What Tracee Ellis Ross learned from her mom


  1. Tots Mini

    Tots Mini29 days ago

    What an Adorable Personality - God pulled out all the stops when He created Woman..... in particular this woman :) :) :) - She's got it all!!

  2. jenMalfoy

    jenMalfoy3 months ago

    I could listen to Tracee talk all day. The grace and passion with which she expresses herself truly opens the conversation in a way that seems compassionate and not intimidating.

  3. Aboutjohn747

    Aboutjohn7473 months ago

    The Ross family is one of the best families in the WORLD.

  4. jinae di nisci

    jinae di nisci4 months ago

    She's annoying

  5. Cheryl Rodgers

    Cheryl Rodgers4 months ago

    Awesome “Lady” Woman.

  6. Guy Will

    Guy Will5 months ago

    She really is a brilliant woman. She represents women everywhere

  7. Alejandra Fretes

    Alejandra Fretes5 months ago

    why won't this man let Tracee answer the QUESTIONS OMG

  8. Dede Smid

    Dede Smid6 months ago

    While I think this lady is wonderful..if you watch documentaries about the Supremes..you will find her mother was not a nice person..

  9. SassyBratt1

    SassyBratt15 months ago

    Ironic that Tracee is the type that stands up for women. Could you imagine how Tracee would have perceived the treatment of Florence Ballard of the Supremes by Berry Gordy and Diana back in the day? I imagine she would have gotten in their faces and defended Florence vigorously!

  10. Volvican

    Volvican6 months ago

    I'm so happy she said, 'iconic American family'. Quit limiting her and her show.

  11. Mendy Peters

    Mendy Peters6 months ago

    Unpopular Opinion: I always get a strange feeling ( like in my gut) when I hear or see black men who married white women speak on black women's' issues or stand on a pro-black platform. I don't know what it is cuz I dont care about peoples lives, especially celebs. but when they're on a " I love my culture so much" platform .. I guess I question their authenticity like Y should I support you? you chose to cross over (which is beautiful) but don't try to come back, like this is what you are into, stop pretending. It's a very conscious choice ( as a man) to surround urself and and go out and seek a specific kind of mate.. you know what I mean.. so much of these guys all have white wives, I just don't get it, like are they trying to make up for marrying a nonblack woman? are they forced to do so ? it boggles my mind I tell ya. I don't even know if I'm making sense. I'm just trying to figure out why I feel this way.. It's kinda like ..how dare you have your cake! and try to eat it too. just stick to ur lane(that uuuuuuuuuuuu've chosen.)


    MOWESTMOTOWN7 months ago

    ALWAYS LOVED Your Mon and Now I have YOU too Contiue On Lookin' Up Too as Diana's Daughter. LOVE How YOU Express Yourself Fully.

  13. Shamaneika Johnson

    Shamaneika Johnson8 months ago

    I love Tracee .

  14. Matilda Martin

    Matilda Martin9 months ago

    Isn't Tracy Ellis Ross half Jewish also how can she just no acknowledge that and just say she's just black. I don't know I think she's trying to hard.

  15. clouds overnyc

    clouds overnyc4 months ago

    Because jewish people rule the world thats why, and because when they put some black people on tv like on the news they always pick someone with a scarf on that has teeth missing, because she is trying to make up for all of that stupid shit that they try to pin on us black people.

  16. An American Scheme

    An American Scheme9 months ago

    Diana Ross was the 14 year old real Mother of Michael Jackson.

  17. James Waugh

    James Waugh9 months ago

    Miss Diana Ross has done an AMAZING job raising her kids!!!.

  18. SassyBratt1

    SassyBratt15 months ago

    I think Tracee has more Robert Ellis Silberstein in her than Diana Ross.

  19. V Williams

    V Williams9 months ago

    Not surprised, James.

  20. An American Scheme

    An American Scheme9 months ago

    James Waugh how would the Media understand my true Story??? Diana is in Bed with Smokey and Berry. The Jackson's lose everything if MJ is not a Blood Member of the Family. So who's talking, no one. I found the truth, and i'm telling it. I would tell you to watch video #3 so you know how it all started.

