What If You Didn't Sleep For A Week? ft. TheOdd1sOut


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin8 months ago

    Could someone set my computer to sleep mode!? Thanks for watching and thank you to TheOdd1sOut for guest hosting this episode! Wanna watch more? Check out his channel: mreporter.net/v/video-sRz0WRaQwmw.html

  2. YouTube Slayer 85jk gaming

    YouTube Slayer 85jk gamingDay ago

    Life Noggin you're the best MReporterr I've ever seen keep up the good work never stop making MReporter videos it's amazing I like your other channels the super cool you're amazing this is this is why I made a MReporter channel

  3. Caden James Londonio

    Caden James Londonio3 days ago

    *500th reply!*

  4. UnicornGirl99

    UnicornGirl9917 days ago

    Gimme ur computer I will turn it to sleep mode

  5. Ayesha Maxine Lomeda

    Ayesha Maxine LomedaMonth ago

    My two favourite youtubers Love you stay cool

  6. Lucas Paul

    Lucas PaulMonth ago

    I've stayed up a full 12 Hours Long

  7. Eternal Mangekyo Rinne Sharingan

    Eternal Mangekyo Rinne Sharingan13 minutes ago

    This was so cringey

  8. rambowpuffers animations

    rambowpuffers animationsHour ago

    5 days

  9. Prof. Stinkbomb13

    Prof. Stinkbomb133 hours ago

    Only one night

  10. Edward TDM

    Edward TDM5 hours ago

    48 hours

  11. MyOnlyWaffles

    MyOnlyWaffles9 hours ago

    DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW LONG I CAN STAY UP FOR? about five seconds.

  12. ava matthew

    ava matthew12 hours ago


  13. ricardo santos

    ricardo santos13 hours ago

    For 48 hours

  14. Dawn Meyer

    Dawn Meyer15 hours ago

    Oh nothing just 2 hole nights

  15. Olive Comics

    Olive Comics17 hours ago

    L I F E N U G G E T

  16. Pete Goebel

    Pete Goebel17 hours ago


  17. Ethan Holcomb

    Ethan Holcomb19 hours ago


  18. Ruby lol

    Ruby lol20 hours ago

    longest I've ever Stayed up was about One and a half days

  19. Robbie Hamilton

    Robbie Hamilton21 hour ago

    Can you do a video if you can touch a rocket ship why is rocket shipping

  20. gamer boy

    gamer boyDay ago

    I once have stayed up for 24 hours when i was 7 years old...

  21. Crazy Papyrus

    Crazy PapyrusDay ago

    my current record for non sllrping periods is 5 days. I was doing that drifting off with my head falling back and forward... Until I whacked my head on my computer desk from passing out... Lol thank god I have a hard forehead

  22. Dale Leo Bernaldez

    Dale Leo BernaldezDay ago

    1 min

  23. The Nikodemix

    The NikodemixDay ago


  24. Blue

    BlueDay ago


  25. Chlobugie !

    Chlobugie !Day ago

    30 hours

  26. Delores Navarro

    Delores NavarroDay ago

    2 days and im 11 im trying to beat it and do 3 days

  27. colin jacquet

    colin jacquetDay ago

    15 days

  28. Imelda Martinez

    Imelda MartinezDay ago

    A day

  29. Rush Agent

    Rush AgentDay ago

    the longest ive stayed up was about 21 hours straight (i like my sleep)

  30. Helen Guerrero

    Helen GuerreroDay ago

    whos a good HHHHhmmmpPPPpPpppPpp!111!1!

  31. Cat Courageous

    Cat CourageousDay ago

    Why isn’t he in circle land?

  32. Denise Nuncio

    Denise NuncioDay ago

    Ehhhhh 0:42

  33. Ebers Gonzalez

    Ebers GonzalezDay ago

    7 am to 4am to about 21 hours i think life noggin correct me if im wrong

  34. Marieh Tunggal

    Marieh TunggalDay ago


  35. Riley Kranz

    Riley KranzDay ago


  36. Zoey Da best

    Zoey Da bestDay ago

    i have ADHD one of the sytoms is insomnia

  37. freddy and foxy

    freddy and foxy2 days ago


  38. Dinosaurtologist *

    Dinosaurtologist *2 days ago

    Do you live in Arizona?Cause James has to go to your house if you don't live there or you go to James.

