We Made an INVISIBLE VR Gaming Setup!


  1. Kerlebsky

    Kerlebsky2 hours ago

    1year later: Oculus quest

  2. OmNomDomzz

    OmNomDomzz10 hours ago


  3. LonelyLarry

    LonelyLarryDay ago

    10:21 There's some kind of high voice in the background, but for a minute I thought my dog was barking downstairs.

  4. Joe Poynter

    Joe PoynterDay ago

    This is painful to watch. Wtf is tuck tape? Have you guys not seen pocket levels?! I'm so glad special snowflakes are able to do this stuff and still get "girlfriend approval". In an office. Whatever it is that's going on. Oculus... shift your ads. Oh wait, it's facebook now. GFY.

  5. Joe Poynter

    Joe PoynterDay ago

    We'd have to run it to a power transformer... in the opposite corner of the building... (rolling eyes). Bro, if you can't see that there are electrical boxes labelled 120v and 480v above that ceiling... you shouldn't be poking around up there.

  6. Liam Storey

    Liam StoreyDay ago

    Buys Oculus Quest Done xD

  7. charlootus

    charlootusDay ago

    **Oculus Quest Releases**

  8. Jack Sharp

    Jack Sharp3 days ago

    lol now that the oculus quest is out

  9. ihasWaVe

    ihasWaVe3 days ago

    mmmmmhhhhmmmm Just get a oculus quest

  10. Peace, Love and Guns

    Peace, Love and Guns4 days ago

    No extra length? How about HTC Vive?

  11. Nascent Space

    Nascent Space4 days ago

    Oculus Quest makes this unnecessary lol

  12. TheThirdSide

    TheThirdSide5 days ago

    *laughs in oculus quest*

  13. Joeink100

    Joeink1007 days ago

    Step 1: buy oculus quest. Step 2: deal with only oculus games.

  14. JAG Studios

    JAG Studios8 days ago

    when you realize that the Quest exists

  15. Kavian Malik

    Kavian Malik12 days ago

    Go like a year in the future from when you posted this video, grab a oculus quest and come back problem fixed and you don't need to do all that work

  16. Ojen Vahedi

    Ojen Vahedi14 days ago


  17. ninga 4 u anonymous

    ninga 4 u anonymous16 days ago

    The oculus quest

  18. Nightmare Foxy

    Nightmare Foxy17 days ago

    Bruh, I wish I was smart as you guys.

  19. Owen Nesbitt

    Owen Nesbitt18 days ago

    Step 1. Get a rift s or a quest.

  20. Power5

    Power520 days ago

    Who in the hell thought putting a computer display at 6 feet off the ground was a good idea? It doesn't even work as a mirror since it is 6 feet up and angled upwards.

  21. Jacksharkben

    Jacksharkben21 day ago

    but how do you turn off and on the computer when it updates.

  22. Rallo

    Rallo21 day ago

    All this work and the quest was released lol

  23. Inside Ultrawide

    Inside Ultrawide21 day ago

    imagine the rift s

  24. Ahmed Arain

    Ahmed Arain21 day ago

    Why not make a Rift S verison?

  25. Phyton LP

    Phyton LP22 days ago

    linus: hides all cables taking a lot of time. oculus quest: allow me to introduce myself

  26. Alexa

    Alexa15 days ago

    You can tether it with ivry. Yes you can charge but if you enable usb debugging you can use it as bandwidth but instead of being wireless it’s wired=more bandwidth and reliability.

  27. Phyton LP

    Phyton LP15 days ago

    @Alexa you can only attach the usb c cable to your pc to charge the quest. It doesn't improve performance or resolution

  28. Alexa

    Alexa15 days ago

    You could tether your oculus quest to a pc too. The developer of ivry uses the usb c cable to connect to pc, with other words. No latency and great video quality!

  29. Miika Vuorio

    Miika Vuorio22 days ago

    They must be so mad now with the rift s in existance. XD

  30. Lunacy

    Lunacy19 days ago

    Nah, outside in tracking is still better.

  31. portal turret

    portal turret23 days ago

    oculus quest: Ima bout to end this wholes man career

  32. Infinite speed

    Infinite speed24 days ago

    Ironicly sense rift s and vive quest this is not useful anymore

  33. o a

    o a25 days ago

    now we don't need trackers, next step is solar panel, tesla battery and aumented reality auto security warp. Hehehe.

