What causes headaches? - Dan Kwartler


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  2. Des Bro

    Des Bro4 months ago

    ted-ed. I would like to get in touch with you somehow because I possess the ability to think my headaches away. I can show you this on brain scan for proof and I am 100% willing to prove it.

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    want your videos translated to portuguese brazillian? your channel will boom even more. Message me at @spardakonekosama on instagram if youre interested, my service is excellent. I also can voice translate it :) cheers!

  4. Kavan Patel

    Kavan Patel6 months ago

    When my head starts paining... My mouth produces thin saliva And for me the best medicine for headaches is to vomit out !!!!

  5. teyona mays

    teyona mays7 months ago

    This really helps me in becoming a nurse 😺😺😺😹😹😹😹🐶

  6. Iraq Fuckin CountryBall

    Iraq Fuckin CountryBall21 hour ago

    Well ... several things : 1• living in Turkey 2• revolts in France 3• China shattering 4• Zion 6• why dad takes 14 years To bring cigars from the Gas station

  7. Shireen Sparkle

    Shireen SparkleDay ago

    I have sinus headache... never know when it will come...

  8. Your mom Gee

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  9. Tc

    TcDay ago

    We know what a pulsar is made of but we still can't figure out what causes primary headaches.

  10. MyaPlays ROBLOX

    MyaPlays ROBLOX2 days ago

    am i the only one that cries when i get a headache xD

  11. Dark Hood Entity

    Dark Hood Entity3 days ago

    I had a headache while watching this. Seriously

  12. Mari Cris

    Mari Cris3 days ago

    In my case for cluster, I always get the problem in relation to my eyes. To heal the headache that I encountered, I where my glasses. I don't use my glasses daily because I don't want to depend on it. For the sinus, I end up always crying as I cannot take the pain. Since you are crying you tend to withdraw the mucus but it is always too little so if I am crying, I tend to withdraw as much as I can. Both really worked for me. For my eyes, I know that I have a problem by feeling my eyes throbbing and for my sinus, I notice it swells.

  13. Sebastian 2005

    Sebastian 20054 days ago

    If I hold my breath for too long, I get a tension headache

  14. Kathryn Kuder

    Kathryn Kuder4 days ago

    I know the cure for tension headaches just exercise and run around

  15. Myranda Diaz

    Myranda Diaz5 days ago

    I felt the migraine

  16. Moonlight Tikah

    Moonlight Tikah5 days ago

    i have headache at least 5 times a month. it hurts so sometimes i just deal with it. i feel the pain in my temple area. hurts so much.

  17. Magic Maty

    Magic Maty6 days ago

    If you have a headache: Drink water Poop Have medicine Try eating something (unless you already have) Go somewhere dark and comfortable Sleep and listen to soft sounds or music Complete silence Massage your head (run fingers through hair) Edit: I have had horrible migraines and headaches, so I know my stuff haha.

  18. Goat Boi

    Goat Boi5 days ago

    Magic Maty this is why i love comment sections

  19. Dorothy Isidro

    Dorothy Isidro6 days ago

    4:28 Person 1: ow Person 2: 0_0 Person 3: THIRST!!! Person 4: OOOWWW! Person 5: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Person 6: MY HEAD IS HURTING.

  20. Determined Games

    Determined Games7 days ago

    What causes headaches? Knowing that Fortnite exists and that there's actually people who play it.

  21. cramin

    cramin7 days ago

    I am so thankful I don’t get headaches very often. I get a minor one like once a month.

  22. BR Design

    BR Design8 days ago

    They roast the bacteria?!

  23. hettyscetty 97

    hettyscetty 978 days ago

    Thank you I have narrowed down the reason why I get headaches to dehydration, eye strain and stress. Unfortunately two out of three of these things are unavoidable since I'm a full time student who works in a call centre on a computer.

  24. Johra Akter

    Johra Akter9 days ago

    I have Migraine. It's severe. My doctor says it's normal!

  25. Grim

    Grim9 days ago

    As for me, I don't mind getting sick. I use it as a chance to record some information like a little experiment. It takes some of the grief away. But headaches are something I DO mind. I hate them so much.

  26. memes on swings

    memes on swings9 days ago

    why do i have a migraine disorder but only get clusters?

  27. Elytrian Tiger

    Elytrian Tiger9 days ago

    Little siblings

  28. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin10 days ago

    My wife.

  29. HariniVardini Rajesh

    HariniVardini Rajesh11 days ago

    1:22 he's female?! 😂 also why am I getting a headache just from watching this, ugh..

  30. Triqz_ Official

    Triqz_ Official12 days ago

    I have a headache that I need sleep

  31. Dalumat Edelberto

    Dalumat Edelberto14 days ago

    Number 1 cause of headache is because it's "empty". Like a stomach when ur'e hungry ;)

  32. Dalumat Edelberto

    Dalumat Edelberto14 days ago

    How come that a nose had a head ache?

