We Style Each Other For Under $150 In Vegas


  1. nyehe

    nyehe7 hours ago

    Lindsay trying to be cute

  2. hayley montgomery

    hayley montgomery2 days ago

    im sooo jealous of both of their bodies and confidence


    I LOVE BTS2 days ago

    Being in Vegas makes it 2 times harder

  4. Refa Umar

    Refa Umar10 days ago

    @ 1:42 Lindsay said *cool, cool, cool* that reminded me of Jake #b99

  5. Diamond Jones

    Diamond Jones11 days ago

    That’s the same Hotel i went to for my cheer competition

  6. Sara Rothermel

    Sara Rothermel13 days ago

    Lindsay’s lip color is GOALS

  7. Rose Condron

    Rose Condron15 days ago

    What size are you? 12 Yup

  8. be gone thot

    be gone thot19 days ago

    It should be called YAS Vegas

  9. Rain_ Loxar_Fullbuster

    Rain_ Loxar_Fullbuster24 days ago

    I didn't recognize jazz with long hair XD

  10. Pixi Stix

    Pixi Stix25 days ago

    ......just realized that lindsay in cat eye glasses looks scary similar to Mic from My Hero Acadamia.

  11. Emelie Rollins

    Emelie Rollins28 days ago

    Omg I forgot Jazz had long hair 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  12. Julia Kuczma

    Julia Kuczma29 days ago

    "Omg our company sends us to Vegas, gives us a ton of money and makes us shop for 6 hours and then party. I'm SO stressed out!" That's basically this whole video.

  13. Uppaw

    UppawMonth ago

    How can two people be so gorgeous

  14. Mira Henry

    Mira HenryMonth ago

    These lady's give me life

  15. z01 llo

    z01 lloMonth ago

    You guys make me so confidence I'm littelry wearing a purple crop top on top of a black tanktip and blue sparingly pants because of you guys

  16. Hello Next

    Hello NextMonth ago

    Both of them are so frign gorgeous

  17. Brenna Rea

    Brenna ReaMonth ago


  18. ugly nin

    ugly ninMonth ago

    I wish I can grow up 😣😣😣to have funnnnnnn like the other girls

  19. AbsoluteTutorials

    AbsoluteTutorialsMonth ago

    This must be old because Jasmine never have had hair in the new were videos

  20. QueenMaxine

    QueenMaxineMonth ago

    Jazz is so cute ugh

  21. lm your queen

    lm your queenMonth ago

    I work at aldo should have stopped by my store😂😍

  22. What Ever

    What EverMonth ago

    “What if I lose them” “Don’t”

  23. Xeno Arts

    Xeno Arts2 months ago

    Vegas is such a drunk city.

  24. zahraa badran

    zahraa badran2 months ago


  25. Me

    Me2 months ago


  26. Felicia Sativa

    Felicia Sativa2 months ago


  27. Madeleine Espericueta

    Madeleine Espericueta2 months ago

    When your butter runs out so you put like beans and salsa in there and then you get confused on which is the butter or salsa 😂

  28. Manon Robie

    Manon Robie2 months ago

    Omg Jazzmyne with long hair 2019 anyone

  29. forever friends love

    forever friends love2 months ago

    Lindsay reminds me of Rachel Green from FRIENDS

  30. Angel Babe

    Angel Babe2 months ago

    Whos watching after jazzmine shaved her head ?

  31. Taco Kai

    Taco Kai2 months ago

    The last time I went to Vegas (which has been my 1st visit to Vegas for now), was over Fall break, in 2017. My trip to Vegas was fun, but it was kinda ruined when the Vegas shooting happened. It most certainly could have been better if it weren't ruined by raining bullets over so many people at a concert. I do want to go to Vegas again, and in hopes it won't be ruined by some dude shooting a gun at thousands of innocent civilians at a concert.

