What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin5 months ago

    Ronbus says hello, actually, he just did this cool head nod thing and then faded away! I think Triangle Bob is getting jealous. Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more?: mreporter.net/v/video-8oLhvD9mNso.html

  2. Kong Thornton

    Kong Thornton28 days ago

    Life Noggin wh'ere all clones

  3. IceBall Central

    IceBall CentralMonth ago

    Life Noggin it is possible but it’s illegal in the US to clone a human

  4. Mikurri AJ

    Mikurri AJMonth ago

    I thought it was Rhombus lol

  5. big boi

    big boi3 months ago

    Life Noggin it means he’ll have 4.6M subs in total combined with his clone

  6. miss wolfywolf

    miss wolfywolf3 months ago

    Life Noggin hi

  7. Jerry D

    Jerry D9 hours ago

    Who else searched this up because of Kodak black

  8. Eza Tastic

    Eza Tastic3 days ago

    Theres one thing certain, you wont be alone :D

  9. Uncle Chris

    Uncle Chris5 days ago

    If i fucked my clone would it be incest? Lmao

  10. Karen aka sapphire fan Miller

    Karen aka sapphire fan Miller7 days ago

    I ask my mom did we evolved form apes ???? She said no and I wanted to ask u is that true??????

  11. Forever_ Blonde

    Forever_ Blonde7 days ago

    What if they put the egg into a pregnant mother and she gave birth to two identical twins. And they grew up together. Would that work?

  12. Dr Nitesh

    Dr Nitesh7 days ago

    That gonna be trouble for the clone not me

  13. I AM A ROCK

    I AM A ROCK9 days ago

    We can make armies and send them off to war like in star wars!

  14. Mewni the cute hetalian Russia fangirl Hetalia X3

    Mewni the cute hetalian Russia fangirl Hetalia X39 days ago

    What it feels like to clone yourself bit your other clone is the genderbend of you then fall in love? It's not incest?

  15. Ava L

    Ava L13 days ago

    Guys, guys, if you were to clone someone the clone would be unique, like you and me. I mean the *LOOKS* may be the same, but the clone would be a completely different person, completely different personality, and completely different likes and dislikes than the original one. So it's not really worth it unless we were to bring back the population if we somehow became endangered. That's my opinion. *Just say'in.* 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Barry Hankins

    Barry Hankins13 days ago

    Um no 3:12

  17. Barry Hankins

    Barry Hankins13 days ago

    Becuse they will be useless

  18. dan Awesome films

    dan Awesome films15 days ago

    is anyone here from fox goodmans video

  19. nick_nathas

    nick_nathas15 days ago

    When we talk about cloning we mean an exact copy of out self including MEMORIES .wtf? ??!!! Are you talking abou?!

  20. [Memes] BigBlueTiger

    [Memes] BigBlueTiger16 days ago

    This is a F from Skeppy: 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵

  21. Slimey Stuff

    Slimey Stuff17 days ago

    I don't wanna clone myself anymore. An older sister is as close as I'll get to a twin.

  22. Frankie Jones

    Frankie Jones18 days ago

    Guy we have brought back a extinct animal the Iberian ibex


    AVAKIN MAJISTY19 days ago

    I might sound real stupid asking this but if the first clone dies can you like 😂😂 transfer *pfffff* to the oTheR oNe😂

  24. tellmo25

    tellmo2520 days ago

    No cloning for me cuz you only live once. YOLO!

  25. Jay Matthews

    Jay Matthews23 days ago

    If I had a clone that was... like, just another me, then yeah. We could get SO much stuff done. Like, SO much. Now, a somatic clone like in the video... ehhhh, something about that seems ethically dubious.

  26. joshua games 4076

    joshua games 407623 days ago

    I never want to clone my self

  27. Mr. Jupiter

    Mr. Jupiter24 days ago

    Do a Video of how long is the great wall of China!!🤪😁😆😆🤓😜😜🤣🙃😛😅🤣🙃

  28. Awesome Josh studio

    Awesome Josh studio25 days ago


  29. B Cardi

    B Cardi25 days ago

    And here i am wondering how it works

  30. DogeisCut

    DogeisCut26 days ago

    my thought is converting sperm into egg or the other way around then putting it in

  31. Simon Liao

    Simon Liao26 days ago

    Just go to the Ninja Academy like everyone else

  32. Maya# Cøökîę

    Maya# Cøökîę26 days ago

    Well it's not a clone if it doesn't look or have the same personality as Me Like srsly

  33. Solesteam

    Solesteam28 days ago

    My imagination was right! About 50% of my imaginary clones are evil thankfully they dont apear in my dreams or they wpuld affect more than imaginary me

  34. Ivan Matias

    Ivan Matias28 days ago

    We could make a clone army...

  35. Christian Reptilian

    Christian Reptilian29 days ago

    I knew a hermaphrodite who self-impregnated and had a mini-me clone baby.

