1. Dopey Duke

    Dopey Duke20 hours ago

    What if nvidia came out with integrated cpu graphic cards so you didn’t need a cpu

  2. Daniel Johansson

    Daniel Johansson21 hour ago


  3. Hannover Fisst

    Hannover FisstDay ago

    Quick note, Intel had a dedicated graphics card way back in the late 90's, just around the time that the 3DFX cards were around. I believe it was the I740 and it was competing with some of the other vendors like Diamond, Matrox and 3DFX to an extent as it used Intel's new AGP technology. I think there was a follow up, like an I920 or something like that but they weren't around long.

  4. ToadGamer

    ToadGamerDay ago

    13:16 is what you do not want

  5. Oscar Mayer

    Oscar MayerDay ago

    i always skip the first minute of linus' videos.

  6. Thunderturbine88

    Thunderturbine88Day ago

    (lol) Intel graphics card? That's new.

  7. Brian S

    Brian S2 days ago

    I actually really hope this turns out well, I'd love to do a system with Ryzen, but it'd be cool to do it the other way around next build, AMD CPU and Intel GPU lol. I'd totally do it as long as it was good performance for my price range. Oh wait, I thought maybe Intel was legit about to come out with a line of GPU's maybe next year or something lol.

  8. Juraj Janak

    Juraj Janak2 days ago

    do we have any progress on this? o_O

  9. vert2552

    vert25522 days ago

    so we know why it was ended on that prototype

  10. The Unprofessional Deagle User

    The Unprofessional Deagle User2 days ago


  11. Krystal Myth

    Krystal Myth3 days ago

    Didn't Intel have an opportunity to buy Nvidia like AMD bought ATI? They obviously don't have the talent for the software side of things. They have incredible engineers working on high end projects with one of the largest customer bases in the world. They obviously don't have the overhead to work on software and optimization, theyre going to have to make some acquisitions. AMD would have never been making graphics cards without ATI under their belts.

  12. Mr AMD

    Mr AMD3 days ago

    Is it working now? Or still no luck

  13. Prototype60X6

    Prototype60X63 days ago

    R (red) : amd G (green) : nvidia B (blue) : Intel

  14. Taz Olson

    Taz Olson3 days ago

    Do you think you could just run the monitor through the motherboard and try to see if the computer even recognizes anything on it?

  15. Duke Smart

    Duke Smart3 days ago

    can u just shut the fuck up and assemble the fucking thing

  16. sonichuizcool

    sonichuizcool4 days ago

    I do have 2 seperate driver packages. my father is going nuts right now. he is in his office looking for them.

  17. prabal34

    prabal34Day ago

    you gotta tag linus when you find em

  18. Richard Bourassa

    Richard Bourassa4 days ago

    disappointment is the way of the world i wish i new state of the art Gaming PC would land on my lap and i could finally play all the games my 10 year old computer cant play since its way out of date. but will it happen no it wont lol and you hoping for that card to work was an equally impossible feet, my point is don't worry about it for now maybe youl get what you need for it at a later date. where was i going with this ? I dont remember aw well no biggie. i loved this video btw. big fan.

  19. Solaire Sunbro

    Solaire Sunbro4 days ago

    No offense but, In your intro, Did you include a pc setup without a keyboard?

  20. Dereck Watters

    Dereck Watters5 days ago

    Not enough earrings to make it work.

  21. googs cookies

    googs cookies6 days ago

    Acid made me think of dummy graphics card. where is my fake real looking quadro p6000

  22. Cameron Deak

    Cameron Deak6 days ago

    I wonder how much more optimized these processes could be if AI were to control them

  23. EggyRepublic

    EggyRepublic6 days ago

    0:23 I really thought he was gonna drop it.

  24. Thorsen Wilson

    Thorsen Wilson6 days ago

    My question is... Can you have multiple processors in the same computer?

  25. Rondogz

    Rondogz7 days ago

    this is the biggest blue ball of a video i have ever seen

  26. EndoSym50

    EndoSym507 days ago

    The first half of this video sounds like he's talking about a mysterious creation and t hen something catastrophic happened.

