What's At The End Of The Universe?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginMonth ago

    I guess when you float around in the nothingness you discover some weird surprises! Sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, but that's why the universe is so cool! What do you think is at the end of the universe? Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more? Check out our video on parallel universes: mreporter.net/v/video-snuKukJLXIs.html

  2. Ritaben Patel

    Ritaben Patel8 hours ago

    RainbowRedstone infinite mean zero and zero mean infinite so u call zero infinite sometime if u little bit confuse sorry

  3. Genesis Maharlika

    Genesis Maharlika2 days ago

    Life Noggin I think will be more black holes thou

  4. Greatest artist Who ever lived

    Greatest artist Who ever lived3 days ago

    Life Noggin theres a strip club

  5. *Bersof Vlog's*

    *Bersof Vlog's*4 days ago

    Life Noggin I think It is a worm hole to travel into another universe

  6. Junior Carpenter

    Junior Carpenter8 days ago

    Life Noggin its Arrenmoda Galaxy!

  7. Shun Dai

    Shun Dai32 minutes ago

    We have so many questions but almost no answers. Humanity is Highly intelligent but there is no way we could ever reach or See the end of the universe.Now its all about theories, maybe the universe has no end or its growing. We dont know. There are many things out there and the World is a crazy place to be. Maybe we can almost See it in a few Millionen years but never reach




  9. Touch um Two Times Tommy

    Touch um Two Times TommyHour ago

    Jesus said he come back shortly after reaching heaven He hasn't come back Heaven is beyond space and time The universe is space and time Heaven is beyond the universe So traps arent gay

  10. beemo420

    beemo4205 hours ago

    What I think is at the end of the universe is. Nothing

  11. Elix cre8or

    Elix cre8or7 hours ago

    Knock, knock, knock, Blocko. knock, knock, knock, Blocko. knock, knock, knock, Blocko!

  12. nickthedude 1

    nickthedude 110 hours ago

    I think if you cross the boarder of the universe any matter will be ripped apart.

  13. Z Rivive

    Z Rivive10 hours ago

    I think there's jake Paul's at the end of the universe. Lol

  14. Nate Animates

    Nate Animates10 hours ago

    Gabe the dog and Shrek

  15. TheMegaGamer

    TheMegaGamer12 hours ago

    Ohno, a religion war, time to bring out... THE "thats your opinion" SENTENCE

  16. GlamorousStudio

    GlamorousStudio14 hours ago

    3:04 is that a face review?

  17. ??? ???

    ??? ???14 hours ago

    I think the end is Heaven! 😜

  18. The Trypo Puppeteer

    The Trypo Puppeteer15 hours ago

    40% of the comments: Salty Christians 40% of the comments: Salty Atheists 10% of the comments: Funny jokes 5% of the comments: Stolen jokes 5% of the comments: People with theories

  19. Mohammad Abboud

    Mohammad Abboud16 hours ago

    There is no universe until we observe it. It never ends, what we would observe at the end wouldnt be the end when we observe it, space and time will exist once observed. We are locked in a closed loop.

  20. bill gross

    bill gross16 hours ago

    God made the universe guys. :3

  21. Darsh Patel

    Darsh Patel18 hours ago

    I think if it was possible to reach the end of it would look black And The only way to get it is by going to the past then look at the end of the universe

  22. Nicholas Mathurin

    Nicholas Mathurin21 hour ago

    God mode this universe

  23. PARAZ

    PARAZ21 hour ago

    Easy another universe

  24. SnackerMCCracker

    SnackerMCCracker23 hours ago

    uR mOm

  25. Marwa Safie

    Marwa SafieDay ago

    A portal leading to the anime world

  26. Elena Manalo

    Elena Manalo2 days ago


  27. Pink Minecart

    Pink Minecart2 days ago

    COMPLETE NOTHINGNESS or a portal to another parallel universe......

  28. memelousJr Russell

    memelousJr Russell2 days ago

    hellow fellow fuckers

  29. adhi stanley

    adhi stanley2 days ago

    Imagine finding dickbutts on the edge of the universe

  30. Binit James

    Binit James2 days ago


  31. Pinky_Goldy_Gamer

    Pinky_Goldy_Gamer2 days ago

    i think at the end of the universe there is just nothingness you cant feel not do anything just nothing (hope this true it just came up my mind :/ )

  32. Adam Fowler

    Adam Fowler3 days ago

    that's one of the coolest facts in all of the universe I think, that if we traveled at lightspeed for eternity, we would still never reach an end or pass the expansion of galaxies

  33. Irish Virador

    Irish Virador3 days ago

    Can the comment section stop taking about God for AT LEAST ONE SECOND

  34. Gamezulu

    Gamezulu3 days ago

    End of one universe a beginning of another.🧐

  35. Clayton Misener

    Clayton Misener3 days ago


  36. Eletrix YT

    Eletrix YT3 days ago

    I’m guessing at the end of the universe would be like another universe as we live in a multiverse. Btw I’m 10 yrs old.

