West Philadelphia, Born and Raised


  1. Maxx Aibass

    Maxx Aibass8 hours ago

    Why praise like that someone who is still alive? I understand if you make a statue of Will when he dies. But this? Disliked

  2. Angie B

    Angie B2 days ago

    ALL these guys sound JUST LIKE WILL. O.K. bring on the Jazzy Jeff story and how he ended up on Fresh Prince

  3. Dorothy Bardy

    Dorothy Bardy2 days ago

    I love the mural 😉👍 even though I know know the man and have never got the opportunity to meet him or anything like that I feel if someone tries to do better for there life and is able to send inspiration and help others then he has done amazing things with his life and will if you ever read the comments on these things all I would like to say is THANK YOU!!! for all your hard work in your movie as well as your old show the fresh price of Bel-Air that we still watch when we can I appreciate it very much your a good person from what I can see and like I said I dont know you never met you personally but that's how I see it.thank for sharing I really do appreciate it and hope🕊that everyone has a wonderful day 🌈🌤🍃🌸🍃🌼🍃🌸 God bless😇💌🕊💗 my wish for everyone is ☮☯️💗 from me here in Ontario 🇨🇦🙋‍♀️🕊

  4. uber eat my ass

    uber eat my ass2 days ago

    The hat and the striped tee from the pilot episode was hanging off the back of the chair on the mural.. I’m in tears

  5. King DingALing

    King DingALing4 days ago

    I just wish he had Will wearing Iversons, but Jordan's makes sense I guess... and how cool is the shirt and hat from season 1 E 1 hanging on the back of the chair!

  6. President Goyim

    President Goyim4 days ago

    Overlooking the playground, huh?😂

  7. Pablo Vargas

    Pablo Vargas4 days ago

    Remember William Hendricks?

  8. Sea Kelp

    Sea Kelp5 days ago

    That is truly awsome!

  9. Juan Luna

    Juan Luna5 days ago

    Will Smith is awesome man

  10. Je Yi

    Je Yi5 days ago

    Did Will smith have Philly cheesesteak for lunch everyday? Those are good.

  11. phillylegend14

    phillylegend146 days ago

    you have another mural on 46th and market , under the El

  12. Cecil Fitz

    Cecil Fitz6 days ago


  13. Fishy Bruv

    Fishy Bruv6 days ago

    Well your life got flipped upside down.

  14. Nomad Sista’

    Nomad Sista’7 days ago

    Wow amazing

  15. hari kasbia

    hari kasbia7 days ago


  16. thing muzaco

    thing muzaco8 days ago

    am 20 and i wish from bottom of my heart that oneday i will make my momma proud .

  17. Tom Rain

    Tom Rain8 days ago

    He's probably one of the best MReporterrs out here I'm so shocked and delighted.

  18. Valente Montes

    Valente Montes9 days ago

    Will Smith's mural turned out way better than Barack Obama's portrait!

  19. R'ea J TBA

    R'ea J TBA9 days ago

    Came here after How I taught My Brother in Law to make a movie


    JAY BLACK9 days ago

    Damn across from my old school

  21. Alex

    Alex18 days ago

    From the town. This is the real Philadelphia dream. Mad respect to Will and the artist! Thank you :)

  22. Jordan Hocking

    Jordan Hocking19 days ago

    Will is the guru of inspiration i love this guy... Will Smith for president!! 😀🤣

  23. Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas29 days ago

    This man is amazing.

  24. Franck S.

    Franck S.Month ago

    I love it!

  25. Ibis

    IbisMonth ago

    That's not that's hot

  26. viscan1

    viscan1Month ago

    Awesome. Extraordinary. Beautiful. First thing I’m going to look for when I get to Philly. Got to get a picture in front of it. ❤️🙏🏿❤️

  27. chin turner

    chin turnerMonth ago

    That's outstanding the only thing I can think of is, out of respect to their friendship and Success Jazzy needs to go on the side of him SO DOPE!!!! MASTERPIECE!!!!

  28. Jonh Wick

    Jonh WickMonth ago

    Will you got a grate mom she is proud of you good job.

  29. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMonth ago


  30. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMonth ago


  31. Rene Novais

    Rene NovaisMonth ago

    Will Smith 😀👍

  32. Valber Cesar

    Valber Cesar2 months ago

    Will, u r amazing brow! My inspiration dude. God bless you! From Norway!

  33. Extrical

    Extrical2 months ago

    *In west Philadelphia, born and raised, On the playground is where I spent most of my days.*

  34. Gay Meets world

    Gay Meets world2 months ago

    I’ve grown such a love for will it’s crazy



    Much Love 2U Will, And Much Love 2 Your Wife And Kids And Your Mom And Dad

  36. Charles Gussom

    Charles Gussom2 months ago

    Makes you proud to be a Philadelphian!...if only they could clean up the litter and drugs on the streets, Philly would be a great place to live. Never the less it's still "My home sweet, but dirty, home."

