What Happened To Sonic's Crispy Chicken Tenders?


  1. TheReportOfTheWeek

    TheReportOfTheWeek5 months ago

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  2. Greg Stern

    Greg Stern2 months ago

    odon seel I don’t think he really cares what you think.

  3. Daniel

    Daniel4 months ago

    Stay humble

  4. Allie Cary

    Allie Cary4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek he’s not kidding

  5. Sean McFarland

    Sean McFarland4 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek I work as a cook at Sonic, and our store does not serve "Crispy Chicken Strips". Even then, those strips looked rather old to me. I would suggest asking for "fresh" chicken strips. My store serves regular chicken strips and a crispy chicken sandwich but this is new to me. If anyone reads this, I would suggest the pretzel, it's very good, even without a cheese dip.

  6. EL

    EL5 months ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek Reviewbrah, what's your MBTI? This has been a discussion (heated argument) amongst my comrades and I...

  7. J Troy

    J Troy8 days ago

    pizzagate is real

  8. Adam Stickley

    Adam StickleyMonth ago

    "Gaping Maw" lol 1:21

  9. h

    hMonth ago

    Hold on. He was concerned for the chicken tenders safety.

  10. h

    hMonth ago

    Wtf was I watching before this video started! It was an ad but the ad wasn’t really advertising just playing the weirdest content I have ever seen. It was two kids who heard this man singing and then tripped him with a glass bottle. I’m so confused.

  11. Adam LaRay

    Adam LaRayMonth ago

    If this is their signature sauce I think they need to work on their penmanship

  12. ג'ון צַיָד

    ג'ון צַיָדMonth ago

    "Get a bunch of mustard, dump a bit of ketchup, stir it up with a pencil eraser, then just dump a whole ton of corn syrup and sugar...not the good kind." L M F A O made my day.

  13. Seth Boehm

    Seth Boehm3 months ago

    Give me a stick of matter and that will work out just fine.

  14. 장해나

    장해나3 months ago

    love the enthusiasm!

  15. MrSpud

    MrSpud4 months ago

    Sonic is a dying food franchise.

  16. Annoyed ReviewBrah

    Annoyed ReviewBrah4 months ago

    "Time to refuel"

  17. Q-Tip Games

    Q-Tip Games4 months ago

    Popeyes spicy chicken strips are the best. U can eat them with or without sauce and they taste great every time

  18. bofa Deez nuts

    bofa Deez nuts4 months ago

    R E F U E L

  19. Reith RFX

    Reith RFX4 months ago

    I want someone to look at me the way he looks at those chicken strips.

  20. TheOtakuAzn

    TheOtakuAzn4 months ago

    I literally got scared when he said “we’ll get into this in a minute.” I was like oh god sonic is in trouble.

  21. lithiumkc8

    lithiumkc84 months ago

    Go on Hot ones !!!

  22. Swrld

    Swrld4 months ago

    In America you actually have a fast food place called sonics. Srsly

  23. Lt. Winters

    Lt. Winters4 months ago

    That tender looks sickly

  24. Adrian Oropeza Oropeza

    Adrian Oropeza Oropeza4 months ago

    Nice one reviewbrah, can't wait to see what you got cookin next : p

  25. Ero Nithe

    Ero Nithe4 months ago

    Fun fact: That "signature sauce" is a combination of Honey Mustard and BBQ

  26. SuperLegolas66

    SuperLegolas664 months ago


  27. Kottery

    Kottery4 months ago

    Actually surprised by your reaction to these. Maybe its your local Sonics, but here in Louisiana their new chicken strips are not really crispy at all and definitely cater towards the group of people that want a tender and lightly breaded chicken strip. They even look different from the ones you got. Then the signature sauce they introduced turned out to be my favorite dipping sauce of all time. I can't really put my finger on what it is, but it definitely has some kind of hint of an asian-y sweet-like sauce, but there's more to it.

  28. manas R

    manas R4 months ago

    12:15 me, when the bartender asks me if I need another shot

  29. manas R

    manas R4 months ago

    10:52 My reaction every time I mess my shit up

  30. jsstampy

    jsstampy4 months ago

    Anybody else getting ASMRd?

  31. Vendettaavenger

    Vendettaavenger4 months ago

    M A T T E R S T I C C S

  32. Keldawott !

    Keldawott !4 months ago

    *”They want their teeth to shatter”*

  33. Benjamin Nagy

    Benjamin Nagy4 months ago

    Why do all the fast food chains have signature sauces now and why are they all like chic fil a sauce gone bad lol

  34. Cave Spider10

    Cave Spider104 months ago

    Tip for eating chicken tenders - eat it horizontally so you sort of peel it. For whatever reason it brings out the juiciness.

  35. greenshark45

    greenshark454 months ago

    can I get uhhhh large stick of matter?

  36. Daniel

    Daniel4 months ago

    I completely understand when your talking about you want the chicken to be so crispy you want it to shatter your teeth, uncrispy chicken is unsatisfying.

