We Style Each Other For Under $150 In Vegas


  1. mollie harris

    mollie harris13 hours ago

    what is this job title, like i fr want to do this when i get older!!

  2. Lesbo LEGO’s

    Lesbo LEGO’s19 hours ago

    My cat died the day this video was posted

  3. Kelly Amato

    Kelly AmatoDay ago

    Jazz has a beautiful body

  4. funky fish

    funky fishDay ago

    what is with buzz feed's obsession with forever21

  5. Loretta Hartman

    Loretta Hartman2 days ago

    I seriously want to do one of these stule offs with Jazzmyne. I love her style so much and would love to have her dress me.

  6. Coping WithBehcets

    Coping WithBehcets2 days ago

    They were always getting in, no matter what, because it's Buzzfeed. I'm all for standing out, but I don't know.

  7. Shane Blane

    Shane Blane2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice her pants at 5:45 we’re the pants Safia Nygaard has in one of her videos?

  8. Paylay

    Paylay2 days ago

    “We literally only have 6 hours” That’s more than enough time..😂

  9. Alex Forker

    Alex Forker4 days ago


  10. Sinnamon Roll

    Sinnamon Roll5 days ago


  11. Kyra Miller

    Kyra Miller5 days ago


  12. Ashley Tolliver

    Ashley Tolliver5 days ago

    Am I the only one who liked the black jumpsuit better

  13. Lollipop Lauren

    Lollipop Lauren5 days ago

    More of these I love this ❤️💕🤙🏻

  14. Brown Bear

    Brown Bear6 days ago

    I like how buzzed makes it look like everything in Vegas is top notch and expensive lol

  15. Abby Mae

    Abby Mae6 days ago

    I'm size 12 too but dang she said it withiut a problem. I would've been like "um... A size"

  16. moo

    moo6 days ago

    I thought Jazz had short hair...?

  17. Fiona Hodkinson

    Fiona Hodkinson7 days ago

    I want to do this so badly

  18. kim seokjins jokes are hilarious

    kim seokjins jokes are hilarious7 days ago

    jazz has started sticking her tongue out sooooooo much and its kinda making me slightly cringe .I honestly dont mean it as a rude comment i just cant phrase thing right :/

  19. aish baba

    aish baba7 days ago

    I have watched this 123456789012345678901234567890 times

  20. katniss everdeen

    katniss everdeen7 days ago

    I love their style! I love the 90s style. Wish I wasn’t so broke tho

  21. katniss everdeen

    katniss everdeen8 days ago

    2:30 Dang those shoes are on fiyah 🔥

  22. Lee Trevis

    Lee Trevis8 days ago

    Jazz looked like a potato sack and Lindsay looked amazing!

  23. annonomous person

    annonomous person9 days ago

    $150 is basically the price of all of the clothes in my wardrobe.

  24. Painter Misha

    Painter Misha10 days ago

    Loving the skirt 😍

  25. Kyley Gadouas

    Kyley Gadouas12 days ago

    Lindsay looks like dafinie from scooby doo

  26. Steph M

    Steph M12 days ago

    I love the side slit flared pants omg, anyone know where I can get it?

  27. Vlogtography

    Vlogtography13 days ago

    idk why but Lindsay reminds me of Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6? haha but i seriously l o v e d the outfits!

  28. Livias World

    Livias World14 days ago

    You guys Are soooooooooooooooooo pretty!1!1!!!

  29. Trash_ Queen_

    Trash_ Queen_14 days ago

    I live in vegas....

  30. Talking talia

    Talking talia15 days ago

    Gurl. YASSSS 😍😍

  31. Grandmoo Allison

    Grandmoo Allison16 days ago

    Yay! They went to my city!

  32. Kawaii_ XOXO

    Kawaii_ XOXO18 days ago

    That blond hair chick is giving me some real James Charles Coachella realness

  33. Izzy Gallo

    Izzy Gallo18 days ago

    More videos with them buying for each other i love them 😍

  34. Filomena Carvalho

    Filomena Carvalho19 days ago

    Srsly I want this job

  35. MAY Pornpan

    MAY Pornpan19 days ago

    I went to Vegas 2 years ago. My dresses were like 10-50$ lol

  36. slime is life

    slime is life20 days ago

    Jaysmin you are like the beautiful ist girl in the world pretter then me

  37. Love tha Gucci

    Love tha Gucci20 days ago

    I need the glasses Jazz is wearing!

