What If You Didn't Sleep For A Week? ft. TheOdd1sOut


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin11 months ago

    Could someone set my computer to sleep mode!? Thanks for watching and thank you to TheOdd1sOut for guest hosting this episode! Wanna watch more? Check out his channel: mreporter.net/v/video-sRz0WRaQwmw.html

  2. Dingo

    DingoMonth ago

    last reply

  3. YouTube Slayer 85jk gaming

    YouTube Slayer 85jk gaming3 months ago

    Life Noggin you're the best MReporterr I've ever seen keep up the good work never stop making MReporter videos it's amazing I like your other channels the super cool you're amazing this is this is why I made a MReporter channel

  4. Caden James Londonio

    Caden James Londonio3 months ago

    *500th reply!*

  5. UnicornGirl99

    UnicornGirl993 months ago

    Gimme ur computer I will turn it to sleep mode

  6. Ayesha Maxine Lomeda

    Ayesha Maxine Lomeda4 months ago

    My two favourite youtubers Love you stay cool

  7. The Axolotl

    The Axolotl3 hours ago

    I haven't slept in like 2 weeks


    THE AVP PREDATOR 188 hours ago


  9. Annoying Dio

    Annoying Dio8 hours ago


  10. Flowe jentio

    Flowe jentio9 hours ago

    4:25 *Top Ten Anime Fights*


    DORIS OXFORD12 hours ago

    Every time an animator is on a video, they are either kidnapped by a giant coffee mug or eaten by a fish monster and etc

  12. digital_butterfly

    digital_butterfly19 hours ago

    I’ve been getting on average 5 hours every 3 weeks for the past year... that five hours is in one night, the rest of the time I get none. It’s getting harder & harder to work. I can’t remember things. I hallucinate. I can barely eat, I’ve lost 18lbs in the past 6 weeks which I really didn’t have to lose to begin with. I’m scared and don’t know what to do. I have tried everything but a sleep study which my jobs health insurance of course does not cover. I can’t live like this! 😭

  13. Cartoon Master

    Cartoon MasterDay ago

    I just realized this guy was in the "Tabletop Games" from the Odd1sOut... Jesus, I'm so slow :(

  14. Skullcandy 106

    Skullcandy 106Day ago

    I didn't sleep I think 12 days

  15. Heitor Astigarraga

    Heitor AstigarragaDay ago

    i got to 3:30 AM waked up (Brazil Time)

  16. serpent gaming 3000

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  17. JadeSpecter 2260

    JadeSpecter 2260Day ago

    This episode of LifeNoggin was really revolutionary for me because not only I learned more on the Internet but I was the first time I know TheOdd1sOut Thank you LifeNoggin keep making these great videos 👍👍👍

  18. Gerardo Herrera

    Gerardo Herrera2 days ago

    The longest I've ever stayed up was up to 2 in the morning 😲

  19. Yael A Quiles

    Yael A Quiles2 days ago

    ive been awake since 8:am to 3:am!!!

  20. Aventurile lui Nico

    Aventurile lui Nico2 days ago

    15 hours

  21. C0n0r Harris

    C0n0r Harris2 days ago

    and the longest time I have not slept is an entire day, in the morning I got tired but got my energy back, *fun fact about me: I'm never tired, literally, I 've gone to bed around 2:30 AM once.

  22. C0n0r Harris

    C0n0r Harris2 days ago

    this is how I discovered the odd1sout... AND IM REWATCHING IT~! ( I have terrible spelling.)

  23. varun siddharth

    varun siddharth2 days ago

    38 hours

  24. TennesseeJay 9/16

    TennesseeJay 9/163 days ago

    You and *JAMES* sound similar

  25. Damaxus

    Damaxus3 days ago

    *life nugget?*

  26. Urijah Micah Let’s hit 999 subscribers

    Urijah Micah Let’s hit 999 subscribers3 days ago

    I’ve stayed up for 24 hours watching your videos

  27. Reece Obrien

    Reece Obrien3 days ago

    I love James and his channel!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Amanda Labancz

    Amanda Labancz3 days ago

    I stayed up for 24 hours once it was for a eeg and with in a few hours I wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t because I would need to sleep a few hours at the hospital so yea I know how annoying it feels to not get enough sleep

  29. Egg

    Egg3 days ago

    Who else got a sleep medicine ad before this?

  30. niNabonitauno

    niNabonitauno3 days ago

    34 hours

  31. subject SSpecials

    subject SSpecials3 days ago

    Also how long would one need to stay up to be an anti-depressed person??? Plz let me know ASAP

  32. subject SSpecials

    subject SSpecials3 days ago


  33. Starby

    Starby3 days ago

    I went though a phase where I would say up for 2 days then sleep for 2 days.

