Wearing Fashion Nova Outfits For A Week


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard8 days ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! so sorry for the short hiatus, i was in new york last week for creator summit and then was taking a bit of time to do some business & operations stuff... but i'm BACK! what did you think of these outfits?? am i a #novababe yet? and stick around to the end for an update on the ~frankenphora~ lipstick!

  2. Ivan Safronov

    Ivan Safronov23 hours ago

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  3. XtinaLucia

    XtinaLuciaDay ago

    Pants suit is sexy while walking! Pelvage!

  4. gigi black

    gigi blackDay ago

    5th and 6th outfit was my favorite!

  5. cherrybloom

    cherrybloom2 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard try lace up jeans!

  6. Kaitlynn's Real Life

    Kaitlynn's Real Life19 minutes ago

    Yooo “skies out thighs out” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I can’t even

  7. Jean Abels

    Jean Abels51 minute ago

    "But a lot of em dont feel so good" Me: *trauma's from infinity war come back as I stare into the darkness*

  8. Sendahmelin

    SendahmelinHour ago

    2:08 Is that Ben?

  9. Sinem

    SinemHour ago

    i would wear the f* outta that lounge set thingy.

  10. Tomáš Šinkovič

    Tomáš Šinkovič2 hours ago

    day six was the best

  11. Cøøl . - . Edîts

    Cøøl . - . Edîts3 hours ago

    Haha, *still stylish Safiya*

  12. Phan in a nutshell

    Phan in a nutshell3 hours ago

    Damn FashionNova should sponsor you!

  13. Dipti Bhandari

    Dipti Bhandari3 hours ago

    "Each of my individual legs are superheroes" 🤣🤣 God!!

  14. Sly Dakota

    Sly Dakota4 hours ago

    What TERRIBLE customer service! I wish someone wouldn’t refund me because I told them the item was missing a few days ‘too late’ 🙄 give ‘me these hands 😂

  15. lil lady lioness

    lil lady lioness6 hours ago

    Saf do you even Nova?

  16. shanaalove

    shanaalove6 hours ago

    “Skies out, thighs out” omg I laughed out loud

  17. BasedOma

    BasedOma6 hours ago

    Sad that they're pushing the fake ass trend. Girls are DYING injecting themselves with crazy shit.

  18. Amrita Ramesh

    Amrita Ramesh6 hours ago

    And so the takeaway is the general takeaway from Instagram: meant for mannequin life. Not, you know, sweating and... walking. And living.

  19. ryann bartholomew

    ryann bartholomew6 hours ago

    The 90s baby outfit was so cute on you sis

  20. LittleLibraryKoala

    LittleLibraryKoala7 hours ago

    Safiya while I am happy you created this video, you should have done more research on Fashion Nova. On the better business bureau, they have over 3000 negative comments with only 600 positive comments. They told the better business bureau that they were fixing their shipping process, but they should be fixing their customer service.

  21. shak !!

    shak !!7 hours ago

    i got the regular shipping on fashion nova and it took 3 months

  22. O O

    O O7 hours ago

    Your reached your amount of subscribers in views in 1 day omg

  23. janessa

    janessa7 hours ago


  24. June Lee

    June Lee8 hours ago

    Safiyassss! 👌🏻 Welcome back love.

  25. Sleepy NeBuLaS

    Sleepy NeBuLaS8 hours ago

    Safiya’s a size 10!?

  26. Manish Kothari

    Manish Kothari8 hours ago

    5:45 model that starred in the song let me by zayn

  27. Manish Kothari

    Manish Kothari8 hours ago

    5:45 model that starred in the song let me by zayn

  28. Katherine Boucher

    Katherine Boucher8 hours ago

    Can you check out those ads for free clothing offers (just pay shipping) on instagram?

  29. Alicia Slagle

    Alicia Slagle9 hours ago

    The 90's baby outfit was my favorite!

  30. Astrid Hector

    Astrid Hector9 hours ago

    The girl with the black hair grey shirt and jeans looks like azzyland (if I'm wrong, yes I do live under a rock)

  31. sunnina

    sunnina9 hours ago

    villanova babe LOL when you gotta be bougie on a college budget 13:25

  32. madkatt333

    madkatt33310 hours ago

    I’m pisses about the shipping and no refund debacle. For $25, they should have tracked that shit and known where it went within a week you had the window. Ugh!

  33. Rosey Pink

    Rosey Pink10 hours ago

    Loved the 90’s look!

  34. NW

    NW10 hours ago

    I love these kind of videos!

  35. Hannah Glass

    Hannah Glass10 hours ago

    I feel like I only see fashion nova items on people with a super curvy & flat stomach body shape so I'm never sure if they'll look good on me but I loved how real this review was on a more average body type! You rule Safiya :D

  36. Aly Flores

    Aly Flores10 hours ago

    10:09 guy checking out saf’s legs 😂

  37. VII

    VII10 hours ago

    The fifth outfit was EVERYTHING!!! Saf looks so good in berets.

