1. Willy Delgado Escalante

    Willy Delgado Escalante10 hours ago

    The rgb fight start!

  2. Fabian Rosten

    Fabian Rosten10 hours ago

    This video was awesome, I was on the edge of my seat and can fully relate to your pain :( I feel bad for you man!

  3. Darkgael

    Darkgael23 hours ago

    poor guy went from Nerd Boner to Nerd Blue balls :(

  4. rustywave

    rustywaveDay ago

    Brought back memories. Who remembers the Intel Real3D i740 Starfighter?

  5. R Hartley

    R Hartley7 days ago

    It's almost as if they're revisiting the i960 again, but as a modular plug-n-play device.

  6. R Hartley

    R Hartley7 days ago

    Can you take the heatsink/fan off and show us the chips. Pwease!

  7. rm5

    rm57 days ago

    The Intel PCI card is a computer of its own as you have explained. As such, you can't assume *that* computer has booted (since there is no program loaded). You need to have an actual graphics adapter on the real mainboard (possibly onboard) first, launch an OS, install the PCI card driver, then make the PCI card run a program (much like a virtual machine), at which point you can start thinking of using the extra DVI port that comes on the Larrabee device.

  8. TheDankAtheist

    TheDankAtheist9 days ago

    0:25 somone needs to tell linus to stop holding expensive stuff.

  9. 鄧宇翔

    鄧宇翔10 days ago

    When is intel graphics card issue

  10. Dylan Itow

    Dylan Itow10 days ago


  11. Stefan Arsene : Senpai

    Stefan Arsene : Senpai11 days ago

    I know is too late, I haven't read all comments (so, I don't know if someone else said that) but I think, that video card will work on a Intel motherboard. (Like HP if somebody knows.)

  12. Mister X

    Mister X12 days ago

    Which array it is 16GB in?

  13. Мирич

    Мирич13 days ago

    *5 minutes in the video* *Me: Would you shut up and put the card on the motherboard?!*

  14. Amadeus Torres

    Amadeus Torres10 days ago

    Comrade Stalin ?

  15. Bobcat665

    Bobcat66514 days ago

    Anyone here wondering if Intel's Xe video card drivers will be compatible with this thing?

  16. Alan Alda

    Alan Alda15 days ago

    The way You handle this card by the slot is outrageous !

  17. jim crawford

    jim crawford19 days ago

    I had a i740 good card at the time.

  18. Computer g11k

    Computer g11k19 days ago

    sooo. i wasted 14 mins of my life. im basically almost late for school so i have to rush. why. why linus why?

  19. cwli1

    cwli119 days ago

    Major games are built using Intel's compiler, which only runs quickly if an Intel CPU is detected. That's why the frame rates "seem" so high. On normal software AMD's CPUs are much faster. Major benchmarking software is coded with Intel's compiler.

  20. manga fan

    manga fan22 days ago

    maybe needs to change the bios to legacy instead of nceus or something

  21. manga fan

    manga fan22 days ago

    revision the gpu driver settings to legacy

  22. NeoIsrafil

    NeoIsrafil22 days ago

    Just plug in a second card, run it as the primary, and then tinker with it once you've gotten into your OS.

  23. NeoIsrafil

    NeoIsrafil22 days ago

    Bet that thing grinds out bitcoins pretty hardcore...

  24. Вовчик Меломанов

    Вовчик Меломанов23 days ago

    Заебал базарить, нихуя не понятно

  25. Laerei

    Laerei24 days ago

    Why didn't you run it together with a standard GPU and see what Windows says about that device?

  26. ulrest

    ulrest24 days ago

    Where can I get one?

  27. Glenn Smith

    Glenn Smith24 days ago

    Am I the only one that was terrified he was going to drop it... especially when he was holding it with only like three fingers... uh.... then there was the video about how he dropped a GPU and trying to fix it.... now I know why./how that happened. I'm not trolling I'm just saying... USE YOUR HANDS LINUS!!!

  28. Erik Miller

    Erik Miller25 days ago

    my friend austin said this sucks

  29. Tempo

    Tempo25 days ago

    Is that gpu not just a Radeon gpu painted blue

  30. Soutsos

    Soutsos26 days ago

    Actually Linus, boosting performance using hardware is not only possible, but INCREDIBLY much easier than it is in software. When you want more RAM on one of your PCs, do you just use your fingers to put an extra RAM-stick in the motherboard hole, or do you reprogram your operating system to do a more efficient memory management??

