We Style Each Other For Under $150 In Vegas


  1. Sleepy Panda

    Sleepy Panda4 days ago

    Anybody else think Lindsey's flowy pants would've looked gorgeous with that checkered top?

  2. XOXO, Raylin

    XOXO, Raylin9 days ago

    Oh my god I’ve been looking for those cut joggers for so long, I have no idea where to find them 😭

  3. Hemen mulugeta

    Hemen mulugeta10 days ago

    - Lindsey "what if i loose them?" - Jazz "don't" bahahahaahhhahaah😂😂

  4. Samantha Elizabeth

    Samantha Elizabeth11 days ago

    $150 for an outfit is so easy. I mostly just hated that instead of actually styling each other they picked items for the other person and styled themselves

  5. Chloe L

    Chloe L12 days ago

    At first I thought the the thumbnail was in an elevator, then I realized it was in a bathroom

  6. anya_234 R

    anya_234 R13 days ago

    These 2 gals are legit the fashion icons of buzzfeed

  7. Kittenfight_ 326

    Kittenfight_ 32615 days ago

    Lindsay: what size shoe are you? Jazz: 12. Me: HoLy shoot I’m 12 y.o. and I’m a size 11 and a half

  8. Jamilyn Lethem

    Jamilyn Lethem16 days ago

    "Just casually" that describes buzzfeed perfectly

  9. Logan Anderson

    Logan Anderson17 days ago

    Yo I legit bought the shoes jazz is wearing from torrid today

  10. Nip Poop

    Nip Poop18 days ago

    Is it just me or I like jazzmyne more without hair

  11. Tanica Theys

    Tanica Theys18 days ago

    Lindsay's lipstick in the outro!!! Heavenly, what is it? I must know

  12. Blaise Avey

    Blaise Avey19 days ago

    Does anyone else recognize Lindseys open leg jumpsuit from Safiya's Fashion Nova Haul.

  13. Ida Njie

    Ida Njie21 day ago

    5:25 looks like Brandon from pretty much if he was a girl

  14. daena solak

    daena solak21 day ago

    They looked bomb, holy guacamole!!

  15. MaShelda Bradsher

    MaShelda Bradsher22 days ago

    I love jazz style she's so confident for a plus size female and has no shame at all I need to be like that I'm always worried about how I look and what ppl are gonna say about me

  16. ella rose

    ella rose23 days ago

    I style myself for under £15 in primark

  17. Plusheen Lover

    Plusheen Lover23 days ago

    Lindsay’s pant remind me of Lisa’s from Blackpink MV of Ddu du ddu du... anyone else?

  18. iconic.joanelle

    iconic.joanelle24 days ago

    who else thinks jazzmyne is actually straight.

  19. Ariann Clouden

    Ariann Clouden25 days ago

    I really love how confident and beautiful jazzmyne is

  20. Mira Henry

    Mira Henry27 days ago

    "what is our life?" a life i wana live

  21. Nandini Thirwani

    Nandini Thirwani27 days ago

    $150 is a lot of money for one outfit

  22. Nicole Rodriguez

    Nicole Rodriguez29 days ago


  23. Ash Westbrook

    Ash WestbrookMonth ago

    I literally just realized that was Jazzmyne. I'm literally shook. She looks so different.

  24. Flip Flop

    Flip FlopMonth ago

    Is $150 supposed to be cheap?

  25. Mia Longoria

    Mia LongoriaMonth ago

    Omg your hair jazzymyn luv it but I like your hair shaved to

  26. Lechelle Maguire

    Lechelle MaguireMonth ago

    lindsay reminds me of rachel green from friends

  27. Monica Washington

    Monica WashingtonMonth ago

    What if I lose them.......don't 😂😂😂😂

  28. Alex ;P

    Alex ;PMonth ago

    Jazz has long hair I love it. Yous are both slaying the game.

  29. Willows Meadow

    Willows MeadowMonth ago

    I would totally wear Lindsay's pants..but I'd need to wear something underneath, probably black leggings

  30. Christine Sandy

    Christine SandyMonth ago

    5:11 "and I'll be your freestyle dance teacher" You guys are the best but I can't believe no one saw that

  31. Tamarra Murray

    Tamarra MurrayMonth ago

    :21 seconds me: ouuu yess booty 😍😍😍😍 Yu thick sus yasss

  32. really regular

    really regularMonth ago

    Jazz bald = mood. Jazz beret = mood. Jazz braids = mood. You see what I'm getting at right ?

