What causes headaches? - Dan Kwartler


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  2. Kavan Patel

    Kavan Patel11 hours ago

    When my head starts paining... My mouth produces thin saliva And for me the best medicine for headaches is to vomit out !!!!

  3. teyona mays

    teyona maysMonth ago

    This really helps me in becoming a nurse 😺😺😺😹😹😹😹🐶

  4. teyona mays

    teyona maysMonth ago

    Ted ed really helps me in becoming a nurse

  5. Tra Nguyen

    Tra Nguyen2 months ago

    TED-Ed who would mistake their wife for a hat? Only if they are drunk lol

  6. Stripe Rainbow

    Stripe Rainbow3 months ago

    TED-Ed What class would a hydocephalic headache be under

  7. Mays Mama

    Mays Mama3 hours ago

    I hate migraines 😣

  8. Alexander Sayeler

    Alexander Sayeler9 hours ago

    I get migraines pretty often, it always starts as a light headache that barely hurt but I can still feel it. And then as the day goes on it gets worse and worse. But when it happens I usually just take some medication in form of a pill called Alvedon. It works frickin wonders, the headache is gone after around 30 minutes to an hour.

  9. Joory humdi

    Joory humdi14 hours ago

    Waiting for Sao season 3

  10. Jynflyn1 -

    Jynflyn1 -Day ago

    The back of my eye feels like it has a headache but it doesn't really burn. I'm sick though so that probable something

  11. Sev

    SevDay ago

    how do you cure caffeine withdrawal headache?

  12. Hiba ben hassena

    Hiba ben hassenaDay ago

    Less riddles and more physics please❤🙃😍😇✌

  13. kamran malone

    kamran malone2 days ago

    We had to watch this in 5th grade

  14. MegaMissfitz

    MegaMissfitz2 days ago

    Morning sarks, I did the school run & had to come home, it’s gonna be a rough week I think. 😢😢😢

  15. C

    C4 days ago

    I get ice pick headaches- a kind of cluster headache. Legit the WORST.

  16. Sazzad Hussain

    Sazzad Hussain4 days ago

    can this video be described as a cause of headache

  17. Magen Is back!!

    Magen Is back!!5 days ago

    How to cure a migraine: Take some pain killers and go to bed. (In my opinion)

  18. Late Bandit

    Late Bandit9 days ago

    I got headache from this

  19. Rohit Raj Sharma

    Rohit Raj Sharma12 days ago


  20. The Miraç

    The Miraç12 days ago

    Whos having a headache while watching this video

  21. Retsam Gnirob

    Retsam Gnirob12 days ago

    I'm here because i have a headache 1 like = 1 Support

  22. RKBock

    RKBock13 days ago

    1:25 I don't exactly see, how camomile tee is supposed to help me against the headache I get from talking to my girlfriend.

  23. Ryan Murphy

    Ryan Murphy13 days ago

    Did not do migraines justice. Dizziness, vomiting, inability to even read due to aura hallucinations. Extreme postdromal fatigue lasting up to a week.

  24. Rafael Manahan

    Rafael Manahan13 days ago

    I get headaches from a lack of sleep, is there a massage to help this?

  25. Taylor Harris

    Taylor Harris16 days ago

    Migraleve works

  26. Deepak Bhandwalkar

    Deepak Bhandwalkar18 days ago

    Just chill for avoiding headache

  27. Vigo Kovačić

    Vigo Kovačić20 days ago

    I felt sorry to see that man-drawing going through all that pain, so I felt relieved when I saw him smile in the last minute or so.

  28. Tychi Chan

    Tychi Chan20 days ago

    Is anyone annoyed, by the animated character, in the video, with both eyes and mouth on one side of the face?

  29. Fornite Assassin12

    Fornite Assassin1221 day ago

    I've had a cluster headache and I'm only 13... Not nice...

  30. Kaylee Berggren

    Kaylee Berggren21 day ago

    I get really bad migraines and half of my vision goes blurry. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s great...

  31. Trisha Yamada

    Trisha Yamada22 days ago

    I have hemiplegic migraine and chiari malformation. It can really make life miserable.

  32. Thinking Armut

    Thinking Armut22 days ago

    MReporter recommended me this while I was having headache...

  33. Gabriela D

    Gabriela D22 days ago

    I always get tension headaches. It really really sucks

  34. How To Get Games For Free

    How To Get Games For Free22 days ago

    What causes the random aches around my body all of a sudden

  35. Shianna W

    Shianna W23 days ago

    Husbands. That’s the real answer.

