We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll


  1. danicoleb5394

    danicoleb53948 minutes ago

    I hate when they use cream cheese for the frosting. 😭

  2. Moo Moo Puppy

    Moo Moo Puppy11 minutes ago

    put it through a sieve

  3. Moo Moo Puppy

    Moo Moo Puppy16 minutes ago

    ...bath salts...

  4. Mya Allen

    Mya Allen21 minute ago

    Annies earrings 😂😂

  5. ZabZab_

    ZabZab_23 minutes ago

    im fasting i shouldn't be watching this

  6. Gerber D

    Gerber D35 minutes ago

    you should’ve cut the big circle into a couple of lines and then you roll one and roll that one onto another one and keep going until u have no more

  7. Qasim Zaffar

    Qasim ZaffarHour ago

    I'm surprised that there are people out there who think "divide and conquer" means something other than what it actually does!!

  8. Lulu Edits

    Lulu EditsHour ago

    I heard the word Lulu!!!!!!!!!

  9. KayFluffle

    KayFluffleHour ago


  10. Gabriel Liu

    Gabriel Liu2 hours ago

    Is that Andrew? **clicks**

  11. Adel Wolf

    Adel Wolf3 hours ago

    Please, for the love of puppies, BAKE IN METRIC! I flinched every time he said "flour" and "cup"

  12. Matthew Song

    Matthew Song3 hours ago

    Whats laxsosntoowjdeiwifjjreid

  13. HI, Hello

    HI, Hello4 hours ago

    I still wonder whos "oh yes!" That is

  14. LewHen Silvar

    LewHen Silvar6 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for Annie to appear in a series ever since I saw her in that Ladylike video.

  15. Aliana ARD

    Aliana ARD6 hours ago

    "Viraural video"

  16. Catsoup

    Catsoup7 hours ago

    Annie is so beautiful...

  17. hanbin kim

    hanbin kim7 hours ago

    There's a huge cinnamon roll right there. The one who's filming haha. Adam.

  18. Pungent AJ

    Pungent AJ7 hours ago


  19. Diya Teeluck

    Diya Teeluck8 hours ago

    The divide and Conquer thing had me dead!! 😂😂

  20. Brissa Sanchez

    Brissa Sanchez8 hours ago

    Should have baked one in a circular pan to keep the shape 😩

  21. Medeline Citra Vanessa

    Medeline Citra Vanessa8 hours ago


  22. VGZeR0

    VGZeR09 hours ago

    I love Annie's shade and indifference! It is needed and thank you

  23. carl shneebly

    carl shneebly10 hours ago

    Does buzzfeed go out of their way to hire hot asian chicks?

  24. Monzurat Oni

    Monzurat Oni11 hours ago

    why didn't you make them in springform pans?

  25. Ordinary_ Girl2000

    Ordinary_ Girl200012 hours ago

    Man behind the camera hi adam 😁

  26. what the hell grace

    what the hell grace12 hours ago

    how many cats

  27. nope !?!

    nope !?!12 hours ago

    I like how they put computer at the top of the laptop

  28. Googly Eyes

    Googly Eyes13 hours ago

    "It might just be the excitement of giant food"

  29. Kathryn Sleezer

    Kathryn Sleezer14 hours ago

    too bad I'm writing an essay for English right now, my last school never made us write essays, but now we have to, to pass any of our classes, so i cant watch this video, but the first 3 seconds were great!!!!!!!!

  30. Arlene TriSinging

    Arlene TriSinging14 hours ago

    tell me i'm no the only one, but i've always wondered, who says the " oh yes" at the end of the videos?

  31. Ocean view Peek

    Ocean view Peek14 hours ago

    Adam is just perfect.😂

  32. Leilani Garcia

    Leilani Garcia15 hours ago

    Andrew: "Do you measure things by cat in Japan?" Rie: "HEHEHEH....." -__- ME: " *OMG THEY EAT CATS OVER THERE!!......wait* "

  33. Snake TV

    Snake TV15 hours ago

    So Thiiiick

  34. Otaku World

    Otaku World15 hours ago

    I kinda miss nikki

  35. Wonho is my one hoe

    Wonho is my one hoe16 hours ago

    The word computer on their laptop was really funny to me lmao idk

  36. darcysgurl

    darcysgurl16 hours ago

    Andrew here is more himself , he is making jokes , goofing around ! Not like worth it series

  37. BlueJae

    BlueJae17 hours ago


  38. Elisa Sammut

    Elisa Sammut17 hours ago

    Annie: Oh, we need to measure one and half cups of melted butter. Adam: WhAt?

