We Style Each Other For Under $150 In Vegas


  1. claire and nora volgs

    claire and nora volgs8 hours ago

    im soconfused how did jazz's hair grow back so fasr

  2. Nee Chan

    Nee Chan10 hours ago

    They need to do a best fried tag on Lindsay’s channel

  3. I fart daisies

    I fart daisies13 hours ago

    Slit pants look amazing!! Where can I find those, other than forever 21?

  4. Tiegan Robertson

    Tiegan RobertsonDay ago

    I would wear the red dress 3:30!

  5. PandaKitty AJ

    PandaKitty AJ2 days ago

    where’d y’all get your shoes? aldo..?

  6. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl4 days ago

    Lindsay actually has opinions on how Jazz looked in the outfits but Jazz just said Yeah and Okay a lot when Lindsay was trying stuff on 😂

  7. Zoe Weeks

    Zoe Weeks4 days ago

    She said sequin dresses were "typical vegas" really it's wearing almost nothing

  8. Isabel Urias

    Isabel Urias4 days ago

    I like lindsay's out the best

  9. Two Annyoing Sisters XD

    Two Annyoing Sisters XD4 days ago

    I've been to Vegas

  10. Bye Hoe

    Bye Hoe5 days ago

    I see Jazzmyne I see Lindsay I *click*

  11. Chloe Bey

    Chloe Bey5 days ago

    sin without pray formation sum rock head tightly.

  12. dionne cripps

    dionne cripps5 days ago

    Omg jazz looks soo different

  13. Joziah Cardenas

    Joziah Cardenas7 days ago

    What are her pants from

  14. Bigbird Gaming

    Bigbird Gaming7 days ago

    I’ve never seen jazz with long hair 😱

  15. Amelia Whitley

    Amelia Whitley8 days ago

    Did anyone else notice how many times Jazz said “yeah” 😂

  16. mr. squidie

    mr. squidie9 days ago

    What’s with Jazz’s long hair. Hasn’t it been shaved forever? I am confusion

  17. Pidgeotto 3000

    Pidgeotto 300010 days ago

    Im Not used to jazz having that much hair its like Who is this person

  18. Mareeah Tlc

    Mareeah Tlc12 days ago

    SLAAAYY 🔥🔥

  19. Amber Donaldson

    Amber Donaldson13 days ago

    I really love the outfits but am I the only one who doesn’t think their clothes are necessarily fit for a going out look?

  20. Tayla Appleby

    Tayla Appleby13 days ago

    Where do y'all work?

  21. Jonathan Garrastegui

    Jonathan Garrastegui14 days ago

    Yasss, you girls slated it, you look so good and amazing ily guys, keep on slaying ❤️😁

  22. Karsyen West

    Karsyen West17 days ago

    I live in Vegas and I was just at the fashion show mall which is the one you went to

  23. Gabby and Sabrina

    Gabby and Sabrina20 days ago

    I love it, but since when does Jaz have long hair? Its awsome, but i am so confused

  24. Kawaii Art

    Kawaii Art20 days ago

    Jaz has long hair wow I like her hair shorter!!!

  25. Mary Muah

    Mary Muah21 day ago

    I’m loving Jazz’s shoes

  26. Holly andCats

    Holly andCats21 day ago

    "Use your sunglasses as an accesory, dont wear them" "What if i loose them?" "Dont" Sass

  27. Everything Gaming,slime,and others

    Everything Gaming,slime,and others22 days ago

    When I went to Vegas I stayed in the castle hotel!

  28. June okamoto

    June okamoto24 days ago

    “What if i lose them?” “Don’t”🤣

  29. Gwen Ingro

    Gwen Ingro25 days ago

    Am I the only one who loved Jazz's crop top!?!

  30. sidneyisnotcool

    sidneyisnotcool25 days ago

    “What if I lose them?” “Don’t”

  31. Alexis Apostolof

    Alexis Apostolof26 days ago

    I live in Vegas it’s awesome

  32. Foreststorm1099 AJ

    Foreststorm1099 AJ29 days ago

    No crocs.

  33. Zoe Petr

    Zoe PetrMonth ago

    Love this so much Read more

  34. Where it's AT

    Where it's ATMonth ago

    The entire time I was like,”please give her crocs!”

