1. Lucas and Marcus

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    Heaven HuynhMonth ago

    I'm ur BIGGEST FAN

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    Lol Cool2 months ago

    Lucas and Marcus iiiiiiii

  4. Nickolas Lipps

    Nickolas Lipps2 months ago

    Lucas and Marcus how much mula

  5. Destined4me

    Destined4me3 months ago

    Lucas and Marcus were doing some good backflips. I’m going to try to do an early backflip tomorrow.

  6. Kassiel Fillomena Fernandez

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  7. Kevin Charles

    Kevin Charles3 hours ago

    I have the dobre shirt

  8. Kelvin Mwangi

    Kelvin Mwangi7 hours ago

    Best mum ever, best sons ever

  9. enock garcia

    enock garcia8 hours ago

    I sure do remember that house and the pranks😂

  10. Drea Hochleitner

    Drea Hochleitner20 hours ago

    She’s so cute

  11. Drea Hochleitner

    Drea Hochleitner20 hours ago

    She’s so cute

  12. Ismael Zavala

    Ismael ZavalaDay ago

    Nice song

  13. Ismael Zavala

    Ismael ZavalaDay ago

    Nice song

  14. Gracie Hattaway

    Gracie HattawayDay ago

    At 1:56 that dosent look like Marcus

  15. Elle Encarnacìon

    Elle EncarnacìonDay ago

    Horrible acting

  16. Tracy White

    Tracy WhiteDay ago

    as if you can act talk for your self

  17. Uaki Apisaloma

    Uaki ApisalomaDay ago

    Tell your mum I said Happy Mother's Day and by the way I love your videos

  18. za na

    za naDay ago

    LOVE Mom Me

  19. Bunny Honey Slimes

    Bunny Honey SlimesDay ago

    Come to canada

  20. Serena Rodrigues

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    U guys r the best sons and twins ever luv u

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  22. sibel shefket

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  23. sibel shefket

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  24. Mela Soul

    Mela SoulDay ago

    I would take that money if I was your mom lol she said no because it was fake money

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  27. Cryptocurrency Solutions

    Cryptocurrency Solutions2 days ago

    wish them was mine bro lol

  28. Cryptocurrency Solutions

    Cryptocurrency Solutions2 days ago

    them is the best kids ever jah bless

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  31. Naree Boonsaenpaen

    Naree Boonsaenpaen3 days ago

    Where do there get those money from? What is their job?

  32. Tom bricks

    Tom bricks3 days ago

    How was that giy in the red lamberge at 33 secneds

  33. Christina Coon

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  34. spicycracker

    spicycracker4 days ago

    i am a twin to

  35. TTT S

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    Shes Bald!

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  37. Zain Abdeen

    Zain Abdeen5 days ago

    Omg I wish I had some of this money so I can buy my dream iPhone X but poor me I have just Huawei 10. Lucky you guys. ❤️


    JustinxMSJNY DAPULAYAN5 days ago


  39. eunicehv81

    eunicehv815 days ago

    My mom is the best lol

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    Omg I am crying

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  43. Junior Hyzell

    Junior Hyzell5 days ago

    Actually spoiled kids...parents bought them matching cars and that's actually daddy's money

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  46. dobre soldier

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    that is a lot of money.

  47. Jarae Potts

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    This moment of my life made me cry

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    Can you send me money

  50. Zdenek Polhos

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    I won't money

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    did it

  52. تحشيش شباب البصره

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  54. Christine Jones

    Christine Jones6 days ago

    i wish i was your mine mom

  55. thomas cruz

    thomas cruz6 days ago

    the stupid gayest video ever she can't take the money because you already have money like how you can give a rich person money as a gift I'm already rich dumb video and they got 12 million views

  56. Tramia Jackson

    Tramia Jackson6 days ago

    dome ass

  57. Jazmaine Joyce Mateo

    Jazmaine Joyce Mateo6 days ago

    I realy cry

  58. Nael Aurelino

    Nael Aurelino6 days ago

    When are you guys going to make me cry? 😂😂

  59. Kevon Bovell

    Kevon Bovell6 days ago

    hi lucas and marcus

  60. UR BeingPlayed

    UR BeingPlayed6 days ago

    Money just flocks to decent looking white kids just by doing mundane shit. I spent 8 fucking years in uni. And these kids can effortlessly make the same amount of money as I do in their teenage years? I wouldn't trade that 8 years of studying, but god damn ....is the system rigged or what?