  27. Romashk

    Romashk7 days ago

    That motherboard supports components only with RGB. Silly Linus.

  28. Kadal Burut

    Kadal Burut7 days ago

    another piece of s#####t from intel labs ...

  29. Pandah Sykes

    Pandah Sykes7 days ago

    It sounds so fucking loud

  30. Icin

    Icin8 days ago

    I worked for a company called Dedicated Computing from 2006-2008 and We HAD those prototype cards and the drivers...unfortunatly I don't work there anymore BUT I do know people that still do, they may just have a Driver disk in stock! Prob be free or thru the employee purchase program a few bucks

  31. Kiko Remacha

    Kiko Remacha8 days ago

    I Lost 14 minutes if muy Life....thanks

  32. Darren Skjoelsvold

    Darren Skjoelsvold8 days ago

    Remember it was in a dumpster and that might have been for a reason.

  33. The Entire State of Minnesota

    The Entire State of Minnesota8 days ago

    Wait it turned into the Xeon Phi

  34. Kevin Otero

    Kevin Otero8 days ago

    Linus Tech Clickbait

  35. Connor Ayers

    Connor Ayers9 days ago

    i pretty sure its just an rx 480 painted blue

  36. Andrew Neel

    Andrew Neel9 days ago

    So... where can I find one of these again? They look great for work computers.

  37. Wojtek Czaderna

    Wojtek Czaderna10 days ago

    Thank God I was watching this on 1,5 speed :)

  38. Stay Heavy Studios

    Stay Heavy Studios10 days ago

    "Goodnight sweet Prince, you were too good for this world" lol XD

  39. Balkan BRO

    Balkan BRO10 days ago

    you sad or 5 times n a row

  40. Smgmc64 Productions

    Smgmc64 Productions10 days ago

    Hey Linus I have a theory: what if that is just a early xeon phi model?

  41. xtremeguy2256

    xtremeguy22567 days ago

    if you were listening to the video, it basically is. the card was basically Xeon Phi before it was named Xeon Phi.

  42. Marcus Nelson

    Marcus Nelson10 days ago

    I have a buddy who worked on that project I didn't even know you could get one thought they got rid of all them anyways I'm like 80 percent sure he has those drivers, if you would like to send me a message that would nice I would love to help you out. I did send you an email under under marcusn42716@gmail.com

  43. naturecollision

    naturecollision10 days ago

    I repeated 0:19 3256 times, and my cat does not agree.

  44. Jeremy Georgia

    Jeremy Georgia11 days ago

    I saw an image for another video, when yours finished playing, and for a few seconds I wondered to myself what Linus has to do with Doctor Who. Then, I realized it wasn't your picture.

  45. WinterWolf Studios

    WinterWolf Studios11 days ago

    I bought really expensive "supposed-to-be-reaaaally-good" sennheiser once, shittiest headphones I've ever used for gaming... Im on studio headphones now and its the best choice I've ever made when it comes to tech for sound. Rocking the BeyerDynamic DT 990 Pro which is cheaper than sennheiser and the audio quality is so crisp and clean. Don't fall for Sennheiser if you are going to use them for gaming. Because its all brand price and not quality. (about the sponsored ad at the end). I use them without AMP+DAC and its still mindblowing on the quality...once i get the AMP and DAC it will blow my brains out of how good it will sound. Just a tip im sliding in here on choosing headphones for gaming, go for studio headphones, not "gaming" headphones. Thank me later!

  46. Filip Eriksson

    Filip Eriksson11 days ago

    I really wanna come visit you guys :)

  47. ryburger

    ryburger11 days ago

    Doing about 10 mins of research i can tell you that there are still downloads hosted on Intel's website for MPSS, which has something to do with Knight's Corner and works on linux. software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-manycore-platform-software-stack-mpss#downloads

  48. AB tech

    AB tech11 days ago

    hey man use wireless mouse and keyboard

  49. p3rrypm

    p3rrypm11 days ago

    Well this is the Capone’s vault moment for Linus.

