What's At The End Of The Universe?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin5 months ago

    I guess when you float around in the nothingness you discover some weird surprises! Sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, but that's why the universe is so cool! What do you think is at the end of the universe? Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more? Check out our video on parallel universes: mreporter.net/v/video-snuKukJLXIs.html

  2. Ricardo Arenas

    Ricardo Arenas27 days ago

    Or a giant party

  3. Ricardo Arenas

    Ricardo Arenas27 days ago

    I think we go to the other end of the unviverse

  4. Ronnie Sion

    Ronnie SionMonth ago

    I know what is at the end

  5. omqitz_ diana

    omqitz_ dianaMonth ago

    +Life Noggin, Where did you go to get such a great quality education?

  6. Ronal Bonilla

    Ronal BonillaMonth ago


  7. Skyygamer 5

    Skyygamer 512 hours ago


  8. Heratfilia Levy

    Heratfilia LevyDay ago

    Lmao when he said bigbang my sis thought the korean boy group bigbang lmao we r big fans😂

  9. king Gummybear

    king Gummybear2 days ago

    What if therebwas another big bang in the nothingness but that big bang had magic and when we eventually got their we would have magic

  10. roly withen

    roly withen2 days ago

    blocko3 how do you anmate

  11. roly withen

    roly withen2 days ago


  12. Mariann Mariann

    Mariann Mariann2 days ago

    The answer to that, we need to talk about parallel universes.

  13. Rishab Jain

    Rishab Jain4 days ago

    The universe is just like a molecule, made of atoms, solar systems, with sun in the center (nucleas), and the planets (electrons) rotating around it. So we are in an atom, which is a part of the big molecule.

  14. Aiza Jarlego

    Aiza Jarlego5 days ago

    Let me guess *Heaven*

  15. subramanian g

    subramanian g5 days ago

    #DEARBLOCKO What do you think about the CAR-T Cell therapy?

  16. NoovyLjay Gaming

    NoovyLjay Gaming6 days ago

    at the end of the universe is another universe and all universe are inside a unviverse?

  17. TheDiamondFlashRod // MakenziTDFR

    TheDiamondFlashRod // MakenziTDFR6 days ago

    I think exiting the universe will let you pass through dimensions

  18. Jndrck G

    Jndrck G6 days ago


  19. Gerome Gaming Yt

    Gerome Gaming Yt7 days ago

    What about infinity?

  20. CatBread GamerYT09

    CatBread GamerYT098 days ago

    D De Dea Deat Death Deat Dea De D

  21. Marko Gavrilovic

    Marko Gavrilovic9 days ago

    im heard at the end of the universe is an lava infinite simbol called infinity

  22. bollywood or hollywood sences # Hindi

    bollywood or hollywood sences # Hindi9 days ago

    Who makes this universe and how and how God come it was to. Difficult. Well

  23. Mona Guy

    Mona Guy9 days ago

    At the end of the universe. are there more universe?

  24. Aarna Pawar

    Aarna Pawar11 days ago

    At the end of the universe is god

  25. Zaul Garnica

    Zaul Garnica13 days ago

    Candy planet,cyborg planet,golden gold planet

  26. Constance Polite

    Constance Polite13 days ago

    Yes please I was looking for my answer for soooooo long thank you!!!!!!!!

  27. Gemma Flores

    Gemma Flores14 days ago

    0:29, 1:29 People Appear

  28. Space Goat

    Space Goat14 days ago

    *girly scream* SPACE!!!!! I LOVE SPACE!!! :D Sorry sorry, I just love space.

  29. Emily Gould

    Emily Gould15 days ago

    the big bang theory,no not,guys get out of here

  30. GangBoy

    GangBoy15 days ago

    there are no stare or galaxies or anything so total blackness

  31. ProXcreepergaming 2

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  32. pixal x zane tf5

    pixal x zane tf518 days ago

    Maybe note

  33. Aditi Kataria

    Aditi Kataria18 days ago

    The big bang theory - guys I'm not talkin' 'bout you just get the hell out of here😂😂 lmao

  34. Lightning Boy

    Lightning Boy20 days ago

    heaven is at the end

  35. Tripp J

    Tripp J20 days ago

    If you make it to the end of the universe you,ll go in a infinity loop

  36. Hello Youtube

    Hello Youtube21 day ago

    My answer into the outside of the universe? The Truth Is Nothing In There or You will Back Into The Universe Again

  37. logan gaming

    logan gaming22 days ago

    God made the universe true fact

  38. Ellie Logan

    Ellie Logan22 days ago

    i think heaven is at the end because god said there must be judgement at the end of time

  39. Admiral Cat

    Admiral Cat24 days ago

    There is no end because there is an ice wall called Antarctica and holds all the water on the earth.

