What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin8 months ago

    Ronbus says hello, actually, he just did this cool head nod thing and then faded away! I think Triangle Bob is getting jealous. Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more?: mreporter.net/v/video-8oLhvD9mNso.html

  2. Kong Thornton

    Kong Thornton3 months ago

    Life Noggin wh'ere all clones

  3. IceBall Central

    IceBall Central3 months ago

    Life Noggin it is possible but it’s illegal in the US to clone a human

  4. wintersoul

    wintersoul4 months ago

    I thought it was Rhombus lol

  5. big boi

    big boi6 months ago

    Life Noggin it means he’ll have 4.6M subs in total combined with his clone

  6. miss wolfywolf

    miss wolfywolf6 months ago

    Life Noggin hi

  7. Girly Winter

    Girly Winter21 hour ago

    Dear blocko, if your comfortable with it, could you make a video on what would happen if two people share the same memories? I know it’s not possible, but I wonder what would happen if it was possible. Thanks!

  8. AlphaKnightX61

    AlphaKnightX6122 hours ago

    No because my clone would make me look bad

  9. Bereket Sltan

    Bereket SltanDay ago

    You won't know who's who

  10. necromancer

    necromancer3 days ago

    I want to kill humans, then why the hell I'll create more??

  11. JammyAnimates

    JammyAnimates4 days ago

    Im rh- so I can't be cloned

  12. Isha Gabriel

    Isha Gabriel5 days ago


  13. Colby Hsiu

    Colby Hsiu7 days ago

    Is there a food where it will not make your body not release

  14. TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long

    TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long14 days ago

    0:19 it’s actually 15

  15. Jasmine J

    Jasmine J14 days ago

    You can clone cats? I’m cloning mine

  16. Nelson Ramos

    Nelson Ramos18 days ago

    I'll just ask Naruto he's cloning technique to clone my self

  17. MackDizzy Promotions

    MackDizzy Promotions18 days ago

    9out of 10 I Probably Would Fight My Clone 😭

  18. Kathryn Kuder

    Kathryn Kuder19 days ago

    I mean I would make my not real guy real okay

  19. Kathryn Kuder

    Kathryn Kuder19 days ago

    Btw his is evil Davis cause my name is Davis and I'm on my mom's account

  20. Mom Carrillo

    Mom Carrillo22 days ago

    I would still want a clone.

  21. Dane Mc

    Dane Mc24 days ago

    actually if they clone an ape it would be a better chance of cloning not monkeys were apes

  22. Depressed Kathryn

    Depressed Kathryn24 days ago

    all i want is too clone youtubers so I can have more videos

  23. TheOddestOneout

    TheOddestOneout25 days ago

    The world only needs one of me otherwise *implosion* *explosion*

  24. Nathan Gorman

    Nathan Gorman26 days ago

    Me and Nathan Gorman

  25. Latanya Fortune

    Latanya Fortune26 days ago

    I would love to clone myself

  26. Kenan Tunc

    Kenan Tunc28 days ago

    Twins are like clone's right i mean if twins were born they're maybe a little diffrenet of pretty identical or am i wrong

  27. Steve Pettinger

    Steve PettingerMonth ago

    Nope not at all.

  28. Doritoz _

    Doritoz _Month ago

    Let’s clone XXX

  29. samarth shroff

    samarth shroffMonth ago

    Let's clone block-o

  30. Summer Habenicht

    Summer HabenichtMonth ago

    Yes I still want to clone myself

  31. The folafal Waffle

    The folafal WaffleMonth ago

    We have slightly cloned But we can’t clone memories So all we’ve done is clone the person but just the person not the brain/memories

  32. Andre Walker

    Andre WalkerMonth ago

    What about your twin?

  33. Your Boi Wubbzy

    Your Boi WubbzyMonth ago

    Uhh... Yeah...

  34. Sara Khartouch

    Sara KhartouchMonth ago


  35. Horace Stillman

    Horace StillmanMonth ago

    Gimme dat clone machine!

  36. Horace Stillman

    Horace StillmanMonth ago

    Hell yeah!

  37. Soul Eater

    Soul EaterMonth ago


  38. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 24Month ago

    I never wanted a clone of my self.

  39. Zeckio !

    Zeckio !Month ago

    *cough* *cough* nucular

  40. Adrian Chavarria

    Adrian ChavarriaMonth ago

    What happens if you copied everything on Earth??? And can you????(two very impossible questions)

  41. Adrian Chavarria

    Adrian ChavarriaMonth ago

    Yes and no.

