What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginYear ago

    HEY THERE! Welcome to *sneezes 5 times* Life Noggin! Do you have any allergies? Let me know *sneezes 5 more times* down below! Love science AND video games? Check out our other channel Play Noggin! Find out what the Splatoon ink is really made of: mreporter.net/v/video-VOVbs-CUgGA.html


    BLACK XTREMMonth ago

    i am allergic to dogs

  3. AncientWolfGirl

    AncientWolfGirlMonth ago

    My only allergies are Morphine and cockroaches (thankfully we don’t have cockroaches in my house) though I might have some environmental allergies as well, but when my allergies start acting up it makes my asthma flare up to a point where I’m at a high risk of an asthma attack, heck I had an asthma attack today because my nose was to congested air was hardly getting into lungs, so as a question, can allergies kill you if you have asthma?

  4. Warm Pickle

    Warm PickleMonth ago

    Life Noggin yeah dogs, cats, horses, dust, a lot of trees, grass, I don’t know if I’m allergic to bees though I’ve never been stung

  5. Sergio Martinez

    Sergio MartinezMonth ago

    I do but cant find what is it

  6. Pinchy Cheeks

    Pinchy CheeksMonth ago

    Me too *sneezes 2 times* season- *coughs 6 times*

  7. Miranda Thomas

    Miranda Thomas6 hours ago

    Why does my body ake when I sneeze

  8. Yellowed`s Brother

    Yellowed`s Brother5 days ago

    this means that our immune system has PTSD

  9. Krul

    Krul5 days ago

    I have too many allergies that I can count. Especially animals with fur.

  10. Epicly Derp

    Epicly Derp5 days ago

    I don't have allergies B)

  11. auec

    auec6 days ago

    I am allergic to Kiwi and paint

  12. BANTER

    BANTER7 days ago

    I’m allergic to fish and nuts am I missing out?

  13. DeadMiner9999

    DeadMiner99998 days ago

    I have hay fever and it's terriblr

  14. Just an house Gacha

    Just an house Gacha10 days ago

    I Don't know what I'm allergic to.


    XAVERIO MUÑOZ11 days ago

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  16. QuickSwaggyBonnie 8183

    QuickSwaggyBonnie 818315 days ago

    Nope. Don’t got any allergies like when I accidentally eat all the cheese of pizza.

  17. Ceasar Gamotin

    Ceasar Gamotin16 days ago

    I’m allergic to prolong heat. The doctor said I have *Warm Urticaria*

  18. Jon Ismajli

    Jon Ismajli16 days ago

    I'm allergic to eggs


    OMEGA NEUTRONIUM17 days ago

    My ancestors were allergic to earth air but we evolved so we are not allergic to earth air

  20. KittyDoesVlogs

    KittyDoesVlogs19 days ago

    I am allergic to 🔥 🐜

  21. Drinking That Tea For Namjoon

    Drinking That Tea For Namjoon24 days ago

    I don't think of those things I think of my dam sister when her hand goes as big as a balloon in the cold I hate life But I can't cause I've got nothing wrong with me- wait no I suffer with my ears Dam it I can't win yeah I'm not allergic to anything

  22. Takaaki Handwerk

    Takaaki Handwerk26 days ago

    Pollen freaking pollen

  23. Mike Mayo

    Mike Mayo26 days ago

    I'm allergic to beer. I drink a 12 pack and I break out in handcuffs.

  24. Criclez

    Criclez26 days ago

    I have 3 differnt allergies

  25. Kaiamrtnz

    Kaiamrtnz27 days ago

    I have allergies, and why do i feel way better when im outside than when im inside

  26. #its Kelly

    #its Kelly28 days ago

    Who is literally dying rn

  27. Declan Hanafey

    Declan Hanafey28 days ago

    Im eleergic to penuts

  28. music is best

    music is best29 days ago

    So what does allergy medicine do?

  29. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson29 days ago

    Boo allergies boo 😒

  30. Andres Maldonado

    Andres MaldonadoMonth ago

    Dust and cat hair ugh i cant even see

  31. Chronically Vlogging

    Chronically VloggingMonth ago

    Like 👍🏻this comment if you *hate* allergies *and* are suffering from them right now.

