What Happens If You Drain The Ocean?


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    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! We have a special Q&A video coming to you very soon, so let me know what scientific topics you want us to talk about next! Also, make sure to head over to brilliant.org/lifenoggin/ to get 20% off!

  2. sara mcdonald

    sara mcdonaldMonth ago

    I think there should be a tower made of stone and it spews ice into the atmosphere decreasing CO2 levels.

  3. awesomedr _doge

    awesomedr _doge2 months ago

    What happened with James (theoddonesout)

  4. Amy Nielsen

    Amy Nielsen2 months ago

    I love you channel it's very helpful like the episode of dear blocko what happened if you get rabbis with is very help full

  5. Bryan The Alien

    Bryan The Alien2 months ago

    To me a scary DYSTOPIAN future if humans vot too far with water well without ocean where are doomed because no oxygen no hydrogen i.e. water drinking and the world's animals in water my favorites being seals otters beavers dolphins gold fish and sea turtles i would keep as pets would die out because they need water to beathe worse beavers wouldn't build dams cause there is no water so whats the point pretty much humanitys rescores for drinking are gone and now they need to drink milk or soda to survive but one problem is there unhealthy soda has sugar and milk has lactose and worse we humans will die out of dehydrogenation and to me scarier than overpopulation until rescores are gone or pollution like the air and oil spills those make me feAr the future than this thing water is gone from ocean drained to me scary and depressing. than ai technology bots ruling humans or replacing our civilization but dont worry time is an illlusion idk or there is no future draining the ocean would never happen cause why would we humanity do that thats dumb and crazy and is the end of the world but idk id be dead in 2099 right blocko

  6. Katie Cat

    Katie Cat4 months ago

    Cool but again please don’t drain the ocean 🌊

  7. Herobrine666784

    Herobrine6667845 days ago

    *_So plankton makes oxygen_* Well Mr.Krabs... I think you should thank plankton since if he didn’t exist we would *_die_*

  8. Skonp

    Skonp5 days ago

    Got an "save the water" ad

  9. Taha Rabbani Awan

    Taha Rabbani Awan6 days ago

    Ocean is big and since marine plants provide 70 percent oxygen,why can't we just plant marine plants in ocean to deal with global warming?

  10. Petlemon

    Petlemon7 days ago

    Okay so, i still haven't watched the video and i'll make a quick guess: The earth gets hotter. Did i get it right?

  11. nicolas vinca

    nicolas vinca11 days ago

    Brilliant makes me old! I was not born from 2006! I was born from 2011!

  12. Luisa Estevez

    Luisa Estevez13 days ago


  13. MushroomMan

    MushroomMan14 days ago

    *WATER* we going to do? Get it? Water, what are?

  14. Mr. Mouse

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  15. Pine_Apple_Gaming

    Pine_Apple_Gaming17 days ago

    Just make an infinite pool with 4 buckets of water

  16. Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith19 days ago

    No water meaning no drinking or swimming or baths.

  17. Amuli DIY

    Amuli DIY25 days ago

    You mean Martions on MARS

  18. OriginSpeed

    OriginSpeed28 days ago

    This is what would happen if Team Magma succeeded

  19. Jaime Morael

    Jaime Morael28 days ago

    What if ocean water enter active volcano?

  20. Hasiik

    HasiikMonth ago

    Simple answer. *We are going to die.*

  21. Pawsome Puppycorn

    Pawsome PuppycornMonth ago


  22. oof oofington

    oof oofingtonMonth ago


  23. DJXD

    DJXDMonth ago

    Wait if ther is no oxygen on your world how are you still talking?

  24. Cosmickiller 109

    Cosmickiller 109Month ago

    0:38 what do you mean we cant breathe underwater SO HOW DOES IT MAKE OXYGEN

  25. Coco Studio

    Coco StudioMonth ago

    It’s actually raining here right now

  26. The ProNoodle 87887 902

    The ProNoodle 87887 902Month ago

    This sounds like mad max to me

  27. Lokesh Raghavendra

    Lokesh RaghavendraMonth ago

    Suggestion for new video: what will happen if mars got back it water

  28. Player1 b.

    Player1 b.Month ago

    Thanks Bloko my name is Joseph

  29. Choleric Charmander

    Choleric CharmanderMonth ago

    If we drain the ocean........ Then we won’t have to worry about drowning.