  37. Erasable Mark

    Erasable Mark3 days ago

    ive been wondering that too. my thoughts are that the whole universe is a planet and theres more to explore. hey, that rhymes!

  38. kevin yang

    kevin yang4 days ago

    I think shit is at the end of the universe

  39. Chito783

    Chito7834 days ago

    the big bang is not real god made the universe

  40. Rushman 209

    Rushman 2094 days ago

    White Place

  41. Twenty-Øne Sirens! At the Chemical Discø

    Twenty-Øne Sirens! At the Chemical Discø4 days ago

    My theory is that we’re living in a fucking big black hole. If we were to reach the end of the universe, there would have to be some strong gravitational pull keeping us from reaching past it

  42. Ash

    Ash4 days ago


  43. zsanaz007

    zsanaz0074 days ago

    3:04 Lol... "Wait... Is that my... Dad?" Lol

  44. Little Narwhal

    Little Narwhal4 days ago

    There is no end to the universe

  45. SoRaRu

    SoRaRu4 days ago

    I would probably say that the end of universe is actualy empty space i know that it gets faster and faster but if it got faster it will probably take thousand years to make a planet since atoms and quarks àre made up of empty space we could kbow that it was empty space .

  46. nelson sy

    nelson sy4 days ago

    When you notice the biggest thing looks like a germ

  47. I am Legend

    I am Legend5 days ago

    Who know,god only

  48. Minegeorge

    Minegeorge5 days ago

    Probably more universes mreporter.net/v/video-lVvcOQk6G0Q.html

  49. MSi Baby

    MSi Baby5 days ago

    I really really love your videos! Subbed :)

  50. iJakoz

    iJakoz5 days ago


  51. Zachary Chandra

    Zachary Chandra5 days ago

    Everywhere Stretch,not a big bang!

  52. MusicGuard

    MusicGuard5 days ago

    at the end of the universe is just void, or just time existing in there. But that "void" will soon be filled with galaxys. Or maybe, its something new, undiscovered. We can only guess these days

  53. Daphani Blair Griffiths

    Daphani Blair Griffiths6 days ago

    Wut dus micerwwovs has to do with this

  54. ervin aguila

    ervin aguila7 days ago

    I think, the universe don't have an end!

  55. The Indiana Jones Show

    The Indiana Jones Show7 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the universe is endless...

  56. MiorMior76 MIORMIOR76

    MiorMior76 MIORMIOR767 days ago


  57. Michael Nicholson

    Michael Nicholson7 days ago

    One thing science agrees on is that energy is eternal it's always been there. No beginning or end. Scientists call spirits a form of energy. God is spirit so that means he's eternal. God Almighty created us. If there was nothing and then everything appeared that's scientifically impossible to begin with since it's scientifically impossible for nothing to create everything. This video goes into great detail about the Big Bang. mreporter.net/v/video-ChWiZ3iXWwM.html

  58. Cjinseong Gomez

    Cjinseong Gomez7 days ago

    I think the universe doesnt have a end because the universe is bigger

  59. Lapita Rai

    Lapita Rai7 days ago

    Sidrat al-Muntaha

  60. Mary David

    Mary David7 days ago


  61. Joey Coffey

    Joey Coffey7 days ago

    I think at there is no end of the universe

  62. Roblancis

    Roblancis7 days ago

    What's the end of the universe? Minecraft Highlands.


    AHAHAAHAHAH heh8 days ago

    long story short, no one knows...until we die


    TUNA FISH GAMING8 days ago

    Good question.... I'm actually thinking about that now :/

  65. Nestor Jimenez

    Nestor Jimenez8 days ago

    The end of the universe is a big iluminati

  66. mityaboy

    mityaboy8 days ago

    But what about the "container" of the universe? the "empty" black void? is it infinite? or it has some boundaries? if so, what comes _After_ that? So is there anything "above" and "around" space?

  67. Khaled Khaled

    Khaled Khaled8 days ago

    I wonder if there is humans in another galaxy

  68. Ashley Narwhal

    Ashley Narwhal8 days ago

    I know this sounds strange and weird but during the ages 4-7 I claimed space was just a huge giant room that at the end is just wood and I also thought out heart was a crab trying to get my attention beacause it was stuck don’t judge me I was still a child

  69. Jake Scott

    Jake Scott8 days ago

    I will tell you all what is down there as you don't know and you want know... Let me start. If you had a spacecraft that was capable of moving at any speed you would reach that edge. Then you would find out that you can't move any further. Because the universe ends there - so beyond that edge is nothing, but you can't go to nothing where is no space. So you would end up looking at a wall that wouldn't let you go any further. The wall is totally black and has no colour. You could wait a few seconds and then go on because universe would expand during that few seconds. There is only wall down there, dark wall of universe, wall of despair and nothingness, ending of everything. However, there is another issue - with that spacecraft you would never reach that wall because there is no time there. The time hasn't born at the edge yet. You would just stop before reaching that wall. Your clock would just stop ticking long before reaching that black point of eternity and nothingness.

