What If You Didn't Sleep For A Week? ft. TheOdd1sOut


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin3 months ago

    Could someone set my computer to sleep mode!? Thanks for watching and thank you to TheOdd1sOut for guest hosting this episode! Wanna watch more? Check out his channel: mreporter.net/v/video-sRz0WRaQwmw.html

  2. Cat Hackers

    Cat Hackers6 days ago

    Life Noggin can I be in a video with you?

  3. Cayson Dyer

    Cayson Dyer11 days ago

    0:43-043 Both: Ayyyyyyy!

  4. Stephen Blogs

    Stephen Blogs15 days ago

    Life Noggin I stayed up till 1AM in Florida it was 12 Am South of America 😐

  5. Love Crystal Garnets

    Love Crystal Garnets21 day ago


  6. Mr Turtle

    Mr Turtle21 day ago

    Life Noggin right now 1 day and its while watching this vid

  7. Danny Robertson

    Danny Robertson48 minutes ago


  8. Angel Moon

    Angel Moon52 minutes ago

    24 hours and i passed out when it was a little over 24 hours

  9. Diamond Emerald

    Diamond EmeraldHour ago

    Exploding head syndrome? You mean the irl version of "You may not sleep now, there are monsters near by?"

  10. Eino Pajula

    Eino PajulaHour ago


  11. TP studios

    TP studiosHour ago

    16 hours

  12. Marin Ceja

    Marin CejaHour ago

    24 days

  13. N M

    N M4 hours ago


  14. exotic Butters plays

    exotic Butters plays6 hours ago

    42 hours

  15. kira reeve

    kira reeve6 hours ago


  16. Loller TV

    Loller TV7 hours ago

    3 days

  17. flowbrogonewild

    flowbrogonewild7 hours ago

    the longest ive stayed up for was 2 days I think... maybe three???

  18. Goblin 987

    Goblin 9877 hours ago

    22 Hours

  19. Insane

    Insane8 hours ago

    23 hours is my record

  20. Keri Vazquez

    Keri Vazquez8 hours ago

    Longer than a day

  21. Tamara Alavarado

    Tamara Alavarado8 hours ago

    I stayed up 13 days before

  22. Ariel Aleman

    Ariel Aleman8 hours ago

    25 hours

  23. Griffin Littles

    Griffin Littles9 hours ago

    Should I be worried? I've gone multiple days without sleep and I just got back from four days without sleep. It is currently 4 in the morning. That's like the 300th day without sleep, since I was born.

  24. Blake The Alpha

    Blake The Alpha9 hours ago


  25. brandon Ocampo bear

    brandon Ocampo bear9 hours ago

    Yay james

  26. Swapflowey

    Swapflowey10 hours ago

    I my highest was 3 days in a half because I fell asleep

  27. The Shadows

    The Shadows10 hours ago

    The longest I've stayed awake is over 24 hours

  28. Carson Terry

    Carson Terry10 hours ago

    3 days for me right now as a child

  29. Saige Mrosk

    Saige Mrosk10 hours ago

    0:58 smarch

  30. Mango Food

    Mango Food10 hours ago

    2 days

  31. Deafanie

    Deafanie11 hours ago

    for a minute at the beginning i thought i was going to hear "hey there vsause, micheal here

  32. Sebastian reynolds

    Sebastian reynolds11 hours ago

    1 day

  33. Jim the Giraffe

    Jim the Giraffe11 hours ago

    Only three days I stayed awake for in a row

  34. Majestic Blueberry Pie

    Majestic Blueberry Pie12 hours ago

    I stayed up for a whole night but regretted it cause o was so tired and I couldn't think right but I got my good hours of sleep 10hrs felt good

  35. Frosty Heat

    Frosty Heat13 hours ago

    My man James

  36. Saint

    Saint13 hours ago

    17 hours

  37. Joey Yamada

    Joey Yamada14 hours ago

    Hey! Here's a link to the newest video from TheOdd1sout mreporter.net/v/video-yqdT4UjCJJM.html

  38. Joshua Darke

    Joshua Darke14 hours ago

    I stayed up for 1 hour but I’m too lazy so went sleep aha

  39. Monster Gamer

    Monster Gamer14 hours ago


  40. Marie Lind

    Marie Lind14 hours ago


  41. Rye Rye 99

    Rye Rye 9915 hours ago

    I never slepd sinnce 2017

  42. William1east Roblox and more

    William1east Roblox and more15 hours ago

    Like 20 minutes past my bed-time

  43. MAD Gamerz

    MAD Gamerz16 hours ago

    I stayed up for 25 hours.

  44. FNAF Gamer3000

    FNAF Gamer300017 hours ago


  45. VD30

    VD3017 hours ago

    Caring 0:40

  46. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos Martinez17 hours ago


  47. Jhope stole My weave

    Jhope stole My weave17 hours ago

    Sometimes I get hallucinations from no sleep it’s so weird because I can’t tell if it’s real or not lol. A couple days ago I woke up and hear the whistling from blackpink whistle in my room then I turn around and saw 5 huge spiders crawling on my pillow

  48. Paul Chang

    Paul Chang17 hours ago

    4 days but I passed out walking down the stares and had to get stitches

  49. ScrotJR

    ScrotJR18 hours ago

    Life Nugget, life......... nugget.......... *L I F E N U G G E T*

  50. Wailee Ngao

    Wailee Ngao19 hours ago

    Around a week.