  37. Allie Cary

    Allie Cary4 months ago

    you’re my favorite bean to walk the earth

  38. Swamp Vermin

    Swamp Vermin4 months ago

    Man as a former employee at Sonic, I hated just giving people one sauce because of "protocol." I always gave people a good three or four of their choice, it's not like we were short. Also I dunno about you guys, but Sonic easily has the dryest chicken around.

  39. Why

    Why4 months ago


  40. Snek

    Snek4 months ago

    god damn you are hilarious brah

  41. Rountree1985

    Rountree19854 months ago

    T H I C C N E S S

  42. Turkalicious

    Turkalicious4 months ago

    No disrespect review brah....but Sonic has had chicken strips for 20-30 years. The chicken strip dinner is Legend.

  43. Alfie Edwards

    Alfie Edwards4 months ago

    sonic employee: what you want? me: just shatter my teeth fam

  44. M_Stanfield5441

    M_Stanfield54414 months ago

    I always laugh during the awkward silence while he eats

  45. Evan Cygnor

    Evan Cygnor4 months ago

    “The realm of chicken strips, at times, can be a turbulent place” = the most eloquent introduction to a food review I’ve ever heard

  46. hugh smith

    hugh smith4 months ago

    Review Hardees/Carl's Jr Diablo burger!

  47. Salty Spitoon

    Salty Spitoon4 months ago

    wait...... when has sonic ever not had chicken strips? cuz i worked at a sonic when i was 19 and they always had tenders. BTW, they will never be salvageable or worth eating. They're garbage, not worth a third of what they charge. sonic's food is dreadful anyway, i would rather eat a dead cat that has baked in the sun for 2 weeks than any food from sonic. Hell, i would almost rather eat at McDonalds than sonic, and i fucking hate McDonalds with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. Literally, i wouldnt eat McDonalds or Sonic if they were literally paying me to eat their food.

  48. Guckatronias

    Guckatronias4 months ago

    I thought sonic was a game not a food

  49. David Mccarthy

    David Mccarthy4 months ago

    That disgusting remark pure class

  50. George Dike

    George Dike4 months ago

    I want my teeth to shatter. I WANT THEM RUINED

  51. 80'sTotallyAwesome

    80'sTotallyAwesome4 months ago

    Marketing or not, I personally do not appreciate thick or extra Crunchy or overly Breaded Chicken tenders. I don't like them. To me if you're eating in the car and you just want to have a nice meal while listening to the radio or something from MReporter then you don't want pieces falling off your chicken tenders on to the floor or the nooks and crannies of your car. Now, I am a sauce person most of the time. Very rarely do i not want a sauce for my Tenders. I am a spice person, I like hot sauce of many kinds unless it is mixed up like some kind of mayonnaise concoction or the sauce is way too salty. So to me a tender that has nice breading which that means very little salt and pretty thin but not so thin it rubs off of the chicken. I want a breaded chicken tender that is mostly real chicken (preferably one that had a good life) and not so much breading. For me this is great because i can dip in my Buffalo sauce and have a mouth heat party. Just MHO.

  52. AJ77

    AJ774 months ago

    This guy is so damaged because he eats all this poison junk food

  53. Georgy Ramone

    Georgy Ramone4 months ago

    Lucky. We're not white enough to have a Sonic/DQ, but they'll shove their commercials down our throats lol

  54. steal threaded

    steal threaded4 months ago

    They're gross

  55. Jenna Kitten

    Jenna Kitten4 months ago

    Sonic is trash.

  56. James Bull

    James Bull4 months ago

    The realm of chicken strips, at times, can be a turbulent place... best line ever!

  57. Pooqua

    Pooqua4 months ago

    tendies are safe in the cave.

  58. spoons

    spoons4 months ago

    Nah that’s an onion ring bag, the chicken strips come in a cup. The place you went to must just have low standards lmao

  59. Defnder 21

    Defnder 214 months ago

    This dude says nothing for half an hour

  60. Solaire

    Solaire4 months ago

    For a couple of times I've eaten at Sonics. I've tended to keep getting these darker versions of the original Chicken Tenders. There was only 1 light looking one and the other 4 were darkish. I ate the Light one, it tasted good, ate one of the dark ones. Instantly spitted it out. They said that those were they're chicken tenders now. Least to say, I got a free meal at that Sonics.

  61. italkgory99

    italkgory994 months ago

    Well they're chicken tenders were never good to me

  62. Zoe Pen

    Zoe Pen4 months ago

    *kill me*

  63. Mousedrv

    Mousedrv4 months ago

    Watching your channel grow restores some hope for people in me. Maybe there are quite a few out there not obsessed with money, ridiculous mansion, cars, & false personas for views. You are like the new Mr. Rogers.

  64. Nexus MOCs

    Nexus MOCs4 months ago

    I've never been so turned on by a chicken tender.