  38. VII

    VII10 hours ago


  39. Nakaha Burke

    Nakaha Burke11 hours ago

    Safiya: “Ad-Dre-in Me: Adrian 😂😂😂

  40. malik payne

    malik payne11 hours ago

    The jumpsuit gave her a camel toe but it's still cute

  41. Delivrance Parady

    Delivrance Parady12 hours ago


  42. Olaf The Monkey

    Olaf The Monkey12 hours ago

    4.8 subscribers and 4.8 views 🤪😁

  43. Marta Šillere

    Marta Šillere13 hours ago

    Horrible clothing 😂😂😂😂☠️

  44. Scarlett Goodchild

    Scarlett Goodchild14 hours ago

    if anyone knows anywhere that i can find a dupe of her jumpsuit please let me know 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  45. Iaintyourbabe

    Iaintyourbabe14 hours ago

    Saf you look so hot 💕💕 totally a novababe

  46. Nafeesa Sadeque

    Nafeesa Sadeque14 hours ago

    The second outfit embraces your curves so well!! Stunning!

  47. kapsicom

    kapsicom14 hours ago

    when will you learn not to pay for fast shipping, none of them ever deliver on the promise

  48. Thyroidless Lex

    Thyroidless Lex14 hours ago

    Sky’s out, thighs out is my new summer mantra

  49. Potato Bread

    Potato Bread15 hours ago

    safiya looks really good with her hair up! love ya

  50. Lauren Finch

    Lauren Finch15 hours ago

    8:04 Gettin' mad Alois Trancy vibes...

  51. mwahh lory

    mwahh lory15 hours ago

    fashion nova also deletes bad reviews. Any reviews under 4 stars are deleted. You can check their website, only 4 & 5 star reviews which is super sketchy

  52. Ad Winty

    Ad Winty15 hours ago

    DAAAAMMNNN Safiya in that white dress!!! 😩😱😍

  53. Misery

    Misery15 hours ago

    U wear a size 10 in shoes??

  54. Rachel H

    Rachel H15 hours ago

    Don't forget to mentioned that you have to pay to return items. Even if its their mistake.

  55. lechan 177

    lechan 17716 hours ago

    My fav. Was the 90s baby u looked beauuutiful😍😍

  56. S H O O K E T H

    S H O O K E T H16 hours ago


  57. i'm_tired

    i'm_tired16 hours ago

    The way she talks is so fucking irritating. I know this is straight rude but like damn I really can't fucking stand the way she talks, like I LOVE her videos and her ideas but I literally just CAN'T watch her videos because of the way she talks. I can't stand it.

  58. Vicii ssitudee

    Vicii ssitudee4 hours ago

    I feel you, the way she acts sometimes too.

  59. hawaii !

    hawaii !17 hours ago

    the models look better because they are prettier than you and your fat and ugly

  60. Martina

    Martina17 hours ago

    Do shein next

  61. Shania Huxley

    Shania Huxley17 hours ago

    I loooove the fifth outfit on you 😍

  62. Carlie Dozier

    Carlie Dozier17 hours ago


  63. zaraaaaaa

    zaraaaaaa18 hours ago

    safiya please stand still im feeling dizzy watching u pose thos outfits

  64. anastasia smith

    anastasia smith18 hours ago

    “fashion nova” a.k.a “hoochie uniform”. 😂 were hootches like fashion nova cute summer stuff and thank being u love and POSED TRYING DO SEEN DO REAAL LIFE KEWL

  65. anastasia smith

    anastasia smith18 hours ago

    love unbiased love clothiing fit well. body cokme model favortie skirts and jeans all sized and shippung suckl AND LAUGHING POSE GIRL AND WISE WORDS TRYFAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOVE IT

  66. Sloane Field

    Sloane Field18 hours ago

    day six... LOVE!

  67. Sloane Field

    Sloane Field18 hours ago

    day five is so pretty!!!!!

  68. SmilingCatToys

    SmilingCatToys18 hours ago

    The cat is so cute in the intro

  69. Vanessa Awada

    Vanessa Awada18 hours ago

    very weird i wouldn’t say any of the outfits were flattering on her. not her fault just the website’s fault

  70. Vicii ssitudee

    Vicii ssitudee4 hours ago

    Fashion Nova caters to a certain body type that she doesn't really have, but I think that's fine considering many brands cater to Safiya's body type, but not for curvier women... but I also feel she picked some rather unflattering clothing.

  71. Rielly Reeve

    Rielly Reeve18 hours ago

    for the drees, you should have gotten a large

  72. ICY Girl

    ICY Girl18 hours ago

    i saw the long slip open outfit on the romwe outfit

  73. AC

    AC19 hours ago

    what do u do with all these things u buy just for yt

  74. Kristin Clarke

    Kristin Clarke19 hours ago

    Almost spit my coffee out at the inside of a nice casket comment lol

  75. Anastasia Smolentseva

    Anastasia Smolentseva19 hours ago


  76. ThatOneFanGirl

    ThatOneFanGirl19 hours ago

    If you got it Flaw it