We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll


  1. dinolandra

    dinolandra5 hours ago

    If they had cut it into smaller rolls before letting it rise, they would have still gotten good size cinnamon rolls. The texture is off because the dough didn't have room to rise.

  2. Danie Elle

    Danie Elle13 hours ago

    I want adam to recreate viral foods tooo Hahha

  3. awesomeness0005

    awesomeness0005Day ago


  4. Naima Irfan

    Naima IrfanDay ago

    Labeled computer on dirty dishes had me laughing .

  5. bigbadbri08

    bigbadbri08Day ago

    Micro the cream cheese mixture and it would have been fin

  6. 爱珍

    爱珍Day ago

    Andrew: Delete this part of the video ASDKDDKASDSKK

  7. Sherine Lol

    Sherine LolDay ago

    u spelled thiccc wrong

  8. You need some milk XD

    You need some milk XD2 days ago

    Two things that I have learned today are that Rae always saves the day and divide and conquer comes from the Romans time

  9. LTQOB

    LTQOB2 days ago

    Why is it write “computer “ on the computer 😂😂

  10. Moccha Kira

    Moccha Kira2 days ago

    Its not a cinammon roll Its a cinammon rectangle

  11. EJMC 2007

    EJMC 20072 days ago

    I'm addicted in this show

  12. Vidyeah

    Vidyeah3 days ago

    They just look like they're winging it, not professional chefs

  13. laura kelly

    laura kelly3 days ago

    can you do a giant apple pie/tart

  14. Maryam Aldihri

    Maryam Aldihri3 days ago

    U idiots forgot about the brown sugar for the filling

  15. Advice Corner

    Advice Corner3 days ago

    Everything in Texas is TEXAS SIZED On other words, HUMONGOUS

  16. Sara Gebre

    Sara Gebre4 days ago

    No that's a hulk cinnamon roll

  17. George Hristov

    George Hristov4 days ago

    The asian girl is so dead

  18. Jazzy Games

    Jazzy Games4 days ago

    i like using brown sugar in my cinnamon rolls


    XxNINJAxX XxGAMINGxX5 days ago

    1:47 "WHAT?"

  20. OvO Skittles

    OvO Skittles5 days ago

    That sounded so racist this man said do you measure with cats in japan

  21. LaLeLiLoLuL

    LaLeLiLoLuL5 days ago

    Ur dumb it was a joke if u find race in everything you are the actual racist

  22. Isabella Win

    Isabella Win6 days ago

    1:26 THICC LOL

  23. Jaylyn Torres

    Jaylyn Torres6 days ago

    Annie:I’m lactose intolerant. other dude:Ohh . Me: me too Annie go sis

  24. Naveera Arif

    Naveera Arif7 days ago

    Petition to start measuring things in cats

  25. Hayden Lau

    Hayden Lau8 days ago

    They tried to make Adam?

  26. crsmit

    crsmit8 days ago

    1:38 did you get any cinimon?

  27. crsmit

    crsmit8 days ago

    bc you kinda need it for cinimon rolls.

  28. sugaeatshands yes

    sugaeatshands yes9 days ago

    I feel bad for the person who has to do the tasy dishes

  29. shookie bear

    shookie bear9 days ago

    1:09 SHOcolate milk?

  30. Abhisar Dahiya

    Abhisar Dahiya10 days ago

    I just got a major crush on Annie. Don't tell her pls guys


    I AM BIG BOSS HANDSOME10 days ago


  32. Heart.broken .23

    Heart.broken .2311 days ago

    1:46 when my mom says it’s your cousins birthday

  33. Abstract Alex

    Abstract Alex11 days ago

    0:49 computer 😂

  34. Markus Annas

    Markus Annas12 days ago

    Varför är det sperma på bullen?

