We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll


  1. The Doberman Triangle

    The Doberman Triangle2 days ago

    how many cats is a pund

  2. Awesome Gamer

    Awesome Gamer2 days ago

    I went to Lulu's last year when I was in San Antonio, Texas.

  3. Talveer Litt

    Talveer Litt4 days ago

    andrew is making history references the whole time

  4. John Tremblay

    John Tremblay5 days ago

    WOW! Annie is so sexy.

  5. John Tremblay

    John Tremblay5 days ago

    I could eat one of those Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast easily. On a Saturday or Sunday that is. Then it's back to bed.

  6. YamiAlex224

    YamiAlex2246 days ago

    Rie measuring things by cats. It's an adorable measurement just like she is

  7. Madison Ingargiola

    Madison Ingargiola6 days ago

    I like how you labled the computer computer

  8. Anna 3084

    Anna 30847 days ago

    That sound at 6:02

  9. Rajnish Bharti

    Rajnish Bharti7 days ago

    Rie poke it... Ooo its bouncing back

  10. Lama28

    Lama287 days ago

    People: *drink wine while baking/cooking to keep them entertained* Andrew: *drinks chocolate milk to him entertained *

  11. B2uty_fati

    B2uty_fati8 days ago

    Rie is love 💗

  12. Barbossa

    Barbossa8 days ago

    "10 pounds of flour. That's a cat's worth of flour." My cat weighs 10 pounds.

  13. Aleson Coleman

    Aleson Coleman9 days ago

    I love that the computer had a label!!

  14. illusive poopacabra

    illusive poopacabra9 days ago

    I have such a big crush on Annie😍

  15. Shamara Aaron

    Shamara Aaron9 days ago

    EVERYONE goes to Rie for help😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Trilmonté

    Trilmonté9 days ago

    "I'm not familiar with "pound". How many cats?" The average cat is between 8-10 lbs. So 3 lbs. would be almost half Cat.

  17. josh Latic

    josh Latic9 days ago

    whos the owner of tasty??

  18. Jaden Burrell

    Jaden Burrell10 days ago

    I love rie ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Kiran Ganeri

    Kiran Ganeri10 days ago

    2:47 when ur at a sleepover and it’s morning *ur friend is a heavy sleeper* WAKE UP!!!

  20. Thanh Thao Ta

    Thanh Thao Ta10 days ago

    Did he say Adam the monkey?

  21. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee10 days ago

    how did he not know what "divide and conquer" is? does he not play video games?

  22. Rakhi R Kashyap18

    Rakhi R Kashyap1812 days ago

    OH YES!!!,

  23. IndoGalaxy

    IndoGalaxy12 days ago

    Why did the turky cross the road?cuz he was a impostor

  24. Jay Liebenberg

    Jay Liebenberg13 days ago

    Eating sugar + farting ------------ Fluffy bread

  25. Marika Kutaladze

    Marika Kutaladze13 days ago

    Rie is like a mom who is trying to be supper supportive of her kids who are always on a verge of fucing up.

  26. Sadie silva

    Sadie silva13 days ago

    Whooo Lulu’s is here in San Antonio! It’s a San Antonio must!

  27. KASEI0N

    KASEI0N14 days ago

    "do you like chocolate milk" "I'm lactose intolerant" "do you want a bit anyway" "sure" fucking ME

  28. Panda Diaries

    Panda Diaries15 days ago

    0:59 wow... Nikki:s hand got smacked

  29. Shivam Malluri

    Shivam Malluri15 days ago

    4:02 OH.

  30. JKB Mercs

    JKB Mercs15 days ago

    This show is just super entertaining. I learn and laugh a lot! Thank you guys!