  21. James Waugh

    James Waugh9 months ago

    V Williams, of course he wasn't there lol!!!. He doesn't even know the MEANING of the word SLANDER ROFL!!!. This is one SICK INDIVIDUAL who should NOT be allowed ANYWHERE NEAR youtube lol!!!. If it was true, then THE WHOLE WORLD would have heard about it and it would have been ALL OVER THE WORLD MEDIA ROFL!!!. Every single one of his videos are full of HEARSAY, SPECULATION, WHAT IFS and DOWNRIGHT LIES!!!.

  22. An American Scheme

    An American Scheme9 months ago

    V Williams are you talking to me? You must be talking to me, i'm the only one here lol.

  23. Crowdfund77

    Crowdfund779 months ago


  24. sam4lemar

    sam4lemar9 months ago

    I love her so much she speaks & I just wanna listen to everything she has to say. Such a smart, beautiful & wise women.

  25. Pranchobaby

    Pranchobaby9 months ago

    I agree trace is well on ever to becoming an icon. She is not down to earth but intelligent you want to listen to what she has to say . Because she is TRACI


    HEART BREAKER9 months ago

    She didn't learn crap from her mother! I knew her mother Diana, long before she was born and she was a very beautiful, humble, classy woman, who never tried to show off and be obnoxious plus, unlike her mom, her daughter Tracee is a racist!

  27. An American Scheme

    An American Scheme9 months ago

    HEART BREAKER I'm proving Diana ross got Pregnant at 14 years old by Smokey Robinson. Then they gave their Baby Michael to an old Friend of Berry Gordy's named Joe Jackson.

  28. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    The amount of racist comments say it all about White Americans. They are obsessed with Black people despite all their hate. They're infatuated.

  29. Alyssa Freitas

    Alyssa Freitas9 months ago

    shes so beautiful

  30. alexdapostman

    alexdapostman9 months ago

    Michelle Obama Champion of Women why didn't you come out in support of Gina Haspel as the first woman as C.I.A. Deputy Director. Things that make say hmm! I'm just saying. I want a good and credible explaination.

  31. PowerfulPapi

    PowerfulPapi9 months ago

    Wow, That idiot Trump has really emboldened the BIGOTS that troll on MReporter. Good to see however that decent, intelligent people on here still manage to win the day. Love you Tracee. Also, Love to Diana and to the Former First Lady Michelle too.

  32. Vaughn Alvarez

    Vaughn Alvarez9 months ago

    She had to keep correcting him in the interview.

  33. PeaceFan1

    PeaceFan19 months ago

    HOW can she say that the Cosby Thing is " Nuanced" ?? He is a Serial RAPIST, It is Very CLEAR!!!! Hellooooo Tracee!!

  34. Anthony Winn

    Anthony Winn5 months ago

    PeaceFan1 I think ppl who know him and she does since she was a little girl they are being careful of what they say bcuz they kno him in a different way and no matter what he did she's not excusing it but she still know him as a good person. People are still shocked

  35. James Brown

    James Brown9 months ago


  36. V Williams

    V Williams9 months ago

    She is a great role model for ALL people!!

  37. The Proud Mississippian

    The Proud Mississippian9 months ago

    Ol Tracee Silberstein...representing black America.

  38. zebjug

    zebjug9 months ago

    How coonish.

  39. Dismal

    Dismal9 months ago

    She has a fat ass. She used to be my neighbor

  40. xxnike629xx

    xxnike629xx9 months ago

    Dr. Rainbow Johnson!! It would've been more fun with Andre Johnson on here..

  41. Ryan Lombardi

    Ryan Lombardi9 months ago

    van jones is a racist.

  42. Crowdfund77

    Crowdfund779 months ago

    Tell that to his wife.

  43. Linda Willis

    Linda Willis9 months ago


  44. robert stanley

    robert stanley9 months ago

    I dont understand why so many dislikes!?

  45. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    White people

  46. TheReturnofStephan1

    TheReturnofStephan19 months ago

    @robert stanley Read my comment at the top of the page.

  47. Detrick Vintage Replicas

    Detrick Vintage Replicas9 months ago

    Dam now that im watching these two, I can't help but notice how White they are. Black people Navigating the world as white people. Go ahead you can be black go ahead it ok you do know you are black right?

