What If You Didn't Sleep For A Week? ft. TheOdd1sOut


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin6 months ago

    Could someone set my computer to sleep mode!? Thanks for watching and thank you to TheOdd1sOut for guest hosting this episode! Wanna watch more? Check out his channel: mreporter.net/v/video-sRz0WRaQwmw.html

  2. MLGmence

    MLGmence10 days ago


  3. SkittlesAnimation

    SkittlesAnimationMonth ago


  4. D Krazy

    D Krazy2 months ago

    I once stayed up all night playing videogames with my friend Cade.

  5. Solis Ava

    Solis Ava2 months ago

    Life Noggin omg I looked at this comment and realized that I’m now the 500th reply sooooo hii

  6. Lena Andjelic

    Lena Andjelic2 months ago

    500th reply

  7. mattmatt cabcab

    mattmatt cabcab50 minutes ago

    I didint sleep for 3 weeks crazy for me

  8. Eanjay

    Eanjay2 hours ago

    I accidentally stayed up for 3 days and 2 nights when I was between the age of 3 and 6. I was so bored by watching the exact same cartoon episodes all night both nights, but my brain just wouldn't let me rest.

  9. LS BootyClapped

    LS BootyClapped3 hours ago

    Five day

  10. Kitryc Tidor

    Kitryc Tidor3 hours ago

    Wait, you live in Arizona too?!?!?

  11. Doge Doge

    Doge Doge3 hours ago

    hey man are you the real *L I F E N U G G E T*

  12. Geneva Martin

    Geneva Martin3 hours ago

    Once I stayed up all night playing roblox. The way I look at video games has never been the same. (Litterly they don’t even hurt my eyes lol)

  13. Legend James

    Legend James3 hours ago

    10 days

  14. Patrick_Board

    Patrick_Board4 hours ago

    DAY ONE ._. DAY FOUR °-° DAY SIX -_- DAY 18 x_x #Russian sleep experiment

  15. Jason Oakes

    Jason Oakes6 hours ago


  16. Millicent Pennock

    Millicent Pennock10 hours ago

    Omg this is such a cool collab video! :D

  17. liam everything

    liam everything10 hours ago

    26hours and 7min

  18. Ahmeed gamer منسي

    Ahmeed gamer منسي11 hours ago


  19. TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More

    TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More11 hours ago

    My mum didn’t sleep for 9 days because she went some kind of crazy

  20. Ryder Tha Trillest

    Ryder Tha Trillest14 hours ago

    I’ve stayed up for a day and a half, and it included me driving out of town about 2 hours away. luckily I’m safe, and for about a week, I would get my regular sleep, stay up for 24 hrs, sleep, then stay up another 24 hrs

  21. fwee xx

    fwee xx18 hours ago


  22. ᄋᄌᄋ전 정국 ᄋᄌᄋ

    ᄋᄌᄋ전 정국 ᄋᄌᄋ19 hours ago

    *life Nugget* XD

  23. Suzie Cairns

    Suzie Cairns22 hours ago

    I day

  24. Ruiting Xu

    Ruiting XuDay ago

    all nighter to finish a project I got ditched on........



    I see theodds1sout

  26. Shadow Streak

    Shadow StreakDay ago

    Until 7 am... don’t judge me

  27. Gerald Kennedy

    Gerald KennedyDay ago

    I typed the odd1sout and this popped up

  28. FNafGameplay- AndOtherGames

    FNafGameplay- AndOtherGamesDay ago

    is it *l i f e N u g g e t ?*

  29. cora OMGYT

    cora OMGYTDay ago

    How James fell out the the Portl



    Like 30 somthing hours bruh

  31. wakeup 2018

    wakeup 2018Day ago

    help i cant stay awake



    Life crispy, chicken, yummy nugget

  33. Ceci

    Ceci2 days ago

    The longest I’ve ever stayed up is from 8:00 AM - 6:00 AM.

  34. Ricardo Daniels

    Ricardo Daniels2 days ago

    The longest I ever stayed up was 9 hours

  35. Sipple Drip

    Sipple Drip2 days ago

    36hours straight

  36. Ian Kotzian

    Ian Kotzian2 days ago

    24 hours

  37. DaveGrauBanks

    DaveGrauBanks2 days ago

    The longest I have stayed up for was when I went to my friend's house in the shcool holidays. That day I woke up at 6:00 AM in the morning and we stayed up all night how do a group of 7 12 year olds stay awake all night you ask? Well my friend bought a bunch of lollies/candy and we were sugar hyped all night then we crashed at 5: AM So we stayed up 23 hours. Except FOr THAt ONE FRIEND WHO FALLS ASLEEP IN 1 HOUR.