  31. Easzrael

    Easzrael16 days ago

    Annie looks so tired

  32. Matt intheHatt

    Matt intheHatt17 days ago

    How come almost everyone at tasty is lactose intolerant? *anyone else notice that?*

  33. Angel_ Gold

    Angel_ Gold17 days ago

    A cat advert popped up at this part😂0:31

  34. vivixn

    vivixn17 days ago

    annie is so pretty omg

  35. Irene Liu

    Irene Liu18 days ago

    Do a super cute Doughnut plz it’s from I ❤️ Doughnut! Plz PLZ THX IF YOU DO PLZ PLZ PLZ

  36. blobfish gaming

    blobfish gaming18 days ago

    Look a viraural video

  37. Pidge_katie sparkel

    Pidge_katie sparkel18 days ago

    I love cinnamon roles

  38. Pidge_katie sparkel

    Pidge_katie sparkel18 days ago


  39. Minnie Fonder

    Minnie Fonder18 days ago

    Do you wanna learn how to wrap properly? 😂😂

  40. Hannah Mcdivitt

    Hannah Mcdivitt19 days ago

    1 jewish 3....

  41. Shintonias

    Shintonias19 days ago

    I don´t know why, but I have a major crush on annie. She does not say too mutch, but I really like her expressions and the whole vibe she brings to this show and "worth it". Kind of like the female adam

  42. shriniwas samant

    shriniwas samant19 days ago

    I wonder how everyone is messing up and eventually everything becomes perfect

  43. Kiki Kardashian

    Kiki Kardashian19 days ago

    How to get diabetes 101

  44. Gendy Games

    Gendy Games20 days ago

    Adam looks like he is enjoying himself

  45. caiden riebold

    caiden riebold20 days ago

    0:47 math = Mental Abusse To Humans

  46. caiden riebold

    caiden riebold20 days ago

    I thought andrews shirt said warm on it at 2:37 but it was just the text.

  47. Hira Akbar

    Hira Akbar20 days ago

    Gucci vs Walmart

  48. Hanafi Selingkos

    Hanafi Selingkos20 days ago

    Andrew face like shahid kapoor bollywood artist

  49. Mohammad Faisal

    Mohammad Faisal21 day ago

    "It looks a little scary, but looks good" @6:18 Really? 😁

  50. Grace C Hernandez

    Grace C Hernandez21 day ago

    2:44 umm... i think its called cellular respiration... 😂 No hate.

  51. GamerGod88

    GamerGod8821 day ago

    7:48 Annie freaks out when Andrew licks the whip 😂

  52. Lil Corn hub

    Lil Corn hub22 days ago

    Annie is so hot tbh

  53. fantdm hero

    fantdm hero23 days ago

    Rei is the best

  54. Julie Annelisse Hyland

    Julie Annelisse Hyland23 days ago

    Those times when Niki was a producer and Annie was in front of the camera. How things’ve changed

  55. Jiggly Puff

    Jiggly Puff23 days ago

    OMG I love that laptop brand😍😍 sometimes I feel like I'm the only person that has it😂😂😚😚😚

  56. daily maily

    daily maily23 days ago

    At 6:02 was such an odd noise😭😂

  57. BlingStealer

    BlingStealer24 days ago

    Why is Annie so hot?

  58. Ŕáchéĺ is sad

    Ŕáchéĺ is sad24 days ago

    6:15 when anyone sees me- Rie-"it looks a little scary, but looks good" 😂😂

  59. Ŕáchéĺ is sad

    Ŕáchéĺ is sad24 days ago

    With someone who doesn't talk that much right beside andrew... he sounds annoying to me 😂

  60. Red Ninja Gaming

    Red Ninja Gaming25 days ago

    I feel like this is the size Costco would make them.

  61. Zakaria Yanouri

    Zakaria Yanouri27 days ago

    All I could think through the video a cat doesn’t weigh 10lb

  62. Breiny Medina Martinez

    Breiny Medina Martinez28 days ago

    am i the only one wondering why their computer is labeled "computer"? 😂💀



    I need rie to guide me in the choises i make in my everyday life.

  64. Umika Gandha

    Umika GandhaMonth ago

    You guys should have tried baking them in separate circular pans so they keep a better shape.

