What causes headaches? - Dan Kwartler


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  2. Des Bro

    Des BroMonth ago

    ted-ed. I would like to get in touch with you somehow because I possess the ability to think my headaches away. I can show you this on brain scan for proof and I am 100% willing to prove it.

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    want your videos translated to portuguese brazillian? your channel will boom even more. Message me at @spardakonekosama on instagram if youre interested, my service is excellent. I also can voice translate it :) cheers!

  4. Kavan Patel

    Kavan Patel2 months ago

    When my head starts paining... My mouth produces thin saliva And for me the best medicine for headaches is to vomit out !!!!

  5. teyona mays

    teyona mays4 months ago

    This really helps me in becoming a nurse 😺😺😺😹😹😹😹🐶

  6. vash47

    vash4710 hours ago

    thanks for mentioning caffeine withdrawal. I didn't know it but during the first 20 years of my life I was addicted to caffeine. I just thought I suffered from migraines. I started consuming coffee heavily the past two years and now that I have stopped I can finally feel my head clear, refreshed, not being either on edge or extremely tired anymore. I can have a great good night sleep. While I do love coffee (decaf for me from now on), caffeine consumption is too normalized in our society and people don't realize how easily our body becomes addicted to this substance (just three days of consumption is enough). To anyone that drinks coffee (or tea, coke) daily I recommend that you go without coffee for a month even if you think nothing's wrong and see how it goes. It made my life much better.

  7. Pravin Patil

    Pravin Patil2 days ago

    Love the animes.

  8. Titan Lucifer Gaming

    Titan Lucifer Gaming2 days ago

    Who else is having a headache while watching this video?

  9. audriipockii

    audriipockii5 days ago

    every school year there is a three day period where i have migrains, it started in fourth grade and since then ive never had perfect attendance 'u'

  10. Vo NguyenXuan

    Vo NguyenXuan6 days ago

    Help!! I don't know what kind of headache do I have!!!! It stopping me from doing things

  11. IXL Ghxol

    IXL Ghxol10 hours ago

    Same its hurts behind my eye but its not burn like a migraine But im still going to call it that

  12. Zhang X

    Zhang X9 days ago

    Love the animation!

  13. Samantha Goodwin

    Samantha Goodwin10 days ago

    I don't know what, but after watching this and brain surgery be done, I feel a headache coming on.

  14. laugh. why? to hide the pain.

    laugh. why? to hide the pain.12 days ago

    I just thought blood rushes to head stays there for a few hours and for migrains I just thought it was more for a longer period of time kinda right

  15. Caiobkw

    Caiobkw14 days ago

    I have lots of cluster headaches but thankfully I only had a Migraine once

  16. Monique Williams

    Monique Williams18 days ago

    Woah there! @1:23 That MAN has a menstruation headache?!

  17. Dorothy Isidro

    Dorothy Isidro19 days ago

    I had a tension headache before (Maybe)

  18. Flash Fan

    Flash Fan20 days ago

    I looked this up to see what causes one

  19. delirious jj

    delirious jj20 days ago

    Why is the animations has so much attitude 😂

  20. Squeegee Squad

    Squeegee Squad22 days ago

    I currently have a sinus infection. Ugh, I cough crazy.

  21. Audrey and Remington

    Audrey and Remington23 days ago

    Drill holes in the skull?!?!

  22. Ninja

    NinjaMonth ago

    I just god a headache after watching this

  23. Shah Saud

    Shah SaudMonth ago

    I went through the entire uncomfortable experiences watching this.

  24. Armughan Syed

    Armughan SyedMonth ago

    migrane patient here.

  25. Krystal tigerwolf

    Krystal tigerwolfMonth ago

    Watching this video I have a headache but a while ago I figured out I was dehydrated I still am but yeah and I hit my head all the time so to help it I was given glasses.... But I probably have a primary headache, I have headaches all the time :/

  26. Sreenath Aether

    Sreenath AetherMonth ago

    Coincidence that I saw this is suggestion while I was having a head ache (migraine)

  27. Ban in Space

    Ban in SpaceMonth ago

    I'm having a headache watching this

  28. Emma Lane

    Emma LaneMonth ago

    this made my head hurt

  29. Critic of everything

    Critic of everythingMonth ago

    This video gave me a headache

  30. Nick Talleyrand

    Nick TalleyrandMonth ago

    THINGS THAT CAUSES HEADACHE: 1. Boss 2. Friends 3. Children 4. Law Enforcement 5. In Laws 6. Parents 7. Government

  31. Fire Nation Files

    Fire Nation FilesMonth ago

    I got a headache from walking into a wall.

  32. Lord Hater

    Lord HaterMonth ago

    A cluster headache was the worst pain I have ever felt...