  30. R S

    R SMonth ago

    Thank you but I still have thalassophobia

  31. cool hot ball321

    cool hot ball321Month ago

    What if all volcanoes erupt at once.#Dearblocko

  32. Jenn North

    Jenn NorthMonth ago

    You still have Lakes and rivers

  33. someidiot

    someidiot2 months ago

    how to make the video shorter : Hey there! Welcommmeeee to Life Noggin. We would die * vid ends loool *

  34. The Lucky Gamer person

    The Lucky Gamer person2 months ago

    Wow.... That's a lot of nosebleeds

  35. Cooling Heat

    Cooling Heat2 months ago

    Plot twist: rivers will still be around bc the title said oceans

  36. Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire2 months ago

    Why not plant more of those marine plants to prevent global warming?

  37. Oxy-_-Trixter47 Boi

    Oxy-_-Trixter47 Boi2 months ago

    Without water means...no turtles :o

  38. Hashtag No name

    Hashtag No name2 months ago

    Wait..... Global warming would increase, but Earth will become a lot cooler? How??!!

  39. TrueTanker112 Zhun

    TrueTanker112 Zhun2 months ago

    If mars once had water then it is now dry then Venus is dry maybe earth is next

  40. basement dweller

    basement dweller2 months ago

    If our water didnt evaporate then why mars has no water?

  41. yo boi shadow the hedghog

    yo boi shadow the hedghog2 months ago

    Whqt about ponds

  42. Reave Shepherd

    Reave Shepherd2 months ago

    It's all ready happened!! The Aral Sea!! R.I.P Sea

  43. Sheetal Kansal

    Sheetal Kansal2 months ago


  44. Sheetal Kansal

    Sheetal Kansal2 months ago

    #drain your self out

  45. Gina Moon

    Gina Moon2 months ago

    Could you survive without your head but your brains in your neck or on top of your neck

  46. Allison Bailey

    Allison Bailey2 months ago

    What would happen to the earth if the human population was DOUBLE what it is today?

  47. Through TheRoof

    Through TheRoof2 months ago

    The Bermuda Triangle wouldn't be such a mystery anymore.


    FNAF FOXY GOLN2 months ago

    what happen never poop?

  49. Eper -

    Eper -2 months ago

    OK!!! Soooo........ NO air, NO warm, NO water, No rain, ......... IT DOESN'T SOUND GREAT!!!🤣😝 2:13

  50. Katie Cat

    Katie Cat2 months ago

    No way to drain the ocean 🌊

  51. xxxtarpcchas q

    xxxtarpcchas q2 months ago

    Now I know why plankton Shelton got his from a plant

  52. Christina Mcdaniel

    Christina Mcdaniel2 months ago

    A googol is like Jupiter because they are both giants

  53. An Lai

    An Lai2 months ago


  54. T gaming X

    T gaming X2 months ago

    You were in a sea moth from subnatica in 0:28

  55. Galaxy wolf Games

    Galaxy wolf Games2 months ago

    We also wouldn’t have beautiful blue skies.

  56. thejurassic crafter 5555

    thejurassic crafter 55552 months ago

    What if mats I a future earth like mars had life and wAter and grass but it heated up and it became mars

  57. Abed Desouky

    Abed Desouky2 months ago

    What time will the sun end

  58. TheSpectral Gamers

    TheSpectral Gamers3 months ago

    The real easy answer: NO LIFE.

  59. Colton Usher

    Colton Usher3 months ago

    0:17 Uhhhhhhh… Those animals at the very bottom of the ocean is not that high...

  60. kyle awesome

    kyle awesome3 months ago

    wait, how can you drain the whole ocean? and you would get sick if you try......

  61. Okra the MudWing

    Okra the MudWing3 months ago

    What if we got rid of all land, instead of ocean.

  62. Danese

    Danese3 months ago

    Aliens from Venus are called Venusians.

  63. Owen DiFilippo

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  64. Mark London

    Mark London3 months ago

    There are already many Desalination Plants around the world 🗺🌏 Including Some Countries In The Middle East Like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain And Qatar. And there are also a couple of Desalination Plants In Norway, The United Kingdom, The USA, Australia, South Africa And Many more Countries As well. Kuwait apparently gets 100% Percent Of It’s water from The Sea, and that Is made possible through Desalination Plants.

