We Made an INVISIBLE VR Gaming Setup!



    ZLATENDAB13 hours ago

    Bromeos before Homeos

  2. N31L Zombie Hunter

    N31L Zombie Hunter14 hours ago

    You do know that by having your sensors that high, you're getting close to the end of their range when crouching. Could have tracking issues when you're down low. I recommend roughly 6.5 ft high from the floor for most people.

  3. MinerShark 533

    MinerShark 533Day ago

    10:21 Your welcome

  4. Michael S.

    Michael S.2 days ago

    As a home theatre installer, I have watched the "re-modeling" with horror :D

  5. Bloodcrow 100

    Bloodcrow 1003 days ago


  6. marko kepcija

    marko kepcija3 days ago

    7:12 (Linus Thicc Tips)

  7. Weißbrot Waigmann

    Weißbrot Waigmann3 days ago

    No, I am not gonna buy a rift because they sponsored this video as long as the tracking isn't as good as vive

  8. Yaro Aram

    Yaro Aram4 days ago

    Dude you have a stormtrooper standing in your corner there is no need to hide anything:,D

  9. Alex Thibeault

    Alex Thibeault4 days ago

    Does anyone knows what type of mount for the sensor those are? I'm looking to find something like this and I can't find anywhere...

  10. Jace Plays!

    Jace Plays!4 days ago

    Oculus go?

  11. Jace Plays!

    Jace Plays!4 days ago

    Well i just won't let company come to my house

  12. Akeyla White

    Akeyla White4 days ago

    >Not using a wireless kit

  13. william

    william5 days ago

    Watch 8:01 with your eyes closed

  14. Elysian eSports

    Elysian eSports5 days ago

    4:25 Linus assumed the adapter's gender.

  15. Wølf

    Wølf6 days ago

    You should make a new one where you use the htc vive wireless adapter.

  16. Game Over

    Game Over6 days ago

    Or just get the oculus quest

  17. CosplayMemories14

    CosplayMemories147 days ago

    lol I think gamer girls wouldn't care about the gaming equipment at their gamer bois home.

  18. Mooney :3

    Mooney :37 days ago

    where do you get the msI D25???

  19. Jake Colson

    Jake Colson7 days ago

    this is hard to watch i do this for a job.

  20. Sam Willis

    Sam Willis8 days ago

    You put in THIS much effort, good job guys. but now only a year later the Oculus quest is arriving..... **sigh**

  21. Ghost Pants

    Ghost Pants8 days ago

    Wait wait wait!!! Before step 1, you're forgetting step 0.. *have enough money to actually recreate this*

  22. Pierre Deagostini

    Pierre Deagostini8 days ago

    oculus is sooo annoying rn its not letting me launch games

  23. Pierre Deagostini

    Pierre Deagostini5 days ago

    doesnt say it but i got a better specs than the recommended (it doesnt crash) just has the loading logo

  24. LokeForce

    LokeForce6 days ago

    Do you have a vr ready pc?

  25. STLENX 83

    STLENX 838 days ago

    or you could use windows mixed reallity

  26. T H I C C boi

    T H I C C boi8 days ago

    1:11 solution- buy a vive

  27. James Stratton

    James Stratton9 days ago

    i expected more out of that cable bundle Linus was holding when he threw it down, am I the only one on that?

  28. Matt Wright

    Matt Wright9 days ago

    why not just use a windows mixed reality headset with a higher resolution and a clearer picture than anything short of the vive pro.? They are also dirt cheap in comparison

  29. Phil Lobo

    Phil Lobo10 days ago

    Just to mention, you cut through a fire separation wall.

  30. Owen Gilligan

    Owen Gilligan10 days ago

    “There’s a lot of glare” “It’s a mirror...”

  31. THE pacifists

    THE pacifists10 days ago

    Tbh the wire on the back of the headset should be coming out of the ceiling in the middle of the room. That way you don't have to wotfy about tripping on the power cord

  32. HarryAnimates

    HarryAnimates11 days ago

    or you could just get an oculus quest

  33. theysaidyes?

    theysaidyes?11 days ago

    4:36 that is a really smooth transition tbh

  34. Trespher

    Trespher11 days ago

    7:42 close your eyes Your welcome 😎

  35. Jason Castleberry

    Jason Castleberry11 days ago

    What was that game called when you put on the vr

  36. Pie Vive

    Pie Vive13 days ago

    No you got it all wrong! Just use a windows mixed reality.

  37. Stale Bread

    Stale Bread13 days ago

    5:35 some could say it's not safe for work

  38. DragonChief

    DragonChief13 days ago

    Are you in Barney Stinson's house?

  39. code 321

    code 32113 days ago

    Or get an oculus go

  40. Brian

    Brian13 days ago

    You got me on bros before Hos.

