What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginYear ago

    HEY THERE! Welcome to *sneezes 5 times* Life Noggin! Do you have any allergies? Let me know *sneezes 5 more times* down below! Love science AND video games? Check out our other channel Play Noggin! Find out what the Splatoon ink is really made of: mreporter.net/v/video-VOVbs-CUgGA.html

  2. Lucky Fox

    Lucky Fox2 days ago

    Life Noggin, I'm not allergic to anything, not even bee stings!

  3. Lucky Fox

    Lucky Fox2 days ago

    I'm not allergic to anything, not even a bee sting!

  4. Zavier Florez

    Zavier Florez27 days ago

    i'm allergic to mosquitoes and pineapple the pineapple burns my hole mouth and is HURTS so bad and the mosquitoes give me a HUGE rash

  5. Sage south Heard stables

    Sage south Heard stables28 days ago

    No real Christmas tree for me just fake one

  6. UnicornGirl99

    UnicornGirl99Month ago

    1:39 :( I hope you feel better I just wanna hug you that's how much I feel bad😭

  7. John Elway

    John Elway6 hours ago

    The only thing in my pathetic life I ask for is to breathe normally, I would give up anything.

  8. Amanda Causey

    Amanda Causey6 days ago

    I’m allergic to ice cream that may be a little surprising but it’s true

  9. CorgiLover 162

    CorgiLover 16212 days ago

    I'm allergic to nectar, insect bites and some random medicine

  10. Willy

    Willy14 days ago

    That scammer (''Heidi Falconer'') who keeps making new aliases to tell journalists she's allergic to water in her bloodstream should see this so she knows exactly why nobody with even the slighetest knowledge in immunology or biology takes her seriously. I believe Life Noggin actually fell for this and made a video where he touched on several of her aliases once. If you look her up on Reddit it's pretty hilarious how she tries to defend her stale old scam/Munchausen's.

  11. Dana cp fan

    Dana cp fan16 days ago

    I have over 20 allergies including water nuts and pollen 👍

  12. Xx Letzelter

    Xx Letzelter16 days ago

    Thank you for this video. Please believe me when I say a friend of mine is very allergic to me. We started noticing the symptoms towarda the beginning of last year. At first we thought it was shampoo or soap. I tried changing everything to stop the allergic reactions but no matter what I tried to change about myself, whether environment or chemical nothing has stopped the allergy. They are a good friend of mine and the allergie is getting in the way of our friendship. We used to watch football games, hockey games, and basketball games all the time. Now we cant even stay in the same room without them sneezing and coughing like crazy! What can I do?

  13. Galaxy draws

    Galaxy draws16 days ago

    Im allergic to strawberries very very much (I almost DIED)

  14. Lone Shadow084

    Lone Shadow08417 days ago

    I'm allergic to Life

  15. Jayda Smalls

    Jayda Smalls21 day ago

    Im allergic to nothing but my brother is allergic to shrimp

  16. Fading Jaybird

    Fading Jaybird22 days ago


  17. Lazy MSP

    Lazy MSP23 days ago

    I think I'm allergic to relationships. It never works out for me

  18. Sandra Brouwer

    Sandra Brouwer23 days ago

    I am little allergic to the sun like my grandma

  19. Harry Chen

    Harry Chen27 days ago

    I used to be allergic to almost everything years ago, not lying. But not anymore now. :)

  20. britt Voskamp

    britt Voskamp29 days ago

    I am allergic to quite a lot of things. But I am mostly affected by my coeliac disease, an autoimmune disease that causes my body to fight off gluten. It’s really annoying...


    REPOGAMMonth ago

    Im alergic to strong soap (Im serios)

  22. Andreea Iulia Dan 9V Parkvejens Skole

    Andreea Iulia Dan 9V Parkvejens SkoleMonth ago

    I am allergic to apples, egg yolks, wheat and gluten, lactose (dairy), cherries, dates, quinoa, grass, pollen, dogs, cats, dust, dust mites, hay AND potatoes. Not kidding, wish i were.... Oh and i also have astma. 😥

  23. kitty Cat lover

    kitty Cat loverMonth ago

    Im allergic to pringles

  24. YellowBunny

    YellowBunnyMonth ago

    I’m allergic to t-series

  25. Pikachu Fan Forever

    Pikachu Fan ForeverMonth ago

    I sneeze like mad for ages and it really makes my back itch -_-

  26. QualitySoda

    QualitySodaMonth ago

    *M I L K*

  27. UnicornGirl99

    UnicornGirl99Month ago

    1:39 :( I wanna hug you that's much I feel bad 😭 It can't be allergies I know some upset you don't hide it☹️