  33. Natalie Bowen

    Natalie BowenMonth ago

    I wanna go to America & work where they do I would rock,send for me pleaseeee😢lol

  34. Alexandra Lersteen

    Alexandra LersteenMonth ago

    4:34 obviously FaceTuned. Zoom in on face

  35. Dark Empress

    Dark EmpressMonth ago

    Jazz looks so much better with long hair, but that's just my opinion. Also I wish she would have gone with that red dress, she looked the best in that red dress.

  36. taytay 22

    taytay 22Month ago

    The red black and white pants are fashion nova rip offs saf made a vid and got the real ones

  37. Anthony Slydell

    Anthony SlydellMonth ago

    lol im sorry but WERES HER TOE 4:08

  38. I have No name

    I have No nameMonth ago

    When did jazz get braids

  39. kitty gamer star heart

    kitty gamer star heartMonth ago

    On 5:50 Lisa wear that shorts I just comeback here just to say this

  40. Nicole Muhangi

    Nicole MuhangiMonth ago

    they looked rlly chic I luve it

  41. Liv Chinsea

    Liv ChinseaMonth ago

    everybody's just commenting about jazzmines hair and the only thing I noticed was that the top Lindsey tried on second looked like the one Brandon gave her to wear in an other video😂

  42. Ladbug 323

    Ladbug 323Month ago

    Jazz is right, Lindsay IS a beautiful Barbie! You go, girls!

  43. Isabelle Ferguson

    Isabelle FergusonMonth ago

    i like Jasmyne better with short hair

  44. Seyi Babayeju

    Seyi BabayejuMonth ago

    Jazzmyne is so beautiful without makeup

  45. Sienna Panice

    Sienna PaniceMonth ago


  46. Oreo Styles

    Oreo StylesMonth ago

    “What if I lose them” “Don’t

  47. defina ananta

    defina anantaMonth ago

    Did Lindsay pants remind me of Lisa blackpink in DDDD

  48. Katie M

    Katie MMonth ago

    Okay I live in Las Vegas, I just find this hilarious

  49. evianflores

    evianfloresMonth ago

    wow you guys look so good!

  50. alexa2541

    alexa2541Month ago

    The checker top and red skirt is adorable I want t

  51. Short NailArt

    Short NailArtMonth ago

    Jazzmynes shaved hair and her long hair is amazing

  52. shibe™

    shibe™Month ago

    Lindsay reminded me of someone aND I REMEMBER NOW SHE LOOKS LIKE AMY FROM KARMIN

  53. Claire Bear

    Claire BearMonth ago

    “It’s like dressing up a Barbie” I GET IT ! I’m fat and hate clothes shopping for myself but I get to like dress up my friend when we shop

  54. Deemznoodle 2452

    Deemznoodle 2452Month ago

    i love everything jasmyne and lindsay and want MORE!

  55. Leslie

    LeslieMonth ago

    What's Jazzmyne's IG?

  56. memetiffany89

    memetiffany89Month ago

    omg those pants are just like the ones from safiya's fashion nova video

  57. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-EvansMonth ago

    What is lindsay's Insta? I like her style I would like to see more of it

  58. Beth Graham

    Beth GrahamMonth ago

    Jaz slays with those braids. 👌🏻

  59. Jada-Michelle

    Jada-MichelleMonth ago

    I wish I had this kind of job 💖

  60. Mesut Yanmaz

    Mesut YanmazMonth ago

    after all the shootings i dont wanna go there

  61. Ayesha004Jahangir

    Ayesha004JahangirMonth ago

    The checkered crop top and red leather skirt looked bomb

  62. allie

    allieMonth ago

    is it me or them pants in 5:45 are in the fashion nova website😂

  63. tallyn

    tallynMonth ago

    omg i live in vegas! you guys could have actually gotten those outfits so much cheaper somewhere else and thats only one side of vegas mainly the tourist part but there is so much in vegas and i cant imagine how different the vibes must be from LA to Las Vegas but both places are amazing anyway and that was a fun and entertaining video keep doing whatcha doing

  64. Zylar XX

    Zylar XXMonth ago

    I live in Vegas, I just go to target

  65. UnicornsFor Life2007

    UnicornsFor Life2007Month ago

    Jazz with Long hair.