  41. FlakeyFlipper76

    FlakeyFlipper7614 days ago

    Just get an Oculus Quest.

  42. dvrk 158

    dvrk 15815 days ago

    So did I, I bought an HMD Odyssey!

  43. Hashirama Senju

    Hashirama Senju15 days ago

    and then someday in 2019 the Oculus Quest makes the whole setup obsolete

  44. Gwarnine

    Gwarnine15 days ago

    look at that bulge 2:13

  45. DN

    DN16 days ago

    anyone know what hdmi extender they used

  46. Nudul

    Nudul16 days ago

    This is way funnier than I thought it would be, lmao!

  47. Tiopadin

    Tiopadin17 days ago

    Why was this entertaining to watch?

  48. NukeEmWins

    NukeEmWins17 days ago

    You should've put a sensor at the ground.

  49. gorilla9793

    gorilla979318 days ago

    0:27 did he say girlfriend? What's that?

  50. Childish Greenbeano

    Childish Greenbeano18 days ago

    7:30 it's all the way in! I'm pulling out.

  51. stevenfox gaming

    stevenfox gaming19 days ago

    you callin her a ho

  52. CabrioDriving

    CabrioDriving19 days ago

    Not sure what happened, but after 1 week of use of Odyssey+ I healed myself from VR motion sickness at least in games/experiences I have on my pc. There is Apollo 11 from Steam, a wonderful VR experience. There are parts where camera moves circling objects (rocket launchpad in the beginning, Saturn V in Earth's orbit) where I felt sick. I sat on chair, while I was flying around objects. In the beginning, first days I felt bad and had to close my eyes. Somehow now I don't have such problem anymore. The same about InMind game where I was flying through brain. I had to close that game quickly. Now I tried it and no problem. This is very interesting, because I am very sentitive to any weird movement of my body/view in front of me. Is VR healing motion sickness or what? :)

  53. QWERTY keyboard

    QWERTY keyboard19 days ago

    *sponsored by Oculus* Shop: HTC VIVE

  54. raloP

    raloP19 days ago

    haha meter stick how cute

  55. Paul Yoder

    Paul Yoder20 days ago

    listening in the background 7 min to 7:30..what are you dong linus?

  56. Cardinal

    Cardinal21 day ago

    Step 1: *Power Outlet in the ceiling.*

  57. Gaff3r1976

    Gaff3r197622 days ago

    his hair is the 2000s in a nutshell

  58. Aiden the gay

    Aiden the gay23 days ago

    why not just not set ur vr up in the living room? dad "why is elon musk here?"

  59. Andrehh89

    Andrehh8923 days ago

    when linus first say that power outlet i said "he is going to regret this" because most ceiling outles are wired to a lamp swith for lampes to be plugged into. imagine them turning off the lights and the whole setup dies.

  60. SWmaster

    SWmaster23 days ago

    I don't have to worry about any of this crap with my Samsung Oddesy Plus.

  61. jacksonlee83

    jacksonlee8323 days ago

    my wife wouldnt ask whats this shit...she knows what it is...it in our vows

  62. SliQ vs the World

    SliQ vs the World23 days ago

    That setup was glorious! I was basically drooling at the gaming potential!

  63. 1anakin 20

    1anakin 2023 days ago

    Sure, I'll become an architect for the HMD I don't have

  64. LeoNTheSickOne

    LeoNTheSickOne23 days ago

    giving a dislike to this video. How is this any helpful to us mortals who got a normal appartment. We dont have that weird ceiling you can lift, therfor can not use this setup

  65. Jollylover 2017

    Jollylover 201726 days ago

    i was listening to this vid with my oculus rift

  66. Blatchford

    Blatchford26 days ago

    You should make a part 2 where you make the headset wireless too :)

  67. The animation station

    The animation station27 days ago

    this will become irrelevant when quest comes out

  68. Sparky Jay

    Sparky Jay28 days ago

    its so easy to add another plug in your ceiling in a commercial building like linus is in. All the junction boxs for 110v-120v are in the ceiling and an electrician could just jump off the plug circuit for the room in 10 minutes with about 40$ of gear. Also regarding the VR setup if you wanted to do something similar to this at home (without putting your pc in the attic) you could mount the sensors to ceiling and drill a hole into your attic to pull the cables up there and run a channel of wire mold (whatever size you need) down from the ceiling to your pc to pull it all back down to your pc. The wire mold will hide the hole going down to the PC and and low voltage pull through plates will cover the sensor holes. If your handy you could even forgo the wiremold and drill a hole in the attic down into the wall cavity and fish the wires all down inside the wall. There isnt any code on the low voltage wires for residential housing. I've been an electrician for 6 years which is where im getting my information and honestly its alot cheaper to do a setup like this than to go buying camera poles for the camera's.


