What It’s Like To Feel Lonely


  1. Ava Reed

    Ava Reed4 hours ago

    I can be surrounded by a group of people and I will exile myself just because I feel it will be better off for them

  2. Rachie Plays

    Rachie Plays8 hours ago

    I have like....3 friends but I feel like they don't care about me anymore... and I can't find anyone else because I have social anxiety.... it hurts to see other people with a thun of friends...

  3. HiroKitty

    HiroKitty13 hours ago

    I have no friends and i was in a relationship with my best friend(who is my only friend) and he just broke up with me today. Im ready for life to end now :/

  4. Anakonda Sever

    Anakonda Sever15 hours ago

    Neyseki sonda mutlu oldu zhdndn

  5. Maryam Sami

    Maryam Sami19 hours ago

    I think this is accurate 👍

  6. Thomas Paine

    Thomas Paine21 hour ago

    For those lonely and depressed I am building a network just for us. For more info contact me.

  7. pjhfam

    pjhfam23 hours ago

    I feel like I can't tell anyone about my life and my true feelings. People only talk to me when they want me to do something for them. They use me and drop me afterwards, but the worst thing is I always give them new chances.

  8. me49920

    me49920Day ago


  9. julian T

    julian TDay ago

    😢😢😭 me too 💔 I felt sad!

  10. jason Doe

    jason DoeDay ago

    i have no friends :(

  11. Sayani Dutta

    Sayani DuttaDay ago

    Loved this😍😍😍😍

  12. Miko

    MikoDay ago

    I’m feeling so empty right now it sucks so much...

  13. Ej Fusingan

    Ej FusinganDay ago

    Lol just broke up with my friends...

  14. Autie Pottie

    Autie Pottie2 days ago

    ive sat alone at lunch since middle school, never really belonged to a group all of my family are alcoholics and im constantly secluded to my room feels good to say that out loud kind of

  15. Used Rainbows

    Used Rainbows2 days ago

    How can I not feel lonely when I have no friends?

  16. • Ocean Vibes •

    • Ocean Vibes •2 days ago

    Used Rainbows same here.

  17. A Person From Earth

    A Person From Earth2 days ago

    My only friend just dumped me.

  18. Leslie k Ifill

    Leslie k Ifill2 days ago

    im here cuz my so called bes friends huh i 💔

  19. Jokester gaming

    Jokester gaming2 days ago

    This is me

  20. Ambrish dubey

    Ambrish dubey2 days ago

    Even the cartoon got friend But I don't

  21. Amelia Bombard

    Amelia Bombard3 days ago

    I felt this so much

  22. Leslie Kurczek

    Leslie Kurczek4 days ago

    I wish I had a friend that made me feel comfortable in my own skin.

  23. NerdGamer 274

    NerdGamer 2746 hours ago

    I wish I had a friend at all I literally have no one in my life

  24. Craziness

    Craziness4 days ago

    Cousin walked past and laughed and said ‘Ha! Can’t relate’

  25. Craziness

    Craziness2 days ago

    i am psychopath innit Luv ur name btw

  26. i am psychopath

    i am psychopath3 days ago

    Lmao idk but cousins always have the more cooler joyful live

  27. Jae Monsoon

    Jae Monsoon4 days ago

    I love the happiness at the end of the video I just wish it was easy for me like that

  28. Hannah Not Banana

    Hannah Not Banana5 days ago

    Finally an actually useful buzzfeed video

  29. heather

    heather5 days ago

    i had friends, i had loads of friends. but then paranoia set in and i pushed them all away. but it was like a test to me. i’d push people away and hope they want me enough to pull me back which they always did, it was the reassurance i needed. eventually tho, they gave up and walked away. now i’m alone and depressed and too scared to reach out because i just don’t want anyone else to leave even if i am the one to push them away.

  30. i am psychopath

    i am psychopath3 days ago

    Even though you don't want them to leave you.. why you try to push them away? You are real lucky that you got friends who try to win you back.

  31. Lael_Erica

    Lael_Erica6 days ago

    Exactly my life story

  32. Harley Woollard

    Harley Woollard6 days ago

    I have 1 friend

  33. Ma3eleine

    Ma3eleine6 days ago


  34. Dum Drummer

    Dum Drummer7 days ago

    honestly there's nobody like me and nobody likes me

  35. Mr. karkat is the best

    Mr. karkat is the best7 days ago

    I rather have no friends and be homeless then have friends or even have a girlfriend. Being lonely and being homeless is great.

