We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!


  1. Vat19

    Vat192 months ago

    Which of our gummy products should we supersize next?!

  2. Jake Loonubon

    Jake Loonubon6 hours ago

    Vat19 python

  3. heather wakefield

    heather wakefield16 hours ago

    Gummy pikle

  4. Seth Koh

    Seth KohDay ago

    Gummy skull

  5. Billy // BMIS

    Billy // BMIS2 days ago

    Gummy pepper

  6. Nicola Rothe

    Nicola Rothe5 days ago

    Vat19 a huge moustache

  7. Alex Sacks

    Alex Sacks10 hours ago

    How the vat19 staff does not got diabetes

  8. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith16 hours ago

    Can I buy one?

  9. Amazing carnidal

    Amazing carnidalDay ago

    An ultimate calorie boost

  10. Cristianfox Higacutefoxrox04

    Cristianfox Higacutefoxrox04Day ago

    Hey vat19 should make gummy fox candy

  11. Otakunii

    OtakuniiDay ago

    One Word... *Diabetes*

  12. Marius Seleusan

    Marius SeleusanDay ago

    Are we gonna kill the gummy pizza? :((

  13. Fortnite Gamer101

    Fortnite Gamer101Day ago

    One word Diabetes

  14. devansh gupta

    devansh guptaDay ago

    just a bunch of generic white people smiling away about a a completed unwanted product in a generic ad just for the sake of being "out of the box". No hate just too repetitive to not being pointed out

  15. Xoxo Jennyxoxo

    Xoxo JennyxoxoDay ago

    Make an enormous gummy worm

  16. Sqiudward Tortellini

    Sqiudward TortelliniDay ago

    For all the brits it’s a 28 lb slice £126.62

  17. IlTech lI

    IlTech lIDay ago

    Super size the Gummy Burger and Hot Dog!

  18. Max Loverseed

    Max LoverseedDay ago

    Where do buy this

  19. Riisa rheey

    Riisa rheey2 days ago

    ok so what happened to the leftovers

  20. Oliver Awesome

    Oliver Awesome2 days ago


  21. Elizabeta Trajanovska Srbinoska

    Elizabeta Trajanovska Srbinoska2 days ago

    How much money you spend for all the ingridients for the pizza ♾

  22. AJ Lacker

    AJ Lacker2 days ago

    HOW! have you not gotten cancer or diabetes?!?!

  23. GACHA VEIWER Gacha Averest

    GACHA VEIWER Gacha Averest2 days ago


  24. Nurul Nashyira

    Nurul Nashyira3 days ago

    how are they still not fat?

  25. the bom bom

    the bom bom2 days ago


  26. Wesley Mei

    Wesley Mei3 days ago

    Do the worlds Largest chocolate Pizza !!!!!!


    COLIN LAWSON3 days ago

    I wonder if that pizza was ever finished

  28. Asma Begum Munni

    Asma Begum Munni3 days ago

    Please make a words largest Coca-Cola boatol!

  29. DuckMan

    DuckMan4 days ago

    I got a pizza ad before this lol

  30. Lizz Kitten

    Lizz Kitten4 days ago

    I met the gummy bear guy at the state fair in North Carolina! Was so happy

  31. SavedMountain 961

    SavedMountain 9615 days ago

    I'm laughing cause of the price of the pizza

  32. pasty lover

    pasty lover5 days ago


  33. The real Mac Ter

    The real Mac Ter3 days ago

    What would you do with it?

  34. ThatLazyLizard

    ThatLazyLizard5 days ago

    I bet they are still eating it to this day

  35. The-Anh Pham

    The-Anh Pham5 days ago

    What's the flavour for cheese

  36. Isabella Cubero

    Isabella Cubero5 days ago

    I love you Dat. 19

  37. Isabella Cubero

    Isabella Cubero5 days ago

    I what to work wis you toooo

  38. Isabella Cubero

    Isabella Cubero5 days ago

    I what do eat it too

  39. Akmal Nazri

    Akmal Nazri5 days ago

    I can imagine all the diabetes i could get trying to eat this

  40. TheMaskYTT

    TheMaskYTT6 days ago

    R.I.P all pig bones ussd in the gelatin.

  41. Andre Guevara

    Andre Guevara6 days ago

    I'd rather have a giant NORMAL pizza.


    STNOWTA6 days ago

    why didn't jon ate the pizza ? he's the master gummy eater.

  43. I_A_DOLPHIN gamer

    I_A_DOLPHIN gamer7 days ago

    Wut happend to vsauce

  44. nevergiveupbestrong

    nevergiveupbestrong7 days ago

    Rest in PieceZA🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Code238

    Code2387 days ago

    What a steal at $214 CAD!

  46. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl7 days ago

    Hey Vat. I ordered a gummy and all I got was canned vegetables. Do you think I can still get the gummy?

  47. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl6 days ago

    Never mind I just now got it

  48. Yujia Neoh

    Yujia Neoh7 days ago

    I am quite surprised that u guys didn’t get diabetes

  49. Bailey Dwyer

    Bailey Dwyer7 days ago

    Was there any left?

  50. Emily Gallardo

    Emily Gallardo8 days ago

    That looks so good to eat😋😋😋😋

  51. Tom_ Tamara

    Tom_ Tamara8 days ago

    Wear can I buy this?

  52. Tom_ Tamara

    Tom_ Tamara2 days ago


  53. The real Mac Ter

    The real Mac Ter3 days ago


  54. Meilani Huynh

    Meilani Huynh8 days ago

    could it be used as a punching bag, lol.

  55. Slime Squad

    Slime Squad8 days ago

    This made me not want to buy this stuff

  56. Nathan Hamon

    Nathan Hamon9 days ago

    Did anyone else’s mouth water while watching dis vid?mine did🤤

  57. Tiger gamer

    Tiger gamer9 days ago

    how many pigs did it take?

