1. Marc P.

    Marc P.Hour ago

    omg, linus is even more friggin freak in terms of video presentation, than jared polin "fro knows photo" in terms of photography video reviews. can't take this serious. instead of all this "presentation" bs, how just about a serious review and tech specs without all the yadda talk? so i've wasted almost 15min of my life, with a defunct intel graphics flick review here - you know guys, it's just clickbait! - doh!

  2. Zar Famai

    Zar Famai5 hours ago

    Oh look a co-processor xD xD

  3. Harrison Jones

    Harrison Jones6 hours ago

    damn you linus always sneaking in your sponsors you clever you

  4. YoshiTimePuppets

    YoshiTimePuppets15 hours ago

    Linus I Need A Graphics Card For A hp elite 8300 sff What Should I Buy Also Can You Pin This Comment I Watch Your Videos Every Day Oh and im 11 an autistic 11 year old

  5. Two Socksonegun

    Two Socksonegun17 hours ago

    plz kill me they have no chance of making a good gpu and if they do it will cost more than a i9

  6. ManaVampire

    ManaVampire22 hours ago

    clickbait first of all, made it seem like this is was the new graphics card they are working on

  7. neuronmind

    neuronmindDay ago

    That's a nice $400,- room heater !

  8. Lachlant1984

    Lachlant1984Day ago

    I thought Intel did make some dedicated graphics cards. I had a friend who had an AGP graphics card with an Intel 740 chip on it. he never liked that card much, in fact I think he hated it, he replaced it with some kind of NVIDIA graphics card when he tried to flash the BIOS on the Intel card and the flash update failed.

  9. Alfie Rivera

    Alfie RiveraDay ago

    it's a bird.. it's a plan no.. 400$ flying away

  10. PlanetScreen

    PlanetScreenDay ago

    Its more likely a gtx 280

  11. carlbyronthompson

    carlbyronthompsonDay ago

    My God all that bs and bluster for nothing. Man that guy sure talks a lot.

  12. Mike Sonntag

    Mike SonntagDay ago

    Should have had 2nd GPU on there that thing isnt really intended as gpu.

  13. Maurice H

    Maurice H2 days ago

    im guessing you would keep something as special as this but do you sell any hardware ? im a scab always looking for a deal

  14. XxNightWalkerxX

    XxNightWalkerxX2 days ago

    Cmon i wanna see it in a game

  15. Milorad Zivanovic

    Milorad Zivanovic2 days ago

    bake it!

  16. Damian Toczek

    Damian Toczek2 days ago

    Watercooling, OC and Cinebench ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. Jaque Francis

    Jaque Francis2 days ago

    The Fun fact about is that: Intel worked on the multi Processor for years and there was a company called Tilera that have a PCIe running with 64 cores configurable by software... Tilera rejected the merge offer by INTEL and get down in the mist. Then Tilera turns into EZ-Chip and get bought by Melanox and they build Network cards with high performance out of that chip. Tilera was able to do H264 encoding in 10 GBit in-line in real-time .... or inline snort on 10 GBit without any speed loss .......try to get a Tilera 64x board and test it for yourself... Ireally like to see that Video :)

  18. Albert Scherman

    Albert Scherman3 days ago

    Yeah yeah all good and well, but how's the hashrate? :P

  19. 1114 Yossi

    1114 Yossi3 days ago

    3:41 when Linus shakes it: me: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  20. john doe

    john doe3 days ago

    This is like the TV Show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" but for PC builders

  21. Bus323

    Bus3233 days ago

    Nice little talk

  22. Amit Rahi

    Amit Rahi3 days ago


  23. MR. Darknight

    MR. Darknight4 days ago

    what is this? a HD graphics 40000?

  24. D Lee

    D Lee5 days ago


  25. Cloud Gaming

    Cloud Gaming6 days ago

    I have the Corsair Dark Core

  26. TunerSteve

    TunerSteve7 days ago

    Any update on this card?!

  27. Arming Farming

    Arming Farming8 days ago

    the PSU wasn't pumping enough energy to have the GPU functioning properly

  28. Arming Farming

    Arming Farming8 days ago

    "d6" and goes no further. The manual says that code means"No Console Output Devices are found"

  29. Zephyn M

    Zephyn M8 days ago

    I actually would have liked to see Intel's take on GPUs.

  30. Kaito Kaze

    Kaito Kaze8 days ago

    it can but sometime just take time mate.

  31. XBnPC

    XBnPC8 days ago

    GD...banner ads...?? Really Linus? The sponsorship money, MReporter money, revenue from product link purchases, merchandise sales, etc., etc., isn't enough? Gzuss fkn christ man....try playing the stock market... #StoptheMReporterGreed

  32. JP 5311

    JP 53119 days ago

    One Technic is there but do you still have that card. please reply

  33. Wim van de Sande

    Wim van de Sande9 days ago

    love youre videos!!! I learn a lot every time. Thanx!!

  34. colby wilksch

    colby wilksch9 days ago

    This is a true shame even in july -2018 i hope you can get it running

  35. Jefry Lopez

    Jefry Lopez9 days ago

    You probably were not born when the i740 AGP was around..

  36. Freeze

    Freeze10 days ago

    why so many dislikes?