  32. Kaca aa

    Kaca aa2 months ago


  33. nickyboomboom Sierra

    nickyboomboom Sierra2 months ago

    What if i lose them Dont

  34. Deemznoodle 2452

    Deemznoodle 24522 months ago

    Can you please do another video like this with just you two???????????//

  35. Karly O'Brien

    Karly O'Brien2 months ago

    Was any one else counting the amount of times they said vibe

  36. Leslie pliego

    Leslie pliego2 months ago

    I wish Lindsay wore the checkered top instead of the black. Now that's a look.

  37. Ten90

    Ten902 months ago

    Jazz I love your hair

  38. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ2 months ago

    Yall be spending +150 plus on outfits and 30€ is enough for me

  39. Jadel Dungog

    Jadel Dungog2 months ago

    I wanna be their friend too 😯

  40. Just Curious

    Just Curious2 months ago

    “What if I lose them??” “Don’t” Wow. I’m sure she never would’ve thought of that 😂

  41. Lily Evans

    Lily Evans2 months ago

    I love them so much

  42. Kathryn Nims

    Kathryn Nims2 months ago

    I felt like Jazz’s outfit was so plain for her style. I wish it was better fitted for her body type. But also I’m a little biased cause I just really don’t like grey for clothes.

  43. Lonneke Castell

    Lonneke Castell3 months ago

    But I could buy like, 60 items in my local thrift store with £150??😂😂😂

  44. tess warr

    tess warr3 months ago

    Wow jasmyne your hair looks great

  45. Casey James

    Casey James3 months ago

    "What if i loose them?!" . . . . . "Dont..."

  46. Deccs

    Deccs3 months ago

    Omg i need that side-slit pants!

  47. Love Yourself

    Love Yourself3 months ago

    why is lindsay actually so flawless someone send help

  48. Ifza Shah

    Ifza Shah3 months ago

    Who else is here after the PRETTYMUCH video

  49. two boiled eggs aka Gaige

    two boiled eggs aka Gaige3 months ago

    I live in vegas , all my clothes put together are less than 150 dollars soooo

  50. Jayla Carroll

    Jayla Carroll3 months ago

    Hold on hold on... was that summerlin mall???

  51. raven89_ knockoffs

    raven89_ knockoffs3 months ago

    Yooo jazzmyn looked the MOST GORGEOUS for me seeing her the first time in long hair!!

  52. ThatsJustGinaRose

    ThatsJustGinaRose3 months ago

    Wait, Lindsay's pants look like a pair that Fashion Nova sells? 😂

  53. Your average half Decent artist

    Your average half Decent artist3 months ago

    The “vibe” is called echo gelette

  54. Leilei

    Leilei3 months ago

    I need to work at Buzzfeed

  55. Komalpreet Kaur

    Komalpreet Kaur3 months ago

    I think the challenge was more so beating time rather than trying to save money

  56. TheMadHatter _19

    TheMadHatter _193 months ago


  57. Madeline Janes 12 (STUDENT)

    Madeline Janes 12 (STUDENT)3 months ago

    I know Jazz’s struggles with trying to find shoes except I’m 12 and my feet are size 11.5/12

  58. Victoria Palma

    Victoria Palma4 months ago

    Lindsay is soooo pretty! I would kill for looks like that!

  59. hello its me

    hello its me4 months ago

  60. Evelyn Magallon

    Evelyn Magallon4 months ago

    I live in Vegas haha hope you guys had fun here :)

  61. L I L Y !

    L I L Y !4 months ago

    Lmao same literally at midnight (not too long ago) I fount out that the next morning me and my fam were gonna be going to Las Vegas at 10 am! It was fun tho

  62. Kris Wu

    Kris Wu4 months ago

    Knowing Las Vegas (where I live) things wouldn’t be cheap

  63. Leah Ginsburg

    Leah Ginsburg4 months ago

    Love them soooo much

  64. Courtney Genereaux

    Courtney Genereaux4 months ago



    KRISTEL CALAMARI4 months ago


  66. Rachel Bryant

    Rachel Bryant4 months ago

    Jazz you look beautiful with your normal short hair but those dreads look great on you!