  28. UnicornGirl99

    UnicornGirl99Month ago

    Hello t- *sneezes 7 times* there! W-*sneezes five times* welcome to the c- *sneezes* comment section! Wait w- *sneezes* why are you down here? G-go w-*SNEEZES FOR THE 15TH TIME* go watch the video I don't want you to be sick. *coughs* *coughs*

  29. UnicornGirl99

    UnicornGirl99Month ago

    I'm allergic to nothing but my animation of sour grapes

  30. _MøønEclipse YT_

    _MøønEclipse YT_2 months ago

    I'm allergic to jewelry

  31. swagrobloxmann2

    swagrobloxmann22 months ago


  32. Pixel gun gamer and ROBLOX gamers 441789 234

    Pixel gun gamer and ROBLOX gamers 441789 2342 months ago

    I allergic to everything!

  33. Pixel gun gamer and ROBLOX gamers 441789 234

    Pixel gun gamer and ROBLOX gamers 441789 2342 months ago

    At 3:19 I hear E meme comfrimed

  34. Pixel gun gamer and ROBLOX gamers 441789 234

    Pixel gun gamer and ROBLOX gamers 441789 2342 months ago

    At 3

  35. Kim Son Luu

    Kim Son Luu2 months ago

    im not allergic to anything

  36. Michelle Horton

    Michelle Horton2 months ago

    I have allergies and I'm not allergic to nothing

  37. Michelle Horton

    Michelle Horton2 months ago

    I have allergies

  38. QTee

    QTee2 months ago

    I dont know, maybe my allergies have me sitting up a bit here.... its starting to feel arid in the air and that makes things very uncomfortable around here when breathing

  39. Sharp AnalizerXD

    Sharp AnalizerXD2 months ago

    Am i the only one alerggic to seasame seeds? Or do i just hate seasame street

  40. Sharp AnalizerXD

    Sharp AnalizerXD2 months ago

    Im alerggic to trees,grass,weeds,pollen,dust mites,molds and seasame seeds

  41. Izzzy

    Izzzy2 months ago

    I have serious allergies to homework. Unfortunately my teachers don’t care even if you have deathly allergic to homework. Homework allergies are common in many humans, especially in children 8-18. Talk about the reason why people are allergic to homework.

  42. Potenciano Rebollido

    Potenciano Rebollido2 months ago

    I’m alerrgect to red

  43. Rainbows Kei

    Rainbows Kei2 months ago

    I sound sensitive, but please don't make jokes about allergies, peanut allergies could cause *death* I am a Peanut, almond, coconut and hazelnut allergen and I would appreciate it if people didn't make jokes about this, I don't like it when people say they're allergic to school, it's pretty annoying, as much as a joke it is, when it upsets somebody, it's not a joke. I have been teased for my allergies by my classmates. They would shove coconut cakes in my face and only little of them were aware of my allergy and stayed away whilst they ate a nut item. Please, it's not funny, I cry when I have a reaction, it's scary, only 1 out of 5 times I didn't cry, but I felt sick after I had took a tablet ( I had no medicine because I was in Portugal a few months ago when it happened. ) It makes me sad to see these comments about some serious things that people think it can be taken as a joke, I am sorry for my sensativity, but I am offended.

  44. Kitty Girl54321

    Kitty Girl543212 months ago

    Half the people in the world are allergic to the Infinity Snap. The allergic reaction is turning to dust.

  45. Dreeka Price

    Dreeka Price2 months ago

    I have 3 (sadly) copper I found that out when I got my first pair of earring the next day I got an outer ear infection due to the earings, pine makes me sneeze a lot once at school I sneezed like 20 times that day, finally a butterfly flower they're pretty but they give me small bumps on my skin that can get itchy at times

  46. Dreeka Price

    Dreeka Price2 months ago

    And the earring thing makes it very hard to find earrings less then 15 dollars beacuse the cheap ones are made of copper

  47. Ben Greenwood

    Ben Greenwood2 months ago

    Has anybody ever thought its no wonder humans are programmed for war, when the very things that make up our bodies are at war themselves.