  34. Glenn Yelm

    Glenn Yelm3 days ago

    Odds out l watch your videos

  35. Lego worlds

    Lego worlds4 days ago

    I have stayed awake for a microsecond BEat thAT

  36. TheArcher 297

    TheArcher 2974 days ago

    Longest I've ever stayed up in 6 days oh and I odd ones out or should I say , JAAAAAASMMES

  37. Shane Rex

    Shane Rex4 days ago

    I watched an earthquake movie and it was like 1:00am and when it was done I went to bed and I kept thinking there was an earthquake and kept waking up running around the house. 🥴😂

  38. Michael Chan

    Michael Chan4 days ago

    I stayed up for 2 days my eyes feel like Satan =[

  39. ريان البحريني

    ريان البحريني4 days ago

    Are you from uhh *LIFE NUGGET*

  40. Kenn1409 team od

    Kenn1409 team od4 days ago

    24 hours

  41. bagasapra

    bagasapra5 days ago

    Life nugget

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  45. Lexi Mimi

    Lexi Mimi5 days ago

    I stayed up until 3AM because i wanted to..

  46. Owen Stewart

    Owen Stewart5 days ago

    Is the odd 1s out actually helping with the video?

  47. plane crashes

    plane crashes5 days ago

    Heeeyyyyyy jaaaaammmmmmeeeessss

  48. Gamer 2220

    Gamer 22205 days ago

    24 hours

  49. Jessicrazy

    Jessicrazy6 days ago

    When staying awake, always remember to wear your seatbelt! 😂

  50. Israel Terry

    Israel Terry6 days ago

    i stayed up for two weeks dude

  51. Jeremy Kalala

    Jeremy Kalala6 days ago

    What's a Basil ganglia?

  52. F Fh

    F Fh7 days ago


  53. TheGoldenMineCart

    TheGoldenMineCart7 days ago

    24 hours

  54. SirLinkalot

    SirLinkalot7 days ago

    I think the longest I've been awake was around 72 hours

  55. Y e n

    Y e n7 days ago

    I fell asleep once on my Florida vacation and my dad was coming home and I thought it was real and I heard a wood break then a LOUD LOUD SCREAM! I thrusted up and asked my mom if my dad came home, he wasn’t. I called him and he opened the door

  56. Goldie Gamer

    Goldie Gamer8 days ago

    Welp if I'm gonna die I'm gonna stop staying up late.... Help me... ALSO I'VE STAYED UP UNTIL 6 AM

  57. Lorraine Thirlwell

    Lorraine Thirlwell9 days ago

    I've not been to sleep for 6 day now and not feeling tired feeling ok. No side effects eather. My doctor given me sleep pills 7.5mg still nothing so took two sleepers and still nothing. Done dog walking and cycling done everything and nothing

  58. the king of gyridols

    the king of gyridols9 days ago

    20 days 😪😵😤😁

  59. Saleem Talib Habboub

    Saleem Talib Habboub9 days ago

    When I was sick in grade one and I had to and I had a stomach ache I didn't sleep for 20 days

  60. Amir Khan

    Amir Khan9 days ago


  61. MS Creations

    MS Creations10 days ago

    Right now it’s about 11:00 at night and I haven’t had much sleep... But at least I have MReporter to laugh at while I get detention for sleeping in class!

  62. killer destroyer

    killer destroyer10 days ago

    I stayed up for 3 days. -.

  63. Vrikkiegikk

    Vrikkiegikk10 days ago

    That intro is cringy

  64. Sentrex Roblox and more!

    Sentrex Roblox and more!11 days ago

    I’ve stayed up to 1AM

  65. Henry Tapia

    Henry Tapia11 days ago

    3days and 5 1/2 hours

  66. Alex Kola

    Alex Kola11 days ago

    0:16 it’s my voice when I fell out of bed while drinking some Snapple

  67. Natalka Tomsia

    Natalka Tomsia11 days ago

    Sleep no 29 days😪🤤

  68. Corey Playz

    Corey Playz11 days ago

    It’s called College.