    TEAM RAULIB JOIN TODAY!28 days ago

    A better way. *msi vr one*

  70. Nikhil Gorintla

    Nikhil Gorintla29 days ago

    Which PC is That ??

  71. Lachlan

    LachlanMonth ago

    my dirty mind had a field day with everything between 7:01 and 8:02

  72. cursed image #6

    cursed image #6Month ago

    buys oculus quest

  73. Daddy todd Howard is the name

    Daddy todd Howard is the nameMonth ago

    Why this nigga sound like todd Howard?

  74. Kapusta

    KapustaMonth ago

    I like the Schiit stacks on the shelves

  75. linck7up

    linck7upMonth ago

    i use a dog leash and this rubber sting stuff to pull the wire away so i dont step on it and it works so good. i can do a 180 turn side to side with no risk of hitting it

  76. Azim Alif

    Azim AlifMonth ago

    Bring the display down to eye level.

  77. Evan Strang

    Evan StrangMonth ago

    How do you turn the pc on tho

  78. Ezine Anderson

    Ezine AndersonMonth ago

    So many "that's what she said" moments in this one, lol =)

  79. Shamindra Hewavithana

    Shamindra HewavithanaMonth ago

    Odd question, but does Linus live in the studio cuz it seems like his and his kids rooms are all there.....

  80. Joseph Marriage

    Joseph MarriageMonth ago

    What a helpful video, I'm sure 100% of people that own an Oculus will also have a girlfriend.

  81. Gamer Gateway

    Gamer GatewayMonth ago

    im so sad i only have a 1050 so i can't use an oculus rift. :(

  82. Ultra light

    Ultra lightMonth ago

    you might be excellent in your knowledge of computers and tech alike but you sure as hell are no handyman XD

  83. 齐天语

    齐天语Month ago


  84. Razzo

    RazzoMonth ago

    guys just get vive

  85. Petunia

    PetuniaMonth ago

    Now to add this kinda thing to the employee lounge

  86. SpeedDev17

    SpeedDev17Month ago

    What hdmi cable is that I bought a 20 ft hdmi to run into the other room labeled "4k" and "High Speed" and it leaves my rift with a black screen. And when i use a 10 foot hdmi it doesnt reach far enough

  87. Kcidical

    KcidicalMonth ago

    oculus quest is gonna make this entire video useless

  88. Kcidical

    Kcidical13 days ago

    +Justin Gorgen wait this comment is only 3 weeks old? wow. anyways, i was thinking back on this comment, and wanted to say, this is an amazing setup for vr, with a great computer, but the whole point is to have an invisible setup, which is what the oculus quest can do. not that this is a bad setup, which it isnt.

  89. Justin Gorgen

    Justin Gorgen16 days ago

    Kcidical Mobile VR can never replace pc vr

  90. Artur Kw

    Artur KwMonth ago

    You now there is a wirles adapter right?

  91. Josh G.

    Josh G.Month ago

    Woah, that transition at 4:35 was _smooooth_

  92. Eren

    ErenMonth ago

    Could you sponsor me a oculus rift?



    Please tell me hes not wearing socks with sandals lol

  94. Jake. The. Snake.

    Jake. The. Snake.Month ago


  95. Coryn Lima

    Coryn LimaMonth ago

    no one has ceilings like that in their home

  96. Servingavenger 1

    Servingavenger 1Month ago

    Too bad my room isn't an office 😪

  97. Pat Ross

    Pat RossMonth ago

    Linus Cut along the seam on one side or the other package will be much Safer to open... ( Use Scissors )

  98. CaptainCanada

    CaptainCanadaMonth ago

    should have had the rift wired to the roof so you dont get tangled

  99. the Dragon Slayer

    the Dragon SlayerMonth ago

    God I wish I had money

  100. TheZarvinMC

    TheZarvinMCMonth ago

    too bad this wasn't sponsored by htc then you could've used the wireless adapter to have even less wires.

  101. Justin Gorgen

    Justin Gorgen16 days ago

    TheZarvinMC Oculus has a wired adapter too, but it isn’t official


    ASARADELMonth ago

    you idiots didnt even fucking try to make a seemless experience just put a computer behind something, and added an unneeded monitor. the oculus doesn't require a monitor at all. and you could of easily tethered the wires from the ceiling for free-roam ability. you're just lazy looking for content with the stupidest ideas you can come up with on the spot

  103. MSD_Bl4ze

    MSD_Bl4zeMonth ago

    Or just wait for the Oculus Quest!

  104. Justin Gorgen

    Justin Gorgen16 days ago

    MSD_Bl4ze Quest can’t replace PC VR

  105. Gamercon Yo

    Gamercon YoMonth ago

    If that was a home and you move out, how would you get it out

  106. CardboardKing

    CardboardKingMonth ago

    Uhmmmm just use a Windows Mixed Reality... You nerd.