  33. Jen Chan

    Jen Chan15 days ago

    The belt headache (tention) means you have to poop Our digestive system sends more signals to the brain than the brain sands to it. And the headache is one of the way of our body to tell us something is not right and there is something wrong going on by sending pain signals. People just afraid of everything they can't understand right away.. Cure to everything is to relax, some good music, close your eyes and just breath. We all gonna die, everything is meaningless. Just try to be the best of yourself and stuff

  34. Anonymous 2.0

    Anonymous 2.015 days ago

    man ive been having a headache for 3 fricking days straight..and i decided to watch this vedio

  35. Bubbles

    Bubbles16 days ago

    When i was a kid i always had migraines and it was horrible AF

  36. Claudia Li

    Claudia Li16 days ago

    who else got a headache watching this?

  37. SajidA829

    SajidA82916 days ago

    I hate migraines, especially vomiting while having it.

  38. Glitzy Studioz

    Glitzy Studioz17 days ago

    When I jump on the trampoline my head hurts

  39. Lunalex

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  40. suh un

    suh un20 days ago

    My headache is secondary type. severe Nasal Inflamation triggered Continuous pain in my head So I wait and desire the Complete trerapy to eliminate this

  41. TheDanCube // Dancubing

    TheDanCube // Dancubing21 day ago

    This is oddly specific, but I got my first cluster headache on a plane during a flight at night. It felt like my eye was stabbed by thousands of pins and needles. It ain't pretty...

  42. Jeremiah Plays All

    Jeremiah Plays All21 day ago

    I had a cluster headache traveling to Nueva Ecija(Philippines). I wanted to die

  43. Quackity Quack

    Quackity Quack22 days ago

    the cluster is so fcking annyoing

  44. CementTedAlfond

    CementTedAlfond23 days ago

    Dehydration -Mom

  45. Dev27

    Dev2723 days ago

    I had a headache for 3 months. I went to the er 4 times and stayed In CHOP (children’s hospital in philly) for 3 days. I got a cat scan and mri. Bc my life is perfect 😒

  46. Cooltabby 13

    Cooltabby 1324 days ago

    Does anyone else get those semi-painful headaches for about 3seconds to a minute? (or 2)

  47. haleybrooke

    haleybrooke24 days ago

    Migraines are a step away from death 💀

  48. asdfgoogle

    asdfgoogle24 days ago

    Where can I find a video that is just that psychotic-looking bit? That was super trippy.

  49. TheBlue Gamer

    TheBlue Gamer26 days ago

    Who’s watching this with a headache?

  50. PixelBoiPlayz

    PixelBoiPlayz26 days ago

    Well at least I found out why I have a headache

  51. Raging Gamer

    Raging Gamer27 days ago

    I have these migraines that last at least a day. I always get an Ora and the there’s an excruciating pain in the back of my eye. Doctors still don’t know why I get them.

  52. Itz Shreya

    Itz Shreya27 days ago

    After watching this i m getting a headache 🤕😣😣

  53. Squatting Gopnik

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  54. Marios Digenis

    Marios Digenis27 days ago

    when I watch TV for lots of hours ,I see those types of halluciniations.

  55. Bone Bird

    Bone Bird27 days ago

    there is actually a tiny man in ur head who gets angry and throws chairs against your skull

  56. Katrina Mae

    Katrina Mae28 days ago

    His nose is in the side of his face

  57. Joshua Quaye

    Joshua Quaye13 days ago


  58. Georgia M

    Georgia M22 days ago

    It’s stylistic. A part of his character design😀

  59. Trees And Stuff

    Trees And Stuff28 days ago

    2:00 t r i g g e r e d

  60. Peggy Stephanie

    Peggy Stephanie28 days ago

    I'd say I usually experience cluster headaches. What works for me is to fill a cup with hot water or coffee :) and then place this cup on the affected eye. The warmth from the cup gives me relief soon after.

  61. Finn

    Finn29 days ago

    I've never had headache!

  62. OldPossum

    OldPossum29 days ago

    Heads. Heads cause headaches, the same way guns cause gun violence. No heads, no headaches. Elect me to Congress.

  63. MiguelPpM

    MiguelPpM21 day ago

    You're joking right?

  64. Tj Semeniuk

    Tj Semeniuk29 days ago

    You have a head ache? Let me just drill a hole in your head.

  65. Atilla Gamercheto

    Atilla Gamercheto29 days ago

    I have migraine.But dont think is something very bad is like a pain thats not too bad but when you stay with this pain for 20 minunets is getting kind of worster because now is very anoying

  66. Audree Smith

    Audree SmithMonth ago

    I get headaches so often. That’s why I watched the video.

  67. belinda hughes

    belinda hughesMonth ago

    this guy has his nose on the side of his head & the top of his head keeps flipping open to expose his brain. heavens!, no wonder he gets headaches !!!

  68. Dragon Ball

    Dragon BallMonth ago

    This video causes me headache.😡😡

  69. Samuel Rojas

    Samuel RojasMonth ago

    I get a somewhat more mild-ish kind of migraine chronically... the aura is nowhere near as strong as most other people with migraines often describe theirs to be (my hallucinatory sensations are a bit more subtle, like the sharpness of objects, strength of light, and volume of sound) and the nausea and pain from them aren't nearly as debilitating as they seem to be in other people. Does anyone else have any similar experiences?

