What It’s Like To Feel Lonely


  1. Chest Night

    Chest Night11 hours ago

    This is exactly me

  2. Ari girl

    Ari girl12 hours ago

    I am alone at school. None ever wants to be my partner

  3. Nyla Stewart

    Nyla Stewart15 hours ago

    Whenever i hang out with my group of "friends" i'm always ignored or talked over, so i usually just sit there quietly. And of course, whenever I talk to strangers I am given a weird look or an awkward reply. Whenever someone does take the time to talk to me they need me for something, or when all of their other friends have gone home. Its been like this for me for so long and I feel so trapped. The worst thing about it is that I can't even tell anybody, because i have nobody who would care to talk about this kind of stuff with me, or nobody who would understand.

  4. Hidafag !

    Hidafag !15 hours ago

    what if you never were "social? that means that you didn't have any friends in the first place.

  5. HowBowDah CatchMeOutside

    HowBowDah CatchMeOutside16 hours ago

    Does anybody wants to be friends with me? I'm from germany.. oof that sounds so stupid

  6. Kenjo Monsale

    Kenjo Monsale21 hour ago

    Ugh this is what I am feeling right now 😥

  7. fionaishiar

    fionaishiarDay ago

    it’s sad reading through all the comments, it’s sad because It’s personally relatable... 😞

  8. ام حمني و روح

    ام حمني و روحDay ago

    This is how I am exactly feeling now a days but God is always with me 😊

  9. Jacob Ware

    Jacob WareDay ago

    I can relate 😂

  10. Pixel Nation

    Pixel NationDay ago

    No offense but I don’t think this shows truly how bad it feels to be alone

  11. No Face

    No FaceDay ago

    It takes more than reaching out. People have to reciprocate.

  12. A Tee

    A TeeDay ago

    Jesus loves you all ❣️

  13. Tommy O

    Tommy O2 days ago

    This video the feels are real.

  14. bubbah king

    bubbah king2 days ago


  15. rabbit 0

    rabbit 02 days ago

    I hate the Community I live in cuz I can't even talk to a girl and if I did and talk with one they will treat me as criminal:) and i don't have friends because we move a lot from town to town so yah life is so hard,:)

  16. rabbit 0

    rabbit 018 hours ago

    +saharaayes why not that would be awesome @-@

  17. saharaa

    saharaa20 hours ago

    rabbit 0 Same problem here. I can't talk to boys nor looking at their eyes. I'll make the conversation awkward and ruin everything. Can we be friends? :(

  18. MissElite

    MissElite2 days ago

    I hate how I just realized how lonely I truly am. Like one of my closest friend doesn't even message me anymore unless he needs something, he so occupied trying to go after a girl who has already rejected him. My other friends they are just there you know? I don't hangout with them outside of school. My family is where I feel it the most. My mom is so occupied with her boyfriend and my siblings with his kids. My older sister, we don't get a long well. She's always working while I stay home cleaning our room and doing our laundry. I dont like leaving my room since the whole house is so messy. They are always making messes, and my mom doesn't say anything about it since shes down in the basement with her new lover. My dad on the other hand, the one person I truly trusted has been changing. He used to always want to be with us, but now? He got a girlfriend and spends his time with her. I only see him once a week but its slowly becoming less. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm so tired

  19. monika bazrafkan

    monika bazrafkan2 days ago

    Thats me😭😭

  20. J D

    J D2 days ago


  21. Tex Gaming

    Tex Gaming2 days ago

    Just one problem with this. What’s an ex? Can’t have one if you’ve always been alone.

  22. Needless To Say

    Needless To Say2 days ago

    I've been lonely for the last 10,5 years, don't have any friends,relatives or acquaintances

  23. ĐąwňÏşŢhĕ Ňığhț

    ĐąwňÏşŢhĕ Ňığhț2 days ago

    I'm terrified of this SCREW YOU AUTOPHOBIA

  24. Ramses Amon RA

    Ramses Amon RA2 days ago

    *made me cry.........*

  25. Ramses Amon RA

    Ramses Amon RADay ago


  26. FlushedFriend

    FlushedFriendDay ago

    +Ramses Amon RA how do I join?

