We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!


  1. Vat19

    Vat1917 days ago

    Which of our gummy products should we supersize next?!

  2. ronaldopn1

    ronaldopn14 hours ago

    The gummy snake

  3. superjammer45632 and kingdomhearts123

    superjammer45632 and kingdomhearts1236 hours ago

    Supersize the sushi meal! Idk.. I’m dumb

  4. ethan y

    ethan y9 hours ago

    A super sized gummy hotdog!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sarah Molner

    Sarah Molner16 hours ago

    A like button!

  6. seamino Roblox Gameplay

    seamino Roblox Gameplay16 hours ago

    Vat19 Hamburger

  7. brahim hamadouche

    brahim hamadouche2 hours ago

    This it diabetes

  8. Liz Melencion

    Liz Melencion3 hours ago

    love vat 19

  9. Sophie Ashton

    Sophie Ashton4 hours ago

    how much do u think this guy got paid to make this thing?

  10. Jovana Stevkovska

    Jovana Stevkovska4 hours ago

    The things that people will do to get views. I'm I right?(not a hater and I can't spell)

  11. Yen Gacha

    Yen Gacha5 hours ago

    But does it have a bottle opener?

  12. Rachel Dendy

    Rachel Dendy6 hours ago

    I read Derek’s name derk 😂😂😂

  13. superjammer45632 and kingdomhearts123

    superjammer45632 and kingdomhearts1236 hours ago

    If you ate a slice in a day you would get either of 1 or 2 diabetics. If you ate ALL the slices in one day, however, you would have both types of diabetes and would be really fat. Just pointing it out there

  14. Loren Bleach

    Loren Bleach7 hours ago

    Omg I thought there was an ad that came on about dicks o_o what the hell

  15. leo Lindström

    leo Lindström9 hours ago


  16. Hayla Subi

    Hayla Subi9 hours ago

    Definition of diabetes

  17. Keanu And mammoth mutt

    Keanu And mammoth mutt12 hours ago

    Do they freeze the pizza for 12 hours

  18. GuruPixel

    GuruPixel14 hours ago

    Am feeling a emotion *Is this True Jealousy?*

  19. GuruPixel

    GuruPixel14 hours ago

    Eating one slice of that = going to the dentist 5 times

  20. _merpitscassandra_

    _merpitscassandra_14 hours ago

    Oh my

  21. Sharim Khan

    Sharim Khan15 hours ago

    Why Gummy? Wouldn’t a regular giant pizza be better?

  22. Some Guy

    Some Guy15 hours ago

    No marinara sauce? Oh cmon

  23. Freakin' Kids

    Freakin' Kids15 hours ago

    Anybody ever wonder what they do with the uneaten parts?

  24. Pig Mask# 4847282

    Pig Mask# 484728217 hours ago

    can i have the box big

  25. eat eggs

    eat eggs17 hours ago

    I bet the dentist loves all of you

  26. Kara Freeman

    Kara Freeman17 hours ago


  27. Phoebe Rowley

    Phoebe Rowley18 hours ago

    Hope this yummy head man and his staff got paid A LOT 💲💲💲💲💲💲

  28. Little Nugget

    Little Nugget18 hours ago


  29. Elizabeth Ray

    Elizabeth Ray20 hours ago

    Why not a gummy cola next? 😊

  30. King Nuvo gameing

    King Nuvo gameing20 hours ago

    Also how many calories do you think that gummy pizza has

  31. Liam Edwards

    Liam Edwards20 hours ago

    They really like gummys

  32. Elaine Miranda

    Elaine Miranda20 hours ago

    And now I want pizza :/

  33. King Nuvo gameing

    King Nuvo gameing20 hours ago

    A kids candy dream

  34. CleoTsartsidi2005

    CleoTsartsidi200520 hours ago

    You can make the biggest gummyworm 9 miters long

  35. Doris Abarca

    Doris Abarca21 hour ago

    Why not $10

  36. Sapphire Light

    Sapphire Light21 hour ago

    What do u do with the leftovers for all the food you've eaten with extra left in your vids? Or r u crazy and eat it all?

  37. Sun young Bae

    Sun young Bae22 hours ago

    It's awesome but I don't want diabetes.

  38. Antw0n.0596

    Antw0n.059623 hours ago


  39. Pure Forester

    Pure Forester23 hours ago

    NICE $149.99 for diabetes awesome😄

  40. Samz_channel

    Samz_channelDay ago

    Diabetes in it’s purest form...

  41. karen quesada

    karen quesadaDay ago

    not even 1o people can eat just 1 pizza

  42. Vanessa Peacebrooke

    Vanessa PeacebrookeDay ago

    It's beautiful........... speechless

  43. Electric Gamer

    Electric GamerDay ago

    I thought this was photoshop, i was wrong

  44. Đa Linh

    Đa LinhDay ago

    I'm set for my hole life time on dinner Vat19

  45. Chelsey Scott

    Chelsey ScottDay ago

    Huge Shark

  46. ItsLucas

    ItsLucasDay ago

    im eating pizza rn

  47. natte stapid

    natte stapidDay ago

    I wish i worked there just for the gummies :3

  48. ItzJustV

    ItzJustVDay ago

    Diabetes just texted, it's on it's way with a friend cavity.

  49. Siech-geally Martis

    Siech-geally MartisDay ago

    It’s all worth it gummy’s!!!!!!!

  50. Jimin BTS

    Jimin BTSDay ago

    I can just see the DIABETES in one slice

  51. elviebeckwith

    elviebeckwithDay ago


  52. Raeshaun Erich

    Raeshaun ErichDay ago


  53. CarlosStuff -Noice stuff

    CarlosStuff -Noice stuffDay ago

    World’s Largest Pizza Box witb diabetes inside it!!!