  31. Sumedh Pradhan

    Sumedh Pradhan26 days ago

    U talk too much...boiii...

  32. Mycca Sims

    Mycca Sims26 days ago

    That was so sad. I was so exited and then it doesn’t work 😂😂

  33. man sense

    man sense27 days ago

    Stupid kid buys video card knowing he won't get any drivers. We watch stupid kid stare at pc that won't start and talks too much. Stupid kid who was to lazy to get it working wants to sell me some booshitt, I stopped watching stupid kid.

  34. Albert Bach

    Albert Bach27 days ago

    Give it to linus it will leave his hands in pieces

  35. Max Goldberg

    Max Goldberg28 days ago

    Wow, I’m sad this didn’t go somewhere, especially considering the money engineering firms spend on hardware to run CAD software. Especially BIM software like Revit which is taking the construction industry by storm. When I started working at my current company 8 months ago, they dropped off my new workstation at my desk, and the first thing I did was looked up the hardware. In addition to 32gb of RAM and a monster Xeon chip, it had a $1200 Nvidia quadro gpu. I guess that’s not too surprising since they pay AutoDesk 10x that much per workstation per year in licenses, but it was a big step up from my previous workstation which ran a Radeon R9 I think. Or was it an R7? I remember it was less than $200. To my surprise, while this workstation did demonstrably improve CAD and BIM performance over the workstation at my previous company, it was at best a 2x speed improvement. I’ve opened the system monitor and stressed the 3D rendering of Revit until it drops frames, and the GPU never reports being taxed over 5%. I reported this to IT thinking it was a software optimization or driver issue, but after watching this video, I think 95% of the hardware on the chip is just sitting idle because it’s dedicated hardware for shading and other calculations CAD and BIM do not do. I think CAD optimized GPU’s are an untapped market. I can’t imagine how much productivity would improve if the rendering power of my $1200 gpu was actually realized at 20x what it is doing now.

  36. ForgivenEMT

    ForgivenEMT29 days ago

    You can see the sadness in his eyes. You could really tell he was heart broken...

  37. sam granier

    sam granierMonth ago

    Can you use Linux for testing thé hardware please ?

  38. Artem

    ArtemMonth ago

    You where right. It's like coprocessor. mreporter.net/v/video-ud5aJxdMJNo.html mreporter.net/v/video-4PZw75K9ydY.html

  39. Living Awesome

    Living AwesomeMonth ago

    maybe intel will see this and pull out all the stops to revive some hope in making a similar graphics card.

  40. phil b

    phil bMonth ago

    you cant buy a repair part for your broken mac !! lol

  41. Zafrul Azemi

    Zafrul AzemiMonth ago

    Bla,bla,bla,bla..gpu failed and ending with selling headphone

  42. Sean Gonzalez

    Sean GonzalezMonth ago

    Linus I love you but you stress me out the way you handle hardware...

  43. Marjan Zupan

    Marjan ZupanMonth ago

    Hej Linus, you have my home town (Bled, Slovenia) on screen (12:18)! :-)

  44. Agung Saja

    Agung SajaMonth ago

    bla... bla ..... blaaaaaa...................................

  45. ImAManMann

    ImAManMannMonth ago

    Looks like an Intel Xeon Phi with video ports... You should try getting the phi drivers and see if it recognizes it.

  46. Van Hofeldt

    Van HofeldtMonth ago

    you should have tried it on an older board

  47. GamingEngine

    GamingEngineMonth ago

    Nice Green glow on Thumbnail

  48. TFN 2606

    TFN 2606Month ago

    What next? Downloadable ram?

  49. Toycoma

    ToycomaMonth ago

    Linus: it won't post. Also linus: did you try dropping it?

  50. Roysul Saputra

    Roysul SaputraMonth ago

    intel : "AMD creating GPU, why wouldn't we?!" AMD : "go ahead" nVidia : "no! :'("

  51. Giggidygiggidy12

    Giggidygiggidy12Month ago

    I don't know if it's exciting or not but I just located one of Blizzard secret campuses. Pretty cool seeing a bunch of hipster nerds stroll in for lunch and boba wearing weird t-shirts and funky dyed hair

  52. 3p1ks

    3p1ksMonth ago

    Intel's processors are more expensive than my future.

  53. iVall *Group-Cheating Romania*

    iVall *Group-Cheating Romania*24 days ago


  54. Joel McCoy

    Joel McCoyMonth ago

    Intel 86 cores, aren't those things pre-backdoored for Meltdown and Spectre viruses since 1997? Talk to me about innovation when the more inherent security problem is fixed.