  70. Katerina Frascaria

    Katerina Frascaria8 days ago

    My homework

  71. Ferghas Grimm-O'Neil

    Ferghas Grimm-O'Neil8 days ago

    There are probably giant talking spungbobs

  72. Danger Gamer314

    Danger Gamer3148 days ago

    It You would probably be like in a Black holl But you would always Not stop

  73. Henry Enriquez

    Henry Enriquez8 days ago

    At the End of the Universe Earth 2 exist Flash joke

  74. Angry Bird Pro

    Angry Bird Pro8 days ago

    I think at the end of the universe is probably blank White.

  75. Landon Taylor

    Landon Taylor8 days ago

    There is no end!

  76. Tumblr.

    Tumblr.8 days ago

    I think an Other universe

  77. Gaming Deadpool

    Gaming Deadpool9 days ago

    Mine is nothing it is infinite to me. OK no u salty ppl that say Heavan, Unicorns(idk who would pick this :P) and etc.

  78. Banjo Bustillo

    Banjo Bustillo9 days ago

    The Big Bang theory is a large quantity of Nothing wheres a logic of this? How can u build your house If u have nothing ? Someone can Explain this ?.

  79. shane radovan

    shane radovan9 days ago

    i asked this

  80. Lurcgkifgsgkek Official

    Lurcgkifgsgkek Official9 days ago


  81. AlphaAtomic Roblox

    AlphaAtomic Roblox9 days ago

    The end the the universe is God's Castle.

  82. Sangeeta Nikhra

    Sangeeta Nikhra10 days ago

    Hit like if you agree that there is no end i.e. multiverse is infinite

  83. Jampaul Celestr

    Jampaul Celestr10 days ago

    I have a theory the gate outside universe is black holes if were outside the universe theres nothingness except multiverses of course we can see it in our imagination or VR thingy

  84. Michael Force

    Michael Force10 days ago

    Minecraft Super Ultimate Mega Alpha Fan will said: wOrLdBoRdEr!!! bruh

  85. Seema Sharma

    Seema Sharma10 days ago

    I guess there is a different world with imaginary creatures

  86. Joey Weimer

    Joey Weimer10 days ago

    The one problem with the big bang theory. If they universe stared out really small, that meant it had to have had existed or been created at some point. Have to state that.

  87. CH 4

    CH 410 days ago

    one word: GOD by the way as popular as the Big Bang theory is; it makes no snense. I mean if this perfect world ('this' reffering to Earth) was created because of an explosion, it makes no sense it's like detonating a tsar bomb inside a shed and surviving.

  88. X0Playas12 Z

    X0Playas12 Z11 days ago

    You will pass many of googol and you will reach multiverse and whats the end of multiverse the other multiverse

  89. Gabriel The Gamer Cruz

    Gabriel The Gamer Cruz11 days ago

    At the end is (drumroll) John Cena

  90. Levi Seeram

    Levi Seeram12 days ago

    This fake god created the world not Big Bang so a boom made the earth go right in place so only earth can have organism

  91. Levi Seeram

    Levi Seeram12 days ago

    No god did

  92. Steve Lee

    Steve Lee12 days ago

    The answer is clear .... A bigger universe

  93. Avdhoot Namwade

    Avdhoot Namwade12 days ago

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

  94. The old man

    The old man12 days ago

    Answer: Literally nothing

  95. Cam Street

    Cam Street12 days ago

    What I think is at the end of the earth: Complete darkness

  96. Nerf Gun Reviews

    Nerf Gun Reviews12 days ago

    Here is a short answer it's still expanding

  97. Diego G

    Diego G12 days ago

    No god made everything

  98. toastyjiggles

    toastyjiggles12 days ago


  99. Soma Sadhu

    Soma Sadhu12 days ago

    May be more universes or the path to return to the other side

  100. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer12 days ago


  101. Draco Gaming

    Draco Gaming12 days ago

    Maybe at the end of universe is a portal to parallel world

  102. Ramisa's Gaming

    Ramisa's Gaming13 days ago

    *wait a minute.. is that my dad?*

  103. NikauPhantom

    NikauPhantom13 days ago

    I think at the end of space there would be nothing, or an invisible barrier

  104. noob12 -12pig

    noob12 -12pig13 days ago


  105. Joanne Henbury

    Joanne Henbury13 days ago

    I think when we want know if what is at the end I would go in hyperdrive and I think there will be.more u everses

  106. Svijet znanja

    Svijet znanja13 days ago

    on the end is multiverse