  35. Sky Playz

    Sky PlayzMonth ago

    150 dollars can get you around 50 Happy meals XD

  36. Sloths_4_ Life

    Sloths_4_ LifeMonth ago

    It was so strange to see jazz with long hair 😮

  37. x. Lovely .x

    x. Lovely .xMonth ago

    "What if i loose them?" "uhh, dont"

  38. 1DallorsFor Life1

    1DallorsFor Life1Month ago

    No crocs 😤

  39. Chloe Carver

    Chloe CarverMonth ago

    Lynsey looks like Taylor Swift

  40. Avanthika Devi

    Avanthika DeviMonth ago

    Lindsay and Jess is life yayyy

  41. vicky vamp

    vicky vampMonth ago

    Didnt they date?

  42. Lizbeth Villanueva

    Lizbeth VillanuevaMonth ago

    They got paid to buy clothes and go clubbing? I WANT THEIR JOB PLS!

  43. Tae's Waifu

    Tae's WaifuMonth ago

    wow damn i got the whole ddu-du ddu-du mv as an ad and i just wanna say i love my queens. 💋 p.s. jazz and linds look so good. 😩✊

  44. nowshin fara

    nowshin faraMonth ago


  45. Yaritza Mulero

    Yaritza MuleroMonth ago

    Look like Taylor swift

  46. ilenix

    ilenixMonth ago

    Lol it’s the same jumpsuit Sadie’s wore in one of her videos. 😂

  47. Nijah Wyatt

    Nijah WyattMonth ago

    Kinda like they dressed themselves tbh 🤷🏽‍♀️

  48. Person

    PersonMonth ago

    “What if I lose my sunglasses?!” “Don’t.”

  49. Amira Awil

    Amira AwilMonth ago

    Omg i love your vibe jazz your my favourite sorry Linsay love you both your both amazing sending lotd of love form the uk

  50. Jennifer Lindell

    Jennifer LindellMonth ago

    I live in Vegas

  51. aestheticloser

    aestheticloserMonth ago

    welp I live in Las Vegas and I wish I saw them but no I was being myself at home locked in my room listening to Fall Out Boy

  52. Tati King

    Tati KingMonth ago

    I love jazz style so freaking cute 😍😍😍😍

  53. Morgan Miller

    Morgan MillerMonth ago

    Who else lives in Vegas? 🙋🏻‍♀️💕

  54. Kat Marie

    Kat MarieMonth ago

    Oh jazz, girl, the show thing is so relatable!!! I wear an 11 1/2 and i can never find shoes i hate it so much

  55. Pointless Bearded Dragon

    Pointless Bearded DragonMonth ago

    150 for one outfit..pfft my closet is worth less that one outfit

  56. Anamichelle Barillas

    Anamichelle BarillasMonth ago

    Can I have there life please, thanks

  57. Lily Voth

    Lily VothMonth ago

    There needs to be a pt. 2

  58. Megan Makin

    Megan MakinMonth ago

    Where’s the red dress from?

  59. Missy Reed

    Missy ReedMonth ago

    I have all kinds of Crocs and I wear them every day, everyone makes fun of me for it but I'm still gonna wear em.

  60. Kaylee Edwards

    Kaylee EdwardsMonth ago

    I'm not used to seeing Jazz with hair but I love it

  61. honey

    honeyMonth ago

    Seeing the area i drive through every day but with flashy effects weirds me out

  62. Rotmindol

    RotmindolMonth ago

    It wasn't under 150 ffs

  63. Katherine Meara

    Katherine MearaMonth ago

    No body con dresses. Immediately tries on plain red body con dress

  64. Lily Ruff

    Lily RuffMonth ago

    Jazzymyne looks so pretty with long hair

  65. Michelina Miller

    Michelina MillerMonth ago

    The pants are James c

  66. Who even cares

    Who even caresMonth ago

    Omg the black pinstripe thing looked really gooooood

  67. jahaira villatoro

    jahaira villatoroMonth ago

    Did anyone else notice that the pants Lindsay was wearing was the same as sofiya's wish video pants

  68. i guess so

    i guess soMonth ago

    she called people worrying about hurting her feelings by wondering if it's gonna fit her "trauma"............what is 2018??

  69. Lovely Sunshinee

    Lovely SunshineeMonth ago

    I have 3 more years til I can drink but everything’s fine when you have older brothers and sisters

  70. J.S. Simmons

    J.S. SimmonsMonth ago

    Put these ladies in all the videos, I LOVE THEM!!!! Them, Quinta, Freddie, Jen, Kate, Kelsey, and the Try Guys are the best 🌟🌟🌟

  71. Vanessa McNab

    Vanessa McNabMonth ago

    🤢🤢🤢 those outfits

  72. Can Gunduz

    Can GunduzMonth ago

    Blonde is smoking hot

  73. Sarah Elwert

    Sarah ElwertMonth ago

    I totally want those thin 90s sunglasses! Where are they from?!