  27. Ramses Amon RA

    Ramses Amon RADay ago


  28. FlushedFriend

    FlushedFriendDay ago

    Sounds good to me. how are we going to communicate ?

  29. Ramses Amon RA

    Ramses Amon RADay ago

    *wants to become my friend? I cannot guarantee it will work, but we can try...*

  30. lebron parker jr

    lebron parker jr2 days ago

    Your know your lonely when you in a crowd of people or even when your talking with your friends and still feel alone walking among hundreds and thousands of people just to know deep down inside your lonely

  31. 田中太郎

    田中太郎3 days ago

    this is wrong! I don't have any neighbors to play with :'(

  32. IronEd636

    IronEd6363 days ago

    All this but with no ex-girlfriend. Wonderful.

  33. ewolf 200

    ewolf 2003 days ago

    This is not what it feels like to be lonely that word is lonely my life is lonely if you truly want to know it's kind of like your in your own world lost not knowing trust me I'm right especially because I'm a mute(non talking) it's hard... But some like me learn to live with it.

  34. ?

    ?3 days ago

    Who's here after a break-up?

  35. censorless

    censorless3 days ago

    i hate people. i don’t know why i bother expressing this to the people i hate, but i would much rather live in a world with me and only me rather than a world with fake friends and family who can’t be family. i don’t care if it makes me go crazy, people are poison.

  36. Freaks lp

    Freaks lp3 days ago

    I'm Feeling bad for this Poor little thing...

  37. Blackisthenewgalaxy

    Blackisthenewgalaxy3 days ago

    It's so much more that...Even when I'm around people i feel lonely. It doesn't matter if they are my friends and family ( even though i love them a lot) , i just feel like i shouldn't be there. I do laugh and have a good time but then that feeling of emptiness and helplessness comes back and idk what to do . Sometimes i just stare right in front of me thinking bout nothing yet i feel like my head is filled with thoughts. I don't even have a reason to feel this way . Yet i do ...

  38. Clorox Bleach Lemon Fresh

    Clorox Bleach Lemon Fresh3 days ago

    I have so many friends and some I hang out with a lot, but I don’t know why I never feel happy or loved anymore. It’s like I’m there physically, but mentally I’m just crying to myself. My pet just died recently and now I feel even worse... I don’t know how to be happy anymore...

  39. swat analysis

    swat analysis3 days ago

    I don't even have an EX lol

  40. Rapha Vlogs

    Rapha Vlogs3 days ago

    Feels like everyone is always busy

  41. MrGame N Watch

    MrGame N Watch4 days ago

    At least this guy had an ex I’ve always been alone just me

  42. Hey Itsme

    Hey Itsme4 days ago

    I have some friends but we never hang out together besides at school but they talk about how they hung out openly right in front of me and don't even try to acknowledge that I am there or anything. I just really hate myself for it and I feel like they don't even like me and I have no one to turn to or talk to about anything and it is just so so so depressing all the time

  43. Nazrul Tk727

    Nazrul Tk7274 days ago

    Yeah thats me ,except i have no ex, lol

  44. kenta

    kenta4 days ago

    I have one friend who is super important to me but she has this friend group that she hangs out with. And my school friend belongs to it also. I just don’t fit into the group and they don’t talk to me or even are interested to know me. To make it worse I recently lost my another good friend. I feel like this loneliness is slowly killing me at inside. I’m fine at school but when ever I come home the thought hits that I don’t have anyone to be with. I used to like being alone and do things but now it just feels like I have nothing to do so it ends up me thinking about hurting myself. I shouldn’t but I feel like the loneliness doesn’t end. I feel like some day when it gets too much i’ll be out of this world

  45. Tasya Nabila

    Tasya Nabila5 days ago

    Seek refuge on family, books, pets, your Lord.

