We Made an INVISIBLE VR Gaming Setup!


  1. Coldsteak

    ColdsteakDay ago

    "better vr home deployment" yeah because we all have office style ceiling panels to hide cables and store computers

  2. LokeForce

    LokeForce2 days ago

    can you buy a vr ready pc to me?

  3. DeadEdd

    DeadEdd3 days ago

    It's funny when people complain that Apple's stuff is too expensive, when they use a desktop that costs £2,000.

  4. Truckerpauli

    Truckerpauli4 days ago

    But how do you turn the pc on?

  5. Corey Plant

    Corey Plant7 days ago

    My question is... How do you turn the PC on or off??? Once it's in the ceiling are ya going to just climb up there every time you want to turn it off again? Just a thought. I guess, you could just leave it on permanently and turn to monitor on or off...

  6. Tin Cazar

    Tin Cazar8 days ago

    jesus christ dude, calm down haha 3:36

  7. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage9 days ago

    You could do this or you could just get a mixed reality headset instead

  8. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage9 days ago

    Guys next time Linus asks you to do something for him, tell him to fuck off

  9. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage9 days ago

    Linus is such a dork. He thinks he is so great.

  10. Lex Sanders

    Lex Sanders10 days ago

    So many missed sexual puns, my head is exploding !

  11. Brandon Whitney

    Brandon Whitney10 days ago

    Dat headset graveyard lol

  12. Kaleb McGrath Lee

    Kaleb McGrath Lee11 days ago

    I kind of want to kick Linus’s ass just so he doesn’t act so beta.

  13. joeTEM sims

    joeTEM sims12 days ago

    Remember kids you can always make a hole biggerer

  14. NJFoxtrot

    NJFoxtrot13 days ago

    So wheres the power button for the computer you put up there. How do you turn that on and off??

  15. BalisticAssualtRifle

    BalisticAssualtRifle14 days ago

    Lol cable management hardfucks are funny

  16. Nicool Man

    Nicool Man18 days ago


  17. Rhys Richards

    Rhys Richards18 days ago

    Not to be rude but the HTC vive has better tracking with two sensors

  18. Wlxf

    Wlxf18 days ago

    Just buy a oculus go then

  19. Cyban Founder

    Cyban Founder19 days ago

    There is a sentence with: "terminated" "female" and "we could just Jack it" in it

  20. Brian Talbot

    Brian Talbot19 days ago

    Why not just use a TV for the display? Also, close to the floor is not the best for the cables to be plugged into. Trip city.

  21. HangulMaster

    HangulMaster20 days ago

    I mean, I don't have an issue at all. I have plenty of room under my desk to keep my computer + cables. The 2 lighthouses (HTC VIVE) are inconspicuously set in the top corners of my room. Whenever I finish playing VR, my headset is placed back under the desk and unplugged and the controllers are in another corner charging. It's not hard, you just have to not be a slob.

  22. ch3apjoe

    ch3apjoe20 days ago

    Great setup. Now only if homes came with drop ceilings.

  23. Whellhem

    Whellhem20 days ago

    @linusTechTips Why don't you guys use TP Cast so you wouldn't have to run cables on your VR Headset itself?

  24. Christopher Fahmy

    Christopher Fahmy20 days ago

    what adhesive camera mounts did you use?

  25. corey utt

    corey utt21 day ago

    When you run cables across the tiles you need a pole called a gopher pole and to get down the wall you need glow rods all from home depot and all cables need to be off the tiles because of a fire hazard

  26. lipzi

    lipzi21 day ago

    First i need to get a vr headset and a new processor and graphics card. My i3-4170 3.7 gHz and gtx 1050 wont be enough

  27. Penguin Man

    Penguin Man21 day ago

    Watch 7:26 to 8:00 your eyes closed

  28. Ian M

    Ian M22 days ago

    Run it from the transformer???? I thinking means fuse panel. LOL!

  29. Axel’s Flight Simulation

    Axel’s Flight Simulation22 days ago

    6:22 Linus has the exact same socks as mine lol

  30. Meridian

    Meridian22 days ago

    Everything was a successful thanks to Linus’ superpower :-D

  31. gnarly333

    gnarly33322 days ago

    they should make a VR rafting game and call it Rift Raft

  32. mitchellcrazyeye

    mitchellcrazyeye23 days ago

    4:36 I will be one of the only people that appreciate the work that went into this transition. Good job Aprime!

  33. Denizen

    Denizen23 days ago

    My name is Christopher and I am addicted to vr. I have had a hidden headset for 6 years into the marriage of my wife and I. I don’t know how to control myself. My mirror is fake. Every time I look into the mirror, I look into my pathetic addiction. I just want my wife to love me again.

  34. yotodine

    yotodine24 days ago

    Did you mean breaker box when you said transformer?

  35. TheGamerCyclops

    TheGamerCyclops26 days ago

    vive has no cable between the lighthouses and the pc... it's already pretty invisible...

  36. Luke Paluso

    Luke Paluso26 days ago

    Sometimes whenever I watch Linus's projects I feel inspired to work with some hardware of my own!