  65. Loaves Turn Inside You

    Loaves Turn Inside You4 months ago

    Based ReviewBrah reporting for the week

  66. Loaves Turn Inside You

    Loaves Turn Inside You4 months ago

    looking sharp as usual

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  68. Savdat

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  69. legendofmudkip

    legendofmudkip4 months ago

    All that it does is it takes some dry pretty flavorless chicken and it makes it taste really weird

  70. John Wick

    John Wick4 months ago

    Just give me a stick of matter. Lol


    CANADIAN PIG4 months ago

    Also I appreciate your content's basic setup. No bell or whistles, all pure video. You aren't getting a 2 minute intro and outro.


    CANADIAN PIG4 months ago

    You should make a retrospective top 5 best and worst things you've reviewed.

  73. Tay No last name

    Tay No last name4 months ago

    His videos are overrated..........

  74. jon b

    jon b4 months ago

    Sonic has went down hill tremendously in the past year or two

  75. jon b

    jon b4 months ago

    “Boy Am I Hungry”.... Haven’t heard that one in a long time.

  76. Jen Russ

    Jen Russ4 months ago

    Boy I sure do love my sticks of matter.

  77. Aston Margolis-Dias

    Aston Margolis-Dias4 months ago

    good review. nicely done.

  78. C F

    C F5 months ago

    You should never review food when you’re hungry. It makes you like it anyway

  79. Froozki

    Froozki5 months ago

    Food review 👏🏻👏🏻

  80. jesus trevizo

    jesus trevizo5 months ago

    Do Popeyes Chicken next

  81. Sir Isaac Brock

    Sir Isaac Brock5 months ago

    I just found out about your videos and you're strangely entertaining. You're up in my top 10 MReporterrs. Up their with h3h3 and iDubbz

  82. Healthy Foods

    Healthy Foods5 months ago

    I thought it was suppose to taste good :)

  83. it means I eat ass in japanese.

    it means I eat ass in japanese.5 months ago

    *_s A n I c_*

  84. ThomasJefferson PimpinGame

    ThomasJefferson PimpinGame5 months ago

    He talks about tendie size like my ex talked about dick six’s

  85. ThomasJefferson PimpinGame

    ThomasJefferson PimpinGame5 months ago

    Signature Sauce

  86. M Pate

    M Pate5 months ago

    Absolute savage

  87. M Garcia

    M Garcia5 months ago

    Isn't the food always cold by the time you eat it??? Btw, I'm hooked on McDonald's Crispy Chicken Tenders. YUM!! They need no sauce, whatsoever. I always ask that they make them fresh, though. Otherwise, all bets are off.

  88. Quirkay

    Quirkay5 months ago


  89. R.Tizzle Productions

    R.Tizzle Productions5 months ago

    I can have sonic chicken strips if I would like to have

  90. Piratepanda Gamer

    Piratepanda Gamer5 months ago

    3:13 *they have some T H I C K N E S S*

  91. draco2351

    draco23515 months ago

    I tried these a few days ago with the whole box. For the price of the tenders, and the lackluster sauce, it deserves no higher than a 3.5 for me.

  92. SloppyJallopy

    SloppyJallopy5 months ago

    S. T. O. P W. H. E. R. E. A. R. E. Y. O. U. R P. A. R. E. N. T. S. ? ¿

  93. Ashley S

    Ashley S5 months ago

    I always watch the ads on reviewbrah's videos because sometimes you have to suffer for those you love

  94. DankLord Infinity

    DankLord Infinity5 months ago

    Yeah where are the god damn tendies

  95. MFYT

    MFYT5 months ago

    Would you want to check out the new McDonalds Italian Burger ?

  96. Superior Raccoon

    Superior Raccoon5 months ago

    No Hate But You Really Look Like Lord (Like The Singer)

  97. Courier 6

    Courier 65 months ago

    I like how you make me feel like we are having a one on one conversation.

  98. Coby Bessette

    Coby Bessette5 months ago

    This is the Only channel I trust

  99. okane0ginkou

    okane0ginkou5 months ago

    It’s so refreshing to listen to your proper English these days.

  100. Real Trill Ethan

    Real Trill Ethan5 months ago

    1939 Great Depression survivor

  101. Marcelo serrano B. jalapeño

    Marcelo serrano B. jalapeño5 months ago

    This is the peak male performance, even if you dont like how it is

  102. RonaldmcdonaldOFFICIAL

    RonaldmcdonaldOFFICIAL5 months ago

    In Texas we have crispy chicken tenders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 55 weeks a year. This is quite strange, but chicken cooked any way is extremely popular dish in Texas.

  103. Edward Waller

    Edward Waller5 months ago

    What happens indeed, no crunch, no subtle hints of peppa, no love just the cold steel factory conveyor belt cranking out dead chickens so impersonally , slivers of souless little birds flapping nevermore so lifeless you would think it was my exposition. Or peach flavored sausage water, quite an unexpected route the this graceful tour de la twenty eighteen

  104. Edward Waller

    Edward Waller5 months ago

    My approval is limited, and my night is saved

  105. Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart5 months ago

    If you watch carefully you'll notice he chews perfectly in sync with the ticking second hand of the grandfather clock off camera.

  106. Karl P

    Karl P5 months ago

    When you held up that sauce covered chicken thing to the camera, I nearly barfed. I could tell it was going to awful.