What causes headaches? - Dan Kwartler


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    Download a free audiobook version of Oliver Sacks' "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" here: adbl.co/2Hejwql. Each free trial started with this Audible link helps support TED-Ed's nonprofit mission.

  2. Tra Nguyen

    Tra Nguyen21 day ago

    TED-Ed who would mistake their wife for a hat? Only if they are drunk lol

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    TED-Ed What class would a hydocephalic headache be under

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    TED-Ed W

  5. 몽골.

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    pls,all video add the korean subtitle

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    Samuel Wang2 hours ago

    3:49 my 5th grade teacher sometimes had migranes and then she was late to class

  7. Mark Josh

    Mark Josh5 days ago

    Who is the voice Over?

  8. StartRecording

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    I really really hate the headaches you get where you're stressed and anxious at the same time. It leads to all this nonsensical negative thoughts that aren't realistic at all to overwhelm your brain and affect your mood so much.

  9. Rolando Murillo

    Rolando Murillo7 days ago

    This video is giving me a headache

  10. Aditi T

    Aditi T11 days ago

    My upper cheek started paining while seeing the sinus part 😂

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    Who else has a headache right now just me... I'll go away now

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    Is diet a factor?

  13. Aaron E

    Aaron E16 days ago

    That's creepy the guy looks like me.🙄

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    My borther:My head hurts Me: o let me help you with that mom were the power drill?

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    1:23 A man may suffer headache from female reproductive system.

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    Ducky Momo20 days ago

    I am having a headache and this video was on my recommendation.

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    I hate it when I have a headache and people are loud 😡😂

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    The most uncomfortable video of all time -_- now i have a headach

  21. Bro

    Bro26 days ago

    Ted ed kinda sounds like headache

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    I never get consistent headaches, I can’t remember the last time I got one actually. But....... I have other health problems sooooooo.................

  23. ErdyJan GD

    ErdyJan GD28 days ago

    Why do you havento animate it to like it's so painful. Now I'm gonna think about that animation when i got a headache. But, anyway, thanks for the wonderful knowledge that you gave to us. ^-^

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  25. coltonthejames

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    Am I the only one that has a headache that feels like your brain is heavy and if you move your head it slams on the side of your head and when it does it hurts bad. When I'm in light for too long I get these, i have to sit in the dark holding my head still so it doesn't hurt so bad.

  26. QTee

    QTeeMonth ago

    Lots of very annoying irritating things

  27. blah bla blah

    blah bla blahMonth ago

    I get head ache when I am hungry

  28. Akarsh H

    Akarsh HMonth ago

    1:23 hm ya.... He ain't get no girl....

  29. Lightnin' John

    Lightnin' JohnMonth ago

    Is the practice of putting a hole in someone's head because of headaches, the reason why that one Greek god was so ready to split open Zues's head when had a little girl in there?

  30. Powahful GamePlayer

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    My most related headache might be the cluster headache. Good thing is it does not last long.

  31. Sarah the girl

    Sarah the girlMonth ago

    My brother

  32. john denis dunne

    john denis dunneMonth ago

    Cool animation

  33. mantas juodeikis

    mantas juodeikisMonth ago

    Well that's weird that I never had a tenshion headache I always have a Secondary headache or migraine / cluster headache

  34. Nxiwty

    NxiwtyMonth ago

    Have anyone seen like some weird flashes and you start thinking for a while where did it come from, these may happen twice a day. Also this came when i was having headache.

  35. Gabriel Prado

    Gabriel PradoMonth ago

    Ik Stress Concussion You need more water

  36. Lithunoisan mapper

    Lithunoisan mapperMonth ago

    Migraines are free drugs

  37. Rimsha Khalid

    Rimsha KhalidMonth ago

    Love the animation

  38. Rimsha Khalid

    Rimsha KhalidMonth ago

    I only get tension headaches

  39. Simon Foster

    Simon FosterMonth ago

    Oh man. Love the music on this thing. Awesome animation too.

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    BrownMonth ago

    I, I, I, I got a migraine 🎶

  41. F3 Jay

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    That 50% came from people feigning ill to skip school

  42. Kasnovel

    KasnovelMonth ago

    This explanation made it worse lol

  43. Powerbob2000

    Powerbob2000Month ago

    Like all of these suit me than say somthing that doesnt for that

  44. Ben Tang

    Ben TangMonth ago

    i got migrain headache before but not that serious

  45. captain_ smart.casual

    captain_ smart.casual2 months ago

    I swear I've had all these headache types at some point. I'm VERY good at getting headaches.

  46. Sky Aguillon-Ho

    Sky Aguillon-Ho2 months ago

    I had migraine yesterday,it sucks i had to vomit,i had to spend 3 hours just to vomit and i force my self to vomit,I used my hand and pinching my throat so i can vomit it was a horrible experience my head hurts so bad that i can't sleep,every thing was distracting me even noise and giving me more stress..but thank god my last vomit make me feel better making my to sleep better because if i didn't vomit my stomach hurts so bad..

  47. hel lo

    hel lo2 months ago

    i almost have headaches every day since last year. it's becoming a routine.

  48. Macro Pasco

    Macro Pasco2 months ago

    I used to get headaches all the time - then I stopped using dairy products like MILK - poof! No more headaches.