  36. Kamryn Singleton

    Kamryn Singleton7 days ago

    *cries internally*

  37. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf7 days ago

    It's me....forever alone.....never ending sadness....but still I have hope......:(

  38. i am psychopath

    i am psychopath3 days ago

    Same here .. keep that light of hope alive

  39. Beth Evans

    Beth Evans7 days ago

    Jeez. Can relate so much to this.

  40. lakshay kathpal

    lakshay kathpal7 days ago

    every single frame of this video......reminds me of every single day of my life

  41. anon

    anon7 days ago

    ugh everyone is fake where I live and I just need *real* friends

  42. Nasir Khan

    Nasir Khan7 days ago

    Same me in home huh

  43. Syazlan Loverz

    Syazlan Loverz7 days ago

    My life is worst

  44. Fox of all Trades

    Fox of all Trades7 days ago

    Moving into a house by myself with little to no family can really come as a shock... being lonely and thinking about what’s the point of living😕

  45. Danial Potter

    Danial Potter7 days ago

    I feel surrounded even when i'm alone ◐.̃◐

  46. Funniest Shit

    Funniest Shit8 days ago

    Will you be my friend? 😞

  47. lokai bracelets are life

    lokai bracelets are life8 days ago

    *ooo I’m an expert at this*

  48. chachum Epoch

    chachum Epoch8 days ago

    I'm introvert type... N it's not my fault (if not wrong)... My family doesn't have a good relationship...I'm only closest to mum but she got no time for me it's sucks.....she always says she's tired can't talk n goes to sleep...I'm always alone day n night

  49. Kranjit Singh

    Kranjit Singh8 days ago

    This is me, my life

  50. Rhiannon Relaxation

    Rhiannon Relaxation8 days ago

    You don't need to explain this for me I already know this feeling too well. I have nobody and when I try to make friends people are uninterested in me. I don't know why I even exist tbh.

  51. Bing Boy

    Bing Boy8 days ago

    I'm not lonely... I have Allah in my heart ♥..

  52. Genesis Aquino

    Genesis Aquino8 days ago

    what's the ghost of his supposed to mean?

  53. Michael Caesar

    Michael Caesar8 days ago

    Growing up as a young adult in high I had Instagram with 193 followers and following 223 all classmates. My posts were always about a friend and a school event that just happened and mostly my thoughts about every school events on insta. I only posted 76 post within the 3 years and only gain 16-23 likes and I was always jealous about my friends post and they all get 144-165 likes on there's, we all post nearly the same thing. I got rid of Insta for a while until I re-download again and refreshed everything and started over and posting with my success in my personal life and stuff I daily enjoyed. I felt great with Instagram again and hoping to share this with anyone who cares about there profile as much as I did. Just post something that you know certain people that follow or want to follow you might like what you post. I was not about the likes and how many followers you have its main purpose is to express you in your life that going on right now is what I learned. Just don't post that post that is not about you.

  54. Ted Ehioghae

    Ted Ehioghae9 days ago

    I will be 18 this year and haven't had any friends since I was 9 (when I moved from Nigeria to Spain). In Nigeria, I had a lot of friends, it's like the opposite of Spain, people wanted to be my friend, while in Spain, it's been almost 10 years since I had a FRIEND. I thought I had one but, I guess she was using me in a way :(



    I have no friends no gf for all my life and I'm dying from heart disease and cancer got it in the mid 2015 keeping it a secret cuz why should i live I'm 18 I'm very lonely depressed over the years and I'm very dark

  56. Migi San

    Migi San9 days ago

    There's a different man behind this fake smile

  57. Nettitrolli

    Nettitrolli9 days ago

    I'm like that: (

  58. Katherine Balbo

    Katherine Balbo9 days ago

    My mom is one of my teachers. And everyone at school thinks I’m perfect. I get good grades, my teachers like me, but I’m SO lonely all the time. No one wants to partner with me or hang out. It’s gotten so bad that I eat lunch all alone in my moms class room. Even if I try to hang out with someone they already have a best friend. And my one TRUE friend moved to Japan. And I’m alone but I have to act like I’m fine.

  59. i am psychopath

    i am psychopath3 days ago

    I know this feeling very well i had a best friend who had to move away and change school.. for months i felt like i am in the middle of nowhere and lonely but after that i started talking with other guys in class even though from inside i didn't wanted to, ignored than slowly eventually we got along hope you will too

  60. jerwin toleng

    jerwin toleng10 days ago

    im so nurvise at school i can't even watch im nurvise in grade 5 i have 2 friends we always talk about jokes playing eating chocolate sometimes in grade 6 my other friend we never talk i still have 1 friend ALL HE DOES DO IS DRINK MY WATER TALK TO ME FOR 30 SECONDS IM SO SAD DEPRESSION LONELY I ALWAYS PLAY PHONE BUT IM BORED LITTLE AT PHONE😔

  61. Chiara De Magistris

    Chiara De Magistris10 days ago

    Great video!really makes its point. I recently published a video called What depression feels like. I'd REALLY love you if you gave me a chance and watch it.💗

  62. Spring trap

    Spring trap10 days ago

    I’m lonely, I barely have any friends, Actually none, I’m just to scared to go up to people..

