What It’s Like To Feel Lonely


  1. shiree bugg

    shiree bugg6 minutes ago

    Married, lots of family and " friends" do not necessarily fill the void of loneliness. Love your parents and always show respect to them.

  2. suman makkar

    suman makkar3 hours ago

    I think we all are feeling loneliness ,why don't we create a group to share and care

  3. Phil Coulson

    Phil Coulson8 hours ago

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  4. Tyler Slack

    Tyler Slack15 hours ago

    I hope i find someone to

  5. KH Toast

    KH Toast15 hours ago

    I dont feel alone but i feel empty. When im laughing and smiling my inside feels empty and i think im so fake.

  6. Talking Dog

    Talking Dog15 hours ago

    I'm 24 and I'm starting to have a bad habit of talking to myself at home or in my car...I had 3 best friends...1 was my own dog that passed away and the other 2 was my childhood friends that are all adults and have there own lives now...that leaves me with 0 But its okay I'm use to it...hopefully I don't go crazy in the future from loneliness

  7. rango 44

    rango 44Day ago

    Atleast he has an Ex..

  8. Bunnen Nat

    Bunnen NatDay ago

    I’m surrounded by millions people but i have no one. If I don’t text people, no one will ever text back first. I need someone love me and listen to my strory.

  9. Danish Football

    Danish FootballDay ago

    My life in a nutshell! :'D

  10. Dingo 1337

    Dingo 1337Day ago


  11. Mica Landero

    Mica LanderoDay ago

    We are all a lot of lonely people. Why are we separated? Lol

  12. Long John

    Long JohnDay ago

    I have a fear of people not liking me and it means I’m sometimes scared to go to events because I don’t want people to dislike me, it’s so annoying

  13. Yael Webber

    Yael Webber2 days ago

    It’s my birthday and it’s Saturday, I should have gone to work, I feel lonely to my bones

  14. thegrandaviator s.s.p

    thegrandaviator s.s.p2 days ago

    Thats my life as an introvert... cmon people lets hold hands and finish loneliness and negative thoughts... i have been connecting with many introverts... its just that i need your support!! ☺ thanks for understanding

  15. aireen avila

    aireen avila2 days ago

    i just need a friend whom i can tell my problems to, because my so-called "friends", when i tell them my problems that really bothers me, they seem to not be worried about it, like they don't show much attention to what i am talking to and that really sucks, i just want them to take me seriously, because every single moment i always feel like im just a joke and everybody will just laugh at me.

  16. -ˏˋ bela ˊˎ-

    -ˏˋ bela ˊˎ-3 days ago

    i hate it when people say that you aren’t lonely just because you have friends. i can still be lonely even if im surrounded by people.

  17. rako zahtar

    rako zahtar3 days ago

    This is not easy like that where is the reality

  18. Blackstar975YT

    Blackstar975YT3 days ago

    I can relate to this for the rest of my life (except for that last part) 😂😂😂

  19. K-pop Novels

    K-pop Novels3 days ago


  20. stephen mckenzie

    stephen mckenzie4 days ago

    Well this was a waste of my time

  21. XxDarkSoulsxX13 Eunoia

    XxDarkSoulsxX13 Eunoia4 days ago

    My life in one video

  22. XxDarkSoulsxX13 Eunoia

    XxDarkSoulsxX13 Eunoia4 days ago


  23. Maleny Carranza

    Maleny Carranza5 days ago

    i feel invisble.. 😧

  24. GordanFreeman23

    GordanFreeman235 days ago

    When you have many girl friends but no girlfriend with you 😔

  25. Twerk team

    Twerk team6 days ago

    All my friends have girlfriends and they all are so happy together and when we all hang out I’m always the one in the back just sitting there watching them and listening to them just laugh. I just wonder if I am not good enough? Why doesn’t anyone love me? And will anyone ever love me? When I go home I’m always alone just fantasize about having fun and being truly happy for once.