  36. sparkymalarky

    sparkymalarky24 days ago

    so, I have had a chronic headache for about 9 months now, been to the doctors, going again, could anyone shed any light on it? ps: I wear glasses and have been to the opticians since so its not that. thanks

  37. Kyle V

    Kyle V24 days ago

    *Grabs my Advil*

  38. Weeb Patrol

    Weeb Patrol28 days ago

    I got a bad headache for doing 10 math questions that I used a calculator on

  39. Untitled Channel

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  40. iWumbo

    iWumboMonth ago

    *Mom* Its because yall Stay on that internets all day!

  41. Priyabrata Mohapatra

    Priyabrata MohapatraMonth ago

    I have had cluster headache and tension headache many a times.

  42. hecate twilight

    hecate twilightMonth ago

    What do headaches feel like?

  43. Chenny Capili

    Chenny CapiliMonth ago

    Watching this gave me a headache

  44. Josephat Kibet

    Josephat KibetMonth ago

    Great illustration

  45. Lorri Teh Weeb

    Lorri Teh WeebMonth ago

    I usually get headaches when I cry. ._.

  46. Lucy Sara

    Lucy SaraMonth ago

    I have a primary cluster headache right now :/

  47. sophia reese

    sophia reeseMonth ago

    I had a migraine for the first time at school this week, and freaked out when I had an Aura. when I got home, my mom told me

  48. Agil Asadi

    Agil AsadiMonth ago

    well having your nose on the side of your head might be the cause, did you look up to that?

  49. Alia Y'all

    Alia Y'allMonth ago

    It's shocking to me that high brain functioning is not mentioned as a possible reason for headache!

  50. Farah

    FarahMonth ago

    Im always fascinated by the things that go on in our heads and every video of yours makes me even more fascinated love your videos alot 😍

  51. Super Clutch

    Super ClutchMonth ago

    i get 'headaches' in my hands sometimes... it feels the same, just somewhere in either the side of my thumb down to the middle of my forearm, or in the very middle of my palm

  52. Super Clutch

    Super ClutchMonth ago

    my headache i can feel right now spreads from the front of my forehead in the middle, and spreading out unevenly among the top on my head, leaning towards the left and hard to get rid of right now. it might be a dehydration headache cause i dont drink very much, but idk

  53. XxVapexX

    XxVapexXMonth ago

    I have a headache cs I was bout to get my Diamond Sniper camo and I was so tired And finally I got it worth it👌

  54. Gracy Toy Schultz

    Gracy Toy SchultzMonth ago

    Complete randomness I remember getting up out of bed a actually moaning in pain/screaming and holding my head cause of how bad my headache was.

  55. Donna marie Heard

    Donna marie HeardMonth ago

    Me 😉

  56. Christopher Chachki

    Christopher ChachkiMonth ago

    This gave me a headache

  57. Bhagyashree Sawant

    Bhagyashree SawantMonth ago

    Headaches are the worst of all..you can't work or study while having the headache..

  58. kevin Hill

    kevin HillMonth ago

    What’s funny is that I’m watching this while I have a headache

  59. Mr. 2006

    Mr. 2006Month ago

    Vasodilation. You're welcome.

  60. Ali_El_Baba

    Ali_El_BabaMonth ago

    My left eye and also my left brain hurts sometimes... 😧

  61. Said Alasgarov

    Said AlasgarovMonth ago

    I was spining in attraction and I had terrable headache and there was not such as i had

  62. pringles dude

    pringles dudeMonth ago

    I hate that sound in the beginning of your videos

  63. Samir Choudhury

    Samir ChoudhuryMonth ago


  64. Alex Sepelenco

    Alex SepelencoMonth ago

    I hate cluster headaches but they're reasonable

  65. Alex Sepelenco

    Alex SepelencoMonth ago

    I have a headache right now :/

  66. Junglejuankook 12

    Junglejuankook 12Month ago

    I usually get the cluster headache for some reason

  67. Junglejuankook 12

    Junglejuankook 12Month ago

    Anybody watching this while having a headache? No? Ok bye

  68. Alexandra Huang

    Alexandra HuangMonth ago

    Usually stress, or lack of food, sleep, or water/dehydration

  69. hatim soudani

    hatim soudaniMonth ago

    i got the migraine and cluster both at the same time . is that normal ?