  66. Caitlyn Blake

    Caitlyn BlakeMonth ago

    Pause at 9:10 what’s that on Lindsay’s leg???

  67. Spooky Beanie

    Spooky BeanieMonth ago

    My mom works at the same club OMG ;O

  68. Kit Cat

    Kit CatMonth ago

    Jazz skin is like hella clear

  69. Hunter Garcia

    Hunter GarciaMonth ago

    Im going to vegas soon and i bought legit 17 outfits cause im so excited and im only going for 3 days😂

  70. Lynn Li

    Lynn LiMonth ago

    I mean... If you are going to forever 21 anyway, why even bother to go to Vegas to do it...

  71. A.S.K

    A.S.KMonth ago

    Jazz’s hair look so good 😍

  72. Quiet Ani

    Quiet AniMonth ago

    i wish i had the body confidence of Jazz cause she rocks everything no matter what

  73. Kendra Lopez

    Kendra LopezMonth ago

    4:12 what's the name of the song?

  74. Andrew Garduno

    Andrew GardunoMonth ago

    I could've done better with 50 bucks.

  75. Sidra Khan

    Sidra Khan2 months ago

    At 5:45 Lisa from Blackpink wore them in Du Du Du Du MV but I think the strip of red was lime green!🤣💓

  76. claire and nora volgs

    claire and nora volgs2 months ago

    im soconfused how did jazz's hair grow back so fasr

  77. Nee Chan

    Nee Chan2 months ago

    They need to do a best fried tag on Lindsay’s channel

  78. I fart daisies

    I fart daisies2 months ago

    Slit pants look amazing!! Where can I find those, other than forever 21?

  79. Tiegan Robertson

    Tiegan Robertson2 months ago

    I would wear the red dress 3:30!

  80. PandaKitty AJ

    PandaKitty AJ2 months ago

    where’d y’all get your shoes? aldo..?

  81. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl2 months ago

    Lindsay actually has opinions on how Jazz looked in the outfits but Jazz just said Yeah and Okay a lot when Lindsay was trying stuff on 😂

  82. Zoe Weeks

    Zoe Weeks2 months ago

    She said sequin dresses were "typical vegas" really it's wearing almost nothing

  83. Isabel Urias

    Isabel Urias2 months ago

    I like lindsay's out the best

  84. Two Annyoing Sisters XD

    Two Annyoing Sisters XD2 months ago

    I've been to Vegas

  85. Sofia Bakhti

    Sofia Bakhti2 months ago

    I see Jazzmyne I see Lindsay I *click*

  86. Chloe Bey

    Chloe Bey2 months ago

    sin without pray formation sum rock head tightly.

  87. dionne cripps

    dionne cripps2 months ago

    Omg jazz looks soo different

  88. Joziah Cardenas

    Joziah Cardenas2 months ago

    What are her pants from

  89. Bigbird Gaming

    Bigbird Gaming2 months ago

    I’ve never seen jazz with long hair 😱

  90. YRN.ameli a

    YRN.ameli a2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice how many times Jazz said “yeah” 😂

  91. mr. squidie

    mr. squidie2 months ago

    What’s with Jazz’s long hair. Hasn’t it been shaved forever? I am confusion

  92. Pidgeotto 3000

    Pidgeotto 30002 months ago

    Im Not used to jazz having that much hair its like Who is this person

  93. Mareeah Tlc

    Mareeah Tlc2 months ago

    SLAAAYY 🔥🔥

  94. Amber Donaldson

    Amber Donaldson2 months ago

    I really love the outfits but am I the only one who doesn’t think their clothes are necessarily fit for a going out look?

  95. Tayla Appleby

    Tayla Appleby2 months ago

    Where do y'all work?

  96. Jonathan Garrastegui

    Jonathan Garrastegui2 months ago

    Yasss, you girls slated it, you look so good and amazing ily guys, keep on slaying ❤️😁

  97. Karsyen West

    Karsyen West2 months ago

    I live in Vegas and I was just at the fashion show mall which is the one you went to

  98. Gabby and Sabrina

    Gabby and Sabrina2 months ago

    I love it, but since when does Jaz have long hair? Its awsome, but i am so confused

  99. Kawaii Art

    Kawaii Art2 months ago

    Jaz has long hair wow I like her hair shorter!!!

  100. Mary Muah

    Mary Muah2 months ago

    I’m loving Jazz’s shoes