  46. Biswa Mohapatra

    Biswa Mohapatra5 days ago

    Why m lonely

  47. Toucan.Onion

    Toucan.Onion5 days ago

    I will never have anyone i just have to accept it and stop trying

  48. benito cabrera

    benito cabrera5 days ago

    esto es muy triste podemos poner she dont give a fo?

  49. Devin Dwi Jaya

    Devin Dwi Jaya6 days ago

    u guys can be my friend and we will build friendship

  50. Jolon Lapi

    Jolon Lapi6 days ago

    I been lonely and isolated for long time as being teen 16

  51. Karys Sunga

    Karys Sunga6 days ago

    Hey if anyone feels as lonely as me right now message me on insta @karysthegreat or snap karys4 .

  52. mark cullin

    mark cullin6 days ago

    This is how it feels to be in my world

  53. Laurens Gosling

    Laurens Gosling6 days ago

    I just want a girl to share my love with, a girl who challenges me. I just feel so goddamn alone, my friends are there but what can they do? I have Fun with them but then I see their gfs and that reminds me again of that emptyness inside me.. I just feel.. lost.

  54. OfficialMorty

    OfficialMorty6 days ago

    Seeing all these comments about people needing a girl just makes me even more sad. For them to even think they can get a girl upsets me. I can’t even get any friends.....

  55. Francesca Buonanno

    Francesca Buonanno6 days ago

    People hurt me.

  56. Jess G

    Jess G7 days ago

    I am this person, and when I talk to someone about it they just say “no you’re lying you must have friends since you go to school” those people are crayon eating, ignorant people who never invite me to things, there were all the people in my class at pool parties over the summer I saw EVERYONE there, I wasn’t invited to a single one and that’s when I realized there is no such thing as friends from school, they’re called classmates idiot.

  57. C-A-T

    C-A-T7 days ago

    I am always lonely.. :(

  58. StayEarthly

    StayEarthly7 days ago

    I feel like this in public all the time lol

  59. Sully.

    Sully.7 days ago

    This is me

  60. iqmal _saitama124

    iqmal _saitama1247 days ago

    The one reason i feel lonely because there's no people i can tell everything about my problem and the worst thing i realized that im talking to myself everynight.Is this good or not?

  61. vivo vivi

    vivo vivi7 days ago

    My only friend is my dog 🐶🐶

  62. Its Scorpio

    Its Scorpio8 days ago

    That’s me, so relatable.

  63. ZombieYoshi

    ZombieYoshi8 days ago

    meee toooo

  64. Giogiogio Ggg

    Giogiogio Ggg8 days ago

    Everytime I walk in school i get extremely nervous to talk to someone or even walk in the Cafeteria to sit down. What should i do?

  65. xBirdieGamingx

    xBirdieGamingx8 days ago

    I have online friends but almost none in real life. I have an okay family, yet I still feel so alone.

  66. Maa Al

    Maa Al8 days ago

    That's my life

  67. dinowarship

    dinowarship8 days ago

    Hah! He has an ex.... that makes one of us

  68. Michael Glanville

    Michael Glanville8 days ago

    Feeling lonely hurts. I've been lonely for decades, and I can tell you it hurts your heart, literally, and you feel pain in your hands. Sometimes my eyes hurt, as in something is stabbing them from the inside.