  51. xankex33

    xankex3319 hours ago

    omg the ODD1SOUT i love that channel

  52. Stowe studio

    Stowe studio20 hours ago

    3 days

  53. Uraka Shigemura

    Uraka Shigemura20 hours ago

    2 days

  54. Dom H

    Dom H20 hours ago

    my sleep schedule is messed

  55. Wyatt Kane

    Wyatt Kane20 hours ago

    My longest time was 5 minuets Edit My bedtime is 10 seconds after this vid

  56. Commentator

    Commentator20 hours ago

    My longest time stayed up is 4 days

  57. Avalanche Anthony

    Avalanche Anthony20 hours ago


  58. I I’m a big ninja fan fan I buy his munch Mercy

    I I’m a big ninja fan fan I buy his munch Mercy20 hours ago

    3 hours

  59. Agent Creeper

    Agent Creeper20 hours ago

    I forgot to wear my seatbelt

  60. koala Likes bed

    koala Likes bed21 hour ago


  61. EC Studios

    EC Studios21 hour ago

    My record is 2 days strait. Well I did have a bathroom and food breaks. I stayed up playing GTA5 on the PS3

  62. TOMMyGUn 1809

    TOMMyGUn 180921 hour ago

    I stayed up two nights in a row and then had an important end of year math test

  63. Logan Alegre

    Logan Alegre21 hour ago

    I can stay up for probably two or one day

  64. Brady VlogZ

    Brady VlogZ21 hour ago

    I don't stay up late on video games... I watch James and yours vids

  65. Dans Vlogs Dany

    Dans Vlogs Dany21 hour ago

    Best Collaboration Ever

  66. i plays fortnite

    i plays fortnite21 hour ago

    2 days

  67. Da Soupist

    Da Soupist22 hours ago

    73 years, does anyone have NyQuil?

  68. Rylie Bright

    Rylie Bright22 hours ago

    "Life Nugget" xD

  69. Tristan Henry

    Tristan Henry22 hours ago



    SWEARWOLF.WEREWOLF22 hours ago

    I don't recommend this at all, but I've been able to go up to 4 days without sleep since I was around 10. I have DSPD and Narcolepsy though which probably explain it haha.

  71. legendary dogo705

    legendary dogo70522 hours ago

    Nice video!!!

  72. Arri Guanzon

    Arri Guanzon22 hours ago

    I stayed up for FOUR DAYS!!! ( Jk i fell asleep for 1 hour each night

  73. Lone Wolf Biking

    Lone Wolf Biking22 hours ago

    HEYYYY!!!! THATS PRETTY GOOD!! And probably around 30-34 hours..... I stayed up trying to beat InFamous 2.

  74. Mini Maple

    Mini Maple22 hours ago

    1 day

  75. Greysen Olsen

    Greysen Olsen22 hours ago

    Marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history Me:

  76. IIxAwsome_ _DudexII

    IIxAwsome_ _DudexII23 hours ago

    When did TheOdds1Out get smart?

  77. fox4 mangle

    fox4 mangle23 hours ago

    4 days

  78. Mini Whitt

    Mini Whitt23 hours ago

    48 hours

  79. Mini Whitt

    Mini Whitt23 hours ago


  80. UltraThingz

    UltraThingz23 hours ago

    My record is 4 days

  81. Michael Minh Khang Pham

    Michael Minh Khang Pham23 hours ago

    I’ve only stayed up for only one day each time Edit: Because of my darn parents

  82. Lizzy Munter

    Lizzy Munter23 hours ago

    My record is 51 hours and counting

  83. MikaPro King

    MikaPro King23 hours ago

    one day

  84. I The dead one

    I The dead one23 hours ago

    24 hours trying to do a speed run on fallout 4 (I’m a Bethesda fan)

  85. I The dead one

    I The dead one23 hours ago

    24 hours trying to do a speed run on fallout 4

  86. Sleepy Snorlax

    Sleepy Snorlax23 hours ago

    until 3 am

  87. Blaze Tron 9

    Blaze Tron 9Day ago

    James more james

  88. The Bombblows12

    The Bombblows12Day ago

    When I usually go sleep deprived I have hallucinations and I'm not saying if in sleep deprived right now.

  89. Fernando Briones

    Fernando BrionesDay ago

    1 day/24 howers

  90. repor

    reporDay ago

    XD. Jams

  91. The Revo Gamer

    The Revo GamerDay ago

    4 days up is my record cost me 200 dollars worth of coke a cola because I'm 13 and can't drink coffee for caffeine and I've slept for two whole days before

  92. Art Girl

    Art GirlDay ago

    This is were I meet TheOdd1sOut

  93. Drizzle Studios

    Drizzle StudiosDay ago

    Life Nugget

  94. Bianca priscilla

    Bianca priscillaDay ago

    10 12 pm

  95. kitty Sakura

    kitty SakuraDay ago

    3 am

  96. Infinity Productions

    Infinity ProductionsDay ago

    A day and a half

  97. Mia Murray

    Mia MurrayDay ago

    6 day

  98. Matt Gunny

    Matt GunnyDay ago

    I’ve stayed up till 1:18 then fell asleep because I’m only 9 years old and my brain needs at least 6 hours and 30 minuets

  99. XxLOLSWAG999xX Raps

    XxLOLSWAG999xX RapsDay ago

    I stayed up til 5:00 am

  100. Vincent Dougovito

    Vincent DougovitoDay ago

    3 whole days

  101. Looloo 123

    Looloo 123Day ago

    Like ‘till three am. XD

  102. Grazz girl

    Grazz girlDay ago

    I have exploding head syndrome

  103. Rice Moeun

    Rice MoeunDay ago

    *watches at **8:41** with no sleep*

  104. Katie Pamperin

    Katie PamperinDay ago

    6 am to 12:15 am. I'm was at a sleepover and played smash Bros until midnight XD. WORTH IT!!! I almost fell asleep on the ride home...

  105. Fakruddin Mohammed

    Fakruddin MohammedDay ago

    I definitely will not stay up all night.