What Happens If You Drain The Ocean?


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    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! We have a special Q&A video coming to you very soon, so let me know what scientific topics you want us to talk about next! Also, make sure to head over to brilliant.org/lifenoggin/ to get 20% off!

  2. paige snook

    paige snook22 days ago

    you should talk about sulfur dioxide.

  3. Kara Allen

    Kara Allen3 months ago

    You call aliens on Venus vailiens

  4. Lau囡囡

    Lau囡囡4 months ago

    Hey life noggin can you do the what would happen to earth it earth is much smaller

  5. Faviola Hernandez

    Faviola Hernandez5 months ago

    Life Noggin *

  6. Daily Uploads

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  7. Jordan Petkov

    Jordan PetkovDay ago

    Quantum physics.

  8. MR and MRS

    MR and MRS3 days ago

    Attention everyone watching stop throwing your cola in the ocean

  9. Clonos

    Clonos3 days ago

    Long story short; you die. (Obviously)

  10. kok loko

    kok loko4 days ago

    What if we took everything out of the ocean except the water?

  11. Oscar Maldonado

    Oscar Maldonado15 days ago

    I mean we can just pee and filter out the waste

  12. Bella Mckiernan

    Bella Mckiernan15 days ago

    If you drain the ocean, you know who's fault it is? Yours.

  13. Kristian Cruz

    Kristian Cruz16 days ago

    Bye Bye Spongebob 🥺

  14. Undomesticated

    Undomesticated18 days ago

    Wait. Cancer treatment?

  15. Tyler McDaniel

    Tyler McDaniel18 days ago

    what are aliens on Venus called? i know! VENETIANS civ 5 joke

  16. Ian Moose

    Ian Moose19 days ago

    How is the atmosphere made

  17. Noah Whitney

    Noah Whitney19 days ago

    It also gave ginuea worm disease

  18. Brandon Wong

    Brandon Wong21 day ago


  19. Kevin Lau

    Kevin Lau22 days ago

    Wait if u drained the ocean where will all the water be

  20. The Hufflepuff badger

    The Hufflepuff badger22 days ago

    Poseidon will fade then

  21. Prince Arroyo

    Prince Arroyo22 days ago

    you will see all the ship and you will see the Titanic and all air plane

  22. Eddy Braybrook

    Eddy Braybrook25 days ago

    This channel is a cheat code for school.


    BRAXTON SPLAINE26 days ago

    Dear Bloko how do boggers form

  24. The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe

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    I just had an ad where a pink muppet like bird climbed on someones car and yelled at them to stop littering. If I used to litter before that I would have stopped

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  26. Nathanials challenge show Alvarez

    Nathanials challenge show Alvarez28 days ago

    did not mention lakes tho😊

  27. blue sky sans

    blue sky sans29 days ago

    I have a question. What if earth is the only planet

  28. Karlelian Raindeer

    Karlelian RaindeerMonth ago



    TIẾNG MỸ KẾT NỐIMonth ago

    why is triangle bob is doing everywhere

  30. Francisca Fabrigas

    Francisca FabrigasMonth ago

    what if body parts changed places

  31. Denise Cleveland

    Denise ClevelandMonth ago

    I think you should talk about was ever Saturn bigger than Jupiter?

  32. #Roosfaster12345

    #Roosfaster12345Month ago

    Thanks! I learn in home only.... cuz you better than SCHOOL....

  33. _MøønEclipse YT_

    _MøønEclipse YT_Month ago

    Sea animals, ocean animals, or whatever will d i e

  34. hec gameing

    hec gameingMonth ago

    What if there were no clouds

  35. Spenezzet

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  36. joentl1969

    joentl1969Month ago

    You would die slowly not die like now because we have trees we would actually live for a week or so on earth

  37. Ruby Singloka

    Ruby Singloka2 months ago

    blocko do u get scared on halloween zombies eat your brains?