  36. 13ata55

    13ata55Month ago

    Self zucc

  37. crimson vanson

    crimson vansonMonth ago

    you can clone anader won

  38. David Castro

    David CastroMonth ago

    I would like to have a clone who has a connection to my brain, so I can control my clone. Like my clone goes to school and I play games. So it's like I would learn new lessons while I play computer games. XD

  39. MinnTee`s

    MinnTee`sMonth ago

    Wala I get 20 best friends only gets 15 best friends



    Is it possible to clone yourself as your own age, having your brain therefore having all of your experiences in that brain, and to look exactly like you? Basically a complete copy of you.

  41. Stuart D

    Stuart DMonth ago

    This looks like star wars

  42. badboymarshall

    badboymarshallMonth ago

    If you think no human has been cloned yet then you probably believe still that trump isn't president

  43. Henry Louis21

    Henry Louis21Month ago

    If we could clone humans then we could clone a human with animalistic powers, like creating a cloned human with abilities from other animals

  44. Wolfbat 10

    Wolfbat 10Month ago

    Jurrastic world

  45. Prince

    PrinceMonth ago

    clone wars

  46. Zane KIDSTON

    Zane KIDSTONMonth ago

    0:53 wait life noggin has a nose???

  47. Steven Ng

    Steven NgMonth ago

    My name is Steven

  48. CorbloxoPlays

    CorbloxoPlaysMonth ago

    Depixelated your world

  49. CorbloxoPlays

    CorbloxoPlaysMonth ago

    Depixelated your world

  50. CorbloxoPlays

    CorbloxoPlaysMonth ago

    Depixelated your world

  51. Pixel Blowers

    Pixel BlowersMonth ago

    Can we an we clone you,life noggin Plus would it mean more videos Another genius More awesomeness

  52. Def4ult Sk1n

    Def4ult Sk1nMonth ago

    Please don't clone people

  53. Iggv Iggviilanueva

    Iggv IggviilanuevaMonth ago

    Oh no that means if i wanna clone myself id have to fall down stairs

  54. A B Creeper

    A B CreeperMonth ago

    I’m just using this information to make a dinosaur

  55. Salt The Rips

    Salt The RipsMonth ago

    I wouldn't cus that would just be insane not to mention clones aren't really people (now that's like saying a robot is not a person) I just feel like some sort of riot would happen with people not knowing who's who or maybe I'm overreacting

  56. Rissa Barr

    Rissa BarrMonth ago

    Yes I would I need someone to talk to

  57. Jvlogs !

    Jvlogs !Month ago

    Snake? Snaaaaaaaaake!

  58. Phillip Schofeild the great divine

    Phillip Schofeild the great divineMonth ago

    I would clone myself so myself can give me motivation but that clone would also need motivation and we'd just clone another but that one also would need a clone so by the end we'd have like 50 clones

  59. Melvin Ishtar

    Melvin IshtarMonth ago

    Yes i want a clone we could smoke weed together

  60. Mike M

    Mike MMonth ago

    I am sure this will be a waste of 3 mins losers. Yup your a loser

  61. Joshua Anthony

    Joshua AnthonyMonth ago

    👍 I do clone myself

  62. deadpool stark

    deadpool starkMonth ago

    Yeah I would really like to clone my self

  63. Voldemort

    VoldemortMonth ago

    lets clone a dinosaur

  64. Fakruddin Mohammed

    Fakruddin MohammedMonth ago

    Life Noggin can you make a video about string theory? If you can HORAYYYYYY but if no it’s okay anyway my dad can just explain me. Anyway I have no idea what is string theory.

  65. Lindsay Johson

    Lindsay JohsonMonth ago

    What about if we lay eggs

  66. Suspicious sauce guy

    Suspicious sauce guyMonth ago

    im the real one you cunt

  67. Matt Sodano

    Matt SodanoMonth ago

    This video explains why Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian turned out the way they did.

  68. Bondose dot com

    Bondose dot comMonth ago

    I don't support this at all let's stop human cloning now.I even found a site that sells the shirt with the design "#stophumancloning tinyurl.com/y8upv2a9 and i am going to get one.

  69. April Hernandez

    April HernandezMonth ago

    Finally I was waiting for blocko to become a scientist

  70. Amen Esayas

    Amen EsayasMonth ago


  71. Indoraptor Unstopable

    Indoraptor UnstopableMonth ago

    I just love that he always use Llammas

  72. ScribbleNova

    ScribbleNovaMonth ago

    I already have a clone..... My twin sister.

  73. Miguel Flores

    Miguel FloresMonth ago

    we can already clone ourselves then just have sex lol

  74. Anonymous Potatoe

    Anonymous PotatoeMonth ago

    Identical twins are basically clones of each other,so what if the egg duplicated,and what if you put more than one egg.Oh dear,where is the epidural.