  38. peridot facet 2f5l cut 5xg

    peridot facet 2f5l cut 5xg2 days ago

    Gems don't need sleep!

  39. ocelotplayer ps4

    ocelotplayer ps42 days ago

    If you dont sleep for 3 days you get attacked by an phantom

  40. Swee Kwang Tan

    Swee Kwang Tan2 days ago

    *Life Nugget* The food of Life and Universe

  41. ss

    ss2 days ago

    Dude your animated cool

  42. elio Vielle

    elio Vielle2 days ago

    I sleep at eleven pm and wake up at 3 am

  43. Huzaifa Khan

    Huzaifa Khan2 days ago

    Ever seen the Russian sleep experiment?

  44. Gamer Wither And Gamer Skell

    Gamer Wither And Gamer Skell3 days ago

    I only stayed up for 1 day

  45. Benjamin Clemas

    Benjamin Clemas3 days ago

    the latest i stayed up till... 3 am and that's only because me girlfriend kept me up ;)

  46. Yihan He

    Yihan He3 days ago


  47. VG.light lit

    VG.light lit3 days ago

    Longest time I stayed awake was about a week and 1/2

  48. Skateforlife15

    Skateforlife153 days ago

    3 seco...

  49. Elizabeth Kenoff

    Elizabeth Kenoff3 days ago

    Life nogin? Did you just click-bate? 😕😒🙁☹️

  50. Meme master1000

    Meme master10003 days ago

    3 thats how long i stayd up for

  51. Videogame Viper

    Videogame Viper3 days ago

    the car was driving on left side of road like if you saw that

  52. azurealdreamer

    azurealdreamer3 days ago

    I need help... R.I.P mah soul, 3 days straight ;-;

  53. Rayyan bkoòik,8Adam

    Rayyan bkoòik,8Adam3 days ago

    J 1 day R 13 m P 23 h

  54. Emily Gould

    Emily Gould3 days ago

    *shows hot dog with wings* oh that that just happens sometimes

  55. Layan Fayyad

    Layan Fayyad3 days ago

    “Aren’t you from... uhhhh Life Nugget?” “Close enough” I died 😂

  56. EJME Mcc

    EJME Mcc3 days ago

    I stayed up 20 days on my game and why I got off my chair my neck hurt and I just fell on the floor sweep

  57. Kandice

    Kandice3 days ago

    wow...i think i have exploding head syndrome 😕i thought i was just crazy

  58. vony sulistyorini

    vony sulistyorini4 days ago

    Stayed up for a whole day lol

  59. Papyrusfan811029 ???

    Papyrusfan811029 ???4 days ago


  60. J&N Martini

    J&N Martini4 days ago

    Two days

  61. Mina’s English Kills Me Everytime

    Mina’s English Kills Me Everytime4 days ago


  62. night time spirits

    night time spirits4 days ago

    24 hours

  63. Luca Alex Pedersen Ebersbach 5A Spurvelundskolen

    Luca Alex Pedersen Ebersbach 5A Spurvelundskolen4 days ago

    13 dages

  64. Darlene Oakley

    Darlene Oakley4 days ago

    I like the new guy I wish he was in other videos

  65. Reyvanne Pamotillo

    Reyvanne Pamotillo4 days ago


  66. Malcolm Louis

    Malcolm Louis4 days ago

    If you didn’t sleep 💤 you would go crazy

  67. Nikole Holdaway

    Nikole Holdaway5 days ago

    hello my name is haven

  68. Angela Loh

    Angela Loh5 days ago

    45 hrs of playing video games!

  69. Enderboy1287 The Greatest

    Enderboy1287 The Greatest5 days ago

    OML OMLLLLLLLLLLLLLL theodd1sout comments on despacito *dab and x100 smash on their likes xdxdxd*

  70. Anthony Carino

    Anthony Carino5 days ago

    James tries to say: THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE ME 4:25

  71. Bendy The Gaming Demon

    Bendy The Gaming Demon5 days ago

    I think I stay up till 10:00, 11:00, or 12:00

  72. AlexisPony

    AlexisPony5 days ago

    People say I think this is true but people say if u don’t sleep for 3 days you will die. The reason I think that’s true is because your energy will probably be gone and everything in your body will be tired you would not pay attention to anything. So I think people should sleep at night (also naps) but yea u should sleep.