  37. Mikey Horte

    Mikey Horte27 days ago

    what computer did u use for this vid

  38. RoNo

    RoNo29 days ago

    666k views o-o

  39. Kenny Cahela

    Kenny CahelaMonth ago

    Pretty sure you needed this... www.amazon.com/Gardner-Bender-EFT-15-Electrical-Fishing/dp/B074B3ZWMH/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1531701642&sr=8-4&keywords=fish+tape

  40. mowingkid10 gameing

    mowingkid10 gameingMonth ago


  41. ProGamerDoggo

    ProGamerDoggoMonth ago


  42. Mattias Ågren

    Mattias ÅgrenMonth ago

    Could a VR headset support stereoscopic 3D? Does anyone do this now?

  43. Tamim

    TamimMonth ago

    There were a lot of missed innuendos in this video.

  44. Eduard Bas

    Eduard BasMonth ago

    pls make a video about Oculus go and with ALVR player you can even use Steam and it is possible to sideload Android apps onto it.

  45. itzyaboi Leonard

    itzyaboi LeonardMonth ago

    look at his shoes

  46. dark hunter

    dark hunterMonth ago

    more cheaper way is to drag the cable up the wall and make it so the vr headset stays on the wall as well with out the cords all over the place like a stupid idiot or just be cleaner

  47. Bloody Smile

    Bloody SmileMonth ago

    This video gave me allergies.

  48. Paul Booth

    Paul BoothMonth ago

    This is odd. I can just pick up my laptop with my Dell Visor and move it to another room or pack it away after. Turn it back on and it finds the room boundaries and within 2 mins I am playing Sairento... Doesn't matter which room... Never loses tracking either..

  49. Macho Sancho

    Macho SanchoMonth ago

    Data techs are crying rn.

  50. CL1CKS

    CL1CKSMonth ago

    I just wish I could get a rift first then do this. I have a drop ceiling in what will be my vr room once I can afford a rift.

  51. Anon Mason

    Anon MasonMonth ago

    People put Surround Sound 7 speaker setups in their living room with 7 speakers all over the place, wires going to each of them. All for "Immersive Sound"... but ACTUAL VR setup and only 2 or 3 sensors they have a problem with?

  52. 00meat Plays

    00meat PlaysMonth ago

    Lol, sponsored by oculus. WMR just has one cable for the headset, no outside cameras.

  53. Darius Duesentrieb

    Darius DuesentriebMonth ago

    say your grandma comes over: mreporter.net/v/video-BofAEZZHjJY.html

  54. Bejīta-Sama

    Bejīta-SamaMonth ago

    John Cena is a Linus Media Group Editor???!!

  55. Alan Hinton

    Alan HintonMonth ago

    What a usless video for a real person trying to stealth there setup. We don't all bring our oculus into our office with conveniently placed power outlets in the ceiling. 10/10 for enthusiasm though. Still entertaining.

  56. Lukas N

    Lukas NMonth ago

    In Acer Nitro video he said something on lines of "if anybody plays that other mode" of Fortnite... But here uses word Recombobulate.... BUSTED :D , Save the World player..

  57. Phoenix Fury

    Phoenix FuryMonth ago

    I'm gay.

  58. Commandtechno

    CommandtechnoMonth ago

    he changed shirts xD, his first shirt says TECHQUICKIE!!!!

  59. Guns N Gaming

    Guns N GamingMonth ago

    "Bros before Hoes, witch I can say because her last name is Ho/ I laughed way to hard at this...

  60. PhallicNipples

    PhallicNipplesMonth ago

    Well not knowing it, linus just shot down an idea I had about extending my WMR headset that uses USB 3.0 and my plan to extend it. Rip me ...or not, after seeing the next 2 seconds where he solves my problem. Thank you linus, you will forever be a tech god in my eyes.

  61. dig dug

    dig dugMonth ago

    lmao nice job oculus, you sponsored a video showing one of your biggest flaws compared to your competitor, htc vive, which has wireless trackers.

  62. Ender Dsgn

    Ender DsgnMonth ago

    I want your setup :D

  63. silver dragania [dragania cnl]

    silver dragania [dragania cnl]Month ago

    i think of one to a few things: why not have each sensor have a large battery bank with a antena and a antena on the pc so the sensors could be wireless?

  64. Jason Johnson

    Jason JohnsonMonth ago

    in a room with life size stormtroopers and heads of darth vader… dude is worried about VR vs chicks....

  65. Jerry Cerrit

    Jerry CerritMonth ago

    Damn linus got dat thiccy 👌😩😩

  66. MFS 2

    MFS 2Month ago

    This is so stupid.. mines is better with all the wires.

  67. DAgility

    DAgilityMonth ago

    Another improvement to be made is that instead of running the HDMI and USB through an outlet you could use one of the upcoming/already released wireless peripherals

  68. Lyle Stevens

    Lyle StevensMonth ago

    Innuendo Bingo

  69. tobias novak

    tobias novakMonth ago

    I was thinking.. ^_^ can u stream VR games to your smartphone using moonlight? and play pc VR games with a cardboard VR thingy for ur smartphone??

