What New Yorkers Think Childish Gambino's “This Is America” Means | Genius News


  1. Jp Killer 21

    Jp Killer 218 days ago

    You thought anime hair is crazy Welcome to America 😂😂😂

  2. michael mccray

    michael mccray9 days ago

    the video to me show that television on the front end try to keep us entertained thus in a hypnotic trance while the real issues are in the background. "we just wanna party" tells all.

  3. Richard Roberson

    Richard Roberson22 days ago

    What a crappy song. The lyrics dont mean crap. Childish gambino better be trying to make a statment about assumptions, or just trying to troll everyone.

  4. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago

    and yet silence from all of these people when it comes to the Dallas Sniper and the entire Jussie Smolette debacle. Nope, all of America is anti-black and racist. Keep tellin' yourself that guys.

  5. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago

    song isn't even good and is kind of racist.

  6. TheRealEst

    TheRealEstMonth ago

    some of the black ppl here are so fucking stupid/racist

  7. joe chrow

    joe chrowMonth ago

    Could be the WORST song i ever heard...And it won "Record of the Year"....Just shows how PATHETIC rap is today and music in general...This song was so AWFUL it should have NEVER even been recorded..."Cardi B" also won an award at the Grammys...What is going on?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. g hob

    g hobMonth ago

    So only 2 white people in the entire video?

  9. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago

    Where's the diversity and inclusion? I guess diversity doesn't matter when white people aren't involved. (modern diversity is just being used as a tool to remove white people from everything and nothing more)

  10. Tony Franchise CA

    Tony Franchise CAMonth ago

    Funny how black Americans rep 12% of the pop yet bitched & complained their way into 50%+ of the Air-Time in this country... yet they still complain! Talk about Dillan Roof but nothing of Chicago, FBI Crime Stats, Who is actually pushing this anti-American/white/western narrative etc.... Answer: Look up the Communist Manifesto, Kalergi Plan, 1965 Immigration Act, or Know More News on MReporter. The anti-white racist BS will end up screwing everyone over in the end... good luck. The Grammys were obnoxious by the way. All run by (((them))) Deus Vult👌 🇺🇸⚔️🇺🇸

  11. Tony Franchise CA

    Tony Franchise CAMonth ago

    Shits on America... the country that made him rich. Claims the country is racist based off history from 200 years ago... even though crime stats show a diff story. Ignorance is bliss I guess. It isn’t hard to decipher what BS he is pushing. Be thankful... I can’t believe that song won Grammys. Garbage! Deus Vult 🇺🇸⚔️🇺🇸

  12. Ali Awaare

    Ali AwaareMonth ago

    When YOU see a gun violence in street 0:46

  13. Kory Simmons

    Kory Simmons3 months ago

    First of all that was an AK 47, not an AR

  14. Michael Park

    Michael Park3 months ago

    People are so dumb.

  15. lolkid0120 lol

    lolkid0120 lol5 months ago

    Black isn't a race it's a color

  16. Jonathan Rossianno

    Jonathan Rossianno6 months ago

    They didn't let the guy in the blue shirt talk smh #thisisamerica

  17. Aliyyah Lunsford

    Aliyyah Lunsford7 months ago

    He didn't come to Harlem and ask nobody up here! He didn't go to the hoods in bklyn the Bronx or other ghettos

  18. mark phillip

    mark phillip7 months ago

    if dat is the best way to bring some light to ppl if is a good message well dat shit suck herd better, didn't like da song period this fella dealing with heights seems really dark to me lol doh.

  19. J D

    J D8 months ago

    How can you ask people what they think after showing them a song on a 3 inch screen in the sunlight and phone speakers in a crowded park/union square. :-/ I'm glad they still got good responses out of people.

  20. Nykia Rodriguez

    Nykia Rodriguez9 months ago

    good perspectives from the folks in the video and most comments

  21. mons hills

    mons hills9 months ago

    Every one who likes this really need to wake up

  22. mons hills

    mons hills9 months ago


  23. Ashley Anglin

    Ashley Anglin9 months ago

    0:0:6 gon off the hennsey


    ALANSHEARERISGOD9 months ago

    Are all Americans this stupid?