  63. Abbunable Recoruce

    Abbunable Recoruce11 days ago

    I make friends with lonely kids and turn it into a big group

  64. Curtis Nicholson

    Curtis Nicholson11 days ago


  65. No One

    No One11 days ago

    You know you are lonely when their are no notifications in any social apps..

  66. Zak Ketan

    Zak Ketan12 days ago

    Do you have those friends who care about you sometimes and they really only care the most when you feel hurt?

  67. Amari Jordan

    Amari Jordan12 days ago

    All my friends do is make jokes about me

  68. Art With Kishlay

    Art With Kishlay10 days ago

    They are not real friends

  69. nomadic tribesman

    nomadic tribesman12 days ago

    loneliness has become normal.

  70. Art With Kishlay

    Art With Kishlay10 days ago

    For. Me

  71. Jooa Flinkman

    Jooa Flinkman12 days ago

    It makes me feel so much better just to know I'm not the only lonely person in this world.. I mean it's not good that many people are alone but I still get this warming feeling for knowing I'm not the only one

  72. loomi drinks

    loomi drinks12 days ago

    Sigh dats the only thing it does lol

  73. Mariya khan

    Mariya khan12 days ago

    Lonely feeling comes even when we cant able to share anyone our deep feelings even though we have friends and family just becoz if we lose them by saying negative about ourselfs........ 😑

  74. Lisa Afrilia

    Lisa Afrilia12 days ago

    Me Haha #cryingintheclub

  75. Ki.ki.Kyle

    Ki.ki.Kyle13 days ago

    Hits too deep

  76. TFP Travel.Food.Peace.

    TFP Travel.Food.Peace.13 days ago

    Everybody needs Somebody 💜

  77. a real cake

    a real cake13 days ago

    i hate my life

  78. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan Wilson13 days ago

    This video made me so depressed.

  79. Jellysimmer

    Jellysimmer13 days ago

    Today I lost a friend they don't like me anymore this has happened many times I really thing I might get anxiety from being this way I hardly ever talk to them that much and I don't even know like I just panic I lessons and fiddle with stuff about it and the not know what to do I think I need help it makes me feel lonely

  80. Personal Paintings

    Personal Paintings14 days ago

    For people who say try harder, I do my best. I'm always there for people but when it's my time, no one bothers to remember me. This facade of mine that I show to the world serves as a shield to the emptiness and longing I feel inside. It's always been recurring theme that when I meet people, why bother? It's not gonna last anyway. It's really scary when you realize, you only have yourself to rely on. Other people have their support systems, but as for me, I have to crawl my way knowing that no one would help. I don't know what else to give or change. You see, I'm a quiet person and people keep telling me to socialize more. Why can't it be for once, that I can just be myself and be loved the way I am? That's why I'm so greatful for my parents, if they weren't my best friends, I don't know where I would be now. But I'm doing my best in dealing with the situation I'm in.

  81. [BosS] HITMAN 20

    [BosS] HITMAN 2014 days ago

    This is very relating!

  82. Julie X

    Julie X14 days ago

    When I'm alone I want to be with people, when I'm with people I want to be alone.

  83. ferfoxakeladdy

    ferfoxakeladdy14 days ago

    Yeah my best friend bailed on me at the last minute last night. Again.

  84. Parthivi sharma

    Parthivi sharma14 days ago

    ohhh ex!!!

  85. Maja Maaja

    Maja Maaja14 days ago

    I am so alone, I think of even just one person who would want me and I get emptiness. it hurts. And being rejected of no reason.

