We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll


  1. Cliff P

    Cliff P5 hours ago

    He drunk!

  2. Cliff P

    Cliff P5 hours ago

    “Looks a little scary?”

  3. Radhika Sharma

    Radhika Sharma6 hours ago

    annie is like female version of eugene

  4. Jaiden Kuan

    Jaiden Kuan20 hours ago

    I realized that they messed up because they added 11 cups of flour and not 12 cups

  5. Jaiden Kuan

    Jaiden Kuan20 hours ago

    That’s why their Dough was so deflating

  6. DatBoiDerrick _

    DatBoiDerrick _Day ago

    Annie is just a girl version of Eugene.

  7. 10k subs with no vids

    10k subs with no vids2 days ago

    An Asian scared of math what has this world come to

  8. omikaze

    omikaze3 days ago

    where did they find this boring co host ( sidekick ) for andrew

  9. MARA

    MARA3 days ago

    Is Rie the one who makes everything that we see on Tasty?

  10. maria jung

    maria jung3 days ago

    Annie reminds me Young K from day6

  11. Nischal Magar

    Nischal Magar3 days ago

    Annie is so good...more of her videos please

  12. Madi Mize

    Madi Mize3 days ago

    We went to Lulu's in San Antonio and had the craziest experience. We we're immediately seated and our waitress came to our table to take our order and told us how much she loved working there and how great Lulu's is and then we didn't see her for an hour, finally another waitress came over and said "I think your waitress just quit and walked out without placing your order"... Let's just say we we're very confused and hungry

  13. فنيك al7elw

    فنيك al7elw5 days ago

    7:01 when you realise it wasnt just a fart

  14. Insaf Moussaoui

    Insaf Moussaoui6 days ago

    Annie, we need more of ur interaction

  15. Greeshma R

    Greeshma R6 days ago

    Wow awesome

  16. Brenna F.

    Brenna F.7 days ago

    I swear every time he says eating your feed, I hear eating your feet

  17. Egay Katuday

    Egay Katuday7 days ago

    "Ohhhh, it's so hot inside" wtf lol

  18. Anika Talyan

    Anika Talyan8 days ago

    0:36 I love how the computer is labeled “computer” 😂

  19. Ahri Arcade

    Ahri Arcade8 days ago

    this is what i want RIGHT NOW - pregnant 😂

  20. AJ DeMarco

    AJ DeMarco8 days ago

    Adam says its so thick theres nothing wrong with thicc 😏

  21. Adele Dazeem

    Adele Dazeem9 days ago

    I have a feeling that laptop says "Computer" because someone may have tried to use one as a cutting board lol

  22. its.justruth

    its.justruth10 days ago

    Is it just me or does Andrew remind me of Dwight Schrute from the office💀💀

  23. Zouzou Gh.

    Zouzou Gh.10 days ago

    Adam is the best man in all of buzzfeed

  24. Pika Chu

    Pika Chu10 days ago

    Measure in cats XD

  25. Anna Torrez

    Anna Torrez10 days ago

    Love you guys!!!

  26. Jessica Hodges

    Jessica Hodges11 days ago


  27. Hazardous Harleigh

    Hazardous Harleigh11 days ago

    If you’re at Lulus get their queso chicken fried steak AND the cinnamon roll! Great pairing!

  28. GabDPanda

    GabDPanda11 days ago

    Nikki looks like steven but girl version wtf

  29. THEsourman00

    THEsourman0013 days ago


  30. Emma S.

    Emma S.13 days ago

    hey btw: if u double a recipe - Do Not double the salt!! baking is generally kinda finicky but in cooking doubling the salt will almost definitely fuck up ur end product

  31. xayatii bint koshin

    xayatii bint koshin13 days ago

    Annie is in love with Andrew, she can't handle her job properly

  32. Smita Macwan

    Smita Macwan13 days ago

    3:49 her expressions. lol....

  33. MR.NYC16GT

    MR.NYC16GT13 days ago

    I just took a bite and my heart is racing.....pussy!

