We Tested The Aaliyah MAC Collection


  1. softgeeway !

    softgeeway !Month ago

    damn i like the lipstick

  2. Aaliyah Rivera

    Aaliyah Rivera2 months ago

    My name is Aaliyah

  3. Suniti Jangra

    Suniti Jangra3 months ago

    Throughout the vdo, I was just watching her noodle like hair

  4. Dee Palin

    Dee Palin3 months ago

    forever and always my angel 😇 ♥️ no one is ever replacing babygirl ever

  5. Chloe Manchestor

    Chloe Manchestor3 months ago

    *Jesus Christ is the only true God!* 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.* *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.* *also heal their bodies.*

  6. Vanessa Schrey

    Vanessa Schrey3 months ago

    r.i.p Aaliyah :(

  7. Kalissa Divino

    Kalissa Divino3 months ago

    that girl with the staright short hair looks like becky g


    AALIYAH RIVERA3 months ago

    No joke,I was named after Aaliyah

  9. Ordinary Girl

    Ordinary Girl3 months ago

    i clicked as soon as I saw Aaliyah. I am named after her. And I love it!!! 😍😍

  10. G Santos

    G Santos3 months ago

    a lot of people were disappointed in the eyeshadow palette, but MAC actually pulled similar shades straight from aaliyah’s makeup bag. if you look back on her looks you can find a lot of similar colors within the palette and lipsticks. it was captured beautifully, the only iffy shades are try again and brooklyn baby as they are not universal for skin tones.

  11. No thank you

    No thank you3 months ago

    The girl with the purple winged eye look should work for refinery 29 lmao 😂

  12. Andrea Gonzalez

    Andrea Gonzalez4 months ago

    It would be cool if MAC did a Selena makeup collection

  13. C W

    C W4 months ago

    I want that eye pallet and the clear gloss. But the highlight leaves a little to be desired

  14. Hector Lycan

    Hector Lycan4 months ago

    My sister was named after Aaliyah

  15. Nia W

    Nia W4 months ago

    Aaliyah is from Detroit not New York

  16. Philip Nygard

    Philip Nygard4 months ago

    Seize clock us complex form grain intend hair elevator grain.

  17. Nichole D

    Nichole D4 months ago

    When seeing this collection in person I was EXTREMELY disappointed and underwhelmed. The colors looked like left over scraps from trials of other collabs AND they failed to have her iconic matte wine red lipstick. At the same time, Patrick Starr's line was released and looked great. In my opinion it took away from the release of Aaliyah's highly anticipated, begged for and overlooked for years and bumped back for Selena's, lackluster line. Advice? Save your coins. If you have a makeup collection started circa 2016, you already have these colors in your arsenal.

  18. Ciana Martin

    Ciana Martin4 months ago

    I love the makeup

  19. dlynnjay3

    dlynnjay34 months ago

    I love how you did a review showing the before and after look. You played around with the make up colors and made them your own.

  20. Talented Cydney

    Talented Cydney4 months ago

    I need to to see a Selena or Marilyn Monroe collection♥️!

  21. Lia G

    Lia G4 months ago

    my name is aliyah

  22. Aaliyah Rivera

    Aaliyah Rivera4 months ago

    I was so happy about this collection because we have the same name😂 my parents named me after her

  23. Ellie 07

    Ellie 074 months ago

    Why did she die ?

  24. Lilly Schmid

    Lilly Schmid4 months ago

    Present collect divorce store eye.

  25. Golden Dawn

    Golden Dawn4 months ago

    None of this was cute, if you actually looked into it , it doesn’t really scream Aaliyah to me. It just looks like her name was just stamped on to it. She wouldn’t be satisfied (my opinion).

  26. Shrada Tuladhar

    Shrada Tuladhar4 months ago

    Keep the makeup, can I please have those mirrors? 😍

  27. Brooke F.

    Brooke F.4 months ago

    This collection was a disappointment. The colors, especially the bronzer, wouldn’t have even showed up on her skin. I don’t think MAC thought about black girls when they did this & they should have. They should’ve started like “let’s match the makeup to Aaliyah’s skin tone” but they fell short.

  28. My-Anh Pham

    My-Anh Pham4 months ago

    Where can i buy the unicorn mirror? LOVE IT

  29. Liya4 Bored

    Liya4 Bored4 months ago

    RIP Aaliyah

  30. Ruby Atherton

    Ruby Atherton4 months ago


  31. Ruby Atherton

    Ruby Atherton4 months ago

    Clown 🤡

  32. Michelle Stella

    Michelle Stella4 months ago

    *High editorial? More like "I've never put on makeup"*

  33. PM Snowraven

    PM Snowraven4 months ago

    I would love to see M A C do a Queen of the Damned collection. The colors would be sick!!!

