We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)


  1. Call 1-800-Choke da hoe Right now!!

    Call 1-800-Choke da hoe Right now!!18 minutes ago

    We all know the wedding is fake😐

  2. Hannah S

    Hannah S28 minutes ago

    9 ads in a 13 minute video... HELL NO

  3. gema gomez

    gema gomez32 minutes ago

    um frfr u can only get married 18 and 19 cause when ur those ages ur tecnecly an adult

  4. Oluwadarasimi Ogunleye

    Oluwadarasimi Ogunleye34 minutes ago

    is this for real for real??? sombody tell me i am so confused

  5. Dusia

    Dusia39 minutes ago

    did she really got pregnat

  6. Marisa Kinley

    Marisa Kinley48 minutes ago

    I am discussed. What in the actual fuck did I just watch. And you know that guy in the blue tuxedo was trying so hard not to look at her ass. What the fuck is the preacher wearing. I cringed so hard I fucken hate my life Kill me now plz

  7. Fatal Menace

    Fatal Menace58 minutes ago

    Consider moving to a hut in the forest. I'm sure you'd like it better there. Since nobody in society wants you here. Oh shit i forgot society is fucked and people are stupid.

  8. Sav .100

    Sav .1002 hours ago

    The way she can still manage to look like a cheap tramp on her wedding day 😂

  9. Sav .100

    Sav .1002 hours ago

    Well I just lost 90% of my brain cells ugh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. Gregor Pearce

    Gregor Pearce2 hours ago

    I feel sorry for all of their friends. Actually they're probably all paid actors

  11. Catarina Alves

    Catarina Alves2 hours ago

    And it's because of people like this that I can't marry and be happy at 18 with the person that saw me on my worst and stays with me....

  12. Lillian Rule

    Lillian Rule2 hours ago

    “Partner in crime” you very right

  13. 100 abonnés sans like help

    100 abonnés sans like help2 hours ago


  14. 100 abonnés sans like help

    100 abonnés sans like help2 hours ago

    0/07 The guy on the left is so Shockers of himself and the peaple around him😦. We can dead it in vis face. I'm with him 😑

  15. Xx kitty xX

    Xx kitty xX2 hours ago

    I think you'll wear a longer dress when you get married

  16. ѕєσк• ѕєχυαl

    ѕєσк• ѕєχυαl3 hours ago

    Good god.

  17. Eleven

    Eleven3 hours ago


  18. valerie fortune

    valerie fortune3 hours ago

    I wanna see. The pregnancy video

  19. valerie fortune

    valerie fortune3 hours ago

    But I’ll support you on this journey

  20. valerie fortune

    valerie fortune3 hours ago

    It’s really crazy

  21. valerie fortune

    valerie fortune3 hours ago

    Dang you got married at that age why not 19

  22. Jaylean Perez

    Jaylean Perez3 hours ago

    Why did I cringe so hard..

  23. Brenda Mariana Paredes Sánchez

    Brenda Mariana Paredes Sánchez3 hours ago

    Una boda en una oficina??? Niña que tienes 10 años?


    IIIPHOEBE PLAYZ3 hours ago

    Mm no hate


    IIIPHOEBE PLAYZ3 hours ago

    The little vegas chapel is for fake marriage how do i know that...GOOGLE!

  26. Vasil ishere

    Vasil ishere3 hours ago

    it’s hard to type this,because I’m holding the bible in the other hand

  27. Minnie and emmas life

    Minnie and emmas life4 hours ago

    It’s fake. He said “bestfriend” not “lawfully wedded husband/wife”

  28. Tara Waterman

    Tara Waterman4 hours ago

    She needs some good parenting 💯

  29. Desmon Thomas

    Desmon Thomas4 hours ago

    She need a black mom and/or Hispanic mom

  30. Desmon Thomas

    Desmon Thomas4 hours ago

    Where is her parents

  31. jellyfishyies

    jellyfishyies4 hours ago

    please do tag this as child exploitation. doesn't matter if she's 12 or 14 she's still a child and by allowing anything revolving this channel to happen her parents are exploiding her for money, even if it's her shitty channel

