Wearing Fashion Nova Outfits For A Week


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard7 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! so sorry for the short hiatus, i was in new york last week for creator summit and then was taking a bit of time to do some business & operations stuff... but i'm BACK! what did you think of these outfits?? am i a #novababe yet? and stick around to the end for an update on the ~frankenphora~ lipstick!

  2. Scarla BTS HistoryMakers

    Scarla BTS HistoryMakers9 days ago

    Hey the Day two outfit can be worn by wearing a colourful i.e a yellow leggings its still looks good and sexy. & yeah ik m late.

  3. steph sdlnthms

    steph sdlnthms11 days ago

    Rep '92!! BEST YEAR :) I knew I liked you for a reason ;)

  4. Audrey Paschal

    Audrey Paschal25 days ago

    I think the 5th outfit looked amazing

  5. skanky_berries

    skanky_berries28 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard can you do another fashion nova haul?

  6. Keziah Govindasamy

    Keziah Govindasamy28 days ago

    You should get outfits that are gonna compliment your figure, the fourth outfit looked great on you

  7. Hannah Dailey

    Hannah DaileyHour ago

    You are hilarious. I literally watch your videos as a replacement for Netflix comedy shows. Well done.

  8. Momo Maldonado

    Momo MaldonadoHour ago

    Sky's out thighs out 😆😆😆 I love you

  9. Adria Macri

    Adria Macri2 hours ago

    "Skies out thighs out" new motto

  10. Kyle Ma

    Kyle Ma3 hours ago

    h3h3 female version

  11. Jessica Valenzuela

    Jessica Valenzuela4 hours ago

    Fashion Nova looks so cheap...

  12. tamara Cruz

    tamara Cruz4 hours ago

    the black ,red, white , jumpsuite is so cute on you! i hope you wear it more!

  13. faith Alnemer

    faith Alnemer4 hours ago

    I ordered from them 3 item 2 got lost in my country and the last one got lost in other country and when I request a refund they tell me they will give me store credit like I will order from them again 😒

  14. Alexis Maxwell

    Alexis Maxwell4 hours ago

    Fashion nova has the worst customer service of any company ive ever had to interact with. they also scammed me out of $200. they are duds

  15. Angie West

    Angie West6 hours ago

    Urgh YOU GIVE ME LIFE #pubeanxiety 😂😂😂😂

  16. Nicolee Mata

    Nicolee Mata8 hours ago

    She is so weird . To weird for me to watch . It’s kind of cringy. Kinda sad I gave her another virw

  17. morgan mcclendon

    morgan mcclendon8 hours ago

    I agree 92 is the best! 🤗

  18. cyn thia

    cyn thia8 hours ago

    I buy fashion nova from poshmark. Cheaper, safer, tada

  19. cc Uva

    cc Uva10 hours ago

    The style in the last outfit suited you so much! You looked amazing!

  20. Julia Smith

    Julia Smith10 hours ago

    Wait. So we did not address as much as I thought necessary about the fact that you paid for overnight shipping.. implying that they were capable of fulfilling that, and it took five days... literal waste of $25. Then they failed to send you the product you paid for, and while you were waiting for it to arrive, like one does, they said you.. waited too long to tell them they didn’t send you what you paid for? WTH? That’s enough to make me never buy from them. Ps I love your videos!! You make me LOL

  21. broken shadow

    broken shadow11 hours ago


  22. Zanele Mabathoana

    Zanele Mabathoana15 hours ago

    Where are you now that I navel! "That's justin bieber!😂" -Safiya

  23. Yes T.

    Yes T.17 hours ago

    Did u guys know that fashion nova deletes anything negative on its website and on IG so we will never know what people really think other then “ super sexy “ “ fit perfect “

  24. Kaleigh Rose

    Kaleigh Rose21 hour ago


  25. Julissa Velilla

    Julissa VelillaDay ago

    1994 all day hahaha

  26. JediStar

    JediStarDay ago

    I love your videos.

