We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)


  1. Anong Phomakay

    Anong Phomakay21 minute ago

    So glad you guys got a divorced

  2. Rose

    Rose21 minute ago

    Her brother looks so done 😂

  3. Serenity Avelar

    Serenity Avelar2 hours ago

    This is to to cringy

  4. Ella Rae

    Ella Rae3 hours ago

    Fake af

  5. Lily_Bud

    Lily_Bud10 hours ago

    Please stop writing hate comments... My fingers are hurting from liking them all

  6. Emma Baker

    Emma Baker10 hours ago

    What kind of a wedding photographer would take the photo in vertical?

  7. OzZy's _entrentainment

    OzZy's _entrentainment10 hours ago

    Who tf wears a prostitute dress for a wedding 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  8. Teairra da Baka UwU

    Teairra da Baka UwU11 hours ago

    12 year olds can't marry ._.

  9. Abbey Guitar

    Abbey Guitar14 hours ago

    And she’s how old? Yeah 13

  10. Madhuri kumar

    Madhuri kumar14 hours ago

    She is shameless bitch.

  11. Cheyenne Arket

    Cheyenne Arket15 hours ago

    FaKeR than my fRiEnDs

  12. They call me Big toe

    They call me Big toe16 hours ago

    This is the most awful wedding EVER Wait.... Its not real....!

  13. Officer Fangirl

    Officer Fangirl17 hours ago

    this is faker than James Charles career

  14. forever _yuh

    forever _yuh18 hours ago

    Danielle 13 years old:We ArE gEtTiNg mArRiEd! Me at 16 **who dafuq ate my sandwich?!!!**

  15. student life

    student life17 hours ago


  16. Ty

    Ty18 hours ago

    Yeah so you can go to Vegas and have friendship ceremonies this is what that is

  17. patriicia

    patriicia20 hours ago

    Isn't she going to school?

  18. Fiona Mbeketcha

    Fiona Mbeketcha21 hour ago

    im so late this was back in april

  19. xox comtery

    xox comteryDay ago

    This is actually funny

  20. Kiersten Boals

    Kiersten BoalsDay ago

    That dress is shorter than her marriage

  21. Kiersten Boals

    Kiersten BoalsDay ago

    She’s thirteen. THIRTEEN. And she’s wearing a tight “wedding” dress. Nasty. I’m sorry jojo I love you I’m sorry we ever doubted you.

  22. jude bc

    jude bcDay ago

    Dani: *posted on april* Me: *shook*

  23. Lakaria ‘life I

    Lakaria ‘life IDay ago

    She not pregnant she just fat

  24. Jeffery and TY Track

    Jeffery and TY TrackDay ago

    Fake aff

  25. Liz Gacha Life

    Liz Gacha LifeDay ago


  26. Kusing Itam

    Kusing ItamDay ago


  27. Insiyah Poonawala

    Insiyah PoonawalaDay ago

    She is eating a chewing gum when she is getting married.... Like whatttt

  28. Gati Roua

    Gati RouaDay ago

    She’s 13 she wont money

  29. sierra ramirez

    sierra ramirezDay ago

    Why she look so bothered

  30. Best Zack King cat

    Best Zack King catDay ago

    Someone call 911

  31. Best Zack King cat

    Best Zack King catDay ago

    What the flipping is that kiss

  32. Lydia Estelà Puertas

    Lydia Estelà PuertasDay ago

    I’m gonna go fangirl on jojo siwa....

  33. WolfiiCtiOn

    WolfiiCtiOnDay ago


  34. WolfiiCtiOn

    WolfiiCtiOnDay ago

    I have no idea why I’m watching this I’m just so into this stupid, amazing content 😂😂

  35. Hannah Lance

    Hannah LanceDay ago

    Fake Elvis Presley was the fucking pastor 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  36. Its Sophia G

    Its Sophia GDay ago

    What wedding only has like 10 people in the "chapel" wth?!?!?!?

  37. Sami ‘

    Sami ‘Day ago

    * subscribes to Jojo Siwa *

  38. Lizzy Cox

    Lizzy CoxDay ago


  39. Immanuel Kothe-Evans

    Immanuel Kothe-EvansDay ago


  40. Annoying Jin

    Annoying JinDay ago

    *fBI oPen uP*

  41. youtube excellence

    youtube excellenceDay ago

    *danielle's mom with her pets looking constipated* *danielle's brother eating a ring pop and staring at the camera in confusion* *mikeys friend and brother look like they want to die* *mikeys dad and mum wanting to strangle Danielle* hmm....seems about right.

  42. Emmy Pup

    Emmy PupDay ago

    She’s literally 14🤦🏻‍♀️

  43. Faith Nungaray

    Faith NungarayDay ago

    DIVORCE B***

  44. Faith Nungaray

    Faith NungarayDay ago

    Nice costume fake a** b***

  45. dragonwolf gaming

    dragonwolf gamingDay ago

    Now JoJo siwa seems like a good person after watching this at least she covers up and stays a kid

  46. Tessa Hage

    Tessa HageDay ago

    Ok let’s be real here. She is 13 and should notice how much she’s lying and tbh this wedding is really fake. SO FAKE. and who asks Elvis to be at the fucking wedding so I’m just saying Dani needs to get her ack together and figure out how dumb she’s being and she’s so fucking young. So Dani hopefully you realize that you have your hole life ahead of you and that you are so young and I hope you think a little longer next time.

  47. billie eilish OBSESSED

    billie eilish OBSESSEDDay ago

    Omg flashback Mary is quaking

  48. Doge the loaf !

    Doge the loaf !2 days ago

    Jesus I hate this generation with kids like Danielle

  49. Suho Lee 이수호

    Suho Lee 이수호2 days ago

    This 13 yr old has already gotten married and I am here watching Netflix alone at home

  50. Evie N

    Evie N2 days ago

    You should’ve seen my face while watching this...

  51. ItsJust Leah

    ItsJust Leah2 days ago

    Dani:short dress messy hair not the best make up but mostly CHEWS GUM ON HER WEEDING!?!?! Mikey:”repeats the words of a very weird man that idk who is and does not look like the actual guy that makes the ceremony” -.-