We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll


  1. Nour Nour

    Nour Nour5 hours ago

    there is a spark between them she was blushing ... i don't know anyway

  2. Nour Nour

    Nour Nour5 hours ago

    she can't look to him and he wants to look at her

  3. Shinigami 2480

    Shinigami 24805 hours ago

    i think this would of ended up a lot better if you put them in 9-inch round pan so it grows instead of spread edit: you can now order the Lulus cafe roll through the mail www.luluscafeinsa.com/wine.html

  4. InfiniTea

    InfiniTea7 hours ago

    2:40 a 3-day lesson taught in science took him 3 seconds.

  5. Ansariya Nisha

    Ansariya NishaDay ago

    don't put butter when putting in oven that's why it was bit hard on top ..

  6. Pickle Pickleson

    Pickle PicklesonDay ago


  7. Shreya Philip

    Shreya PhilipDay ago

    "This is now a math show "

  8. Keith Kelly

    Keith KellyDay ago


  9. AmNoob Z

    AmNoob ZDay ago

    Pack of YEET

  10. Prophet Gaming

    Prophet Gaming2 days ago

    Yeast in packets dont need to be activated

  11. Adyn Romero

    Adyn Romero2 days ago

    Lulus is in San Antonio Tx and I have been there and it is so delicious

  12. Black Knight

    Black Knight2 days ago

    Andrew: Rie, poke it Me: SLIME!

  13. Hayleigh Vuong

    Hayleigh Vuong2 days ago


  14. Vanessa Tran

    Vanessa Tran2 days ago

    Why is the computer labeled “Computer” ????

  15. Naima Edwards

    Naima Edwards2 days ago

    I think Andrew has a cute smile Just saying

  16. G-ratedFan

    G-ratedFan2 days ago

    Annie: *Stays behind quietly* andrew: Are you good at baking? Annie: No... (Im lactose intolerant too :3)

  17. Unicorns Rule

    Unicorns Rule3 days ago

    I have one

  18. Jeff Terrian

    Jeff Terrian3 days ago

    The cook in me loves Rei's remarks. Haha

  19. Cecilia Garcia

    Cecilia Garcia3 days ago

    organize ur "shows" in playlists for mobile viewers

  20. Topazgirl9

    Topazgirl93 days ago

    1:19 Of course she’s lactose intolerant. We’re Asian. We turn pink when we get drunk and we have diarrhea when we drink milk.

  21. Sunday Stevens

    Sunday Stevens3 days ago

    PSA I'd probably marry anyone on the spot who made me one of these

  22. Sharon Jose

    Sharon Jose3 days ago

    Andrew always has an Asian buddy

  23. lιzard wιzard

    lιzard wιzard3 days ago

    7:00 I dropped my phone right when it beeped i thought my phone broke

  24. Samantha Yip

    Samantha Yip3 days ago

    The computer is definitely NOT a Mac just a “computer”

  25. sgallegos210

    sgallegos2104 days ago

    We have a lulus in san antonio that cinnamon roll is crazy big .-.

  26. Angely Pule

    Angely Pule4 days ago

    I hate thier videos because they get me so hungry but love watching them😩😂🍕🍔🌭🥩🥘🥗🤤🤤

  27. Jacob O'Leary

    Jacob O'Leary4 days ago

    "computer" even though the ad on this vid is apple

  28. justin smith

    justin smith4 days ago

    Rie is so beautiful

  29. Elle R

    Elle R4 days ago

    lactose intolerant but ate the cheese in the last video. And why do you need a label for your computer...have people tried to cook on it? O_o

  30. Elle R

    Elle R3 days ago

    Breanna Cat gotcha! 👍

  31. Breanna Cat

    Breanna Cat4 days ago

    its to avoid advertisement or sponsorship of the makers of the computer

  32. Valerie Wang

    Valerie Wang4 days ago

    i’ve never had a cinnamon roll before

  33. Lenny

    Lenny5 days ago

    And this guys is how you get diabetes type 1

  34. AmericaninAustralia

    AmericaninAustralia5 days ago

    1:53 annie looks so done with andrew.