  26. Kemar Robinson

    Kemar Robinson6 days ago

    that's why I love to be in my house

  27. cookies _jungkookie

    cookies _jungkookie6 days ago

    I know what it feels like because I experience it every day, yeah I an used to it but I would like it to change😥

  28. shalom elijah

    shalom elijah7 days ago

    We still feel lonely even if we have many friends.. i think all we need is our soulmate.. God said in genesis that it is not better for a man to be alone. That is why he created the woman.. let us be patient and trust God's timing.. let us wait in Jesus name

  29. shalom elijah

    shalom elijah7 days ago

    Maybe the cause of our loneliness is our phones 😂😂

  30. My_lil Glasses

    My_lil Glasses7 days ago

    Idk, when I’m around my acquaintances (like ppl I talk to) I feel accepted, but when they hang out with their friends I feel like I’m unwanted. Trust me feeling lonely is the worst feeling. I’m 12 and I’ve never actually had a true friend, it’s hard finding true friends. It’s just a rlly bad feeling..I hate it so much😖😫😭

  31. Aqi_momo

    Aqi_momo8 days ago

    This video is complete bullsh!t I'm lonely asf and I don't even have social media cuz I have no friends, and this guy even had an ex, this is bullsh!t hes only lonely for like a minute this is stupid fck me

  32. Myslow Death

    Myslow Death8 days ago

    No one even responds to my texts :[ I only have 3 real friends but 2 of them are in another school and 1 is in another state so I can never hang out with them. I just want someone to talk too, the people I talk to leave me on ‘seen’ or don’t even see my texts. Plus it’s worse because I can’t talk to people in real life so texting is the only way I feel comfortable

  33. N_ HaPpY

    N_ HaPpY8 days ago

    If u have insta, u cam dm me @arigato_gg. Everyone is important and special ❤️.

  34. tablwvreate simanicha

    tablwvreate simanicha8 days ago

    I feel sad and lonely without my ipad

  35. Pieter Missotten

    Pieter Missotten9 days ago

    Its like my life, but not the ex Never had a girlfriend 😰 Everyday, home alone, friends have kids or are maried Everyday alone Waking up alone Coming home alone Cooking alone Sick of it

  36. CZ Bikash

    CZ Bikash9 days ago

    We feeling lonely caz .. we don't have things to do !! We should do something !! Need to take a big step !! I'm tired .. i don't wanna lay down on my bed everyday and night !! I can't do the things that i wanna do ,, !! Ok i actually don't share my feelings with anyone !! but whatever i don't care now ,, !! Be happy guys , fix your life !! If you're in school or college study hard !!! Don't use internet too much !! Fix your life first, and help others !! I know we're too mature , strong ,,caz we are all alone !! It's hurts when your family don't understand your problem !! I'm still hoping that my future is bright !! My bae where are you i need your love !!

  37. Colin Lee

    Colin Lee9 days ago

    That is me every day

  38. Brianna Baldeo

    Brianna Baldeo9 days ago

    Thats me

  39. syeda Atroba

    syeda Atroba10 days ago

    It's me 😞

  40. Megan Johnson

    Megan Johnson10 days ago

    I have friends but they’re all slowly leaving me and replacing me :/

  41. Michael Consuegra

    Michael Consuegra8 days ago

    That's what friends do to you. They are not real. They just use you for a while and then they find someone else and they just get rid of you. There are no such things as friends. For example: A month ago I met this girl who works at a grocery store and she would be happy to see me when I came in and then we would get into conversation, but then shortly after I got the idea that she wasn't my friend so the last time I came to the grocery store to buy something she said , "Hello." to me like she was happy to see me, but I didn't say, " Hello." back to her because I just knew she wasn't a friend. So now when I see her at the grocery store I don't talk to her anymore.

  42. BrickVSkenny rowland

    BrickVSkenny rowland10 days ago

    In school it feels like nobody wants to be my friend but some

  43. BrickVSkenny rowland

    BrickVSkenny rowland10 days ago

    My friends last year do not care about me but 1 dose 😟😦

  44. monstromonky123

    monstromonky12311 days ago

    Working helps to

  45. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous11 days ago

    Relate so much 😭...