  25. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago


  26. Christian Macaboy

    Christian Macaboy9 months ago

    RESPONSE VIDEO POSTED: Stephen Pippin's "A Real American" -------> mreporter.net/v/video-oLrDHN7GV-s.html

  27. MeatPopsycle

    MeatPopsycle9 months ago

    @2:49 Not an AR, but an AK. AR is used as a representation of the current Mass Shooting Craze, while AK is definitely associated with violence in the black community, as well as seen as a sort of power symbol in gang culture.

  28. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago

    mass shooting "craze"? This is a craze now? Funny I don't remember the last time it happened other than in Chicago, but it's a "craze" now? Oh right, you just use things like these to level your hatred against whites even though less than a dozen white dudes don't represent all of white america, but completely turn a blind eye to all of the black on black killings TOTALLY DWARFING the body count of these ultra-rare mass shootings. Nice.....nice there with your soft racism.


    GRUNGE FAERIE9 months ago


  30. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago

    listen to this racist

  31. Sexytim DerangedShows

    Sexytim DerangedShows9 months ago

    We are blinded by the media. Now adays everyone even myself staring at my phone is trapped. Teenagers would much rather be the next big coriagrafer or sound cloud rapper. Un employment rate is going. Getting worse in numbers killings are getting more recognized and we are distracted by whats kool or hip not the reality around us. We are eslaved by the media. All media.

  32. Aidan Proctor

    Aidan Proctor9 months ago

    The show that these New Yorkers are retarded and this video is retarded and black Supremacy is are just as real as white supremacy

  33. Damien INSANE-O

    Damien INSANE-O27 days ago

    it's more real, it's more pervasive, it's so fucking pervasive that black supremacist things are said all teh fucking time in mixed company and nobody even bats a fucking eyelash anymore.

  34. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan9 months ago

    Shut up negro

  35. Patience Nwachukwu

    Patience Nwachukwu9 months ago

    Idk y i dont like the shooting part

  36. Kenneth mosley

    Kenneth mosley9 months ago

    That dude at 324.lol

  37. Kelly Mcsweeney

    Kelly Mcsweeney9 months ago

    You asked New Yorkers? He is from the South.

  38. Hacker God

    Hacker God9 months ago

    It is showing about what happens in america and is showing that a lot of bad things happen.

  39. Cory Danrich

    Cory Danrich9 months ago

    Well she has no clue what she’s talking. About

  40. Swift Gartell

    Swift Gartell9 months ago

    I've not seen or heard any wrong responses from anyone but the only one I haven't heard was overall everything in this video was easily to be cross-referenced to something symbolical from our past which means seek and study because they are no longer teaching specific parts of history in public schools across America so PLEASE everyone if you see an image educate yourself from the past and present so we can try and have a better future......Gartell

  41. Michael ThibodeauX

    Michael ThibodeauX9 months ago

    How many of them actually have a job

  42. The GMÈ ON

    The GMÈ ON9 months ago

    If I ever liked this video it would be for the hairstyles of those ppl

  43. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter9 months ago

    If you listen to the lyrics he is making fun of today's rapper and what they talking about in their music

  44. Pasty Klines

    Pasty Klines9 months ago

    We r not black...

  45. Peter Terranova

    Peter Terranova9 months ago

    You're in the most diverse city on the planet, and yet you mostly only show the video to black people?

  46. Jake Watson

    Jake Watson9 months ago

    I would have thought this was in California because I'm pretty sure I heard at least 50 "Ya'know, like..."s

  47. Ryan Eiler

    Ryan Eiler9 months ago

    The fuck??? The AR to the quior!! Listen that shows how uneducated they are on a topic they care so deeply about!! Buddy that was an ak47 not an AR. Just because you associate a gun that looks scary and shoots fast with an AR doesn't mean it is

  48. Ryan Eiler

    Ryan Eiler9 months ago

    The song is trash

  49. DoceMeVeritatum

    DoceMeVeritatum9 months ago

    What Jim Crow references are there in the video?

