We Made an INVISIBLE VR Gaming Setup!


  1. D3Mi

    D3Mi5 hours ago

    Ya see that polygonal paneling on that one wall by the doorway? Yea, if anybody knows if I can find that anywhere on the internet,tell me.

  2. Chase Richards

    Chase RichardsDay ago

    All-in-one solution www.amazon.com/dp/B07BDQFL98/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_Hs4kBbTEXXWPG

  3. Morrowgamer

    MorrowgamerDay ago

    My setup is far more impressive, and with a Vive rather than a Rift. PC is in an entirely different room! Works perfectly.

  4. Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos?

    Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos?Day ago

    thank you for making this f*ck you for making me want this

  5. Stefan Ott

    Stefan Ott2 days ago

    So many "that's what she said" moments in this video.

  6. Kennan JK

    Kennan JK2 days ago

    Vive is superior

  7. Jason Chesters-salt

    Jason Chesters-salt2 days ago

    So many double entendres linus...

  8. Smoke-lee

    Smoke-lee3 days ago

    Maybe get a wireless vr connection

  9. Jadi

    Jadi5 days ago

    mixed reality anyone?

  10. Skersaroony

    Skersaroony9 days ago

    I’m not trying to hate on oculus but for someone who has a ton of money and uses it on a lot of unessesary stuff for vr why don’t you buy a vive it’s more expensive but it is definitely the better vr system.

  11. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    Skersaroony it's a sponsored video...

  12. Tom Mills

    Tom Mills10 days ago

    The headset connectors work immensely better on the ceiling behind you, the wire doesn't get in the way.

  13. GhostlyGamer554

    GhostlyGamer55411 days ago

    666 dislikes 0-0

  14. spiderpig990

    spiderpig99012 days ago

    Ok 2 things touch screen monitor in wall and wireless Bluetooth headset

  15. BrianDidAThing!

    BrianDidAThing!13 days ago

    Or you know... just buy some Windows Mixed Reality ;) and forgo wires and crap running everywhere!

  16. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    BrianDidAThing! Forgot, there's is the only one with a physical IPD adjustment.

  17. BrianDidAThing!

    BrianDidAThing!8 days ago

    DJHeroMasta Samsung Odyssey has adjustable IPD and resolution that matches the Vive Pro for $400 on sale 😉

  18. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    BrianDidAThing! Doesn't work for everyone due to the fixed IPD.

  19. Bradley Evans

    Bradley Evans13 days ago

    What's that mannequin head @10:42? I feel like I've seen it before but I can't find the video where he found it? Also, how much would something like that cost?

  20. Cryptonitor

    Cryptonitor14 days ago

    All you need to do is dissasemble your house and put the cables inside the roof and walls! So simple and useful guide. NOT! Wasted time watching this piece of shit.

  21. Jharub

    Jharub15 days ago

    How do you turn the computer on and off?

  22. Mr. Wolf

    Mr. Wolf16 days ago

    u guys are very lucky because u guys play vr on gtx 1070. I can't play vr because my pc goes on gtx 1050. I have a vr sitting doing nothing because my computer runs on a gtx 1050 that dosen't run vr. I on the other hand just watch u guys fix the vr and making it hidden and do stuff to the vr but I like ur channel and I appreciate ur video thanks for the video. SUBSCRIBED and LIKED

  23. TheWisherable

    TheWisherable17 days ago

    7:27 When she asks if it's in. also that phrasing from 6:25 - 7:30 xD

  24. Thobiex

    Thobiex19 days ago

    You've got a transformer?

  25. MediaMixer

    MediaMixer19 days ago

    Nice cut at 4:36

  26. Pixalleted Glitch

    Pixalleted Glitch19 days ago

    F**#K oculus , htc vive FTW

  27. Doctor Bag PhD

    Doctor Bag PhD20 days ago

    Oculus' tracking is so bad vs Steam's lighthouse solution, having owned both a Rift & Vive I feel bad for Rift owners trying to do roomscale, it's such a pain in the arse vs the Vive, not to mention that basestation power cables aside (which can be hidden/managed far easier than USB3 ones) you pretty much have the setup they have here from the get-go.

  28. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    Doctor Bag PhD No, no it's not lol. I have a 3x sensor setup and tracking's perfect.

  29. Logan Haberer

    Logan Haberer22 days ago

    Like we used to say at my old job, safety third.

  30. Octavius Thurinus

    Octavius Thurinus23 days ago

    Or just buy a Vive.

  31. AnTeaVirus

    AnTeaVirus24 days ago

    it's invisible because it doesn't exist

  32. Farmer Jim

    Farmer Jim25 days ago

    Standing up in vr is to much work.