  70. Janred

    JanredMonth ago

    So you guys put a pc in the ceiling but made extra work to get the cables back down into the tagle zone? What the duck?

  71. Shadowtechnik

    ShadowtechnikMonth ago

    Or get a vive

  72. Godlike VR

    Godlike VRMonth ago

    I mean if the first thing they say is "what is all this junk" it's a great opener to explain it and get them to try it

  73. IAmASonOfABlackMan

    IAmASonOfABlackManMonth ago

    but like this is an office not a home so the access to the ceiling is much easier

  74. Laeryc

    LaerycMonth ago

    not to Code to do but pretty damn cool

  75. D3Mi

    D3MiMonth ago

    Ya see that polygonal paneling on that one wall by the doorway? Yea, if anybody knows if I can find that anywhere on the internet,tell me.

  76. Chase Richards

    Chase RichardsMonth ago

    All-in-one solution www.amazon.com/dp/B07BDQFL98/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_Hs4kBbTEXXWPG

  77. Morrowgamer

    MorrowgamerMonth ago

    My setup is far more impressive, and with a Vive rather than a Rift. PC is in an entirely different room! Works perfectly.

  78. Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?Month ago

    thank you for making this f*ck you for making me want this

  79. Stefan Ott

    Stefan OttMonth ago

    So many "that's what she said" moments in this video.

  80. Kennan JK

    Kennan JKMonth ago

    Vive is superior

  81. Jason Chesters-salt

    Jason Chesters-saltMonth ago

    So many double entendres linus...

  82. Max

    MaxMonth ago

    Maybe get a wireless vr connection

  83. Jadi

    JadiMonth ago

    mixed reality anyone?

  84. Skersaroony

    Skersaroony2 months ago

    I’m not trying to hate on oculus but for someone who has a ton of money and uses it on a lot of unessesary stuff for vr why don’t you buy a vive it’s more expensive but it is definitely the better vr system.

  85. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta2 months ago

    Skersaroony it's a sponsored video...

  86. Tom Mills

    Tom Mills2 months ago

    The headset connectors work immensely better on the ceiling behind you, the wire doesn't get in the way.

  87. GhostlyGamer554

    GhostlyGamer5542 months ago

    666 dislikes 0-0

  88. spiderpig990

    spiderpig9902 months ago

    Ok 2 things touch screen monitor in wall and wireless Bluetooth headset

  89. BrianDidAThing!

    BrianDidAThing!2 months ago

    Or you know... just buy some Windows Mixed Reality ;) and forgo wires and crap running everywhere!

  90. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta2 months ago

    BrianDidAThing! Forgot, there's is the only one with a physical IPD adjustment.

  91. BrianDidAThing!

    BrianDidAThing!2 months ago

    DJHeroMasta Samsung Odyssey has adjustable IPD and resolution that matches the Vive Pro for $400 on sale 😉

  92. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta2 months ago

    BrianDidAThing! Doesn't work for everyone due to the fixed IPD.

  93. Bradley Evans

    Bradley Evans2 months ago

    What's that mannequin head @10:42? I feel like I've seen it before but I can't find the video where he found it? Also, how much would something like that cost?

  94. Cryptonitor

    Cryptonitor2 months ago

    All you need to do is dissasemble your house and put the cables inside the roof and walls! So simple and useful guide. NOT! Wasted time watching this piece of shit.

  95. Jharub

    Jharub2 months ago

    How do you turn the computer on and off?

  96. Mr. Wolf

    Mr. Wolf2 months ago

    u guys are very lucky because u guys play vr on gtx 1070. I can't play vr because my pc goes on gtx 1050. I have a vr sitting doing nothing because my computer runs on a gtx 1050 that dosen't run vr. I on the other hand just watch u guys fix the vr and making it hidden and do stuff to the vr but I like ur channel and I appreciate ur video thanks for the video. SUBSCRIBED and LIKED

  97. TheWisherable

    TheWisherable2 months ago

    7:27 When she asks if it's in. also that phrasing from 6:25 - 7:30 xD

  98. Thobiex

    Thobiex2 months ago

    You've got a transformer?

  99. MediaMixer

    MediaMixer2 months ago

    Nice cut at 4:36

  100. Pixalleted Glitch

    Pixalleted Glitch2 months ago

    F**#K oculus , htc vive FTW

  101. Doctor Bag PhD

    Doctor Bag PhD2 months ago

    Oculus' tracking is so bad vs Steam's lighthouse solution, having owned both a Rift & Vive I feel bad for Rift owners trying to do roomscale, it's such a pain in the arse vs the Vive, not to mention that basestation power cables aside (which can be hidden/managed far easier than USB3 ones) you pretty much have the setup they have here from the get-go.

  102. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta2 months ago

    Doctor Bag PhD No, no it's not lol. I have a 3x sensor setup and tracking's perfect.

  103. Logan Haberer

    Logan Haberer2 months ago

    Like we used to say at my old job, safety third.

  104. Octavius Thurinus

    Octavius Thurinus2 months ago

    Or just buy a Vive.

  105. AnTeaVirus

    AnTeaVirus2 months ago

    it's invisible because it doesn't exist