  34. George Washington

    George Washington25 days ago

    0:28 Oculus Quest: gotchu fam

  35. Mason Mahoney

    Mason Mahoney26 days ago

    Linus: builds this for easy vr Oculus: drops the quest Linus:

  36. Horst

    Horst26 days ago

    Yea you can do that or just use oculus quest for the same effect

  37. VR Gay Waluigi

    VR Gay Waluigi26 days ago

    and now with the rift s you don't need much of any of that

  38. bfredd33

    bfredd3326 days ago

    *glances at quest on the table* so did I

  39. Saphix - rblx and more

    Saphix - rblx and more27 days ago

    Imagine this Sponsored by oculus *uses HTC Vive*

  40. 2FRESH

    2FRESH27 days ago

    Man just realized this was uploaded on my birthday

  41. Vunami

    Vunami27 days ago

    You can easily do all of this if you buy an HTC vive...

  42. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet27 days ago

    here i am with my new rift s and im still watching this

  43. MrWhiteFireOG

    MrWhiteFireOG27 days ago

    Tuck tape? What happened to duct tape?

  44. H R

    H R28 days ago

    Can you use 2 Oculus Go vr controllers? ( I use goodle cardboard VR)

  45. iooog1

    iooog129 days ago

    OR you could just get an Oculus Quest lol

  46. Doge

    DogeMonth ago

    you could've used vives wireless technology that they have and made this even MORE invisble but when it comes to getting a sponsorship from frikin facebook who gives a shit? or u couldve done the oculus quest

  47. lacunalshadow

    lacunalshadowMonth ago

    is he calling the sensors cameras?

  48. Limmy Lan

    Limmy LanMonth ago

    I died when you said "Bros before Hos, which I can say because her last name, is Ho."

  49. SerpentInside

    SerpentInsideMonth ago

    Bros before hoes i laughed loud IRL.

  50. Billy Stephens

    Billy StephensMonth ago


  51. Drop House Productions

    Drop House ProductionsMonth ago

    Where could I find that wall!! I want it!

  52. ROTMGmiller

    ROTMGmillerMonth ago

    Imagine doing this a month before rift S was announced

  53. Tanzerite Nye

    Tanzerite NyeMonth ago

    2018 oculus rift trying to make an invisible VR set up 2019 oculus rift S is this like the old Nintendo power glove version of VR compared to now?

  54. Flash Fusion

    Flash FusionMonth ago

    Now with oculus quest you don’t need any of that.

  55. TVA Recordings

    TVA RecordingsMonth ago

    Looks like Linus' Tip is destroyed in April of this year! *How about!* 5!!! Sensors? Could you have put them in your ceiling? *No* !. That's why Oculus invited build-in sensors!

  56. Han Lockhart

    Han LockhartMonth ago

    Is the girlfriend a girlfriend or your mistress that must be obeyed? If the latter I suggest looking for a new one or even doing without one and just enjoy your VR without needing to rebuild your entire office.

  57. Rinsablehalo860

    Rinsablehalo860Month ago


  58. sena sakura

    sena sakuraMonth ago

    紛争地帯にもおもちゃがある、 そう中国人が現地で販売しているのです、 それに理由はどうあれ宗教を国家として禁止しているのはすごい事 この点は人類の最先端を走ってます。 そして、殴り合いするより大量に人を移住させて乗っ取るという新しい戦争の形 やはり中国が一番先にやっている そう、、、、我々がいる場所は中国はすでに1000年前に通り過ぎている、、のかもしれませんよ😁アメリカだって酷いところは酷いものですよ 皆が言うほどいい国ではないと思います。

  59. Not Comfy

    Not ComfyMonth ago

    **oculus quest**

  60. Cristian Rodriguez

    Cristian RodriguezMonth ago

    And how you turn on and off the pc?


    CR1T1CALHITZMonth ago

    step 1: get the oculus quest.

  62. Urb_Z

    Urb_ZMonth ago

    7:05 - 8:11 everything sounds dirty.

  63. SSK L

    SSK LMonth ago

    0:37: _”We’re going to be creating a _*_stealthy_*_ VR setup.”_ *Oculus Quest:* _”Hold my beer...”_

  64. Lunacy

    Lunacy19 days ago


  65. Maximman102 n

    Maximman102 nMonth ago

    Hey linus, heses somthing to fix your wall USB problem, www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-SuperSpeed-Extension-U324-003-KJ/dp/B01AWAYMV0/ref=sr_1_10?crid=KM58S7HXQCYR&keywords=usb+keystone+jack&qid=1557106961&s=gateway&sprefix=usb+keysto%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-10, this is otherwise known as a USB keystone jack

  66. MochaCHI

    MochaCHIMonth ago

    Step 1: get the oculus quest Step 2: you’re done

  67. Alec Menadue

    Alec MenadueMonth ago

    Laughs is Oculus Rift S

  68. lewis williams

    lewis williamsMonth ago

    step 1: buy an oculus quest

  69. FPScanada

    FPScanadaMonth ago

    you mean yvonne didnt take your last name? beeeeetttttaaaaa

  70. Joseph gaming

    Joseph gamingMonth ago

    You should get the wireless adaptor for the oclost rift

  71. Euan JH

    Euan JHMonth ago

    it didnt exist at the time

  72. Ciunics

    CiunicsMonth ago

    *oculus quest*

  73. Ry Hu

    Ry HuMonth ago

    Linus, if you need an electrician on staff HMU.

