We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!


  1. Vat19

    Vat199 months ago

    Which of our gummy products should we supersize next?!

  2. Best Music Playlists

    Best Music Playlists22 hours ago

    Supersize gummy worm

  3. Aaron Parker

    Aaron ParkerMonth ago

    Giant gummy worm


    KINDAFANT0M2 months ago

    Vat19 Your beer pong

  5. bushy the lion

    bushy the lion2 months ago

    Gummy worm

  6. K8T

    K8T3 months ago


  7. John Eric Ramos

    John Eric Ramos9 hours ago

    I wish i can have on

  8. samar daadoush

    samar daadoush9 hours ago


  9. Sqo Games

    Sqo Games11 hours ago

    3:57 What music is this? .its dope af

  10. Freez Playz

    Freez Playz12 hours ago

    I want pizza now

  11. Jason Pham

    Jason Pham20 hours ago

    Lucky people

  12. Alan Walker

    Alan Walker21 hour ago


  13. Jazmyne Louviere

    Jazmyne Louviere23 hours ago

    All the hard work is gone

  14. definitely not mac

    definitely not mac23 hours ago

    If you make one huge whole pizza thats more than 1 day cause two pizza sileces is 24 hours and the whole pizza is 96 hours

  15. Bazmohammed Jabarkhil

    Bazmohammed JabarkhilDay ago

    I wish I had a big 🍕 pizza

  16. Ryan Christensen

    Ryan ChristensenDay ago

    Did you guys eat it all

  17. Itsyaboi Sinxlepump

    Itsyaboi SinxlepumpDay ago

    I love the music

  18. Jackson Queree

    Jackson QuereeDay ago

    This kids is how you get diabetes

  19. Ilovepie60 Animations

    Ilovepie60 AnimationsDay ago

    Why does it look like they're doing a group kiss?

  20. PinkyTheCreepz :3

    PinkyTheCreepz :3Day ago

    They see pizza I see diabetes

  21. Ariesha Sophia

    Ariesha SophiaDay ago


  22. TBAFCyclop

    TBAFCyclopDay ago

    Gummy bear guy say sience stuff Us um please say that in english or american

  23. I like Potatoes

    I like PotatoesDay ago

    I’ll just stick to my vitamin gummies.

  24. Lil Pug

    Lil PugDay ago

    Vat19 V=Very A=Awesome T=Team #Vat19

  25. Omar Yurbs Roblox

    Omar Yurbs RobloxDay ago

    Yo vat19 can't finish all that pizza give it to me!

  26. Joel {lucky loser}

    Joel {lucky loser}2 days ago

    I'm about to get diabetes real soon and it will be diagnosed on my next physical test this summer.

  27. Carsen W

    Carsen W2 days ago

    How to get cavities 101: 1st: buy giant gummy pizza 2nd: eat the whole giant gummy pizza 3rd: see your results in 5-6 hours

  28. Kustuwa

    Kustuwa2 days ago

    i find it inspiring how dedicated this man is to his craft.

  29. CatalystGuardian

    CatalystGuardian2 days ago

    Seriously, peperoni? I'd rather have the typical one with tomato sauce, cheese and aromatic herbs.

  30. Jaxon1049

    Jaxon10492 days ago

    *looks at price* OH MY GO-O-D

  31. Limitless Sky

    Limitless Sky2 days ago

    Gummy pizza sounds good, but I’ll stick with real pizza,

  32. Peyjam1

    Peyjam12 days ago

    Diabetes has entered the chat Health has left the chat

  33. iiCrybxbyii MSP

    iiCrybxbyii MSP2 days ago

    So... my school just watched this... isn’t that cool?!

