What's At The End Of The Universe?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin9 months ago

    I guess when you float around in the nothingness you discover some weird surprises! Sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, but that's why the universe is so cool! What do you think is at the end of the universe? Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more? Check out our video on parallel universes: mreporter.net/v/video-snuKukJLXIs.html

  2. Zdzichu 197

    Zdzichu 19710 days ago

    I think there is no end of universe i know its hard to think about it but i think our universe is infinity.

  3. HNParkourMaster

    HNParkourMaster22 days ago

    +Starlight Autumn Gacha studio yessssssssss you are so right

  4. Ricardo Arenas

    Ricardo Arenas4 months ago

    Or a giant party

  5. Ricardo Arenas

    Ricardo Arenas4 months ago

    I think we go to the other end of the unviverse

  6. Troy Watson

    Troy Watson13 hours ago

    If we go out to far we end up in the star wars universe xD

  7. Mcjanrey Valencia

    Mcjanrey Valencia15 hours ago

    God is higher than the universe.

  8. ShanMistic Challanges

    ShanMistic Challanges15 hours ago

    Light the only thing that can survive any thing black holes even well kinda there's a thing called a white hole (now this kinda sounds weird) when something gets trapped in a black hole it comes out a... White hole😹 so wouldn't light be the thing at the end of the universe IRDK

  9. Xaaveyy Gaming

    Xaaveyy GamingDay ago

    *who needs school...?*

  10. Tako-chan {Neko-Shy}

    Tako-chan {Neko-Shy}Day ago

    Heaven or aliens or some weird planets

  11. boyhouse schoolhouse

    boyhouse schoolhouseDay ago

    Teacher makes us watch life noggin:D

  12. JamiYouell0-0

    JamiYouell0-0Day ago

    Yeah ummm big bang theory or ummm you know GOD CREATED IT

  13. TheEpicMario

    TheEpicMarioDay ago

    Wow. You said the Big Bang Theory and what’s supposed to be Sheldon, Leonard and Penny from the show came on screen. I’m dead... Lol jk I’m still here otherwise why would this post be here? Edit: LMFAOOOOO You said it a second time and, whaddya know, Raj and Howard from the show appeared

  14. Klyde Royale

    Klyde Royale2 days ago

    The end of the universe is void

  15. Jane Cayabyab

    Jane Cayabyab2 days ago

    A huge black hole

  16. Gaming YT Airliner

    Gaming YT Airliner2 days ago

    at the end of the universe is more galaxies

  17. I hate emojis, so pardon my extreme irony.

    I hate emojis, so pardon my extreme irony.2 days ago

    1:10 You're mocking me....

  18. Hanif Mahmud

    Hanif Mahmud4 days ago

    it's 2019 STILL expanding

  19. Fornite Mobile and bad videos

    Fornite Mobile and bad videos4 days ago

    Ok ok ok ok firstable how scientis know how earth got created and how bro how.....

  20. Boring Gamer Kid :P

    Boring Gamer Kid :P4 days ago

    At the end of it are aliens...this may sound crazy but.. *I'm an Alien, Frog, Human* Yup! Well, people say that and always say, 'SHE. IS. *NOT*. HUMAN!' People in my class..at least.. Alien 'cause I can twist my arms to the other side, I can move my stomach (looks like it 'cause I can move my belly button o-o), twist my legs, etc. Frog part came from frog jumps, and I can do the frog chin thing that goes up and down, but REALLY big ones!! Maybe how I got here from *SOOOOOO* far away was they had alien spaceships that are sooooo fast. They brought me to Earth to expand the Alien species and so that I can say if it is safe for the rest of mah fella' Aliens to come here! And I was probably adopted by humans. o-o XDDD Remember.. this is just what people call meh ....._________()_______.....