  55. Joel McCoy

    Joel McCoy22 days ago

    And just how would anyone know if they have been+Mikhail Mikhailov

  56. Mikhail Mikhailov

    Mikhail MikhailovMonth ago

    spectre and meltdown are overhyped. these exploits havent been used even once in the real world. i prefer innovation to paranoia in this case.

  57. Mystery Man

    Mystery ManMonth ago

    Congratulations, you just have been scammed with a fake prototype.

  58. Rufflez Revolution

    Rufflez RevolutionMonth ago

    looks like this seller has a way to use them. www.ebay.com.au/itm/Intel-Xeon-Phi-31S1P-8GB-1-1GHz-5GT-s-Knights-Corner-coprocessor-2x-10k-rpm-2/223372905126?_trkparms=pageci%3A7aa890f6-2f74-11e9-8755-74dbd180e13d%7Cparentrq%3Ae641b7ef1680ab6b55d988eafff8293f%7Ciid%3A1&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&fbclid=IwAR1RPGLSL9D_gJF8GMZAnjJu2Dvclm1xKW9VpAAwj_6XA5lqD1t_RiD9sHM User: www.ebay.com.au/usr/stlfashion?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 No need to public this one, hope it helps. Love your videos :)

  59. Brox Prox

    Brox ProxMonth ago

    Intel at its core...ah ha

  60. Ethan

    EthanMonth ago


  61. NKFaster Channel

    NKFaster ChannelMonth ago

    Oh, Intel produces graphics cards !

  62. Patrick Diedhiou

    Patrick DiedhiouMonth ago

    u did make it works? anyway i like your videos keep doing what u doing and always be yourself peace

  63. Glassy

    GlassyMonth ago

    So where is yellow team?

  64. Mikhail Mikhailov

    Mikhail MikhailovMonth ago

    in china

  65. Michael Richardson

    Michael RichardsonMonth ago

    Linus. Get to the Point.

  66. Wes Orrill

    Wes OrrillMonth ago

    I've liked the tech videos of yours that I've seen, but this one got you subscribed!

  67. jade xx

    jade xxMonth ago

    3 way gpu setup with an AMD, then a nvidia, then an intel gpu. Literally RGB.

  68. killerboyantics

    killerboyantics28 days ago

    Woah, he stole that guy’s comment!

  69. Phenom69ll

    Phenom69llMonth ago

    Man's not hot

  70. vventurelli74

    vventurelli74Month ago

    Did you try booting the computer with another NVIDIA/AMD GPU as the primary display to get it to boot so you can at least see what device(s) show up from this card in Windows?

  71. Lee Gibson

    Lee GibsonMonth ago

    It's so cool. I wonder if you could get a mining motherboard populated with these and use it as a problem solver.

  72. Lee Gibson

    Lee GibsonMonth ago

    You can get DVI to HDMI leads. :D

  73. FG39v9.1 _

    FG39v9.1 _Month ago

    I have seen this video maybe 7 times since it was released and it still makes me JIMP

  74. PrinceBrightstar

    PrinceBrightstarMonth ago

    Hey Linus, remember when you inserted PIC-E cards while the computer was already booted? What happens if you try it with the Intel Larabee card? I wonder if Windows might recognize it even if it doesn't have a driver.

  75. Notabotatall _ 27

    Notabotatall _ 27Month ago

    11:42 he finally shuts up and tests the damn thing

  76. Gav bobby

    Gav bobbyMonth ago

    what about 4k games

  77. Remco Tieleman

    Remco TielemanMonth ago

    Putting my mind back to 2007 I wonder why Intel would use IA-32e (based on AMD) for Larabee. It wouldn't make sense for Intel to create new technology that's dependant on an extention of their competitors. Given the timeframe I would suggest that they either did not use the extention making the Larabee 32bit, but it makes more sense they used the Itanium 64bit as base since at that time Intel was opting for Itanium to be next gen. Itanium is not backward compatible with X86 hence this could be a reason the card is not booting. Perhaps it's an idea to try an Itanium based system instead.

  78. Koroshjam14

    Koroshjam14Month ago

    your motherboard dont render it

  79. Hanric Hughes

    Hanric HughesMonth ago

    first and only dedicate graphic card from intel? you are too young to understand there were many of them back in 90s. intel i752 and i740 for speaking

  80. Anonymous

    AnonymousMonth ago

    Well, does it ha VRAM?

