What Do Allergies Do To Your Insides?


  1. Life Noggin

    Life NogginYear ago

    HEY THERE! Welcome to *sneezes 5 times* Life Noggin! Do you have any allergies? Let me know *sneezes 5 more times* down below! Love science AND video games? Check out our other channel Play Noggin! Find out what the Splatoon ink is really made of: mreporter.net/v/video-VOVbs-CUgGA.html

  2. Gamer Bro

    Gamer Bro3 days ago

    Wait you can sneeze? BLOCKO. YOU HAVE NO NOSE!

  3. TheSongBudgie

    TheSongBudgie14 days ago

    Life Noggin I love your channel. You have great information and present it in an amusing way. BTW I’m allergic to cat hair, which is sad because cats are soooooo cute! When I come in contact with cat hair, my eyes get very irritated, often going red and my nose gets blocked.

  4. Gesika E.

    Gesika E.15 days ago

    *grabs tissues* no I'm not allergic to anything now blow your invisible nose

  5. Nicole Perkins

    Nicole PerkinsMonth ago

    I have a question why do we get hiccups

  6. Lukey D

    Lukey DMonth ago


  7. RayRay OuO

    RayRay OuO14 hours ago

    (Coughs) WAIT BODY PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME (Cough) NOOOO HOLD UP I GOTCHU BODY (Cough) (Calls 911) 911: what’s your emergency? Me:HELP I COUGHED!!! 3 TIMES (Dial tone) ..... Shi-

  8. Stephen Barnes

    Stephen Barnes2 days ago

    I suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies dust and mold

  9. Morten Corlin

    Morten Corlin6 days ago

    I have an allergi (I think) to ONE specific plant That grows and flowers in Denmark, but apperantly not in the UK? Thats why i sneeze all the time in spring.

  10. Hola Bish

    Hola Bish7 days ago

    I’m allergic to watermelon, pollen, dust, dog and cat hair, and.....seafood

  11. DeathRocket4990

    DeathRocket499011 days ago

    0:59 I didn’t know you play D and D!

  12. mega sean

    mega sean15 days ago

    I’m allergic to Right Guard deodorant. I break out in a huge rash and it’s the worst. It must be a certain chemical inside it that the body doesn’t like.

  13. Im Da Real Boi

    Im Da Real Boi15 days ago

    I’m allergic to happiness Man that PG noose video is really going to come in handy

  14. Moon Animation

    Moon Animation16 days ago

    im allergic to peanuts qwp

  15. Jackie Haynes

    Jackie Haynes17 days ago

    The truth is I’m not alergic to any to any thing.

  16. Linda Suhrmuller

    Linda Suhrmuller17 days ago

    I once had ring worm on my leg now i have this faint mark on my leg

  17. Blind guy 3000

    Blind guy 300017 days ago

    I am allergic to tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, and cauliflower. I am also allergic to avocado. BlackBerries or on the list too.

  18. Amalia Ferreira

    Amalia Ferreira19 days ago

    I have hay fever and nuts allergies

  19. Cierra Lee

    Cierra Lee19 days ago

    Literally I’m allergic to all animals with fur, dust, pollen, trees, naTURE IN GENERAL. I have yet to discover a food I’m allergic to but it sucks being allergic to animals because I always wish I could smash my face into a cats fur. Other people love it and if I were to I’d probably die.

  20. gd neonen

    gd neonen19 days ago

    I have a allergy for fortnut

  21. victoria cruz

    victoria cruz21 day ago

    Not sure if I'm still allergic to pollen. I use to get a runny nose or my eyes would water but not any more. I remember a few times this happened when I was at my friend's house. Her front porch has *many* plants and once I went to her living room *wham* my allergies would kick in. But then I left for a trade school somewhere far and I came back and now when I visit the allergies don't hit me like a ton of bricks. Can you stop having allergies to something?

