating popcorn and watching a movie 😋

  130. honey bear

    honey bear28 days ago

    And here's a tip for you do you ever think the reason why God doesn't give you all the answers ? Maybe because knowing some of those answers may be misleading and direct you in the wrong way and harm you. Trust in the Lord he knows what he's doing

  131. honey bear

    honey bear28 days ago

    DC scientist they're smart they realize that's the only thing that fits and works there has to be a creator I'm eating Darwin's theory has been proven wrong time and time again brain expansion.not to mention I still see monkeys and apes on the planet everything else that was evolved has been extinct.hummm...

  132. wong

    wong28 days ago


  133. black dog

    black dog29 days ago

    Don't waste your time watching this dangerous liar. A creationist that thinks the solar system formed in 6000 years. A bible basher spreading his propaganda disguised as a documentary, everything that's wrong with youtube.

  134. Ugnė Baronaitė

    Ugnė BaronaitėMonth ago

    Egocentricity and ignorance strikes again!

  135. Krystallen

    KrystallenMonth ago

    How can a person who can read and write, not understand a single word which they read? This person does not seam to be suffering of a brain damage of some sort, that blocks his ability to understand what words means. Like being incapable of telling the difference between imagination and reality. Brain damaged people can not see the difference, which isn't their fault, but completely proven why. Can anyone of our american brothers and sisters, explain to this swede, how a person, like this man, not understand the difference between in his imagination and science FACTS?

  136. Mick Ronson

    Mick RonsonMonth ago

    Is this guy Paul Mcartney.

  137. Andre Voyt

    Andre VoytMonth ago

    Hej Skupien, popracuj nad swoim zdrowiem bo o rozum modlic sie jest juz za pozno dla ciebie, sorry