  50. Max Derinskiy

    Max Derinskiy11 days ago

    Okay. But can it mine bitcoin?

  51. Vladimir Lightpood

    Vladimir Lightpood12 days ago

    Try: disable all UEFI functions in bios, or set it to "legasy" or "legasy first', set PCI-E GEN function to GEN1. if still not work, try other old motherboard without UEFI bios.

  52. wefgwegwe wegweg

    wefgwegwe wegweg12 days ago


  53. vh9network

    vh9network12 days ago

    So is it an FPGA?

  54. dewhy kay

    dewhy kay13 days ago

    u make a 14 minute video talking about stuff i can read myself online if i ever had interest in it to tell us its not booting. lol

  55. Syndicate

    Syndicate7 days ago

    Then leave you don't have to watch. Go read it online

  56. stoikr

    stoikr13 days ago

    Yaaay Linus knows it's "vice versa" and not "visa versa" lol

  57. Nutellah

    Nutellah13 days ago

    angled drivers annoy my ears they sting after a while

  58. Dirk Strider

    Dirk Strider13 days ago

    If there was a video to be revisited this is the one for sure. We'll be waiting Linus *recedes into dark hallway*

  59. stanislavtihohod

    stanislavtihohod14 days ago

    Seriously doubt that modern GPUs have any fixed pipeline dedicated hardware. I believe drivers use shaders to emulate it.

  60. HappyQuails

    HappyQuails14 days ago

    I would look very carefully for any simple means of disabling that, in case they had learned their lesson dozens of times over in the decades that had passed with surely highly incentivized efforts having been made to get any number of their new products prior to release...

  61. HappyQuails

    HappyQuails14 days ago

    ..."some Russian collector of wierd hardware"=Russian Gov Spy!

  62. HappyQuails

    HappyQuails14 days ago

    So did they call to ask you to give it back?

  63. todprog

    todprog14 days ago

    @2:20 Dudes, sorry, but this is not the first and only dedicated Intel's graphics card. They had Intel 740 some 20 years ago on AGP. :) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740 The first "modern" - OK.

  64. Sagara Sousuke

    Sagara Sousuke14 days ago

    Sounds like the solution to cars not needing oil anymore and the oil companies destroying the possibility.

  65. xcxccx xccc

    xcxccx xccc14 days ago

    amd rocks, intell bought out all bench sites, you are a fan boy, fu

  66. Marc Rover

    Marc Rover14 days ago

    I knew it wouldn't work. I imagine a "GPU" that relies primarily on raw-processing + clever software-design could face a LOT of issues when communicating with unknown boards (especially without the latest drivers.) Frankly, I suspect that the board that ran that GPU had specific drivers designed for it. That might be another reason Intel's approach wasn't successful.

  67. Knallsack 123456

    Knallsack 12345614 days ago

    Intel hd graphics

  68. Arnab Ghosh

    Arnab Ghosh15 days ago

    Isn't the Vega Frontier Edition blue too?

  69. James' Trash Meme Channel

    James' Trash Meme Channel15 days ago

    I bet Linus's disappointment was immessurable, and his day was ruined.

  70. Ben Liu

    Ben Liu15 days ago

    NO.. Intel's first Video card venture was the Intel i740 AGP card. This is NOT the first attempt.

  71. Cynic

    Cynic15 days ago

    Wait, Intel doesn't make GPU's? How come am I using one right now then?

  72. 陈诺

    陈诺15 days ago

    It must use a special motherboard to boot up

  73. The Lone Nade

    The Lone Nade16 days ago

    Tbh looks like a reskinned HD6970

  74. neon cz

    neon cz16 days ago

    It has an intel fan on it Oh boi this gonna be bad

  75. Aidan Peet

    Aidan Peet17 days ago

    It looks so clean...

  76. Uriah Light

    Uriah Light17 days ago

    You @$$. It doesn't even friggen POST and you wasted over 10 minutes of my time before telling me.