  69. Tobacco Cat

    Tobacco Cat8 days ago

    It was only last year I was laughing at this I then met someone and spent a year in a relationship now they are my ex and I gained heaps of weight and now I have no one to talk to the gym is the only thing that gets me out of the house now but its feels lonely sometimes didn't think I would end like this poor guy in the video

  70. Elie Direction

    Elie Direction9 days ago

    I didn't have any true friends_my friends at school loves it when Im not going to school_that makes me so sad_they used to tell me with a joke that 'it is very nice when you are not around in school'_i think Im depressed_i mean that,i am not sad but i am not happy either OR should i say i am always sad

  71. Doggo D.A.G.

    Doggo D.A.G.9 days ago

    Im just looking at my family,classmates and cousins having fun and acting like i dont exist

  72. Maitha100001

    Maitha1000019 days ago

    Doggo D.A.G. Same

  73. Convel Black

    Convel Black10 days ago

    Everyday, I live one step closer to the end. Gripping my last ounce of sanity, trying to rip out the pains trapped within my chest cavity. Im just so tired you know? I don't want to live this anymore. But everyone says you have to, that it's not worth it, that it'll get better. But they don't know, they really don't know. They don't know me, no one will.

  74. Maitha100001

    Maitha1000019 days ago

    Convel Black I don’t even have someone to tell me that it’ll get better but I’m still hoping for a better future

  75. Maitha100001

    Maitha1000019 days ago

    Convel Black I know I can relate but trust me suicide is not the answer

  76. Da Greatest

    Da Greatest10 days ago

    Even Steve from Minecraft was lonely And I'm pretty sure Mike Tyson was a lonely baby tio

  77. Admin

    Admin10 days ago

    Any other lonely

  78. Nostalgic Shan

    Nostalgic Shan10 days ago

    This is so me and whenever i try to make friends people just think I’m weird and don’t wanna talk to me

  79. Jeffy jeffy

    Jeffy jeffy10 days ago

    I don’t really have anyone to talk to. In school I look so happy and all cool but at home I’m just sad and depressed.

  80. Coryn Deveaux

    Coryn Deveaux10 days ago

    I don’t have any friends and if I ever had one, they treated me horribly and I stay inside all the time and I don’t talk to anyone or see anyone, and over the summer I’ve gotten so used to being lonely I like it now. So I don’t need anyone and I don’t need affection or friends and so now I’ve developed social anxiety and I hate being around people.

  81. Faten Sofea

    Faten Sofea9 days ago

    +Coryn Deveaux haiii coryn im sofea from malaysian. wanna be friend?

  82. Coryn Deveaux

    Coryn Deveaux9 days ago

    Bts_t ya sure :)

  83. Maitha100001

    Maitha1000019 days ago

    Coryn Deveaux wanna be friends?

  84. Wojtek Jan

    Wojtek Jan10 days ago

    So true. My life since december.

  85. WeelyNator

    WeelyNator10 days ago

    This is the video that i feel so relate... I’ll be the last one that everyone of my friend would think about ... and I’m the one that always being abandoned from the group ... i try very hard to get in but still .... FAILED..

  86. lued panda

    lued panda10 days ago

    I like being alone Not feeling alone. -lued

  87. JAMSit JOLOXx

    JAMSit JOLOXx11 days ago

    _For some introverts out there may relate- if not then just me xd_ I am lonely but I really don’t mind. Not anti-social or rarely speaks- I just prefer to spend my time independently. Sometimes in group discussions I won’t talk much, but it doesn’t mean I’m always like that. I just prefer to listen to you more rather than talking. _I’m observing._ So all other extroverts, Just because I’m quiet and lonely, Doesn’t mean I’m anti-social or hate everybody.

  88. Alpha 21

    Alpha 2111 days ago

    this is my life except i dont got a happy ending

  89. Christheclamper 661

    Christheclamper 66111 days ago

    I watch anime when I start feeling lonely

  90. Cristal Estrada

    Cristal Estrada11 days ago

    I'm always there for people but nobody is there for me. I've been learning how to be content being with myself, slowly but surely I'm getting better and better being alone.