  46. Iqra Shaikh

    Iqra Shaikh11 days ago

    I love how every lonely person who don't have anyone in real life to share their feelings with are opening up here about how they feel...I hope we all will find a sincere friend one day..peace❤❤

  47. Mozu

    Mozu11 days ago

    Ive been feeling alone for the past 3 years. I moved in another town where i didnt know anybody. So i started school with no friends and i was about an hour ago from where i was ( where are my real friends) . Now im still in the same school and i hang out everyday with people that i dont actually like. All i wanna do is go back to where i was and be happy. Right now i feel like im not where i should be. Half of the time at school im waiting until i can go home and im just thinking about things not talking to anybody. People in my situation will understand a little bit easier than the majority of people.

  48. Raid 7

    Raid 711 days ago

    I wish i had someone to talk to, i feel like a ghost, it's like that funny and kind person inside me is just being trapped by this feeling of loneliness 💔🙄, help me please 😭@moath_tar on instagram

  49. Farheen Khan

    Farheen KhanDay ago

    +Raid 7 oh ok. Are you depressed or something?

  50. Raid 7

    Raid 7Day ago

    +Farheen Khan Jordan 🇯🇴

  51. Farheen Khan

    Farheen KhanDay ago

    Hey! Where are you from?

  52. Alucard

    Alucard12 days ago

    This is literally my life!!! exactly like this!!! this made tear up a bit real talk!!! only friend I have is my brother.

  53. Ey Boi

    Ey Boi12 days ago

    This is what you call lonely? Hah jokes on you, I'm lonelier than this

  54. paul cooper

    paul cooper6 days ago

    I hear you.

  55. Ryan Muhs

    Ryan Muhs12 days ago

    I'm a ghost,( I have always been a great friend, but now , I'm all alone, and no. One cares

  56. N_ HaPpY

    N_ HaPpY12 days ago

    I care for u , and we can be friends. I'm a guy btw.

  57. Kevin The Cube

    Kevin The Cube12 days ago

    Guys, Can I have a hug ?

  58. island girl

    island girl12 days ago

    its like im watching my self at the video...feeling so lonely many years😢

  59. N_ HaPpY

    N_ HaPpY11 days ago

    +island girl ohh , ok. I just thought maybe we could talk. Maybe that loneliness of yours will go away. Nvm

  60. island girl

    island girl12 days ago

    +N_ HaPpY sorry i dont..anyway thank you :)

  61. N_ HaPpY

    N_ HaPpY12 days ago

    +island girl sorry, i don't. My insta is @arigato_gg. You can dm me if you have insta.

  62. island girl

    island girl12 days ago

    +N_ HaPpY yes.do u have skype?

  63. N_ HaPpY

    N_ HaPpY12 days ago

    +island girl wanna be frnds? I'm a guy btw.

  64. FA Garfield

    FA Garfield13 days ago

    Do not lose hope not be sad. Are you lonely? Talk by the prophets path. All praise & thanks are only to God .😊

  65. Brandon Jukimin

    Brandon Jukimin13 days ago

    Better than having friends that back stabbing you from behind

  66. Clear Gold

    Clear Gold13 days ago

    It’s weird enjoying socialising (except for group projects) and not having friends at the same time. I was the only one in my class who didn’t have anyone to message during the holidays

  67. Mathew Nix

    Mathew Nix13 days ago

    I feel lonely every day of my life I want a reason to live I can’t seem to find one

  68. Raid 7

    Raid 711 days ago

    Stay strong my friend, there are billions of people in the world, you'll find one oneday💔

  69. Marie_kebab 378

    Marie_kebab 37813 days ago

    this is not being lonely -_-

  70. Dear Bear

    Dear Bear13 days ago

    1:40 did anyone notice the minecaft door sound

  71. PeterGamingTV

    PeterGamingTV13 days ago

    One time, I invited 50 people to my birthday party. Not one came. That was one of the days I felt lonely.