  33. Ricardo Ortiz

    Ricardo OrtizMonth ago

    hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural ways to get rid of migraines try Elumpa Migraine Remedy Alchemist (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  34. felipe

    felipeMonth ago

    I have had chronic migraines my whole life... it’s awful and there’s nothing to do about it

  35. PKR D

    PKR DMonth ago

    4:50 broke my heart, I have migraine 💔

  36. Daniel b1uk

    Daniel b1ukMonth ago

    Sjw's cause headaches

  37. Jeje Gyu

    Jeje GyuMonth ago

    I can handle a school or collage but NOT a JOB😭

  38. Niharika pawar

    Niharika pawarMonth ago

    I have headache now after watching this

  39. Des Bro

    Des BroMonth ago

    ted-ed. I would like to get in touch with you somehow because I possess the ability to think my headaches away. I can show you this on brain scan for proof and I am 100% willing to prove it.

  40. Aadrian Regala

    Aadrian RegalaMonth ago

    I'm watching this with a headaches

  41. Badhbh Cath

    Badhbh CathMonth ago

    cluster headaches are so painful... I suffer from them every tear and a half fora period of 2 weeks every second day. just going out of an episode just now. god darn it

  42. Kevin Moore

    Kevin MooreMonth ago

    If you’re lucky like me, the headache can be caused by a brain tumor.

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  44. hugnkisses ùwú

    hugnkisses ùwúMonth ago

    i used to get tension headache for almost the whole of this year and it was probably because of stress. as soon as i stopped being as stressed i dont get the headaches anymore

  45. Martin Acosta

    Martin AcostaMonth ago

    studying, thinking about studying, talking about studying at least for me hahaha

  46. Cloud str

    Cloud strMonth ago

    I've had headaches for years now(24*7)....and the area keeps expanding. But it most aches in half my head over ears

  47. BionicTenshi96

    BionicTenshi96Month ago

    Came to know about headaches, ended with a seizure... @_@

  48. Vedant kale

    Vedant kaleMonth ago

    This was really a very hard video to understand for some reason.

  49. blahblahblahblahblah blahblahblahblahblah

    blahblahblahblahblah blahblahblahblahblahMonth ago

    As soon as the video started, my head ached. Then I scroll through comments and a lot of people also claimed that they had headache as they watch the video. What kind of sorcery is this?

  50. Andrea Cedeño

    Andrea CedeñoMonth ago

    Investigate about Emotional headache, you will find the answer you are looking for...

  51. Lukas Novella

    Lukas NovellaMonth ago

    What causes headaches? Politics

  52. Ronah

    RonahMonth ago

    out of tune friend sings like he's singing so well

  53. Turbat G

    Turbat GMonth ago

    Having migraine for two days

  54. pro evo7

    pro evo7Month ago

    i have an headache after this video? what should i do ??! 😕

  55. Bffl YT

    Bffl YTMonth ago

    who watching this because they don't wanna go to school?

  56. Amir

    AmirMonth ago

    WRONG!! everyone knows dramatic people are the source of all headaches!

  57. ahmed essa

    ahmed essaMonth ago

    how about the ones who never got a headache in their lives? or is it just me?

  58. idc.idc.idc.

    idc.idc.idc.Month ago

    I have tension headaches when ever i wear or take off my glasses.

  59. Matt DiThomas

    Matt DiThomasMonth ago

    My girlfriend

  60. Sam jebastin

    Sam jebastinMonth ago

    This gave me a headache..

  61. Cyril Garcia

    Cyril GarciaMonth ago

    This just explains why I had a headache yesterday

  62. Angel Dove

    Angel DoveMonth ago


  63. Rice Cake child

    Rice Cake childMonth ago

    I get migraines at least once every 2 weeks and it sucks. When that happens, I just take an Advil and ibuprofen and it usually goes away in 10 minutes

  64. Conscious - Animusic

    Conscious - AnimusicMonth ago

    exams :c

  65. Creative JE

    Creative JEMonth ago

    my headache increased while watching the video 😭

  66. Bondii B

    Bondii B2 months ago

    Went to doc to complain about my severe heaaches (mainly on right side, my right eye is sore and swollen and I see bad through it) he only told me to take painkillers, now I don't want to play self doctor but I am really worried, I feel like I have blackouts sometimes ;s a scan costs 500+ euro's if you do it yourself but if the doc prescribes it then only 50 euro's, I am going to pay this 500 euro's and just do it I think and at least be releieved I'm not sick.

  67. PragmaticMusing

    PragmaticMusing2 months ago

    The 'Feverfew' herb got rid of my headache, a heating pad or heated neck sock works wonders too, or a topical pain reliever like Aspercreme.