  40. khem llama

    khem llama24 days ago

    At the end of universe is Minecraft World Border

  41. Rosario Garcia

    Rosario Garcia24 days ago

    No its white wall

  42. Geneva Martin

    Geneva Martin24 days ago

    The universe is at the end of the universe

  43. SullivanRaiders F3X Roblox

    SullivanRaiders F3X Roblox25 days ago

    Its the sloan great wall!

  44. Carlo Emanuele Doria

    Carlo Emanuele Doria25 days ago

    no one knows

  45. Wizardanfire

    Wizardanfire25 days ago

    At the end of the universe is just a huge gas station with everything in the universe for sale for about 12 dollars

  46. Soft Suga

    Soft Suga26 days ago

    big bang

  47. Sarah Anglesey

    Sarah Anglesey26 days ago

    Dear Blocko, what was the beginning of... well everything?

  48. Joven Salameda

    Joven Salameda28 days ago

    Ya know... God spoke and created everything from nothing

  49. alma y jose duenas

    alma y jose duenas28 days ago

    The end is god

  50. Smash Bandicoot

    Smash Bandicoot28 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that once you get to the end of the universe you start to exit it and see all the MASSIVE universes around you?

  51. PonyoNoodles

    PonyoNoodles28 days ago

    I would've thought that the leading theory was god..? Because most people (to my knowledge) are religious. Right..? Idk I'm just wondering...

  52. Michelle W

    Michelle WMonth ago

    it ends with space baubles!!!

  53. The Mario Man

    The Mario ManMonth ago

    The universe was built by god. Just like that.

  54. Laker563

    Laker563Month ago

    the only alien to exist is blocko

  55. Game dax

    Game daxMonth ago

    At the end pf the univers you will see yoir dad

  56. vishal VK

    vishal VKMonth ago

    Bekar video

  57. FuZe Danger the 1

    FuZe Danger the 1Month ago

    My comment may not make sence but God created Earth and all the planets but I also believe u too soo idk what to say next but what if God did a sertine thing and what you said about the atoms and stuff and earth and whatever you said well that's it for my comment again this might not make sence but I don't care

  58. You Have Been DESTOID

    You Have Been DESTOIDMonth ago

    I think at the end of the universe will be more universes

  59. EveyXx Lovely

    EveyXx LovelyMonth ago

    I believe theres a 1d dimension and 2d dimension and 3d dimension aka our dimension and last 4d dimension

  60. KieronKN TV

    KieronKN TVMonth ago

    Is that my Dad?

  61. nn toe

    nn toeMonth ago

    outside the universe theres a multiverse which holds more universes that expand once they touch they blow up this is just a theory

  62. Luca Andrei

    Luca Andrei23 days ago

    The flash: earth 2

  63. Frisk Heart

    Frisk HeartMonth ago

    Void. Just void.

  64. Jatin Singh

    Jatin SinghMonth ago

    Great and funny videos 😃keep making new videos

  65. ava matthew

    ava matthewMonth ago

    thats not your dad :-)

  66. Amnotmakingvids 1

    Amnotmakingvids 1Month ago

    I think if you go 1 kilometer near your basically already 3 billion degrees hot and your by then ashes

  67. Yahaira Wilson

    Yahaira WilsonMonth ago


  68. MobaGAMER239 Cool

    MobaGAMER239 CoolMonth ago

    I think of the end of the space us another earth with extinct ed animals on it *my opinion*

  69. Lenny Face

    Lenny FaceMonth ago

    Universe is infinite

  70. Stace Marin

    Stace MarinMonth ago


  71. Noorazlina Norazwad

    Noorazlina NorazwadMonth ago

    Theres no end i guess

  72. 1,000 with no video? can we get 1,000 sub

    1,000 with no video? can we get 1,000 subMonth ago

    Universe is end on trillion year for now

  73. GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarth

    GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarthMonth ago

    God is said to be infinite..what else is infinite? THE YOU-NIVERSE .. HI GOD

  74. The gaming Mouse

    The gaming MouseMonth ago


  75. Void Shadow

    Void ShadowMonth ago

    S͛U͛D͛D͛E͛N͛ D͛E͛A͛T͛H͛

  76. Yurema Rodriguez

    Yurema RodriguezMonth ago


  77. seanbluekiller

    seanbluekillerMonth ago

    at the end of the universe.... *NASA UNIVERSE*

  78. -_A0X_-_ PA1N_-

    -_A0X_-_ PA1N_-Month ago

    I did believe that there is an infinite number of universe ok Like if you agree if its infinite