  42. Adrian Chavarria

    Adrian ChavarriaMonth ago

    What happens if you copied the Earth????(very impossible question)

  43. Adrian Chavarria

    Adrian ChavarriaMonth ago

    It would copy everything on Earth.

  44. Lily Savage

    Lily SavageMonth ago

    um if everybody gets cloned I will just sex with my clone

  45. Sarny boy

    Sarny boyMonth ago

    I could finally play minecraft with my own clone

  46. A E J O P E N A

    A E J O P E N AMonth ago

    Anywhere here because of that kid buu's instagram live clone?

  47. Frankie J

    Frankie JMonth ago

    Bring back some dinosaurs

  48. Harry Baron-Richardson

    Harry Baron-RichardsonMonth ago

    I would create a legion of myself and run for MP in every contingency in the uk and create a UK parliament that wouldn't need a Prime Minister because we'd always agree.

  49. Gabriel_Gamer/ Steve_Gamer

    Gabriel_Gamer/ Steve_GamerMonth ago

    nah i don't now edit 1: like finn and fern from adventure time actually

  50. Eren Genc

    Eren Genc2 months ago


  51. Miveyz AG

    Miveyz AG2 months ago


  52. RayRay OuO

    RayRay OuO2 months ago

    Can you clone my mom? Y’know when she says “what do you think? There isn’t 2 me’s running around!” Then I could just take out her clone and be like “Yes there are.”

  53. Life with Nana .

    Life with Nana .2 months ago

    I'm here cause of Kidd buu

  54. Emmanuel McDougal

    Emmanuel McDougal2 months ago

    I would love to clone myself, but my clones personality traits will be different. I'm a enthusiastic person, friendly, creative, and just very friendly. But I don't think my clone would survive for a year or two so I want to make the best out of it.

  55. lutgarda moreno

    lutgarda moreno2 months ago


  56. Starfall Gaming

    Starfall Gaming2 months ago

    Cloning is the cause of 12 paradoxes, I mean the si-fi version

  57. Baby Icha Anuar

    Baby Icha Anuar2 months ago

    I will make thousand of clones and do rasengan

  58. The Power lord

    The Power lord2 months ago

    Clone dinosaurs...

  59. Blitz Brigade Gr

    Blitz Brigade Gr2 months ago

    What if we clone an egg

  60. Sophie Epps

    Sophie Epps2 months ago

    I wonder what that would be like with my teen self duh jeans but still

  61. Nova

    Nova2 months ago

    Who else watches naruto and wants to clone him self

  62. SuperHamSandwhich 21

    SuperHamSandwhich 212 months ago

    Logic smacked cloning in the face

  63. Rome

    Rome2 months ago


  64. Calvin Pham

    Calvin Pham2 months ago

    Do you have a iFhone 8

  65. Marvel Cards

    Marvel Cards2 months ago

    Guys get Morrison on the phone we need those clones

  66. Gavriel Miller

    Gavriel Miller2 months ago

    “Clone your best friend, or yourself” What’s the difference?

  67. Crimson

    Crimson2 months ago

    We are already clones all of us are the same!

  68. Crimson

    Crimson2 months ago

    If I could clone myself I'll use the clone to go to school MUHAHAHA *cough* HAHA *cough* DAMN IT!

  69. Jerry D

    Jerry D2 months ago

    Who else searched this up because of Kodak black

  70. Bigfan Of Most things

    Bigfan Of Most things3 months ago

    Theres one thing certain, you wont be alone :D

  71. Uncle Chris

    Uncle Chris3 months ago

    If i fucked my clone would it be incest? Lmao

  72. Karen aka sapphire fan Miller

    Karen aka sapphire fan Miller3 months ago

    I ask my mom did we evolved form apes ???? She said no and I wanted to ask u is that true??????

  73. Forever_ Blonde

    Forever_ Blonde3 months ago

    What if they put the egg into a pregnant mother and she gave birth to two identical twins. And they grew up together. Would that work?

  74. Dr Nitesh

    Dr Nitesh3 months ago

    That gonna be trouble for the clone not me

  75. Hello I am bored

    Hello I am bored3 months ago

    We can make armies and send them off to war like in star wars!

  76. hackman669

    hackman6692 months ago

    Unlikely, clones mature and develop at the same rate as normal people. Even if they were altered they would have free will like normal people.

  77. Mewni, the Hetalia Fan 013

    Mewni, the Hetalia Fan 0133 months ago

    What it feels like to clone yourself bit your other clone is the genderbend of you then fall in love? It's not incest?