  34. alwaysStanaK

    alwaysStanaK14 days ago

    I like how the laptop just says "computer" on the back 😂

  35. MaddieMiran

    MaddieMiran14 days ago


  36. uriel galindo orozco

    uriel galindo orozco14 days ago

    That Asian girl looked like a korean transexual boy Wtf

  37. Diana Pullen

    Diana Pullen14 days ago

    I feel like Andrew should have a cooking show called “just winging it”

  38. Иван Чернопятко

    Иван Чернопятко15 days ago


  39. David Murray

    David Murray16 days ago

    It was 11

  40. Esther Espholm

    Esther Espholm17 days ago

    A fat cat

  41. BjmkAndBear

    BjmkAndBear17 days ago

    how do you make a giant adam?

  42. Daisyfabulous

    Daisyfabulous17 days ago

    Guys I’m not lying when he said Cinnamon Toast Crunch I was literally eating it lol

  43. silviarambles

    silviarambles18 days ago

    Working at buzzfeed looks so funny.

  44. Blink_once_2C Twice

    Blink_once_2C Twice18 days ago

    annie are u ok

  45. Its a teen life

    Its a teen life19 days ago

    Wow andrew's idea about history is pretty slim...

  46. meeprific

    meeprific19 days ago

    Tasty is getting really meta, trying to recreate their own videos...

  47. KyleisthecoolguyDF

    KyleisthecoolguyDF19 days ago

    Annie is like that one emotionless girl in an anime,i love it Her personality is similar to mine

  48. DunbarDaddario

    DunbarDaddario19 days ago

    Annie reminds me of YoungK

  49. Koko

    Koko19 days ago

    Wait, is the widespread understanding of "Divide and conquer" that you're the one dividing yourself? Huh. Guess it must be a cultural thing. To me it was always implied that you divide others and then win.

  50. Thegirlkeke

    Thegirlkeke19 days ago

    I love Rie 😂♥️♥️.

  51. Mel Wu

    Mel Wu20 days ago

    Make a raindrop cake

  52. jnrj Fortnite

    jnrj Fortnite21 day ago

    Damn, it must be a pain to clean all this up in the end after every vid 😂 I live in Texas lolol

  53. Arkadiy Kazantsev

    Arkadiy Kazantsev21 day ago

    I ship Annie and Andrew

  54. Mukul Anand

    Mukul Anand21 day ago

    im so confused is andrew in New York or LA?

  55. Marsters

    Marsters21 day ago

    Why is everybody so mean to Annie?

  56. Kunaya

    Kunaya21 day ago

    There's a restaurant called Stuffies near me that makes giant cinnamon rolls 😍

  57. Cooper The dog

    Cooper The dog21 day ago

    Annie is the type of person that just rejects everything and everyone in life.

  58. Moto Johnny

    Moto Johnny21 day ago

    where dey thiccc white biddy at?

  59. ReyAlex92

    ReyAlex9222 days ago

    annie is kinda cute

  60. Suzy White

    Suzy White22 days ago

    How many grams are there in a cup of butter?

  61. Pegasus Animation

    Pegasus Animation23 days ago

    May I suggest to make it easier rather then doing the math just make a couple of normal batches then measure and I do see the problem of way to much but start with one measure it and go from that ok

  62. Beatka Pecserke

    Beatka Pecserke23 days ago

    remember when Andrew made that perks of being quiet video? xD someone turned your volume up, buddy

  63. Sara M

    Sara M23 days ago

    اfunniest sound that I heard in my life😂😂😂😂😂😂😂6:02

  64. quackers quackington

    quackers quackington24 days ago

    They look like Jabba from star wars

  65. erika lmao

    erika lmao25 days ago

    0:43 wow 10/10 effort in avoiding copyright from apple

  66. Mardigraskit1

    Mardigraskit125 days ago

    uhhhh so what history podcast was he listening to tho??

  67. kokona haruka

    kokona haruka25 days ago


  68. Martijn Bavelaar

    Martijn Bavelaar25 days ago

    Andrew is the one and only true ascendant, nothing goes above Andrew.