  65. Odd Drifting

    Odd DriftingMonth ago

    Why does Annie look like she doesn’t want to do this

  66. Golden Playz

    Golden PlayzMonth ago


  67. Eddie Mejia

    Eddie MejiaMonth ago

    I love rie 💞

  68. Jeanice BS

    Jeanice BSMonth ago

    annie looks like she has a crush on andrew

  69. joyapple joymangga

    joyapple joymanggaMonth ago

    "You measure using cats?" XD

  70. Lorde Platypus

    Lorde PlatypusMonth ago


  71. let's get wild with sammanpanda

    let's get wild with sammanpandaMonth ago

    5.5 pounds no!!! Half a cat

  72. José María

    José MaríaMonth ago

    Siamese cinnamon roll

  73. Henrik Sson

    Henrik SsonMonth ago

    dry yeast in the wet stuff

  74. Jayati A

    Jayati AMonth ago

    Wait I thought everyone knew that divide and conquer means divide the nation and take over it 😐

  75. Cassiel Cruz

    Cassiel CruzMonth ago

    I need Andrew to kneed me

  76. Kaitlyn Mendez

    Kaitlyn MendezMonth ago

    I’ve been to lulu’s I live in Texas and it was sooooo crazy.

  77. Agent Darkness

    Agent DarknessMonth ago

    "Do you like Chocolate Milk?" "I'm Lactose Intolerant" When has that ever stopped your kind before

  78. Weihang Lin

    Weihang LinMonth ago

    Its not melted it is soften butter

  79. Ritwika Ghosh

    Ritwika GhoshMonth ago

    I have rewatched this whole series like FIVE TIMES. I NEED MORE EATING YOUR FEED PLS

  80. Rain5155

    Rain5155Month ago

    I love Annie's hair

  81. Koju The Dragon

    Koju The DragonMonth ago

    Rie is like the real life cooking mama ._. (Helping her students/ children cook lol)

  82. dramabunbun queen

    dramabunbun queenMonth ago

    Andrew be like 3 pounds While rie... how many cats? RIE IS SO ADORABLE YAY!

  83. Inner Machinations

    Inner MachinationsMonth ago

    i wanna take home andrew and do stuffs on him...

  84. Amina Khan

    Amina KhanMonth ago


  85. Wei Quan

    Wei QuanMonth ago

    0:22 'Computer'

  86. SingTuberXD

    SingTuberXDMonth ago

    I think rie likes cats

  87. Kappa

    KappaMonth ago

    6:56 - 7:01 Nikki reaction to Andrew curse 😂😂😂

  88. Reinaliza Mendoza

    Reinaliza MendozaMonth ago

    I just love how in almost every other video, Mommy Rie is there ❤

  89. Mary Rose Ariaga

    Mary Rose AriagaMonth ago

    Why cant Adam be on screen more? He is a really adorable-ish manly bearded guy :) a delicate cinnamon roll :)

  90. Juicy Tomatoes

    Juicy TomatoesMonth ago

    Andrew... ❤

  91. Mr. K

    Mr. KMonth ago

    Do the recipe by weight. It makes it easier to multiply and distribute the exact amounts of ingredients.

  92. Farhana Yasmin

    Farhana YasminMonth ago

    I love watching EATING YOUR FEED ...

  93. Kim Jong-il

    Kim Jong-ilMonth ago

    What did you think divide and conquer ment?

  94. Patrick Myers

    Patrick MyersMonth ago

    1:15 what’s this song?

  95. Nick Heasley

    Nick HeasleyMonth ago

    That chick has got to have neck problems with that hair constantly flexing her head to the left

  96. papa franku

    papa frankuMonth ago

    This was made on my birthday

  97. Ilyass Saih

    Ilyass SaihMonth ago

    I’m on diet 😫

  98. Anjeeha Ghauri

    Anjeeha GhauriMonth ago

    Is it just this video or has Andrew always sounded so much like Nathan Fillion??

  99. Gatcha Gurl

    Gatcha GurlMonth ago

    What is an English Teachers favourite desert? Synonym Rolls

  100. Bryson Chociej

    Bryson ChociejMonth ago

    We have cinnamon rolls that big at every convience store in Texas

  101. Jay Perez

    Jay PerezMonth ago

    9:22 r/shittyfoodporn

  102. Angelie Park

    Angelie ParkMonth ago

    *During a 3 problem Math Quiz* When you don't know the anwer for No. 1 then you skip to No. 2 but No. 2 is based on your answer in No. 1 then you skip again then found out that No. 3 is also based on your answer in No. 2 My reaction: 2:22