  48. Anthony Winn

    Anthony Winn5 months ago

    Tone Log Vintage Replica's 1966 why we as black people always putting down other black people especially if they are educated speak well and not talk Ebonics it's sad.

  49. V Williams

    V Williams9 months ago

    Exactly, witch!!!

  50. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    Fake Dossier How are thet white? Because they dont fit your racist stereotypes? Sorry but class and success is not exclusive to honkies.

  51. Detrick Vintage Replicas

    Detrick Vintage Replicas9 months ago

    Thay are trying to push an answer to the Roseann show. This isn't it try again, Clearly CNN is grabbing at straws trying anything to gain some lost ground. lmao you suckers.

  52. Ted Sawicki

    Ted Sawicki9 months ago


  53. Yawovi E.

    Yawovi E.9 months ago

    She is wearing an african outfit and killed it. So cute...

  54. Baldwin Wallace

    Baldwin Wallace8 months ago

    I actually like Tracee Ellis Ross. She's not obnoxious and arrogant and a mouthy bitch like most black women (Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, etc.).

  55. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress8 months ago

    That's why African American prostitutes are so skinny. They don't make no money. LMBAO!!!

  56. Baldwin Wallace

    Baldwin Wallace8 months ago

    If looking like an AFRICAN WHORE is what she was going for .... Will someone tell her that the red lipstick makes her look like a prostitute. My apologies if that is the look that she was going for (or if she is a shameless, selfish, and irresponsible whore like most black women and white women who support Obama).

  57. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    LMBAO!!! Don't forget that Diana Ross married a white man.

  58. Nunya Buznizz

    Nunya Buznizz9 months ago

    That computer, a white man. That t.v., a white man. That electricity, a white man. That architecture, a white man. Our government, a white man. That iphone, a white man. That light bulb, a white man. Your couch, a white man. That car, a white man. The Industrial Revolution, a white man. RAP Music, a white man. The English Language, a white man. Every single thing you use, (except peanut butter) was developed by a white man. You get the picture. We are far beyond you.... Sorry, facts are facts. There is absolutely no reason to be jealous of this, at all. It is a joke, you are a joke. Educate yourself, you may not look so damn stupid. You literally would not be sitting here if it was not for the white man, you fucking moron. It would take you guys 1000 years to touch our accomplishments.

  59. Camo Dog

    Camo Dog9 months ago

    Stop brainwashing me!!!!!!!!!! I CANT TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Sarpong Sarpong

    Sarpong Sarpong9 months ago

    I like the African print she is wearing

  61. Issie wizzie

    Issie wizzie5 months ago

    its the in-thing now in the west

  62. Beachdudeca

    Beachdudeca9 months ago

    It is Fucked Up that they had the Man leave the house it promotes the Sick Stereotype that Black Fathers leave the Home and their Children!

  63. dominique bourjac collier

    dominique bourjac collier9 months ago

    Who cares

  64. Jester Avrgjoe

    Jester Avrgjoe9 months ago

    Black Privilege is real, and cnn is it’s propaganda machine.

  65. Berg Fish

    Berg Fish9 months ago

    She is a very likeable person.

  66. Jester Avrgjoe

    Jester Avrgjoe9 months ago

    Are black Americans really this insecure to need all this attention, and patting on their heads? 14% of the American population can’t be more special than the other 86% of Americans. Unless black privilege is real, and black Americans are exploiting their privilege to make themselves more important than the rest of Americans?

  67. Marg H

    Marg H6 months ago

    Onlookers sometimes don't get it. They have to be in it, experience it, feel it to understand it. You obviously are not black, so you do not understand nor feel the black experience and the denigration and disrespect that come with that historically and currently. Your observation/comment is shallow and remiss of the issues that do make the black experience in America unique.

  68. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    The racism in this comments section only proves how insecure and desperate for attention whites like you are.

  69. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    Jester - take Cb Cb's response as a good example of your initial statement. 14 lines of indecipherable jibber jabber. He or she doesn't take into account the "fact" that blacks are the black's worst enemy.

