We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball


  1. Princesshayleyiscool 101

    Princesshayleyiscool 1014 hours ago

    How to work at buzzbeed?

  2. FireMaster177

    FireMaster1775 hours ago

    This videos are always so fake

  3. Sqeakerz VEVO

    Sqeakerz VEVO8 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  4. Daryn250

    Daryn2508 hours ago

    1:25 City Boy This is Not Meant to Be offensive in any Way, Shape Or Form. This is A Joke. Im Sorry If You Take This Offensively. Not My Problem.

  5. tudor iubeste spaghetele

    tudor iubeste spaghetele13 hours ago

    A shiny *dirt* has appeared!

  6. LoudSilentEs

    LoudSilentEs18 hours ago


  7. Chloe Lynch

    Chloe Lynch19 hours ago

    An some sand paper to polish your dirt

  8. Thor Andersen

    Thor AndersenDay ago


  9. John Oliver Suaco

    John Oliver SuacoDay ago

    23 ways to date yoda hahahahaha 7:05

  10. Jordan Heckinger Daniel

    Jordan Heckinger DanielDay ago

    You can buy soil and dirt at the hardware store

  11. JayPlays

    JayPlaysDay ago

    This guy is easily the most annoying guy in the channel

  12. Hamza Hamidi

    Hamza HamidiDay ago

    Eric: yes I finally finished me:no one cares

  13. Haley Hernandez

    Haley HernandezDay ago

    He looks like zayn when he was wearing the suit

  14. Robyn Locke

    Robyn LockeDay ago

    I KNOW WHAT DIRTY MIDEND PEOPLE ARE THINKING im a child and i cant spell.

  15. Everything Eli

    Everything EliDay ago


  16. Venic_ O

    Venic_ ODay ago

    Braking bad Reference at 1:24

  17. Molly Katherine Cornett

    Molly Katherine CornettDay ago

    They talked about how to make these in the Eragon series and I tried to make them with my friends when I was like 12 and it was a good time 😂 they didn’t turn out good though

  18. Ella Cross

    Ella CrossDay ago

    It sounds wrong but okay....

  19. Vienne Animates

    Vienne Animates2 days ago

    7:00 if you look at one them it says 23 rules for dating yoda

  20. ROBLOX Windows15gamer

    ROBLOX Windows15gamer2 days ago

    7:09 now thats dirt

  21. The Elder Monk

    The Elder Monk2 days ago

    Why Cant you call it soul dirt is very rude

  22. Pokesceptre

    Pokesceptre2 days ago


  23. Pokesceptre

    Pokesceptre2 days ago

    That guy is scared of worme

  24. Infinite GameZ

    Infinite GameZ2 days ago

    Job jjjb

  25. Quentin Halferty

    Quentin Halferty3 days ago

    This is fake

  26. Kanksha

    Kanksha3 days ago

    I'm falling for Eric.

  27. Dogsfunworld Ana Ramos

    Dogsfunworld Ana Ramos4 days ago

    It will be easy cause we will only need dirt. *BUYS A BUCKET,SOVEL, clouts, and onther stuff

  28. Leonat Rezniqi

    Leonat Rezniqi6 days ago


  29. CrazyDounut?

    CrazyDounut?7 days ago

    Who else loves all of Eric's vids

  30. a ashe main or god

    a ashe main or god8 days ago

    I then I will take the devil and make it great

  31. Laila Bendary

    Laila Bendary8 days ago

    0:09 wrong! nine million

  32. Twin Sabers

    Twin Sabers9 days ago

    Not to be rude but wanting to let you know in one shot I saw someone’s license plate. Not blurred out.

  33. Jonathan Adams

    Jonathan Adams10 days ago

    Wtf are u wearing that suit to dig dirt

  34. mylifesames s

    mylifesames s10 days ago

    We mastered *FAPPING*

  35. dO_yOu_eVeN_fOrTnItE_dAnCe ????

    dO_yOu_eVeN_fOrTnItE_dAnCe ????10 days ago

    3:24 what’s that song?

  36. Emz n Jake Roblox and MSP!

    Emz n Jake Roblox and MSP!10 days ago

    I feel bad for the people that think this is real

  37. Mateo Murungi

    Mateo Murungi10 days ago


  38. All About Everything

    All About Everything10 days ago


  39. Maximillian’s pet yeah yeah

    Maximillian’s pet yeah yeah10 days ago

    Looks like a chocolate Even if I know its dirt i would still eat it

  40. Jesus Quintero

    Jesus Quintero11 days ago

    I thought it was chocolate

  41. Kruel Knight

    Kruel Knight11 days ago

    2:52 look at the inverted colors and go inverted on your device It looks so normally weird

  42. Jake Baily

    Jake Baily11 days ago

    Has he never seen a worm m?

  43. invictus doubleinvictus crackhead

    invictus doubleinvictus crackhead11 days ago

    7:07 rick and morty thme song

  44. cancerous boi

    cancerous boi11 days ago

    This mine craft music

  45. Ann Bui

    Ann Bui12 days ago

    Can you take me and make me Beautiful

  46. Jack_ Gaming54

    Jack_ Gaming5412 days ago

    It just dirt are you scared??🤔

  47. Astarrs

    Astarrs12 days ago

    Ur job is to do viral videos not fake videos

  48. Magic Gaming Guy

    Magic Gaming Guy12 days ago

    its fake in know its fake theres proof in the video like the comment and reply and i'll the you the proof

  49. Trinity Pollock

    Trinity Pollock12 days ago

    7:08 Oh so sad

  50. Dakota Soul

    Dakota Soul12 days ago

    Cool 😎 with it

  51. L Korpi

    L Korpi12 days ago

    Rip worm

  52. Mysha Salahuddin

    Mysha Salahuddin12 days ago

    04:18 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Bailey Reed

    Bailey Reed12 days ago

    oh reporting him to the cops for stealing central parks dirt😂

  54. Krik Mielke

    Krik Mielke13 days ago

    Wasted 2.0 7:08

  55. Krik Mielke

    Krik Mielke13 days ago

    3:14 wasted

  56. CR7 soccerstudio

    CR7 soccerstudio13 days ago

    1:44 looks like a bunny LOL

  57. TC_Duck

    TC_Duck13 days ago

    Gets scared by a worm 5 year old me HOLY CRAP A WORM IMMA PICK IT UP

  58. Lauren Lai

    Lauren Lai13 days ago


  59. Tyler Ford

    Tyler Ford13 days ago

    The sad thing is, theres actually people that behave like this.

