Wearing Fashion Nova Outfits For A Week


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard4 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! so sorry for the short hiatus, i was in new york last week for creator summit and then was taking a bit of time to do some business & operations stuff... but i'm BACK! what did you think of these outfits?? am i a #novababe yet? and stick around to the end for an update on the ~frankenphora~ lipstick!

  2. Sneha Singh

    Sneha Singh10 days ago

    I have also a on fashion on Instagram just look it up once @fashiontrendzss

  3. hypnotherapy69

    hypnotherapy6911 days ago

    did anyone els see that the "butt lifter" was called "boy short buttlifter"

  4. YouTube Lover

    YouTube Lover13 days ago

    Late 😂

  5. Dabbing Llama Girl

    Dabbing Llama Girl14 days ago

    Heelo friend

  6. Dariel Valdez

    Dariel Valdez17 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard .i.

  7. kemicalromanc15

    kemicalromanc155 hours ago

    I think Nova was made for girls that look like models not normal girls. lol.

  8. JupiterLight

    JupiterLight8 hours ago

    The Derp shout out was awesome

  9. Ramona

    Ramona13 hours ago

    the way you say alright is just brilliant

  10. Rachel Campbell

    Rachel Campbell16 hours ago

    Hey Safiya you should check out the spooky clothing and accessories collection on Modcloth's site. Made me think of you

  11. Janette Wilson

    Janette Wilson16 hours ago

    Love your videos, your so funny!

  12. paul galazo

    paul galazo17 hours ago

    You are hilarious.

  13. Jackie Dee

    Jackie Dee18 hours ago

    I am also not a nova babe 😆🤣🤣

  14. yolanda morgan

    yolanda morgan19 hours ago

    The part where she said she was scared the jumpsuit would flap inward and show her pubes I died and shmashed that like button

  15. Ajla Gasal

    Ajla Gasal20 hours ago

    Outfit five is a yes tbh

  16. Queen Dean

    Queen Dean22 hours ago

    hi safiya, I just watched the “I wore platform crocs for a week” video and that was freaking magical! I am a 22 y/o drag queen and I just want to say, if you still have those crocs, I’m a size 10 in women’s #winkwink #mebeingpetty #lawl (Love your channel btw )

  17. A l t h e a 0302

    A l t h e a 0302Day ago

    ........ how much did this cost in total

  18. Hott two

    Hott twoDay ago

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  19. Kathrine Am

    Kathrine AmDay ago

    Umm 5:55 she looks like lil mikala she so fake lmao

  20. Brad Davis

    Brad DavisDay ago

    Outfit number 3 made you look like a 2012 soccer mom😬😂

  21. Harper Powell

    Harper PowellDay ago

    She looks bomb in that white dress

  22. Amy Robert

    Amy RobertDay ago

    Nastiest looking 'clothes' I have ever seen! Looks like the designers work for the porn industry costume department.

  23. Baby Blue

    Baby BlueDay ago

    For the first one u kinda looked like someone from the Adams family

  24. Amelia Wojnovich

    Amelia WojnovichDay ago

    You should’ve got tan befour this

  25. Wendy's English that no one understands

    Wendy's English that no one understandsDay ago

    *WE NEED A PART 2!*

  26. liane liwa

    liane liwaDay ago

    I can't believe u said "another one " when said DJ khaled ! That was funny

  27. Aaliyah Jackson

    Aaliyah JacksonDay ago

    She mad thick

  28. Jamie Nielsen

    Jamie NielsenDay ago

    You look cute in those clothes though. LOL

  29. bunchbunch

    bunchbunchDay ago

    i die everytime you dance hahahaha so cutteeee

  30. alexandra silverstein

    alexandra silversteinDay ago

    i liked the red outfit

  31. Kymyatta Weatherall

    Kymyatta WeatherallDay ago

    Who else got Yidda vibes from the last outfit 😂😂 (The Nanny Fans knows)

  32. Preeti pug

    Preeti pugDay ago

    I loved every outfit on you except the the 3rd one! Gorgeous xxx

  33. Madai Velez

    Madai VelezDay ago

    90s baby outfit 100%. looks really nice. should definitely wear it again

  34. Melissa Holsomback

    Melissa HolsombackDay ago

    92 baby as well. Also a Scandinavian!!!!!

  35. Pancake

    PancakeDay ago


  36. Luzmaria Kelly

    Luzmaria Kelly2 days ago

    “Damn it Hue!!!”

  37. Bella Soyfer

    Bella Soyfer2 days ago

    you look so good in the 90's baby outfit!