  68. Patrik Käpyaho

    Patrik Käpyaho2 months ago

    I literally just got an headache and searched youtube for ”common causes of” and first result was common causes of headache

  69. AnthonyJeiD

    AnthonyJeiD2 months ago

    Attempting to sleep is the only cure for my migraines.

  70. WonderBlox Productions

    WonderBlox Productions2 months ago

    4:04 put a seizure warning there lol

  71. Mohamed Khaled

    Mohamed Khaled2 months ago

    I love the animations in this video

  72. Bearcat Ben

    Bearcat Ben2 months ago

    If you have a migrane drink a few glasses of water and milk take some melatoin find a dark place in your house and go to sleep

  73. Sanghamitra Mitra

    Sanghamitra Mitra2 months ago

    I saw this video while I was having a headache. 🤷

  74. Abel Zoben

    Abel Zoben2 months ago

    Living with migraine for last 12 years

  75. Guy Kahlout

    Guy Kahlout2 months ago

    Who else has a headach

  76. Zinnat Ara Lipi

    Zinnat Ara Lipi2 months ago

    So, that means I have the Tension Headache.

  77. Shef C

    Shef C2 months ago

    I’ve literally never had a headache my entire life

  78. Mary Jo Lee

    Mary Jo Lee2 months ago

    Me when I saw the title of the video “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!!!!”

  79. 21st Century Pirate

    21st Century Pirate2 months ago

    I had a headache and saw this video in my recommendation.

  80. Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Kuhoo Not Kuhu2 months ago

    Have you ever been to Ladakh? Nevermind, watch my channel. Thankyou!

  81. Ruan Stone

    Ruan Stone2 months ago

    I think i have a rare headache none of this was on of this

  82. Jayrick Moran Llanto

    Jayrick Moran Llanto2 months ago

    "3:18 can anybody scientifically confirm this or base on their personal experience? because i have the same symptom like forehead swelling, please enlighten me"

  83. Ali S

    Ali S2 months ago

    I felt my brain as I watched this

  84. Ann Rachel Wilson

    Ann Rachel Wilson2 months ago

    The animated character’s expressions are so good that he should be Oscar nominated🤩

  85. Mirlande Wilson

    Mirlande Wilson2 months ago

    This video gave me headache watching it

  86. Wyatt McComas

    Wyatt McComas2 months ago

    I was always confused about that weird tingly feeling with my migraines , now I know !

  87. TheMeme

    TheMeme2 months ago

    This gave me a headache

  88. Boss 81189

    Boss 811892 months ago

    A simple trick to stop migrane permently... start smoking.. yeah..it works..but not in the time of headache...i didnt experince any migrane after i started smoking..

  89. Zaith nazreen

    Zaith nazreen2 months ago

    who feel headech when watching this

  90. Mohamed Ameri

    Mohamed Ameri2 months ago

    All thanks to whoever invented the paracetamol 🙏🏼

  91. ThirdPartyEJ XD

    ThirdPartyEJ XD2 months ago

    You have a headache? Oh so sad...... dont worry we'll do more damage in your head than the headache did, they said it worked.

  92. rachellefiriro

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  93. Nikkolas Cage

    Nikkolas Cage2 months ago

    nicotine cures migraine, i've got to the point where i see auras its verry painful not only in head but also it losts my balance ability to do tasks and other things

  94. Ebony Frimpong

    Ebony Frimpong2 months ago

    Nah why did I get a headache watching this

  95. Ebony Frimpong

    Ebony Frimpong2 months ago

    Nah why did I get a headache watching this

  96. Rica Min

    Rica Min2 months ago

    I am getting headache whenever I eat chickens/eggs. But why??

  97. Jane Foster

    Jane Foster2 months ago

    My head actually started aching while watching this video

  98. Suryanshu Sharma

    Suryanshu Sharma2 months ago

    Animation is kinda funny ...

  99. John Christopher Delos Santos

    John Christopher Delos Santos2 months ago

    Sometimes when i have headache, i do pushups. After the first 5 pushups, my headache magically fades.. How? 😂

  100. hala a

    hala a2 months ago

    “what causes headache ?” answer : people

  101. Common Zense

    Common Zense2 months ago


  102. Taco Operator

    Taco Operator2 months ago

    I've never had a headache. Is something wrong with me??

  103. Mays Mama

    Mays Mama2 months ago

    I hate migraines 😣

  104. Alexander Sayeler

    Alexander Sayeler2 months ago

    I get migraines pretty often, it always starts as a light headache that barely hurt but I can still feel it. And then as the day goes on it gets worse and worse. But when it happens I usually just take some medication in form of a pill called Alvedon. It works frickin wonders, the headache is gone after around 30 minutes to an hour.

  105. Joory humdi

    Joory humdi2 months ago

    Waiting for Sao season 3