  21. Tanya Leigh Maguire

    Tanya Leigh Maguire4 days ago

    Red giant I am right

  22. lanik church

    lanik church6 days ago

    there's probably a restaurant at the end of the universe

  23. the amazing EJ HAS THE POWER

    the amazing EJ HAS THE POWER6 days ago

    I think at the end of the universe is a giant black whole with insane gravity causing our universe to expand and will die when our universe is done expanding

  24. Hydra _ninja L

    Hydra _ninja L7 days ago

    Well there is no end at the universe if there was there was a end we would all be dead

  25. It’s Me

    It’s Me7 days ago

    3:11 i think there are fluffy unicorns farting magical glitter on upside down rainbows that have their colours inversed with neon cats drawn and dragons are riding Lamborghinis but homework doesn’t exist.boom

  26. Mr unknown

    Mr unknown7 days ago

    you're at the MReporter rewind

  27. Gavin Hilt

    Gavin Hilt7 days ago

    What at the end of universe is the multiverse that's other universes

  28. Matt Sodano

    Matt Sodano7 days ago

    Was that his animator?

  29. Itachi Shikuchiha

    Itachi Shikuchiha7 days ago

    geez this channel is annoying I didn't look at the channel so I just clicked on this and this popped up damn it

  30. CupGaming Ereet

    CupGaming Ereet7 days ago

    At the end of the universe,nothing.its pretty much a dark endless circle

  31. Ants Ants and Ants

    Ants Ants and Ants8 days ago

    At the end, there is the end.

  32. The Destroyer

    The Destroyer8 days ago

    The Void

  33. Gamin_Sans

    Gamin_Sans9 days ago

    Answer: *MORE SPACE*

  34. Anastacia Muratov

    Anastacia Muratov10 days ago

    "Mass is neither created nor destroyed", wouldn't this theory be wrong if the universe is expanding ? When saying this I'm assuming that mass is being added as the universe is expanding... just a thought

  35. loskie 2007

    loskie 200710 days ago

    This just let's me think what is we go further like 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999997979797979799797979998898989898998989999110011010100101010 miles what would be there another solar system?

  36. Thatpotatohascome Stone

    Thatpotatohascome Stone11 days ago

    What if it’s a wormhole thing and once you reach the end you just start back from the start? If that makes sence maybe that’s why NASA is studying mars as like a backup plan?

  37. RedBrine23 YT

    RedBrine23 YT12 days ago

    In the end of universe, there is a bedrock and if you get outside, youll die and respawn in the hospital

  38. Classic Jr12

    Classic Jr1212 days ago

    God is at the end

  39. Ibrahim Omar

    Ibrahim Omar12 days ago

    IF THE unevurs Die youl go To heaven or hell

  40. Exam Exam 1

    Exam Exam 112 days ago

    Keep fighting for your religion..and aliens are stealing the previous wealth stored behind universe

  41. Dale Elliott

    Dale Elliott12 days ago

    At the end is a with place that has gravity My friend told me

  42. mickey kang

    mickey kang13 days ago

    Like your thumnails i think outside of the universe will be trasnparent but mixed with white colors where theres no gravity. it will need super energy even way stronger than lights. just super unmeasurable energy that will break the barrier of the universe from korea highschool student

  43. Aviil1 Verb

    Aviil1 Verb14 days ago

    My butt is at the end of the universe

  44. Quinny Plays

    Quinny Plays14 days ago

    The universe is like the comments, it is seemingly infinite and easy to get sucked into (or out of?) By a black hole. Oh no, I am in the comment hole ✴. Help meeee!

  45. Quinny Plays

    Quinny Plays14 days ago

    I reckon that there is antimatter At the end of the universe.

  46. A J

    A J14 days ago

    This is just another one of those things that we can't comprehend.

  47. sesamifish

    sesamifish15 days ago

    It's really odd how it's a big struggle for a human to amagine infinity. Other than a circle

  48. George Kokalias

    George Kokalias15 days ago

    It’s heaven!

  49. Spencer Ryan

    Spencer Ryan15 days ago


  50. japan kawaii

    japan kawaii16 days ago

    The multiverse!

