We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball


  1. Wolf Pride35

    Wolf Pride35Hour ago

    I'm sorry I laughed when he dropped it & it broke.

  2. JPlaysYT

    JPlaysYT2 hours ago

    It looks like a maltesers

  3. Fatima Hassan

    Fatima Hassan2 hours ago

    7:04 except for trump... he's a lost cause

  4. ItsLitty

    ItsLitty3 hours ago

    The raspberry n u had a good time sifting dirt is bc there's meletonin and it's chemical that makes u happy

  5. Alyssabelle Sunthonphan

    Alyssabelle Sunthonphan4 hours ago

    It looks like chocolate

  6. Fossil Boy

    Fossil Boy4 hours ago

    Wait if the dirt isn’t the dirty dirt and it’s all shiny and stuff is it still dirt?

  7. Trixia Gonzales

    Trixia Gonzales4 hours ago

    RIP dirt ball

  8. Foot Loaf

    Foot Loaf5 hours ago

    Hey at least you have dirt here in Florida we have sirt (sand-dirt) no imbetween

  9. Cody Collinsworth

    Cody Collinsworth5 hours ago

    I hate this so much. Dislike.

  10. Unknown Messenger

    Unknown Messenger5 hours ago

    Who knows if he is touching dry poop

  11. PicabooWinn

    PicabooWinn5 hours ago

    I died at the end when he dropped it 😂 nice video !

  12. Robin Octavio

    Robin Octavio5 hours ago

    4:47 that's what she said LOL

  13. Robin Octavio

    Robin Octavio5 hours ago

    man the title of the vid.........it's something..

  14. TheCoolDog Gaming

    TheCoolDog Gaming6 hours ago

    23 tips for dating yoda 😂

  15. Taylor Andrews

    Taylor Andrews6 hours ago

    7:03 "23 rules for dating yoda"

  16. Autumn Loy

    Autumn Loy6 hours ago

    6:25 he is such precious bean

  17. annaplays 48

    annaplays 488 hours ago

    did you really fricking micawave a worm?!

  18. Mia Baken

    Mia Baken8 hours ago

    7:07 "NOOOOO I WANTED TO NAME THAT DIRT BALL STINKY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I'm A Unicorn

    I'm A Unicorn8 hours ago

    You know you've only gotten 4 million views soooooo.........😶😶😶😂😂😂

  20. Mia Baken

    Mia Baken8 hours ago

    3:06 or 3:11

  21. Amy Rodriguez

    Amy Rodriguez9 hours ago

    why does someone need 23 rules for dating Yoda

  22. Miguel Rivea

    Miguel Rivea9 hours ago

    It's so funny at the end

  23. VivaLaBarbie

    VivaLaBarbie10 hours ago

    He's trying to be funny and it's not working.

  24. Lucas Rowe

    Lucas Rowe11 hours ago

    Couldn’t he have bought dirt from the store? Like for gardening😂

  25. Shiribetsu

    Shiribetsu11 hours ago

    0:05 "Sera..." *WAT*

  26. oreusable Potatoo

    oreusable Potatoo12 hours ago

    ...they have a dirt ball now?!

  27. Haileydoesgameplay

    Haileydoesgameplay9 hours ago

    oreusable Potatoo nah it died

  28. TheBoltMaster

    TheBoltMaster13 hours ago

    4:13 it’s to remove any impurities and things like pebbles, twigs and other things that aren’t soil

  29. Sydney Corrigan

    Sydney Corrigan13 hours ago

    Did anyone else actually call the number

  30. TheReaper

    TheReaper14 hours ago

    oh my god.... 4.7 million views for a dirt ball.... reality is fading.

  31. ItsJust Roxy

    ItsJust Roxy14 hours ago


  32. Carmen Low

    Carmen Low15 hours ago

    7:06 Me: The earth is already beautiful

  33. Homie Carrot22

    Homie Carrot2215 hours ago

    Can you guys make me beautiful and shiny??

  34. Mister Hyena

    Mister Hyena15 hours ago

    Let me pour some water on it

  35. друг блять

    друг блять15 hours ago

    Reminds me of my lie in april :(

  36. Nam Phan

    Nam Phan15 hours ago

    If anyone here has read the Inheritance series and remembers the dirt ball chapter I respect you

  37. Sierra Shaw

    Sierra Shaw15 hours ago

    Literally nobody asked for this

  38. ardstsp

    ardstsp15 hours ago

    4:16 that smile xD

  39. ardstsp

    ardstsp16 hours ago

    They said i could be anything so i became... ....a dung beetle

  40. SetTrender

    SetTrender16 hours ago

    I called the number, nothing happened

  41. Madeleine Tyler

    Madeleine Tyler16 hours ago


  42. i am a potato

    i am a potato16 hours ago

    Looks like chocolate.

  43. BexxaBlogs Memes

    BexxaBlogs Memes16 hours ago

    I've got the money, do I get my hair, shirt and *new* dirt ball now?

  44. Shelby Swaney

    Shelby Swaney17 hours ago

    He looks like F P/jughead's dad from Riverdale



    He just ruined breaking bad

  46. Keaton Iker

    Keaton Iker17 hours ago

    This is actually him saying they did it and got views so I will

  47. Joel Hernandez

    Joel Hernandez17 hours ago

    dirt bomb (at the end)

  48. Roichu Sfx

    Roichu Sfx17 hours ago

    even a bunch of dirt becomes beautiful with hard work and time- thats a nice life sentence lmao

  49. Ava Vlogs

    Ava Vlogs17 hours ago

    when he dropped it i died😂

  50. kacey _2442

    kacey _244218 hours ago

    Let's go shine some balls😏

  51. Andy Truong

    Andy Truong18 hours ago

    I guess the offer is off

  52. Bruce and Lexie

    Bruce and Lexie18 hours ago

    What if he dropped it

  53. Bruce and Lexie

    Bruce and Lexie18 hours ago

    Oh I didn’t know that actually happened.....

