Wearing Fashion Nova Outfits For A Week


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard2 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! so sorry for the short hiatus, i was in new york last week for creator summit and then was taking a bit of time to do some business & operations stuff... but i'm BACK! what did you think of these outfits?? am i a #novababe yet? and stick around to the end for an update on the ~frankenphora~ lipstick!

  2. Katlynn streets

    Katlynn streets3 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard yasssss #novababe

  3. sarah phinees

    sarah phinees3 days ago

    And yes Safiya Adrienne is 4'11 😂

  4. Cookie Onchao

    Cookie Onchao4 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard i love you your the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST

  5. Leonacat12 Roblox

    Leonacat12 Roblox4 days ago

    Ur nearly there

  6. Nick Brock

    Nick Brock4 hours ago

    nobody with self respect will wear houndstooth ppl from alabama will understand

  7. Giuli Pezzani

    Giuli Pezzani4 hours ago

    7:56 OMG THAT MOVIEEEE 😍😍😍

  8. ten out of ten

    ten out of ten5 hours ago


  9. Daaaisy1005

    Daaaisy10057 hours ago

    *MY PARENTS HAD SEX 25 YEARS AGO well 26 and half...26*

  10. Hita Aran

    Hita Aran7 hours ago

    hey, if you dont use these clothes later on, you can always courier them to me please please please pleeeeeeaaaaassseee

  11. rob379

    rob3797 hours ago

    Your feet are not for heels... but sockless in the kitchen rocks you

  12. rob379

    rob3797 hours ago

    I’m not ok with your thighs out

  13. rob379

    rob3798 hours ago

    Nova models have bubble big bums

  14. Araceli Narez

    Araceli Narez8 hours ago

    6:38 she called the boots booties HAHAHA

  15. kamarley manroe

    kamarley manroe8 hours ago

    I love her!

  16. •Jimin's Jam's Thief•

    •Jimin's Jam's Thief•9 hours ago

    Imagine being this rich😇😅😂

  17. Cassidy Jarvela

    Cassidy Jarvela12 hours ago

    I love how confident you are!

  18. hannah x legros

    hannah x legros13 hours ago

    2:09 is that BEYYYNNNNNN ?

  19. Angie G

    Angie G13 hours ago

    The 5th outfit looks so cute on youu

  20. Imania Powers

    Imania Powers14 hours ago

    Sky's out thighs out lmao

  21. TheRileyDino

    TheRileyDino16 hours ago

    I know this is an older video but you are so beautiful! And I have the same body type as you and I’m so happy to see someone prove that you can rock any body type!

  22. Heather Bronge

    Heather Bronge16 hours ago

    I lost it at "...and then you'd just see me pubes." Thanks for being of the people Saf! Haha

  23. helpdeskes Canada

    helpdeskes Canada16 hours ago


  24. Hetalia! at the Fall Out Twenty One Phandom!!!

    Hetalia! at the Fall Out Twenty One Phandom!!!16 hours ago


  25. nyjaheverythingchick

    nyjaheverythingchick16 hours ago

    When she was sitting on the stairs it reminded me of shake it up

  26. Click & Uni

    Click & Uni18 hours ago

    2:07 ben is slightly amused

  27. autumn myers

    autumn myers20 hours ago

    Why did you butcher Adrienne's whole name.... come on man? As a woman of color, you should know the pain it goes through when someone butchers your first and last name. Also, put some respect on her name, she's a host and correspondent of the Real!

  28. welcome to the ricefields

    welcome to the ricefields21 hour ago

    The 5th outfit was so cute!

  29. why

    why21 hour ago

    2:08 ive spotted a wild BEYNNN

  30. Connie Howells

    Connie HowellsDay ago

    the fifth outfit looks really good

  31. SoulOrchids

    SoulOrchidsDay ago

    Hi, 1 where do you buy the clothes you usually wear?? And 2 what do you do with all the ’test’ clothes??

  32. Bubsi

    BubsiDay ago

    i mean the white dress is not for people with your figure... no hate i like your videos but that dress really defines your spring rolls

  33. Hurtinq

    HurtinqDay ago

    safiya you have no sense of fashion and in your videos, your just awkward dont do trendy things with fashion please

  34. Hetalia! at the Fall Out Twenty One Phandom!!!

    Hetalia! at the Fall Out Twenty One Phandom!!!16 hours ago

    I don't think she's really trying to be trendy, She's trying to give honest reviews on how the clothes fit, feel, and work.

  35. OhSuzeyQ

    OhSuzeyQDay ago

    I got gropped by wolverine..Damn it Hugh!

