What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin12 days ago

    Ronbus says hello, actually, he just did this cool head nod thing and then faded away! I think Triangle Bob is getting jealous. Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more?: mreporter.net/v/video-8oLhvD9mNso.html

  2. Kipriana Almazova

    Kipriana Almazova6 hours ago

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  3. Olumuyiwa Bolaji

    Olumuyiwa Bolaji2 days ago

    you can clone ur pet tho

  4. the B Monkey

    the B Monkey4 days ago

    Life Noggin if we did the same thing as we did to monkeys as humans wouldent this mean your clone is your child?

  5. N_TH_N

    N_TH_N2 hours ago

    *shadow clone jutsu!*

  6. Julia Slovenija

    Julia Slovenija2 hours ago


  7. Kevin Chang

    Kevin Chang3 hours ago

    So clone troopers are stupid?

  8. Zoha Mirza

    Zoha Mirza3 hours ago

    i DO NOT clone myself

  9. J0hnY5-O gaming

    J0hnY5-O gaming3 hours ago

    yes i will

  10. ツLelChiha

    ツLelChiha5 hours ago

    Easy Kagebunsin no jutsu

  11. Alex XD

    Alex XD5 hours ago

    If you killed your clone, would you be charged for murder?

  12. Hello Corp

    Hello Corp8 hours ago

    Whats the fkn point of cloning humans? It not the same person. Clone humans in machines and create them without souls so they're just shells that we can use to harvest its organs.

  13. Rafa Kayatmo

    Rafa Kayatmo8 hours ago

    at the end with the doctor and the dinosaur it sounded really weird and would N.O which means no clone myself and don't wanna do dat(that)

  14. CycloneGamer YT

    CycloneGamer YT14 hours ago

    666 dislijes 0_0

  15. Yeshua Aprylle Boholst

    Yeshua Aprylle Boholst15 hours ago

    no way

  16. Matteus Silvestre

    Matteus Silvestre20 hours ago

    "There ain't no thing like me, 'cept me." - Rocket the Raccoon

  17. Andrea Patane

    Andrea Patane22 hours ago

    I saw a really interesting movie on the Disney Channel back when I was in the 4th Grade. It was called "The Other Me" which starred Andy Lawrence from Brotherly Love as Will and Gil Browning. How weird was that? I'm thinking about cloning myself for a music video that I plan to film someday. Do you have any thoughts about it, Blocko?

  18. rip in pepperonies

    rip in pepperonies23 hours ago

    If I could clone myself I would have sex with him 24/7

  19. Ambar Khan

    Ambar Khan23 hours ago

    Damn...I woulnt mind having a Megan Fox clone as my gf..

  20. GriffinGirl6000

    GriffinGirl6000Day ago

    If I'm already too much for my family, another me would bring home more stress. 🤣

  21. Matthew Mercer

    Matthew MercerDay ago

    Cloning is a very sad thing for your clone. Watch LoreMaster's slave army of the Republic video and you will cry... so sad... 😢

  22. Blackdragon 2678

    Blackdragon 2678Day ago

    But twins are basically clones

  23. TheIronMinecart Donia

    TheIronMinecart Donia2 days ago

    Clone my subscribers please

  24. Ella Does YouTube

    Ella Does YouTube2 days ago

    Soooo, my clone would be an inhealthy stranger that looks nothing like me... My "clone" isn't doing its job right!

  25. I'll_always_chus_u

    I'll_always_chus_u2 days ago

    What about twins? Or triplets? Or quadruplets? Aren’t they a clone?

  26. Zach Ryder

    Zach Ryder2 days ago

    Just look at identical twins. Except twins grew up in similar environments and had the same upsetting

  27. Slytherin Forever

    Slytherin Forever2 days ago

    Do identical twins count as clones?

  28. Eric Redome

    Eric Redome2 days ago

    what if the earth stopped spinning

  29. :/

    :/2 days ago


  30. Pencil Shirt Animator

    Pencil Shirt Animator2 days ago

    You'd think that cloning would be something as easy as getting a bit of DNA (a bit of hair or saliva) and inserting it into a machine, then *P O O F* out comes a clone.