  33. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    Farmer Jim not really. Videos just make it look that way. Was setting up your console, T.V., or computer too much work as well.?

  34. Psi Q

    Psi Q25 days ago

    Bungee wire holders / automatic nametag holders with a spool work just fine for cable to the headset (from the ceiling), and you dont trip over them :-) - you should add a cable hook near the wall socket, so you dont damage the plugs/socket when ripping the cable out at an angle. Just use zipties to make a slope in the wire to hang onto.

  35. Psi Q

    Psi Q25 days ago

    Next time just push in a plastic cable tube, big enough to fit the cables in :-)

  36. David Rusev

    David Rusev27 days ago

    I wish I had a vr but I need a good pc and I don't have that and I don't have money

  37. Hudson Hardin

    Hudson Hardin27 days ago

    0:27 if you’re doing this you most likely don’t have a girlfriend

  38. XxMemekipxX last name

    XxMemekipxX last name27 days ago

    haha what kind of person with vr and plays vr chat has people come over to their house

  39. Pablo Borges

    Pablo Borges28 days ago

    I would like to know the brand and the length of the cable extensions used for the 3 sensors and for the HMD. I'm currently running a 2 sensor setup mounted on the ceiling, but I had problems finding cable extensions that work well, so for now, I'm limited to the the original cable length of the Rift.

  40. joe badabuchi aka MGD

    joe badabuchi aka MGD28 days ago

    Hidding your wires was fairly easy thanks to your great drop ceeling. I would improve one thing in your set up and it makes a world of difference. Hooks on the ceeling. Hdmi plug up high, enough to be reacheable. Wire coat hanger to pull the hooks down and let them up easy as you hook up and unhook your head set. To attach and remove the wire thru it. The hooks if lined up look smooth and can even be removed to almost nothing. Just be assured that playing VR with the wire above you makes a world of difference. Try it, i promise you'll never go back to a wire on the ground. Hooks cost aprox $24 on amazon for 6 of them. I only use 5. One is a spare. Otherwise very nicely done.

  41. OmniZero

    OmniZeroMonth ago

    The Samsung Odyssey has a cleaner setup out of the box. Fuck Facebook(Oculus).

  42. Lee Fischer

    Lee FischerMonth ago

    Tracking with external lighthouses/cameras is madness, and is at best a temporary early-adopter solution. In a couple years we'll look back and laugh. This kind of setup is part of what is holding VR back from mainstream adoption. Kudos to Linus and gang for putting in the effort :)

  43. Speediskey385

    Speediskey385Month ago

    I could imagine him at work, walks in, “HELLO mrs. ho

  44. Charles-William Thériault

    Charles-William ThériaultMonth ago

    Too much work for nothing

  45. Jack S

    Jack SMonth ago


  46. Drallion Wolfshine

    Drallion WolfshineMonth ago

    To bad that dosent help on a full concrete home xD but still good on a office..... Um.. yeah


    IR-STAR-DUSTMonth ago

    Does it not reset your guardian boundaries if you unplug the headset? or is it just the sensors?

  48. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    IR-STAR-DUST your guardian system only resets when you reset the Oculus software.

  49. Jay Ibakumarra

    Jay IbakumarraMonth ago

    Wall plate should of been high up. No need to do all that work just to create a tripping hazard

  50. Dat Tilson

    Dat TilsonMonth ago

    Why didn't you just use a wireless hdmi port for the screen? Its not like your playing games on it and you wasted so much time and basically destroyed your office just for a mirror screen to not have a 0.1-0.3 second delay.

  51. Philip Hanhurst

    Philip HanhurstMonth ago

    Give it to me. I'm poor.

  52. Jenna Yoo

    Jenna YooMonth ago

    Nice handy man job

  53. GLue02

    GLue02Month ago

    There's a whole lot of "That's what she said" opportunities in this video...

  54. Nazar'Us Studios

    Nazar'Us StudiosMonth ago

    big-ger-er 6:27

  55. Ben Hatto

    Ben HattoMonth ago

    This would be easier with a vive. Only two base stations, and you only need one outlet above the ceiling panels.

  56. Tianran Liu

    Tianran LiuMonth ago

    Why are you not hanging the headset cable above your head? The biggest issue with the wired headset is the wire, and the only good way to hide the wire is to hang it from the ceiling. If you have a proper retracing mechanism for the wire, you won't even notice the wire while playing most games. When you are not playing, simply hang the headset at the center of your play area about as high as you are comfortable reaching it with one arm.