  70. Kaleb Rowe

    Kaleb RoweMonth ago

    Magic mushrooms assually stop cluster headaches and other headaches in most people

  71. Kaleb Rowe

    Kaleb RoweMonth ago

    Teeth infection causes headaches

  72. Bolloji Bhoomaiah

    Bolloji Bhoomaiah2 months ago

    is there atleadt one solution for migraine headache?

  73. Bolloji Bhoomaiah

    Bolloji Bhoomaiah2 months ago

    is there atleast one solution for migraine headache? atleast one🤔

  74. Samuel Wang

    Samuel Wang2 months ago

    3:49 my 5th grade teacher sometimes had migranes and then she was late to class

  75. Mark Josh

    Mark Josh2 months ago

    Who is the voice Over?

  76. StartRecording

    StartRecording2 months ago

    I really really hate the headaches you get where you're stressed and anxious at the same time. It leads to all this nonsensical negative thoughts that aren't realistic at all to overwhelm your brain and affect your mood so much.

  77. Rolando Murillo

    Rolando Murillo2 months ago

    This video is giving me a headache

  78. Aditi T

    Aditi T2 months ago

    My upper cheek started paining while seeing the sinus part 😂

  79. aestheticly me

    aestheticly me2 months ago

    Who else has a headache right now just me... I'll go away now

  80. Nicola Wade

    Nicola Wade2 months ago

    Is diet a factor?

  81. Aaron E

    Aaron E2 months ago

    That's creepy the guy looks like me.🙄

  82. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl2 months ago

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  83. Abigail Avila

    Abigail Avila2 months ago

    My borther:My head hurts Me: o let me help you with that mom were the power drill?

  84. GAURAV08

    GAURAV082 months ago

    1:23 A man may suffer headache from female reproductive system.

  85. Kanchan Rawat

    Kanchan Rawat2 months ago

    I am having a headache and this video was on my recommendation.

  86. Luv •_• Keren

    Luv •_• Keren2 months ago

    I hate it when I have a headache and people are loud 😡😂

  87. Timothy Bucky

    Timothy Bucky2 months ago

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  88. Amira Zem

    Amira Zem2 months ago

    The most uncomfortable video of all time -_- now i have a headach

  89. Bro

    Bro2 months ago

    Ted ed kinda sounds like headache

  90. The OverSaturated Gamer

    The OverSaturated Gamer2 months ago

    I never get consistent headaches, I can’t remember the last time I got one actually. But....... I have other health problems sooooooo.................

  91. ErdyJan GD

    ErdyJan GD3 months ago

    Why do you havento animate it to like it's so painful. Now I'm gonna think about that animation when i got a headache. But, anyway, thanks for the wonderful knowledge that you gave to us. ^-^

  92. 2-D Is Hot

    2-D Is Hot3 months ago


  93. coltonthejames

    coltonthejames3 months ago

    Am I the only one that has a headache that feels like your brain is heavy and if you move your head it slams on the side of your head and when it does it hurts bad. When I'm in light for too long I get these, i have to sit in the dark holding my head still so it doesn't hurt so bad.

  94. QTee

    QTee3 months ago

    Lots of very annoying irritating things

  95. blah bla blah

    blah bla blah3 months ago

    I get head ache when I am hungry

  96. Akarsh H

    Akarsh H3 months ago

    1:23 hm ya.... He ain't get no girl....

  97. Lightnin' John

    Lightnin' John3 months ago

    Is the practice of putting a hole in someone's head because of headaches, the reason why that one Greek god was so ready to split open Zues's head when had a little girl in there?

  98. Powahful GamePlayer

    Powahful GamePlayer3 months ago

    My most related headache might be the cluster headache. Good thing is it does not last long.

  99. Sarah the girl

    Sarah the girl3 months ago

    My brother

  100. john denis dunne

    john denis dunne3 months ago

    Cool animation

  101. mantas juodeikis

    mantas juodeikis3 months ago

    Well that's weird that I never had a tenshion headache I always have a Secondary headache or migraine / cluster headache

  102. Nxiwty

    Nxiwty3 months ago

    Have anyone seen like some weird flashes and you start thinking for a while where did it come from, these may happen twice a day. Also this came when i was having headache.

  103. Gabriel Prado

    Gabriel Prado3 months ago

    Ik Stress Concussion You need more water

  104. Lithunoisan mapper

    Lithunoisan mapper3 months ago

    Migraines are free drugs

  105. Rimsha Khalid

    Rimsha Khalid3 months ago

    Love the animation

  106. Rimsha Khalid

    Rimsha Khalid3 months ago

    I only get tension headaches