  72. a3a b3b

    a3a b3b14 days ago

    I have an asperger syndrom which means almost 70%of my life is being lonely, I expeorince this all time and even now... its not about likes and messages like in the then challenge that and go play fuckin videogames and jerk like in the video, it is like this: 1. No freinds at all 2. Can't have at least 1 conversation even with your mother 3.No companies 4. No hanging out 5. Nothing in common with people at all Life for people like me is not about freinds and I apreciate that god didn't us to play or talk or, all I live for is work and build socity, I hope you don't annoy bully those guys like me and show them love they deserve cause they never had it.

  73. Last Nein

    Last Nein14 days ago

    This comment section is where i belong

  74. dany gurevich

    dany gurevich14 days ago

    i just want to live in another world. a world with 100% good people, a world with no wars or hate, a world with people that love everyone.

  75. Michael whites

    Michael whites14 days ago

    I am sitting here lonely on Super Bowl Sunday. At the present time I have no one-on-one friend, but depend on my local family for some attention, but since I am not a sports person, I believe that is why maybe no one in town (three different homes) has not invited me over. Plus all the great special food everyone fixes tonight...sort of like not getting invited for Thanksgiving. I am a 67 year old gay male; I would have brought some potluck food also, or glad to make a cash donation. Evenings like these are when I would really like to have a special one-on-one friend...just to be with and chat with and even watch sports...

  76. Swagalicious Llama

    Swagalicious Llama15 days ago

    Am I the only one that starts crying when your siblings are talking about their social life 😂

  77. mehukatti vanmainen

    mehukatti vanmainen11 days ago


  78. alyssa mah

    alyssa mah15 days ago

    I'm homeschooled so I don't have friends and I'm always lonely 😢💔

  79. Todd Iron

    Todd Iron15 days ago


  80. M Nafees

    M Nafees16 days ago

    i always feel alone even if I have close friends .. 😟😟☹️☹️

  81. Ayush Rastogi

    Ayush Rastogi16 days ago

    It's me.. 😕

  82. KilljoySkeletøn Sinner

    KilljoySkeletøn Sinner16 days ago

    Is anyone from the North East of England

  83. Vaperade

    Vaperade16 days ago

    It aint that easy budy

  84. xTKOY

    xTKOY16 days ago

    Typically I just keep my mouth shut go to school and come home, I don't really have many friends or much to do in between

  85. Ellie Quinn

    Ellie Quinn16 days ago

    Being lonely has nothing to do with social media

  86. I L

    I L16 days ago

    i am feeling loneliness no one in my life to share my feelings it makes me more alone

  87. Blivk312

    Blivk31216 days ago

    I have friends it’s just they don’t choose to hang out with me :/ sometimes I just feel like a ghost to everybody not only that everyone always wants something from me but I can never ask something from them :(

  88. Jay Gill

    Jay Gill17 days ago

    Am lonely no friends no love 🇬🇧

  89. Raeann

    Raeann17 days ago

    Feelin lonely even when I'm surrounded by people tdy on my bday:(

  90. Krupa Salvi

    Krupa Salvi18 days ago

    I am really feeling very lonely.. Is there anybody there who can help me out thought this? I need a friend for real

  91. Krupa Salvi

    Krupa Salvi3 days ago

    +Raid 7 same here dude... I feel the same.. Loneliness is just similar to attempting suicide each moment but not be able to die

  92. Raid 7

    Raid 73 days ago

    +Krupa Salvi moath_tar

  93. Krupa Salvi

    Krupa Salvi3 days ago

    +Raid 7 can we talk then? What is ur insta id?

