What is Hydro Dip Kit?



    SHAWBY KNIGHT2 hours ago

    Once you put the activator on you got to put it in

  2. FAR OUT

    FAR OUT16 hours ago

    When he was scuffling up the ceramic (sir-am-ik) he said keramic like (car-am-ic) lol he is so funny😂

  3. CrackpotChunk1

    CrackpotChunk117 hours ago

    To much activator, and clear coat was for after the hydro dip, and you went to slowly on some of them

  4. Yawn Cats

    Yawn Cats23 hours ago

    Your the best!! ❤️❤️

  5. Adrienne Torres

    Adrienne TorresDay ago

    Hydro deep keet 😊

  6. Christopher Pratt

    Christopher PrattDay ago

    Go faster when you're dipping

  7. DarkGamer7557

    DarkGamer7557Day ago


  8. Karl Riedewald

    Karl RiedewaldDay ago

    The subtitles are so funny

  9. kaytarose

    kaytaroseDay ago

    Did you read the directions? Seems like there was a lot of guessing involved.

  10. π 3.1415926

    π 3.1415926Day ago

    You should hold the item that you’re dipping at an angle to prevent air bubbles

  11. Adnan Abdullah

    Adnan AbdullahDay ago


  12. SwordSkiller

    SwordSkillerDay ago

    *keramic cup*

  13. Dylan Williams

    Dylan Williams2 days ago

    wait about 30 seconds after you spray the activator.

  14. Reece Gingercrisp

    Reece Gingercrisp2 days ago

    Clear coat is for after dipping probably why it wouldn't stick well also the wind didn't help either

  15. BTS Namjin

    BTS Namjin2 days ago


  16. Oscar Hoad

    Oscar Hoad2 days ago

    Dip it on an angle

  17. Bat Man

    Bat Man2 days ago

    Put it at an angle when you dip your object in the hydro dip

  18. Pave Diesel

    Pave Diesel2 days ago

    Если кто-нибудь видел узбеков Так вот, акцент этого фрика ещё похлеще Блядь свали нахуй,осел,не позорь русских Мразь пендоская

  19. black skull

    black skull2 days ago

    Hydro dip your head

  20. Woke Af

    Woke Af2 days ago

    They look awesome.

  21. Burgundy Llama

    Burgundy Llama3 days ago

    Dipping too fast

  22. Martin marty

    Martin marty3 days ago


  23. lashdude

    lashdude3 days ago

    Yes keramic thats how you say it

  24. PatWinner54

    PatWinner543 days ago

    its best to go on an angle when diping, flat spots are hard to cover or get too much coverage

  25. The1 truememe

    The1 truememe3 days ago

    dips it half way in then goes all the way in then shakes it under water pushing the decal away -_-

  26. MammaLammakiin

    MammaLammakiin3 days ago

    Instructions are a must!

  27. Hulkmutant_HD

    Hulkmutant_HD3 days ago

    hint go in from an angle =better results ;)

  28. Lisa's Spott

    Lisa's Spott3 days ago

    Water in a metal bowl. Drop fingernail Polish into the water. Dip cups I'm to the Polish. Seal with clear coat acrylic spray. Hydro dipping on the cheap.

  29. The Winner

    The Winner3 days ago

    Try hydro dipping with just spraying paint on water it’s easer

  30. Tanner Beaudette-renaud

    Tanner Beaudette-renaud3 days ago

    You let the activator sit on it too long you got to do it right away

  31. Chris K

    Chris K3 days ago

    u suk bik dik

  32. Ajax

    Ajax3 days ago

    Keramid Cup XD

  33. Ajax

    Ajax3 days ago

    Hydo tip ❤

  34. Tipico Nation

    Tipico Nation3 days ago

    That ant went for a swim!

  35. The Asmr king

    The Asmr king3 days ago

    Tilt it wen you hydro dip

  36. SI MO

    SI MO3 days ago

    part 2!

  37. JOEY 8

    JOEY 83 days ago


  38. blackjenna

    blackjenna3 days ago

    This is like marbleizing nails

  39. Lance Sielaff

    Lance Sielaff4 days ago

    You can use spray paint and water to get same effects just go to use a primer and have everything ready before spraying paint on the water then dip same way

  40. Daniel That's me

    Daniel That's me4 days ago

    Who else saw the ant

  41. TriggerHappyLeprechaun 94

    TriggerHappyLeprechaun 944 days ago

    I love this guys broken english

  42. I'm a new guy

    I'm a new guy4 days ago

    he said scu ff it up

  43. Brek Thompson

    Brek Thompson4 days ago

    U put the activator on the object to and your supposed to wait after u spray it on the paper

  44. boogoo 816

    boogoo 8164 days ago

    **Starts raining**

  45. Cian Ray

    Cian Ray4 days ago

    i didnt know snake was a color XD

  46. jeremy jensen

    jeremy jensen4 days ago

    Stick with the mre's

  47. Toms Rībens

    Toms Rībens4 days ago

    does he read the instructions?

