We Made an INVISIBLE VR Gaming Setup!


  1. Ender Master

    Ender MasterDay ago

    Lmao the bros before hos part

  2. hakjie11

    hakjie11Day ago

    Since when does Invisible mean just throwing cables above ceiling?

  3. David Washington

    David WashingtonDay ago

    One improvement would be to put the plug for the headset in the ceiling too. Maybe even put a swing arm on it...

  4. Paul Barnes

    Paul BarnesDay ago

    Or just get a vive. Cables sorted.

  5. WeiseGuy91

    WeiseGuy912 days ago

    Where do I get a head bust like that?

  6. KillaKali831

    KillaKali8315 days ago

    HTC Vive > Oculus Rift

  7. 93desousa

    93desousa5 days ago

    Now throw all of the available gimmicks together like controllers and Omni treadmills

  8. Brandon Latchman

    Brandon Latchman6 days ago

    gf? ha my hands love it when i play vr

  9. Derpy Roblox/Fortnite

    Derpy Roblox/Fortnite7 days ago

    there is no tips

  10. Anemathis

    Anemathis8 days ago

    How about for all of us that don't have a drop ceiling to stick our computers into...

  11. Kingly

    Kingly11 days ago

    Then mixed reality was invented.

  12. SoDaftMinecraft

    SoDaftMinecraft11 days ago

    With an extra cable would this work with the Vive?

  13. Pagman

    Pagman14 days ago

    or you can just use a MR headset.

  14. Reiuji Utsuho

    Reiuji Utsuho14 days ago

    It's so funny this got picked for my front page now that HTC released a official Vive wireless connector which doesn't require all this effort.

  15. Echotech74

    Echotech7414 days ago

    please do a INVISIBLE VR Gaming Setup in a REAL ROOM at Home

  16. Echotech74

    Echotech7414 days ago

    actually, I thought it would be a helpful video, but since you do it in a office room , it isn't.

  17. Michael Morrison

    Michael Morrison14 days ago

    I liked the video but how you gonna set this up in a normal room. That isn't an office.

  18. Raiden Larowe

    Raiden Larowe15 days ago

    crefit report . com baby

  19. Shiro Online

    Shiro Online17 days ago

    Why not Place the outlet higher up the wall and have the wires off the floor? or something like that.... its still pretty clean setup ☺

  20. Aki Ren

    Aki Ren17 days ago

    Now test The tpcast ( and flash with opentpcast) :)

  21. Fordsie

    Fordsie18 days ago

    “Our camera cables are too short for cable management” Damn, if only the cameras could communicate to eachother wirelessly.... *cough* Vive *cough*

  22. MaxPSVR

    MaxPSVR19 days ago

    Great. Now if I want to set up a Gaming VR system at my work place without my boss knowing. I know what to do.. hmmm. Actually ......

  23. Isabella Schmidt

    Isabella Schmidt21 day ago

    Fiscal hope stuff walk female regulation efficient.

  24. Mdj

    Mdj22 days ago

    10:31 that guy tho

  25. Apollo Smile

    Apollo Smile22 days ago

    Should have made the storm trooper choke Linus as a surprise LOL

  26. Nish Guru

    Nish Guru22 days ago

    i dont know what would i be doing with my life if i havent watched this guys videos in the past...*Legend*

  27. burton _17

    burton _1723 days ago

    How much does that pc cost

  28. Tom Heath

    Tom Heath24 days ago

    "We've solved the two main problems of deploying VR in the home... Get a home with a bult in cable management system" i mean cmon man

  29. Tom Heath

    Tom Heath24 days ago

    Were gona show you how to set up your VR system so when your grandma or girlfriend come over... TO YOUR OFFICE, it looks ok

  30. Jawad Ahmed

    Jawad Ahmed24 days ago

    6:26 " "You can always make a hole bigger" " Well said Linus

  31. Edgar Larios

    Edgar Larios24 days ago

    That looks sooo sick, but what if you want to upgrade... anything?

  32. Standing CraCraCar

    Standing CraCraCar26 days ago

    Hell yah HTC Vive going wireless baby in 6 days!