  39. Miguel Yanez

    Miguel Yanez2 days ago

    8 days is my record

  40. Greg Kuntz

    Greg Kuntz2 days ago

    Way too long to get this video rolling. Pretty good video and information overall. Thank you.

  41. Song maker Rav

    Song maker Rav2 days ago

    24 hours

  42. alisaboredf meow

    alisaboredf meow2 days ago

    I've stayed up for about a week once

  43. Veronica Rodriguez

    Veronica Rodriguez2 days ago

    5 days. I'm dead inside already

  44. Baldi MM2 Baldimore 99 99 item

    Baldi MM2 Baldimore 99 99 item2 days ago

    What does 29 now because I just watch this video

  45. Baldi MM2 Baldimore 99 99 item

    Baldi MM2 Baldimore 99 99 item2 days ago

    I've stayed up I stayed up for 28 years

  46. Raimee Black

    Raimee Black2 days ago

    Man, James and blocko sound alike!

  47. Gabriel Azif

    Gabriel Azif3 days ago

    0:58 still smarch

  48. Gabriel Azif

    Gabriel Azif3 days ago

    0:59 Smarch

  49. viviana gonzalez

    viviana gonzalez3 days ago

    I have state up for 3 days one it was sooo bad

  50. Amir Jamal-Young

    Amir Jamal-Young3 days ago

    Your videos are amazing I subscribed to you

  51. Caden James Londonio

    Caden James Londonio3 days ago

    *"A high school student in San Diego, California."* Dude. Uncool.

  52. Amy The Pusheen Lover

    Amy The Pusheen Lover3 days ago

    I stay awake one night, sleep the next night. And then sleep the other one.

  53. Erick Gionny Bustamante

    Erick Gionny Bustamante3 days ago

    1 day of no sleep

  54. karen Tong

    karen Tong3 days ago

    Haaaa, the lats palt

  55. Potatoffles Forever

    Potatoffles Forever3 days ago

    Who knows living off coffee is bad but wants to do it soooo badly?!

  56. Tommy Wolf

    Tommy Wolf3 days ago

    Its *smarch*

  57. foxy the wolf

    foxy the wolf3 days ago


  58. foxy the wolf

    foxy the wolf3 days ago


  59. Rod Cook

    Rod Cook3 days ago

    All night

  60. David Huang

    David Huang3 days ago

    W Wh Why Do pe Ople d To lazy

  61. Abriana Martinez

    Abriana Martinez4 days ago

    The odd ones out!!!

  62. Delaney the Zebra

    Delaney the Zebra4 days ago

    Who's a good fish monster? Who's a good fish mon-AHHHHHAHHHHAHHAHHAHHHAHH

  63. Lizzy gacha

    Lizzy gacha4 days ago

    I stayed up to 4 am

  64. Allison&All

    Allison&All4 days ago

    What’s your stance for a whole night playing Fortnite

  65. Katie Cates

    Katie Cates4 days ago

    I've stayed up from 4:00 AM to 1:00 PM I got 6 hours of sleep

  66. Kristi Moore

    Kristi Moore4 days ago

    Today I stayed up for 24 hours

  67. Boop Boop

    Boop Boop4 days ago

    Da longest I haven’t slept was more than 46 hours

  68. Norazila Abdullah

    Norazila Abdullah4 days ago

    I stayed up for one whole day or over i don't remember

  69. Gergo Kerekes

    Gergo Kerekes4 days ago

    00:00 in nights

  70. Thanos

    Thanos4 days ago

    Just watch ASMR

  71. Emikitty Nguyen

    Emikitty Nguyen4 days ago

    *life nugget*

  72. Leman Kuze

    Leman Kuze4 days ago

    Best Crossover en iutub :Db

  73. hulkmaster4265

    hulkmaster42654 days ago

    i have staid up for 1 or 2 days

  74. r456 erik and luis

    r456 erik and luis4 days ago

    11 hours

  75. omega

    omega4 days ago


  76. Creemiepuffie ;3

    Creemiepuffie ;34 days ago

    ... Yah. I have exploding head syndrome...