  81. Löwe way

    Löwe wayMonth ago

    I cant wait İntal İ9

  82. Zhi Wei Lee

    Zhi Wei LeeMonth ago

    Guys do we have an update

  83. alex ale

    alex aleMonth ago

    they really missed the commercial opportunity with bitcoin mining market

  84. jesse hobart

    jesse hobartMonth ago

    You gotta use the Xeon phi drivers to get it to work. It will register as a coprocessor.

  85. Iready 1825

    Iready 1825Month ago

    my asus mobo can select the generation of pcie does that help at all?

  86. Dennis Fahey

    Dennis FaheyMonth ago

    It likely requires a microcode load from the host before it can run. From that period there were a couple camps for graphics standards. Talisman and DirectX were but a few. Pixar's Renderman was another. Intel is forced by their dominance to follow Microsoft's roadmap at the cheapest possible price. Don't forget also that AMD buying ATI (Radeon) put substantial pressure on Intel. Desktops were giving way to laptops and tablets (Systems on a Chip). They focused on defending their turf. They are not in the business of specialty computing unless it is high margin. In some ways this design is reminiscent of Xerox's graphics system that had reconfigurable instruction sets (yes in 1976). The same "chip" could be softloaded to do virtually anything that warranted acceleration. Note that Intel's acquisition of Altera (FPGAs) puts them in great position for Reconfigurable Computing with an enormous IP library.

  87. BeatItYT

    BeatItYTMonth ago

    dont buy the corsair mouse. its bad. trust. been their done that. went to Hyper X Pulse Fire instead.

  88. m3ery_ .-

    m3ery_ .-Month ago

    What I thought 90% of the comments would be WhErE iS ThE FoRtNiTe BeNcHmArKs

  89. Salfer

    SalferMonth ago

    really just looks like a blue vega 64 with intel stickers stuck on it

  90. 3lectronic0

    3lectronic0Month ago

    Perfect for solitaire, but you need a new socket for this video card. 😆

  91. Jorch Neto

    Jorch NetoMonth ago

    nice story

  92. Motgy

    MotgyMonth ago

    1:49 looks like trump talking

  93. buttboi off reiko

    buttboi off reikoMonth ago

    me and my friend mei who worked for intel have a driver from a 2015 model if you want it it works with intle hd graphics default app in windows pro

  94. Gregor Godina

    Gregor GodinaMonth ago

    The picture on the background of your screen is Bled (Lake Bled and island with a church) Slovenia :)

  95. Andrew Young

    Andrew YoungMonth ago

    The guys over at jupiter broadcasting discussed this unit in an episode about 6 months ago on BSD Now. One of them worked on the project, and worked on graphics processes in a number of BSD containers, may be worth speaking to them. From what i hear, and as what has been suggested.. once it posts.. I'd imagine you would use the system processes as though it were software emulated graphics.

  96. Ryan Finke

    Ryan FinkeMonth ago

    that advertisement drop was so smooth lol

  97. Netkiller3714

    Netkiller3714Month ago

    Use a board with integrated graphics. Boot up on integrated with the intel connected but not used and see if windows device manager can see the card. Techy and dont know to do this? Come on linus.

  98. vijey pravin

    vijey pravinMonth ago

    I thought he will play games

  99. Dinosaurus Sauber

    Dinosaurus SauberMonth ago

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  100. Philipp Lanwert

    Philipp LanwertMonth ago

    I want this. NOW.

  101. Yezpahr

    YezpahrMonth ago

    I've got the feeling somebody's head has rolled for that card leaving the doors intact. --edit: why not grab out an ancient motherboard from that time period, you surely have something laying around....

  102. Kyle Veilleux

    Kyle VeilleuxMonth ago

    jesus, linus,.. quit waving that card and put it down before you slip and throw it through a monitor lmao, youre tweakin my anxiety lol

  103. Austin Napier

    Austin NapierMonth ago

    So when's that new driver update for Intel's $1500 GPU to enable ray tracing coming out

  104. Alexboom

    AlexboomMonth ago

    Did you give up on the Sweet Prince?

  105. lol lone hector

    lol lone hectorMonth ago

    Mid 2000s lol wut okay linus

  106. CamperSeven

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    Too much crap talk, get to the point!

  107. Gary Stevens

    Gary StevensMonth ago

    Why would you even post this video? It was a full on waste of 15 minutes.

  108. everttaube97

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    Fuck your ads