  31. Karren Kuddlesberg

    Karren Kuddlesberg2 days ago

    What if I wanted my clone to be a teen or adult right away and made in a huge tank or testube? That kind of advanced demand would take decades or centuries of developing?

  32. Katarina Turner

    Katarina Turner2 days ago

    I would clone money😊😀

  33. reven darth

    reven darth2 days ago


  34. Olumuyiwa Bolaji

    Olumuyiwa Bolaji2 days ago

    you can clone ur pet

  35. Firebeast Gaming

    Firebeast Gaming3 days ago

    I’d clone myself.

  36. SuicideBunny6

    SuicideBunny63 days ago

    I'd start my own Castor and Leda project and just hope some clone starts revolting ...

  37. Katie Weissbach

    Katie Weissbach3 days ago

    I have a clone: my twin sister!

  38. Lxthal- Army

    Lxthal- Army3 days ago

    It is illegal to clone a human:)

  39. A1 hax tricks and fun

    A1 hax tricks and fun3 days ago

    Nah , just clone pizza

  40. Pedro Lima

    Pedro Lima3 days ago


  41. Canal de Taco

    Canal de Taco3 days ago


  42. JennyForLife

    JennyForLife3 days ago

    So they can find out how to clone but they can’t find a cure for cancer

  43. Daniel Reddington

    Daniel Reddington4 days ago

    Do what would happen if you got a transplant please.

  44. Masum khan1122

    Masum khan11224 days ago


  45. sherlock Holmes

    sherlock Holmes4 days ago

    I would just clone myself 1000 times and make an army

  46. Petra Ral

    Petra Ral4 days ago

    I’d clone myself and cut off their hands and feet and peel off the nails

  47. GreedyzombieZ

    GreedyzombieZ4 days ago

    Answer: I wouldn’t be lonely

  48. Sweet Dollar Kang

    Sweet Dollar Kang4 days ago

    I'm so spooked

  49. Marcus Correa

    Marcus Correa4 days ago


  50. WitcheyGT

    WitcheyGT4 days ago

    I would clone myself then ask my crush as my clone does she love me

  51. Shaun Whittall

    Shaun Whittall4 days ago

    Yes to go to school in stead of me

  52. SAK- SOON

    SAK- SOON4 days ago

    People are like "Im gonna make my clone do my chores!" "Im gonna make him do things for me" etc.🙄 If you dont wanna do it, your clone prolly won't do it for you because he/she also doesn't wanna do stuffs that you dont like☝️ ! Yeah✊!! Your clone will make YOU👉 do stuff and go outside to play around!

  53. Firebeast Gaming

    Firebeast Gaming3 days ago

    Honestly I’d would do the work sometimes if I had a clone.

  54. Hugh Jazz

    Hugh Jazz4 days ago

    If I had sex with my clone. Is it incest, or masturbation?

  55. Danese

    Danese4 days ago

    I want to clone one of my friends so that there are 145 of my friends running around.

  56. EpicOliver26

    EpicOliver264 days ago

    I'd clone myself and send it to school as me

  57. Daraen Hijo del dragón caído Grima

    Daraen Hijo del dragón caído Grima5 days ago

    I would clone myself, so someone could keep up with my jokes

  58. LA7 productions

    LA7 productions5 days ago

    Solid snake!

  59. Alumlovescake

    Alumlovescake5 days ago

    How would the cloned person act simmar personally copiy the oringal or what

  60. Neon Freddy

    Neon Freddy5 days ago

    I can clone myself and I can

  61. PC Plays

    PC Plays5 days ago


  62. Steve Young

    Steve Young5 days ago

    My names steve I’m 5.10 and I have brown hair and blue eyes 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  63. Kai Han Xue

    Kai Han Xue5 days ago

    U can't clone a soul.

  64. Charlton Qiu

    Charlton Qiu5 days ago

    Kage bunshin no justu.