  33. PotentiumRLX

    PotentiumRLX26 days ago

    7:47 that's what he said

  34. Tim Titus

    Tim Titus27 days ago

    That's an office. Homes don't have easy-access ceiling panels

  35. Rodney Peters

    Rodney Peters27 days ago

    Too bad this isn't actually applicable to a home setup

  36. arcnaver tipdog

    arcnaver tipdog29 days ago

    that was pretty cool!

  37. CoSm1c gAm3r

    CoSm1c gAm3r29 days ago

    10:08 It is best to approve no girlfriend.

  38. Rivelz

    RivelzMonth ago

    its on his face



    8:00 dat ass



    6:40 that's what she said

  41. SFL Reaction

    SFL ReactionMonth ago

    that transition at 4:36 tho

  42. Corpsgrinder360

    Corpsgrinder360Month ago

    Yeah.. punish that wall with some elbow greese :3

  43. Grim Nippz

    Grim NippzMonth ago

    am I the only one who thinks this is way too much work compared to the vive?

  44. Hellenden Gamer

    Hellenden GamerMonth ago

    i saw a setup that had 8 cameras 4 on the ceiling and 4 on the floor

  45. Kwiji

    KwijiMonth ago

    my invisible vr setup is windows mr, done.

  46. Angel Gonzalez

    Angel GonzalezMonth ago

    Htc vive 4 life

  47. bored Gaming

    bored GamingMonth ago

    i always get jelous when i watch linus videos like i cant afford a nice gaming pc or be able to play vr i only played vr once at a summer camp and it was my best gaming memory so far

  48. WarChris13

    WarChris13Month ago

    Bruh??? Why not let the Headseat hang of the celling? Or at least make the HDMI and USB Ports up on the celling . You could turn around without an annoying cabel cuz it would hang downwards to your head. You can spin around and around and dont have to worry about it so much. I would do it that why but well still pretty awesome

  49. zunerizum

    zunerizumMonth ago

    get oculus go there

  50. YoutubeCheese

    YoutubeCheeseMonth ago

    do something on oculus go

  51. Gulo 3077

    Gulo 3077Month ago


  52. TeMMeH

    TeMMeHMonth ago


  53. TeMMeH

    TeMMeHMonth ago

    im sad (really sad)

  54. Luis Baez

    Luis BaezMonth ago

    What about those who don’t have those type of sailings

  55. Jake il festaiolo

    Jake il festaioloMonth ago

    You can simply buy a Microsoft Headset, It has incorporated sensors

  56. Elflord 615

    Elflord 615Month ago

    right after this video i looked around my room just to see if i could do this.

  57. Retro Gameplay Master

    Retro Gameplay MasterMonth ago

    Linus is thicc

  58. Loslos Nimo

    Loslos NimoMonth ago

    osha violation


    TEAMGAM3RMonth ago

    your like the Canadian yogscast XD

  60. HeroBrage

    HeroBrageMonth ago

    Try uppgrading this setup with the tp cast that lets you play wireless vr

  61. Not Raym0nd

    Not Raym0ndMonth ago

    Poor ho

  62. Not Raym0nd

    Not Raym0ndMonth ago

    Htc masterrace

  63. Dylan boyd

    Dylan boydMonth ago

    what does the cameraman think of this?

  64. Fishum

    FishumMonth ago

    Sure now your family won't be looking at the vr setup but the full size stormtrooper in your room.

  65. Yung Alien

    Yung AlienMonth ago

    Linus! I was once a data infrastructure technician... Just a pro tip. Tape the cables to the end of the ruler that doesn't get shoved down the wall, it'll make fishing it way easier and makes it less likely that you'll get your cable stuck, or damage it if whatever you're fishing with gets stuck. Have a good day!

  66. Turn

    TurnMonth ago

    Retractable cable into the wall would have been cool and it would keep the wire away from your feet

  67. Max Koets

    Max KoetsMonth ago

    Htc vive is also an option

  68. Joseph Bernard

    Joseph BernardMonth ago

    Just hang a flat screen monitor or TV

  69. τ

    τMonth ago

    Using the mirror to hide the monitor definitely would not work with the HTC VIVE. mirrors cause the VIVE to glitch out, as the sensors see the headset/controllers in the mirror and think that's where they are.

  70. Micah lindenmuth

    Micah lindenmuthMonth ago

    Really? Cause my number one is having a cable strapped to my atlas like the Matrix.