  50. lillian barnes

    lillian barnes9 months ago

    I can't stand NY'ers, so why the hell am I watching this??? Bye

  51. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez9 months ago

    My nigga’s

  52. tacosR1 Gaming

    tacosR1 Gaming9 months ago

    Police brutality isn’t true. 😂 Black people are so close minded. Well at least she is. 😂 the world doesn’t revolve around you. No you DONT use dance as an outing

  53. Neptunian Fly

    Neptunian Fly9 months ago

    Ok but did they experience it by listening through a tablet speaker? Really? The music arrangement plays a big whole on the overall mood, specially that Bass line.

  54. Rajesh Ravindranathan

    Rajesh Ravindranathan9 months ago

    I am just sad that white America is still soooo fucking racist in 2018.. am neutral, am asian. I wish my country, Malaysia had your "African-Americans".... Nice T-shirt btw :)

  55. Joeboy

    Joeboy9 months ago

    Genius... a great way to paint a picture of events that society is loudly silent about

  56. Michael Esposito

    Michael Esposito9 months ago

    Can anyone under the age of 30 speak without saying "like" every 5 seconds.? Sad.

  57. Jesse Machtolf

    Jesse Machtolf9 months ago

    This is pretentious

  58. Jesse Machtolf

    Jesse Machtolf9 months ago

    Shit ain't genius. Wtf

  59. Sean Beharry

    Sean Beharry9 months ago

    Yeah it is real and crazy same tims. But the truth hurts no mater what .

  60. Hindistani Jai

    Hindistani Jai9 months ago

    Many Westerners are getting targeted in Middle East and most of them are leaving, so if Blacks thinks they are also getting targeted then why don't they leave America.

  61. IrrelevantCommentsThatAreSometimesRelevant

    IrrelevantCommentsThatAreSometimesRelevant9 months ago

    I love how most people didn't understand it

  62. Wisher Wolf

    Wisher Wolf9 months ago

    I love when people that not have any idea, say 'clearly'

  63. Aegon Aram

    Aegon Aram9 months ago

    This music video would scare the shit out of you if you were high.

  64. kimberly s

    kimberly s10 months ago

    Can we get rid of the filler word "like" like like like like

  65. taylor milan

    taylor milan10 months ago

    if you black and you think this video doesn't apply or to you or isn't accessible or isn't a message to you then you need to evaluate your thoughts cause he's obviously pointing out a few faults within the black culture that need to be addressed within the older and younger generation

  66. Jesus is Lord of all!! Every knee shall bow

    Jesus is Lord of all!! Every knee shall bow10 months ago

    There is a couple of really um, different hairstyles. Distracting to be sure.

  67. Keswarnath Ragbar

    Keswarnath Ragbar10 months ago

    Hidden meanings in the video.Also steretyping a class of people in the USA. Majority of crime statistically are recorded.VIDEO is poor in taste .The tltle is wrong It should have been oppressed in america .

  68. Isaac Chetrit

    Isaac Chetrit10 months ago

    Tree man is lit

  69. sashafortis

    sashafortis10 months ago

    I cannot remember the originator of the quote, but I know it is pre world war II. The quote was "AMERICA IS A CONVERSATION PUNCTUATED BY GUNFIRE" At the time it referred to the US's gunboat diplomacy policy being, amongst colonial ambitions, trade expansionism and other things, a great way of steering political conversation at home. It is so very much more true today, with the 24 hour news cycle, total global coverage and communication... and with the cynical chaos at play within both social and political realms. A real debate about race and inequality...BANG...no, another school shooting. Lets all send thoughts and prayers. next! There has been a lot said about this video that I have really appreciated, as I failed to catch so much of the subtlety. But the quote I started this comment with... for me that was the thing that loomed large. that was being expressed by the whole song.

  70. Min Suga's Natural Hair Is Daebak

    Min Suga's Natural Hair Is Daebak10 months ago

    3:25 "I get the point but you have to make your visuals accessible to a really wide range of people" Except that this is not only visuals, this the REALITY. And besides what Donald portrays in his MV, it's what we can see in the news

  71. 12345 6789 10 11 12

    12345 6789 10 11 1210 months ago

    Divide and conquer......

  72. Matt Ghostly

    Matt Ghostly10 months ago

    New York seems SJW’d to hell!

  73. Andromeda Spark

    Andromeda Spark10 months ago

    This wasn't just a music video. It's performance art. Mr Glover is incredibly gifted. Even people who would want to dispute him are still going to be effected. The song is really good on its own too.

