What's New on Tango (Google I/O '17)


  1. Белый Буддович

    Белый Буддович3 days ago

    What is betteer and more quality Dell, phab2pro or Asus?

  2. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump7 months ago

    I felt surprised and shocked by this fascinating project. It's a great idea that a mobile phone can capture a 3D image. And i like that so much. Cant understand why Google shutting down this project... as well as the previous project Ara... both of them are really special and attractive stuffs to me...

  3. Ersen Özen

    Ersen ÖzenYear ago

    can we measure nonlinear line?

  4. Philip Almqvist

    Philip AlmqvistYear ago

    I remember seeing this guy's wiimote headtracking WAY back. Seems to be doing well, good on him!

  5. Secular Guy

    Secular GuyYear ago

    Was the audience dead? Those were some pretty cool demos, especially the live one with real people (ie the water bottle demo), and not a peep from the audience.

  6. Nadeem Shaikh

    Nadeem Shaikh10 months ago

    Secular Guy they are developers not the press like in apple keynotes

  7. vankov

    vankovYear ago

    I want to buy AR phone which one is better?lenovo or asus?

  8. mamborambo

    mamboramboYear ago

    Is it possible for tango hardware to be sold separately as peripheral for a regular phone? I am aways curious why it is necessary for the tango sensors to be part of the phone --- doesn't this strategy limit the growth of the product availability, and indirectly the market penetration? From my experience the two Tango phones (Asus and Lenovo) are both quite hard to find in the market..... without easier and cheaper hardware availability, we could be ending up like the Google Glass experiment.

  9. Christopher Choi

    Christopher ChoiYear ago

    Its obviously possible to separate the tango hardware and sold as a peripheral, but what is special about Tango isn't its hardware, its the software. All the motion sensing, object tracking, etc (what makes tango special) are all software based not hardware.

  10. Mohammad M

    Mohammad MYear ago

    Wow, can't wait for Tango to get out and see not a single developer want to do ANYTHING with it, very promising. Why? Because developers don't use the greatest software on the market, they use the technology they can punch out the fastest, by the time Tango SDK is released, everybody is going to be making mediocre apps for Apple all because Apple will have a bigger market of users to work with. Not to mention you need a google made phone with the specific model parts JUST TO USE THAT ONE FEATURE.

  11. Pascal Gula

    Pascal GulaYear ago

    Kudos, the Future is (AR/BR)right !!!


    AGING MIRRORYear ago

    AR on Handys will always be a gimmick, build it into some smart glasses and all people will understand what you talk about

  13. billy zheng

    billy zhengYear ago

    where can I get the occlusion sample code on tango?

  14. Carlos Arteaga

    Carlos ArteagaYear ago

    I am interested into investing for the project tango. This can become the new big thing and can strike for success along the way. Please let me know if you guys will open a stock market for this.

  15. Mark Karm

    Mark KarmYear ago

    Carlos Arteaga It can a create a very sustainable industry around it. One example could be the shopping aspect of it, where a whole entire sector needs to implement the technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.

  16. Al Bencomo

    Al BencomoYear ago

    Does anyone know the name or artist of the song played almost at the end? mreporter.net/v/video-BOrg2oc3-rQ.html&list=PLOU2XLYxmsIKC8eODk_RNCWv3fBcLvMMy&index=83&t=36m45s

  17. Kalibur Kitty

    Kalibur KittyYear ago

    Yay! Johnny Lee is back!

  18. Dragonblood

    DragonbloodYear ago

    In 2 years or so, when every phone streams tango data in the google cloud. Google will really know everything. With all this data they will provide the best cloud based ai and computer vision infrastructure where we all are building on top of. If alphabet is able to retain their monopoly, it will become the operating system of the world. There was nothing comparable in human history.

  19. Nadeem Shaikh

    Nadeem Shaikh10 months ago

    The Duka when?

  20. The Duka

    The Duka11 months ago

    The google Tango program was shut down.

  21. Frederick Röders

    Frederick RödersYear ago

    The information age has only just begun

  22. Primo

    PrimoYear ago

    I think 2 years is a bit optimistic, 5 maybe

  23. vankov

    vankovYear ago

    Dragonblood sadly people will still prefer iphone or samsung because it's social status

  24. navin rai

    navin raiYear ago

    As an apprentice android developer I am sad and excited. As a new tech I am excited that such possibilities are coming to us. But when I think I will have to go through learning it if I want to keep up with it.

  25. Kevin A. Ramarozatovo

    Kevin A. RamarozatovoYear ago

    Learning brings growth, may your excitement surpass your fears sir !

  26. Kevin Lieberman

    Kevin LiebermanYear ago

    Is the slide deck available?

  27. Cliff Kung

    Cliff KungYear ago

    2:25 Hardware 3:37 Software 5:04 Game 5:50 Shopping 7:10 Tools 10:05 Sandbox Demo 12:20 Asus AR Demo 14:50 SDK Improvement - Constructor Dev Tool 18:15 WebAR + Chromiun 20:30 VPS demo

  28. Divyam Azad

    Divyam AzadYear ago

    4rth comment yay

  29. JetJockey87

    JetJockey87Year ago

    Beau Lotto is a neuroscientist who works on human perception in a very interesting way. To see Johnny Lee referencing him at the start of this talk, very exciting to see.

  30. Amough Goyal

    Amough GoyalYear ago

    first comment yayyyy