  35. Yi Han Lim

    Yi Han Lim12 days ago

    I accidentally skipped the video twice and realised all three videos start with:”ok”😂😂😂

  36. hajar asri

    hajar asri12 days ago

    "keep it together ". Andrew hahajz

  37. Betty Regalado

    Betty Regalado12 days ago

    eating sugar + farting = fluffy bread 😛

  38. Joanecel Aspera

    Joanecel Aspera12 days ago

    The techniques are u make ball of dough roll it evenly . Stretch to form square dont use melted butter room temp does and when rolling use dstretch fold methd. On icing cream it before adding other engridents also it has icing sugar

  39. Joanecel Aspera

    Joanecel Aspera12 days ago

    I've worked at Cinnabon before adn its entertaining watching others try cinnamon roll

  40. Sprite Cranberry

    Sprite Cranberry12 days ago

    Big boy

  41. EdgarTheDoodle

    EdgarTheDoodle13 days ago

    is it ironic that the asian girl compares cats to food?

  42. abili kids

    abili kids13 days ago

    I've been to Lulu's before and I ordered the cinnamon roll it was soooooo good but it was gone In like a day but don't worry I didn't finish it by my self

  43. Therealsolin

    Therealsolin13 days ago

    I have the flu and I throw up everything I eat but this seems so good😭

  44. That Lofi Kid

    That Lofi Kid14 days ago


  45. phiphi kawaii

    phiphi kawaii14 days ago

    7:53 she done with him lol

  46. Maxxx Limaco

    Maxxx Limaco14 days ago

    why do i ship them ?

  47. kayla Walters

    kayla Walters14 days ago

    I love that the computer says "Computer"

  48. Lily Grigson

    Lily Grigson14 days ago

    Real quick why does the computer have a label on it??

  49. Emma Ka Wai Liu

    Emma Ka Wai Liu15 days ago

    annie's hair is magical

  50. Louis Richer

    Louis Richer15 days ago

    How can Rie always be so happy 😂

  51. Sophia Fairman

    Sophia Fairman15 days ago

    *splat splat*

  52. carolbuzelim

    carolbuzelim15 days ago

    Masure in cats makes more sense than the american system, tho

  53. Magdalie Mexile

    Magdalie Mexile16 days ago

    Andrew at 7:00 is 100% me. Once I realize I f-ed up I just say “alright might as well finish and just cook it anyways”. Or replace cook with another thing I messed up

  54. VanJim

    VanJim16 days ago

    That Annie doesnt look to enjoy cooking and stress the Ambient why she is there???😕

  55. Vedez

    Vedez17 days ago

    Annie looks like she has feelings for Andrew

  56. aNd sPrItE

    aNd sPrItE17 days ago

    Can I marry Andrew already

  57. BunBunnz

    BunBunnz18 days ago

    *i LiKe Em’ BiG, i LiKe Em’ ChUnCkY*

  58. laney Hesse

    laney Hesse18 days ago

    I watched the video and instantly after words looked up how much the average cat weighs! lol

  59. Adam Gomes

    Adam Gomes18 days ago

    Annie is fucking S L A M M I N

  60. New Light

    New Light18 days ago

    did they spell viral wrong?

  61. DesmyTool

    DesmyTool19 days ago

    You need to butter that.

  62. Krystal S. S.

    Krystal S. S.19 days ago

    A Heart Attack and Diabetes, what a nice thing to share with everyone :P

  63. Kelly Chung

    Kelly Chung19 days ago

    I've been there before....... Even with 7 ppl we still couldn't finish the giant cinnamon roll XD

  64. Areia Rome

    Areia Rome19 days ago

    3:52 ... You realise that now??? .... Sometimes this is so confusing for me...

  65. GuardianDragon 98

    GuardianDragon 9819 days ago

    Butter. Butter everything. Andrew getting chocolate milk so they can have a little snack while baking - he knows his priorities.

  66. Inverted Milk

    Inverted Milk20 days ago

    3:32, it is a computer.

  67. a google user

    a google user20 days ago

    How does anyone not know what divide and conquer means

  68. Lucas Butterfield

    Lucas Butterfield20 days ago

    Adam has such a powerful presence

  69. TheFoodieWaffle

    TheFoodieWaffle20 days ago

    0:35 can’t stand the computer label!

  70. Kuroneko 13

    Kuroneko 1320 days ago

    Annie is cute 💕🥰

  71. Livi Arechiga

    Livi Arechiga20 days ago

    2:44 Annie looks so grossed out

  72. Kucing miu miu

    Kucing miu miu21 day ago

    Do you measure things by cats? Yes we should!