  35. Summer Noybn

    Summer Noybn5 days ago

    when measuring by volume do NOT use kosher salt unless the recipe calls for it, there is a big difference in volume between identical weights of table, kosher, pickling, and rock salt. Use table salt.

  36. Julianna

    Julianna5 days ago


  37. Cassie Harper

    Cassie Harper5 days ago

    epic fail

  38. Javaid Miah

    Javaid Miah5 days ago

    Rie is so endearing!

  39. Tyra Kristiansen

    Tyra Kristiansen5 days ago

    "One, jewish, three, four"

  40. Daddy’s Potato

    Daddy’s Potato6 days ago

    Omg I’ve had the giant cinnamon roll it is LIFE

  41. Mouse's corner

    Mouse's corner6 days ago

    To me he kinda looks like cas from spn

  42. Lavar Edwards

    Lavar Edwards7 days ago

    I enjoy Adam, Andrew and Rie so much! My Tasty Lovers

  43. zas king

    zas king7 days ago

    On 2:38 I thought Andrews shirt actually said warm

  44. Midnite Oracle

    Midnite Oracle7 days ago

    Could you please make a Yule Log Cake?!

  45. cheikh mokhtar

    cheikh mokhtar7 days ago

    Am 15 yrs old from morroco my name is Mohamed and am muslim and i love you so much RIE❤❤❤❤

  46. Yoshi ???

    Yoshi ???7 days ago

    It took me 3 and a half minutes to notice the paper towel with "computer" taped on the laptop...im shleep🤣🤣

  47. bls71

    bls717 days ago

    Love the white text on the white background

  48. Brooklyn JACK

    Brooklyn JACK7 days ago

    That is a cinnamon roll cake

  49. hero 007

    hero 0077 days ago


  50. Sevgi Kaya

    Sevgi Kaya7 days ago

    am i the only one who think that annie looks like brian from day6??

  51. mars

    mars8 days ago

    Andrew looks like dean Ambrose

  52. Jerry Vasquez

    Jerry Vasquez8 days ago

    The cinnamon rolls they're are not even that good peopel assume they are because they're big i lived in san antonio since i was 3 and been to lulus maybe twice

  53. Guccierez 00

    Guccierez 008 days ago

    I just realized that I’ve eaten at lulu’s before

  54. Bleach Lel

    Bleach Lel8 days ago

    I think we all know why Rie uses cats as measurements😂😭💯

  55. MD Productions

    MD Productions8 days ago

    They should give this another try

  56. Nicky Fursona

    Nicky Fursona8 days ago

    9:37 *THAT’S WHAT HE SAID*

  57. M H

    M H8 days ago

    Annie in more videos is a must

  58. Judii Tran

    Judii Tran8 days ago

    My favorite learning moment was when Andrew teaches us the meaning of divide and conquer lol

  59. TheTitanSmash :3

    TheTitanSmash :38 days ago

    watch 5:13 - 5:39 with closed eyes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  60. Connor Downey

    Connor Downey8 days ago

    I like niki. better than annie

  61. Lily gaming

    Lily gaming9 days ago

    Tbh idgaf about how it looks i just wanna eat itttt

  62. Jasmine Welsh

    Jasmine Welsh9 days ago

    Andrew is my favorite person from buzzfeed

  63. Jes I apparently need a last name

    Jes I apparently need a last name9 days ago

    C O M P U T E R 😂

  64. Nicole Quah

    Nicole Quah9 days ago

    The icing look like glue... 😳

  65. Austin Str

    Austin Str9 days ago

    9:24 this is why Annie is my favorite

  66. Jacob Dragneel

    Jacob Dragneel9 days ago

    when ur high key in love with annie

  67. Jocelyne Lopez

    Jocelyne Lopez9 days ago

    Andrew was an asshole when he told Rie if she measured everything by cats

  68. Kookie Stole My Heartu

    Kookie Stole My Heartu9 days ago

    3:16 I love how they label the laptop that it’s a computer...😂

  69. Zuweh

    Zuweh9 days ago

    Rie is the master of all masters.