  58. ČłøùtĒdītš Yep

    ČłøùtĒdītš Yep9 days ago

    I bet they have lots of cavities lol.

  59. Epic Baller772

    Epic Baller7729 days ago


  60. Esme and Vero reviews

    Esme and Vero reviews9 days ago

    Diabetes in a box

  61. Muhammad Nasir

    Muhammad Nasir9 days ago

    How a wood will help

  62. giacinta keionna channon DL

    giacinta keionna channon DL9 days ago

    I do the math and it takes 140 hours to make this huge thing

  63. Freeshy 617

    Freeshy 61710 days ago

    Thank you Vat19 because my ad was the absolute best!

  64. Blinky 13848

    Blinky 1384810 days ago

    .500 servings per slice .8 slices .8 x 500 = 4,000 4,000 SERVINGS

  65. dream animation

    dream animation10 days ago

    How are you guys not fat😕?

  66. Kat Popa

    Kat Popa10 days ago

    That got disturbing at the end Lmao

  67. The Co!

    The Co!10 days ago

    "Whoops took a picture"

  68. Kyle Aquino

    Kyle Aquino10 days ago

    Can you sell it?

  69. RoKoGirl

    RoKoGirl11 days ago

    I want a normal pizza that big

  70. Matt Aulbach

    Matt Aulbach11 days ago

    Too much pizza for couple people actually gummy Pizza like this is no no

  71. 黄煌

    黄煌11 days ago

    Theres no sauce

  72. 黄煌

    黄煌11 days ago

    Were do u get all this gummy


    ANOTASKULLS11 days ago

    *Diabetes hasn’t tasted better until now!*



    Hey Vat19.com make a Gummy figit spiner

  75. The real Mac Ter

    The real Mac Ter3 days ago

    Fidget spinners are dead

  76. Keenan Boi

    Keenan Boi11 days ago

    Where's the pineapple

  77. OOF Burritos

    OOF Burritos11 days ago

    I would have a whole slice to myslef

  78. Squishy Squad

    Squishy Squad11 days ago

    I want to work at vat19

  79. Karoliina Nauha

    Karoliina Nauha11 days ago


  80. Gg Camacho

    Gg Camacho12 days ago

    Take your time, save your food .. Lol

  81. Denisekeila18

    Denisekeila1812 days ago

    Who will buy this not the 9 year old fanboy

  82. Denisekeila18

    Denisekeila1812 days ago


  83. Bianca St Victor

    Bianca St Victor12 days ago

    The thing they are spreading on the thing looks like toothpaste

  84. Gaming Universe 1101

    Gaming Universe 110112 days ago

    Make the worlds largest Vat19 storage gummy! (Larger than the initial Vat19 storage a way larger one)

  85. Blackwolf Savage

    Blackwolf Savage12 days ago

    Ham burger

  86. William Preston

    William Preston12 days ago

    soon there gonna make the worlds most dibeites

  87. Colin A

    Colin A12 days ago

    150$ FOR ONE SLICE!!!!! that’s one expensive pizza

  88. Don Playz

    Don Playz12 days ago

    I know he went home with a lot of money and I hope he did

  89. Gumball Watterson

    Gumball Watterson12 days ago

    Full of diabetes

  90. Akshay Kishore

    Akshay Kishore13 days ago

    With some giant gummy burger

  91. Ricardo Hernandez

    Ricardo Hernandez13 days ago

    gummy bear guy gets all the credit

  92. Cringe Factory 26

    Cringe Factory 2613 days ago

    Woah so big 0_0

  93. Karoliina Nauha

    Karoliina Nauha13 days ago

    Thank you for doing all this over and over and over again vat19! And thank you for also selling it!

  94. Grady Wooster

    Grady Wooster13 days ago

    Yum 😋

  95. Midnight Parkour

    Midnight Parkour13 days ago

    Bigger than I thought xD

  96. Arwyen Key

    Arwyen Key13 days ago

    Umm is the mold clean??

  97. Chomppow 101

    Chomppow 10113 days ago

    What’s the name of the song at 3:05

  98. Yuki The Fox

    Yuki The Fox14 days ago

    * takes all of it * Thanks

  99. AHHH im fine

    AHHH im fine14 days ago

    Smh the gummy bear guy looks like Chauncey

  100. Doom guy

    Doom guy14 days ago

    How much is 8 slices?

  101. Hanna Hewitt

    Hanna Hewitt14 days ago

    I'm starving now...

  102. Sanaa Aaron

    Sanaa Aaron14 days ago

    Is it that fun to eat big gummy pizza

  103. Matthew Penney

    Matthew Penney14 days ago

    You should make a GIANT spider or octopus

  104. israe azzimani

    israe azzimani14 days ago

    Hollywoodien hollywoodien crabe that o big pizza gummy that selle ay want to but big big pizza gummy please! !

  105. Mia Colebaugh

    Mia Colebaugh15 days ago

    That's a dentist's worst nightmare I love it

  106. Cringy 3yearold

    Cringy 3yearold15 days ago

    Looks soo good

  107. i need a life

    i need a life15 days ago

    I'd eat that if it were real

  108. StorminessStars

    StorminessStars15 days ago

    How many days did this take to make?

  109. Brylenn Jones

    Brylenn Jones15 days ago

    So oddly satisfying

  110. Swee Kwang Tan

    Swee Kwang Tan15 days ago

    How dare you put pineapple on pizza!!! (Jk I actually like pineapple on pizza pls don't hate on me it tastes good)

  111. gwyneth tan

    gwyneth tan16 days ago

    I am watching this and I think that I got myself diabetes