What It’s Like To Feel Lonely


  1. Connor Christie

    Connor Christie2 hours ago

    Very accurate......right up until that bit at the end when someone actually wants to spend time with him. That doesn't happen.

  2. Shakira Awe

    Shakira Awe5 hours ago

    I dont have any friend, but im so happy that i still have my family:)

  3. chava chan

    chava chan9 hours ago

    The feeling when you are ignored and betrayed by those you cherish

  4. No

    No14 hours ago

    Anyone want an internet friend I’m here

  5. Userme

    UsermeDay ago

    Hard to find a girlfriend in North America if you are an adult. I blame feminist for making women believe love is not important. if a adult man is not tall, rich, good look or bad boy then he wont stand a chance. i have been on online dating sites since 2000 or so but can not find a woman to be loved by and to love. i have been contacting women, but they do not reply.

  6. Just Hapa6.9

    Just Hapa6.9Day ago

    Yeesh why don’t y’all in the comment section be friends 😂

  7. Konika Ghosh

    Konika Ghosh2 days ago

    I have no friends but am happy 😄😃😁

  8. Tre Brinson

    Tre Brinson2 days ago

    My best friend who’s my crush is dating my other best friend


    ANSHIKA PAL2 days ago

    *Well it's me* :- *My parents don't like me* *My brother don't like me* *My friends don't like me* *My lover don't like me* 😥😥😓😔😭

  10. Lavender The Bookworm

    Lavender The Bookworm2 days ago

    I got my imaginary friends im all good

  11. David Still

    David Still2 days ago

    Other students get excited for summer break because they get to do things with their friends and things like that I really don’t like summer vacation. It’s extremely boring and lonely I wish my friends didn’t leave me

  12. Gabbie Hanna Fan

    Gabbie Hanna Fan3 days ago

    I want to feel loved...

  13. Omar Marzouq

    Omar Marzouq3 days ago

    Is this a happy ending ?

  14. Trish E.

    Trish E.3 days ago

    Idk why Im here cause i alreadyknow the feeling...

  15. Trish E.

    Trish E.3 days ago

    @R Ξ V I A L L Ξ [L.R] yup

  16. R Ξ V I A L L Ξ [L.R]

    R Ξ V I A L L Ξ [L.R]3 days ago

    Maybe because no one gets us irl and everything stuck behind this display seems fake like always

  17. Maria Gu

    Maria Gu3 days ago

    *If anyone feels lonely, here is a different way to approach and thoughts on loneliness* Everyone feels lonely time to time so its very normal. Loneliness isnt rare. Obviously loneliness is a feeling But also its our body giving signal. Its telling us “ hey you need to make connection. You have been too alone. It isnt good for you!” *Our body is letting us know to make connection. This doesnt only mean go out and make plans with your loved ones. If you feel lonely right now, currently, it means our body is telling us to “ hey go out and make some kind of connection. It can mean from hugging your siblings, talking to your parents, helping someone, calling or facetiming your friend or grandparent or basically anything to involve with others.* *If you think other way, loneliness is a signal and warning to our selves that you need connect with others.* *Dont just get all sad in loneliness statue go out and make connection with others. Thats what our body is telling us.* Listen to what your body is telling you.

  18. Taehyung Kim

    Taehyung Kim4 days ago

    This is so freaking relatable im so sad ...

  19. Lonely Donut

    Lonely Donut4 days ago

    Isn't it great those people in the comments who are alone and get tons of likes and comments. And then there are people like me who are truly lonely even on the internet.

  20. Nate

    Nate4 days ago

    It’s weird how there is so many people that experience the same thing

  21. Vending Machine Wi-Fi

    Vending Machine Wi-Fi4 days ago

    That's no how being lonely feels, its being surrounded with alot of friends, but still feeling alone as if you have no one by your side, and that you are a waste of time

  22. Ahmed Osman

    Ahmed Osman4 days ago

    I wish I could all invite u over to have a party together. I can relate to all your feelings. Feels like life sucks but we just have to keep going that’s all we can do weather people come in our lives or not.

  23. Edward Kyle

    Edward Kyle5 days ago


  24. Unknow Slayer

    Unknow Slayer5 days ago

    I need REAL friends !

  25. EVE REY

    EVE REY6 days ago

    Why is this me :((

  26. Youknow Gabe

    Youknow Gabe6 days ago


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    Q-talks Uniting Voice and End Loneliness6 days ago

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  28. Karthik Hegde

    Karthik Hegde6 days ago

    I have got no friends 😞 can anyone be my ?

