What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life Noggin11 months ago

    HEY THERE! Welcome to *sneezes 5 times* Life Noggin! Do you have any allergies? Let me know *sneezes 5 more times* down below! Love science AND video games? Check out our other channel Play Noggin! Find out what the Splatoon ink is really made of: mreporter.net/v/video-VOVbs-CUgGA.html

  2. MEGA Batch Games

    MEGA Batch Games2 days ago

    I'm allergic to nuts (not peanuts), eggs and milk.

  3. T0xic

    T0xic6 days ago

    Life Noggin Great video

  4. Maida Awil

    Maida Awil21 day ago

    Ok thank you for the video

  5. GamingRising

    GamingRisingMonth ago

    I'm allergic as hell to bug bites. Like the rash expands to 5 times the area of the bite.

  6. RyanO Weeva

    RyanO WeevaMonth ago

    I'm allergic to kiwis and I need to get my stomach pumped If I ever eat it

  7. Aaron Gamer

    Aaron Gamer6 hours ago

    Im allergic to pollen

  8. Nahbug

    Nahbug21 hour ago

    I was once allergic to wheat, I became very sick with diahear, vomiting and great pains in the stomach.

  9. David Thompson

    David Thompson22 hours ago

    I'm only allergic to dandylions

  10. PrettyPastelGaming - Roleplays and Stuffs

    PrettyPastelGaming - Roleplays and StuffsDay ago

    When an ant bite my leg it would really itch... And a week later it turn would in to a scar ... Idk why dis happened

  11. Amanda Dāvida

    Amanda Dāvida2 days ago

    I ADORE animals but I am allergic to cat hair and some type of dog hair too and I really hate that about myself. I see people petting cats and I get really sad because I cant do that or else I get these annoying allergies . When I was younger I had a cat and I had no allergies but then after some time my cat passed away and I slowly started getting them. Now it has reached to dogs too .. What did I do to get them? :(

  12. Kitty Girl54321

    Kitty Girl543212 days ago

    I wonder what Blocko sounds like when he sneezes.

  13. Callum spencer

    Callum spencer2 days ago

    I have alergys to. Oranges mushrooms raisins and some other food

  14. Callum spencer

    Callum spencer2 days ago

    I have food alergys

  15. Wisconsin Railfanner

    Wisconsin Railfanner4 days ago

    I'm allergic to all grasses, trees, dogs, cats, horses, and a bunch others stuff, ugh

  16. CyberneticWolf1 Gaming

    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming4 days ago

    im also alergic to cat hair but i luv kittys but there getting better

  17. CyberneticWolf1 Gaming

    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming4 days ago

    I has Pollen alergies in the spring me my dad and my bro yay!! alergies are the best!! (jk they can go jump off a micowave)

  18. Purple pilot 9875

    Purple pilot 98755 days ago


  19. Lisa Nganga

    Lisa Nganga5 days ago

    i wonder why I'm no allergic to anything.....

  20. Gianna C

    Gianna C6 days ago

    OK MOSQUITOS SUCKS FOR ME im alergic and when I get but it swells up and Im taking medicine and 2 creams and also i get alot of heat rashes on my arms alot of people ask what they are. They turn into scabs in idk 2 weeks tho And plz dont pick on me like alot of people do thank you for reading this

  21. T0xic

    T0xic6 days ago

    I'm not allergic to anything. But apparently everyone is allergic to dust.

  22. Pearl Angel Piloton

    Pearl Angel Piloton6 days ago

    I don't know what my allergies

  23. copypastecopypaste

    copypastecopypaste6 days ago

    I'm allergic to allergies.

  24. copypastecopypaste

    copypastecopypaste6 days ago

    Doc says I have no allergies. Body sais I do. But only in the room I live in so it's fine I guess 😭

  25. Young Jetray

    Young Jetray7 days ago

    I have no alergeas I can't spell well


    KHALE GAME GUY8 days ago

    I'm allergic to citrus fruits

  27. Rajib Al-Goviqi

    Rajib Al-Goviqi9 days ago

    Hataraku Saibou 😉

  28. jembalang tanah

    jembalang tanah9 days ago

    I'm internally allergic to duck

  29. Damian Daalman

    Damian Daalman9 days ago

    dust and face paint

  30. Mini Minecrafter aka Jasminimoo5 Anderson

    Mini Minecrafter aka Jasminimoo5 Anderson10 days ago

    I think I’m allergic to face paints when there is too much on my face or tbh it could be any where

  31. -Nicky Luck-

    -Nicky Luck-10 days ago

    I don't have allergies... Sadly...