  32. Giorgia Guasti

    Giorgia Guasti4 hours ago


  33. Daija Hall

    Daija Hall4 hours ago

    omg please we don't need another lil tay or Danielle Bregoli

  34. Kiwi !!

    Kiwi !!4 hours ago

    Mikey to u Take Dani To be Ur best friend forever? Mikey: no

  35. Ruby Aslam

    Ruby Aslam5 hours ago

    Damn this is so fake☻

  36. Hey Its Rihannaaa

    Hey Its Rihannaaa5 hours ago


  37. Madalyn Wood

    Madalyn Wood6 hours ago

    This is legit illegal

  38. tris holland

    tris holland6 hours ago

    hey let's chew a fucking gum on my wedding day

  39. Fantastic Dabber

    Fantastic Dabber6 hours ago

    This is fake. He never used the ten “groom” or “bride” he always used friend

  40. star kissed MV

    star kissed MV7 hours ago


  41. Layla Dillion

    Layla Dillion7 hours ago

    ARE YOU FOOOORRR RRREEEAAALLL THOOOO........... Why y'all bieng so mean to Willy Also in daa car y'all serious I'm shhook like LITERALLY SHHOOK

  42. Miya Joseph

    Miya Joseph7 hours ago

    A 14 year old shouldn't be getting married

  43. crying in depression

    crying in depression8 hours ago

    Wtf getting married at 15 years old. Omg fucking disgusting rat this isn't beautiful actually like omg fucking disgrace

  44. ItsMeSoDealWithIt

    ItsMeSoDealWithIt8 hours ago

    and mikey, if you would place that ring on dani's left hand danielle: *sticks out right hand*

  45. Bogs Pal

    Bogs Pal8 hours ago

    Kalood ba nimo uy yaks

  46. Bogs Pal

    Bogs Pal8 hours ago


  47. Ato

    Ato8 hours ago

    It’s just sad seeing this girl as a 12 year old. She thinks she is all that but she really isn’t. Isn’t she suppose to be in school? :/

  48. Annabelle Magny

    Annabelle Magny8 hours ago

    OMG she has 15!!!!!

  49. khadija ahmed

    khadija ahmed8 hours ago

    The way they caption the truth Now that's a cover up story

  50. khadija ahmed

    khadija ahmed8 hours ago

    Me looking at Elvis like 😯😒

  51. khadija ahmed

    khadija ahmed9 hours ago

    This is a prank right

  52. Azra Caliskan

    Azra Caliskan9 hours ago

    Haha take the L she got pregnant at 13 hahaha

  53. The W.F.C.

    The W.F.C.10 hours ago


  54. Molly Duggan

    Molly Duggan11 hours ago

    This makes my brain hurt

  55. Mochi Puff

    Mochi Puff11 hours ago


  56. Mochi Puff

    Mochi Puff11 hours ago

    It’s so obvious that her marriage is fake also she’s 12

  57. Hadley Green

    Hadley Green11 hours ago

    Honestly I can’t wait for them to break up new week ooh that will be GREAT!!!!

  58. Konstantina Kay

    Konstantina Kay11 hours ago

    Its fake. If you go to her Instagram at the photo she posted and go to the location, you can see someone else's photo which says "Pretend wedding photos $35" Sorry Danielle 🤷‍♀

  59. chloexwoahhz

    chloexwoahhz12 hours ago

    The fact that she actually got married and pregnant and she's still not even old enough to walk in a casino or even drink or be in Vegas in general is crazy

  60. Lesley lesley Menchaca

    Lesley lesley Menchaca12 hours ago

    This makes her a thot, a hoe, and a whore, and a slut....3 words...GET A MOTHER FUCKING LIFE girl, even if this is fake this makes u look sooo dumb like just don’t SMH. Even my 7 year old cousin said to get a life....it’s all on u and ur restarted pranks nobody falls for 😑🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  61. Gearoid Murphy

    Gearoid Murphy12 hours ago

    Ye are brilliant actors

  62. tommy gameing

    tommy gameing12 hours ago

    How old are they

  63. Ana Poldrugovac

    Ana Poldrugovac12 hours ago

    I can’t hahahahahahahaahha this is 😂funny hahahaha

  64. *Cherry Gacha*

    *Cherry Gacha*12 hours ago


  65. Natalie jayne

    Natalie jayne12 hours ago

    Can't stand her

  66. Brice Seymore

    Brice Seymore12 hours ago

    I was so disturbed by this video 😬😳

  67. idk bro

    idk bro12 hours ago

    yall weird

  68. Megan Le

    Megan Le12 hours ago

    This is so fake and such a bad influence on younger that kids that watch you.You should think before you post all this.