  65. _Star_27_

    _Star_27_5 days ago

    Lol 999,863 views

  66. D Ramos

    D Ramos5 days ago

    *999,999 im the last viewer before we hit a MILLION*

  67. _Star_27_

    _Star_27_5 days ago

    D Ramos no it’s 999,864 views though

  68. Optymistyczna Optymistka

    Optymistyczna Optymistka5 days ago

    999 999 views. I was the milionth one. OMG

  69. cheuk yin leung

    cheuk yin leung5 days ago

    you can cloned me so I can beat my smart friend and I will shout at him loser

  70. perkypears

    perkypears5 days ago

    “Clones age faster” ah.. metal gear solid

  71. Original Name

    Original Name5 days ago


  72. Alex Gaming

    Alex Gaming5 days ago

    How do you know all this stuff

  73. Lily Angeline

    Lily Angeline5 days ago

    When it is daytime, what makes the sky go blue?

  74. Oceana Multi

    Oceana Multi5 days ago

    If I could clone myself and if it was the same as me I would make it do all the things I hate doing. Like tomorrow is my birthday and also school. If I had a clone rn, I would make it go to school for me so I could enjoy my birthday without school tomorrow lol

  75. The Cynical Turtle

    The Cynical Turtle5 days ago

    Why do humans get dizzy?

  76. KathaMaker

    KathaMaker5 days ago

    We already have human clones...they're called identical twins 🤔

  77. ForPlayZ

    ForPlayZ5 days ago

    Why we laugh when tickled

  78. kylie king

    kylie king5 days ago

    Hey can u pls do a video on horseshoe kidneys pls

  79. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones5 days ago

    How do phones and tablet screen move

  80. Kill Rellik

    Kill Rellik5 days ago

    No new video for Thursday what's up life noggin??? Why no video for Thursday

  81. GamingWith Lover

    GamingWith Lover5 days ago

    Well a new sub = a better growing Life Nogging If that makes sense

  82. megatank lord

    megatank lord5 days ago

    If I could,there could only one of us

  83. The Gaming Pomsky

    The Gaming Pomsky5 days ago

    Steve .. Its probably u describing urself

  84. Eric Lin

    Eric Lin5 days ago

    BLOCK-O my answer is hail no

  85. lesni flores

    lesni flores5 days ago

    what if the ostriches is faster then a cheatah

  86. Sofia Catalina

    Sofia Catalina5 days ago


  87. KittensLoves Yo

    KittensLoves Yo4 days ago

    He did, go on his Q&A video.

  88. Kaike Extreme15

    Kaike Extreme156 days ago

    I don’t have friends XDDDDD :(

  89. Timi The tank

    Timi The tank6 days ago

    What if you want clone toys

  90. Maggy TheMagician

    Maggy TheMagician6 days ago

    I cloned myself!!!! I call them my twin

  91. Joel Blomgren

    Joel Blomgren6 days ago

    I Belive this first then i see this on the News

  92. Mehul Tandel

    Mehul Tandel6 days ago

    Make video on benifits of exercising regularly.

  93. Jade Rock

    Jade Rock6 days ago

    2 me means 2 dicks so yah

  94. Anime Demon

    Anime Demon6 days ago

    Do history of Pokémon

  95. Yvonne Amaro

    Yvonne Amaro6 days ago

    What happens when you swallow ptc paper

  96. Tahmier Ayalew

    Tahmier Ayalew6 days ago


  97. The Memestar

    The Memestar6 days ago

    dont click read more

  98. The Memestar

    The Memestar6 days ago

    cuz u cant

  99. hunter clark

    hunter clark6 days ago

    I'm sitting terrified in my house because we have a tornado watch 😨😨😨😨😩😩😩😩😩😩😱

  100. bakublader 96

    bakublader 966 days ago

    Star wars the CLONE wars

  101. Simon Buffalo bull tail

    Simon Buffalo bull tail6 days ago

    Where dose the soul come from? Is it like having a Sibling or son or daughter?

  102. Killerdash GD

    Killerdash GD6 days ago

    Sorry im late :(

  103. kareem maghrabi

    kareem maghrabi6 days ago

    I’m hella late but what if the whole worlds sirens went on at once how will it sound like will everyone hear it???

  104. Clash Miner

    Clash Miner6 days ago


  105. Daniel Espinoza

    Daniel Espinoza6 days ago

    Yes idc

  106. fun with ethan mick fish !!!!

    fun with ethan mick fish !!!!6 days ago

    You are stupid

  107. La to the Bay

    La to the Bay6 days ago

    Omg I think I’m a clone! 😲🙀 lol! A clone sounds like a kid born through incest or something out of the hills have eyes