  49. khan patjaiko

    khan patjaiko2 months ago

    I feel headache watching this hahaha

  50. Sick Kent

    Sick Kent2 months ago

    My mom

  51. Lily Byrne

    Lily Byrne2 months ago

    Funny how I just got a HORRIBLE headache before watching this

  52. Crazy Artist

    Crazy Artist2 months ago

    Idiots at school

  53. Lucy Wood

    Lucy Wood2 months ago

    Actually there are many cases of trepanning working and it's still used across the world, just not in modern Western societies like the UK and the USA

  54. Chin-chin Hiccup

    Chin-chin Hiccup2 months ago

    your voice heals my headaches honestly

  55. Rohit Nagraj

    Rohit Nagraj2 months ago

    The animation was beautiful!

  56. Ameliorated Edification

    Ameliorated Edification2 months ago

    0:23 skaaal

  57. Enam Enam Enam

    Enam Enam Enam2 months ago

    Whose watching this while having headache like me

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    Mark Fawaz2 months ago

    Nice vid but gave me a headache!

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    What a about sinus headaches?

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    I’m watching this wile I have a very bad headache

  62. SheDaUnicorn

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    If you get a headache that doesn’t hurt much but it’s bothering you, drink lots of water and it kind of just vanishes.

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    I got a headache from watching this.

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    I got a headach while watching this

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    Who has a headache now

  66. 12vie

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    Another amazing video created b TedEd!

  67. Eric T

    Eric T2 months ago

    Oliver Sacks also wrote a book called Migraine recounting hundreds of case studies dating back to ancient Rome. Well wort the read.

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  69. XSportSeeker

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    Ha! Love the animation on this one

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    Recently I became a father and while we were trying to get pregnant in an effort to ensure healthiness of my child I quit smoking. I can share my personal experience that once withdrawal symptoms have passed I noticed that my headaches have subsided as well. Quitting smoking is another way to alleviate migraine. www.cigarettekills.com/nicotine_headache.html

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    This gives my headache

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    Main reason math thank me later

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    When I watch Ted-Ed I want to be some kind of scientist

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    i really love every single videos of Ted-ed!

  77. TheJediDoctor

    TheJediDoctor2 months ago

    The migrain rappresentation is awfully close to what the actual thing is, minus the pain ... So close, in fact, that it almost gave me a headache.

  78. Mbiggz

    Mbiggz2 months ago

    Anyone here have auras when I get migraines or is it just me?

  79. Laura Clemons

    Laura Clemons2 months ago

    Strain tension and pressure!

  80. Kenneth Reddy

    Kenneth Reddy2 months ago

    My migraines will never be cured :(

  81. ToasterSmartie

    ToasterSmartie2 months ago

    Watching this while having a headache makes headaches worse >____

  82. Ouroboros

    Ouroboros2 months ago

    4:00 patterns like that can trigger migraines and seizures

  83. Daniel Chachanashvili

    Daniel Chachanashvili2 months ago

    heres a tip: instead of popping pain relievers eat some almonds, about 15 or so. theyre high in vitamin e and help regulate the blood flow to help clear up headaches. they work really well

  84. JustSamasian

    JustSamasian2 months ago

    1:23 So... That guy can get pregnant?

  85. H. Allen

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    🤒🤕😨😰😱🤪🤯... 😇/👿

  86. Chasity

    Chasity2 months ago

    False Ads periods cause mirgranes in women. It was just an animation.

  87. Diana Silverio

    Diana Silverio2 months ago

    What causes headaches?? Me: Ted-Ed videos

  88. Ronnie James Osbourne

    Ronnie James Osbourne2 months ago

    Magic Mushrooms _CURES_ cluster headaches... Just ask Dr. House

  89. RR Moyer

    RR Moyer2 months ago

    Divorce.. Satan.. lies.. and deception

  90. Normal.

    Normal.2 months ago

    I got a headache while watching

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    Noah Weston2 months ago

    Whenever I watch a video on headaches my headache goes away. Weird.

  92. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs2 months ago

    I already read the book suggested at the end of the video. It's awesome! I'd like to recommend Phantoms in the Brain, by S. Ramachandran, too! It's even better!


    GOOD GAMER SADAT3 months ago

    Please post a video about the nitrogen cycle.

  94. Baldoxxx4000

    Baldoxxx40003 months ago

    Can you explain Psyducks headache that turns into psychic powers?

  95. Baldoxxx4000

    Baldoxxx40003 months ago

    Greeks have no common sense....

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    What causes headaches? Anoxia The blood vessels become narrower and the brain does not get oxygen.

  97. Hae Baozi

    Hae Baozi3 months ago

    When I was almost facing my second major exam last year, I got tension headache everyday.

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    Who else got a headache while watching this?

  99. real don

    real don3 months ago

    why the animated guy has nose where his ear should be????

  100. Carrot Fush

    Carrot Fush3 months ago

    A lack of sleep causes headache

  101. Gameplay and Talk

    Gameplay and Talk3 months ago

    Ugh, headaches are the worst.

  102. kuku88

    kuku883 months ago

    Hnnngh I want to watch this video to learn more about where headaches come from, but as someone who gets regular migraines, just hearing "headache" is enough to induce one for me. Still seems like a good video so far though!

  103. Avinash Mishra

    Avinash Mishra3 months ago

    Strange but got a headache after watching this video. But great video!

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    this gives me headaches

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    Junaid Ahmmad3 months ago

    When u feel like ur is blasting with pain but u decided to watch the video anyways