What Happens If You Drain The Ocean?


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    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! We have a special Q&A video coming to you very soon, so let me know what scientific topics you want us to talk about next! Also, make sure to head over to brilliant.org/lifenoggin/ to get 20% off!

  2. Michiru.LoVe2018 Nguyen

    Michiru.LoVe2018 Nguyen25 days ago

    What would happen if there were no rocks?

  3. Lost Boy

    Lost Boy28 days ago

    YO Life Noggin, how about a video on something about extreme weather, specifically volcanoes because of whats going on currently and because I'm from Hawaii, hope you see this #lifenoggin

  4. Johnder Aningalan

    Johnder Aningalan29 days ago

    Life Noggin What would happen if we had more than one moon? Would Earth be a better place? Will it be nice if two moons are above? Whaat if we had more? Higher tides?

  5. Sarah Menkes

    Sarah Menkes29 days ago


  6. virtual EDM

    virtual EDM29 days ago

    i watched your video on passing through walls and its probability, which led me to ask, how would teleportation work and is it possible?

  7. earleen lane

    earleen lane7 hours ago

    Did you mean 71% water

  8. Ieuans Gamingstation

    Ieuans Gamingstation20 hours ago

    why not do a video if all the humans disappeared

  9. Drainbow The Dragon 121

    Drainbow The Dragon 121Day ago

    Forget rivers people without water = no rivers

  10. Sushant Subedi

    Sushant Subedi2 days ago

    It is possible that there is hollow space under Earth's surface where water could go

  11. legopiece228

    legopiece2282 days ago

    *40 Years of watching those Hydro Rigs suck our planet dry...*

  12. Gabriel Reyes

    Gabriel Reyes2 days ago

    i wanna suck the oceans in a pipette and go in the mariana trench and then put it all back

  13. zombiepixlez gamer

    zombiepixlez gamer2 days ago

    what if everyone got smart and realized global warming is bullshit (and that the earth is not flat)

  14. zombiepixlez gamer

    zombiepixlez gamer2 days ago

    drastically slowing the rate of something that doesn't exist

  15. AA —

    AA —2 days ago

    Better learning than school

  16. Nilsber

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    KIERAN LAMONT3 days ago

    every one just needs to make an infinite water source like from minecraft

  18. Diego G

    Diego G3 days ago

    You also forgot how the islands and countries would be they would fall since the water keeps them up if no ocean was there would mean we would fall to our doom... or maybe we will survive by a giant pillow that fills the hole earth... or maybe we can just survive

  19. Diego G

    Diego G3 days ago

    I thought there was 70 and 30 percent of water and land

  20. Student Gary Smith

    Student Gary Smith3 days ago

    What if we lived in another solar system but had a telescope that can see planets and stars but the light from that planet would be the light from years ago. it's like looking at Venus and then saying that it will be livable but when you reach the planet is no longer livable. I wonder if we should take that to precaution.

  21. Alex J Brimmer

    Alex J Brimmer4 days ago

    Venusians. If they live on Venus, they're Venusian. Mercurial Venusian Terrestrial Martian Jovial Saturnian Uranian Neptunian Plutonian Sun and Moon, of course, are Solar and Lunar.

  22. Mimikyublah Boo

    Mimikyublah Boo6 days ago

    Earth will simply turn into mars

  23. Teddy Matunog

    Teddy Matunog7 days ago

    Hi blackko

  24. Shanez1215

    Shanez12157 days ago

    Good thing unsustainable practices are causing the oceans to increase in temperature and acidify, which will kill the algea leading us to suffication. Thanks Scott Pruit

  25. gabby the nerd

    gabby the nerd7 days ago

    Okay so I know that Dolan and locko I have absolutely nothing alike other than having white skin of course but who else thinks they should do a collab I mean that would be just plain awesome

  26. Suvd Batbold

    Suvd Batbold9 days ago

    What about lakes?

  27. Basilisk Gamer

    Basilisk Gamer9 days ago

    Rivers will drain making mini oceans Also Venus got hotter 👯‍♀️

  28. Donovan Bailey

    Donovan Bailey9 days ago

    I think than life that used to live on Venus is called Venusians

  29. knights crusade

    knights crusade10 days ago

    if people work out commercial fusion reactors the ocean would also be used to give people all of our energy

  30. Clara cimi

    Clara cimi11 days ago

    Wait.. I dont understand the part where the earth becomes colder... Anyone can help me?