  70. Cb Cb

    Cb Cb9 months ago

    I'm uncertain what you are explaining because it sounds as if you have no idea what has happened in the world and what is happening in the world when it comes to anyone other than yourself, it's alarming to say the least, just name in a current event where someone has killed a black man or woman who is other than black and has been punished for the crime I'll wait, there does seem to be a tale of two cities we as Americanized people live in where if it doesn't personally affect you it doesn't really exist and that's a dangerous place to live, Americanized African people have a right to feel insecure when we can't save our children which are our future because no one is held accountable for the crimes committed against us and yet we're supposed to play nice and pretend that everything is ok just because some have better advances in this time, how insulting that in 2018 there are people still asking the question why are we angry when our history is still walked over as something we should get over already when that isn't asked for by any other ethnicity in the world

  71. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    Yes. They are truly this insecure. 1% of their community in relation to the US population become famous. Athletes, musicians, singers - well sort of singers - make millions. One even made billions. However, the remaining community is a thorn in the US' side. Their "failure" is due to racism and not their lack of motivation - or so they say. Sad stuff.

  72. Real blackman

    Real blackman9 months ago

    I like her dress

  73. Real blackman

    Real blackman9 months ago

    Allow her talk

  74. dshan1W W

    dshan1W W8 months ago

    Real blackman thank you!!. HE is becoming the most ANNOYING talk show host!..wish he stfu and let her speak. his own INSECURITY as a new talk show host is showing up.

  75. Dave Schultz

    Dave Schultz9 months ago

    Is she related to T.S. Ellis? I love that guy !

  76. Garry G

    Garry G9 months ago

    These comments just confirm why I think white people are an abomination! Evil is in their DNA!

  77. dshan1W W

    dshan1W W8 months ago

    100% agreed!...I looove to see them shaking in their shoes, and being exposed for the most Evil, Vile and HATEful community to ever exist.

  78. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    CRIME PER CAPITA: White males are just 9% of the population of the Earth, but they have committed 85% of the worst atrocities against humanity and have been the most evil, wicked, oppressive, vile, violent, genocidal and murderous demographic per capita throughout the history of the world. White men have raped, robbed, murdered, and pillaged the entire Earth.

  79. Judge Smails

    Judge Smails9 months ago

    Garry G tell us you're not racist Garry.

  80. Garry G

    Garry G9 months ago

    Chew Bubble Gum and Kick Ass Nothing funnier than some filthy crakkka calling someone else a racist! You sound like a fucking fool! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  81. Orangutan

    Orangutan9 months ago


  82. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Which Roger are you? LMBAO!!!

  83. Orangutan

    Orangutan9 months ago

    Garry G you’ve been saying that for over a year now

  84. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    ...uh Queenie. Let me suck this dude in first before jumping in OK?

  85. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    I'll put up $500 against impeachment. Takers?

  86. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    Garry G. Got any money homey? I'll bet you 10,000 he won't be impeached. Put up or shut up bitch. LOL

  87. Tía Solterona

    Tía Solterona9 months ago

    Are you wondering WHY there are SO MANY HATEFUL COMMENTERS on CNN videos, posting from FAKE MReporter ACCOUNTS? Here's your answer: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Research_Agency

  88. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    and quit giving yourself a thumb's up dummy. LMBAO!!!

  89. Tía Solterona

    Tía Solterona9 months ago

    +queen: Here's yer facts, d-bag: kali > chmod 755 greetings.py:UCQ0GyhzMJ4HyrFQVz0SI5QQ type ipconfig /all. 2F:1B:BB:a1:2b:cc#! /usr/bin/python name="<Queen Ogress>' print "Greetings to " + Queen Ogress + " from kalli.py!"

  90. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Come back when you have some facts Tia. LMBAO!!!

  91. Peter Holland

    Peter Holland9 months ago


  92. Richard Ralph Roehl

    Richard Ralph Roehl9 months ago

    What the f*@k is this? What about giving us real news? Damn! The critics are right! CNN really is fake 'newes'!

  93. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    LMBAO!!! Very fake news.

  94. Fahen

    Fahen9 months ago

    Talk shows have the diversity of subjects, awesome!