  34. us friends

    us friends2 days ago

    Make the biggest red bull can ever and fill it up

  35. rinkotstu 61

    rinkotstu 612 days ago

    I always wonder how none of the people have diabetes from all the sugar that's in these huge gummies and candies

  36. Megan Washington

    Megan Washington2 days ago

    Go no😰😰👙🎩💏

  37. softlx !

    softlx !3 days ago

    i eat too much and food is my religion. i love food to much that i can eat that entire large gummy pizza in less than 15 minutes.


    ALEC PONCE3 days ago

    *Dominos pizza has joined the chat* *Pizza hut has joined the chat* *Dominos pizza has left the chat*

  39. CrabCake_YT L

    CrabCake_YT L3 days ago

    Thanks For posting this on my birthday

  40. Antoś the Bacon Hair Dude

    Antoś the Bacon Hair Dude3 days ago

    Send it to Africa

  41. Kindlypenguin90

    Kindlypenguin903 days ago

    That’s litterly diabetes’s in a box

  42. Reyhan Aufaa Airell

    Reyhan Aufaa Airell3 days ago

    -What will you do if there's a big gummy pizza in front of you. -"ate the gummy pizza"

  43. Jamie D.

    Jamie D.3 days ago

    It’s offical. I’m joining vat 19.

  44. •BobaBB•バブルティー

    •BobaBB•バブルティー3 days ago

    Great for graduation day

  45. CRAZYKFCmann !

    CRAZYKFCmann !3 days ago

    Has anybody legit bought this

  46. GamingB3ast 77

    GamingB3ast 773 days ago


  47. Homeless tfue

    Homeless tfue3 days ago

    Aka how to get diabetes

  48. Re d

    Re d4 days ago

    The product was discontinued on vat19’s website

  49. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan4 days ago

    I’m so jelly waaa

  50. Marcos Perez

    Marcos Perez5 days ago

    Anyone else Sad they cant get it and takes a bite (No just me okay)

  51. IgnCrepe777777 !

    IgnCrepe777777 !5 days ago

    500 servings per slice Holy diabetes

  52. Light Love

    Light Love5 days ago

    Am thinking of buying the tiny hands

  53. ツSynix

    ツSynix6 days ago

    I make this blue if you miss the *pump* 👇🏽 ( trying to reach 1k )

  54. Erika Adams

    Erika Adams6 days ago

    You guys are eating it like savages

  55. Noob Crasher gaming

    Noob Crasher gaming6 days ago

    Their getin diabetics

  56. Renzo Mikael Jaworski

    Renzo Mikael Jaworski6 days ago

    Is there a job opening?

  57. Gamer Cherry

    Gamer Cherry6 days ago

    the worm needs to be at least 10 feet long soon

  58. Aaron James Cureton-Yates

    Aaron James Cureton-Yates7 days ago

    Gummy burrito

  59. Ynvade

    Ynvade7 days ago

    Anybody knows the song at 4:00

  60. Assassins Creeps

    Assassins Creeps7 days ago

    Should've been real pizza 7/10

  61. anany ranjan

    anany ranjan7 days ago

    I want to work at vat 19

  62. xxXEmily Xxx

    xxXEmily Xxx7 days ago

    So lag

  63. Colin Schreckenbach

    Colin Schreckenbach7 days ago


  64. Alyssa Price

    Alyssa Price7 days ago

    Wa T did y'all do with it after?

  65. David Nissim

    David Nissim7 days ago

    “This gigantic gummy pizza is 28 pounds of fruity gummy.” “Buy here”