  36. Fran V

    Fran VDay ago

    Duuude I am living for Safiya’s personality. She is so positive and confident ! I’ve been looking at the Nova babes and often feel self conscious because I don’t look like them. It was so lovely to watch this video and see Safiya keeping her positive attitude. 👏🏻

  37. Alexis_WP

    Alexis_WPDay ago

    2:09 Ben from simplynailogical not knowing what to think of what saf is doing

  38. Astrid Sullivan

    Astrid SullivanDay ago

    I'd be cool if you tied the arms of the white dress around your neck, that might actually give you more support since the rest of the dress already fits

  39. Portia Plush

    Portia PlushDay ago

    1:11 villain nova

  40. Jessica M

    Jessica MDay ago

    Safiya loves to over pronounce the letter T, eh?

  41. Haley Hebert

    Haley HebertDay ago

    For the shirt that says 90's B.ABY it means 90's BITCH BABY. The reason why I know this is because there is a dot B.ABY so it must mean bitch. But if I am wrong I am sorry.

  42. Pink Harmony

    Pink HarmonyDay ago

    You so pretty and weird lol I like it

  43. Teri Loewen

    Teri LoewenDay ago

    the jeans n shirt for day three were the worst outfit lol

  44. Sophia Perafan

    Sophia PerafanDay ago

    Honestly loved every outfit on her

  45. Hetalia! at the Fall Out Twenty One Phandom!!!

    Hetalia! at the Fall Out Twenty One Phandom!!!16 hours ago

    Same! :D

  46. Hamza hanfe

    Hamza hanfeDay ago

    What a nice old school MReporter blog style it’s so simple I love it

  47. Sophia Perafan

    Sophia PerafanDay ago

    Me and sayifa can share SHOESSSS

  48. Maya B

    Maya BDay ago

    “alright” 😂

  49. Wolf Gaming

    Wolf GamingDay ago

    For the jumpsuit you could sew the flaps together

  50. Winter4es

    Winter4esDay ago

    I love all the outfits (I also really love the Silver Shoes so pretty❤💛💙💜💚💗)

  51. Indie Go

    Indie GoDay ago


  52. liv !

    liv !Day ago

    i would love to see saf hop on the camo pants train

  53. Evelyn Higgins

    Evelyn HigginsDay ago

    for the ripped-butt jeans, it's the same person modeling the clothes as well as the photo she found of the "Nova Bae".

  54. Gabby Louise

    Gabby LouiseDay ago

    I loved outfit 6

  55. Sss Bbb

    Sss BbbDay ago

    Outfit 5 and 6 is 😍😍😍😍

  56. Effie Ford

    Effie FordDay ago


  57. Baby Glitter

    Baby GlitterDay ago

    one size up in the pants as well at the end.

  58. crazy kid lady

    crazy kid ladyDay ago

    I wear think nylon on my jumpsuit

  59. AnnabethThePercyJacksonNerd :p

    AnnabethThePercyJacksonNerd :pDay ago

    1:04 ya meh girl zhavia

  60. milky85ful

    milky85fulDay ago

    12:50 okay what you look so pretty

  61. milky85ful

    milky85fulDay ago

    What I've learned over the years and mostly bad experiences with buying clothes online: just don't. Unless it's a certified website of a well-known quality brand, don't bother spending money on "sale" clothes on too-good-to-be-true clothing websites.

  62. Livie

    LivieDay ago

    Ok I just love the way she says "alright" in the begining of every video

  63. Elijah -

    Elijah -Day ago

    I love you so much😘😍

  64. Yulia Molchanova

    Yulia Molchanova2 days ago

    I’m going to be diving head long into the fashion nova cave Grotto? 😂

  65. Athea & R.J White

    Athea & R.J White2 days ago

    11:45 ~*shake* *it* *baby*

  66. magicbananas35

    magicbananas352 days ago

    Jumpsuit make your hips look HOT when you're walking

  67. Karen Reta

    Karen Reta2 days ago

    Holy crap. That second outfit does wonders for Saf

  68. Ruby Linn

    Ruby Linn2 days ago

    Happy birthday for 2 days ago xx lysm Safiya

  69. Trena Oboh

    Trena Oboh2 days ago

    lol nova babes are just ordinary people wearing the clothes and if u use the hashtag they may put u on their instagram

  70. Deborah Karp

    Deborah Karp2 days ago

    Ok I agree with the loin cloth statement. Said it right before you did.

  71. Alana Rose

    Alana Rose2 days ago

    I think that you look super cute in all the outfits you bought, they really skimmed the outer shape of you making you look really nice. I also loved the way you made them your own and put shorts under the jeans. In my opinion it made them look way more “nova” 😚

  72. Loretta Ruff

    Loretta Ruff2 days ago

    I love how you explain things! Its very soothing and entertaining


    JUFER FERROLINO2 days ago

    She's so funny 😂

  74. Cruising Like NEMO

    Cruising Like NEMO2 days ago

    Im salty because Jin was born in the same year Saf was. IM JUNGSHOOK

  75. A_Rolling_Pygmy

    A_Rolling_Pygmy2 days ago

    She looked fantastic in those outfits!