  71. Eamonn Keane

    Eamonn KeaneMonth ago

    I've done almost the same but put the headset cables coming from the ceiling, so not to trip over them when gaming. I installed a pulley and weight system so the cables retract when standing up but can pull down when crouching.

  72. Ryan Shingler

    Ryan ShinglerMonth ago

    Dude you should put individual hardware in the roof and connect like 5 monitors to it in different rooms

  73. Kira Erickson

    Kira EricksonMonth ago

    Psssst, Linus. www.tripplite.com/usb-3.0-all-in-one-keystone-panel-mount-coupler-cable-female-female-angled-connector-black-1-ft~U325001KPABK they go for around $8 online. Then just get a usb 3.0 male to male adapter. I used the same one in my VR room. Although, I needed an active HDMI repeater to make things work correctly. www.amazon.com/COWEEN-Repeater-Amplifier-Extender-Transmission/dp/B01GHL72XS

  74. 96 Kilobytes

    96 KilobytesMonth ago

    "There's a lot of glare" "It's a mirror."

  75. 96 Kilobytes

    96 KilobytesMonth ago

    So many dick jokes.

  76. Albisset 123

    Albisset 123Month ago

    Where do you get those support pillars from? I can't find any and I really need some

  77. jacker372

    jacker372Month ago

    You guys seriously need a wire tape...

  78. Kim Strandberg

    Kim Strandberg2 months ago

    what are those wall tiles called ?

  79. Robert Hernandez

    Robert Hernandez2 months ago

    6:30 to 7:40 close ur eyes

  80. blackice71

    blackice712 months ago

    "Bros before 'Ho's'" I love it! lolol

  81. MeenMan 777

    MeenMan 7772 months ago

    Tuck tape

  82. Coldsteak

    Coldsteak2 months ago

    "better vr home deployment" yeah because we all have office style ceiling panels to hide cables and store computers

  83. LokeForce

    LokeForce2 months ago

    can you buy a vr ready pc to me?

  84. DeadEdd

    DeadEdd2 months ago

    It's funny when people complain that Apple's stuff is too expensive, when they use a desktop that costs £2,000.

  85. Truckerpauli

    Truckerpauli2 months ago

    But how do you turn the pc on?

  86. Corey Plant

    Corey Plant2 months ago

    My question is... How do you turn the PC on or off??? Once it's in the ceiling are ya going to just climb up there every time you want to turn it off again? Just a thought. I guess, you could just leave it on permanently and turn to monitor on or off...

  87. Tin Cazar

    Tin Cazar2 months ago

    jesus christ dude, calm down haha 3:36

  88. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage2 months ago

    You could do this or you could just get a mixed reality headset instead

  89. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage2 months ago

    Guys next time Linus asks you to do something for him, tell him to fuck off

  90. PrPwnage

    PrPwnage2 months ago

    Linus is such a dork. He thinks he is so great.

  91. Lex Sanders

    Lex Sanders2 months ago

    So many missed sexual puns, my head is exploding !

  92. Brandon Whitney

    Brandon Whitney2 months ago

    Dat headset graveyard lol

  93. Can’t Relate

    Can’t Relate2 months ago

    I kind of want to kick Linus’s ass just so he doesn’t act so beta.

  94. joeTEM sims

    joeTEM sims2 months ago

    Remember kids you can always make a hole biggerer

  95. NJFoxtrot

    NJFoxtrot2 months ago

    So wheres the power button for the computer you put up there. How do you turn that on and off??

  96. BalisticAssualtRifle

    BalisticAssualtRifle2 months ago

    Lol cable management hardfucks are funny

  97. Nicool Man

    Nicool Man2 months ago


  98. Rhys Richards

    Rhys Richards2 months ago

    Not to be rude but the HTC vive has better tracking with two sensors

  99. Wlxf

    Wlxf2 months ago

    Just buy a oculus go then

  100. Cyban Founder

    Cyban Founder2 months ago

    There is a sentence with: "terminated" "female" and "we could just Jack it" in it

  101. Brian Talbot

    Brian Talbot2 months ago

    Why not just use a TV for the display? Also, close to the floor is not the best for the cables to be plugged into. Trip city.