  79. Conner Kelly

    Conner KellyMonth ago

    I think you just fall forever

  80. Sassymuser/musically tutorials

    Sassymuser/musically tutorialsMonth ago

    How are Adam an eve created

  81. hongxia chen

    hongxia chenMonth ago

    Da void

  82. Santosh Gaur

    Santosh GaurMonth ago

    What are the benefits of soups

  83. Book Lover 326

    Book Lover 326Month ago

    My theory is It is but tiny sub atomic particles until in just a few seconds galaxies and stars would speed past you like cars going past the speed limit and you have to be careful as you may get pulled in by a central black hole or star.

  84. Ibrahim Pawanteh

    Ibrahim PawantehMonth ago

    The ends of the universe is surrounded by a layer of plasma.The universe is contained within it and the plasma expanded as the universe size increases.

  85. Vichu Moni

    Vichu MoniMonth ago

    May be the god but in science was no god u should create a sound speed vehicle or if u can u do the light speed vehicle to launch in space and go to multiple universe and find the appropriate answer

  86. Nazik Adam

    Nazik AdamMonth ago

    There is KURSI AND ARSH of Allah After the seventh sky there is kursi. If kursi is the sahara desert then 7th sky is like a ring in your hand. And after kursi that is arsh. Kursi is like a ring in your hand compared to arsh, assuming arsh is a sahara desert.

  87. Akira Felix

    Akira FelixMonth ago

    umm yeah it's just blackness. untill you reach the universe next door. oh yeah did i mention *FUCKING MULTIVERSES ARE THE COLLECTIVE BELTS OF UNIVERSES*

  88. Despacito Man

    Despacito ManMonth ago

    at the end of the universe i like to call trump planet

  89. Siew Peng Yew

    Siew Peng YewMonth ago

    Who are you

  90. Nak

    NakMonth ago

    Nothing. #stopclickbait

  91. Gagan Bharadhwajsuchi

    Gagan BharadhwajsuchiMonth ago

    0:30 Nope, guys get out of here!

  92. Black Panther

    Black PantherMonth ago

    short anwser i dunno

  93. Carlitos Carrisoza

    Carlitos CarrisozaMonth ago

    Well, that was a waste of time kinda... All of this science talk and then you say we don't know. WOW!

  94. HodySensei

    HodySenseiMonth ago

    ainsley harriot is what is at the end

  95. Soph Snow

    Soph SnowMonth ago

    I think it’s just total pitch black and there’s nothing, no life, no planets, no nothing. And no human could go there and come back alive.

  96. Sophia Francesca Alvarez

    Sophia Francesca AlvarezMonth ago

    I don't know

  97. Anonymous Potatoe

    Anonymous PotatoeMonth ago

    0:10 calling all flat earthers

  98. Lyte Nyte - WinterTheGamer VGCP UTTP EDCP

    Lyte Nyte - WinterTheGamer VGCP UTTP EDCPMonth ago

    ALL GET OUT MOMENTS 0:28 1:28

  99. Lyte Nyte - WinterTheGamer VGCP UTTP EDCP

    Lyte Nyte - WinterTheGamer VGCP UTTP EDCPMonth ago

    Request: Could Donald Trump END The Universe? ft. Me And, every time you or I say "Big Bang Theory" Some characters from the show in your pixelated style show up and you tell them to get out.

  100. Roblox Dude_344

    Roblox Dude_344Month ago

    I think there are more universes at the end

  101. Paste Taster

    Paste TasterMonth ago

    I've always had this belief that maybe the universe will later become very dense and compress onto itself, creating a singular object which then becomes very unstable, imploding on itself creating the universe once more. Maybe there were multiple Big Bangs if so. *For the last time, we aren't talking about you guys*

  102. Mariana Miller

    Mariana MillerMonth ago

    Maybe another universe

  103. Gacha Cheese

    Gacha CheeseMonth ago

    Infinite black space with no galaxies.

  104. Gozer190

    Gozer190Month ago

    There's no end to it

  105. Sceptile _137

    Sceptile _137Month ago

    No it didn’t god created it

  106. Itz Michael Gaming Legendary Gamer

    Itz Michael Gaming Legendary GamerMonth ago

    noice face reveal