  38. CoolDoctor274

    CoolDoctor2742 months ago

    *Someone must have been really thirsty*

  39. Slatefree

    Slatefree2 months ago

    Well if the ocean is draining to the core everyone will die

  40. calvinus alexander

    calvinus alexander2 months ago

    12.089099,104.151906 the coordinates of a wreck plane and we thought it's the body of MH370 malaysia airline

  41. Tobiasjamesmastet Deasley

    Tobiasjamesmastet Deasley2 months ago

    Draining the ocean would make Indian nothing

  42. Tobiasjamesmastet Deasley

    Tobiasjamesmastet Deasley2 months ago

    I meant Indian as undyn the fish but this correcting

  43. Nathan Padillo

    Nathan Padillo3 months ago

    You can die if you drained the ocean No!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩🗾🗾🗾🗾🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢

  44. kobebucos3 PBST

    kobebucos3 PBST3 months ago

    I thought wix

  45. PandaXclone2

    PandaXclone23 months ago

    I don't think it would matter if it's costly to make more water when _there's little to no water left._ Money falls to the wayside when surviving such a catastrophe comes first and foremost. Even _if_ money was a concern, I'm sure the world's richest people would sink their money into that process if it means living.

  46. Amerikan Templar

    Amerikan Templar3 months ago

    RTGame already drained the Atlantic

  47. kebler823

    kebler8233 months ago

    Also the ocean hides many man made things that now rest at the bottom! Imagine the stuff we would see if the ocean was gone for 1 week!🤔

  48. Kara Allen

    Kara Allen3 months ago


  49. XXlibarat0rXX

    XXlibarat0rXX3 months ago

    Wait a minute, if Mars's water evaporated when aliens lived in it, will we relay too much on ocean water and then Earth will become a lifeless planet?

  50. anonymous

    anonymous3 months ago

    Global warming is a hoax in the first place.

  51. Mark Sargent-Bennett

    Mark Sargent-Bennett3 months ago

    you humans? dont you mean us humans?

  52. Alaa Ghanem

    Alaa Ghanem3 months ago


  53. Alaa Ghanem

    Alaa Ghanem3 months ago

    Make a video naming all elements of the periodic

  54. Eaman Danish

    Eaman Danish3 months ago

    My theory is Venus and Mars had a living things before it list it ocean.

  55. boo boo

    boo boo3 months ago

    Ok lets get this straight here Earth:earthlings Mars:marshens Venus:the venlings

  56. Jay Glenn

    Jay Glenn3 months ago


  57. Blue Blue

    Blue Blue4 months ago

    So... How much is that in litres??

  58. the_ultimate_ car_guy

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  59. Neon Circle

    Neon Circle4 months ago

    2:05 PPAP Doctor?(idk) : I have a Hyrogen I have a Oxygen BOOM! H2O! Dont be serious

  60. gearzgames otano

    gearzgames otano4 months ago

    So if that was real earth will be a desert

  61. gia nghi

    gia nghi4 months ago

    what happened if fruits don't have colors

  62. Reallyipod Apple phone

    Reallyipod Apple phone4 months ago

    Life logic what happen if you live whitout brain

  63. lucas Bedwell

    lucas Bedwell4 months ago

    I Saw Triangle Bob At The Start And Then He Teleport To That Boat

  64. TrashGaming

    TrashGaming4 months ago

    what hapens wen you get sick

  65. InfernoX666Devil

    InfernoX666Devil4 months ago

    What would happen if the atmosphere was a giant floating mirror?

  66. Scp 682

    Scp 6824 months ago

    Who ever thought that other aliens called us aliens ö

  67. Scp 682

    Scp 6824 months ago


  68. Tyler Berridge

    Tyler Berridge4 months ago

    Dear blocko, someone who lives on Venus is called a Venutian or a Venusian. Not to be confused with a Venetian, which refers to someone from Venice.

  69. Shmoop Toompoom

    Shmoop Toompoom4 months ago

    I Li Lif Life Life N Life No Life Nog Life Nogg Life Noggi Life Noggin Life Noggi Life Nogg Life Nog Life No Life N Life Lif Li L

  70. ilies claudia

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  71. Anthea Russell Pick

    Anthea Russell Pick4 months ago

    I think aliens from Venus would be called Venusians

  72. the Oregon's girl

    the Oregon's girl4 months ago

    1:11 for more, watch the film The day after tomorrow ;)