  31. Lemon

    Lemon11 days ago

    It's a shame were polluting it with plastic

  32. Valndrisa Valkina

    Valndrisa Valkina12 days ago

    in other words... we would all be dead

  33. Pixe- Late

    Pixe- Late12 days ago

    Queen Mary 2 would be gone.

  34. roblox lover all day

    roblox lover all day12 days ago

    Come on Jimmy why did you drain the ocean

  35. Franklin Koehler

    Franklin Koehler13 days ago

    How did different color skin happen

  36. The Red Shadow

    The Red Shadow10 days ago

    Yeah why are the Simpsons yellow???

  37. Sophiana

    Sophiana13 days ago

    What if we were to drain the lakes? Do they even help us in anyway?

  38. Miss 53

    Miss 5314 days ago

    Happy oceans day!

  39. YunoGasai Game

    YunoGasai Game14 days ago

    SEA!!!! a mother of LIFE!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!

  40. Trong Dai

    Trong Dai14 days ago

    kill people who throw trash out of the ocean

  41. The Red Shadow

    The Red Shadow10 days ago

    👏🔫🔪💣 smart idea

  42. Don’t read my profile picture

    Don’t read my profile picture15 days ago

    2:32 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  43. The Red Shadow

    The Red Shadow10 days ago

    Had to put the H to make it work

  44. batman forever

    batman forever15 days ago

    What would happen if we lived in space

  45. Surb Alyk

    Surb Alyk15 days ago

    Yeah, but ocean water is salt water.

  46. A Pro Gamer

    A Pro Gamer16 days ago

    Eh we all are gonna die anyway

  47. Athan Green

    Athan Green16 days ago

    Who does your annimations? Or do you do it yourself?

  48. Angelo Braidy

    Angelo Braidy17 days ago

    Those whatever you call them from Venus would be called women.

  49. Bluez

    Bluez17 days ago

    You said the oceans but we will still have lakes rivers oasis and etc

  50. Phobos Anomaly

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  51. Johnny Myers

    Johnny Myers17 days ago

    This video but every time he says "water" wrong it gets 5% faster

  52. Timmytammy123

    Timmytammy12317 days ago

    Aliens on Venus- Venetians?

  53. EdDoesNASCAR

    EdDoesNASCAR18 days ago

    2:31 thats what she said

  54. HimKioo

    HimKioo18 days ago

    Troll logic :3 - So to combat to climate change of the weather getting warmer is to drain all the water so the heat can bounce back 🙃

  55. Zamaria Pace

    Zamaria Pace18 days ago

    Wouldn't the sky color change from blue it white?

  56. Blazing Arrow

    Blazing Arrow18 days ago

    I know the comment section has all about water but brilliant is kinda cool

  57. Lia and Friends

    Lia and Friends19 days ago

    Who figured out science

  58. Ellis Nicoli

    Ellis Nicoli19 days ago

    We could finally raise the Titanic

  59. Kayla Morales

    Kayla Morales19 days ago

    We would DIIIEE

  60. Laura Coutinho

    Laura Coutinho19 days ago

    What if we got rid of mosquitos? They're such pests, do we REALLY need them?

  61. Anh Lam

    Anh Lam20 days ago

    can you describe the process that we get sunburn?

  62. nargiz ahmadova

    nargiz ahmadova21 day ago

    Would humans really die if we drained the oceans?

  63. Mute Gaming

    Mute Gaming21 day ago

    What happens when we never stop itching?

  64. David Gaston

    David Gaston21 day ago

    We should always appreciate the little world we have.

  65. Jackie Hernandez

    Jackie Hernandez21 day ago

    Wow, this is a very informatinal channel... keep talking!

  66. jeffy7 Jeffy5

    jeffy7 Jeffy522 days ago

    you guys should talk about "if you didnt have DNA what would happen"

  67. Muhammad Hadrami

    Muhammad Hadrami22 days ago

    Am I the only person who fo some reason thinking we are actually from mars??

  68. Mythi Art

    Mythi Art22 days ago

    Blocko, we'd still have lakes.