  74. BLaZiNG HYPE

    BLaZiNG HYPEMonth ago

    “You can always make a hole biggerer”

  75. Jocke Z

    Jocke ZMonth ago

    Ho Pass

  76. Gen3r1c

    Gen3r1cMonth ago

    Oculus Quest

  77. CleanLikeWindx VR

    CleanLikeWindx VRMonth ago

    Or just get a Oculus quest

  78. C.L. Cannon

    C.L. CannonMonth ago

    Can I get geometric wall tutorial? Link if it exists or just a simple video request? That looks dope as hell

  79. Kly

    KlyMonth ago

    But *do you know da wae?*

  80. GokouZWAR

    GokouZWARMonth ago

    Anyone who watches this guy deserves to be plagued with all the issues. 1) mirrors and picture frames are NOT advised to be in a VR room. 2) wall cables ran should be done with a simple wire fish cable...my god, you’re stupid using the damn ruler... 3) not to be forgotten, yes putting your system in the ceiling where the room environmental conditions are hotter or colder than normal room temps will destroy your PC. Put it in a cabinet if you want to hide it but keep it in the main room where AC and Heating are available for optimal operational conditions. Oculus should get their money back on this video.

  81. Weasle 65

    Weasle 65Month ago

    This is terminated in a female connector we could just jack it

  82. x INTENSOR x

    x INTENSOR xMonth ago

    umm... ok... because we all have drop ceilings in our homes

  83. Juan Rene Hummel

    Juan Rene HummelMonth ago

    Let em know!

  84. Juan Rene Hummel

    Juan Rene HummelMonth ago

    Stoner friendly plus appeal? Yall are crazy devs? Do you have any idea?

  85. VAces_

    VAces_Month ago

    You can get your Own for USD $399

  86. bluetornado- 702

    bluetornado- 702Month ago

    the oculus quest does this better. its also standalone.

  87. Hlelo Hokolo

    Hlelo HokoloMonth ago

    The wall of headsets is cool

  88. Wolverine X

    Wolverine XMonth ago

    Use four be sensors / cameras

  89. Wolverine X

    Wolverine XMonth ago

    Use four be sensors / cameras

  90. Noob Animation

    Noob Animation2 months ago

    Me: uses psvr with one wire to the PlayStation and one camera

  91. cucumber salad

    cucumber salad2 months ago

    Oculus Quest: Hold my beer.

  92. Aj Tate 448

    Aj Tate 4482 months ago

    Bros before hoes

  93. Adam Ivie

    Adam Ivie2 months ago

    LOL as a licensed low voltage tech watching these guys is hilarious XD

  94. N Fus

    N Fus2 months ago

    ...then the quest came out

  95. CaptainBalla

    CaptainBalla2 months ago

    I think I'll just wait for Vive Cosmos, which you should totally review!

  96. 神龍

    神龍2 months ago

    2:17 Well... I'ma just stand over here...

  97. Takeo Himura

    Takeo Himura2 months ago

    And now the Quest and S are coming out, all of this will have been for nothing! 😅

  98. Cameron Grice

    Cameron Grice2 months ago

    Oculus rift s?

  99. JustSimple

    JustSimple2 months ago

    Can’t you use the tpcast wireless adapter

  100. The_Big_Niz

    The_Big_Niz2 months ago

    Im just waiting for the quest

  101. Kwality Kontrol

    Kwality Kontrol2 months ago

    Socks and Tevas. Can you be more Vancouver? 😆

  102. jakob findlay

    jakob findlay2 months ago

    What!!!! Since when is Max back?!?!?!

  103. Simbarrr ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ

    Simbarrr ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ2 months ago

    one year later the oculus rift s and quest comes out

  104. Greenpixel

    Greenpixel2 months ago

    A windows Mr headset can be put away stealthily and taken right out for plug-and-play

  105. Blitzy Bot

    Blitzy Bot2 months ago

    Oculus rift s a year early

  106. MVPcoolice 21

    MVPcoolice 212 months ago

    Or unlike you you have a big house so you can leave it like that

  107. Mees

    Mees2 months ago

    why not hang the wire from the ceiling????