  70. Bottinator22

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  71. Be infinite

    Be infiniteMonth ago

    I am not kidding i have never had a headache!!!!!! Like how can yoir head ache?

  72. Cream Mallow

    Cream MallowMonth ago

    My headaches are caused by being in front of the screen 24/7


    JDECKLES2 days ago

    Cream Mallow you shouldn’t watch MReporter my man

  74. i mean

    i meanMonth ago

    What are headaches? (Short) Causes: -Sleeping like you’re in a different Timezone. -Eating (over or under) -Stress -etc cause I can’t name more. What happens? *your body punishes you*

  75. Creative Username

    Creative UsernameMonth ago

    First off, i get tension headaches all the time. I used to have them every monday and friday when i was 7, 8 and 9. Second, a couple days ago i had a tension headache and was wondering what the actual headache pain was. I hadnt said it out loud to anyone, or googled it. But somehow, this video appears in my recommended.

  76. Amano Yuckitero

    Amano YuckiteroMonth ago

    Is there a way to induce the kind of headache which gives hallucinations?

  77. bienbo_20

    bienbo_20Month ago

    who else is having a headache while watching?

  78. Tesla Mark

    Tesla MarkMonth ago

    Dang it , now i Can smell someone headache

  79. Manpreet Kaur

    Manpreet KaurMonth ago

    Cluster headaches.. I get them all the time

  80. Manpreet Kaur

    Manpreet KaurMonth ago

    +Smamy Smoop I believe you.. For sure it was ... Lol

  81. Smamy Smoop

    Smamy SmoopMonth ago

    Manpreet Kaur I had one for a while and it was so annoying.

  82. GL-Broz 1249

    GL-Broz 1249Month ago

    I suffer from cluster headache but knew about it from here😮😮😮 But there is no remedy for this😫😫😫

  83. Cody Zackmin

    Cody ZackminMonth ago

    The left part of my head have a headache for a week and i dont know what to do

  84. Visal Aing

    Visal AingMonth ago

    I got that clusterer headache before. I feel like something is burning my one eye and i try to wash my face with but it didn't work so what i did is take ice on my eye. It happens quite often once a month😣 Edited: sorry some grammar😳

  85. Saucy Sausage Delicious Meat

    Saucy Sausage Delicious MeatMonth ago

    The eye headaches one for me it different, it feels ultra itchy behind one eyeball that i can't scratch.

  86. /FatHobo\

    /FatHobo\Month ago

    I got a headache from watching til tok memes

  87. Zach Lol

    Zach LolMonth ago

    I think I have a migraine headache

  88. Alperen Başer

    Alperen BaşerMonth ago

    I have migraine and sinus. Yeah . Yeah...

  89. EddieMuff 03

    EddieMuff 03Month ago

    I had the worst migraines from age 7 to 13

  90. Bhushan Garje

    Bhushan GarjeMonth ago

    Head can cause headache. Simple.

  91. bbuba.

    bbuba.Month ago

    ted ed: primary headaches are not symptomatic of any disease. dude: :D! ted ed: they *are* the condition. dude: D:!

  92. Ethan Bennett

    Ethan BennettMonth ago

    The add before this video gave me one

  93. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix KiddoMonth ago

    this type of videos are good before sleep

  94. Rupal Rout

    Rupal RoutMonth ago

    migraine pains a lot

  95. Cephachrome

    CephachromeMonth ago

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  96. golden G TV

    golden G TVMonth ago

    Who else has a headache and watches this?

  97. viscous moon

    viscous moonMonth ago

    I get a headache while looking down, is is wrong?

  98. The "K"

    The "K"Month ago


  99. Moto Vigilant

    Moto VigilantMonth ago

    MReporter recommended this just when I was having one.

  100. EZ hayat

    EZ hayatMonth ago

    Watching the video while having a bad migraine.. i'd prefer a hole in my head ri8 now,🙄

  101. Super Min

    Super MinMonth ago

    It’s a glitch

  102. Mateo Magnus

    Mateo MagnusMonth ago

    I guess it could a different subject but I thought Aneurysms were going to be mentioned

  103. Shrimoy Roy

    Shrimoy RoyMonth ago

    Who else is watching the video while having headache?

  104. John Watson

    John WatsonMonth ago

    The animation is soooooooo cute

  105. Sara Zaidi

    Sara ZaidiMonth ago

    Best teded ever

  106. Imani Maldonado

    Imani MaldonadoMonth ago

    *Mind blown* Heh get it?

  107. patato cope

    patato copeMonth ago

    Life gives you lemons 👌🤘

  108. accident boi

    accident boiMonth ago

    sometimes my left part of my brain along with my eye hurts for a moment sometimes more

  109. Фяì Tu

    Фяì TuMonth ago

    Right Answer: People

  110. BAYAN KO

    BAYAN KOMonth ago

    *Drill a hole for a headache no way!.*

  111. Mr Memes

    Mr MemesMonth ago

    Ow, my head...