West Philadelphia, Born and Raised


  1. Gaming Pancake

    Gaming Pancake17 hours ago

    They should make a second fresh prince of bel air

  2. King Kev!!

    King Kev!!9 days ago

    3s? Why not the 5s?.. dope mural still!

  3. Rachel Horder

    Rachel Horder10 days ago

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  4. Lynzi M

    Lynzi M10 days ago


  5. Cocktail Box

    Cocktail Box10 days ago

    Brilliant Will, still love "Live at Union Sq"

  6. Shi Sah

    Shi Sah12 days ago

    Meh...nose is a little off

  7. Alt. Nyla

    Alt. Nyla13 days ago

    That's my school!!!

  8. TAFFZ

    TAFFZ14 days ago

    3:46 icon living

  9. Frank Mgtow

    Frank Mgtow14 days ago

    Much respect!!

  10. Missie Christian

    Missie Christian16 days ago

    “You got Will’s ears right!” Haha

  11. goldy blood

    goldy blood16 days ago

    That's my hood

  12. Yung Internet

    Yung Internet17 days ago

    Actually cried a little watching this..

  13. sam4lemar

    sam4lemar17 days ago

    Ok Will’s mom looks amazing, Jada’s mom looks amazing, Will & Jada look amazing. What kinda youth serum they sipping in the Smith household 🤔

  14. Baylen Roe

    Baylen Roe17 days ago

    Hey Will I wanted to let you know about my guy Corey Barrett over at Tall Guy Car Reviews. He's a very inspiring and motivational person in my life as well as all of his subscribers. He's very inspired by you and would love to get together with you for a video. Thanks Will have a Blessed day.

  15. 黒人

    黒人17 days ago

    He aint from Philly. It's pure Bull - Shit.

  16. MattVacc 37

    MattVacc 3717 days ago

    I’m your 3,235,516 subscriber Lol I know no one cares just wanted to point that out

  17. Danny Stark

    Danny Stark18 days ago

    Taking : " big willy style "- to a new meaning.

  18. Versuspl

    Versuspl18 days ago

    Will Smith is a Legend

  19. Joshua Nichols

    Joshua Nichols19 days ago

    You don't have to be from West Philly to be inspired by Will Smith.

  20. Leivi -lay-ve De los Santos

    Leivi -lay-ve De los Santos20 days ago

    Will your so humble So Awake Such a great husband and father Your face should be painted in all the state of America ❤️❤️

  21. Uneek ImPressEm Queen Tea

    Uneek ImPressEm Queen Tea21 day ago

    Thanks! Richard Wilson for the Mural and Will Smith Awesome ❤️💛💙

  22. Gailya Ratteray

    Gailya Ratteray22 days ago

    Exceptional ...... I absolutely love this ....... wow ❤️❤️🤩🤩

  23. TsoTsy14

    TsoTsy1423 days ago

    look like Martin L.

  24. Jacqui' Jacqui'

    Jacqui' Jacqui'23 days ago


  25. Young Zay

    Young Zay24 days ago

    black cement 3’s🔥

  26. Peoples Hernandez

    Peoples Hernandez24 days ago

    That's martin Lawrence

  27. Mahdiyyah Wilson

    Mahdiyyah Wilson26 days ago

    Promise ill be next to put Philly on the map.

  28. zach loy

    zach loy27 days ago

    didn't they remove it?

  29. Karla Brown

    Karla Brown27 days ago

    Very nice!!

  30. TheRealEnderMorpher

    TheRealEnderMorpher28 days ago

    This was inspirational but I wanted him to sing the intro

  31. Mako Monsoon

    Mako Monsoon28 days ago

    I literally just got back from staying in philly I also now know how to play b ball

  32. Wynema Cantrell

    Wynema Cantrell28 days ago

    ~Awesome painting of you Will Smith.~

  33. jose rodriguez rodriguez

    jose rodriguez rodriguez29 days ago

    what good videos always the best the black angel

  34. Angela Nelson

    Angela Nelson29 days ago

    Who else should be on the wall? Will Smith was an excellent choice✨✨✨Congratulations to Will, he has been such an inspiration to so many and will be an inspiration to many more✨✨✨😀😀😀👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✝️✝️✝️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾........✝️

  35. likeme4246

    likeme4246Month ago

    WOW! I feel how your mother feels just watching this! (Tears!)


