We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball


  1. Sam_the_Sloth

    Sam_the_Sloth5 hours ago

    “Now it feels good!” That’s what she said 😏🤪

  2. Jack ツ

    Jack ツDay ago

    I could make one for $12.99

  3. Zuzanna Miedzybrodzki

    Zuzanna Miedzybrodzki3 days ago


  4. Marvel Man 18

    Marvel Man 186 days ago


  5. FL4M3

    FL4M38 days ago

    If you put water isn’t it a *M U D B A L L*

  6. ?jupiter

    ?jupiter9 days ago

    *"Smells like Central Park"* "Does it?? Really?" *"No"*

  7. clint bizkit

    clint bizkit9 days ago

    loved that breaking bad music for 3 seconds. that was hilarious. also, there was no need for that outfit hahahah I'm crying.

  8. blackstar123 blackstar123

    blackstar123 blackstar12310 days ago

    I dont think no one relised that he could of potentinally microwaved a poor worm😂

  9. šö mĕsmerīzınğ.

    šö mĕsmerīzınğ.11 days ago

    Looks like Maltesers

  10. Alexia Gamez

    Alexia Gamez12 days ago

    It lowkey looks like a whopper... Or I'm just hungry😂😅

  11. proguy

    proguy13 days ago

    *excuse me but thats dorodango*

  12. Suborna Akter

    Suborna Akter14 days ago

    you need purify clay

  13. Ash YT

    Ash YT16 days ago

    Imagine if you see a dirt ball thinking it's a chocolate ,and you take a bite .....

  14. Leon Faganel

    Leon Faganel16 days ago

    Its fake but ok

  15. Cøsmicc_ Harû

    Cøsmicc_ Harû17 days ago

    They look like giant malteasers (〃∇〃)

  16. noreen akhtar

    noreen akhtar17 days ago

    7:06 that's dirt (throws it at the floor and I'm dying) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. xX_drAgon_slAyEr_Xx

    xX_drAgon_slAyEr_Xx17 days ago

    I think the video was cut in 6:22 cuz it took a long time polishing the ball so they just skipped that part? eEeEeH idk Loved the vid anyway

  18. The Everything Productions

    The Everything Productions18 days ago

    The ending was SO SAD!!!

  19. FaZeGAMER 1080

    FaZeGAMER 108018 days ago

    7:05 except for me😭😭😭

  20. DudeBro 1

    DudeBro 118 days ago

    6:22 what's with the 'random' cut?

  21. Maheen Saad

    Maheen Saad19 days ago

    I hate how fake these videos r

  22. Alluz

    Alluz20 days ago

    I made it to the park Time to start cooking meth

  23. Banana Sauce

    Banana Sauce20 days ago

    i would probably eat it thinking it was chocolate :p


    COLE SPROUSE IS MINE20 days ago

    I just watched a man try to make a shiny dirt ball for 7 minutes and 28 seconds to only drop it not even 3 minutes later.

  25. Jill Williams

    Jill Williams21 day ago

    I thought I was safe to drink my milk right at the end, friggen almost spit it EVERYWHERE 🤣

  26. Elliot the weirdo !

    Elliot the weirdo !21 day ago

    “It’s steaming” *its not*

  27. Camille Belzile

    Camille Belzile21 day ago

    it's not dirt, it's soil

  28. Sri Shivendra

    Sri Shivendra21 day ago

    We only need dirt. *Gets a full on equipment*

  29. Zakiry

    Zakiry22 days ago

    This video is just half depressing

  30. Jasmine McCoy

    Jasmine McCoy22 days ago

    Every video he makes is amazing 😂😂 Edit: I just realized the Try Guys are still part of the subscribe clip at the end.....

  31. IsThatACrazyMagnet /FunnyGV

    IsThatACrazyMagnet /FunnyGV22 days ago

    no homo

  32. N0.S3NS3 C0MM1T

    N0.S3NS3 C0MM1T22 days ago

    Shiny poop 4 the poop dealers out there

  33. Kinlee’s Corner

    Kinlee’s Corner22 days ago

    don’t call the number.

  34. CattoPlayz

    CattoPlayz22 days ago

    Oof, u dropped it

  35. Ammola Ahmed

    Ammola Ahmed22 days ago


  36. Gabriela Sofia

    Gabriela Sofia22 days ago

    Imagine if he found a human skull while digging

  37. Y Nguyen

    Y Nguyen23 days ago

    Fun fact! Worm’s poop is dirt

  38. Teepaaplayz

    Teepaaplayz23 days ago

    1:30 lol I died when I heard that breaking bad music

  39. libby flower

    libby flower23 days ago

    Can we have a video on fixing things with instant ramen?

  40. The Wyrem

    The Wyrem23 days ago


  41. Bread Lovr

    Bread Lovr23 days ago

    who else loves his laugh?

  42. UnderClap YT

    UnderClap YT23 days ago

    why he gotta shout is he high or somethin?

  43. Chris Menger

    Chris Menger24 days ago

    Lmao at the outfit he wore to dig.

  44. DabTop Unofficial

    DabTop Unofficial25 days ago

    Natural version of the aluminium ball ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  45. om4rr

    om4rr25 days ago

    Hey I would like to buy that dirt ball for 295 with your hair and a peice of your t-shirt Where would you like to meet up to make this deal

  46. omega yeetus

    omega yeetus25 days ago

    1:53 did i see a plastic bag in the bucket?

  47. Logan Bennett

    Logan Bennett26 days ago

    It's soil!

