What causes headaches? - Dan Kwartler


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    Download a free audiobook version of Oliver Sacks' "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" here: adbl.co/2Hejwql. Each free trial started with this Audible link helps support TED-Ed's nonprofit mission.

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    I already read the book suggested at the end of the video. It's awesome! I'd like to recommend Phantoms in the Brain, by S. Ramachandran, too! It's even better!

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    Please post a video about the nitrogen cycle.

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    Can you explain Psyducks headache that turns into psychic powers?

  7. Baldoxxx4000

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    Greeks have no common sense....

  8. Learning Zone Languages

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    What causes headaches? Anoxia The blood vessels become narrower and the brain does not get oxygen.

  9. Hae Baozi

    Hae BaoziDay ago

    When I was almost facing my second major exam last year, I got tension headache everyday.

  10. Bro Studios

    Bro StudiosDay ago

    Who else got a headache while watching this?

  11. real don

    real don2 days ago

    why the animated guy has nose where his ear should be????

  12. Carrot Fush

    Carrot Fush2 days ago

    A lack of sleep causes headache

  13. Gameplay and Talk

    Gameplay and Talk2 days ago

    Ugh, headaches are the worst.

  14. kuku88

    kuku882 days ago

    Hnnngh I want to watch this video to learn more about where headaches come from, but as someone who gets regular migraines, just hearing "headache" is enough to induce one for me. Still seems like a good video so far though!

  15. Avinash Mishra

    Avinash Mishra2 days ago

    Strange but got a headache after watching this video. But great video!

  16. Racil Atutubo

    Racil Atutubo2 days ago

    this gives me headaches

  17. Junaid Ahmmad

    Junaid Ahmmad3 days ago

    When u feel like ur is blasting with pain but u decided to watch the video anyways

  18. Cynthia McCullough

    Cynthia McCullough3 days ago

    The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat is an excellent book. Migraines can last longer than 3 days. My longest one was 6 days, and I've had several last 4 or 5 days as well.

  19. Liche X

    Liche X3 days ago

    i had a headache for over a week, i couldn't even function anymore I just wanted it to end. turns out i must've been super dehydrated, everytime i drank water i felt nauseous, so i was avoiding it. might've had a stomach virus, will never know because i didnt go to the doctor. i'm too broke to go to the doctor but luckily is finally gone.

  20. Hans L. Falck

    Hans L. Falck3 days ago

    Hypothesis: The cause of primary headaches is related to mental health (the sort that varies with time for every single person), not just some infectious disease or built in physical dysfunction.

  21. Wu xiang

    Wu xiang3 days ago

    excellent, I've known my headache type and how to avoid it

  22. 3m3m Flinchum

    3m3m Flinchum3 days ago

    Who else got a headache watching this?

  23. Koreiko House

    Koreiko House3 days ago

    90% + of all headaches come from the NECK!

  24. koro baloch

    koro baloch4 days ago

    I don't get headache or maybe rarely. I think I don't get headache is it normal. Well my head hurts if it bumps to something but I don't count them. So...

  25. लीना माहर

    लीना माहर4 days ago

    I get headache almost everyday😐

  26. Max Abraham James

    Max Abraham James4 days ago

    That was hilarious.

  27. Taja

    Taja4 days ago

    I rarely get headaches, but when I do, they intensify with certain head positions. I classify them as sinus headaches and take Sudafed and ibuprofen which usually knock it out. I never experience any facial swelling or facial pain with them though... Does anyone have any idea if these are truly sinus headaches?


    RICH TUBE4 days ago

    Well... TED_ED is getting boring day by day

  29. Aroon Russell

    Aroon Russell4 days ago

    Too much of stress and tension in today's world is the main reason for more people getting headache. But Thank God I don't belong to the Ancient Greece or I would have had several holes on my head.

  30. salem twice

    salem twice4 days ago

    I have a headache right now because of my period. Fuuuuuun.

  31. Zakka Jayadisastra

    Zakka Jayadisastra4 days ago

    Actually in some countries (like mine) there are abortive medication, 'regular medication' and preventive medication for both cluster and migraine. Cluster headache is typically treated using oxygenation and prevented by using non-dihydropyridine calcium canal blocker while Migraine is aborted by using -triptan drugs and some doctors preferred using Beta blockers to prevent migraine. However, the usage of over-the-counter analgesics are useful too in some patients.