  32. Aleks Xxx

    Aleks Xxx12 days ago

    I’m allergic to chocolate But I still eat it idgaf

  33. John Hozvicka MH, ND

    John Hozvicka MH, ND12 days ago

    I found a good allergy program: alternative-health-care.myfreesites.net/allergies

  34. Mahado Noor

    Mahado Noor13 days ago

    I'm allergic to peanuts

  35. Koy 1

    Koy 114 days ago

    I'm allergic to grass with lots of pollen. But my brother is allergic to antibiotics and sunscreen.

  36. Bitrixed

    Bitrixed14 days ago

    I’m allergic to dust and pollen


    FIMZURI16 days ago

    used to be allergic to nuts since i was 3. I wasnt allergic beofre and it suddenly developed. It went away by itself with no treatment when i turned 8. When i was 11 i was allergic pennicill V for a few months(proven through trials) then that also went away.

  38. Honesty

    Honesty16 days ago

    I dont have allergys im lucky yay!!!!!☺😊😀😁☺😊😀😁

  39. Marc The Savage

    Marc The Savage17 days ago

    wait an example what if Jack was allergic to roses

  40. windycat M

    windycat M20 days ago

    My dad plays D&D!!!😮

  41. Tommy Fox

    Tommy Fox20 days ago

    I'm Allergic to pollen and seance my home is littered with plants, yeah I'm screwed when my Allergies starts acting up threw out the year. Yes my Allergies are weird but so is everything else in my life so don't judge.

  42. Wolves are Amazing

    Wolves are Amazing21 day ago

    Can you do a video about what happens when you get stung by a wasp or bee?

  43. DailyPhoneVlogsDPV

    DailyPhoneVlogsDPV22 days ago

    Im allergic to penicillin.

  44. IceCream PuppyGirlPlays

    IceCream PuppyGirlPlays22 days ago

    I’m allergic to... to... um... err... I’m allergic to... IDK WHAT OK

  45. Reindeer god fertorres

    Reindeer god fertorres22 days ago

    I don't have allergies

  46. crepe Mel

    crepe Mel23 days ago

    I don't have any allergies but my sisters have

  47. Milat Chance

    Milat Chance23 days ago

    I'm allergic to Cucumber, Watermelon, and zucchini, Pollen....in short I'm allergic to ragweed

  48. it's a me Niloy Khandaker

    it's a me Niloy Khandaker24 days ago

    I am allergic to dust

  49. Galaxy kitten Go Gamer

    Galaxy kitten Go Gamer24 days ago

    I have dust allergy and I’m doing a allergy test after few days

  50. *Beautified Butterflies*

    *Beautified Butterflies*26 days ago

    #NoAllergySquad I have no allergy, but I have always wondered what it feels like to have one.. I feel bad for those people that do have it.

  51. Windex Cleaner

    Windex Cleaner28 days ago

    I'm allergic to perfume.

  52. Diego Loeza

    Diego Loeza29 days ago

    I am not allergic to anything srry if the spelling was bad

  53. Robert Alten

    Robert AltenMonth ago

    Can you explain why someone is able to consume something their whole life , then all of sudden they can’t because of supposed allergic reactions?

  54. CuteLittleRocker 07

    CuteLittleRocker 07Month ago

    Im allergic to boredem, theses videos are my medicine!!!

  55. Anas Khayyat

    Anas KhayyatMonth ago

    Does stupidity count

  56. Rachel A

    Rachel AMonth ago

    I am elergeic to gluten/wheet

  57. Planes Guitars

    Planes GuitarsMonth ago

    I'm allergic to bananas, kiwis, all types of nuts and every hairy animal. Ik my life sucks.

  58. Rowena Baul

    Rowena BaulMonth ago


  59. Cumorah Kowallis

    Cumorah KowallisMonth ago

    Meanwhile I am allergic to the weird things, only the yolk of the egg, only raw broccoli, starfruit, and cottage cheese, nothing else

  60. Connor May

    Connor MayMonth ago

    I am allergic to bees and my Mom is allergic to cedar. Can you explain cedar allergies?

  61. Adventures With dogs

    Adventures With dogsMonth ago


  62. 13randon 13axter

    13randon 13axterMonth ago

    You didn't say why some allergies are fatal.

  63. Nezam Asarie

    Nezam AsarieMonth ago

    I am allergic to not seeing life noggin

  64. Nate Spike

    Nate SpikeMonth ago

    Evil pepers 😒

  65. Milda Daujotiene

    Milda DaujotieneMonth ago

    Don't joke about alergy it's realy bad thing

  66. Milda Daujotiene

    Milda DaujotieneMonth ago

    I'm alergic to dust and cats hairs and flower dust plus trees dust

  67. Светлин Йорданов

    Светлин ЙордановMonth ago

    Im allergic to despasito

  68. PuppyBrownieLove

    PuppyBrownieLoveMonth ago

    bee strings

  69. Amykid Gaming

    Amykid GamingMonth ago

    If I stay in the bath 🛀 for to long I get rashes all over my body but not my head or neck and if I sat on it it would hurt 😞 pls find what is happening to me pls