  48. Katy Illenye

    Katy Illenye26 days ago

    Eric: *is from Nj* Eric: *Can’t find Dirt in NY*

  49. Jelly Darts

    Jelly Darts26 days ago

    Notice this got more views than the tinfoil one 😂

  50. smile more

    smile more27 days ago

    Who gets that's scared when seeing a worm, really it's a baby worm dude be a man

  51. Cinnamon 31

    Cinnamon 3128 days ago

    When your personality is crap so you wear makeup: Shiney dirt ball :’)

  52. Makayla Takang

    Makayla Takang28 days ago

    how does one end up working at buzzfeed? Asking for a friend.

  53. Samantha Brown

    Samantha Brown28 days ago

    on coke?

  54. cayce theking

    cayce theking28 days ago


  55. Ory Ben

    Ory Ben29 days ago

    You cant just turn dirt to look like marble. Can you? Edit: It looks like that on thumbnail

  56. Mgal

    Mgal29 days ago

    what is wrong with me?

  57. Thomas DiDonato

    Thomas DiDonato29 days ago

    So fake

  58. leo

    leo29 days ago

    Why does this feel so fake?

  59. Nathalia Nascimento dos Santos

    Nathalia Nascimento dos Santos29 days ago

    I like how he has to be so extra to fill content

  60. fabulous rice

    fabulous rice29 days ago

    4:34 "look how pretty it looks, it looks like *sand* "

  61. Justin Howell

    Justin HowellMonth ago

    You know your from the city if you wear an entire paint suit and a paint mask to dig dirt

  62. Filip Björkman

    Filip BjörkmanMonth ago

    Look like snus

  63. KrisMcCool

    KrisMcCoolMonth ago

    Or just buy dirt from the hardware store...

  64. Raizen Nana

    Raizen NanaMonth ago

    I'm getting Tsubaki vibes from this...

  65. golden8-bit ninja381

    golden8-bit ninja381Month ago

    0:15 that sounds so wrong

  66. Samantha rojas

    Samantha rojasMonth ago

    I can feel the dirt in my nails now.

  67. OA Games

    OA GamesMonth ago

    Me: *Enjoying Video And Considering Giving Him A Subscriber* Also Me: *Realises It's Posted By BuzzFeed, The Community We All Hate Thanks To Reddit* Also Also Me: *Clicks Of Vid*

  68. OA Games

    OA GamesMonth ago

    0:32 Him: I dOnT kNoW wHeRe To FinD dIrT iN nEw YoRk Me: There Is A Flower Pot Behind You Smh.

  69. Another Episode Of Belle Being Confused

    Another Episode Of Belle Being Confused25 days ago

    That's planting soil, smh.

  70. josie stigwood

    josie stigwoodMonth ago

    Where do I find dit in New York? Me:looks outside and sees loads Also me :well he could come to England.......

  71. Anakta Prabhu

    Anakta PrabhuMonth ago

    This is a thardsvergundinzmal from the Inheritance Cycle. I hope I spelled it right.

  72. Mr. Random Maker

    Mr. Random MakerMonth ago

    Fake i saw that cut

  73. bigboy

    bigboyMonth ago

    Dirt ball

  74. Watch Lego

    Watch LegoMonth ago

    Fake fake fake he had his hat on in the first cut then it was off after he rubbed it with cloth

  75. Big Daddy

    Big DaddyMonth ago

    Very Epicn't

  76. Joman Ong

    Joman OngMonth ago

    Why tasty kitchen

  77. chrisa tesfaye

    chrisa tesfayeMonth ago

    the amount of times he said dirt omg

  78. Matthew gaming And logs

    Matthew gaming And logsMonth ago

    Sure can I buy it

  79. Ryantk343Gaming

    Ryantk343GamingMonth ago

    Btw for anyone randomly wondering, the background music at 6:59 is called Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie

  80. \\-//\\-//

    \\-//\\-//Month ago

    1:09 that face tho

  81. Bailey Belair

    Bailey BelairMonth ago

    Haha which left I was watching this video there was a dirt commercial

  82. ernesto demarco

    ernesto demarcoMonth ago

    It looks like some good hashish 😆🔥

  83. Coobxyooj Xyooj

    Coobxyooj XyoojMonth ago

    rip mr .dirtbal funeral in two weeks😥

  84. Dordor Zheng

    Dordor ZhengMonth ago

    who else saw the beautiful "25 rules on dating Yoda" poster in the background at 7:05... I'm laughing ma head off

  85. LoveJuanCarlos

    LoveJuanCarlosMonth ago


  86. Canadian Explorer

    Canadian ExplorerMonth ago

    Its called a dorodango

  87. Rachelle Jenkins

    Rachelle JenkinsMonth ago

    There's a lot more dirt where I live :/\

  88. Ronan Gibney

    Ronan GibneyMonth ago

    0:00 is when it starts

  89. Labhraidh Costello

    Labhraidh CostelloMonth ago

    Lol he legit just needed his hands like 😂

  90. Double AA Experiments

    Double AA ExperimentsMonth ago

    This guy in a hazmat suit to put dirt in a bucket😂😂😂

  91. Shane Vlogs

    Shane VlogsMonth ago

    2019 anyone

  92. Lola and woody

    Lola and woodyMonth ago

    And some sand paper so I can polish THE DIRT ball

  93. Granit

    GranitMonth ago

    Fake especially when he polished and when he drops it since it gets cut a little

  94. kaara's mom

    kaara's momMonth ago

    This whole video was just me shaking my head continuously at his dumbassity. Why would he try to sand it.

  95. Lauren

    LaurenMonth ago

    3:09 how did he *think* that would work

  96. Twig

    TwigMonth ago

    And now you have to clean up your pride.

  97. Addisen Fogle

    Addisen FogleMonth ago

    Ooo she smooooth

  98. Jxdex

    JxdexMonth ago

    malteasers :)

  99. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMonth ago

    Oh rub it with cloth and it's shinny now

  100. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMonth ago

    Wow click bait

  101. Misha G.

    Misha G.Month ago