  48. DJBJ Rizali

    DJBJ Rizali2 months ago


  49. Dilip Bansod

    Dilip Bansod3 months ago

    I'm allergic to biology

  50. Dilip Bansod

    Dilip Bansod3 months ago

    I'm allergic to monday

  51. Doodle Squad Animation

    Doodle Squad Animation3 months ago

    I am gluten,lactose and shellfish intolerant..........yay😭

  52. RayRay OuO

    RayRay OuO3 months ago

    (Coughs) WAIT BODY PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME (Cough) NOOOO HOLD UP I GOTCHU BODY (Cough) (Calls 911) 911: what’s your emergency? Me:HELP I COUGHED!!! 3 TIMES (Dial tone) ..... Shi-

  53. Stephen Barnes

    Stephen Barnes3 months ago

    I suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies dust and mold

  54. Morten Corlin

    Morten Corlin3 months ago

    I have an allergi (I think) to ONE specific plant That grows and flowers in Denmark, but apperantly not in the UK? Thats why i sneeze all the time in spring.

  55. Hola Bish

    Hola Bish3 months ago

    I’m allergic to watermelon, pollen, dust, dog and cat hair, and.....seafood

  56. DeathRocket4990

    DeathRocket49903 months ago

    0:59 I didn’t know you play D and D!

  57. mega sean

    mega sean3 months ago

    I’m allergic to Right Guard deodorant. I break out in a huge rash and it’s the worst. It must be a certain chemical inside it that the body doesn’t like.

  58. ImDaRealBoi

    ImDaRealBoi3 months ago

    I’m allergic to happiness Man that PG noose video is really going to come in handy

  59. Møøn Animatiõn

    Møøn Animatiõn3 months ago

    im allergic to peanuts qwp

  60. Jackie Haynes

    Jackie Haynes3 months ago

    The truth is I’m not alergic to any to any thing.

  61. Linda Suhrmuller

    Linda Suhrmuller3 months ago

    I once had ring worm on my leg now i have this faint mark on my leg

  62. Blind guy 3000

    Blind guy 30003 months ago

    I am allergic to tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, and cauliflower. I am also allergic to avocado. BlackBerries or on the list too.

  63. Amalia Ferreira

    Amalia Ferreira3 months ago

    I have hay fever and nuts allergies

  64. Cierra Lee

    Cierra Lee3 months ago

    Literally I’m allergic to all animals with fur, dust, pollen, trees, naTURE IN GENERAL. I have yet to discover a food I’m allergic to but it sucks being allergic to animals because I always wish I could smash my face into a cats fur. Other people love it and if I were to I’d probably die.

  65. 8bit gold

    8bit gold3 months ago

    I have a allergy for fortnut

  66. victoria cruz

    victoria cruz3 months ago

    Not sure if I'm still allergic to pollen. I use to get a runny nose or my eyes would water but not any more. I remember a few times this happened when I was at my friend's house. Her front porch has *many* plants and once I went to her living room *wham* my allergies would kick in. But then I left for a trade school somewhere far and I came back and now when I visit the allergies don't hit me like a ton of bricks. Can you stop having allergies to something?

  67. Honey Kates Aragones

    Honey Kates Aragones3 months ago

    I'm allergic to honey

  68. Mackannie ' s Heart

    Mackannie ' s Heart3 months ago

    i m allergic of eggs!! even if i see one egg or just hold one my eyes start to itch and i start to sneeze and i also cant eat eggs :(

  69. 3301

    33013 months ago

    My allergies are really bad and have been going all day STRAIGHT

  70. Gacha Taehyun

    Gacha Taehyun3 months ago

    My skin is allergic to pollen. Rip

  71. Chloe E

    Chloe E3 months ago

    I’m allergic to certain types of Laundry softener, most of them are the cheapest ones…which makes life hell when saving money, but it’s worth it not to have a huge blistering rash. I also have very bad Fall allergies, my throat gets so sore I can barely talk, my eyes and nose get really itchy and red, and one nostril (it’s always just one, not both. It’s weird) gets extremely plugged. Right now, that’s what I’m dealing with. Will someone please kill me? You have my permission and I will write a written consent, just give a short, painless death to escape this

  72. Kaleb Woods

    Kaleb Woods4 months ago

    im alergic to nuts, trees and im athmatic. if i have peanuts i go into aniphalactic shock

  73. Rebecca Rushman

    Rebecca Rushman4 months ago

    I have allergies to oak pollen, ragweed pollen, nicotine, and animal fur. My pollen allergies give me a congested and runny nose, and fur and nicotine give me slight shortness of breath. The past two years I've had terrible allergies during my 1st semester finals. It sucks.

  74. Morgen Dufseth

    Morgen Dufseth4 months ago

    I have allergies because of the dust in my house *Coughs and sniffles* *IM DYING!*

  75. A cup of Tae and some Kookies BTS

    A cup of Tae and some Kookies BTS4 months ago

    I'm allergic to bath bombs ;-;

  76. SkittleMaster

    SkittleMaster4 months ago

    Im allergic to pollen in los angeles resedential area

  77. Pierre Odendaal

    Pierre Odendaal4 months ago

    I'm allergic to cat hair and bee stings.