  38. Hanna Eisenbath

    Hanna Eisenbath2 days ago

    I love the look of the 5th outfit!

  39. Anneliese Bush

    Anneliese Bush2 days ago

    Gah I loved the first outfit!

  40. Ave_Muse_Mage

    Ave_Muse_Mage2 days ago

    The arms on that dress could be tied above your chest and it could like like that was on purpose XD

  41. Raisa Amani

    Raisa Amani2 days ago


  42. Raisa Amani

    Raisa Amani2 days ago

    " skies out thighs out " quote by safiya

  43. FlyBi

    FlyBi2 days ago

    You look someone who would play the sims lol I love the sims

  44. Tammy Dam

    Tammy Dam2 days ago

    What size was the mesh dress you tried on in?

  45. Anna_ Wolfie88

    Anna_ Wolfie882 days ago

    2:09 realising why Cristin and you and friends

  46. Elinas Beauty

    Elinas Beauty2 days ago

    You should do a video when you diy Nova outfits out of goodwill stuff

  47. Lolita Borzova

    Lolita Borzova2 days ago

    She’s so beautiful but she’s making herself look ugly, I don’t know why 😞

  48. Maddowdle3

    Maddowdle32 days ago

    This company sounds pretty shady.

  49. Marsh Holiday

    Marsh Holiday2 days ago

    Lol inside of a nice casket

  50. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones2 days ago

    I'm upset about those sunglasses 🤨 #novaripoff

  51. JessJ Channel

    JessJ Channel2 days ago


  52. Sunil Zala

    Sunil Zala2 days ago

    6:07 Alissa violet

  53. Zahava Fischer

    Zahava Fischer2 days ago

    OMG I love the jump suit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Allison Morris

    Allison Morris2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the guy turn around to check Saf out at 10:10 ?

  55. Mary Hope

    Mary Hope2 days ago

    16:05 you look like a cool Italian grandma Edit: which is not a bad thing.

  56. Taamz Heart

    Taamz Heart2 days ago

    what else does he say? lol

  57. Taamz Heart

    Taamz Heart2 days ago

    i love some of these on her tho but fuck nova

  58. Taamz Heart

    Taamz Heart2 days ago

    cheetah girls was the shit

  59. Taamz Heart

    Taamz Heart2 days ago

    we need more people to drag this company! it’s shit!

  60. Noelle C

    Noelle C2 days ago

    All that physiotherapy jargons hehe

  61. Jada Smith

    Jada Smith3 days ago

    Ware the white dress with the trench coat and the nude heels mabey

  62. Isabella Caruana

    Isabella Caruana3 days ago

    The skirt would be nice with the crop top

  63. FrenzyUnboxing Channel

    FrenzyUnboxing Channel3 days ago

    You rock 🤘🏻😍

  64. Tatiana Dominguez

    Tatiana Dominguez3 days ago

    I love this video!! I can totally relate to all of this. It is hard to buy from fashion nova, I love their clothes! You looked so good in the 90's baby's outfit!

  65. My name is Connor.

    My name is Connor.3 days ago

    This company has some weak photoshop game. Just looking at their insta and their models have magically moving waists, hips, busts, and seamlines. You can see it 1:26 the denim skirt seams suddenly change where they fall on the model's body, and her cleavage morphs. In all these pictures, nobody casts a shadow. They all look like they were photographed on white backgrounds so they could easily be retouched and then placed on top of other images. I know this is common with fashion shoots but their impossible tiny waists that ignore skeletal structure is pointedly bad.

  66. Nadja Rodriguez

    Nadja Rodriguez3 days ago

    You should try Shein.com next! I personally haven't tried them but I've seen some ads for them. I guess they're kind of like wish? Either way, I think it'd be a fun video! :)

  67. Alexa Bella Muerte

    Alexa Bella Muerte3 days ago

    I'm pissed that you didn't get your sunglasses or a refund that's terrible customer service

  68. Cleveland Brown

    Cleveland Brown3 days ago


  69. Dara Casill

    Dara Casill4 days ago

    You are hilarious

  70. Jessica Lyngkhoi

    Jessica Lyngkhoi4 days ago

    i love your voice..

  71. KAT HA

    KAT HA4 days ago

    Damn Safyia you look like a bad bhabe in the first Outfit to me you´re Always a nova babe that sounded cheesy I know :F

  72. Bri

    Bri4 days ago

    Fashion nova jeans are the only thing i like from them

  73. Joana Pereira

    Joana Pereira4 days ago

    you are awesome.