  95. Stoney Curtis

    Stoney Curtis9 months ago

    CNN now has 3.5 Million subscriptions.. That is 100,000 more than last month.. You idiots that call CNN "fake news" are losing out, (to the tune of 100,000 subscribers) every month.. It must suck to be a trump cult member..

  96. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Those "facts" smell of fecal matter Stoney. Where did you pull them from? LMBAO!!! CNN had significant declines in February, with ratings dropping 19% in total day and 16% in prime, where the network returned an average audience of 979,000 total viewers -- behind MSNBC (1.805 million) and Fox News (2.766 million).

  97. The True Texan American

    The True Texan American9 months ago

    The one beautiful functioning thriving black family? There's only one? That's racist. There are multiple beautiful functioning black families. I happen to know a few personally.

  98. Be Quiet

    Be Quiet7 months ago

    The True Texan American i wish people would learn the definition of racist...ugh

  99. The True Texan American

    The True Texan American9 months ago

    amcra1 They still aren't the only ones. The fact of the matter a dysfunctional family or a torn family is more interesting to watch than a perfect functional family. I don't think there is a single perfectly functional white family. They are all dysfunctional.

  100. amcra1

    amcra19 months ago

    The True Texan American on tv dumb ass

  101. TheReturnofStephan1

    TheReturnofStephan19 months ago

    LMAO at all the bigots who become annoyed whenever they see smart, successful black people speak kindly of and to each other, especially those who don't make "certain" white people feel less...inadequate. (See below.):)

  102. shaka g.k.

    shaka g.k.4 months ago

    Cute Little Suzie OMG...this is the most pitiful comment on the internet. WOW your mind is a sewer. free your self.

  103. Baldwin Wallace

    Baldwin Wallace8 months ago

    Why don't you start trying to impress the whites by stop having so many (future criminal; future single-mom; future pole-dancer) illegitimate babies?

  104. Nunya Buznizz

    Nunya Buznizz9 months ago

    We have been kicking your ass for centuries, take your little win kiddo. Just remember, everything you use, every single day. Your phone, electricity, car, home, and everything around you was developed by us. You're welcome. Wanna see how your people do things, go to Africa, or Shitcago, you will be begging to come back.

  105. ThePltsweet

    ThePltsweet9 months ago

    They are too jealous and bitter of black people winning. And i'm loving it.

  106. Nunya Buznizz

    Nunya Buznizz9 months ago

    That t.v., that car, that electricity, that phone, the language you use every day, the light bulb, I can go on and on. Our contribution to everyday life cannot be measured. We have more than enough to be proud of. And yes, I am tired of winning. I would love for the losers to win some too. But you guys are too busy killing each other to get anything done. Sorry kid.... Are you going to report this one too?


    YAHCKTY VEVO9 months ago

    Damn cnn is very hated


    YAHCKTY VEVO9 months ago

    Nunya Buznizz lmao im not a russian troll

  109. Nunya Buznizz

    Nunya Buznizz9 months ago

    Uh, uh, I found the Russian Troll here on MReporter just yesterday. He is a 12 year old sapiosexual who identifies as a potato. It lives in NYC, commonly known as Libtard Hell. I banged a pornstar, nobody cares.

  110. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Nunya - of course it's obvious. Russian conspiracy failed. Trump mental and physical health lies failed. Stormy Daniels failed. Aliens! CNN will find an alien conspiracy!!! LMBAO!!!

  111. Nunya Buznizz

    Nunya Buznizz9 months ago


  112. Nunya Buznizz

    Nunya Buznizz9 months ago

    Do you enjoy being lied to, day, after day, after day, after day, after day, after day? You get the idea... There are just too many lies that they tell to list. It would go on and on, and on, and on, and that would be just yesterday's b.s. You get the idea.

  113. Sack doll

    Sack doll9 months ago


  114. Timothy Foster

    Timothy Foster9 months ago

    Oh God I'm bored already

  115. Tía Solterona

    Tía Solterona9 months ago

    +"Timothy Foster": COWARD TROLL. www.economist.com/news/briefing/21737296-serving-up-fake-news-mr-putins-chef-inside-internet-research-agencys-lie-machine

  116. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Best bet - just down vote and provide a sarcastic comment. Did you downvote? LMBAO!!!