  75. Veyron XY

    Veyron XYMonth ago

    Hell yeah I'd still clone myself! I don't care if it's not exactly like me. Wait, does your clone count as your son/daughter?

  76. juniorsakunjuat Rockerman

    juniorsakunjuat RockermanMonth ago

    In ROBLOX use clone potion Lol

  77. Neko Potato

    Neko PotatoMonth ago

    No do not clone anything!!! If a person would be cloned, the clone would have no soul. No purpose in life. Isnt that sad???

  78. Tristan Harris

    Tristan HarrisMonth ago

    My problem is I never go outside to play with anyone. If I had a clone, I would learn to fight with it, get stronger, and with more clones.....fight the terrorists!!!!!!

  79. Maurice Benitez

    Maurice BenitezMonth ago

    I really don't want to clone myself

  80. Aug Tellez

    Aug TellezMonth ago

    Research the unacknowledged special access programs, MKULTRA project, operation mockingbird, project monarch, trauma-based mind control, advanced electrogravitic technology, WW2 advanced biological cloning and consciousness transfer, biological immortality, soul transfer, temporal distortion, electrogravitic craft, holographic consciousness, holofractal consciousness virus manipulation, psychotronic warfare, spiritual technology. Your choice. Start slow. Maintain steady equilibrium of self-awareness.

  81. Dr Crow

    Dr CrowMonth ago

    I would raise an army

  82. XO Got Hoes

    XO Got HoesMonth ago

    No that's torture

  83. Wenxi Qiu

    Wenxi QiuMonth ago

    no i dont want to clone myself

  84. Luis Cornejo

    Luis CornejoMonth ago

    If you cloned yourself, and touched your clone, it would disintegrate immediately. (*Clash Royale Reference.*)

  85. Chris Saint Louis Buchanan

    Chris Saint Louis BuchananMonth ago

    Would a clone of yourself be a brother or son to you???

  86. Sen-115

    Sen-115Month ago

    If Incest is wrong. How would Selfcest or Oncest be like? *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*

  87. IceBoy Montage

    IceBoy MontageMonth ago

    So this explain clone have a soul

  88. Evelim

    EvelimMonth ago

    Greetings from Simplicissimus.

  89. Camryn Garcia

    Camryn GarciaMonth ago


  90. Taiwo Olaleye

    Taiwo Olaleye2 months ago

    I would clone for the body, and transfer my head

  91. Cornell McKay

    Cornell McKay2 months ago

    If you clone yourself it will kill you because THERE CAN ONLY BE 1.💯💯

  92. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda2 months ago

    Order 66 would happen.

  93. Saeid Radder

    Saeid Radder18 days ago

    Good soligers follow orders

  94. Ethan Salanta

    Ethan Salanta2 months ago

    Cloning sounds super messed up in my opinion.

  95. Brandon J Doty

    Brandon J Doty2 months ago

    Try it from Amber a stone that has a masedo inside, and that way we can bring a dinosaur back to life.

  96. Edgar Castillo

    Edgar Castillo2 months ago

    Is it possible to clone opposite genders with clones

  97. Den Slayer

    Den Slayer2 months ago

    No I don’t wanna clone myself any more. Scary

  98. alianslayer90 is awesome

    alianslayer90 is awesome2 months ago

    Never ever

  99. Entirely Stupid

    Entirely Stupid2 months ago

    If you cloned a clone the cloned clone would be the same as the clone.

  100. Jordan Light

    Jordan Light2 months ago

    in b4 I cloned my pants!!!

  101. Luny Cipres

    Luny Cipres2 months ago

    well ur clone won't apparently be "you" even with same genes cuz identical twins are separate people too so yeah it'd be just a clone and perhaps a separate person if ensouled at all

  102. ninjagirl 11

    ninjagirl 112 months ago

    no i dont whant to see my "brother" dye som yea

  103. Darrin Malone

    Darrin Malone2 months ago


  104. Anguirusfan 1955

    Anguirusfan 19552 months ago

    what if I want to clone myself but I want my clone to be a girl? (im a boy BTW just so you know)

  105. Anguirusfan 1955

    Anguirusfan 19552 months ago

    Gay insults listen Drake that would make me a brother so that is not being gay So Y O U G O T T H E 🅱️ ℹ️ G G A Y

  106. Gay insults

    Gay insults2 months ago

    Anguirusfan 1955 you´re gay af

  107. Luke p

    Luke p2 months ago

    cloning is Wrong!

  108. Kralc Nora

    Kralc Nora2 months ago

    I would think that those differences you've discussed wouldn't nessaserally be a problem With the advancement in technology but then again there is no way to tell if it would ever be perfected

  109. Ozzy Osbourn

    Ozzy Osbourn2 months ago

    So clones have to start as babies, this whole business of just creating another fully grown copy of someone is impossible