  32. RainedFN

    RainedFNMonth ago

    I'm allergic to t series supporters

  33. Jeffinion

    JeffinionMonth ago

    I have dust allergy and whenever I sneeze I have watery eyes and running nose it's a huge problem 😔😭😩

  34. Death Bone

    Death BoneMonth ago

    I am ellergig ti movilw keybpoarfs

  35. Liam Cortes

    Liam CortesMonth ago

    4:00 Hey i have splatoon 2

  36. Karvous

    KarvousMonth ago

    thanks for the tip now im good with sneezing cause im not immune to pollen

  37. Mega Maybit

    Mega MaybitMonth ago

    I went through army basic training during the winter, and went through the cold, mud, and rain. Most of the time all at once, and didn’t get sick at all while everyone else got ammonia and bronchitis. My allergies however, kicked me down the entire time. Literally just drowning in my own fluid. The worst, and I could not get over it. No matter how strong my immune system was, allergies were always there, and will always still be there.

  38. lollolkod

    lollolkodMonth ago

    Nope im lucky im NOT allergig to

  39. Kady m

    Kady mMonth ago

    I have pollen allergy 😰😭😢

  40. yeet yeet

    yeet yeetMonth ago

    Pollen Sucks

  41. Drilon Mehmedi

    Drilon MehmediMonth ago

    Thank you vaccines for my great health and immune system. *sneezed*

  42. Yatagarasuuxx 666

    Yatagarasuuxx 666Month ago

    I am allergic to milk, cats and dogs, grass, flowers, dust, and my big sister.

  43. Earnest Lawrence

    Earnest LawrenceMonth ago


  44. Earnest Lawrence

    Earnest LawrenceMonth ago

    dogs cats trees

  45. Bora Yılmaz

    Bora YılmazMonth ago


  46. TheGamerBoi '

    TheGamerBoi 'Month ago

    I have peanut allergey and some times my friends throw peanuts at me for meaness

  47. Casey Hicks

    Casey HicksMonth ago

    It looks like an egg 0:41

  48. Chris_ Rose11

    Chris_ Rose11Month ago

    I am allergic to Artifital yellow. I am also allergic to mayonnaise, grass, birch trees and my worse, dandelions!

  49. Mak ia

    Mak iaMonth ago

    Yesterday I had a terrible reaction from pollen, I was sneezing, coughing, runny nose, watery eyes, and horrible feelings. It lasted for the whole day I wanted to play with my grandpa but every time I have to run into the bathroom and clean my nose. I took some pills like echinacea, honey medicine, all that with some water, the horrible allergies that just ruined my day. but today I feel a lot better! 😀

  50. Omar E345

    Omar E345Month ago

    No no 9an

  51. Esmeralda Gonzalez

    Esmeralda GonzalezMonth ago

    im not allergic to anything I know about but I have a question can someone be allergic to nothing?

  52. The Finalists

    The FinalistsMonth ago

    A *PEANUT* cough cough scp 173

  53. Knight Master

    Knight MasterMonth ago

    I have allergies and it is really bad itchy eyes and scratchy Throat

  54. Sackthing 3333

    Sackthing 3333Month ago

    im allergic to dust

  55. Central596

    Central596Month ago


  56. Jhanyia Kornegay

    Jhanyia KornegayMonth ago

    This explains why I have allergies from pollen

  57. Musoholic 2.1

    Musoholic 2.1Month ago

    yeah to my school only by listening it's name i usually went into a trauma

  58. ally. r

    ally. rMonth ago

    I have allergies right now it's not fun i hate my cat

  59. ally. r

    ally. rMonth ago

    +Alvin gaming roblox_IDK My cat is my son But, to he fair He hates me as well

  60. laksh virwani

    laksh virwaniMonth ago

    I am not allergic to life noggin

  61. Angelica Family Gold Review

    Angelica Family Gold ReviewMonth ago

    Im alergic to protein.

  62. Zelda Master

    Zelda MasterMonth ago

    Im allergic to not watching you

  63. fiddle knuckles

    fiddle knucklesMonth ago

    Im allergic to seafood which is really sad since it used to be my Favorite Food before my Allergies developed

  64. - Despair -

    - Despair -2 months ago

    Whats your weirdest allergy? _I have a cactus one 😓😞_

  65. Dilni Kodippili

    Dilni Kodippili2 months ago

    I have no allergies yay! -said very few people (including me)

  66. shamim miah

    shamim miah2 months ago

    I have nose allergies idk what it is called but i sneeze alot

  67. Bun Da Rabbit

    Bun Da Rabbit2 months ago

    How come some people are, and some people aren’t?

  68. Yasser Alyaseen Yarbou

    Yasser Alyaseen Yarbou2 months ago

    I am allergic to Sunday’s 😆

  69. Chandler Sleziak

    Chandler Sleziak2 months ago

    I only have Allergic rhinitis, but I don't know what I'm exactly allergic to. Maybe ragweed is a possibility, and maybe even some tree pollen, but I digress.