    CHRONIC TRAPMonth ago

    got dem 3's on da cheese

  37. Little Joe

    Little JoeMonth ago

    Beautiful thumbnail, Mom's so proud.

  38. VidaMate6

    VidaMate6Month ago

    noone said the title of this video in a normal voice everyone sang it

  39. Angie's Pantry

    Angie's PantryMonth ago

    So proud of how far you have come & how grounded you are Will.. Big hugs... :")

  40. mayafurlan furlan

    mayafurlan furlanMonth ago

    Welcome to Bilbao Will mayafurlan yotubera from Spain 🎶🎶🎶💝🐝🙏😎💃

  41. Lewcarter

    LewcarterMonth ago


  42. Oliver Pineda

    Oliver PinedaMonth ago

    ,!idol! Love this shisssss..

  43. Barth0t234_ Official

    Barth0t234_ OfficialMonth ago

    I have a mural of a guy called Jerry Adams in my city He was a leader of a terrorist group 👌

  44. Nö

    Month ago

    When a couple of guys who where up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mum got scared and said you movin to your aunty and your uncle in bel air.....

  45. Alpha Gamer

    Alpha GamerMonth ago

    Anyone realize that he's wearing Jordan's?

  46. Jeanne Girl

    Jeanne GirlMonth ago

    I just really like this guys vibe.

  47. Sandra Mollett

    Sandra MollettMonth ago

    That's her baby!

  48. Chosen One

    Chosen OneMonth ago

    On the playground where i spent most of my days!😆

  49. Courtney Pullin

    Courtney PullinMonth ago

    This is truly such beauty!! Will you will never know how much you inspire us all... Much love to the greatest of all time!!!

  50. Ms. Ms

    Ms. MsMonth ago

    This is just what our youth needs to see positivity everyday every second to experience it wow this is gonna change so many lives . I see a great generation to come🙏❤😎🌟priceless!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  51. Junia Kemp

    Junia KempMonth ago

    So if he's turning 50.... How old is his mom?

  52. Deivid Houben

    Deivid HoubenMonth ago

    really beautiful i am amazed i always liked watching you

  53. Rene Escobedo

    Rene EscobedoMonth ago

    2:06 ..... flat screen?

  54. Laptop Thug

    Laptop ThugMonth ago


  55. Manfswhips

    ManfswhipsMonth ago

    ALEX LEMONADE STAN!! That’s my whole heart ❤️

  56. Daniel Park

    Daniel ParkMonth ago

    Will Smith grow a beard thats whats in now. Or clean shave nothing on face. Eithet long beard or nothing at all. Goatee is old fashion no one like that no more

  57. SolusVI

    SolusVIMonth ago

    People that dislike this are those kids that never saw something like this and need something to look up to.

  58. Late night with Freddy Krueger

    Late night with Freddy KruegerMonth ago

    Chilling out maxim relaxing all cool

  59. Nessy Bailey

    Nessy BaileyMonth ago

    He did a very good job of Will ✌

  60. Nyoka Richards

    Nyoka RichardsMonth ago

    Will you should come to Temple!!

  61. Dechen Shingsar

    Dechen ShingsarMonth ago

    I saw the title, I clicked

  62. Vanessa Sauceda

    Vanessa SaucedaMonth ago

    *I* *C* *O* *N* *I* *C*

  63. denisse hernandez

    denisse hernandezMonth ago


  64. The Dawg

    The DawgMonth ago

    Good for ye Will! Thanks

  65. Dutchesss Booty

    Dutchesss BootyMonth ago

    That's Dope I'd love to stop by n see it for myself someday 🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

  66. Legend Of Foxy

    Legend Of FoxyMonth ago

    You deserve it Will

  67. Always Hold On

    Always Hold OnMonth ago

    I have always loved will Smith but this channel has truly opened my eyes to him even more He's so inspiring I remember as a kid I owned the entire fresh prince of Bellaire on DVD and I would watch it all the time All movies will is in I know are good Anything he steps foot on is better then it was before