  54. Ignas Užupis

    Ignas Užupis18 hours ago

    RIP durt u will never be frogoten i wanted it...

  55. Caitlin Hulsman

    Caitlin Hulsman18 hours ago

    I was legitimately heartbroken when it broke

  56. Lisa Smallwood

    Lisa Smallwood18 hours ago


  57. kennedy sharpe

    kennedy sharpe18 hours ago

    James Charles thinks ur hot....

  58. Thomas Fiaher

    Thomas Fiaher19 hours ago

    Only 4.7mil in your vid

  59. Bella Herbek

    Bella Herbek19 hours ago

    1:27 city people in the dirt 😂

  60. ThatRichieGuy

    ThatRichieGuy20 hours ago

    Looks like a shiny reese's puff, I have an idea. Shiny reese's puff challenge

  61. Toxic Animation

    Toxic Animation20 hours ago


  62. Lydia Pet

    Lydia Pet20 hours ago

    Did he really have to wear protective clothes to collect dirt?😂

  63. Pastel unicorn x

    Pastel unicorn x21 hour ago

    1:04 had me dying 😂😂😂😂

  64. Kookies and Tae

    Kookies and Tae22 hours ago

    Is it still up for sale?...

  65. Michelle Choy123

    Michelle Choy12322 hours ago

    i would just roll it in the dirt

  66. Pathed

    Pathed23 hours ago

    Never have i ever wanted to eat dirt so bad

  67. Samba MHFU

    Samba MHFUDay ago

    3:30, is buzzfeed finally admitting that they don't bother researching stuff before talking about it?

  68. MarkergeYT

    MarkergeYTDay ago

    Damn i thought it was chocolate it looks delicious

  69. A View Bot

    A View BotDay ago

    He looks like a scientist trying to get some dirt sample

  70. Rolando M. Valenciano Jr.

    Rolando M. Valenciano Jr.Day ago

    1:02 dirty joke

  71. GayAppleGate the gayrr

    GayAppleGate the gayrrDay ago

    32 rules for dating yoda? WTF

  72. Woolful Rebellion

    Woolful RebellionDay ago

    You spent way too much money........🤣All you need is patience, water, dirt, and your hands, and yes, I have made these before

  73. Ethan Yoranouw

    Ethan YoranouwDay ago

    I’ll Buy it

  74. Ethan Yoranouw

    Ethan YoranouwDay ago

    I was about to say In CENTRAL PARK! And then he said CENTRAL PARK!


    ARIEL SOTODay ago

    This idiot

  76. bexiah

    bexiahDay ago

    Aww reminds me of my childhood. I usually made them in smaller sizes and put it in inside a candy bag 😂😂😂 ..and I'm starting to like this guy's videos 😘

  77. WWEfan 0301

    WWEfan 0301Day ago

    Here I am. Watching a buzzfeed video. I really hit rock bottom.

  78. Wil Lerch

    Wil LerchDay ago

    I want to eat that ball

  79. Anonymous Player

    Anonymous PlayerDay ago

    Hahah the end tho

  80. Mohamad Khaled

    Mohamad KhaledDay ago

    R I P shiny dirt ball that is shiny ball

  81. Sloth King Miller

    Sloth King MillerDay ago

    Dude that ball is pretty dirty

  82. Rebecca Evans

    Rebecca EvansDay ago

    Could he have not gotten dirt from the roof top where he let the dirt dry😂

  83. MissMoony

    MissMoonyDay ago

    *d o u b l e s i f t i n g*

  84. Lee and Alexa

    Lee and AlexaDay ago

    He could have just bought dirt 😂

  85. Darrel Anims

    Darrel AnimsDay ago


  86. a-humble-squirrel

    a-humble-squirrelDay ago

    U jealous of Sarah pal

  87. Bloody L

    Bloody LDay ago


  88. Alpaca Agar

    Alpaca AgarDay ago

    the ending was fake asf

  89. Dr.DragonSlayer

    Dr.DragonSlayerDay ago

    The guy is kind of cringy but funny.

  90. chocmilkshake24

    chocmilkshake24Day ago

    Welp. At least we know that ball is legit!

  91. giroko

    girokoDay ago


  92. Lily LPS

    Lily LPSDay ago


  93. Squid Kid

    Squid KidDay ago

    When he changed into that "thing" I was just done

  94. Pure Doge x

    Pure Doge xDay ago

    Ok ill buy it

  95. kaitlin Ro

    kaitlin RoDay ago

    4:18 When there’s a spider on your desk

  96. TwinAsians

    TwinAsiansDay ago

    I like this guy he’s honest “I need more views so ima do this”

  97. David Van Dawt Ceu

    David Van Dawt CeuDay ago

    Why did u drop it I was gonna buy that....

  98. Haley Animations

    Haley AnimationsDay ago

    I just realized it’s buzzfeed

  99. aissaoui afaf

    aissaoui afafDay ago

    It looks like a really really yummy chocolate ball




  101. Uni Camila

    Uni CamilaDay ago

    that’s actually a soil ball. dirt has more rocks that you can see that’s soil