  39. Fareeha Ahmed

    Fareeha Ahmed17 hours ago


  40. Jesse Amar

    Jesse Amar17 hours ago

    "it looks like a chicken wing"

  41. UNICORN Pham

    UNICORN Pham17 hours ago

    Giant cinimon sqaure

  42. Zyrah Unique Like A Black Rose

    Zyrah Unique Like A Black Rose18 hours ago

    Just a note from a culinary student, whenever you’re baking you always want to use iodized salt because it’s finer than kosher and so will dissolve better into the rest of your ingredients

  43. Fah-Breezy

    Fah-Breezy18 hours ago

    Why didn't they use circular pots?

  44. Ronnie T

    Ronnie T18 hours ago

    No one can recreate Adam!!!

  45. Klaire Stubbs

    Klaire Stubbs19 hours ago

    they said "thick" in the 1st and 2nd episodes

  46. Erica Sigfusdottir

    Erica Sigfusdottir19 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: I actually really like Annie and her personality and I'm okay with nikki not being there and I liked the video and everything she said/did

  47. LilianaKali

    LilianaKali19 hours ago

    So the Worth It Cinnamon Roll (Adam) requested a giant cinnamon roll.

  48. Ariel Lee

    Ariel Lee19 hours ago

    whenever someone says delete this.... it never gets deleted.

  49. savvbrian

    savvbrian19 hours ago

    oh hey theres my notes wtf

  50. Aniri MiAiDy

    Aniri MiAiDy19 hours ago

    1:24 It's so thick XD

  51. Majestic Sloth

    Majestic Sloth19 hours ago

    ... So it can eat the sugar and fart...

  52. Anam A

    Anam A19 hours ago

    i clicked for andrew

  53. xmasonfieldingx

    xmasonfieldingx20 hours ago

    I’m not necessarily attracted to the man but I also am and I love his voice so I think I’m attracted to him yeah

  54. Maya f

    Maya f20 hours ago


  55. lampa dedromia

    lampa dedromia20 hours ago

    10:09 am I the only one that thought of Stiles’ quote from Teen Wolf??

  56. Trashy

    Trashy20 hours ago

    legend has it, Andrew is now 50% butter

  57. Jann Anderson

    Jann Anderson21 hour ago

    I don't care what other people say. Annie is such a cool person! This was a good combination, just because Annie isn't always hyped, doesn't mean she's not suited to be in this series. Nikki, Andrew, Annie & Adam make the best team💗💕

  58. Sophia

    Sophia21 hour ago

    8:41 I was literally about to begin singing "Your Obedient Servant" How does Hamilton An arrogant Immigrant, orphan Bastard, whoreson Somehow endorse Thomas Jefferson, his enemy A man he’s despised since the beginning Just to keep me from winning? Just me?

  59. iiRedKnight

    iiRedKnight21 hour ago

    Wtf u overglazed it HAHAHA

  60. uptowngirl1313

    uptowngirl131322 hours ago

    i'm sorry but how did he not know what it meant to "divide and conquer"? 0_0

  61. shavacadoo

    shavacadoo22 hours ago

    We want Scott back !!!!!

  62. Sap Green

    Sap Green23 hours ago

    I like Rie cause she is Japanese.

  63. nima kvd

    nima kvd23 hours ago

    noodles in your mothers ass bitchs

  64. Zainab Noor

    Zainab Noor23 hours ago

    Why do I end up on tasty every Ramadan?

  65. constanceyx

    constanceyxDay ago

    Divide and conquer. I learnt from the show Money Heist. It’s a good one on Netflix

  66. August Argleben

    August ArglebenDay ago

    I’m watching so many tasty videos right now because I’m on a diet and I wish I was eating all of this

  67. Ramen Raven

    Ramen RavenDay ago

    once i see andrew with someone i am like i ship it

  68. Natalie Williams

    Natalie WilliamsDay ago

    I have ate at lulus 2 times you guys failed

  69. SoccerLife89

    SoccerLife89Day ago

    Anyone know what podcast Andrew is talking about? I looked up “The History” and “The History Podcast”. Nothing comes up. Revisionist History has an episode called “Divide and Conquer”, but it came out 3 days after this video did.

  70. Frank Young

    Frank YoungDay ago

    Where is nikiii