  69. KTFox

    KTFox11 days ago

    What would happen if life noggin went into James's universe

  70. Jerryness Studios

    Jerryness Studios11 days ago

    3:30 in the morning

  71. Jonesey Default

    Jonesey Default11 days ago

    I never knew my life is a chicken nugget

  72. Aa Fazli

    Aa Fazli12 days ago

    👩 👕 👖

  73. blackninjakiller3002

    blackninjakiller300212 days ago

    9 years

  74. Khan Khan

    Khan Khan12 days ago

    i spend 3 weeks except sunday without food and sleep almost 6 days no food and sleep 3 times I lost 18 kgs and on the last week i was weak and have blurred vission and really diffuclt to even walk and even now i havnt eat or sleep from past 4 days

  75. Khan Khan

    Khan Khan9 hours ago

    +digital_butterfly yeah it is not the hunger and weakness but the emotional pain which lead to these

  76. digital_butterfly

    digital_butterfly19 hours ago

    Khan Khan ugh I feel your pain. This is scary stuff 😫

  77. Michelle Benavides

    Michelle Benavides12 days ago

    Yeah I remember when I was little.... I stayed up for 2 nights and the second night in the morning was a school day and my mom made me go to school

  78. Michelle Benavides

    Michelle Benavides12 days ago

    Blocko: Rather than trying to see how long you can stay awake, it would be way cooler if we tried to beat the world record for the largest sleepover party. It's only 2,004 people! If more people fall through that giant portal thing then we can probably beat that record. Actually uhh nevermind. Lets get out of here! James: Why!? It looks so friendly! Who's a good fish monster!? Who's a go.... aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Inhale* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  79. Galaxian Alex

    Galaxian Alex12 days ago

    Ahh! TheOdd1sOut!!!

  80. Luna Kun Wolf

    Luna Kun Wolf12 days ago

    2:44 I have some kind of condition to make me have that going every night

  81. Sam Scar

    Sam Scar12 days ago

    Up to 3AM

  82. Mark Cerritos

    Mark Cerritos13 days ago

    I didnt sleep for 2 days

  83. Shadows Of Evil

    Shadows Of Evil13 days ago

    4:17 😂😂😂 Edit: Oh yeah btw i’ve had multiple seizures and it mostly occurs when I don’t get enough sleep or fight the feeling of tiredness cuz i’m watching Life Noggin. - I love your vids ❤️

  84. Cheyenne Ishmael

    Cheyenne Ishmael13 days ago

    Does anyone know that MReporter that says reason I got kicked off the computer

  85. ZabookaHD

    ZabookaHD13 days ago

    Yay! TheOdd1sOut!

  86. laxan mol

    laxan mol13 days ago

    Why oddonesout?

  87. Ishey- Chan

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  88. Alfrexi

    Alfrexi13 days ago

    I couldn’t sleep tonight. I’m finna die.

  89. The Curious Vlog Girl

    The Curious Vlog Girl14 days ago

    I stayed up last night and I’m already hallucinating

  90. jon mass

    jon mass14 days ago

    Can you do what if you didn’t sleep for 72 hours

  91. jan lee

    jan lee14 days ago

    This was a good video but see this equation. Blocko + James + Jaiden = 1B subs.

  92. Blueberry - Underswap Sans

    Blueberry - Underswap Sans14 days ago

    1 hour... yeh

  93. GächaKat 2 0w0

    GächaKat 2 0w014 days ago

    When I was a toddler I was hungry and i had to stay up until 9:00 the next day.

  94. Tye Amory

    Tye Amory15 days ago

    For one day and after in the morning I fell asleep for 24 hours

  95. AJ Neiderer

    AJ Neiderer15 days ago

    Square James. SQUAMES

  96. Blasted

    Blasted15 days ago


  97. a. adoreecece

    a. adoreecece15 days ago

    I’ve stayed up for 2 days but I was constantly moving plus I was young sleep wasn’t as important as it is now 😂😂😂😂

  98. Liam Coutts

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  99. Glei Gamer

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  100. pz

    pz15 days ago

    1 year

  101. Jungjae Cha

    Jungjae Cha15 days ago

    I have stayed for like, 2am or something but mostly i sleep when its 10pm or 9pm.

  102. Rachael Lindstrom

    Rachael Lindstrom15 days ago

    Life Nugget lol

  103. Sumeer Merchant

    Sumeer Merchant15 days ago

    Till 6:45 a.my.

  104. PointlessGaming 23

    PointlessGaming 2316 days ago

    108 hours I've stayed up

  105. Ecstasy

    Ecstasy16 days ago

    I watched this at 3:18 am whilst staying up all night :/

  106. Sarah Plays roblox

    Sarah Plays roblox16 days ago

    I have not sleeped for one day only. ONE DAY the next time i was SUPPPER sleepy!

  107. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith16 days ago

    *are u thet block man from live nungoot*