  60. Ugandan _King

    Ugandan _King13 days ago

    At 7:03 on one of the frames it says 23 rules for dating Yoda XD

  61. Kevin Batten

    Kevin Batten13 days ago

    I'm in Africa there's like dirt every where😂😂😂

  62. the random guy

    the random guy13 days ago

    Litterly everything he says sounds dirty

  63. Viry Munguía

    Viry Munguía13 days ago

    7:10 that’s an OOF!

  64. Alex the Pomeranian

    Alex the Pomeranian13 days ago

    *Professional chef*

  65. Katherine Clubb

    Katherine Clubb13 days ago

    3:10 later he know he did it too hard up

  66. Adam Farhat

    Adam Farhat13 days ago


  67. Cobra Lite

    Cobra Lite13 days ago

    Look what you are doing for views theese days

  68. Mr Chubby Puppy

    Mr Chubby Puppy13 days ago

    1:02 *D I R T Y B A L L S*

  69. Chase Kelly

    Chase Kelly13 days ago

    01:32 is that really useful bru

  70. Swag Master

    Swag Master14 days ago

    Click bait that’s putty 🙅🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  71. BlackTiger [GAMES]

    BlackTiger [GAMES]14 days ago

    3:00 it looks like poop

  72. Marlon Bui

    Marlon Bui14 days ago

    7:08 needs no explaining

  73. Pusheen Fffg

    Pusheen Fffg14 days ago

    7:10... I can still buy it for $300 right?

  74. Darien Zheng

    Darien Zheng14 days ago

    Him: Ok now I need something to get the dirt off my clothes *Gets a hazmat suit* Me: ... wut, i don’t think a hazmat suit is necessary

  75. Jvonte Haywood

    Jvonte Haywood14 days ago

    what to say: "and some sandpaper to polish my dirt ball"

  76. That Boy

    That Boy14 days ago

    he spassed out when he saw the worm

  77. Alfie Nicholls

    Alfie Nicholls14 days ago

    No this is dirt I made this omg it looks so fake

  78. Sabir Bouchane

    Sabir Bouchane14 days ago


  79. DexThe Best

    DexThe Best14 days ago

    Watch the end in 0.25 and you can see he threw it ;) it’s ok tough 👌

  80. July World

    July World14 days ago

    I just spent 7min 28sec straight waching a man trying to make a shiny ball out of dirt... I love my life.

  81. Lewis Clark

    Lewis Clark14 days ago

    Rip at the end hello darkened smile freind

  82. imagap roblox

    imagap roblox14 days ago

    Why did you kissed Y O U R D I R T Y B A L LS

  83. TJS 8668

    TJS 866814 days ago

    I wanted to buy dat dirtball ~T_T~~T_T~

  84. salt 13

    salt 1315 days ago

    Awesome clickbait


    CHEEKI BREEKI15 days ago

    Everyone associated in the making of this video, should kill them selves.

  86. Jaemel Baez

    Jaemel Baez15 days ago

    Him :thats dirt Me: no it not

  87. Jaemel Baez

    Jaemel Baez15 days ago

    Tjis is fake he cuts it when he uses the shie polisher

  88. MiniCatholic Nerd

    MiniCatholic Nerd15 days ago

    All you needed was old cloths a spoon and a bucket

  89. RaiceCake !

    RaiceCake !15 days ago

    In the end you should slow the speed that there was a edit that shows him throwing it, and the ball is a bit far from him

  90. Michelle Gutz

    Michelle Gutz15 days ago

    This has to be fake cuz the cut the video when he “dropped it”

  91. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode15 days ago

    They are stealing dirt. you are not aloud to take it because it is not on there property. Soooo.....they basically just showed that they stole

  92. idontknowwhattonamethischannel

    idontknowwhattonamethischannel15 days ago

    Is that some chocolate

  93. Noah’s Maori

    Noah’s Maori16 days ago

    I can make a solid sand ball real easy

  94. Noah’s Maori

    Noah’s Maori16 days ago

    It might be hard for you

  95. Riley Helo

    Riley Helo16 days ago

    People in new york: *gets a suit to keep from getting dirty* Me: *facepalm*

  96. Fusion GD

    Fusion GD16 days ago

    7:01 why does it say 23 rules for dating yoda in the background wtf

  97. Ducksavage51 Cranberry

    Ducksavage51 Cranberry16 days ago


  98. Some guy

    Some guy16 days ago

    T.T i dont have dirt were i live

  99. dreefree 122

    dreefree 12216 days ago

    What were you wearing when you got the dirt? Also, shouldnt you have your own shovel and bucket

  100. Briggsy The Pikachu

    Briggsy The Pikachu16 days ago

    This is fake I saw them pause the video then continue it after they polished the "shiny" ball

  101. Abdes Roughi

    Abdes Roughi16 days ago

    *Buzzfeed joined the chat* *Braincells left the chat*