  68. Princesswarrior JP

    Princesswarrior JPMonth ago

    I’m born and raised in Philly too🙏🏼south philly/south west 💪🏼

  69. Carolyn Petty

    Carolyn PettyMonth ago

    Aww...amazing mural! ❤️ I love how you talk so sincere and caring of your family, warms this Mama’s heart! Btw...I didn’t know you Mama name was Carolyn also! 😊 She seems such a kind soul...what a sweet Lady who raised such a caring and kind, (and funny 😜) Man! Love your whole family! God Bless ~ Carolyn Petty

  70. Charisse w

    Charisse wMonth ago


  71. Dakota Silvey

    Dakota SilveyMonth ago

    Anybody else see the flat-screen at 2:06? 😂😂

  72. Paulo Sta Cruz

    Paulo Sta CruzMonth ago

    Hey will your such an inspiration to all race bro love you as an actor even more as a human being 👏👏👏

  73. kazimo Ray

    kazimo RayMonth ago

    Change will come people

  74. kazimo Ray

    kazimo RayMonth ago

    Will smith the next black American president.

  75. Nicole Canela

    Nicole CanelaMonth ago

    This is so beautiful, Will always stays humble. God bless. These videos really resonate and heal!

  76. Qadir Clark

    Qadir ClarkMonth ago

    I actullacy went to that school before it burned downed the original location was on Lancaster ave it is such a good school.

  77. Donte' Mack

    Donte' MackMonth ago

    I watch you for inspiration, I don’t have a lot but I do have MReporter and your mind and words help me. I’ve seen probably all of your movies and Also you all over television. Thank you Will Smith

  78. LisaAintHaving dat!!!

    LisaAintHaving dat!!!Month ago

    There he go!!!!!! Great portrait.

  79. Leading Edge Co

    Leading Edge CoMonth ago

    So Awesome. Love It! ❤

  80. Emilia Wlodarski

    Emilia WlodarskiMonth ago

    Look at this video mreporter.net/v/video-BtIU2G9Gy7E.html

  81. B Shadden

    B ShaddenMonth ago

    What a inspiration Will Smith is for everyone and a incredible story this was. Amazing artist.

  82. V Reacts

    V ReactsMonth ago

    GO WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That mural looks great.

  83. Big Squirt

    Big SquirtMonth ago

    No one's going to say something about the kid at 4:20 doing a whip?

  84. Stephan S

    Stephan SMonth ago

    Your mom's awesome Will, #chills.

  85. Sherry Miller

    Sherry MillerMonth ago

    I was in Philly last week so I had to venture over the West Philly to see the mural. #LoveIt

  86. Lefty London

    Lefty LondonMonth ago

    Livin Legend

  87. KrisRaps

    KrisRapsMonth ago

    What is Sucess ?

  88. Millie Ortiz

    Millie OrtizMonth ago

    Beautiful! It brought me to tears... 💙

  89. NOT RUBY

    NOT RUBYMonth ago

    Who miss “the fresh prince of bel-Air”

  90. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaMonth ago

    Great mural.

  91. Chad Descoteaux

    Chad DescoteauxMonth ago

    That was Charlie Mack, he's the first out the limo. 😲😲😲

  92. Pawes23 Sr

    Pawes23 SrMonth ago


  93. Luke Wines

    Luke WinesMonth ago

    Well this is the story all about how my life got turned upside down so let me take a moment just sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the fresh Prince of Belair

  94. john franco

    john francoMonth ago

    My man dont age

  95. Kev

    KevMonth ago

    Philly is the best

  96. Kel B

    Kel BMonth ago

    PA proud


    DEAD ONESMonth ago

    I love u will

  98. Fantastic Cuz

    Fantastic CuzMonth ago

    Good Job

  99. Ирина Дмитриева

    Ирина ДмитриеваMonth ago

    Dear Will, you deserve it !! I live in a small country that you probably did not even hear of. It is called Moldova. But I watched all your movies and really love them. The most beloved film is " In pursuit of happiness," I do not know if I correctly called him, but we translate him so. You played great there !! I believe that this film should be shown to children in schools so that they know how to become a person. You are an ingenious actor !! And at the same time, it seems to me, simple and classy boy !! Thank you for being !! I wish you creative success and new amazing films !!!!!!!!!

  100. Nikki Rosa

    Nikki RosaMonth ago