  77. Myke Prior

    Myke Prior17 days ago

    What a parasite to society.

  78. David Košir

    David Košir17 days ago

    9:14 the picture is from lake Bled, Slovenia

  79. khurtt513

    khurtt51317 days ago

    I was waiting for it to do 4k ray tracing at 200 fps or something :(

  80. Kapnoc

    Kapnoc17 days ago

    1:15 Boooom Cerebral :OOOO R: AMD G: nVidia B: Intel :OOOOOOOOOOOOoo Iluminatis? compiracion? la Invacion de los RGB? :v

  81. Arpit yadav

    Arpit yadav17 days ago

    this guy sucks....wtf he is takin about

  82. Luis Kreische

    Luis Kreische17 days ago

    So much expectation build up and then.. nothing! LOL

  83. Dendi Syahriadi

    Dendi Syahriadi17 days ago

    tooo many talk

  84. sugarman deka

    sugarman deka18 days ago

    the first part of video is useless no need to watch the first part

  85. Dan R

    Dan R19 days ago

    Some years ago I saw an I7-970 Intel cpu for sale on Ebay for a good price. I bid and won. Upon delivery inspection I notice that it is an engineering sample cpu. Ebay and most computer forums have rules about selling engineering sample components. Neither the seller nor Ebay understood that while I can certainly use this engineering sample cpu I can't use Ebay (the place I bought it) to sell it. OH well.

  86. Andreas Toth

    Andreas Toth19 days ago

    So Intel invents a new paradigm of GPU then sinks the project when old paradigm games and technology don't perform well on it... Doh! How short-sighted.

  87. Shoaib Khalid

    Shoaib Khalid19 days ago

    ur studio is mess

  88. lazzer408

    lazzer40819 days ago

    "This may be the ONLY engineering sample of a graphics card from Intel!" [flails card violently multiple times] What a beautiful looking card.

  89. calical26

    calical2619 days ago

    going to be nvidia vs intel in 2020 amd cant compete

  90. What choo Lookinat

    What choo Lookinat20 days ago

    Intel's shambling is why AMD has caught them up in the CPU market, with much better integrated graphics too (AND costing far less!).

  91. Dustin Watkins

    Dustin Watkins20 days ago


  92. Zuron

    Zuron20 days ago

    a 400$ brick

  93. ღ BabyWaffles ღ

    ღ BabyWaffles ღ20 days ago

    Linus, u need to use the on board gpu and then do the acceleration and setup the gpu in intel's control panel if im correct

  94. Tommy BRo

    Tommy BRo21 day ago

    This video doesn't suck. 👍

  95. Eun Sik Park

    Eun Sik Park21 day ago

    If Intel had released their own line of GPU's, would there have been a lot less stress on the GPU market from all the cryptocurrency miners? I wonder what everything would be like with Intel GPU's.

  96. trOSCAR

    trOSCAR21 day ago

    Sponsored by eBay

  97. Cristiano Kam

    Cristiano Kam22 days ago

    just like a microsoft presentation, he talks about all the features n shit... but when is time to show it to the people: FAIL lol

  98. v Zuijlen

    v Zuijlen22 days ago

    Try testing it on the $150 PC

  99. AloofGaming 204

    AloofGaming 20422 days ago

    Hello dear Linus can you please make video of which is the best graphic card for intel core I2

  100. Ernő Rácz

    Ernő Rácz23 days ago

    Just a small mistake i guess: it's not intel's first dedicated GPU, they've had a dedicated GPU at the end of 90's :) Intel 740. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

  101. Tom Barker

    Tom Barker23 days ago

    did you ever get this working?

  102. dennis moyer

    dennis moyer23 days ago

    Manuals for programmers: software.intel.com/en-us/forums/showthread.php?t=105443 semiaccurate.com/2012/08/28/intel-details-knights-corner-architecture-at-long-last/

  103. chrissx Media

    chrissx Media23 days ago

    1 why use telnet instead of ssh 2 why use top instead of htop