What's At The End Of The Universe?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginYear ago

    I guess when you float around in the nothingness you discover some weird surprises! Sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, but that's why the universe is so cool! What do you think is at the end of the universe? Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more? Check out our video on parallel universes: mreporter.net/v/video-snuKukJLXIs.html

  2. Mario Roubin

    Mario Roubin3 days ago

    Wow this is my first video from your chanell and I know that it is from 2018 but nwm

  3. gas ter

    gas ter4 days ago

    What portal do I need to make Lol Minecraft reference

  4. Sathish KumCar

    Sathish KumCar7 days ago

    Bloko your so cool

  5. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown8 days ago

    Danny F This is science, so god should never be mentioned at all, for simple reason that god is beyond human thinking, so there is no point.

  6. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown8 days ago

    It might not be expanding, but instead, drifting. Possibility |o;

  7. SPINO DEVIL 136

    SPINO DEVIL 1365 hours ago


  8. sylvan matthia95

    sylvan matthia9514 hours ago

    No matter

  9. MrFox5428

    MrFox54282 days ago

    The univers is infinite You cant reach the end

  10. blog city

    blog city2 days ago

    1:35 Other galaxies: Ugh its *that* galaxy

  11. Nicolas Miranda Gonzalez

    Nicolas Miranda Gonzalez2 days ago

    Answer of what's at the end of the univers: the VOID

  12. maria hernandez

    maria hernandez2 days ago

    The Universe is infinite and beyond

  13. Blockrouser NL

    Blockrouser NL2 days ago

    At the end?? Maybe an infinity stone

  14. Bib Bobby

    Bib Bobby2 days ago

    So what your saying is to win hide or seek or to leave humanity as we know it hop on a rocket ship going one way

  15. ItsMeDmitrii!

    ItsMeDmitrii!2 days ago

    0:08 flat earth confirmed

  16. Sunic

    Sunic2 days ago

    God created all life.

  17. SmokeZ

    SmokeZ2 days ago

    I think a multiverse

  18. Aqeefiesty Roblox

    Aqeefiesty Roblox3 days ago

    I hope when the end of the universe no one watches MReporter

  19. Mr. Sharko

    Mr. Sharko3 days ago

    When you reach the end of the Universe, a message pops up saying: *RETURN TO THE COMBAT AREA*


    THIS FREAKEN GUY2 days ago

    Mr. Sharko Lol good one 😹😹😹

  21. Jaythebest Jaythebest

    Jaythebest Jaythebest3 days ago


  22. Arunas Barkauskas

    Arunas Barkauskas3 days ago

    Big chungus

  23. momo

    momo3 days ago

    A: Life Noggin’s World

  24. Lazar Gjorgov

    Lazar Gjorgov3 days ago

    At the end of the universe there is pelly from fortnite and he is singing ,,I AM A BANANA I AM A BANENA"

  25. NickGamerBB 2

    NickGamerBB 23 days ago

    The ender_dragon😀😀😁😁

  26. CLK

    CLK4 days ago


  27. Ichie Maderazo

    Ichie Maderazo4 days ago

    I know whats he end of univers dark energy

  28. ASA17j

    ASA17j4 days ago

    There’s no end, the human mind can’t digest this information but it’s true... there’s no end of the universe.

  29. RoberBot

    RoberBot4 days ago

    at the end of the universe is the others sock when we lose it

  30. NeKietas GD

    NeKietas GD4 days ago

    I think at the end of unevers moto moto gets shower

  31. RedFoxGamer

    RedFoxGamer4 days ago

    At the end of the Universe, there are obviously pizza bagels.

  32. Triw3

    Triw34 days ago

    Probably more universe

  33. kristupas kirvaitis

    kristupas kirvaitis4 days ago

    I think at the end is JUST a black void no gravity no stars just a black void

  34. Bry Bry

    Bry Bry5 days ago

    The end of the universe is just a black thing (darkness)

  35. Mohamed darwish

    Mohamed darwish5 days ago

    Only God knows what is beyond the universe and what at the end...Btw "Allah" is the real and the only God.... If you refuse...Tell me what you think....Btw Jesus isn't a God he is a prophet and Islam is the true Relegion...Search it up and hear it from English Muslim people to understand...if you still refuse...As you like...Islam said that Muslims should not force people to join it...it's just Relegion which isn't a big deal...Islam isn't the terrorist groups...they are faking their Islam and kill people as if Islam said that...but it didn't....Have a nice day 🙂