  51. JT Music

    JT Music16 days ago

    So in the scientific point of view what happen before the big bang what cause it

  52. Jeffrey Lam

    Jeffrey Lam16 days ago

    By the time we discover how big the universe is it would double in size

  53. Fred is aus the venision

    Fred is aus the venision16 days ago

    The universe is infinitely Infinite. There is no end. Imagine earth like planet's Galaxy's That are billions of years older than our galaxy !!!🇮🇹

  54. JL Gam1ng

    JL Gam1ng17 days ago

    Probably just a Fortnite Storm closing in

  55. LAALAOOs_BRO1964 Gamer

    LAALAOOs_BRO1964 Gamer18 days ago

    Heaven is at the end on the universe like if u think the same

  56. Steven Brown

    Steven Brown18 days ago

    You will leave your Galaxy in find a million others

  57. Xander Galvan

    Xander Galvan19 days ago

    i mean i typed

  58. Xander Galvan

    Xander Galvan19 days ago

    and like if you agree.Not in this comment the other comment i made

  59. Xander Galvan

    Xander Galvan19 days ago

    i think outside of the universe is universes

  60. Cubul Wwr

    Cubul Wwr19 days ago

    i think that at the end of the universe is what made us. that something made us and we made virtual reality. for the virtual reality, the end of it.s universe is reality (us), and for us, the end of our universe is what made us (we all know its Big Chungus)

  61. giovanni larrayoz

    giovanni larrayoz19 days ago

    at the end theres probably 100% darkness

  62. Doggie Crazy Man

    Doggie Crazy Man20 days ago

    Help I'm having a breakdown I will never live to see practically anything of this universe I've been watching videos about space recently please help a bag

  63. Djamilah Aboo Bakar

    Djamilah Aboo Bakar21 day ago

    0:07 The earth is flat confirmed

  64. Jeffrey Wong

    Jeffrey Wong21 day ago

    I thinnk heaven and hell will be there

  65. Adrian Roxbury

    Adrian Roxbury21 day ago

    At the end of the universe is my dignity

  66. Robert Woolhouse

    Robert Woolhouse22 days ago

    At the end of the Universe is probably the same as the core of a black hole 🕳 so if you know what’s in a black hole you have a good start.

  67. electric john

    electric john22 days ago

    At the end of the universe theres *god*

  68. XAdamskioX

    XAdamskioX22 days ago

    How can there be nothingness?

  69. DanielPlayz__ Jamjoom

    DanielPlayz__ Jamjoom22 days ago

    My friend says that the universe is infinite ♾ and i agree with him

  70. Harry C

    Harry C22 days ago

    At the end of the universe is redsupergaints

  71. G59Lyrics

    G59Lyrics22 days ago

    The big bang theory is stupid, what caused the big bang to start? Not sure if it can just happen out of the blue. Something or someone had to create it like god

  72. Titas Bartaska

    Titas Bartaska23 days ago

    Highlight Of The Video:PENNY,PENNY,PENNY

  73. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia23 days ago

    I say there is no end

  74. erajayks

    erajayks23 days ago

    I guess multiverse is

  75. keith marco lozano

    keith marco lozano23 days ago

    at the of the universe im not lying . . . . . its a planet the universe is a star not a planet

  76. Rainey L

    Rainey L23 days ago

    i think we’ll never find out because we are very small, and the universe is so big

  77. Unnes Flash

    Unnes Flash24 days ago

    if the universe is expanding then what's that black thing covering the universe is it expanding too ? if yes what's his expanding area and what's the expanding area for that area .....

  78. Sketch_ Tepig

    Sketch_ Tepig24 days ago

    I have a hypothesis that you can't go further than the end of the universe to see what's past it because you can no longer continue through and you have nothing to go into, but I'm not an astrologist or anything meant to study this so I don't know much to hypothesize with here

  79. RangerGamer55

    RangerGamer5525 days ago

    I like The Big Bang Theory show. Like if you agree.