  91. Richard Foster

    Richard Foster11 days ago

    I’m always alone but I haven’t felt lonely for years not once I have been wondering if there’s something wrong with me

  92. SkiBoat Official

    SkiBoat Official11 days ago

    This is me lol

  93. Trashy Fandom

    Trashy Fandom11 days ago

    I feel like feely lonely is when you feel like your family and friends don’t seem to care and you have no one to talk to about you’re inner feelings like if you’re depressed(me).Right now,I feel so alone and never talked to anyone about how I really feel and a part of me just wants to give up.

  94. Sandro Savic

    Sandro Savic11 days ago

    ....I want everything to stop....loneliness,bullying,being badly treated like I'm just a 'thing' you can throw against the wall....I can't take this anymore....I'm afraid of making new relationship because I don't want to get hurt anymore....I don't see any way to move on with life....so there is no reason to move on....I guess it is how it is....

  95. Chidera Chukwu

    Chidera Chukwu11 days ago

    Who's lonely like me

  96. ramses wallaard

    ramses wallaard11 days ago

    I watch anime to fill the loneliness in my heart if I watch anime then I forget the pain and the emptyness in side

  97. princess skyler gammer,vlogger

    princess skyler gammer,vlogger11 days ago

    I feel lonly because i don't have real friends and some bullies me in school 😔

  98. Sumit kumar

    Sumit kumar12 days ago

    i don't know why i act so insane in front of them

  99. Arjun Bharadwaj

    Arjun Bharadwaj12 days ago

    you are not alone you are introvert..lets be positive enjoy your company 😊

  100. Justin Y. Kid version

    Justin Y. Kid version12 days ago

    _Reads book for 8 hours_ only reads one page

  101. Matthew Adrian Rose

    Matthew Adrian Rose12 days ago

    Me pretty much, except replace book with Nintendo 3DS. Especially the zero likes for selfie part :(

  102. hazem faze

    hazem faze12 days ago

    Being alone hurts more than getting Bullied

  103. Kexls

    Kexls12 days ago

    we should all become friends

  104. S AK

    S AK11 days ago

    Kexls Whats your good name? Which state are you from?

  105. S AK

    S AK11 days ago

    Kexls Hi. How are you? 24/ years old guy here.

  106. Kexls

    Kexls11 days ago

    S AK Im 15 and USA

  107. S AK

    S AK11 days ago

    Kexls I have already left a comment. Get in touch. How old are you & which country are you from? Sam here.

  108. The Vault Brotherhood

    The Vault Brotherhood12 days ago

    In my mind I have 2 personality I can get lost in my thoughts if everyone forgets me I won't.

  109. Guy The GalaXII

    Guy The GalaXII12 days ago

    I talk to myself alot...

  110. The Vault Brotherhood

    The Vault Brotherhood12 days ago

    To have no friends is not that bad some people treat me like im suicidal.

  111. The Ancient Cat

    The Ancient Cat12 days ago


  112. M O O B I T C H

    M O O B I T C H12 days ago

    Thats exactly how I feel 😪

  113. Vincent Gurus

    Vincent Gurus12 days ago

    I have a lots of people around me, giving attention on social medias and etc, but i have no friend. No real one cause i dont trust. But im not lonely cause i have my family, thats all what i need♥️

  114. CuteKitty Cookie

    CuteKitty Cookie12 days ago

    I wish I can find a true best friend to talk with... AHHH I miss my old friends at my old school ;-; Ps. I literally crying in the bathroom so no one can see my crying

  115. FlashMan

    FlashMan13 days ago

    Hey, it's a two legged elephant. . . Named Tenderfoot

  116. Jake Geisz

    Jake Geisz13 days ago

    Lonelyness is the story of my Life

  117. izuku midoriya

    izuku midoriya13 days ago

    I'm alone but my mom said I'm special

  118. Azra Taskiran

    Azra Taskiran13 days ago

    It’s weird but I feel the loneliest at school between periods where it’s the loudest and there is hundreds of people. It’s because everyone person I see is laughing or hooking arms with a friend saying “this is my bestie!!” School is just sad