  57. Delta Saint

    Delta SaintMonth ago

    had my oculus rift for about 2 days now, software wont install no matter what i do, #returningit #Notsatisfied

  58. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta8 days ago

    Delta Saint smh lol. My friend had the same issue. I hopped on Team Viewer and got it installing in less than 2 minutes 😆.

  59. TheDrakenZ

    TheDrakenZMonth ago

    LOL you comical, knowledgeable bastard. you're great, one of my best subscriptions. Thank you hahah

  60. Ben Richards

    Ben RichardsMonth ago

    Contrite Alex at picture frame goof was priceless.

  61. Sinan Akkoyun

    Sinan AkkoyunMonth ago

    With HTC you just have to hide the HDM cables xD

  62. Sinan Akkoyun

    Sinan AkkoyunMonth ago

    This is really amazing, the first video from you I did not skip thorugh

  63. SentsuizanXS

    SentsuizanXSMonth ago

    I think you could fix the glare by adding an LED strip inside to help illuminate the two way mirror when the screen is on.

  64. Tecs

    TecsMonth ago

    "We've successfully managed to hide everything away for a fully stealth VR setup in your own home." Excellent! I'll just just start by shoving my PC up in the ceiling with removable celing ti- Oh wait. . . I don't live in an office. You got the point made it can be done. . . but in an office, not at home.

  65. stephaniepretty

    stephanieprettyMonth ago

    2:16... Is that guy on the left from Newfoundland?.. I spotted the shirt XD had to pause lol!

  66. MrFlufzy

    MrFlufzyMonth ago

    Close your eyes between 7:22 - 7:59 😂

  67. zck2020

    zck2020Month ago

    Or just get the htc wall-mounted sensors, a vive pro, and a wireless adapter lol.

  68. Daniel Mefford

    Daniel MeffordMonth ago

    HTC Bro

  69. Masterpj555

    Masterpj555Month ago

    I have an oculus with 3rd sensor too but I'm going to be honest : the USB is absolute crap.. also why aren't you using 4 sensors for each room corner?? it's even better. and why not invest in the wireless setup out ages for vive now and somehow still delayed for oculus... having the wires so low on the floor is not great.

  70. Stephen Walker

    Stephen WalkerMonth ago

    Oculus tracking is bullshit. Vive base stations only need to be plugged into a power source, in most cases. Worst case, they need to connect to each other, but never the PC.

  71. Paul Leonard

    Paul LeonardMonth ago

    7:27-7:32 pure gold...

  72. migero

    migeroMonth ago

    any info on full body trackers for oculus ?

  73. Leshao Zhang

    Leshao ZhangMonth ago

    You could hang the HMD from the ceiling. That would be the best setting.

  74. 9/11 did Bush

    9/11 did BushMonth ago

    One of my buddies said that having a gf was dumb but now he has one and he's having less time on his games while hes with her. I'm still single and I have more time to play

  75. Sean Bradshaw

    Sean BradshawMonth ago

    Hey FYI, instead of using a crappy ass stud-finder, just get a high powered magnet and run it over the wall to find the nails used to attach the drywall to the studs. Works brilliantly.

  76. B Carty

    B CartyMonth ago

    My that's what she said bot broke during this video

  77. Eric

    EricMonth ago

    what was that robot vr game at the end??.. it looked cool

  78. John C

    John CMonth ago

    Robo recall oculus exclusive btw

  79. john guypal

    john guypalMonth ago

    For some reason i was pissed at the fact u boned ur insulation i can jist see it getting yammed down never to return to its proper place

  80. Hayk Jamalyan

    Hayk JamalyanMonth ago

    You did not literally solv the problem because that is an office and not a normal room!!!

  81. Denisowator

    DenisowatorMonth ago

    "This is terminated in a female connector, so we could just... Jack it? Yeah." Please stop. ._.

  82. Denisowator

    DenisowatorMonth ago

    If my grandma came over and asked "what is all this junk?" I would throw her down the stairs. If my gf came over and asked that, I would break up with her through whatsapp, then throw her down the stairs, below which would be a floor full of legos.

  83. Lanchester Naanyane

    Lanchester NaanyaneMonth ago


  84. Xander Tateyama

    Xander TateyamaMonth ago

    This is cool but not practical for most people playing at home. I’d like to see one for at home diy setup. In video it says at home setup but not really. Commonly no one will have ceiling panels they can remove.

  85. Krono Solid

    Krono SolidMonth ago


  86. GamesDoodle

    GamesDoodleMonth ago

    How do you turn the computer on if its in the ceiling?