  37. Верная Подписчица

    Верная Подписчица2 months ago

    3:48 Они Казахстан к России приписали 😂👌

  38. Shrimpy 08

    Shrimpy 082 months ago

    I actually live near Philadelphia

  39. T R

    T R2 months ago

    "i'll see you in the next one". I hope to enjoy your talent in the next one also.

  40. T R

    T R2 months ago

    You and Jada make GEN Xers look even better. #genxtakingover THANKS BRO!!! keep doing you, be the first INTERNATIONAL movie star EVER in all countries. Im very proud of ya.

  41. Jay Corp

    Jay Corp2 months ago

    Wtf I see this mural every day that’s dope. Didn’t know about this vid until now

  42. mashtuck sports radio

    mashtuck sports radio2 months ago


  43. threezy three

    threezy three3 months ago

    Check out jessika tha prankster mreporter.net/v/video-G_otMQ8MqLE.html

  44. sweetguava1

    sweetguava13 months ago

    Beautiful art,love Philly.

  45. Vicky Burnett

    Vicky Burnett3 months ago

    Will Smith for president

  46. Shakiem Jean-Joseph

    Shakiem Jean-Joseph3 months ago

    Fresh prince of bel-air but call him the fresh prince from West-Philadelphia my favorite actor of all time- Bad boys movies and men in black movies are my favorites from him

  47. Frank Jones

    Frank Jones3 months ago

    Nice art work bro

  48. Ha-ha-ha-hapa

    Ha-ha-ha-hapa3 months ago

    1:03 I thought they were actually going to add West Philly to it lol it kinda looks a little empty having seen it there

  49. Yvonne Shelton

    Yvonne Shelton3 months ago

    Crying 😭

  50. Marilyn.ML.Allen

    Marilyn.ML.Allen3 months ago

    So when i saw the title i literally said aloud "West Philadelphia,Born and Raised thats where i spent most of my days".XD

  51. Siana Whatarau

    Siana Whatarau3 months ago

    the merch link isnt there...or did i miss it?

  52. Enid Pagan

    Enid Pagan4 months ago

    I live in 50th & Wynnefield st...west side of Philadelphia. Haven't seen this mural yet. But would love to cause I worked with Mural Arts Program during my high school years. Struggling artist raising an autistic daughter by myself also self caring myself with HIV and thyroid. My eye doctor say I will go blind. Hope that won't come true cause I'm by myself with my daughter.

  53. Dominic Ang

    Dominic Ang4 months ago

    That black cement is 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Amy Alves

    Amy Alves4 months ago

    I need to meet you and jada😩😩😩

  55. Alma Ruiz

    Alma Ruiz4 months ago

    Aww congrats Will ❤

  56. lisa marie williams

    lisa marie williams4 months ago

    Your mother is sooooo beautiful ! This is AWESOME !

  57. Ayala

    Ayala4 months ago

    WEST PHILLY! now this is love.

  58. Ty Hairston

    Ty Hairston4 months ago

    Like beanie Mac and meek mill but will is like the first that made Philly look good

  59. Ty Hairston

    Ty Hairston3 months ago

    Well you gotta realize will Smith cane out way before Kevin and any body else from Philadelphia... the fresh prince of of bel air was one of the greatest tv shows In the 90s i mean don’t get me wrong Kevin Hart is a great actor and funny comedian but will is one of the very best icon that came out of Philly but Kevin and more ppl that came out off Philly probably get that face on the wall two like beanie Siegel and meek mill is like one the best rappers that came from Philadelphia too

  60. E.J. Manghram

    E.J. Manghram3 months ago

    Ty Hairston where Kevin at

  61. Ronald Haleluya Puji Tuan

    Ronald Haleluya Puji Tuan4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing video Mr. Will Smith :)

  62. Carolina Woman NC

    Carolina Woman NC4 months ago

    Wow! The mural looks awesome. Will your such an inspiration. May God continue to bless u in ways that are inspiring and encouraging to others. Congratulations😇


    ME!ME!ME OFFICIAL RANDOM!4 months ago

    Esta bien chida


    ME!ME!ME OFFICIAL RANDOM!4 months ago

    Que arte


    PHILIP WATSON 54 months ago


  66. Nataly Ovalle

    Nataly Ovalle4 months ago


  67. Tshepo Medupe

    Tshepo Medupe4 months ago

    I wish all celebrities were like this great soul...