  61. Taytay 123

    Taytay 1237 days ago

    Did you guys rob a bank😂😂😂

  62. Ms E.

    Ms E.7 days ago

    Help the homeless!

  63. Beto Castaneda

    Beto Castaneda7 days ago

    =-O 😄😄

  64. Philipa Mensah

    Philipa Mensah7 days ago

    Who else saw the person sitting in Lucas's Ferrari? 0:33

  65. moka tufuga

    moka tufuga7 days ago

    You guys are the best twin to your family 😀

  66. Nuke Washington

    Nuke Washington7 days ago

    Someone was in the rarri

  67. Elizabeth Elley

    Elizabeth Elley8 days ago

    Wow your moms voice is so sweet and calm,your mother is the best she can be and it's always about the special moments.

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    so sweet, I'm a subscriber now😭😭👏👏

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    These are all one dollar bills

  70. Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Taylor8 days ago

    That was a really nice thing you did for your mom

  71. shan r

    shan r9 days ago

    How much money was it?

  72. E. Lavone Huddleston

    E. Lavone Huddleston9 days ago

    I live in Missouri, Be nice give me a stack of that money.

  73. ferial mezher

    ferial mezher9 days ago

    Happy mothers day dobre twin brothers 😉😉😉

  74. angelica li chu

    angelica li chu9 days ago

    oh my god ive already watch the vlogs and pranks youve made and theres one thing i love about your video . it is when i see your mom she is so nice and good i wish i have a mom like yours :( by the way belated happy mothers day to your mom marcus and lucas :)

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  77. Oasma mourad

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    s'est pas vrai

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    hi Dobre brothers

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    All 1 dollar bills

  81. Ahmad Kurdieh

    Ahmad Kurdieh9 days ago

    U are a perfect person god bless u and your mother and ur brothers and your sister and i love u from my heart really a one who lost his mom he lost the world♥️😍🔥

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    Hä 1 dollar

  83. Kathleen Albury

    Kathleen Albury10 days ago

    I love these shows aye

  84. joshua dabney

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    You made your momma cry and jump for joy y'all gotta be mighty rich but the flowers looked beautiful and the chocolate your mama will enjoy

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    That's so cute it make me cry🍌🍌🍌🍌😎😍😍😇

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    Your mom is soooooo cool i Love her😍😍❤️😊

  88. Heaven Mance

    Heaven Mance10 days ago

    Did yall still mummy frum cj so cool he got robbed

  89. Matthew Rehkemper

    Matthew Rehkemper10 days ago

    Wonder which twin is gay?

  90. Tiani Koahou

    Tiani Koahou11 days ago

    Yeah happy mother day to all the moms out there ❤️Lucas and Marcus that’s so sweet of you two giving nice things to your mom l love you Lucas and Marcus you guys are the best

  91. Mellow i am a fan g vSmith

    Mellow i am a fan g vSmith11 days ago

    I like what you did

  92. Aurel Salim

    Aurel Salim11 days ago

    IM sorry guys i watch your video for a long... Ages....t of time i cant said whosee Lucas and Marcus theire twin wkwk😂😂😂mm..🤔

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    At frist it look liked weed🚬🚬

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    you guys are the nices people i know love you guys

  96. شيلات ارطغل

    شيلات ارطغل12 days ago

    قافلة باري هل منكم متواجد

  97. Ahmed Adnan

    Ahmed Adnan12 days ago

    It is good to give you mother here dream

  98. jusvini saravanan

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    She is a lucky person not only her it is all

  99. DoWhatThouWilt gmdkdk

    DoWhatThouWilt gmdkdk12 days ago

    Ur mom is so humble

  100. deebabee89

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    My mom could not afford

  101. Dr. Death4

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    At 6:24 wow she is so nice,and sweet

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    1 dollar bills loool

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    Hey my name is IMRAN and I love your videos so much and please send me a your country passport and veza. And I com plzz relpy if you do this ❤️☺️

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    Oh omg 😮