  70. Michelina Miller

    Michelina Miller9 days ago


  71. Sarah Z

    Sarah Z9 days ago

    who else ships annie and andrew

  72. Dank Mango

    Dank Mango9 days ago

    Andrew is very rude if you watched the hot Cheetos burrito if you agree like my sentence

  73. miguel ordonez

    miguel ordonez9 days ago

    why does she not look at the camera

  74. no leaving cringe comments in the halls

    no leaving cringe comments in the halls9 days ago

    0:11 *adam beyoncé*

  75. Jekhi Austin

    Jekhi Austin9 days ago

    That asian cat joke tho

  76. TheProGamer Andrej

    TheProGamer Andrej10 days ago

    OK so the first step is to make the DOH.

  77. LoganLerman #Addict

    LoganLerman #Addict10 days ago

    No bring Nikki back

  78. Droggelbecher !

    Droggelbecher !10 days ago

    i am not a native english speaker, but i was tought the past form of "melt" is "molten" not "melted"

  79. adda mn

    adda mn10 days ago

    I want to cook with andrew. And i really mean cooking 😌😌

  80. yaboychar

    yaboychar10 days ago

    they act like slaves that don’t want to be there

  81. Mahalia-Marie Adams

    Mahalia-Marie Adams10 days ago

    My cats are around 15-20 lbs.. one is 19 .. lolz fat cats.. makes them lovable

  82. Jon Schondel

    Jon Schondel10 days ago

    So is this just a cooking show with ex-buzz feeders? I’m about it, just curious

  83. brittany mccants

    brittany mccants7 days ago

    buzz feed is tasty. they are still with buzz feed

  84. TheBisclavrt

    TheBisclavrt10 days ago

    I can't stop staring at her. wth

  85. makayla demetrow

    makayla demetrow10 days ago

    Should have used a cake pan to hold its shape.

  86. Bagel Chip

    Bagel Chip10 days ago

    oH my god Lulu’s cinnamon rolls are the best They also have really good pancakes that are also huge 👀

  87. MsAminaShah

    MsAminaShah10 days ago

    3:45 Andrew thought "divide and conquer" was dividing yourself before lol xD cute

  88. Chuzzy

    Chuzzy10 days ago

    I thought he said jewish


    KOLBY PROVENCE10 days ago

    I've been to Lulu's

  90. Kayleigh King

    Kayleigh King10 days ago

    I'm from Texas how am I not surprised that the original videos from Texas that's such a Texas thing

  91. olivia whittaker

    olivia whittaker10 days ago

    She’s so pretty

  92. jweeby

    jweeby10 days ago

    Eating sugar + farting = fluffy bread... Good job Andrew.... Baking math

  93. jweeby

    jweeby10 days ago

    They use the best brand of computers... You ask what brand? : *COMPUTER* :)

  94. yt n

    yt n11 days ago


  95. yt n

    yt n11 days ago

    I love her hair sm omygod new crush

  96. TheBoltMaster

    TheBoltMaster11 days ago

    Rie’s my favorite in these tasty videos, andrew’s my 2nd fav

  97. The Deadest Meme

    The Deadest Meme11 days ago

    “Giant Cinnamon Roll” **Cough** *-Lin Miranda-* **Cough**

  98. Justine Retodo

    Justine Retodo11 days ago

    These are actually fucking terrifying

  99. Jimmer Seiber

    Jimmer Seiber11 days ago


  100. kd cutie

    kd cutie11 days ago

    This needs to be redone...

  101. Kallie White

    Kallie White11 days ago

    Whhyyy is no one talking about how hot Annie is??!

  102. Kalisto Gonzalez

    Kalisto Gonzalez11 days ago

    "do you measure things in cat in Japan?" 😂😂😂😂

  103. sadira cohran

    sadira cohran11 days ago

    They say mother knows best but tasty-wise rie knows best

  104. Zoey Silva-Ruiz

    Zoey Silva-Ruiz11 days ago

    Its a dinner not a cafe