  78. ThatKiwiGuy

    ThatKiwiGuy4 months ago

    Anyone else allergic to raw potato? I can't peel them but I can still eat them when they're cooked.

  79. Ciaran Butterly

    Ciaran Butterly4 months ago

    I'm allergic to that gay shit

  80. Parents Johnston

    Parents Johnston4 months ago

    I have no alergeas, have I got a good immune system

  81. marlo de schaap

    marlo de schaap4 months ago

    I can die from peanuts 😪

  82. Jill Sitze

    Jill Sitze4 months ago


  83. KayZePeasant

    KayZePeasant4 months ago

    My sister has two guinea pigs, and i’m allergic to them. Yay.

  84. dytto.

    dytto.4 months ago

    I'm allergic to mean peoples

  85. Aishath Shafiya

    Aishath Shafiya4 months ago

    Allergic to cats

  86. frisk da hooman

    frisk da hooman4 months ago

    I’m having allergies rn 🤧

  87. Be A Pro

    Be A Pro4 months ago

    I've got alleges milk egg gluten i was once allergiced to soya but I'm not Hafever and this is maybe not an allergy but also astma

  88. Zeniith __

    Zeniith __5 months ago

    This channel is now officially my school.

  89. Stephen H. Cummings

    Stephen H. Cummings5 months ago

    I love horses but I'm extreamly alergic to them so I can't get to close

  90. Justin Likens

    Justin Likens5 months ago

    i have alergies rn

  91. Bing HAN

    Bing HAN5 months ago

    im allergic to short cat fur

  92. Rebecca Garcia

    Rebecca Garcia5 months ago

    I'm allergic to wheat all nuts except peanuts and it is sooo annoying !!

  93. Cokkkie Crumb

    Cokkkie Crumb5 months ago

    I'm allergic to cats dogs peanuts treanuts walnuts all kinds of nuts I have eczema and I'm also allergic to eggs milk so and wheat it's rlly heart breaking for me bc I've always wanted eggs :'(

  94. Yum Wolf

    Yum Wolf5 months ago

    I've been allergic to cats my whole life, but I got an allergy test around 2 years ago and the results showed that I was apparently also allergic to dogs, dust and horses. But I've had a dog for my whole life and I haven't felt anything, dust isn't as strong as it was before, because whenever I'd go into a specific room in school It'd trigger my allergies. So either it's not that dusty in there anymore or it's just not that strong anymore. Horses though I'm really allergic to, which is sad because I really wanted to ride horses :/

  95. Aaron Gamer

    Aaron Gamer5 months ago

    Im allergic to pollen

  96. Nahbug

    Nahbug5 months ago

    I was once allergic to wheat, I became very sick with diahear, vomiting and great pains in the stomach.

  97. David Thompson

    David Thompson5 months ago

    I'm only allergic to dandylions

  98. Jamila Keziah

    Jamila Keziah5 months ago

    When an ant bite my leg it would really itch... And a week later it turn would in to a scar ... Idk why dis happened

  99. Amanda Dāvida

    Amanda Dāvida5 months ago

    I ADORE animals but I am allergic to cat hair and some type of dog hair too and I really hate that about myself. I see people petting cats and I get really sad because I cant do that or else I get these annoying allergies . When I was younger I had a cat and I had no allergies but then after some time my cat passed away and I slowly started getting them. Now it has reached to dogs too .. What did I do to get them? :(

  100. Kitty Girl54321

    Kitty Girl543215 months ago

    I wonder what Blocko sounds like when he sneezes.

  101. Callum spencer

    Callum spencer5 months ago

    I have alergys to. Oranges mushrooms raisins and some other food

  102. Callum spencer

    Callum spencer5 months ago

    I have food alergys

  103. Wisconsin Railfanner

    Wisconsin Railfanner5 months ago

    I'm allergic to all grasses, trees, dogs, cats, horses, and a bunch others stuff, ugh

  104. CyberneticWolf1 Gaming

    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming5 months ago

    im also alergic to cat hair but i luv kittys but there getting better

  105. CyberneticWolf1 Gaming

    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming5 months ago

    I has Pollen alergies in the spring me my dad and my bro yay!! alergies are the best!! (jk they can go jump off a micowave)

  106. Purple pilot 9875

    Purple pilot 98755 months ago