  36. David Chris

    David Chris5 days ago

    I think there are no planets, galaxies and all that , just stars and blackness that in few billion years will expand to more planets but for sure some other stuff will happen that i dont know of course xD, i guess something dangerous like these planets we know(earh, sun e.t.c) will get destroyed and other new planets will be created bigger planets

  37. Brooks Burns

    Brooks Burns5 days ago


  38. Glutch flex

    Glutch flex5 days ago

    End of the universe there will be a big wall build by Steve and Alex from Minecraft

  39. Akhil Bijimon

    Akhil Bijimon5 days ago

    It is said that universe is expanding. For a substance to expand,it requires a space . The universe could be in a space /medium. The end of universe could be that medium . for example, blowing up a balloon in air --- here balloon can be related as the universe and air outside as the medium mentioned above.

  40. Jocelyn Wil

    Jocelyn Wil5 days ago

    But... what is beyond that medium? Is it a vacuum? What is it expanding into?

  41. XpertTroller

    XpertTroller6 days ago

    Someone: where do u live? Me: observable universe

  42. Ds Production

    Ds Production6 days ago

    Im a flat earther come ondestroy me comment section is open illprovide right answers for all

  43. MRZ vlogs,gaming and pig

    MRZ vlogs,gaming and pig6 days ago


  44. Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy6 days ago

    at the end of the universe i think there is void

  45. kyo_ koko05

    kyo_ koko056 days ago

    At the end of the universe There is a 3D skybox

  46. LUCAzade

    LUCAzade7 days ago

    I got a MReporter ad on a MReporter video 🤦‍♂️

  47. adnethebeast

    adnethebeast7 days ago

    Just void

  48. NHJYT

    NHJYT7 days ago


  49. LGstream Record

    LGstream Record8 days ago

    Another dimension and other life forms

  50. Flizas

    Flizas8 days ago

    Every map has a limit, storage space can't hold it for long

  51. Horacio Ruiz

    Horacio Ruiz8 days ago

    Well lets be realistic there is no end mincraft already proved that.

  52. Mr Canadian087

    Mr Canadian0878 days ago

    Moto moto is at the end of the universe

  53. Windows NT 6.0 can be made in 2020

    Windows NT 6.0 can be made in 20208 days ago

    At the end of the uninsured,there's a VERY BIG PIECE OF CHEESE

  54. Introverted Turtle

    Introverted Turtle8 days ago

    What’s at the end of the universe? big chungus

  55. Last First

    Last First8 days ago

    the universe might be endless Or maybe the end of the universe s heaven?

  56. can i get a uwu

    can i get a uwu8 days ago

    0:29. Like is you like the big bang theory

  57. Calian Tupino

    Calian Tupino8 days ago

    Maybe Omniverse is the end of the universe

  58. Chief Icebear

    Chief Icebear8 days ago

    Ricardo Milos is at the end of the universe

  59. Marie Javillonar

    Marie Javillonar8 days ago

    At the end of the universe is where thanos and the infinity stones are!

  60. AnimeGem

    AnimeGem9 days ago


  61. Elijah Peterson

    Elijah Peterson9 days ago

    theirs probably a whole group of universes

  62. Lazeric Roblox and More!

    Lazeric Roblox and More!9 days ago

    At the end of the universe, you will find microsoft edge

  63. Felix Hernandez

    Felix Hernandez9 days ago

    I know, is that you travel to another timeline

  64. Budgie Blobs

    Budgie Blobs9 days ago

    At the end of the universe is... Big Chungus

  65. thediamondminecraft7

    thediamondminecraft79 days ago

    I think at the end of the universe is just a white void highlighted “you wasted all of your time getting here lol”

  66. Steffanny Reyna

    Steffanny Reyna9 days ago

    #Dearblocko what if we could get out of the milky way?

  67. Isaac Alejandre

    Isaac Alejandre9 days ago

    SCP-001 The truth

  68. Luiz Pucha

    Luiz Pucha9 days ago

    I think at the end of the universes there will be another universes!!! But hey that's just a theory

  69. Galaxyii Playz

    Galaxyii Playz9 days ago

    What's At The End Of The Universe? the question mark..................