  74. Comatose

    Comatose10 months ago

    "This is America" .. No, this is what you turned America into.

  75. Prime_717

    Prime_71710 months ago

    1:45 lol he says entertainment he's right....look at the top of his head

  76. BluFoxia Gamea

    BluFoxia Gamea10 months ago

    1:10 people like this just don't get the meaning of it no matter what color you are

  77. Shakerra Williams

    Shakerra Williams10 months ago

    IJS..... But is it me or do all these ppl sound the same...... Weird.

  78. Hamma Tyme

    Hamma Tyme10 months ago

    I think everyone is over thinking this edgy unorthodox music video. When it was really a failed attempt at directing a video lol

  79. Irish Kid19xx

    Irish Kid19xx10 months ago

    Some of these people have dumb ass thoughts. Speak some stupid shit on MReporter for everyone to see lmao

  80. Josie Fox

    Josie Fox10 months ago

    I'm sorry people but this is the impression that I have of America ie that it is a racist, sexist and socially retarded country where people only seem to count if they have money. Not everyone can be rich otherwise being rich becomes irrelevant surely and yet your entire society is based upon social Darwinism or SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST. I would be absolutely terrified to even visit your country as you seem to kill people for no reason!?

  81. xXgodlyclutchXx

    xXgodlyclutchXx10 months ago


  82. Wisky Tom

    Wisky Tom10 months ago

    Listen to the music switch from happy clappy human soweto hope theme to the machine beat this is America bang beat, it demonstrates perfectly how black culture is destroying black culture in America

  83. ignorecorporatenews

    ignorecorporatenews10 months ago

    this is all staged propaganda to sell a garbage product - now THAT's America

  84. Google User

    Google User10 months ago

    It's just a stupid liberal video but at least it portrayed Black on Black violence as the major problem within the Black community. I sit here thinking maybe that's exactly what the message is because we all know BLM is a joke and Donald really won't say what it is about so hmmmm.

  85. Dayati Official

    Dayati Official10 months ago

    You can hear 21 savage in the background in his music video by the way🤙🏽

  86. Joshua Rizo-Patron

    Joshua Rizo-Patron10 months ago

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain

  87. Hell Flame

    Hell Flame10 months ago

    School shooting in Texas today This is America

  88. Chris Simkin

    Chris Simkin10 months ago

    This is the worst song ive ever heard. Not artistic. Not meaningful. Just fucking stupid. But hey... This is America

  89. Snowbird

    Snowbird10 months ago

    The Americans you could find in New York... What?

  90. Buddy Silver

    Buddy Silver10 months ago

    THE BLACK HOLOCAUST JOHN W. FOUNTAIN author@johnwfountain.com Last Modified: May 6, 2012 Imagine Soldier Field beyond capacity, brimming with 63,879 young African-American men, ages 18 to 24 - more than U.S. losses in the entire Vietnam conflict. Imagine the University of Michigan’s football stadium - the largest in the U.S. - filled to its limit of 109,901 with black men, age 25 and older. Now add 28,223 more - together totaling more than U.S. deaths in World War I. Picture two UIC Pavilions packed with 12,658 Trayvon Martins - black boys, ages 14 to 17 - nearly twice the number of U.S. lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now picture all of them dead. The national tally of black males 14 and older murdered in America from 1976 through 2005, according to U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics: 214,661. The numbers tell only part of the story of this largely urban war, where the victims bear an uncanny resemblance to their killers. A war of brother against brother, filled with wanton and automatic gunfire, even in the light of day, on neighborhood streets, where little boys make mud pies, schoolgirls jump rope, where the innocent are caught in the crossfire, where the spirit of murder blows like the wind. It is, so far, a ceaseless war in which guns are often the weapon of choice, and the finger on the trigger of the gun pointed at a black male is most often another black male’s. The numbers alone are enough to make me cry - to wonder why - we as African Americans will march en masse over one slain by someone who is not black, and yet sit silent over the hundreds of thousands of us obliterated from this mortal world by someone black like us, like me. It is a numbing truth borne out by hard facts: From 1980 through 2008, 93 percent of black victims were killed by blacks. Translation: For every Trayvon Martin killed by someone not black, nine other blacks were murdered by someone black. In 2005, - blacks - accounted for 13 percent of the U.S. population but 49 percent of all homicides. The numbers are staggering, the loss incomprehensible. Add to the tally of black males 14 and older slain across the country from 1976 to 2005, another 29,335 (slain from 2006 to 2010), and their national body count rises to 243,996, representing 82 percent of all black homicides for that 35-year period. What also becomes clear is this: We too often have raised killers. And this war is claiming our sons. But that’s still not the end of the story. Add to that number 51,892 black females ages 14 and older, plus five whose gender was not identifiable, and the total, not counting children, is 295,893 - more than the combined U.S. losses of World War I, the Vietnam, Korean and Mexican-American wars, the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War. Is the blood of these sons and daughters somehow less American? Two hundred ninety-five thousand eight hundred ninety-three . . . Imagine the United Center, Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field and Soldier Field nearly all filled simultaneously with black boys, girls, men and women. Now imagine that twice over. Now imagine them all dead. As far as I can see, that’s at least 295,893 reasons to cry. And it is cause enough for reticent churches, for communities, for lackadaisical leaders, for all people - no matter our race, color or creed - to find the collective will and the moral resolve to stamp out this human rights atrocity occurring right under our noses. Just imagine the human carnage and the toll to us all if we don’t. I can’t. I won’t. JOHN W. FOUNTAIN