  29. Anny

    Anny7 days ago

    Anyone else have like one kinda close friend but they have loads of friends and are likeable and you don’t ?:-/

  30. Hasina Khatoon

    Hasina Khatoon7 days ago

    I am Amit have no friends no one that know me

  31. P.p B

    P.p B7 days ago

    Me too No friends(i have but not someone whom i can msg whenever i want) No bff No love Basically i have nothing Just moving one game to another and datz all Talking to rndom people on games n datz all Somtimes i just feel life sucks I am just living

  32. Jazmin Elizabeth Fuentes Camacho

    Jazmin Elizabeth Fuentes Camacho7 days ago

    Im 18 and i have no freinds at all Or family. I do but they dont talk they pretty much ignore me. And it sucks. I dont even go out alot due to this city is old and theres nothing interesting to go to. I have only my mother to talk and it is sad. People i use to know fro sevral years that i thought were my family turned there backs on me. Ever since i moved to this place. Im not asking for many friends or stuff. Cause trust me i never had a true there friend for me during taught times. Im glad at least i have my parents but being alone most of the time really hurts. I just wanna talk to someone at least meet new people. Im tired of all that media stuff. I just sometimes want some companionship


    IM DRDEATH7 days ago

    I have been living like this for over five years and now it has converted into depression I am still fighting because of my family I hope I will get over it if not then it's a freedom for me

  34. Sirhc7000

    Sirhc70008 days ago

    didn’t watch the video. just came by to say the thumbnail looks like strong sad

  35. Klyzeritic 13

    Klyzeritic 138 days ago

    : ( relatable

  36. Katie G.

    Katie G.8 days ago

    you don’t have to be alone to feel lonely and that’s what this video is trying to get at...i have a fair amount of friends and still feel extremely lonely although i am sometimes in a large group

  37. Azzurra

    Azzurra8 days ago

    This is so me

  38. Râme și Sârme

    Râme și Sârme8 days ago

    Even if i have 2,3 friends...They never text me...I don't need them to sens me 3747478483 words..Just a question: how do you do? Is enough for me,but they willy sever do it..They willy text me only if i text them first. N o one from my class told me 'happy birthday' not even one.

  39. magu daehwi

    magu daehwi8 days ago

    i never really talk im like an asocial.......everybody just hates me

  40. Swarnav's Crazy World

    Swarnav's Crazy World9 days ago

    The comment section is full of lonely people. Alas! We are not that alone after all.

  41. cosplayer friends

    cosplayer friends9 days ago

    Whenever I leave comments no one ever likes them I feel invisible to everyone and it seems like everyone just hates me and doesn't care about me after a while most people will lose interest in me I feel worthless none of my friends ever come over none of my friends ever call me or text me my parents get really mad at me and yell at me and curse at me I have tons of problems that's the reason why people lose interest in me because all I want is help I just want a true friend someone that will stay with me forever someone that will care about me and accept me for who I am and help me when I need help and treat me better than all of these crappy people all I want in my life is love and attention and care everyone ignores me and never pays attention to me I could go somewhere and bring one of my friends but they never pay attention to me they will just sit around and play on their phone

  42. b l v v d s a w g e k k t

    b l v v d s a w g e k k t9 days ago


  43. Ben Hambling

    Ben Hambling9 days ago

    I mean I have been single my whole life heck I havnt even kissed a girl

  44. Billonaire Riches

    Billonaire Riches9 days ago

    But it a lot better to be lonely than to be with fake friends

  45. Silvie Playz

    Silvie Playz10 days ago

    I'm crying rn because I'm so glad I finally found a video explaining my own feelings to me

  46. maha elkholy

    maha elkholy10 days ago

    We are not alone God with us 😌💕

  47. Bethie Sumerall

    Bethie Sumerall10 days ago

    To whoever is having a bad day, Don't worry, its gonna be fine. I promise. U are so beautiful/handsome. U have a purpose in life and ur gonna do great things. you are so special.❤

  48. triggered 10 year olds

    triggered 10 year olds10 days ago

    Waking up to no text messages, feeling like youre always the one to text first, no body checking on u unless you check on them first or feeling like theres no one to go is how you know youre truely alone

  49. elaine mcginty

    elaine mcginty11 days ago

    Wait till you tube makes a podcast too get brain dead visual hearing for making you be trapped inside.a Home as Reminders of sbuse of family

  50. ramisa fariha

    ramisa fariha11 days ago

    I have friends but they valued to my best friend only instead of me . I feel so lonely and sometimes I feel like i am an invisible person (the worst feeling ever💔) maybe I am not friendly that’s why they aren’t valued me 🙂💔

  51. Awrad Al-jasim

    Awrad Al-jasim11 days ago

    Yo this man is so lonely he doesn’t know how to step out of the box but at the end PERFECTO

  52. assasinscreed45

    assasinscreed4511 days ago

    You can feel lonely in a crowded room