  68. Kim wright

    Kim wright4 months ago

    Inspiration!! Complete inspiration! Gosh this man moves me!!

  69. ?????

    ?????4 months ago

    thats cool as

  70. T R

    T R4 months ago

    What's amazing is how he has in his lifetime, been able to be a legend for the future. WOW!!

  71. T R

    T R4 months ago

    Hey Will, when did you start to live in your present?...

  72. T R

    T R4 months ago


  73. Doris Crumpton

    Doris Crumpton4 months ago

    Hi Mr. Will u remind me of my younger brother so much. U both look alike, act alike and he too like math. He majored in math and is now an accountant for over 20yrs. You both are the same age as well. You both are a father, you both have been divorce, you both are fun, loving and easy going, you botg are the same zodiac sign. Will to much alike but that's fine because you both are very nice repected men.

  74. Nokuphila Ndwandwe

    Nokuphila Ndwandwe4 months ago

    Can I be a billionaire already😐... My community needs me

  75. Jonny Infamus

    Jonny Infamus4 months ago

    That tuched me

  76. Veronica Peterson

    Veronica Peterson5 months ago

    Hey Mr. Smith! Can you release more merch in the future??

  77. Bourgeois Pineapples

    Bourgeois Pineapples5 months ago

    Inspiring! 🍍💜 Instagram.com/BourgeoisPineapples

  78. cool dawg Ashley

    cool dawg Ashley5 months ago

    He is just a living legend....salute to z king...👑

  79. native america

    native america5 months ago

    Dude in yellow shirt was dead right. Thats so cool.!

  80. Mint Monkey

    Mint Monkey5 months ago

    Wait wat

  81. Jhardwork Pays off

    Jhardwork Pays off5 months ago

    Will is the most positive guy in the world

  82. Big Mack

    Big Mack5 months ago

    Will Smith makes me feel so many positive and moving emotions. He makes me believe that I can do anything and I thank him. I love this mural of him especially because it was based off of the Barrack Obama mural- I love it so much I even got a sweatshirt with this painting on it for my birthday! And speaking of birthdays happy birthday Will!

  83. Jhardwork Pays off

    Jhardwork Pays off5 months ago

    Big Mack yeah and that livestream was crazy of him jumping in the gran canyon

  84. bella watkins

    bella watkins5 months ago

    I admire the love he exhibits toward his children. I admire that anytime he's out in public, he's dressed in a respectful way. I admire that he still wears a suit when appropriate instead of showing up looking like a bum. Wonderful man.

  85. Stephen Okombo

    Stephen Okombo5 months ago

    wilt Chamberlain also a west Philly legend.

  86. W.P Bagel

    W.P Bagel5 months ago

    That’s my neighborhood yall

  87. lanieta vakasevi

    lanieta vakasevi5 months ago


  88. Jay que

    Jay que5 months ago


  89. Izzy Woods

    Izzy Woods5 months ago

    Momma Smith is so beautiful and cute!

  90. Monica Bainum

    Monica Bainum5 months ago

    That was so nice 👍🏾

  91. BOB

    BOB5 months ago

    They should make a second fresh prince of bel air

  92. King Kev!!

    King Kev!!5 months ago

    3s? Why not the 5s?.. dope mural still!

  93. Lynzi M

    Lynzi M5 months ago


  94. Cocktail Box

    Cocktail Box5 months ago

    Brilliant Will, still love "Live at Union Sq"

  95. Shi Sah

    Shi Sah5 months ago

    Meh...nose is a little off

  96. TAFFZ

    TAFFZ5 months ago

    3:46 icon living

  97. Frank Mgtow

    Frank Mgtow5 months ago

    Much respect!!

  98. Missie Christian

    Missie Christian5 months ago

    “You got Will’s ears right!” Haha

  99. goldy blood

    goldy blood5 months ago

    That's my hood

  100. Yung Internet

    Yung Internet5 months ago

    Actually cried a little watching this..

  101. sam4lemar

    sam4lemar5 months ago

    Ok Will’s mom looks amazing, Jada’s mom looks amazing, Will & Jada look amazing. What kinda youth serum they sipping in the Smith household 🤔

  102. Baylen Roe

    Baylen Roe5 months ago

    Hey Will I wanted to let you know about my guy Corey Barrett over at Tall Guy Car Reviews. He's a very inspiring and motivational person in my life as well as all of his subscribers. He's very inspired by you and would love to get together with you for a video. Thanks Will have a Blessed day.

  103. 黒人

    黒人5 months ago

    He aint from Philly. It's pure Bull - Shit.

  104. MattVacc 37

    MattVacc 375 months ago

    I’m your 3,235,516 subscriber Lol I know no one cares just wanted to point that out