  67. barbara perez

    barbara perez4 months ago

    It looked like black pink

  68. Sam

    Sam4 months ago

    Damn these bitches look ratchet


    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE snow yayay4 months ago

    Jazz with hair

  70. Anoushka Ray

    Anoushka Ray4 months ago

    It's weird to see Jaz with hair and yet not weird at the same time Like when I first saw the video I was like, 'Oh something's different about Jaz, she looks cool...OH WAIT SHE HAS HAIR'

  71. Danica Scarcella

    Danica Scarcella4 months ago

    What is u lose them......... Dont🙄

  72. Jennifer Tran

    Jennifer Tran4 months ago

    The outfits were bad... Not glamorous, very cheap looking, tried wayy too hard to be retro. I dont think it did much for their body types either.. I like the blonde girl's hair though.

  73. Jungkookeh

    Jungkookeh4 months ago

    my name is sheridan-

  74. Magical Maiya

    Magical Maiya4 months ago

    Jazz should keep the braids

  75. nabila hakim

    nabila hakim4 months ago

    wait im so confused in this vid she has hair but in the photos she is confidently bald?? can someone quote me on this?

  76. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane4 months ago

    I was I had Jasmins confidence

  77. Cathérine’s Fake email

    Cathérine’s Fake email4 months ago

    You need to stop putting the final outfits in the thumbnail it ruins the suprise factor

  78. Shanice Garner

    Shanice Garner4 months ago

    Loved it 😍

  79. Harley Games

    Harley Games4 months ago

    The first time i have EVER seen Jazzmyne with long hair bc her hair is usually so short and cute

  80. Emma chamberlain Fan

    Emma chamberlain Fan4 months ago

    She went to the forever 21 fashion mall

  81. Eman Omer

    Eman Omer4 months ago

    ya, yayay ,yeah, yeah, ya

  82. That1Weido Xx

    That1Weido Xx4 months ago

    omg jaz looks so diffrent with long hair!

  83. bob

    bob4 months ago

    The black striped cleavage showing jumpsuit looks worse than the gray one the gray one looks super cute OMG

  84. Geek Grace

    Geek Grace5 months ago

    Jazmyne is so gorgeous

  85. Junk Content

    Junk Content5 months ago

    Jazz you are my inspiration to wear crop tops cause I have a little bit more weight on me so you make me really happy

  86. kirstin gracee

    kirstin gracee5 months ago

    hire me please

  87. Pineapple Overlorde

    Pineapple Overlorde5 months ago

    I *LOVE* VEGAS!!😚😚

  88. Ren Gonz

    Ren Gonz5 months ago

    I love the braids on jazzyme ( I know I spelled that wrong)

  89. Leah Ginsburg

    Leah Ginsburg5 months ago


  90. Charlotte Brackenbury

    Charlotte Brackenbury5 months ago

    look gd in black look cheap

  91. Taylor Brown

    Taylor Brown5 months ago

    $150 plus shoes and accessories isn’t actually much for those of y’all complaining

  92. Sad Bitch

    Sad Bitch5 months ago


  93. Anastasia

    Anastasia5 months ago

    running out of ideas

  94. Stefani Palmer

    Stefani Palmer5 months ago

    I have also loved Jazzmyne but, after watching this video I LOVE HER EVEN MORE. As a plus size girl I have struggled coming to terms with my size ( yes, I do exercise and eat healthy) this girl is a chameleon of fashion and I wouldn't want a better role model!!! Thank you Jazzmyne and Lindsay!!!!

  95. Nalieghxo

    Nalieghxo6 months ago

    “Donut put me in crocks”.... me-puts in crocks.o. Idk how to spell crOcks Lol

  96. Latina

    Latina6 months ago

    "what if i lose them?" "..dont"

  97. kris

    kris6 months ago

    Your braids are so cute.

  98. Sleepy Panda

    Sleepy Panda6 months ago

    Anybody else think Lindsey's flowy pants would've looked gorgeous with that checkered top?

  99. XOXO, Raylin

    XOXO, Raylin6 months ago

    Oh my god I’ve been looking for those cut joggers for so long, I have no idea where to find them 😭

  100. Hemen mulugeta

    Hemen mulugeta6 months ago

    - Lindsey "what if i loose them?" - Jazz "don't" bahahahaahhhahaah😂😂