  74. Jill Cooper

    Jill Cooper4 days ago

    2:08 quick glimpse of BEYYN

  75. Freddy Thornton

    Freddy Thornton4 days ago

    all of these outfits reminded me of adriana from the sopranos

  76. theblonderthanthou

    theblonderthanthou4 days ago

    I love how much the jumpsuit has you looking like grandma getting lucky in Vegas :D

  77. Aleeah Aleeah

    Aleeah Aleeah4 days ago

    Gotta say u r annoying

  78. GamingLikeAGirl

    GamingLikeAGirl5 days ago

    Feels like just yesterday day that you hade 1million subs :3

  79. Nora Cordes

    Nora Cordes5 days ago

    Good stuff right here cause I am about to buy fashion nova Soon💁🏼

  80. Liv Castro

    Liv Castro5 days ago

    I thought the song said "this is saphia's weird intro song" .... B-bu but it is new apparently

  81. Slime Asmr

    Slime Asmr5 days ago

    *older woman:shake it baby Me:😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Nathalie Sauer

    Nathalie Sauer5 days ago

    “I do feel like the inside of a nice casket” I DIED

  83. kara phelps

    kara phelps5 days ago

    What if you tried the jumpsuit with like fishnets

  84. Allie Burt

    Allie Burt5 days ago

    Saf hmu with that jumpsuit if you don't want it anymore....I'm in luv with it😍😍😂😂

  85. Corina Edgington

    Corina Edgington5 days ago

    “....NO capes” just got you a subscribe 👏🏼

  86. Katelynne Matthews

    Katelynne Matthews5 days ago

    ok outfit 5 is beautiful!!!!!!

  87. Frankie Gomez

    Frankie Gomez5 days ago

    just to keep myself monetized DHSKDNSLXMSMX

  88. LovelySolar

    LovelySolar5 days ago

    liking this video so you can pay your bills girly 😩

  89. Jessica Dey

    Jessica Dey6 days ago

    Saf, I'm in love with this video. I don't know anything about the company, but I love how well you review the outfits and how confident are you wearing them. I've been following you since you were on Lady Liked, and I look forward to seeing your sassy fun videos.

  90. Baylee Spears

    Baylee Spears6 days ago

    The fifth outfit is so cute on you

  91. Allie Kiely

    Allie Kiely6 days ago

    Saf looks like Bruno mars in the jumpsuit

  92. Destiny Hernandez

    Destiny Hernandez6 days ago

    2:08 BENN ITS BEN

  93. WhorableTS knox

    WhorableTS knox6 days ago

    Noticed clothing stores begin low prices and skyrocket with publicity lol.

  94. Officially Jay

    Officially Jay6 days ago

    Her voice sounds like she is scientifically explaining everything and i...LOVE IT YOU GO GIRL!!!😘😘😘

  95. Lauren MacInnes

    Lauren MacInnes6 days ago

    you should wear the loin pant thing with fashion/clothing tape so it won’t move around, so you won’t have to worry about it moving around all the time!

  96. Rebecca Kembery

    Rebecca Kembery6 days ago

    Saf- put a safety pin or a stitch just at the top of the leg slits on the jumpsuit, then it wont fly open as much! It looks so good on you i want you to wear it all the time, it is a bit risky with the slits going up that high, but you rock it x

  97. donneeome

    donneeome6 days ago

    Some of fashion nova outfits are not made for fat girls. So stop it..

  98. Tam McNelly

    Tam McNelly7 days ago

    I admire your confidence and ability to stray away from your normal style with a lot of confidence and flare.

  99. Lisa Amrad

    Lisa Amrad7 days ago

    10:09 Dude in white sweatshirt and shorts- "Wait, what the hell did I just see?"

  100. Alejandra Alvarez

    Alejandra Alvarez7 days ago

    Zhavia buy fashionnova? I need to check this out!

  101. • Bella •

    • Bella •7 days ago

    8:35 *saf, you look great in this! I loved your positive attitude in this vid* 💕💕

  102. Julia Love

    Julia Love7 days ago

    the inside of a nice casket im dying

  103. Emster123

    Emster1238 days ago

    @ 15:15 reminded me of when my friend said something about getting a 69% and what it means and I said, "It means your seexxxxxual activity."

  104. Maria Jose Perdomo

    Maria Jose Perdomo8 days ago

    7:01 tell us ur birthday!!

  105. Mobina Imtiaz

    Mobina Imtiaz8 days ago

    You crack me up. Love your humor. Would love to see you do a desi clothes video :)