  27. amorette baeza

    amorette baezaDay ago

    Let simply do your nails

  28. CHIM bts

    CHIM btsDay ago

    вєуσи¢є ιѕ ѕнαкιиg

  29. Deannas Lifestyle & More!

    Deannas Lifestyle & More!Day ago

    You are a #novababe you look great in all of them! my favorite outfits that you rocked were day 2,5 and 6!

  30. Sassy Muggle

    Sassy MuggleDay ago

    Damn you, Hugh! 😂

  31. Willow Stonesea

    Willow StoneseaDay ago


  32. Kayla Arredondo

    Kayla ArredondoDay ago

    Let me just say the sunglasses thing P-ed me the frick off (girl I’m mad for you), I’ve never ordered from fashion Nova, but I’m like this close👌🏽 to saying I never will just because of that! How is that your fault?! First of all you paid all that money for overnight shipping and it comes like 5 days later and then they lose your sunglasses and they can’t give you a refund?! I’m weirdly and unnecessarily heated about this!😤😠😡

  33. Alexis Maxwell

    Alexis Maxwell4 hours ago

    happened to me 3 different times from them - i had to get my credit card company involved

  34. Renesmy

    RenesmyDay ago

    For the loincloth you could maybe size up and stitch it until lower knee level or at least mid tigh?

  35. Julie M

    Julie MDay ago

    Most definitely a Nova babe! You look good in them all, but I liked the 90s baby outfit the most. Your commentary is awesome and so funny!💖🤣

  36. Arctic - Kitty - Cat

    Arctic - Kitty - CatDay ago

    *Shake it, baby*

  37. Shamop Wampar

    Shamop WamparDay ago

    She got the booty for it tho

  38. Princess Sparkle Pixie

    Princess Sparkle PixieDay ago

    They sell decent basics. The pencil skirts, bodysuits, leggings, tees, etc.. The shoes are hit or miss, it all just depends on what you're looking for.. And you have to really consider things like each items materials and measurements, which are always listed. Never rely on photos alone read the description and reviews.. It's also really helpful that they include Instagram styled pics as well as their catalog photos, so you can compare how an item looks in different lighting and on different body types. I'm a size 4/6 which is a medium and I find looking at pieces on plus size models really helpful because it makes it easier to not only see details but also how fabrics wear and look on different body types. It gives me a better idea of how something will look on me if I can see it from different angles and on different body types..

  39. Cerridwen Kaiding

    Cerridwen KaidingDay ago

    I absolutely love the open legged jumpsuit thing! Also, you are such a #novababe !

  40. Tatiana L

    Tatiana LDay ago

    My body's too ugly for Fashion Nova sadly.

  41. Pandos TV

    Pandos TVDay ago

    last three was were goood

  42. aaliyah z

    aaliyah zDay ago

    Wait was that beeeennnnn at 2:09

  43. LaDonna Young

    LaDonna YoungDay ago

    I love you guys and your the fact you dare to wear fashion. Ha-ha-ha, your all too real in your reviews.

  44. Makeup Tutorials by Krishna Thanki

    Makeup Tutorials by Krishna ThankiDay ago

    You know what? I am a 90's baby, so why not advertise that, UPON MY CHESTICLES !!!😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Gina McGee

    Gina McGeeDay ago

    You still manage to look SO cute in every one of these outfits!! It must be your natural radiance! 💜

  46. Sara Shepherd

    Sara ShepherdDay ago

    You are hilarious!!! I enjoy all of your videos! Very clever and original. ❤😂

  47. Robloxian Gamer

    Robloxian Gamer2 days ago

    Leave the clothes, where can i get the frickin' body??

  48. Misted Forest

    Misted Forest2 days ago

    " I feel like the inside of a nice casket." LOL!

  49. ashley solomon

    ashley solomon2 days ago

    Lol the way how she reads

  50. Woomy and VEEMO

    Woomy and VEEMO2 days ago

    What if rappers use nova babes in their music vids?

  51. Kim B

    Kim B2 days ago

    NnnnnO Capes! hahaha, loved it!