  70. DiscordLover 72729

    DiscordLover 72729Month ago

    I'm allergic to...... ------------------------------ Wheat Soy Milk (And I Don't Mean Good Karma) Eggs Peanuts like peanut butter If I eat these, I will.... Start coughing. ALOT! Sneezing And a lot of snot runns down my stupid nose I can't play with my friends I get a sore thorat sometimes I sometimes get nausea by eating to many of the same food I start throwing up ALOT I have to go to the doctor more often I have to eat upstairs. That makes me more Sleepy. If I drink alot of soda I'll flare up Pollen allergies ------------------------------ I'm allergic to dandelions. It makes my eyes itch so bad I can't stop itching them!

  71. Asia Po

    Asia PoMonth ago

    I'm allergic to dogs and I have 3 of them

  72. nicky brown

    nicky brownMonth ago

    I’m allergic to chlorine which is a chemical used to clean pools

  73. ZaidAli

    ZaidAliMonth ago

    Im allergic to Hummus

  74. Marla Dickens

    Marla DickensMonth ago

    I am allergic to shelled nuts.

  75. IggySucksAtYoutube

    IggySucksAtYoutubeMonth ago

    im pretty much allergic to everything. Grass , mold , dust , bee stings, shrimp , peanuts , hair , dogs , cats , pollen , perfumes , and theres a big list i can go on . allergies suck

  76. ReckerArcher

    ReckerArcherMonth ago

    I have no allergies.

  77. Samantha Toapanta

    Samantha ToapantaMonth ago

    Im allergic tooo....... pollen and penicillin

  78. poison girl in a ice world

    poison girl in a ice worldMonth ago

    Why do somepeople see and hear things that are not there?? This happened to me

  79. Egil Emardson

    Egil EmardsonMonth ago


  80. Funtime Lover101

    Funtime Lover101Month ago


  81. Fin land

    Fin landMonth ago

    Im allergic to literally almost everything! But I still eat what I want. Is that bad?

  82. Mateo Serpas

    Mateo SerpasMonth ago

    I only have one allergy it’s lint

  83. Star Mendoza

    Star MendozaMonth ago

    Allergies to poylon!! I HATE IT!!!😠😠😠😔😔 MY EYES!!!!!😭😭😵😵👀👀👀

  84. Pokemon Gamer

    Pokemon GamerMonth ago

    I have no allergies

  85. tomorrow day

    tomorrow dayMonth ago

    should we take pills against allergies?

  86. Lord Gaming75

    Lord Gaming75Month ago

    Thank god im not allergic to anything

  87. Anna 55

    Anna 55Month ago

    I am allergic to almost all fruits and dry fruits .

  88. WolfJay 10k

    WolfJay 10kMonth ago

    I’m allergic to pollen

  89. Juan Bonilla

    Juan BonillaMonth ago

    I'm allergic to pollen

  90. Bella RBLX

    Bella RBLXMonth ago

    I get a allergic reaction when I don't watch life noggin for an hour

  91. Xavier Sparling

    Xavier SparlingMonth ago

    I have allergies to all of them only pollen what happens to me as I have a stuffy eyes and I have this is whale stuffy eyes but yeah it does happen to me and also I sneeze a lot

  92. TheMidnightGamer

    TheMidnightGamerMonth ago

    Well Mild allergys Dogs Mice Tomatoes seafood grass citrus Serious allergies: Pollon butternutz squash

  93. Animal lover

    Animal loverMonth ago

    Blueberries and pollen

  94. Ben Roo Gimenez

    Ben Roo GimenezMonth ago

    I'm allergic to chocolate );

  95. Dick Gumshoe

    Dick GumshoeMonth ago

    Allergies: Dust I like using chalk and play in dusty areas Dogs: I own 2

  96. Forge

    ForgeMonth ago

    I think i might be allergic to pollen. I’m not sure.


    MAMTAZ ALIMonth ago

    i am allergic to allergy

  98. Ness Bor

    Ness BorMonth ago


  99. Ramiza Cerimovic

    Ramiza CerimovicMonth ago

    I am alergec to polin

  100. Jake Buntjer

    Jake BuntjerMonth ago

    "You are almost allergic to every thing"- My Dr.

  101. Immortal dragon

    Immortal dragonMonth ago

    this is like game theorist but its hus brother

  102. Hunter Hilliard

    Hunter HilliardMonth ago

    I dont have any allergies

  103. Fat Unicorn

    Fat UnicornMonth ago

    I'm allergic to men's purfume pollen and dust also fake julery

  104. Mateja

    MatejaMonth ago

    I'm not allergic to anything (like if same)

  105. MePlayGames

    MePlayGamesMonth ago

    im allergic to pollen :(