  117. Sack doll

    Sack doll9 months ago

    Clinton Nasties Nibblers go eat her pussy .. old fly invested

  118. George Lihi

    George Lihi9 months ago


  119. Roger Wilco

    Roger Wilco9 months ago

    Gesundheit moron

  120. Sarge Adventures

    Sarge Adventures9 months ago


  121. Julia Sanchez

    Julia Sanchez9 months ago

    GREAT show. Excellent guests. Congratulations.

  122. Void Divided By Zero

    Void Divided By Zero9 months ago

    The main thing black children learn from their parents is how to be racist.

  123. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    Whites learm from their ancestry to be racist.

  124. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson9 months ago

    Wow..... Why so much hate??? Why can't it just b a good interview....

  125. Tía Solterona

    Tía Solterona9 months ago

    +Void: COWARD TROLL www.vox.com/world/2018/4/11/17224294/reddit-russia-internet-research-agency

  126. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    76% of the time they only have one. (snicker)

  127. Mr. White

    Mr. White9 months ago

    You say parents as if black kids ever have more than one.

  128. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    I'm guessing she didn't learn how to spell Tracey. (snicker)

  129. thekingofmoney2000

    thekingofmoney20007 days ago

    Ross attended The Dalton School in Manhattan, Riverdale Country Day School in the Bronx and the Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. She was a model in her teens. She attended Brown University, where she appeared in plays, and graduated in 1994 with a theatre degree. She later worked in the fashion industry, as a model and contributing fashion editor to Mirabella and New York magazines. What have you done with your life?

  130. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Beotch please. LMBAO!!!! More ASSumptions from the dull and illiterate libo sissies.

  131. witch, please

    witch, please9 months ago

    Cute Little Suzie You're an ugly white man pretending to be a little girl. Pedophile much?

  132. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    You don't follow clear instructions well do you Roger. Maybe that's why you are asking so many childish questions. Talk to your mental equal Roger - Garry G. LMBAO!!!

  133. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    Roger Wilco. Best you have is unsubstantiated nonsense? LMBAO!!! Not surprised. Anyway, don't talk to me directly in the future. Garry G is more on your level. He needs attention.

  134. Roger Wilco

    Roger Wilco9 months ago

    ...uh - who cares? CNN have you sunk this low as to become the next BET? Fake news is not enough?

  135. Roger Wilco

    Roger Wilco9 months ago

    Don't forget that never-ending Russia probe!

  136. Iriha Schoo

    Iriha Schoo9 months ago

    This broad is totally irrelevant, unless she is having sex with someone. Come on its CNN, its all about sex and porn stars right?

  137. Ash Roskell

    Ash Roskell9 months ago

    Roger Wilco : But you KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE, DUMB ASS 🤣

  138. Beachdudeca

    Beachdudeca9 months ago

    Roger Wilco its a fucked up twist , have a Black Father walk away from his home and children promotes a disgusting idea that Black Fathers are disposable ! He should be fighting for the Home and Children , and if needed support from his Dr Wife to help raise their children !

  139. R A

    R A9 months ago

    Roger Wilco if CNN is fake news, Fox is a Propaganda machine and facts burners.

  140. Kyota Tsushima

    Kyota Tsushima9 months ago


  141. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago


  142. Nabil's Tales

    Nabil's Tales9 months ago


  143. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    ...let me complete your thought - "nothing burger" (snicker)

  144. Queen Ogress

    Queen Ogress9 months ago

    And you are one weird beotch! LMBAO!!!

  145. Tía Solterona

    Tía Solterona9 months ago

    +nothing: YOU'RE A COWARD TROLL. www.voanews.com/a/inside-the-internet-research-agency-a-mole-among-trolls/4352107.html

  146. Roger Wilco

    Roger Wilco9 months ago

    She should try one of the reality shows where blacks fill the stage and punch, yell and so on. Maybe she will get a free test?

  147. Cute Little Suzie

    Cute Little Suzie9 months ago

    Apologies. Her Mom doesn't know who her dad is. LOL