  69. Kyle Matón

    Kyle Matón13 hours ago

    Ok who's letting a 13 year old 1) get pregnant and 2) get married 3) get married by Elvis in Vegas. This literally has to be a prank because 1) it's not even legal even with parent permission 2) what the actual fuck.

  70. Stefan VEVO

    Stefan VEVO14 hours ago


  71. Cheerio Flan

    Cheerio Flan14 hours ago

    Why are the freaking adults agreeing to this crap?

  72. neia flener

    neia flener14 hours ago

    April 6 2019 my dad and stepmom got married and told me I’m having a little sister

  73. wes wilson

    wes wilson15 hours ago

    This is a good reason why condoms are made

  74. Nobody

    Nobody15 hours ago

    Can you even get married this young?

  75. pinksupre

    pinksupre15 hours ago

    She's actually fat look her guts is hanging out

  76. Oscar Vitlue

    Oscar Vitlue15 hours ago

    Mum: how fake do you want this Dani Dani: yes

  77. Francelli Barillas

    Francelli Barillas15 hours ago

    did anyone know that in 2:44 he said do u take her to be ur best friend

  78. Laurice Galamay

    Laurice Galamay15 hours ago

    *u need a typical filipino mom*

  79. marchsveryown

    marchsveryown15 hours ago

    *who tf invited Elvis Presley to this wedding*

  80. Mckenna Day

    Mckenna Day15 hours ago

    what did dani use to try and make her butt with?? 😂😂😂😂

  81. Katherine Jeon

    Katherine Jeon15 hours ago

    This is so dumb. I wonder what the Elvis impersonator thought

  82. Katherine Jeon

    Katherine Jeon15 hours ago

    No way this is legal

  83. Binder Kandola

    Binder Kandola15 hours ago

    15 and married wow

  84. Klarissa Reep

    Klarissa Reep15 hours ago

    So they fake about her being pregnant now this tbh she is such a big clickbait

  85. Gold Pheonix

    Gold Pheonix15 hours ago

    Like 14 and she be sucking?

  86. It’s Just Maya

    It’s Just Maya15 hours ago

    Lol her father isn’t even there

  87. stella ousley

    stella ousley16 hours ago

    Let me guess the are going to get a Divorce when they are about twenty or thirty

  88. 16BlueSkys

    16BlueSkys16 hours ago

    little 30 year olds

  89. Bella Stokley

    Bella Stokley16 hours ago

    Awww Bff’s for life lamo 😂

  90. G Hobbs

    G Hobbs16 hours ago

    Normally in an actual wedding, they say, "Man and wife" not "Bff and bff". This wedding isn't legal, real, or believable in any way, shape or form.

  91. Benjamin Yagow

    Benjamin Yagow16 hours ago

    They didn’t actually get married they just got a bestfriend wedding

  92. Pandas_yasunicorn Panditas

    Pandas_yasunicorn Panditas16 hours ago

    The mom looks like she got her weave snatched

  93. Ally

    Ally16 hours ago

    I thought Elvis was dead ?

  94. XanleyWuzHere

    XanleyWuzHere16 hours ago

    🤮🤮 How many people questioned there life decisions after watched this STUPID video 👇

  95. Jana Lomonte

    Jana Lomonte17 hours ago

    She stole that one saying from tiktok "to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world" LIKE GURL stop watching tiktoks and get a NON-FAKE life

  96. Goof. G

    Goof. G17 hours ago

    If this was a real wedding she would ave charged her fans to get in Nd see her wedding.....

  97. mary feleke

    mary feleke17 hours ago

    Boyfriend: Dani we need money for a honeymoon, how many ads you wanna put in this video Dani: yes

  98. Kajuan James

    Kajuan James17 hours ago


  99. Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek are adorable

    Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek are adorable17 hours ago

    6:02 he thought that they were gonna bring in the shoes😂

  100. Furaha Aswan

    Furaha Aswan17 hours ago

    Jesus fucking Christ. Humanity has failed us all. mreporter.net/v/video-hjwbgAZM_Ks.html