  78. Lua The Pupper

    Lua The Pupper3 months ago

    Guys, guys, if you were to clone someone the clone would be unique, like you and me. I mean the *LOOKS* may be the same, but the clone would be a completely different person, completely different personality, and completely different likes and dislikes than the original one. So it's not really worth it unless we were to bring back the population if we somehow became endangered. That's my opinion. *Just say'in.* 🤔🤔🤔

  79. Barry Hankins

    Barry Hankins3 months ago

    Um no 3:12

  80. Barry Hankins

    Barry Hankins3 months ago

    Becuse they will be useless

  81. danny momo

    danny momo3 months ago

    is anyone here from fox goodmans video

  82. nick_nathas

    nick_nathas3 months ago

    When we talk about cloning we mean an exact copy of out self including MEMORIES .wtf? ??!!! Are you talking abou?!

  83. [Memes] BigBlueTiger

    [Memes] BigBlueTiger3 months ago

    This is a F from Skeppy: 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵 🔵🔵

  84. Slimey Stuff

    Slimey Stuff3 months ago

    I don't wanna clone myself anymore. An older sister is as close as I'll get to a twin.

  85. Frankie Jones

    Frankie Jones3 months ago

    Guy we have brought back a extinct animal the Iberian ibex


    AVAKIN MAJISTY3 months ago

    I might sound real stupid asking this but if the first clone dies can you like 😂😂 transfer *pfffff* to the oTheR oNe😂

  87. tellmo25

    tellmo253 months ago

    No cloning for me cuz you only live once. YOLO!

  88. Jay Matthews

    Jay Matthews3 months ago

    If I had a clone that was... like, just another me, then yeah. We could get SO much stuff done. Like, SO much. Now, a somatic clone like in the video... ehhhh, something about that seems ethically dubious.

  89. joshua games 4076

    joshua games 40763 months ago

    I never want to clone my self

  90. Mr. Jupiter

    Mr. Jupiter3 months ago

    Do a Video of how long is the great wall of China!!🤪😁😆😆🤓😜😜🤣🙃😛😅🤣🙃

  91. Awesome Josh studio

    Awesome Josh studio3 months ago


  92. B Cardi

    B Cardi3 months ago

    And here i am wondering how it works

  93. DogeisCut

    DogeisCut3 months ago

    my thought is converting sperm into egg or the other way around then putting it in

  94. Simon Liao

    Simon Liao3 months ago

    Just go to the Ninja Academy like everyone else

  95. Maya# Cøökîę

    Maya# Cøökîę3 months ago

    Well it's not a clone if it doesn't look or have the same personality as Me Like srsly

  96. Solesteam

    Solesteam3 months ago

    My imagination was right! About 50% of my imaginary clones are evil thankfully they dont apear in my dreams or they wpuld affect more than imaginary me

  97. Ivan Matias

    Ivan Matias3 months ago

    We could make a clone army...

  98. Christian Reptilian

    Christian Reptilian3 months ago

    I knew a hermaphrodite who self-impregnated and had a mini-me clone baby.

  99. 13ata55

    13ata553 months ago

    Self zucc

  100. crimson vanson

    crimson vanson3 months ago

    you can clone anader won

  101. David Castro

    David Castro3 months ago

    I would like to have a clone who has a connection to my brain, so I can control my clone. Like my clone goes to school and I play games. So it's like I would learn new lessons while I play computer games. XD

  102. MinnTee`s

    MinnTee`s4 months ago

    Wala I get 20 best friends only gets 15 best friends



    Is it possible to clone yourself as your own age, having your brain therefore having all of your experiences in that brain, and to look exactly like you? Basically a complete copy of you.

  104. badboymarshall

    badboymarshall4 months ago

    If you think no human has been cloned yet then you probably believe still that trump isn't president

  105. Henry Louis21

    Henry Louis214 months ago

    If we could clone humans then we could clone a human with animalistic powers, like creating a cloned human with abilities from other animals

  106. Wolfbat 10

    Wolfbat 104 months ago

    Jurrastic world

  107. smol bean

    smol bean4 months ago

    clone wars

  108. Zane KIDSTON

    Zane KIDSTON4 months ago

    0:53 wait life noggin has a nose???

  109. Let's Go With Steven

    Let's Go With Steven4 months ago

    My name is Steven

  110. CorbloxoPlays

    CorbloxoPlays4 months ago

    Depixelated your world