  52. Kayla Widmann

    Kayla Widmann2 days ago

    “Dj kolid”

  53. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl2 days ago

    Me: *half one in the morning* The dude (I am new, this is my third video): It looks like you're wearing a towel Me: *Laughing so hard I end up choking because I forgot about my asthma and chest infection thing.*

  54. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl2 days ago

    Okay. The guys name is tyler. Sorry ty

  55. gven

    gven2 days ago

    But most of these clothes are too small for you ?

  56. Asia Febbraio

    Asia Febbraio2 days ago

    *shake it baby*

  57. Melissa  CogginsAshbyMcLean

    Melissa CogginsAshbyMcLean2 days ago

    Who likes how she goes like alright in like a uuuummmmm accent????

  58. Dory Le

    Dory Le2 days ago

    She’s so funny omg. I’m subscribing hahaha🤣

  59. chrzrd

    chrzrd2 days ago

    I hope you got a refund. I HATE it when companies do that!!!

  60. Melissa Fedeli

    Melissa Fedeli2 days ago

    This is hysterical!

  61. Robyn Mclaughlin

    Robyn Mclaughlin2 days ago

    Safiya: The moora mesh dress Me: ITS PRONOUNCED MORA NOT THE SOUND A COW MAKES!!!!! DISCLAIMER: Not criticizing Safiya just found it funny!!!😂😂😅😅

  62. AshlyStarLei 5578

    AshlyStarLei 55782 days ago

    with the jumpsuit you looked like my granny one her day out and it was so funny xD love the video and with the black skirt that long tight one wear it with the green top you bought on the other website with a jacket

  63. AshlyStarLei 5578

    AshlyStarLei 55782 days ago

    *on her day off

  64. Vicki Rath

    Vicki Rath2 days ago

    You speak like a robot but I'll watch anyway. Haha

  65. Jazmin March

    Jazmin March2 days ago

    i freaking love you

  66. Rebekah Shipp

    Rebekah Shipp2 days ago

    Day #6 was actually really cute

  67. Redd Foxx

    Redd Foxx2 days ago

    Fashion Nova clothes so far have been a fail on every channel I have seen and yours have continued the theme. No one should wear the cheap clothing of "Fashion Nova".

  68. Tia ToxicYT

    Tia ToxicYT2 days ago

    This was up on my birthday.Wow

  69. Gooffyy Gracie

    Gooffyy Gracie2 days ago

    Who else say fashion nova like fashinova

  70. katalin

    katalin2 days ago


  71. Ashley Fair

    Ashley Fair2 days ago

    Looks like a bear tried to grab your butt 😂😂😂😂 like a zoo keepers uniform pant🤣🤣

  72. Fiona Fazbear

    Fiona Fazbear2 days ago

    “Modern day BRATZ” When she showed that BRATZ doll I just about flipped at the resemblance

  73. Luis Megloa

    Luis Megloa2 days ago

    i truly love you for having the idgaf attitude that led you to showing 9:14. i'm not even being sarcastic either. most of these youtube "stars" seem really 'upiddy', and fake.. i love that, that's not you. i don't usually subscribe to peoples channels, but you got me :) EDIT: OMG i wrote this before finishing the video, LMFAO...YOU ARE HILARIOUS! PAUSE IT AT 12:49 DO IT, TRUST ME!!!! LMFAO!!! LOOOVE YOU!

  74. Beautyz J

    Beautyz J3 days ago

    Fashion nove is definitely over rated Idk why I ordered from them in the past the material was very itchy and made of polyester and nylon which is the worse and cheapest fabrics ever!! Most of the expensive brands are made of polyester! Very absurd

  75. Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

    Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete3 days ago

    I love the "BRATZ DOLL" outfit. It sucks that you have to shimmy to UNwedgie!😂 LMAOOOOO @ "Booty-tooches"!!!

  76. RoryPlays Roblox

    RoryPlays Roblox3 days ago

    No hate but the outfit would look much better on you if you were thicc. But aside from that you rock girlll

  77. BusyTrizzy

    BusyTrizzy3 days ago

    Outfit 6 is my fav

  78. Miranda Brooks

    Miranda Brooks3 days ago

    The jumpsuit looked horrible on you! Get rid of it!