  34. Jasmine Khun

    Jasmine Khun4 months ago


  35. Janna

    Janna4 months ago

    i wish mac will release it here in the philippines

  36. Spicyboi •

    Spicyboi •4 months ago

    Aaliyah is my name lol

  37. Aaliyah arnett

    Aaliyah arnett4 months ago

    My name is Aaliyah. Thank you Mac for making a collection of me😂😂 JK

  38. Leonor Acosta

    Leonor Acosta4 months ago

    3:37 With or without makeup she fine 😏😏👅💦💦

  39. Slimeypinapplez !

    Slimeypinapplez !4 months ago

    My name is Aliah

  40. Llanah Davis

    Llanah Davis4 months ago

    Aaliyah couldn't even wear that "nude"

  41. ItsTara 215

    ItsTara 2154 months ago

    This is just a gimmick Mac came up with to make money and I ain’t buying

  42. Aliyah Sechrist

    Aliyah Sechrist4 months ago

    I was named after her my dad says. Because my mom loved her. but my name is spelled different❤️

  43. R P

    R P4 months ago

    Need me that spiked mirror. 😍🖤🕸

  44. Ricardo Cadet

    Ricardo Cadet4 months ago

    Why?? She was a Nubian princess...you're a esau

  45. AD NYC

    AD NYC4 months ago

    I’m waiting for the Martha Stewart collection.

  46. L.R. Red

    L.R. Red4 months ago

    They are hyping it up because of the name on it. Love Aaliyah, but MAC could have and should have done better.

  47. Xenna

    Xenna4 months ago

    Her tooth gap is bigger than my future

  48. Val Rice

    Val Rice4 months ago

    Thanks ladies for this review! Different skin tones represented!

  49. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi4 months ago

    Trying on man’s makeup!

  50. mojo jojo

    mojo jojo4 months ago

    She was pretty but cudnt sing worth a damn. Her family is only doin this cuz they burned out all her money and they r scroungin

  51. Bogus Bozo

    Bogus Bozo4 months ago

    aaliyah didn't die for this

  52. Holly Petrilak

    Holly Petrilak4 months ago

    Do you have a job, or is you spouting on about lip gloss for an hour your existence?

  53. Charlie Möller

    Charlie Möller4 months ago

    Holly Petrilak What?

  54. Daniela Moreno

    Daniela Moreno4 months ago

    This make-up collection seems uninteresting. I would not go out and buy it. The colors look like something you can buy from a drug store for way less. Sorry MAC, Try Again.

  55. Abby Guitron

    Abby Guitron4 months ago

    I sooo want the lipsticks

  56. Ms. Ms

    Ms. Ms4 months ago

    Aaliyah is long gone now they want to bring out this makeup collection with her name on it? In her times it was more about pretty brown lipsticks earth tones with the lip liners and of that nature ect. It doesn't sit right with me. Money obviously is the motive. It's truly unfortunate that Aaliyah is not here with us any longer so this is not of her essence nor has her seal of approval I don't like this at all! We Love you Aaliyah sweet angel🙏❤ Respect and love to her family!✨🙏❤

  57. Charlie Möller

    Charlie Möller4 months ago

    Ms. Ms She lives!

  58. Roman Bab

    Roman Bab4 months ago

    Who else read Ali-A

  59. Lesly Cardoza

    Lesly Cardoza4 months ago

    Mac just exploits iconic stars they did the same with Selena and now it’s Aaliyah all they do is get colors they don’t sell much and rename them

  60. Murder by Tomes

    Murder by Tomes4 months ago

    The red lipstick looks... idk, messy. Like, it looks great in the tube, but on the lips it looks kind of runny. Probably need a liner just to wear it.

  61. Katherine Truong

    Katherine Truong4 months ago

    These girls were so cute and fun

  62. cutelonelygayasian

    cutelonelygayasian4 months ago

    Who? No offense, it looks like makeup I already have with just nicer packaging. Nothing new honey no t no shade but this lemonade was meh

  63. Nicholas Colegio

    Nicholas Colegio4 months ago

    she's turning in her grave

  64. JINSOO Lee

    JINSOO Lee4 months ago

    I like the mirrors more lol

  65. duhhdarline

    duhhdarline4 months ago

    Love Aaliyah, overrated makeup kit

  66. Sara Gilani

    Sara Gilani4 months ago

    Weird lol $$

  67. Taylor Hill

    Taylor Hill4 months ago

    I thought we would see more blacks and Silver's gold's

  68. Ken Conrad Matias

    Ken Conrad Matias4 months ago

    Im hungry for that curly fries

  69. vvictoriaxxx

    vvictoriaxxx4 months ago

    Mac is a trash brand, they test on animals the assholes! I feel like Aaliyah would have never worked with a cruel brand :(

  70. Thomas Torres

    Thomas Torres4 months ago

    the black lady with the black wig has no reason or why to be on this video she can't even put makeup on and is asking for a miracle to happen on her face. eeeeeewwww

  71. lps._. mercury

    lps._. mercury4 months ago

    my name's aaliyah and I was named after her to 💞💞

  72. Jess_Marie_G

    Jess_Marie_G4 months ago

    1) All these ladies are gorgeous, but the blonde is my favorite, and I love the editorial vibe she was going for! 2) I was so happy when they announced this line because I knew Aaliyah super fans were gonna have as much fun as us Selena girls did, and yes, the companies are listening!