  22. Honey Kates Aragones

    Honey Kates Aragones22 days ago

    I'm allergic to honey

  23. Dolan Talk

    Dolan Talk22 days ago

    i m allergic of eggs!! even if i see one egg or just hold one my eyes start to itch and i start to sneeze and i also cant eat eggs :(

  24. 3301

    330123 days ago

    My allergies are really bad and have been going all day STRAIGHT

  25. Taecup.Icxns

    Taecup.Icxns24 days ago

    My skin is allergic to pollen. Rip

  26. Chloe E

    Chloe E25 days ago

    I’m allergic to certain types of Laundry softener, most of them are the cheapest ones…which makes life hell when saving money, but it’s worth it not to have a huge blistering rash. I also have very bad Fall allergies, my throat gets so sore I can barely talk, my eyes and nose get really itchy and red, and one nostril (it’s always just one, not both. It’s weird) gets extremely plugged. Right now, that’s what I’m dealing with. Will someone please kill me? You have my permission and I will write a written consent, just give a short, painless death to escape this

  27. Kaleb Woods

    Kaleb Woods28 days ago

    im alergic to nuts, trees and im athmatic. if i have peanuts i go into aniphalactic shock

  28. Rebecca Rushman

    Rebecca RushmanMonth ago

    I have allergies to oak pollen, ragweed pollen, nicotine, and animal fur. My pollen allergies give me a congested and runny nose, and fur and nicotine give me slight shortness of breath. The past two years I've had terrible allergies during my 1st semester finals. It sucks.

  29. Morgen Dufseth

    Morgen DufsethMonth ago

    I have allergies because of the dust in my house *Coughs and sniffles* *IM DYING!*

  30. A cup of Tae and some Kookies BTS

    A cup of Tae and some Kookies BTSMonth ago

    I'm allergic to bath bombs ;-;

  31. SkittleMaster

    SkittleMasterMonth ago

    Im allergic to pollen in los angeles resedential area

  32. Pierre Odendaal

    Pierre OdendaalMonth ago

    I'm allergic to cat hair and bee stings.

  33. ThatKiwiGuy

    ThatKiwiGuyMonth ago

    Anyone else allergic to raw potato? I can't peel them but I can still eat them when they're cooked.

  34. Ciaran Butterly

    Ciaran ButterlyMonth ago

    I'm allergic to that gay shit

  35. Parents Johnston

    Parents JohnstonMonth ago

    I have no alergeas, have I got a good immune system

  36. marlo de schaap

    marlo de schaapMonth ago

    I can die from peanuts 😪

  37. Jill Sitze

    Jill SitzeMonth ago


  38. KayZePeasant

    KayZePeasantMonth ago

    My sister has two guinea pigs, and i’m allergic to them. Yay.

  39. dytto.

    dytto.Month ago

    I'm allergic to mean peoples

  40. Aishath Shafiya

    Aishath ShafiyaMonth ago

    Allergic to cats

  41. Lil Pankake

    Lil PankakeMonth ago

    I’m having allergies rn 🤧

  42. Be A Pro

    Be A ProMonth ago

    I've got alleges milk egg gluten i was once allergiced to soya but I'm not Hafever and this is maybe not an allergy but also astma

  43. Zeniith __

    Zeniith __Month ago

    This channel is now officially my school.

  44. Sƚҽρԋҽɳ H. Cυɱɱιɳɠʂ Cυɱɱιɳɠʂ

    Sƚҽρԋҽɳ H. Cυɱɱιɳɠʂ CυɱɱιɳɠʂMonth ago

    I love horses but I'm extreamly alergic to them so I can't get to close

  45. Justin Likens

    Justin LikensMonth ago

    i have alergies rn

  46. Bing HAN

    Bing HANMonth ago

    im allergic to short cat fur

  47. Rebecca Garcia

    Rebecca GarciaMonth ago

    I'm allergic to wheat all nuts except peanuts and it is sooo annoying !!