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    Geoffrey4 days ago

    throwing in fortnite

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    Taeyeong You4 days ago

    This video :(

  34. Rochmad Saputra

    Rochmad Saputra4 days ago

    in our Land, (java) its called... ngelu, meriang...

  35. Michael Lann

    Michael Lann4 days ago

    im 21 have only experienced a headache once or twice. First time when I had a concussion, however, second was dehydration. Other than that confused as to how they happen or even what they feel like.

  36. Dank Meme

    Dank Meme4 days ago

    Do a video on hiccups

  37. Faizan Ali

    Faizan Ali4 days ago

    Wow this was painful to watch. I got a headache just from this video.

  38. Madison McVicar

    Madison McVicar4 days ago

    migraines can last longer than three days try a month if your head is particularly messed up

  39. TheIronHunter

    TheIronHunter4 days ago

    I used to get migraines that lasted anywhere from 12-48 hours. So painful that it would lead me to tossing and turning laying on the couch. Praying for it to go away. It would often lead to me throwing up multiple times throughout the night. I used to get these once or twice a month. After 4 years of these I started to go to a chiropractor and about 2-3 months in of going twice a week. I started to see my migraines be less frequent. Today I havent had one in since i dont even know. Doctors do not like chiropractors because they do not fully understand them, but they do help. If you suffer from migraines trust me go see a chiropractor. They are expensive but its worth it. Ill never forget that feeling of pain.

  40. Tom Meng

    Tom Meng4 days ago

    And don't forget the Avatar the last Airbender headache!

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    apj196919694 days ago

    Assholes n bitches.

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    Anyone else watching this with a headache

  43. Robert Ireland

    Robert Ireland4 days ago

    Bacon is the cause. Quote me now and quote me later. ; - )

  44. preachffxi

    preachffxi4 days ago

    It's called demons

  45. Ahmed Al Hijji

    Ahmed Al Hijji4 days ago

    Nice short clip Ted Ed , though I think that a notification should be written at the beginning of the Clip. at min 4 , there are a lot of flashy screen colors which might trigger seizures in some people

  46. Azar K.

    Azar K.5 days ago

    4:00 epileptics beware

  47. Rafa YouTube

    Rafa YouTube5 days ago

    i hit my head when i get headaches

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    I swear my phone can hear me because I have a headache right now then I came on MReporter and scrolled down and found this in my recommendation 😂

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    I have the first 2 primary headaches they really hurt😭

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    What causes headaches: explaining how gun control doesn't work to liberals.

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    1:23 A man with headaches caused by ovaries?! That's definitely new...

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    Migraine headaches? I hear ya.

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    Thank you

  55. Dawson Breek

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    People not minding their own business.

  56. anewbeggin

    anewbeggin5 days ago

    For me personally, I get cluster headaches very rarely, but when I do it's usually from a very abnormal sleep schedule combined with lack of sleep. I'll go to be one at 8:00pm then the next day at 2:00am while waking up at the same time which is usually 7:00am. Stress from work may have contributed to it, but stress on it's own will not give me a cluster headache. I can see why it would be hard to pinpoint though since diet, weird sleeping position, and exercise can also play a role. I would have to say the quality and length of sleep is the biggest factor since your brain needs that time in order to remove "toxins" and if those "toxins" pile up enough then they cause inflammation in other areas of the brain? I'm not a scientist or doctor, but that would be my educated guess based off of personal experience and a tiny amount of research.

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    At some point I stopped paying attention, because I was so intrigued with the side-facing-noses

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    When I had migraine. It feel like my head is going to explode

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    Daaah the animations are sho cute.

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    Im expecting girls as an answer.

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    0:31 😂😂

  63. aeryn hale

    aeryn hale5 days ago

    I actually used to (might come back ) have migraines to where I would throw up and get light headed and after I took any sort of pill to relive pain or swelling I just threw that up aswell , happens once a month and stopped unusually a couple months ago .