  91. Joe Greenwald

    Joe Greenwald10 months ago

    “Millennial New Yorkers react...” I was hoping to hear some commentary from that Sax player at the end of the video.

  92. Jim Butler

    Jim Butler10 months ago

    Great video. Great commentary. Sad country. Hope we can turn it around.

  93. Jennifer Lewis

    Jennifer Lewis10 months ago

    2:29 killing black spirit

  94. SummerJ200

    SummerJ20010 months ago

    I'm glad that it was him killing the black people...it depicts the statistical reality in our culture #Allblacklivesmatter not just the 2% that are killed by white cops, what about the hundreds killed every MONTH in the hood... wake up people.

  95. Trumpy's Nightmare

    Trumpy's Nightmare10 months ago

    Donald Glover is amazingly talented and poignant. The video is painfully honest and the entire production is flawless. I love it. I hope we can fix this shoot black people first culture we are currently living in.

  96. Dead Meat

    Dead Meat10 months ago

    God damn most of them are dumb

  97. Big O

    Big O10 months ago

    I don't think any of em are actually from New York lol

  98. Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton

    Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton10 months ago

    3:11-3:30 Said The Smartest Response 💯

  99. Kerry Williams

    Kerry Williams10 months ago

    I am amazed how people speak and display a sense of intelligence, but completely miss the artist message. The song is called, “This America,” for The Love of God. He, the artist, is America. Who cares and loves their guns more than the people (victims). Think deeper, why did the man have a hood on his head, not a hoodie, but a hood? Why was that same man sitting there playing music after his death? 💁🏽‍♀️ 🤑 Get your money, Black man. Making money for me and making money for you. Listen to the words and the images.

  100. Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement

    Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement10 months ago

    Those hairstyles got me fucked up

  101. Nate Shaffer

    Nate Shaffer10 months ago

    How many of these people r born n raised in NY......lmao

  102. ShananaGnS78

    ShananaGnS7810 months ago

    White girl's interpretation was so off.....Sincerely, White man

  103. James Jones

    James Jones10 months ago


  104. Cyril Figgis

    Cyril Figgis10 months ago

    "Art has to challenge people and push forward the conversation otherwise what's the point?" ... Beauty. Skill. Uniqueness. What she's describing is post-modernist propaganda, not art.

  105. Cyril Figgis

    Cyril Figgis10 months ago

    "the gun shot is the police brutality"... how about that 90% of black victims of crime are victimized by other black people? And White people are 5x more likely to be victimized by a Black offender than the opposite? And all this while Blacks make up something like 13% of the population. Really activates those almonds. But let's not let statistics and facts get in the way of a good narrative.

  106. Marshall Bruce Mathers lll

    Marshall Bruce Mathers lll10 months ago

    One of the worse songs I've heard this year.