  48. Cotton Caramel

    Cotton CaramelMonth ago

    I'm allergic to cats dogs peanuts treanuts walnuts all kinds of nuts I have eczema and I'm also allergic to eggs milk so and wheat it's rlly heart breaking for me bc I've always wanted eggs :'(

  49. Yum Wolf

    Yum WolfMonth ago

    I've been allergic to cats my whole life, but I got an allergy test around 2 years ago and the results showed that I was apparently also allergic to dogs, dust and horses. But I've had a dog for my whole life and I haven't felt anything, dust isn't as strong as it was before, because whenever I'd go into a specific room in school It'd trigger my allergies. So either it's not that dusty in there anymore or it's just not that strong anymore. Horses though I'm really allergic to, which is sad because I really wanted to ride horses :/

  50. Aaron Gamer

    Aaron GamerMonth ago

    Im allergic to pollen

  51. Nahbug

    Nahbug2 months ago

    I was once allergic to wheat, I became very sick with diahear, vomiting and great pains in the stomach.

  52. David Thompson

    David Thompson2 months ago

    I'm only allergic to dandylions

  53. Jamila Keziah

    Jamila Keziah2 months ago

    When an ant bite my leg it would really itch... And a week later it turn would in to a scar ... Idk why dis happened

  54. Amanda Dāvida

    Amanda Dāvida2 months ago

    I ADORE animals but I am allergic to cat hair and some type of dog hair too and I really hate that about myself. I see people petting cats and I get really sad because I cant do that or else I get these annoying allergies . When I was younger I had a cat and I had no allergies but then after some time my cat passed away and I slowly started getting them. Now it has reached to dogs too .. What did I do to get them? :(

  55. Kitty Girl54321

    Kitty Girl543212 months ago

    I wonder what Blocko sounds like when he sneezes.

  56. Callum spencer

    Callum spencer2 months ago

    I have alergys to. Oranges mushrooms raisins and some other food

  57. Callum spencer

    Callum spencer2 months ago

    I have food alergys

  58. Wisconsin Railfanner

    Wisconsin Railfanner2 months ago

    I'm allergic to all grasses, trees, dogs, cats, horses, and a bunch others stuff, ugh

  59. CyberneticWolf1 Gaming

    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming2 months ago

    im also alergic to cat hair but i luv kittys but there getting better

  60. CyberneticWolf1 Gaming

    CyberneticWolf1 Gaming2 months ago

    I has Pollen alergies in the spring me my dad and my bro yay!! alergies are the best!! (jk they can go jump off a micowave)

  61. Purple pilot 9875

    Purple pilot 98752 months ago


  62. Lisa Nganga

    Lisa Nganga2 months ago

    i wonder why I'm no allergic to anything.....

  63. T0xic

    T0xic2 months ago

    I'm not allergic to anything. But apparently everyone is allergic to dust.

  64. Pearl Angel Piloton

    Pearl Angel Piloton2 months ago

    I don't know what my allergies

  65. copypastecopypaste

    copypastecopypaste2 months ago

    I'm allergic to allergies.

  66. copypastecopypaste

    copypastecopypaste2 months ago

    Doc says I have no allergies. Body sais I do. But only in the room I live in so it's fine I guess 😭

  67. Young Jetray

    Young Jetray2 months ago

    I have no alergeas I can't spell well


    KHALE GAME GUY2 months ago

    I'm allergic to citrus fruits

  69. Rajib Al-Goviqi

    Rajib Al-Goviqi2 months ago

    Hataraku Saibou 😉

  70. jembalang tanah

    jembalang tanah2 months ago

    I'm internally allergic to duck

  71. Damian Daalman

    Damian Daalman2 months ago

    dust and face paint

  72. Mini Minecrafter aka Jasminimoo5 Anderson

    Mini Minecrafter aka Jasminimoo5 Anderson2 months ago

    I think I’m allergic to face paints when there is too much on my face or tbh it could be any where

  73. -Nicky Luck-

    -Nicky Luck-2 months ago

    I don't have allergies... Sadly...