  70. Gacha Fluff

    Gacha Fluff9 days ago

    At the end of the universe? Remember how Unicorns became extinct like the dinosaurs? Everyone says they don't exist because they were told to say that. Our unicorn overlords will come at the end of the universe and if u believe in them u will be happy forever

  71. Trinh Tran

    Trinh Tran9 days ago

    The end is infinity

  72. MyUglyHairline

    MyUglyHairline9 days ago

    There is no end it’s unlimited

  73. GhOsT 👻

    GhOsT 👻9 days ago

    I think at the end there’s living organisms that study us* Accidentally wrote is and autocorrected to isis


    TH3 CHALLENGER9 days ago

    The universe is endless!

  75. Fanny Official

    Fanny Official9 days ago

    At The End Of The Universe There's A Boltzman Brain :)

  76. Ic3Tea

    Ic3Tea9 days ago

    No one:Imagine that nothing exists Me: Me: thats scary


    AKOSI DOGIES9 days ago

    The out side of our universe is where the living tribunal live

  78. Blue

    Blue9 days ago

    When you realize another comment has more likes than the youtuber’s comment

  79. shootsix77

    shootsix779 days ago

    How can the universe travel faster than the speed of light? We wouldn’t know cuz we couldn’t see it

  80. Gusts Freimanis

    Gusts Freimanis9 days ago

    How can u know no one knows

  81. Manuel Gil

    Manuel Gil10 days ago




    The universe is flat

  83. Hypebeast boy

    Hypebeast boy10 days ago

    That’s what I’m thing since when I’m a kid

  84. 100.000.000 subs For No Vids Mkamama

    100.000.000 subs For No Vids Mkamama10 days ago

    The End Of Universe? *Ricardo Milos*

  85. Ghazi Ganendra

    Ghazi Ganendra10 days ago

    There are the dankest of dank memes at the end of the galaxy

  86. Michelle Jenkins

    Michelle Jenkins8 days ago

    Very dank

  87. Husain Allami

    Husain Allami10 days ago

    L Lo Lol

  88. GamingWithMilo

    GamingWithMilo10 days ago

    The end of the universe is literally just empty space. Or another universe that our universe will eventually collide with

  89. Haha HAHAh

    Haha HAHAh10 days ago

    No basically you r going toward a target so basically your going toward it

  90. Lucas Van Valderen

    Lucas Van Valderen10 days ago

    The big bang was only in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  91. Duolingo Bird

    Duolingo Bird10 days ago

    The end of universe is the only place you can escape me

  92. Mr Jakoobian

    Mr Jakoobian10 days ago

    At the end of the universe? MADE IN CHINA

  93. Great Disaster

    Great Disaster10 days ago

    I eat my foot because I go sleep with my mouth in my foot


    ANNETTE10 days ago

    And it took me around the universe, to the point i reached the end, it was very thick and hard to move in, and it was a complete void


    ANNETTE10 days ago

    I had a dream when i was four, an alien by the name of species, "nephilim" or nephilem, i cant spell it lol, anyway

  96. derp Vlogs

    derp Vlogs10 days ago

    Starship mario

  97. Zachi's Basics

    Zachi's Basics10 days ago

    At the end of the universe there is a mirror version of it.

  98. Anaflexys

    Anaflexys10 days ago


  99. Amal Sajeev

    Amal Sajeev10 days ago

    Where is universe occupied?

  100. MaksyMisCrazy

    MaksyMisCrazy10 days ago


  101. WolfGirl 77

    WolfGirl 7711 days ago

    I don’t believe in Big Bang. I believe that God, Jesus, made the world.

  102. Megamito Megamen

    Megamito Megamen11 days ago

    In the end of the universe: Its the another solar sistem and after is the anothers solars sistems and after is the ultiverse and after is the multiverse and after is the library of multiverses and after i dont know

  103. Nate Blanton

    Nate Blanton11 days ago

    I believe that in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth at least that's what I believe I don't believe the Big Bang Theory but that's your opinion

  104. SUPA-DUPA Man

    SUPA-DUPA Man11 days ago

    A substance that's so hot it'll melt you even if your a million miles away. (Already knew that)

  105. weird person with a weird profile pic

    weird person with a weird profile pic10 days ago


  106. Yuri Nomoru

    Yuri Nomoru11 days ago

    Me: **realized we could die right now and our earth will probably die soon** :’)

  107. Roger Seal Master

    Roger Seal Master11 days ago

    Yep when i black hole Forms Thats the end And i wont be there to see it whitch im Happy for

  108. David Steinour

    David Steinour11 days ago

    Wow look nothing.

  109. itjust alex and Lisbeth

    itjust alex and Lisbeth11 days ago

    At the end there big chungus