  73. Poppyk084

    Poppyk08421 day ago

    Annie: I’m lactose intolerant Andrew: will you have some? Annie: sure Congratulations. You just summed up lactose intolerance. It’s like a game to us

  74. Bacon Cat

    Bacon CatDay ago

    My whole life is an action movie of eating too much ice cream

  75. goldenoceans14

    goldenoceans1420 days ago

    True 😂😂😂

  76. Jeremy Pape

    Jeremy Pape22 days ago

    Annie is beautiful ❤️

  77. Lee Ruizhi

    Lee Ruizhi22 days ago

    So is no one gonna say how hot Annie looks?

  78. Alyssa P

    Alyssa P22 days ago

    i only notice the laptop front side was written with 'computer' after how many times coming back to this video 😂

  79. yomna salem

    yomna salem23 days ago

    annie is so sweet and beautiful, i watched her first time yesterday and now i am going all over tasty channel for her videos you're my new favourite tasty member now :D

  80. AdamH

    AdamH23 days ago

    0:30 are you racist or something?😂😂

  81. SkullySkies

    SkullySkies23 days ago

    Giant cinnamon roll easy. Just put Adam on a plate

  82. Marvel Everything

    Marvel Everything23 days ago

    why does Andrew seem so depressed all the time?

  83. Lintang Nitibaskara

    Lintang Nitibaskara23 days ago

    2019 im sill here and i want a cinnamon roll coated in cream cheese frosting right now hehe

  84. Adan A

    Adan A23 days ago

    I'm in love with Andrew.....

  85. Adrianna Miller

    Adrianna Miller23 days ago

    I feel like baking them individually in high-walled round cake pans would improve it's shape.

  86. tea4al

    tea4al23 days ago

    Its late but reveal the name of history podcast please

  87. trex70

    trex7023 days ago

    You realy waste to much Food in your Videos

  88. Mr.Spøon

    Mr.Spøon24 days ago

    3:47 Uh... I thought that was common knowledge

  89. Flower Dolphin

    Flower Dolphin24 days ago

    Those bags of sugar and flour are like 4 to 6 times bigger than our biggest ones lmao xD

  90. YamiAlex224

    YamiAlex22423 days ago

    Welcome to america Welcome to california

  91. Vruddhi Korgaonkar

    Vruddhi Korgaonkar24 days ago

    R.I.P cinnamon roll😔 9:22

  92. master B 628

    master B 62825 days ago

    I've been to Lulu's, those cinnamon buns can feed 8 ppl frfr

  93. Dam Mad

    Dam Mad25 days ago

    Okay but does anyone remember OG stoic Andrew who would never even crack a smile and now we’ve got this smiley little guy

  94. RedHood Prince

    RedHood Prince25 days ago

    I freaking love all these people!!! and deny all you want, Andrew is the cutest thing out there I live in Texas, i love cinnamon rolles... but I've never had the giant cinnamon roll.


    POPPY GLORIA25 days ago

    2:12 i swear he says Jewish

  96. Christian Lee

    Christian Lee25 days ago

    my boyfriend calls me his cinnamon roll i-

  97. K Souhardo

    K Souhardo26 days ago

    I so much love Annie. She’s just so weirdly cute.

  98. rose water

    rose water26 days ago

    I ship Andrew and Annie.

  99. triangulation TM

    triangulation TM26 days ago

    What state you in pls respond

  100. Zaida Nash

    Zaida Nash27 days ago

    Lulu's is a very good place. It is so good. If you ever visit san Antonio you should go

  101. Kate Is Great

    Kate Is Great27 days ago

    Rie is a smol cinnamon roll :3

  102. Jenny Nguyen

    Jenny Nguyen27 days ago

    rie is my mother

  103. Alexza Maldonado

    Alexza Maldonado28 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh your ass off and experience Dallas Texas!

  104. Jan Gaden

    Jan Gaden28 days ago

    Rie meant CUT but mispronouncing it to CAT lol

  105. Jason M.

    Jason M.28 days ago

    I have lost brain cells while watching this. I don’t know if I even know how to cook anymore....... REALLY stupid🙄