  48. Azman Ali

    Azman Ali4 days ago

    You need a bigger bowl, you need to dip in an angle then spray it with clear coat to protect it

  49. honorbound12

    honorbound124 days ago

    The bucket of water isn't wide enough the sheet has to lie completely flat and it isn't as simple as just pushing it in to the wrap you have to move with it

  50. Rockmanthethird

    Rockmanthethird4 days ago

    You need a special machine to level the water and stabilize it it dosent work in buckets

  51. Steven Pham

    Steven Pham4 days ago

    Factory new

  52. JUAN M

    JUAN M4 days ago

    Lol creisi roshan haker I luv yu

  53. HaysModz

    HaysModz4 days ago

    Your sheets of film are too big

  54. SHADOWXD767 XD

    SHADOWXD767 XD4 days ago

    Did anyone notice the ant in the tub👀

  55. Cheryl van Hauen

    Cheryl van Hauen4 days ago


  56. J Makras

    J Makras4 days ago

    After you spray the activator , you have to wait a little bit for the paint to set in the water.

  57. April Lockaby Radford

    April Lockaby Radford4 days ago

    You shake it too much, You can see you're shaking the ink off and was too fast on the first two

  58. Anto

    Anto4 days ago

    No one saw the ant trapped between water and the first layer of green paint?

  59. Nicholas Charles

    Nicholas Charles4 days ago

    You have to move it forward while you dip it so it chatches all of the paint

  60. Grant Martin

    Grant Martin5 days ago

    That's what u get for russain

  61. Truth Telling

    Truth Telling5 days ago

    Taras, the clear coat is for after you dip and dry. Funny


    LİMİTSİZ5 days ago

    Tam Bir Geri Zekalısın Dostum Uygulamadan Önce Bir Araştırsaydın Bari İçine Ettin Malzemenin !

  63. SoyBrianBro

    SoyBrianBro5 days ago

    Sepa la chinaaaaaaa

  64. Jimmy Garcia

    Jimmy Garcia5 days ago

    Ha ha it didn't work

  65. seanmendoza the filipino DIY

    seanmendoza the filipino DIY5 days ago

    You iseto much activator

  66. [R10T] Duskis

    [R10T] Duskis5 days ago

    Wazzap evybohdi whalecom to matabaituheey

  67. SlammedHemi

    SlammedHemi5 days ago

    Keramic kup

  68. Yeah But What About

    Yeah But What About5 days ago

    Foam Plastic liquid Better paper towels

  69. Indigo Indians

    Indigo Indians5 days ago

    Bro do you shop at Banana Republic or something. I got that same shirt.

  70. Emiliano

    Emiliano5 days ago

    Сука Блять

  71. Clutch4theWin

    Clutch4theWin5 days ago

    Was anyone else watching the ant on the bucket

  72. Luke Willman

    Luke Willman5 days ago

    You Gotta move your hand in there slowly

  73. Jose Castro

    Jose Castro5 days ago

    In the second one you chacked ir alot

  74. Paul_NoF*ck

    Paul_NoF*ck5 days ago

    dip it at 45 degree angle vertically and push it further horizontally

  75. PR J V

    PR J V5 days ago

    why you using a tape on that ?

  76. Luthfi Badri

    Luthfi Badri5 days ago

    Someone put a subtitle

  77. NaLi Falcone Mafia

    NaLi Falcone Mafia5 days ago

    :o Amazing!! :o

  78. Davis Cowden

    Davis Cowden5 days ago

    Scrubbing that cup was asmr and kinda made my mouth water

  79. Millionair 567

    Millionair 5675 days ago

    After you pot the actevator on pot the meterial on quick

  80. Simikka Wesbaer

    Simikka Wesbaer5 days ago

    you need to dip sidvas

  81. MentleGentlemen

    MentleGentlemen5 days ago

    Pro tip: Follow the real instructions

  82. AMallah 64

    AMallah 646 days ago

    Took me a few years to realize that he says “welcome to my laboratory” I just used to make up some word like “malabaratoory” or something

  83. quan

    quan6 days ago

    so it's watermarbeling on a larger scale

  84. Ethan Baker

    Ethan Baker6 days ago

    you have to let it liquefy. it was still a "semi-solid" you might need more activator or new wrap

  85. Eugene S

    Eugene S6 days ago

    Too much activator on the second and third. Also you have to dip at an angle, try about 45degrees.

  86. Tahira Iqbal

    Tahira Iqbal6 days ago

    Boom 👍👍

  87. George Ayers

    George Ayers6 days ago

    Do it for mutra Russia !!

  88. Sarcastic Demon

    Sarcastic Demon6 days ago

    Lololol so funny

  89. Plop Plop

    Plop Plop6 days ago

    Boom this gajick is amazing

  90. O l i v e r!

    O l i v e r!6 days ago

    you probably need warm water?

  91. Sentlee

    Sentlee6 days ago

    #36 on trending!

  92. sean2sheen

    sean2sheen6 days ago

    Good job man keep it up

  93. Swifty Drak

    Swifty Drak6 days ago

    can you hydro dip my toaster?

  94. Saksham Grover

    Saksham Grover6 days ago

    #36 on trending, many ppl love his booms

  95. TBL FAN

    TBL FAN6 days ago

    Gotta wait alil longer after it's activated and go in with the product your using on an angle so no air bubbles get caught and spin slowly while going in and you should be fine. Love the vids

  96. pinketydrinkety

    pinketydrinkety6 days ago

    This guy is still relevant?

  97. CJ F

    CJ F6 days ago

    You have to dip them in at an angle. Also the water has to be completely calm.

  98. Mon Mac

    Mon Mac6 days ago

    ☺️ I agree...Commercials make it look so *easy* ... Good vid

  99. katy rizzo

    katy rizzo6 days ago

    Awesome! That was cool!

  100. katy rizzo

    katy rizzo6 days ago

    I think ur supposed to put it in fast