  79. smieszace

    smieszace3 days ago

    I believe if she would stop believing she is only size M she would look much better

  80. Jameson Tattoo

    Jameson Tattoo3 days ago

    Can we get some meatballs? Me af while I'm out with my man 😂😂

  81. Samantha Unicorn

    Samantha Unicorn3 days ago

    You have a very unique name and I love it.

  82. dontgivea* s

    dontgivea* s3 days ago

    "I feel like the inside of a nice casket" 🤣

  83. valeria sanchez

    valeria sanchez3 days ago

    I ordered from fashion nova almost $300 of clothing and paid for 2 day shipping. Then after about 2 week we decided to cancel the order, we got an email saying they would refund us whenever they could. Smh

  84. Melinne Gasby

    Melinne Gasby3 days ago

    This made me cringe so hard

  85. 16bitFishing

    16bitFishing3 days ago

    I actually think I would buy something off this site for my GF. If you had a discount code I would use yours, instead of those IG thots.

  86. RockStarVee

    RockStarVee3 days ago

    The typo on the 90s Babe shirt makes it even better.

  87. DumbassGazza

    DumbassGazza3 days ago

    Lol dude totally checks you out at 10:08

  88. Rodja The Cat

    Rodja The Cat3 days ago

    4:08 starts the song maddie (from dance moms) played in her bond girl episode! 😂😂😂

  89. adelinedinsdale

    adelinedinsdale3 days ago

    I´m happy to see how well you are doing after buzfeed. good job :)

  90. Thea F

    Thea F3 days ago

    Your hilarious and informative...😹👍

  91. Marley Rhiannon

    Marley Rhiannon3 days ago

    Safiya acts like the grandmother that always try’s to stay “hip” with the kids and I’m here for it

  92. A Girl

    A Girl3 days ago

    safiya maybe i am dumb but why do you keep saying you have a Taylor Swift middrift? Are you calling yourself skinny or fat idek anymore because of haters

  93. Juliet Arrazola

    Juliet Arrazola4 days ago

    My favorite was #5

  94. Unicorn Land Sharpe

    Unicorn Land Sharpe4 days ago

    #Novababe, WHY Safiya

  95. 1Cozy Kitten

    1Cozy Kitten4 days ago

    I liked the way you looked in the 90s Baby outfit. Looked great and comfortable. 👌👌

  96. Natas Nico

    Natas Nico4 days ago

    Idk if she will see this but do a quick stitch on the legs of the jumper you liked to make the legs more comfortable to wear.

  97. molly seed

    molly seed4 days ago

    this is so helpful! your so funny :)

  98. elton hnin

    elton hnin4 days ago

    Stop acting childish or would i say bitch

  99. Tori Victoria

    Tori Victoria4 days ago

    Hahaha hulk

  100. Jessica A

    Jessica A4 days ago

    how did *she* get her package a week later and I still haven’t gotten a tracking number and it’s been over a week 🤦🏻‍♀️

  101. Jacki Jessi

    Jacki Jessi4 days ago

    I like your editing . I do like that you end the video with the last shot you were doing in the video. A lot of ppl film their into and outro ahead

  102. cookie cookie

    cookie cookie4 days ago

    Just randomly clicked on her video. Have to say...veeerrry entertaining. I like her. New fan

  103. Tjaša Založnik

    Tjaša Založnik4 days ago

    I LOOOOVE HOW CONFIDENT YOU ARE ! also I think you look super cute in the 5th outfit :)

  104. JessyJess

    JessyJess4 days ago

    Please do a Zaful haul also!

  105. Jason moon

    Jason moon4 days ago

    Not trying to be mean. But u do u dont got the body for fashion nova clothing

  106. Jessica Lin

    Jessica Lin4 days ago

    2:08 beynn

  107. yoongi's left bicep

    yoongi's left bicep4 days ago

    These clothes make me cringe, especially those jeans that show ur butt cheeks, I still liked the video uwu

  108. Jayme G

    Jayme G5 days ago

    I paused at 15:09 and got the greatest look! 🤣