  73. the Oregon's girl

    the Oregon's girl4 months ago

    0:32 I woud feel like shit for being another of those stupid humans

  74. Taco Plays

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  75. Zachary Kim

    Zachary Kim4 months ago

    I call aliens living on Venus as Venusians

  76. Amy Biedess

    Amy Biedess4 months ago

    can we biuled are on plant

  77. Wai Tsang

    Wai Tsang4 months ago


  78. Dark Monster

    Dark Monster4 months ago

    can you talk about pig please

  79. theytook allgoodnames

    theytook allgoodnames4 months ago

    Poor mars it has no water

  80. Texting Stories

    Texting Stories4 months ago

    Could you do a video on how people get cancer or how cancer cells are created

  81. Raptor Kid

    Raptor Kid4 months ago

    What if ocean man wasn’t there, to take you by the hand to lead you to the land that you’d understand....

  82. Lincoln McTaggart

    Lincoln McTaggart4 months ago

    F you. I am sad that my LIFE IS GONE cuz of you on the 2019 video whit will hapin to the earth. sorry but don't post this lack that.

  83. bubba D best

    bubba D best4 months ago

    Venus aliens are venutians

  84. PLs dont kill meh

    PLs dont kill meh4 months ago

    if ocean drained then WE CAN SEE THE TITANIC

  85. Tc

    Tc4 months ago

    Aliens which live on Mars are martians Aliens which live on Venus would be called Venusians

  86. Josh Israel Villahermosa

    Josh Israel Villahermosa4 months ago

    Btw we humans Are polluting it what should we do!

  87. Naz Afghan

    Naz Afghan4 months ago

    I am life nogit too

  88. Todderina

    Todderina4 months ago

    Spongebob pulled the damn plug again...

  89. Minar Simarmarta

    Minar Simarmarta5 months ago

    No water? Im going inside the Titanic without somebody knowing and find jack and rise the Titanic

  90. Minar Simarmarta

    Minar Simarmarta5 months ago

    And take the Titanic from sand*

  91. Xtrah962

    Xtrah9625 months ago

    *PATRICKKK!!!* I you not to unplug the main drain!

  92. Elliot Teghtmeyer

    Elliot Teghtmeyer5 months ago

    someone who lives on Venus would be called a venusian.

  93. Peachyy Gamer

    Peachyy Gamer5 months ago

    I'm scared that someone will watch this video and try to drain the ocean lol

  94. Mr. Quack

    Mr. Quack5 months ago


  95. flashab 42

    flashab 425 months ago

    What would happen if you shot a bullet in space. next vid

  96. MonkeyBoy32904

    MonkeyBoy329045 months ago

    water will one day run out because of plants, their good side is to keep people alive while the evil side is to get rid of ALLLLLLL the water

  97. YanPPT Dev

    YanPPT Dev5 months ago

    The ocean will be dissapear when it drains

  98. Potato — Philippino

    Potato — Philippino5 months ago

    If we did drain the ocean,where would all the water go? What woukd happen to it?

  99. The world of wolves Moonlight wolf

    The world of wolves Moonlight wolf5 months ago

    Short answer death 💀

  100. Enzo Cermeno

    Enzo Cermeno5 months ago

    The main drain

  101. YouTube Nerds

    YouTube Nerds5 months ago

    Which ocean

  102. Red Mickster

    Red Mickster5 months ago

    Hey there NOGGEN

  103. Dee DAS

    Dee DAS5 months ago

    The ad about Lyme Disease has no cure. Our entire family has lyme and if you have a practitioner who uses the Cowden protocl right away--never felt a single effect of Lyme. Traditional MD's don't know this. Anyway...

  104. Ryan Parker

    Ryan Parker5 months ago

    What would happen if the universe end today would we know?

  105. darkness

    darkness5 months ago

    I don't drink water ig i do some help

  106. sarahsahara 1324

    sarahsahara 13245 months ago

    CRAZY PERSON:Im GoInG To DraAn ThE Ocean Me:what the heck are you saying????? CRAZY PERSON:iDk Me: shut up

  107. DuhItz_ MEH

    DuhItz_ MEH5 months ago

    We need water to flush our disaster inside the toilet 😂

  108. triggered thomas

    triggered thomas5 months ago

    *what if it never snow*

  109. Zdestroyer

    Zdestroyer5 months ago

    Team magma didn't watch this video.