  69. riccaa26

    riccaa2625 days ago

    1:25 That’s what she said 😎

  70. hocus pocus

    hocus pocus26 days ago

    i just know andrew has a heavy dick

  71. BillGreek

    BillGreek27 days ago

    That Andrew said about Romans, in Greece we learnt it in high school !

  72. Mohit Singh Rawat

    Mohit Singh Rawat28 days ago

    Annie is so beautiful 😍

  73. Timothy Alvarado

    Timothy Alvarado28 days ago

    I live in San Antonio and I’ve been to lulu’s and omg it is so good

  74. Jana and the Jojos

    Jana and the Jojos29 days ago

    I actually did this and it turned out good and that was the first time I make cinnamon rolls 😄

  75. Moose Butt

    Moose Butt29 days ago

    You cant beat Texas

  76. Bình Nguyễn

    Bình Nguyễn29 days ago

    Anyone know Andrew’s Instagram account???

  77. Sydney Hunter

    Sydney HunterMonth ago

    wow it's gigantic

  78. Eva :P

    Eva :PMonth ago

    I think Rie is always thinking "oh my god why can't they do that it's easy... " She's a chef and thats cool 😂 I don't know how to say it she's just so fancy

  79. Eduardo Negrete

    Eduardo NegreteMonth ago

    i dont know why but i dislike Rie

  80. John Papado

    John PapadoMonth ago

    Are there really people that think divide and conquer means divide your resources and not your enemies?

  81. Ahsan Ahsan

    Ahsan AhsanMonth ago

    Adam is liked by like alot of asian people

  82. A utobotpiggy

    A utobotpiggyMonth ago

    T H I C C 👌💯

  83. 예리

    예리Month ago

    Andrew: You like chocolate milk? Annie: I’m lactose intolerant I’m-

  84. HalocraZze

    HalocraZzeMonth ago

    I don't know what it is about his voice, but that dry, almost cynical humor just makes listening to Andrew even more pleasant than watching him X'D Also, I think I'm gonna have to measure everything in cats now.

  85. John Martin

    John MartinMonth ago

    I always did like that skinny dude.

  86. Mm Ss

    Mm SsMonth ago

    Andrew everybody knows that

  87. gabbie perrine

    gabbie perrineMonth ago

    1:40 anybody else hear “dicks cups of milk” ??? I can’t hear anything but...

  88. Erin

    ErinMonth ago

    Instead of two-ish I herd Jewish

  89. Kindhearted Deniela2

    Kindhearted Deniela2Month ago

    Actually cats are not 10 pounds mine is maybe 20 xD he eats all day

  90. Adnan Abdulkader

    Adnan AbdulkaderMonth ago

    I ship it

  91. Serephina Walker

    Serephina WalkerMonth ago

    "It looks like a chicken wing." Rie 2018

  92. Danielle Peters

    Danielle PetersMonth ago

    they should have put them in round cake pans to back and hold shape

  93. Carmen Ramirez

    Carmen RamirezMonth ago

    computer 😂

  94. Kaitlin Rodriguez

    Kaitlin RodriguezMonth ago


  95. Kawii Potatoe

    Kawii PotatoeMonth ago

    Lmao homemade "computer"

  96. Brianna Merceri

    Brianna MerceriMonth ago

    2 sticks of butter = 1 cup

  97. Rachel Voltage

    Rachel VoltageMonth ago

    I really have started loving your channel!😍😍😍

  98. Kim Namjoon

    Kim NamjoonMonth ago

    "want some milk?" "im lactose intolerant" *drinks anyway* this is every lactose intolerant person i know

  99. Smm y

    Smm yMonth ago

    Why does Annie look like Hwasa from Mamamoo?

  100. Sungur Dilman

    Sungur Dilman2 days ago

    Smm y she looks like han from fast and furious tokyo drift

  101. BTS x ARMY

    BTS x ARMY2 days ago

    Omg yaaass

  102. Smm y

    Smm y18 days ago

    pizza_ahgase lmao

  103. pizza_ahgase

    pizza_ahgase19 days ago


  104. Isaac Tried That

    Isaac Tried ThatMonth ago


  105. Pikachu Elric

    Pikachu ElricMonth ago

    i legit am drinking choco milk right now XD