  74. mrbucket1100

    mrbucket1100Month ago

    this video is a bit of a let down, i feel like you could get all of this in a forever 21 in LA.

  75. Una Swan

    Una SwanMonth ago

    Probably just me but wasn’t Linseys pants in saf’s fashionnova haul? Might just be me idk

  76. Luke's Penguin

    Luke's PenguinMonth ago

    They said that they can't bring clothes in a backpack. In my family, we pack enough clothes for a 5-7 day trip in a backpack with room to spare for airport things😂 Why pay for a bag when you can fit everything in a personal item.

  77. Sweetheart Cosplays

    Sweetheart CosplaysMonth ago

    Why y'all complaining about F21?? You already know it's the same stuff in LA as in Vegas... it's trash mostly

  78. Samantha Addiego

    Samantha AddiegoMonth ago

    I feel like Lindsay's dress looked like something Dua Lipa would wear

  79. Yeet *

    Yeet *Month ago

    “What if I lose them?” “.....don’t”

  80. Lizzy Mazing

    Lizzy MazingMonth ago

    I love Lindsey and Jazz doing a video! They both have so much energy and are so fun and funny. I wish I was there enjoying that moment!

  81. Rebal D Potato

    Rebal D PotatoMonth ago

    I live in Vegas and as long as your not on the strip or Fremont street on a weekend stuff is about the same price as any other state

  82. Alva Weth

    Alva WethMonth ago

    I need Lindsays pants!!!! can't find them on the German forever21 :( both of you look bomb af

  83. Redbull And dissociation

    Redbull And dissociationMonth ago

    I'm not used to jazzmynes hair

  84. Sarah D'Alto

    Sarah D'AltoMonth ago

    these two together always makes my heart happy

  85. Kazuki Yaoita

    Kazuki YaoitaMonth ago

    jasmine makes everything she wears look expensive

  86. ariana grande's coke

    ariana grande's cokeMonth ago

    I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! their styles and friendship are *goal*

  87. Alicia Watson

    Alicia WatsonMonth ago

    I so wish that Jazz would style me. I am talk but skinny but i was picked on and bullied for being so skinny a few years back. And i feel just having Jazz style me would boost my confidence so much. Maybe its her comments and making everyone feel so confident. If she styled the most insecure person into her liking they would come out feeling confident. That needs to be a series. Jazz styling people, whether its her friends or random people! Am i right or am i right?

  88. Emily Medina

    Emily MedinaMonth ago

    Wait, isn’t Lindsay wearing the SAME EXACT pants that Safia wore in her wearing fashion nova clothes for a week video?? Correct me if I’m wrong but I swear they look the same.

  89. Rivka

    RivkaMonth ago

    8:02 major saorse ronan vibes

  90. Daddy Mommy

    Daddy MommyMonth ago

    New hair I see jazzmyne I like it

  91. Najeema Iman

    Najeema ImanMonth ago

    Would love to Jazzmyne to give me a make over...she is style goals for this near futurely single mother of two.

  92. rosalina arikat tv

    rosalina arikat tvMonth ago

    Btw it was not under $150 it was above $150 buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzfeeeed think before you write

  93. Messy Frenzy

    Messy FrenzyMonth ago

    Lindsay: “What if I lose them???” Jazz: “Don’t” 😂😂😂

  94. lexi

    lexiMonth ago

    Check out my channel! Sub for sub :)

  95. Nguyệt Trần

    Nguyệt TrầnMonth ago

    Can you give me the instargram of the bigger girl ??? . Omg i love her style so much ❤❤❤

  96. Elena Lujan

    Elena LujanMonth ago

    No to both

  97. That Heard Girl

    That Heard GirlMonth ago

    Lindsay reminds me of Taylor Swift....

  98. Karina Soltero

    Karina SolteroMonth ago

    Why does no one go to Reno nv

  99. silverdragonfour

    silverdragonfourMonth ago

    I have that pastel rainbow crop top that Jazz holds up in the first 20 seconds. It's so cute I love it.

  100. Zoe Babcock

    Zoe BabcockMonth ago

    I style myself in Vegas all the time for under $30