  54. Aren Lizard

    Aren LizardDay ago

    I wish I had this job eating giant gummies for money

  55. Cyiico

    CyiicoDay ago

    that just spells *DIABETES*

  56. Jennifer Gillies

    Jennifer GilliesDay ago

    Who is Jamie

  57. Hi Hi

    Hi HiDay ago

    Where did you find that music It’s my jam

  58. Xtreme Ethan

    Xtreme EthanDay ago

    Super size a giant gummy bear

  59. Manhoo Dawson

    Manhoo DawsonDay ago

    🍕 + blanket

  60. Mimi Avery

    Mimi AveryDay ago

    Homemade diabetes


    OOFEY BOIDay ago

    If his mom what are you doing he will say *wasting my life on gummy pizza*

  62. Samantha Fehrer

    Samantha FehrerDay ago

    I'll take 20!

  63. boris todorov

    boris todorovDay ago

    i hope you all be fat in the future

  64. Stephanie Tjiptadjaja

    Stephanie TjiptadjajaDay ago

    It's cute how you make kids sing the "Vat19, dot com" part.

  65. Dylan Reece

    Dylan ReeceDay ago

    I need to stop watching these when I’m hungry

  66. deiasia08

    deiasia08Day ago


  67. Nara Boudakian

    Nara BoudakianDay ago

    Is the things he made it with even edibal?😕

  68. Patrick Man

    Patrick Man2 days ago

    Welcome to heaven

  69. Michelle Bowser

    Michelle Bowser2 days ago

    THATS EDIBLE?! They litteraly put glue on it and how could that glue make anything yummy? When i first smelt glue i could already taste it and its litteraly disgusting

  70. The Sexelent Spy

    The Sexelent Spy2 days ago

    pizza time

  71. Abzino 21

    Abzino 212 days ago

    I wish I worked there

  72. Max Hoogendoorn

    Max Hoogendoorn2 days ago

    Do more videos with the gummy bear guy

  73. Mat&Pat

    Mat&Pat2 days ago

    0:55 turn of automatic captions XD give me likes pls

  74. Amiee Kingy

    Amiee Kingy2 days ago

    I’m so jealous....:(

  75. Hayden Gormley

    Hayden Gormley2 days ago

    I would probably double my body weight eating that 😂

  76. Sponges Diped with bleach yummy.

    Sponges Diped with bleach yummy.2 days ago

    This is a dentist night mare

  77. Elias Rasheeq

    Elias Rasheeq2 days ago

    "We made the Largest Gummy Pizza" We? the gummy guy only made it, you didn't do shit.

  78. galaxy unicorn

    galaxy unicorn2 days ago

    I wish I'm in your group!!!!

  79. GL youtube

    GL youtube2 days ago

    Make gummy lobster

  80. Drex 66

    Drex 662 days ago

    This is a one way ticket to heaven.. (literally.)

  81. Harvie Pamintuan pro

    Harvie Pamintuan pro2 days ago

    That finger got me cringe. 2:56 Hah!!!gaaaay.

  82. Kennedy Chesnut

    Kennedy Chesnut2 days ago

    One of those slices is probably the same weight as me and the pepperoni is the same size of my had also the whole things taller than me by 10 in

  83. Elijah Edralin

    Elijah Edralin2 days ago

    How do you eat that all

  84. lol im nothing becuz i dont gove brother laptop !

    lol im nothing becuz i dont gove brother laptop !2 days ago


  85. Water Drop

    Water Drop2 days ago

    I just wonder how do they send it to your house? is it just like a box with a shape of a pizza that would be crazy tho.

  86. Hailee Ramos

    Hailee Ramos2 days ago

    When they zoomed in to the center 😤

  87. Mara Persephone

    Mara Persephone2 days ago

    oh my god.

  88. The Anvil

    The Anvil2 days ago

    Look at all of those broken jaw bones

  89. mineblox the pro gamer

    mineblox the pro gamer2 days ago


  90. Olive Noodles

    Olive Noodles2 days ago

    How many days did it take to make that vat19?

  91. Florida Girl

    Florida Girl2 days ago


  92. snappity snappleee

    snappity snappleee2 days ago

    are they *trying* to give us diabetes?

  93. Kelly Morgan

    Kelly Morgan2 days ago


  94. MissBloodyLove

    MissBloodyLove2 days ago

    how do I get this job?

  95. megakenny 1234

    megakenny 12342 days ago


  96. илля Бойко

    илля Бойко2 days ago

    you guys are mad

  97. Marianna Aguirre

    Marianna Aguirre2 days ago

    One slice=1 regular gummy pizza

  98. Matiss Baumanis

    Matiss Baumanis2 days ago

    wen i saw that pizza my belly was hungry alredy

  99. arwa We

    arwa We3 days ago

    Make a big sushi

  100. Fireblazer Qt

    Fireblazer Qt3 days ago

    That pizza was just a food... Diabetes is just sickness

  101. AvaLil Aviator

    AvaLil Aviator3 days ago

    Woop! 19 More days till School :333 (Im sooo exited for 4th .o.)

  102. Unicorn VR

    Unicorn VR3 days ago

    dominos and pizza hut are shook

  103. King Plays

    King Plays3 days ago

    149.99 for a slice ...EXPENSIVE AS HELL XD

  104. Fatema Akhter

    Fatema Akhter3 days ago

    Even 2 families of 8 cannot finish it

  105. Jennifer Mae Jumawan

    Jennifer Mae Jumawan3 days ago