  74. Aleks Xxx

    Aleks Xxx2 months ago

    I’m allergic to chocolate But I still eat it idgaf

  75. John Hozvicka

    John Hozvicka2 months ago

    I found a good allergy program: alternative-health-care.myfreesites.net/allergies

  76. Mahado Noor

    Mahado Noor2 months ago

    I'm allergic to peanuts

  77. Koy 1

    Koy 12 months ago

    I'm allergic to grass with lots of pollen. But my brother is allergic to antibiotics and sunscreen.

  78. Bitrixed

    Bitrixed2 months ago

    I’m allergic to dust and pollen


    FIMZURI2 months ago

    used to be allergic to nuts since i was 3. I wasnt allergic beofre and it suddenly developed. It went away by itself with no treatment when i turned 8. When i was 11 i was allergic pennicill V for a few months(proven through trials) then that also went away.

  80. Honesty

    Honesty2 months ago

    I dont have allergys im lucky yay!!!!!☺😊😀😁☺😊😀😁

  81. Marc The Savage

    Marc The Savage2 months ago

    wait an example what if Jack was allergic to roses

  82. windycat M

    windycat M2 months ago

    My dad plays D&D!!!😮

  83. Tommy Fox

    Tommy Fox2 months ago

    I'm Allergic to pollen and seance my home is littered with plants, yeah I'm screwed when my Allergies starts acting up threw out the year. Yes my Allergies are weird but so is everything else in my life so don't judge.

  84. Wolves are Amazing

    Wolves are Amazing2 months ago

    Can you do a video about what happens when you get stung by a wasp or bee?

  85. DailyPhoneVlogsDPV

    DailyPhoneVlogsDPV2 months ago

    Im allergic to penicillin.

  86. IceCream PuppyGirlPlays

    IceCream PuppyGirlPlays2 months ago

    I’m allergic to... to... um... err... I’m allergic to... IDK WHAT OK

  87. Reaper the Darkness

    Reaper the Darkness2 months ago

    I don't have allergies

  88. Milat Chance

    Milat Chance2 months ago

    I'm allergic to Cucumber, Watermelon, and zucchini, Pollen....in short I'm allergic to ragweed

  89. it's a me Niloy Khandaker

    it's a me Niloy Khandaker2 months ago

    I am allergic to dust

  90. YourTrueHijabi

    YourTrueHijabi2 months ago

    #NoAllergySquad I have no allergy, but I have always wondered what it feels like to have one.. I feel bad for those people that do have it.

  91. Windex Cleaner

    Windex Cleaner2 months ago

    I'm allergic to perfume.

  92. Diego Loeza

    Diego Loeza2 months ago

    I am not allergic to anything srry if the spelling was bad

  93. Robert Alten

    Robert Alten3 months ago

    Can you explain why someone is able to consume something their whole life , then all of sudden they can’t because of supposed allergic reactions?

  94. CuteLittleRocker 07

    CuteLittleRocker 073 months ago

    Im allergic to boredem, theses videos are my medicine!!!

  95. Anas Khayyat

    Anas Khayyat3 months ago

    Does stupidity count

  96. Rachel A

    Rachel A3 months ago

    I am elergeic to gluten/wheet

  97. Planes Guitars

    Planes Guitars3 months ago

    I'm allergic to bananas, kiwis, all types of nuts and every hairy animal. Ik my life sucks.

  98. Rowena Baul

    Rowena Baul3 months ago


  99. Cumorah Kowallis

    Cumorah Kowallis3 months ago

    Meanwhile I am allergic to the weird things, only the yolk of the egg, only raw broccoli, starfruit, and cottage cheese, nothing else

  100. Connor May

    Connor May3 months ago

    I am allergic to bees and my Mom is allergic to cedar. Can you explain cedar allergies?

  101. Adventures With dogs

    Adventures With dogs3 months ago


  102. 13randon 13axter

    13randon 13axter3 months ago

    You didn't say why some allergies are fatal.

  103. Nezam Asarie

    Nezam Asarie3 months ago

    I am allergic to not seeing life noggin

  104. Nate Spike

    Nate Spike3 months ago

    Evil pepers 😒

  105. Milda Daujotiene

    Milda Daujotiene3 months ago

    Don't joke about alergy it's realy bad thing