  80. RangerGamer55

    RangerGamer5525 days ago

    "Galaxies are moving away from us in all directions...." THE OTHER GALEXIES ARE JUST JEALOUS SINCE WE CAN SUPPORT LIFE AND THOSE LOSERS CAN'T.

  81. RangerGamer55

    RangerGamer5525 days ago

    When a atom is new to something it's a "newtron". When it gets good at something it becomes a "protron". When it runs for election it becomes an "ele- SORRY THIS IS TOO MUCH I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. james allen

    james allen25 days ago

    its white paper ^_^

  83. James_Sebastian YTchannel

    James_Sebastian YTchannel25 days ago

    Theres no END of the universe. Even if u can reach the Maximum Speed of anything in our universe, The Galaxy is still expanding with quadrillion times of speed of light. Thanks

  84. cool swag dragon boi

    cool swag dragon boi25 days ago

    My answer is at the end of it there will be gabe doge shibe and cookies and aliens

  85. someone anomonous

    someone anomonous26 days ago

    Dang, I really wish my Teachers let us watch this at school

  86. ShadowPlay

    ShadowPlay26 days ago

    I thing end of universe is nothing only black no stars no planets

  87. Sojib VBF Awesome Polapain

    Sojib VBF Awesome Polapain26 days ago

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  88. Sojib VBF Awesome Polapain

    Sojib VBF Awesome Polapain26 days ago

    Discovery is the most distant planet in the Solar System (read the articles with video) www.heavenscode.xyz/2018/12/discovery-is-most-distant-planet-in.html

  89. YumYumGiveMeGumGum

    YumYumGiveMeGumGum26 days ago

    Ark Of The Covenant duh? where else could it be.

  90. TheMotor929rr

    TheMotor929rr26 days ago

    What if earth was bigger then the sun

  91. melonenenderman 2007

    melonenenderman 200727 days ago

    at the and of our universe starts a big nothing and after 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times the radius of the milky way begins a new universe

  92. jpmplays [] terraria

    jpmplays [] terraria27 days ago

    The big bang never happened god created

  93. Subhra Kumar Sarkar

    Subhra Kumar Sarkar27 days ago

    Concept of "edge" and other sde does not fit in this defintion of univese

  94. Ranking War 240

    Ranking War 24028 days ago

    I think its an another dimension where maybe our pastself and our futureself exist

  95. KKKLEJ SubH2O

    KKKLEJ SubH2O28 days ago

    1:19 10 Billion Years Because There Are 10 Billion Years Of Expanding Left

  96. mrseanyprawny

    mrseanyprawny28 days ago

    There are more universities at the end of this one

  97. MR. ZSF

    MR. ZSF29 days ago

    Lemme Tell You Man It's Written In Quran That No Matter Whatever You Try You Can't Go Beyond The Skies Which Refers To Universe

  98. Gacha Mations

    Gacha Mations29 days ago

    The end of the Universe is just black

  99. Ruben Gheraw

    Ruben Gheraw29 days ago

    So there is an GOD, because the universe is infinity and GOD have also no end, He is infinite, His(jahwe) creation is infite. In de Islam the universe ends in an muddy pool.

  100. ElectroMenZ [GD]

    ElectroMenZ [GD]29 days ago

    I think at the end of the universe is just a void of nothingness.

  101. strykeback24

    strykeback2429 days ago

    There is no answer....

  102. DriveableOwl Cruze

    DriveableOwl Cruze29 days ago

    infinite meme world. that's what is at the end

  103. Patricia Hermo

    Patricia Hermo29 days ago

    hmmm what if at the end of the universe is the beginning? like our universe is a loop?

  104. Cheung Li

    Cheung Li29 days ago

    No one can get to end just like a airplane starts any point(fly absolutely one line) on Earth and finally this airplane will back to original point where it start.

  105. IMPOSSIBLE Ent.

    IMPOSSIBLE Ent.Month ago

    The big bang is wrong god made universe

  106. Avatar Raptor

    Avatar RaptorMonth ago

    1:40 or they could just be moving, nothing can stay in one place forever