  70. itsme mario

    itsme mario2 months ago

    I wish I was allergic to school

  71. Death -

    Death -2 months ago

    no i don’t

  72. Kid From Canada

    Kid From Canada2 months ago

    I'm allergic to my hair, and my 6 dogs

  73. TheBroadGaming

    TheBroadGaming2 months ago

    I've been allergic to dairy peanuts and eggs for my whole life.

  74. 1000 subs with 1 vid

    1000 subs with 1 vid2 months ago

    you should be my science teacher

  75. Lunatic Bowser

    Lunatic Bowser2 months ago

    It’s a year late but I’m allergic to all the good fruits like Apples, plums, peaches, kiwis, pears and cherries. But if they’re cooked just long enough to get the crunch out I can eat them. Why?

  76. Crazy cat Lady

    Crazy cat Lady2 months ago


  77. tntok 104

    tntok 1042 months ago

    Yes 🥜

  78. Samir Safarov

    Samir Safarov2 months ago

    im allergic to pollen, kill me please :/

  79. yo tengo

    yo tengo3 months ago

    im allergic to dust

  80. Landon Michael

    Landon Michael3 months ago

    I am allergic to SCHOOL


    GEDAFUGATAHEA3 months ago

    I'm allergic to peas, soybean, cashews, hazelnut and seafood. My body goes into a anaphylaxis and I puke. But I can eat certain seafood sometimes if it's deep fried like chalamari or pop corn shrimp. Does this happen with anyone else?

  82. Ramiro Martinez

    Ramiro Martinez3 months ago

    I’m have an allergy to peanut 🥜

  83. Its miley

    Its miley3 months ago

    I’m allergic to grass and animal fur I hate it it’s no fun and I have asma


    DISNEY GIRL3 months ago

    I have food allergies, My face gets bumps. And I get it from a restaurant, So I can't go there

  85. DSU Beats

    DSU Beats3 months ago

    Whose here after having a massive flare up😂😂🙏

  86. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat3 months ago

    I’m allergic to peppermint, pollen, dust, grass, cats, coconut, scented oils, and bees

  87. XxfoxgamerxX vlogs 2

    XxfoxgamerxX vlogs 23 months ago

    Im allergic to school im not allergic to Saturdays and Sundays

  88. Snake boi

    Snake boi3 months ago

    Watch Hataraku Saibou if you wanna learn bout biology

  89. PurpityGaming

    PurpityGaming3 months ago

    I'm allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts except for almonds. My sister is allergic to almonds and no other nuts.

  90. the roblox core destructor

    the roblox core destructor3 months ago

    i dont have allergies

  91. Srikar Baru

    Srikar Baru3 months ago

    I have a deathly allergy to dying

  92. owo or uwu?

    owo or uwu?3 months ago

    I love my Body Because they Fight for me To not get sick and Not let me Die Thx you Body C:

  93. Sebastyan Hernandez

    Sebastyan Hernandez3 months ago

    I'm, allergic to peanuts and eggs.and soy

  94. Alex Miheț

    Alex Miheț3 months ago

    I am allergic to mosquito bites

  95. SquishyyGhost

    SquishyyGhost3 months ago

    I'm allergic to dust, pollen, and cat fur/dandruff

  96. SquishyyGhost

    SquishyyGhost3 months ago

    I recently became allergic to pet fur/dandruff, especially from cats. ..... And I'm a cat person, who owns cats.

  97. NonameNoguyNopro

    NonameNoguyNopro3 months ago

    I am allergic to cats

  98. Ashleyyy C

    Ashleyyy C3 months ago

    One time I got pollen in my eyelid and a few days later there was a big bump on my eyelid

  99. Sunlight Studios

    Sunlight Studios3 months ago

    I allergic to cats and it sucks cause I want a cat

  100. Genius

    Genius3 months ago

    @lifenoggin I’m allergic to fish and baked beans

  101. Minty Xd

    Minty Xd3 months ago

    I’m allergic too tomatoes 🍅!

  102. Midnight owl

    Midnight owl4 months ago

    I am allergic to strawberries

  103. Adah C

    Adah C4 months ago

    i’m allergic to a lot of things! peanuts tree nuts peaches pears milk stuff in cigarets (even tho i think it’s asthma but not too sure) perfume dust dust mites bacitracin pollen tree pollen eczema and i think that’s it!

  104. papyrus skelebones

    papyrus skelebones3 months ago

    R I p it's so easy to die

  105. John Elway

    John Elway4 months ago

    The only thing in my pathetic life I ask for is to breathe normally, I would give up anything.

  106. Amanda Causey

    Amanda Causey4 months ago

    I’m allergic to ice cream that may be a little surprising but it’s true

  107. CorgiLover 162

    CorgiLover 1624 months ago

    I'm allergic to nectar, insect bites and some random medicine