What Happens If You Drain The Ocean?


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    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! We have a special Q&A video coming to you very soon, so let me know what scientific topics you want us to talk about next! Also, make sure to head over to brilliant.org/lifenoggin/ to get 20% off!

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    You should talk about Sulfur dioxide

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    If we were bored, would we die? Or have any symtoms?

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    Love your vids

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    Which ocean

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    Hey there NOGGEN

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    The ad about Lyme Disease has no cure. Our entire family has lyme and if you have a practitioner who uses the Cowden protocl right away--never felt a single effect of Lyme. Traditional MD's don't know this. Anyway...

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    What would happen if the universe end today would we know?

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    I don't drink water ig i do some help

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    CRAZY PERSON:Im GoInG To DraAn ThE Ocean Me:what the heck are you saying????? CRAZY PERSON:iDk Me: shut up

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    We need water to flush our disaster inside the toilet 😂

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    *what if it never snow*

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    Team magma didn't watch this video.

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    Aliens of Venus are vesions

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    Blocko maybe reveal your self in the real world with a white blocky costume

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    Why do we like and dislike certain things?

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    Life Noggin I LOVE YOU LIFE NOGGIN William (my son)

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    So ive been wondering, if we run out of water, we can drink milk right??

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    if that was to happen then the world would be a endless road runner scene

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    Why does this channel make me feel smarter??

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    So basically, Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe almost destroyed humanity.

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    Eath is next

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    Do aliens invade earth for water cuz they have like none lol

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    Funniest part 4:04

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    Why do you keep calling me human? I don't like that! OWO

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    Why/how is it dangerous for scientists to make water?

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    idea - What if all buildings were destroyed - or - What if all forms of transportation stopped - OR - What would happen if all electricity quit? - pretty good suggestions right?

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    what will happen if clouds doesnt exist.

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    I get thirsty after watching this video

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    1 like =to uhh one gram of water Yey


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    You would have to go to the restroom

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    Can u do a vid about what will happen if everybody in the world, all acted the same

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    What are thoughts made out of and how do they form?

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    Would be a shame If someone Were to nuke all the oceans

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    Then the earth would be as dry dirt ball ,hurtling around the sun ,hurtling around a super massive black hole that is the centre of the Milky Way

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    talk about sickle cell anaemia

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    It’s sad to think that in a human extinction event people would still think about how much money they would have to use. Why would you need to use money? If all humans are going to die if you don’t do it then it shouldn’t matter

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    why do we breath??

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    Ah.. life noggin.. it's AWESOME

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    no more tsunami

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    Never said you drained lakes and ponds

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    if we did there would never be an ocean man

  51. Jim Jefferies

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    Global warming is a fraud

  52. Espada Afilada

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    talk about of eating all the drugs at the same time

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    We’d be dead. And everything else would die.

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    that would take year like 5000 years

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    you said ocean right well what about lakes rivers puddles swamps

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    I guess I will drink coke.

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    I don't need school anymore

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    2:49 Aliens from Venus would be called Venutians.

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    I’m scared 😱😟

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    Is dimension travel real?

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    Afaik aliens living on Venus are called Venusians.

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    Theres a topic said by allah about water water made everything alive

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    Question: how do you drain the ocean?

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    Then it becomes a Grand Canyon.

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    this is what happen if team magma win... 😂😂😂

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    That thumbnails retarded.

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    2:46 venians

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    Well that would be bad

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    Actually water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, the show said 72% of water covers the Earth's surface

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    Can you put me in your animation plz Name:Parker

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    What about cows

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    Hey at lest we’re getting more from global warming so we just need higher buildings

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    you guys are better than the best school in the world

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    2:47 You call them Venusians

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    Maybe by the time the ocean will run out or drain out of water we would already evolve to something that could live without the ocean water

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    No water? Can I visit the titanic pls?


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    What would happen if you never ate?

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    Can you please talk about orcas?

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    All the fish will die. If we drain the ocean.

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    No, you couldn t create water. All the Oxygen has been killed remember

  86. Walayerf X

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    If it happened really slowly over a really long period of time, would we slowly evolve to survive or would it happen to quickly for us to adapt?

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    If there was no more ocean............ mother nature is pissed and is punishing us

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    Now I'm thirsty XD gimmi *Drinks Da Sea* ok I'm still thirsty XD

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    What about trees?

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    That’s why the lord made the ocean :D

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    And why do we have elements

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    tetchromatic vision video!

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    Did you mean 71% water

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    why not do a video if all the humans disappeared

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    Forget rivers people without water = no rivers

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    It is possible that there is hollow space under Earth's surface where water could go

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    *40 Years of watching those Hydro Rigs suck our planet dry...*

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    i wanna suck the oceans in a pipette and go in the mariana trench and then put it all back

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    what if everyone got smart and realized global warming is bullshit (and that the earth is not flat)

  100. zombiepixlez gamer

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    drastically slowing the rate of something that doesn't exist

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    Better learning than school

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    every one just needs to make an infinite water source like from minecraft

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    You also forgot how the islands and countries would be they would fall since the water keeps them up if no ocean was there would mean we would fall to our doom... or maybe we will survive by a giant pillow that fills the hole earth... or maybe we can just survive

  105. Diego G

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    I thought there was 70 and 30 percent of water and land

  106. Student Gary Smith

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    What if we lived in another solar system but had a telescope that can see planets and stars but the light from that planet would be the light from years ago. it's like looking at Venus and then saying that it will be livable but when you reach the planet is no longer livable. I wonder if we should take that to precaution.