  38. Oona Mcleary

    Oona Mcleary20 days ago

    JAZZ HAS HAIR. She legit went from one extreem to another, im not complaining

  39. KK DoesAll

    KK DoesAll21 day ago


  40. KK DoesAll

    KK DoesAll21 day ago

    Did anyone hear the song that was playing at about 5:30?

  41. Bambi

    Bambi21 day ago

    6:12 i thought you said you had 6 hours to find your outfits, what do you mean you didn't have much time??

  42. Nya Lewis

    Nya Lewis21 day ago

    Everybody would like to go to Vegas but it's not that fun unless your 21+

  43. HLC

    HLC21 day ago

    Jazz would have looked great if she at least taped her boobs up, and if the top wasn't so look by the armpits, and ill fitting. She is a beautiful young woman, but if you have big saggy breasts, you need to do something to help those puppies.

  44. Amelie Phan

    Amelie Phan21 day ago


  45. Sabrina Snow

    Sabrina Snow21 day ago

    Jazzmyn looks so bomb with those braids 😍 #YasHunty

  46. Brooklynn Fancher

    Brooklynn Fancher21 day ago

    Can this become a series?

  47. Martine

    Martine22 days ago

    I want everything jazz is wearing even the hair 😍

  48. genesis

    genesis22 days ago

    can y’all start linking your igs in the description please 😩

  49. Hope Elizabeth

    Hope Elizabeth23 days ago

    Does anybody else think Lindsay looks like Adele???

  50. Lindsey S

    Lindsey S23 days ago

    New drinking game. Take a shot every time either of them says literally.

  51. Unicorn Lover

    Unicorn Lover24 days ago

    Love the hair but it doesn't match her outfit to me some how but I mean she still looks pretty bomb I like the hair just not with that outfit

  52. Nekonikki6

    Nekonikki624 days ago

    I love jazz so much. I wish I had even half the confidence that she has in herself. 😭 She is literally so inspirational to me. ❤️

  53. Gabby Dacar

    Gabby Dacar24 days ago

    Am I the only one who immediately realized that the forever 21 was a forever 21?

  54. Kaydi Dixie

    Kaydi Dixie24 days ago

    Long hair jazz😍😍

  55. Ginnie Rose

    Ginnie Rose24 days ago

    7:30 that is 154 dollars, not 150.

  56. Kai

    Kai25 days ago

    I wish I was that skinny 😂 need to hit the gym!

  57. that one girl

    that one girl26 days ago

    Jazz's hair gives me life!

  58. Lemons Are really sour

    Lemons Are really sour26 days ago

    OMG jazz and her long hair 😍

  59. Mariam Mekkawy

    Mariam Mekkawy27 days ago

    Jazz,s shirt thik af so relateble

  60. Marina Lopes

    Marina Lopes27 days ago

    Jazz looks like A QUEEN

  61. Hannah Melissa

    Hannah Melissa27 days ago


  62. Aristocrat Jules

    Aristocrat Jules27 days ago

    Jazz come style me

  63. Frederika Katuuk

    Frederika Katuuk28 days ago

    What's the brand of that sunny so cute

  64. Emilie Rodriguez

    Emilie Rodriguez28 days ago

    “What if I lose them?” “...dont” Haha 😹

  65. Elizabeth Chun

    Elizabeth Chun28 days ago

    Omigod Jazzzz, I feel you. I have size-frickin'-twelve feet and I always end up going for simple unisex shoes cause I can't find anything else T.T

  66. Monse Castro

    Monse Castro28 days ago

    I live in Vegas!😁

  67. Unique Antoinette

    Unique Antoinette28 days ago

    I really love this video but yall went to a whole new place and ended up in the same basic forever 21 as usual

  68. Jade Soto

    Jade Soto28 days ago

    All my outfits are less than 150 mine are like 50 😂

  69. Brenda Haro

    Brenda Haro29 days ago

    Soooo long videos... less talk please :/

  70. mr sir

    mr sir29 days ago