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  65. Ethan Pingel

    Ethan Pingel5 days ago

    One common cause is watching Ted Ed for to long

  66. Kitty S

    Kitty S5 days ago

    Causes of Headaches for me: - Not breathing while deepthroating. - Reading in the bed. - Not drinking enough water. - Straining hard while pooping. - Laughing too hard and for too long.

  67. Kawai Panda

    Kawai Panda5 days ago

    I’m watching this while I have a headache. Thanks.

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    Excellent sir

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    Ted Ed Do you love me?

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    Wolf Pawz5 days ago

    I vomit when I have migraines. Is that normal?

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    POS democunts,, and liberals, mainly


    JAIME TAN5 days ago

    Hoe’n Hoe’s cause headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Liberals do.

  74. TROLlox

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    1:24 this mans headache was caused by a vagana?

  75. chew bacca

    chew bacca6 days ago

    Answer: family

  76. RainLordHD

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    I some times never get headache

  77. Dragos Pop

    Dragos Pop6 days ago

    Wow, so i had migranes with aura and clusters and i didn't even know ;(((

  78. RageQueen

    RageQueen6 days ago

    I used to have weekly 2 day long migraines for about 3 months when i was 16. The vomiting caused by the sensory overload was the worst tbh. Many people have no idea how serious and painful migraines are, they just think they're "more painful headaches".

  79. Bora Gamerz

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    What causes headache? Libertards Feminazi Women

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    Absolutely outstanding information

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    Audible: aka loudest & worst MReporter ad for headphone users.

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    Why would I waste six minutes on this. MEN. Final answer!!!

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    If making a hole in the skull is a good enough cure for a headache for Zeus, no wonder the Ancient Greeks were down for it. He just straight up took an axe to the forehead for it

  87. Theresa Brewer

    Theresa Brewer6 days ago

    Magnesium powder in your water keep people headache almost free. The magnesium is missing in the diet. Try this when you feel a headache coming towards you. A teaspoon in a 8oz bottled water. CALM POWDER. THE DOCTOR USUALLY DOESNT TEACH YOU NUTRITION.

  88. Paul Walker's Ghost

    Paul Walker's Ghost6 days ago

    ITS NOT A TUMA!!!!

  89. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore6 days ago

    My reason was cancer. Lucky me got it found, and I had brain surgery years ago at 15. I’m 24 now. No fun.

  90. Vishnu Sagar Choudhary

    Vishnu Sagar Choudhary6 days ago

    Explanation is so fast with all the jargon

  91. Jacob Willoughby

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    This video gave me a headahe

  92. unknown unkown

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    John 3:16 King James Version (KJV) 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  93. Eimear D

    Eimear D6 days ago

    I get all three of the primary headaches, and none of my neurologists can help or figure it out. It’s a huge question mark in my life. It sucks.

  94. cloudsweapon567

    cloudsweapon5676 days ago

    My parents are the cause of mine.

  95. Mert Yiyit

    Mert Yiyit6 days ago

    Am I the only one whose head started ache while watching the video?

  96. Elizabeth Tiegs

    Elizabeth Tiegs6 days ago

    *looks at title* annoying people. P.S thank you ted ed you are amazing. Your smarts help me grow. I am blessed you exist.

  97. Leon K.

    Leon K.6 days ago

    About migraine, i once heard in a documentary that consuming milk products of any kind, COULD cause migraine. A special clinic, idk in swiss, is researching that and they dont really have a definite proof, but their theorising about the influence of cow-growing-hormones in the mother milk. They say our human grown out body doesn't react well to that kind of hormone thats supposed to be for cow babys. As i said, there is no real proof because their studys are too low scale or something , but in this film, there were people asked to deny the use of milk products (everything: means, cheese, bread, cake etc., chocolate) for two weeks or so, completely! And many of them said the migraine was gone. Sooo, in case some people here have strong migraines and you dont have a fix and the doctors cant help either, maybe you may try this?

  98. Tt William

    Tt William6 days ago

    I would have so many holes in my head then because I have severe migraines

  99. Assia Carpentier

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  100. Smart and Funny

    Smart and Funny6 days ago

    I don't wanna watch the whole video I'm really afraid of getting a headache .

  101. Kym Lysaght

    Kym Lysaght6 days ago

    Never used to get migranes as a kid, my twin did badly now I like die from them