  87. AeonGaming X

    AeonGaming XMonth ago

    Close your eyes at 07:00 and tell me that they are just dragging cables around

  88. Wintermute

    WintermuteMonth ago

    Wiggle it back and forward until I find the right opening. Hey, that is what I do !

  89. goodman854

    goodman854Month ago

    they have devices for this that arn't measureing tapes. Also you can get an endoscope and look where ur going. All are cheap solutions. my god linus lol.

  90. Jose Brito

    Jose BritoMonth ago

    Wait Oculus doesn't have wireless lighthouse sensors

  91. Masumi-Chan

    Masumi-ChanMonth ago

    everything anyone says is their own opinion, so I don't really care which VR headset people prefer. I'm just gonna point out a few facts from research and from experience with both headsets. . Oculus Rift is currently priced at £399 and the HTC Vive is currently priced at £499. (much £100 difference) . Oculus Rift runs each eye at 1080×1200 90hz with 80° horizontal and 90° vertical. HTC Vive runs each eye at 1080x1200 90hz with 100° horizontal and 110° vertical. (vive 20° more FOV) . Oculus Rift cable is 4m (13 feet), and the sensor cables are 2.5m (8 feet). The Vive cable is 4.5m (15 feet), and the base station cable is 2.5m (8 feet). (oculus recommends 3x3m play area tracking (cable limits to 4x4m). Vive recommends 5x5m play area tracking (cable limits to 4.5x4.5)) . Any extensions for room size with Rift requires good quality USB extensions cables. (positioning can be hard as computer is connected in middle of sensors) Vive needs power extension cables. (easy to setup as not limited by computers position) . both feel comfortable wearing over long time periods, 5hours+ (not allot of people spend enough time adjusting the straps on both headsets) . Rift has a much dimmer screen light than the Vive does, which doesn't make any difference in my opinion. some people will say the vive puts more stress on your eyes or because its brighter lights feel more real in games but dark areas feel too lite. that's just people been insanely picky. I did notice brightness difference but not enough to make me want to swap one for the other.

  92. Rana

    RanaMonth ago

    don't need that when ur gf is just as nerdy as u

  93. hemo alaa

    hemo alaa2 months ago

    4:35 Damn that transition was smooth af

  94. H.A.K

    H.A.K2 months ago

    Thunder...Thunder--Thunder--ThunderCats HO!!! xD

  95. Gk2011

    Gk20112 months ago

    ....this is kind of cheating. I don't have a drop ceiling in my home.

  96. KINGPEN 101

    KINGPEN 1012 months ago

    Anyone else take what he said in a bad when he was putting the ruler down inside the wall XD

  97. Kanga Roo

    Kanga Roo2 months ago

    I've had the Vive for 2 years now, you barely see any cabling. 1 lighthouse is under the top of the stairs and you don't see any cabling, the other is on top of the heat pump and you see part of a cable coming down to the plug in. No cables need to run to the PC, lighthouses are just dummy units. The PC sits between the couch and the wall and uses the loungroom TV as a monitor with a single hdmi cable running along the edge of the wall. It has been like this for 2 years and nobody has noticed. :D Love VR, I'm looking forward to a Gen 2 headset... the PiMax is the no. 1 on my watch out for list :)

  98. ncdv47

    ncdv472 months ago

    "There's power up there!" should be followed by "why don't we ditch all these USB cables and go with a Vive".

  99. Wynter Foxx

    Wynter Foxx2 months ago

    *Sponsored by Shite*

  100. Esva YouTubes

    Esva YouTubes2 months ago

    Nice, very nice...but for a truly invisible set up...wouldn't the Tplink for Oculus have been better then tethering yourself to the wall with a wire ?

  101. DaCuber

    DaCuber2 months ago


  102. MATTWER

    MATTWER2 months ago

    Oculus Or Vive I need help.

  103. zoranhacker

    zoranhacker2 months ago

    Can you revisit/make an update video on the Virtuix Omni or in general other VR threadmills

  104. Iwan Jirkuw

    Iwan Jirkuw2 months ago

    Well... I wouldn't expect nothing less! 😉 👍🏻

  105. Iwan Jirkuw

    Iwan Jirkuw2 months ago

    "HOs"!! U R KILLING ME! 😂😂😂

  106. Rhys Davies

    Rhys Davies2 months ago

    * was "Ho" she's married now right? to Linus?

  107. derrick faria

    derrick faria2 months ago

    I Want to come help you wire next time, that was painful to watch lol

  108. joe nodden

    joe nodden2 months ago

    "Bros before Ho's, which I can say, cause her last name is Ho" 5:47

  109. Robix

    Robix2 months ago

    then we shoved a meter stick down it, you can always make a hole bigger