  73. Elizabeth jones

    Elizabeth jones5 days ago

    I didn't sleep for one year

  74. Stacey Hagen

    Stacey Hagen5 days ago

    0:15 WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  75. tina Please

    tina Please5 days ago

    one year ago i stayed up for 8 days and in the 4th one i started to have hallucinations. like shadow people . i lost like 10 kgs cuz i couldnt eat and i used to be like "numb" all the time. even after my sleep d. had stopped, i couldnt eat for another week idk why. sry for my english

  76. Sammeli Aikkila

    Sammeli Aikkila5 days ago

    48 h

  77. Sammeli Aikkila

    Sammeli Aikkila5 days ago


  78. Pearl

    Pearl5 days ago

    0:29 L i f e n u g g e t

  79. saucin SooWoo

    saucin SooWoo5 days ago

    I stayed up for 2 days straight

  80. Faresh Nabil

    Faresh Nabil5 days ago


  81. ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer

    ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer5 days ago

    4:25 XD wtf and my longest is 2 day I past out playing gta

  82. Sledheads Wifey

    Sledheads Wifey6 days ago

    What about pandas pans

  83. Talebafifa12 GrowToPian

    Talebafifa12 GrowToPian6 days ago

    I stayed up 1 whole night Made me filled with anger and dizziness

  84. Darkiplier rêtūrñs

    Darkiplier rêtūrñs6 days ago

    I've had a few cases where id be drifting off, then hear a loud CRACK! It would make me shoot up in bed, breathing hard. It kind of came and went, and it hasn't happened for a few weeks, so I'm not sure if I should pay attention to it. But it's good to know that this happens to others too. Thanks Life Noggin!😁

  85. Julio Fexas

    Julio Fexas6 days ago

    I sometimes sleep in 1:00 am or 12:00 am

  86. ioreoz :3

    ioreoz :36 days ago

    I will stay up late most nights but not for the hole night mostly just until three then I'm out

  87. Squrtle Gaming

    Squrtle Gaming6 days ago

    Fore two or will i am trying to Get two

  88. 687Gaming

    687Gaming6 days ago

    why did James come in by falling through a portal in the sky with, like, five fish...

  89. Dorian Rolof

    Dorian Rolof6 days ago

    THAT is FREAKY 😦

  90. Name's OMEGA

    Name's OMEGA6 days ago

    Russian sleep experiment

  91. Hecker 360 is beck

    Hecker 360 is beck6 days ago

    27 hours Edited: I slept in the churches thought the mess god have mercy... and evertime I wake for school is 8:00pm to 7:00am my life sucks I just want to sleep 8 hours for a day 😑😵😮😐

  92. Photo Girl

    Photo Girl7 days ago

    When it’s past 8:30 I stare off into space and then everything starts Going wonky

  93. Angelwolfscrap360 Wolfy360

    Angelwolfscrap360 Wolfy3607 days ago

    I can only be awake for 9 days I'm still trying to break the record for myself to 10 days

  94. Queen :3 Llama :3

    Queen :3 Llama :37 days ago

    MY 2 FAVORITE MReporterRS!!!

  95. Park Andrew

    Park Andrew7 days ago


  96. Howard25AJ Ana Egna

    Howard25AJ Ana Egna7 days ago

    James: Life Nugget??? Me: I laugh every time

  97. I'm An Army is There A Problem?

    I'm An Army is There A Problem?6 days ago

    Howard25AJ Ana Egna *close enough*

  98. Vampire Cool Cat

    Vampire Cool Cat7 days ago

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  99. Mastergameralex

    Mastergameralex7 days ago

    My record is 2 days/nights

  100. Nether's World

    Nether's World8 days ago


  101. Ravenplays

    Ravenplays8 days ago

    Haha a flying hotdog!! 2:16

  102. NoDescriptionNeeded

    NoDescriptionNeeded8 days ago

    I haven’t slept in 6days haha

  103. Goldie Plays

    Goldie Plays8 days ago

    In Roblox, there is a badge in Roblox high school. IT SAYS PLAY FOR 70 DAYS AWAKKEEEE

  104. Irina Danciu

    Irina Danciu8 days ago


  105. VoidBreaker

    VoidBreaker8 days ago


  106. pokefan 11111

    pokefan 111118 days ago

    Longest I can stay up for is one night (till 7AM only then I sleep for 7 hours). I got sick for week at the time. I stayed up because I was afraid of Little Susie the song by King of Pop.