  76. StagQueen Paddyfoo

    StagQueen Paddyfoo2 days ago

    i completely freaked out when I saw Ben in 2:09

  77. Rachel laneski

    Rachel laneski2 days ago

    Dm on what

  78. Dalia Tapia

    Dalia Tapia2 days ago

    “Chesticles” lmao I’m dead😂💀💀

  79. ava is the flavour

    ava is the flavour3 days ago

    You could definitely become a #novababe

  80. Kit-Kat

    Kit-Kat3 days ago

    0:51 is that real??

  81. Katlynn streets

    Katlynn streets3 days ago

    Honestly the last ones is my absolute favorite

  82. Scarlettlovesunicorns

    Scarlettlovesunicorns3 days ago

    i don't like how they wouldn't replace your glasses when they never even arrived, on top of you paying all that money for 24 hour shipping and it ending up coming in 5 days. they seem shady af, i won't be buying from them

  83. Laura Norda

    Laura Norda3 days ago

    The cape jumpsuit wouldn't work for me because I would fall over it every other step! Although to save the thigh issue you could sew up the top bit a few inches.

  84. aliah bieber

    aliah bieber3 days ago

    whata nova babe

  85. Jelli - Nova - Gaming

    Jelli - Nova - Gaming3 days ago

    I love the outfit for day five!!!

  86. Lanicka F

    Lanicka F3 days ago

    "Skies out, thighs out." 😂

  87. Danielle Essen

    Danielle Essen3 days ago

    i am IN LOVE with the villanova references. like u actually have no clue how excited i was when u mentioned them

  88. MizzReed19

    MizzReed193 days ago

    You don't have enough butt to make those work and how your pronouncing these words or the way your talking is driving me crazy

  89. Jessica Gross

    Jessica Gross3 days ago

    If I had that red white and black jumpsuit I probably alter it by either putting in laces all the way down, or a zipper so it could either be open or closed like pants.

  90. Eucarys Fuentes

    Eucarys Fuentes3 days ago

    You are just too beautiful

  91. Simply Daisy

    Simply Daisy3 days ago


  92. Daily life mommy Routine

    Daily life mommy Routine3 days ago

    Hi guys please do check it out my channel and do subscribe my channel thank u 🙏

  93. Salty Buckets

    Salty Buckets3 days ago

    This whole outfit was $60. Except for my shoes... But let's not talk about those....

  94. Sarika M

    Sarika M3 days ago

    I have bought 2 dresses from them...I gave one away and the other requires dbl sided tape.

  95. Maya R

    Maya R3 days ago

    16:00 you don’t need a mirror, just have someone take a picture of you and you have your phone out, and it looks like a mirror

  96. Haus of Gemini

    Haus of Gemini3 days ago

    Personally I'd never buy anything from Nova because it feels like their outfits look like something that a prostitute or pornstar would wear which isn't a bad thing but I think I'd look like I'm trying to cosplay as a Bratz doll . I'm more into punk and Bohemian and hippie styles.

  97. Nicole Marie Olmo

    Nicole Marie Olmo3 days ago

    That jumpsuit looks amazing. Im pretty tall myself. Love ur videos

  98. QueenKayeMusic

    QueenKayeMusic3 days ago

    “Loins out groins out” 😂

  99. QueenKayeMusic

    QueenKayeMusic3 days ago

    Lmaooooo She cracks me up !!!

  100. Hwarang is the Best thing that I ever watched

    Hwarang is the Best thing that I ever watched3 days ago

    Wow...I didn’t realize Safiya was 92. I thought she was perhaps 95 or so didn’t realize she was 5 years older than me I thought I would only be 2 or 3. 😂

  101. Janeth Perez

    Janeth Perez3 days ago

    love your videos!

  102. skye df

    skye df3 days ago

    i would wear the hell outta dat jumpsuit

  103. Keeley Jones

    Keeley Jones3 days ago

    LOVED the “90’s Baby outfit” on you!!

  104. tayyfvck

    tayyfvck3 days ago

    The day four dress could be altered and have the sleeves taken off, it was a really cute dress 😊

  105. Miagacha423

    Miagacha4233 days ago

    2:10 Ben is like what is going on

  106. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams3 days ago

    EW its Angela Babicz from BGC & Ex on the beach...

  107. LOOΠES into the ORBIT

    LOOΠES into the ORBIT3 days ago

    Shout out to my 92 squad :D