  65. Mark London

    Mark London3 months ago

    You do know that we use our Seawaters And Oceans 🌊 to make drinkable Water by Desalinating That Water Through a Desalination Plant.

  66. Tom Fagan

    Tom Fagan3 months ago


  67. Mr. Nausea

    Mr. Nausea3 months ago

    Make a dear blocko about what if the sun was Betelgeuse

  68. Cormac Tyree

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  69. Jakethegoodgamer

    Jakethegoodgamer3 months ago

    If the earth wasn't flat the thumbnail wouldn't work

  70. vokeszter

    vokeszter4 months ago

    How is The Oceans Dried Up

  71. Adam Parrish

    Adam Parrish4 months ago

    I mean at least it would stop raining in england

  72. mjz Plush

    mjz Plush4 months ago

    0:25 put captions on so true

  73. JoJoSleepypants

    JoJoSleepypants4 months ago

    2:19 sounds like my soul

  74. Spongbob Squarepants

    Spongbob Squarepants4 months ago

    Really I thought the ocean was covering 71% of the earth

  75. The world of wolves Moonlight wolf

    The world of wolves Moonlight wolf4 months ago

    Well this is very idiot idea to do in real life

  76. Pretoria’s RugRat

    Pretoria’s RugRat4 months ago

    Talk about how big is the universe

  77. Snake boi

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  78. omegagames isawesome

    omegagames isawesome4 months ago

    He says woder not water

  79. Wasim Alsaqqa

    Wasim Alsaqqa4 months ago

    2:45 I think he meant Mars, not Venus.

  80. Imrglop

    Imrglop4 months ago

    we'll all die the end

  81. Jordan Petkov

    Jordan Petkov5 months ago

    Quantum physics.

  82. A BOI

    A BOI5 months ago

    Attention everyone watching stop throwing your cola in the ocean

  83. Clonos

    Clonos5 months ago

    Long story short; you die. (Obviously)

  84. kok loko

    kok loko5 months ago

    What if we took everything out of the ocean except the water?

  85. Oscar Maldonado

    Oscar Maldonado5 months ago

    I mean we can just pee and filter out the waste

  86. Bella Mckiernan

    Bella Mckiernan5 months ago

    If you drain the ocean, you know who's fault it is? Yours.

  87. Kristian Cruz

    Kristian Cruz5 months ago

    Bye Bye Spongebob 🥺

  88. Undomesticated

    Undomesticated5 months ago

    Wait. Cancer treatment?

  89. Tyler McDaniel

    Tyler McDaniel5 months ago

    what are aliens on Venus called? i know! VENETIANS civ 5 joke

  90. Ian Moose

    Ian Moose5 months ago

    How is the atmosphere made

  91. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus5 months ago

    It also gave ginuea worm disease

  92. Brandon Wong

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  93. Kevin Lau

    Kevin Lau5 months ago

    Wait if u drained the ocean where will all the water be

  94. Loges Kana

    Loges Kana5 months ago

    Poseidon will fade then

  95. Prince Arroyo

    Prince Arroyo5 months ago

    you will see all the ship and you will see the Titanic and all air plane

  96. Eddy Braybrook

    Eddy Braybrook5 months ago

    This channel is a cheat code for school.


    BRAXTON SPLAINE5 months ago

    Dear Bloko how do boggers form

  98. The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe

    The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe5 months ago

    I just had an ad where a pink muppet like bird climbed on someones car and yelled at them to stop littering. If I used to litter before that I would have stopped

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  100. Nathanials challenge show Alvarez

    Nathanials challenge show Alvarez5 months ago

    did not mention lakes tho😊

  101. game factor

    game factor5 months ago

    I have a question. What if earth is the only planet

  102. Karlelian Raindeer

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    TIẾNG MỸ KẾT NỐI6 months ago

    why is triangle bob is doing everywhere

  104. Francisca Fabrigas

    Francisca Fabrigas6 months ago

    what if body parts changed places

  105. Denise Cleveland

    Denise Cleveland6 months ago

    I think you should talk about was ever Saturn bigger than Jupiter?