  94. Raid 7

    Raid 711 days ago

    I wish i had someone to talk to, i feel like a ghost, it's like that funny and kind person inside me is just being trapped by this feeling of loneliness 💔🙄

  95. KyE Buyog

    KyE Buyog18 days ago

    relate much but never forget the God who is the owner of all

  96. nikhil gaming and vlogs

    nikhil gaming and vlogs18 days ago

    Even i am a lonely guy

  97. Holly.x

    Holly.x18 days ago

    I feel most lonely when I’m surrounded by a million people

  98. Alyssa's Dome

    Alyssa's Dome19 days ago

    Can someone help me? Msg me on Instagram @bleach.myfavorite.drink if u think u can srsly help me

  99. wofel brudleldl

    wofel brudleldl19 days ago

    This video is not true. a lonely person are not lonely because they don’t have many likes or messages. Being lonely is when you have no one to talk to about how you are feeling. Even if you have friends and family. You feel like they won’t listen or that they don’t care that much. I don’t know if they are really my friends or my enemies..You hang out with your friends, and you have fun, but after some hours you go back to the feeling where you just want to be gone.. You are always feeling lonely, even if you have “fun”. And you want to fix it but you don’t know how. I don’t know how to explain it but it just feels like you will never be happy. At least that’s how i feel..And sometimes it’s the ones that are closest to you that makes you feel lonely and depressed.

  100. Raid 7

    Raid 711 days ago


  101. Erik

    Erik19 days ago


  102. Felicia Phillips

    Felicia Phillips19 days ago

    It's hard making friends as adults!!!!

  103. Pablo Morrison

    Pablo Morrison19 days ago

    This made me cry cause I feel so alone.

  104. Preston Bingham

    Preston Bingham19 days ago

    This always makes me happy when I'm lonley

  105. G A U R A V

    G A U R A V19 days ago

    Its me 😕😔

  106. Flodge Schploff

    Flodge Schploff19 days ago

    One time I got tired of checking for messages so I powered my phone off for three weeks.. I thought that someone would worry since I wouldn't answer anyone's messages.. I was nervous when I turned my phone back on.. _what if someone freaked out since I didn't answer them?_ ... No one bothered texting or trying to reach out to me.. I literally felt the color drain from my face.. I felt so lonely and worthless..

  107. Tracy Halcrow

    Tracy Halcrow20 days ago

    This is me 😭💔

  108. Andres

    Andres19 days ago

    Maybe is just a phase of life

  109. SALTY_ EYEZ

    SALTY_ EYEZ20 days ago

    The world is my oyster

  110. Darby Weese

    Darby Weese20 days ago

    Have you ever just laid or sat somewhere doing nothing staring at nothing but yet not bored. Just having no emotions at all. It hurts but your so used to it it doesn’t even bother you any more it is as natural to you as happy is to your so called friends. 😕

  111. Raid 7

    Raid 711 days ago


  112. frankie webb

    frankie webb20 days ago

    it’s been so hard. all the friends I had used me and ended up ignoring me for their new friends. I’m really alone and I don’t know how to deal with how I feel.

  113. Junq Hyunq

    Junq Hyunq20 days ago

    I have a lot of Friends and a family of three. But they always ignore me when I have a mental problem. I feel like I don't even have family or friends

  114. Over At last

    Over At last21 day ago

    Its not definitely true

  115. anshul5705

    anshul570521 day ago

    Worst thing is when you slowly get adjusted and loneliness becomes your comfort zone.

  116. megN Tali

    megN Tali21 day ago

    this made me cry

  117. ewzoe

    ewzoe21 day ago

    Lonely people, Wanna be friends? (:

  118. Raid 7

    Raid 711 days ago


  119. kpop_videosssx

    kpop_videosssx21 day ago

    I have friends but Im the friend that gets left behind...

  120. Olivia :3

    Olivia :322 days ago

    people like my photo, text me all the time and it doesnt matter because i always feel lonley

  121. SillyFangurf 15

    SillyFangurf 1522 days ago

    I feel so alone right now... I have people at my house but they dont like me idk ive been changing my attidude but they are still flaws ... Im sorry :( i just need one person

  122. Billy S

    Billy S22 days ago

    I don’t know why but I find that reading comments about people in the same predicament as me is strangely entertaining.

  123. cortney gattling

    cortney gattling22 days ago

    Let's all start a group chat in messages on here