  86. DeadTownManifesto1985

    DeadTownManifesto198515 days ago

    No usually ends with guy at the pawn shop buying a gun. Then going home, writing a suicide note before blowing his brains out all over empty bottles of liquor... I'm at stage two

  87. Terminator

    Terminator15 days ago

    I am already lonely

  88. Aaron Nicolas

    Aaron Nicolas15 days ago

    Thats me right now

  89. Hiba Sherin

    Hiba Sherin15 days ago

    This is me!!!😞😞

  90. Criss Raven

    Criss Raven15 days ago

    It's me

  91. Gillbert Nightray

    Gillbert Nightray15 days ago

    humans can never change, even though you have tried your best.lets blame the god who give you a problem of your life

  92. pubg mobile gamer

    pubg mobile gamer15 days ago

    Who else is watching cause hes lonely

  93. AwesomeLyrics

    AwesomeLyrics16 days ago

    My phone is my bestfriend, im not alone when I have my bestfriend hehe

  94. AwesomeLyrics

    AwesomeLyrics16 days ago

    I’m not a perfect human being but i know i’m a bit better from the others. I’m a good looking, my visual is okay, i’m pretty and nice but not perfect.. but why in the world humans can just discard me????

  95. AwesomeLyrics

    AwesomeLyrics16 days ago

    I can relate, 7 billion people in the world but yet i’m still alone. Even if i’m surrounded by s lots of people, i know but i’m a wind to them and i’m approachable but no one did approach me :(

  96. AwesomeLyrics

    AwesomeLyrics12 days ago

    Talkin bout me

  97. Maja Maaja

    Maja Maaja14 days ago

    are you talking about you or about me? XD

  98. Gage Handy

    Gage Handy16 days ago

    Not really a decent example, maybe for some but not the truely lonely

  99. Andy Ripple

    Andy Ripple16 days ago

    Because unfortunately most people are out for themselves constantly chasing money focusing too much on superficial social media that the masses love to brain wash us with so then we become narrcistic and start to look up to and idolize a superficial attitude and status while people that are different juat come off unattractive and strange not always but 90% of the time and people are in there on little bubble as well

  100. Crazy cat Lady

    Crazy cat Lady16 days ago


  101. Carlos Miranda

    Carlos Miranda16 days ago

    That is me everyday. :(

  102. Aayush Baid

    Aayush Baid16 days ago

    My life. I don't have friends, never felt close to my family, hate my relatives.

  103. Tailz

    Tailz16 days ago

    Atleast this guy has an ex, il never get a girlfriend to begin with

  104. •아마니

    •아마니16 days ago

    I have friends but I just feel empty

  105. Melvin

    Melvin16 days ago

    I have friends but I don’t feel like they care about me

  106. Prerana Kini

    Prerana Kini16 days ago

    Story of my life

  107. Mladen Obradovic

    Mladen Obradovic16 days ago

    I know that feel :(

  108. Eric Fartman

    Eric Fartman17 days ago

    Loneliness is far better than being with stupid people believe me i am a life long loner that had many friends back then but always feel lonely. Be your best friend.

  109. safae ben

    safae ben17 days ago

    I have friends but i feel lonely...they don't try to text me in holidays and me either..

  110. Tamara Bitter

    Tamara Bitter17 days ago

    I always feel lonely all the time but i like to be alone im ok with it also no i don't mind at all to have company i like company if i have really good friends to but i don't have friends but it's ok but everyone needs friends but people are just people you need to watch everyone it doesn't matter who the person is i think your safe being by yourself that's if u want to be lonely also have space to that's ok to for one everyone around me is my acquaintances i know no ones my friend because i just know everyone around me is not because i can see it also tell which things get old after awhile so i choose not to have no one because i know what can happen you can get taken advantage of so that's it oh also the way you get talk to by friends Well rude the way they talk to you i don't like that at all and the way your friends treat you to i will just say i don't know who i like because im older now 27 so i just have to find ways or i don't have to everything just seems old to me now when i was younger that was different you are free to be alone its up to you what you want to do no one is perfect that's so true and real

  111. S RG

    S RG17 days ago

    I do get love from my family, but it's always conditional. It's like they want me to be something I can never be. I thought they would start to understand me after they came to know about my depression but no. I dated only once and she dumped me on the morning of my birthday saying her parents will be ashamed if she married someone like me. I can't look at a cute girl without feeling a strong ache in my heart which reminds how miserable i became after the break up. Somewhere in my heart, I have accepted that I am going to be alone all my life. I don't feel sad anymore looking at happy people, I just feel indifference.

  112. S RG

    S RG17 days ago

    I do get love from my family, but it's always conditional. It's like they want me to be something I can never be. I thought they would start to understand me after they came to know about my depression but no. I dated only once and she dumped me on the morning of my birthday saying her parents will be ashamed if she married someone like me. I can't look at a cute girl without feeling a strong ache in my heart which reminds how miserable i became after the break up. Somewhere in my heart, I have accepted that I am going to be alone all my life. I don't feel sad anymore looking at happy people, I just feel indifference. Nobody will probably read this but it's fine.