  73. Austin

    Austin4 months ago

    We all knew what happened, she was killed by the illuminati for rejecting their invitation to Aaliyah.

  74. LustTimeMachine

    LustTimeMachine4 months ago


  75. ReneePlusLove

    ReneePlusLove4 months ago

    Not worth it. MAC might be super popular, but since selling products in China, they test on animals. So many other cruelty-free brands out there. Once you know better, you do better.

  76. Watermelon Slushy

    Watermelon Slushy4 months ago

    Wow! This what yall gonna do? Slap her name on stuff & sell it? Smh.

  77. Napoleon Garrett

    Napoleon Garrett4 months ago


  78. Felisha Thompson

    Felisha Thompson4 months ago

    Omg MAC just really missed the ball.... it’s so upsetting because Aaliyah was a true fashion and music icon. That makeup looks terrible on literally every skin shade... 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  79. broken logic

    broken logic4 months ago

    I read eat

  80. Ronnie Duhamel

    Ronnie Duhamel4 months ago

    Nasty mutt

  81. Create Logic

    Create Logic4 months ago


  82. 옿케이OhKei!

    옿케이OhKei!4 months ago

    Did she say El-liyah? Really, dood?

  83. Elvar Snaer

    Elvar Snaer4 months ago


  84. hmff 86

    hmff 864 months ago

    OOMGOSH my name is Aaliyah and i was looking up vids on the channel and I clicked this by accident! what are the chances of that happing?! :D

  85. isabella adams mecina gomez macina

    isabella adams mecina gomez macina4 months ago

    Isnt aliyah dead 💀

  86. stan chaeyoung

    stan chaeyoung4 months ago

    stream heartshaker

  87. quite peachy

    quite peachy4 months ago

    I cried when I saw this in the mall and couldn’t immediately have it ( I still don’t I ain’t got no money 😏)

  88. Sabrina Kitoko

    Sabrina Kitoko4 months ago

    The collection is disappointed but whatever ...

  89. Aaliyah Wesley

    Aaliyah Wesley4 months ago

    My name is Aaliyah

  90. Lauren Boswell

    Lauren Boswell4 months ago

    They are trying to cash in with a dead artist’s name. Shameful. They only came out with this to get a black face on their white brand. Fenty has been crushing the makeup game and Mac is feeling the hurt. This is pathetic.

  91. Out with Emmy

    Out with Emmy4 months ago

    A lot of the products are very sheer. not my favorite mac collection but great packaging.

  92. OneZombieKiller

    OneZombieKiller4 months ago

    All these people are a waste of time 😂😂😂 how about you open a book .

  93. Charlene Minkue Abagha

    Charlene Minkue Abagha4 months ago

    Les vidéo son contenu de votre disposition


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  95. Ashley Mabe

    Ashley Mabe4 months ago

    Wow. Someone making money off of a dead person. Classy.

  96. Desi Pfander

    Desi Pfander4 months ago

    How does a dead woman make a make-up line?

  97. Desi Pfander

    Desi Pfander4 months ago

    Charlie Möller She died making Queen of the Damned

  98. Charlie Möller

    Charlie Möller4 months ago

    Desi Pfander She lives

  99. Desi Pfander

    Desi Pfander4 months ago

    Sherman Ali She is dead bro. Even if she was alive she wouldn't be wearing it according to most of the comments

  100. Sherman Ali

    Sherman Ali4 months ago

    Desi Pfander :::) You think they make moisturizer for dead skin?🙄😂🤷‍♂️P.S. I don’t think she would wear this stuff,If she was dead!(sorry🤷‍♂️)💃✌️

  101. Dez B

    Dez B4 months ago

    Where do the proceeds from this collection go? 🙄

  102. ag

    ag4 months ago

    Shes passed away :(( This doesn't seem right

  103. Oddly

    Oddly4 months ago

    -Aaliyah was a legend- *_She is a legend, an icon now and forever_*

  104. Kaelynn W

    Kaelynn W4 months ago

    She was the first celebrity I cried over too!! I was in 6th grade :(!!!!! I feel like Mac should of made her collection when she was here and able to make it her own. I do love that they did a collection honoring her.

  105. LaToya Banks

    LaToya Banks4 months ago

    Aaliyah was my boo Rip Queen