  77. The Normal One

    The Normal One4 days ago

    Well i take a nap one and it was super long. When wake up eat sum dinner then i go to sleep. But then hours later the sun just Rise . I dint get any sleep

  78. Denys Regalado

    Denys Regalado4 days ago

    1 Day

  79. Fellow Mello

    Fellow Mello4 days ago

    I’m like the only one who like stays up on the weekends XD like in 2:00 or 12:00 and yee

  80. ghostgamer

    ghostgamer4 days ago

    U can die if u don’t sleep I’m at high school year 7 so I need learn more

  81. Micheal A Cain

    Micheal A Cain5 days ago

    James and blocko is awesome

  82. Christy Arnold

    Christy Arnold5 days ago

    I have stayed up for 25 Days!

  83. Archer Rage

    Archer Rage5 days ago

    Life nugget

  84. Blue_ berry

    Blue_ berry5 days ago

    1 hour

  85. Emily Nguyen

    Emily Nguyen5 days ago

    How did you change your name I can’t seem to figure it out

  86. Bryson Hein

    Bryson Hein5 days ago


  87. Ali Ghosn

    Ali Ghosn5 days ago

    For a day

  88. macaroni and cheese

    macaroni and cheese5 days ago

    my longest time awake might be 22 hours. i don't recommend it.

  89. Natasha Clark

    Natasha Clark5 days ago

    I feel like James enjoyed doing the screaming part when the fish monster captures him

  90. mari

    mari5 days ago

    longest time i’ve stayed up is 3 days!

  91. The RecipeForDisaster

    The RecipeForDisaster5 days ago

    That car should be arrested he drove on the wrong side of the rode

  92. marwan chtaibi

    marwan chtaibi5 days ago

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL i didn't sleep for 2 days (it was horrible because of working with parents)

  93. Kaitlin Walker

    Kaitlin Walker5 days ago

    I LOVE the odd ones out.

  94. Kaitlin Walker

    Kaitlin Walker5 days ago


  95. Mar The bloxy gamer

    Mar The bloxy gamer6 days ago

    Max 16,14 or 13 hours ik crazy min uhhh i think 5 hours

  96. amlly garcia

    amlly garcia6 days ago

    All night 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  97. amlly garcia

    amlly garcia6 days ago

    James ahhhhhhhhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  98. Nakhi American

    Nakhi American6 days ago

    2 00

  99. Guch Do not fuckin scare me like that

    Guch Do not fuckin scare me like that6 days ago

    4000 dayz

  100. Minecraft Dakota

    Minecraft Dakota6 days ago

    4:25 when i was about to fall in a canyon in survival in minecraft and narrowly escaped it

  101. Aria The Bird

    Aria The Bird6 days ago

    My friend sayed that she didint sleep for 7 days so for a week Friend:did you know that I didint sleep for a week Me:dude do you know that is BAD FOR YOU Feiend:my friend didint sleep too Me:oh ok then... XD

  102. Misterbodine Studios

    Misterbodine Studios6 days ago

    That start.... -Was so awkward..- AWESOME

  103. Misterbodine Studios

    Misterbodine Studios5 days ago

    +Kaitlin Walker By putting a dash inbetween that sentence or word. - - ^ Put that thing here

  104. Kaitlin Walker

    Kaitlin Walker5 days ago

    The + hat = that.

  105. Kaitlin Walker

    Kaitlin Walker5 days ago


  106. Kaitlin Walker

    Kaitlin Walker5 days ago

    How do you get the lines on the words?

  107. Anthony inkling

    Anthony inkling6 days ago

    Oh, that's strange considering I've been up all night although not for a week

  108. Jaden De la Cruz

    Jaden De la Cruz6 days ago

    Lol odd1sOut in the end

  109. the gameing Jasmine Burgess

    the gameing Jasmine Burgess6 days ago

    I kinde of have dipretion