  66. Bethany's bizarre Channel

    Bethany's bizarre Channel7 days ago

    but were is the little table in the mittle

  67. Gatcha Girl

    Gatcha Girl8 days ago

    How the frick are they so fit

  68. Fake T-Series

    Fake T-Series8 days ago

    What Song 0:09

  69. Emilio Cortes El Jaguar

    Emilio Cortes El Jaguar8 days ago

    You should make the world’s largest Cheeto

  70. Professional Idiots

    Professional Idiots8 days ago

    Would you like mega cavities? WELL BOY DO WE GOT THE TREAT FOR YOU

  71. jakeplays

    jakeplays8 days ago

    if i can buy it how much is it

  72. Nelly

    Nelly8 days ago


  73. Everything_Matthew

    Everything_Matthew9 days ago

    This is why you don’t call in sick at Vat19

  74. Tphann07 Gaming

    Tphann07 Gaming9 days ago

    derek: now we just make the real one me: bruh

  75. Lymar Arisme

    Lymar Arisme9 days ago

    Every dentist’s nightmare

  76. SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    SHARE H!S V!S!0N9 days ago

    i wish the colors actually meant something, peach flavor crust, apple flavor green , cherry flavor red, pineapple flavor yellow... just seems like a lot of gummy candy at the end of the day, but i love it

  77. Ahmed Alrefaei

    Ahmed Alrefaei9 days ago

    The entire thing can feed 4000 people. SEND IT TO AFRICA

  78. Xd RandomZ

    Xd RandomZ9 days ago

    After that they die from diabetes

  79. Yoyola L

    Yoyola L9 days ago

    I think so a regular

  80. Lorenz gaming

    Lorenz gaming9 days ago

    A mini one

  81. shu wang

    shu wang10 days ago

    I’ll stick with a the worlds largest gummy plate

  82. Phil Winfield

    Phil Winfield10 days ago

    if i took a bite out of that thing i would barf to much sugar

  83. Jazmyne Louviere

    Jazmyne Louviere10 days ago

    I love pizza and maybe gummy pizza

  84. Gianpaolo Pascual

    Gianpaolo Pascual10 days ago

    I wonder how many records vat19has

  85. Luxurious tropical Breeze

    Luxurious tropical Breeze10 days ago

    How do we make gummy

  86. StarASMR

    StarASMR10 days ago

    Do a 100 yard gummy worm

  87. Bloodfrost Gaming

    Bloodfrost Gaming10 days ago

    People say it is still being eaten to this day.

  88. bombom17

    bombom1710 days ago

    Song at 4:08?

  89. Kyle Jonas

    Kyle Jonas10 days ago

    My jaw hurts

  90. Calico ネコ

    Calico ネコ11 days ago


  91. xCytria

    xCytria11 days ago

    bro, vat19 is such a genius group.

  92. Mya Nguyen

    Mya Nguyen11 days ago

    The key to diabetes

  93. Dani Christenson

    Dani Christenson11 days ago

    The way he poured the silicone was satisfying

  94. SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    SHARE H!S V!S!0N9 days ago

    they missed out on some asmr gold

  95. Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

    Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz12 days ago

    Wow... if i eat all of this, im 100% sure i will die of beaties...

  96. senpai and roblox

    senpai and roblox12 days ago

    / bb b b b b b b bb bbb bvbvlg b b b b b b b b v

  97. VinCactus

    VinCactus12 days ago

    I agree

  98. no u

    no u12 days ago

    This video is basically the key to diabetes THIS IS A JOKE DO *NOT* TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY

  99. Vaughn James

    Vaughn James12 days ago

    1:04 is just the time that I paused the video just to watch the outro lol

  100. Jeffrey Tian

    Jeffrey Tian13 days ago

    It took 96 hours to make

  101. Chacabangaso Channel

    Chacabangaso Channel13 days ago


  102. Typical Modz

    Typical Modz13 days ago

    Put it for sale for 10000$

  103. JFKquickscope

    JFKquickscope13 days ago

    I love cavities

  104. Sis Tube

    Sis Tube14 days ago

    Imagine you were a gummy bear guy

  105. Dusk_animates

    Dusk_animates14 days ago

    The title : wen u want a gigantic pizza and you don’t want it to be burnt

  106. SyrupOmega

    SyrupOmega14 days ago

    Does anyone know the song they used right at the beginning and when they were filling the mold with gummy

  107. JohnX

    JohnX14 days ago

    I want this type of job