  69. chrisbeare66

    chrisbeare6622 days ago

    Aliens on Venus would be called venusians

  70. Audra Platz

    Audra Platz22 days ago

    also talk about the human cerosity

  71. Audra Platz

    Audra Platz22 days ago

    talk about horses and unicorns

  72. Tom Hendrickson

    Tom Hendrickson23 days ago

    So a giant ball that needs some chapstick

  73. Victoriy Ryabtsov

    Victoriy Ryabtsov23 days ago

    Make a video about why shark are important


    EMILY OLSON23 days ago

    there probably called vershains

  75. Tushar Chowdhury

    Tushar Chowdhury23 days ago

    2:55 Our long lasting Oceans

  76. Tushar Chowdhury

    Tushar Chowdhury23 days ago


  77. Mingo Dew

    Mingo Dew23 days ago

    What would happen if the whole planet was covered in water?

  78. Andrew Harbin

    Andrew Harbin24 days ago

    that would be awful,fish are delishious!!!! :(

  79. Ryan Fox

    Ryan Fox24 days ago

    Animals (not aliens) living on Venus would be called Venusians. Also, they're natives. If you were to visit Venus at the time, you would be the alien.

  80. Rylei Card

    Rylei Card24 days ago

    Question: if the water makes air (too lazy to spell oxygen) then why is no air in the water (to lazy to spell ocean again)

  81. Ticeman 100

    Ticeman 10024 days ago

    @everyone the video ends at 3:06 their is going to be an in video ad.

  82. Denstiny

    Denstiny22 days ago

    wrong website.

  83. FNAF girl

    FNAF girl24 days ago

    Poor Earth chan her scalp would be so dry

  84. Ebony Maw

    Ebony Maw24 days ago

    Venusians Vee-NOOSH-ians

  85. RainbowIt Now

    RainbowIt Now24 days ago

    2:04 The next O'hare Air.

  86. Władca Wymiaru

    Władca Wymiaru25 days ago

    We need thorium power to get rid off all CO2 emission XD P.S. Half of CO2 we ass to armosphere (21GT) is absorbed by plants and...rocks XD

  87. The Iranian Liberal

    The Iranian Liberal25 days ago

    Why do you think it'd be cold? If anything it would probably get hot due to all the CO2 trapping that heat.

  88. Marcelo García

    Marcelo García25 days ago

    Aliens living in venus might be called venusians

  89. earth

    earth25 days ago

    drain me and ill be dehydrated

  90. earth

    earth25 days ago

    *land sharks*

  91. iithestarryunicornii iiunicornsruleii

    iithestarryunicornii iiunicornsruleii25 days ago

    Martians are what you call aliens on mars. I forgot what the name was, but it begins with 'venu' and its Venus.

  92. Dian Perera

    Dian Perera25 days ago

    what if we shrink

  93. Kéera the Kitsune

    Kéera the Kitsune25 days ago

    Hey do a video on what if we drained the earth mantle or what if there is no lava or magma

  94. Some-random- Guy

    Some-random- Guy25 days ago

    To put it in simpler terms, we will all die :D

  95. Tripp Mattison

    Tripp Mattison25 days ago

    What if the sun died?

  96. Rachel Guy

    Rachel Guy25 days ago

    could you talk about dysphoria i really want to know more about it

  97. Sam Sol

    Sam Sol25 days ago

    How about if there was only carbon dioxide on earth

  98. Claymoresavvy Savvy

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    I just subscribed!

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  100. Keith Scott

    Keith Scott26 days ago

    I learnt more there than 8 years of science at school

  101. Keith Scott

    Keith Scott26 days ago

    I think you should make a video about: What if money wasnt a thing

  102. Toni Danao

    Toni Danao26 days ago

    Can u make a video about why celebrity crushes make no sense?

  103. THEstrangeLOL YT

    THEstrangeLOL YT26 days ago

    1:32 Ice age 2?

  104. Diguitz

    Diguitz26 days ago

    What if you did "Are hallucinations and dreams the same thing?"

  105. Flynn Roberts

    Flynn Roberts26 days ago

    How battleships are made anr how they work

  106. Nini Playz Roblox xD

    Nini Playz Roblox xD26 days ago

    No Water = No Water Cycle

  107. Ashik Anwar

    Ashik Anwar26 days ago

    Is it possible to become invisible

  108. kagome higorashi

    kagome higorashi26 days ago

    I read "brilliant math and science done right" as "brilliant math and science damn right"

  109. Epic ERM!

    Epic ERM!26 days ago

    I love your chanle

  110. Sai Sevithaa

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    Poor Mars! Lost all its blue...