  37. Ronny Sundin

    Ronny Sundin10 days ago

    Im just waiting for him to drop it 😂throws it around like no care 😂

  38. Slingshot Wunderland

    Slingshot Wunderland10 days ago

    Code D6 may indicate that the board was unable to find the graphics card... yes I am capt obvious here sorry but that's a common EVGA error motherboard code. (check the manual) Could be: BIOS, Slot contacts or Power supply. Things to try: -Leave the Intel card in system and then use the onboard video or add another pcix video card and then boot the computer. -Next check hardware in the device manager to trouble shoot the Intel device if you can. -I am guessing that the card still wont be seen or detected but if it is then you still have a chance.

  39. Dark Energy

    Dark Energy10 days ago

    Just ask Intel for drivers I'm sure they will give you some.

  40. UNcommonG8m!ng

    UNcommonG8m!ng11 days ago

    If Intel gonna make a gpu im gonna get it.

  41. Pedal Repair

    Pedal Repair11 days ago

    Thanks for the history lesson. Too bad they didn't go through with this idea as it might have been awesome for things like video editing. Failure is always an option and this still made for a great video in my book

  42. Dank Memes

    Dank Memes11 days ago

    I thought it said Incels lol

  43. vgernyc

    vgernyc11 days ago

    Actually that card is Intel's 2nd full graphics card. This was back during the later half of the golden age of computers when there was a plethora of CPUs, GPUs, etc. Nvidia was a new kid on the block then. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

  44. Aurelion Apollinaris

    Aurelion Apollinaris11 days ago

    Can't wait to see an intel GPU that can do 4k 120 fps

  45. Conor 'pls dont take my belt' McGregor

    Conor 'pls dont take my belt' McGregor11 days ago


  46. ABGx LaW

    ABGx LaW11 days ago

    This is such a joke. Nothing happens, you just talk non stop for 11minutes

  47. Hugo Nabais

    Hugo Nabais11 days ago

    Very disappointing video...

  48. AlbertLabastidas Humet

    AlbertLabastidas Humet11 days ago


  49. Dan S

    Dan S11 days ago

    Did you try it in a Intel board?

  50. Ibrahim Khan

    Ibrahim Khan12 days ago

    I want that blue GPU.

  51. 152 bowser

    152 bowser12 days ago

    i can only imagine how the people who made that card feel when they see linus swinging it around while he talks. i would have several heart attacks over the span of the video

  52. wolflinkin

    wolflinkin12 days ago

    This guy is way to animated. I get motion sickness watching this guy.

  53. Paulo The Holder

    Paulo The Holder12 days ago

    Chip Altera ?

  54. Juxols

    Juxols12 days ago

    Try using compatible drivers!! like with a similar chipset..

  55. Gamer Studio

    Gamer Studio12 days ago

    You talk more than work

  56. 2 B

    2 B12 days ago

    That's a 1070

  57. Jordan nadroJ

    Jordan nadroJ13 days ago

    Oh man that was a bummer 😅 still a good video though.

  58. kop pop

    kop pop13 days ago

    I'm hearing apocalypse music in the background

  59. Aram Jawhar

    Aram Jawhar13 days ago

    That TV behind you screams, no signal please check the input connection....... Poor TV

  60. samghost13

    samghost1313 days ago

    AMD is still the way to go! I Love Freesync and Enhanced Sync

  61. Matthew Chow

    Matthew Chow13 days ago

    is this good? for $740

  62. Matthew Chow

    Matthew Chow13 days ago

    System: Intel Core i5-8400 2.8GHz 6 Core | Intel B360 Chipset | 8GB DDR4 | 1TB HDD | Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB Video Card | 1x DVI | 1x HDMI | 2x DisplayPort Connectivity: 6 x USB 3.1 | 2 x USB 2.0 | 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | Audio: 7.1 Channel | Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Special feature: 802.11AC Wi-Fi USB Adapter

  63. Dim TS7

    Dim TS714 days ago

    But, can it run crisis?!

  64. Mike Be

    Mike Be14 days ago

    This card is a test card can support different version/ variation of Larrabee Processor. It s a internal test card. It s not a pré version card.

  65. DickBurns

    DickBurns14 days ago

    Why would anybody but an Intel GPU on purpose?! 🤔

  66. vimublue

    vimublue14 days ago

    Remember Larrabee?

  67. Johann Johnson

    Johann Johnson14 days ago

    Intel made a discreet GPU a long time ago. The i740

  68. OfficialBeHolder

    OfficialBeHolder14 days ago

    i waited for GPU-Z :/

  69. Dimos Mantzakis

    Dimos Mantzakis15 days ago

    *drops it*

  70. Grant Gibson

    Grant Gibson15 days ago

    Realisticly, (if you could get it working) this could be the first GPU to *fully* *support* *DX12* (Using all the cores in an Async workload, or binding the resources together) Hell, this could even theoretically beat SLI/Crossfire/mGPU DX12 *by* *telling* *the* *cards* *to* *work* *together* *as* *one* , like AMD's infinty fabric

  71. Neel Gupta

    Neel Gupta15 days ago

    As has already been said, this thing is not built to act like a "GPU". Therefore your system dosen't have the necessary drivers to make it work like a GPU. First, you need to install the relevant drivers, with another connected GPU acting as the main GPU.

  72. SyN

    SyN15 days ago

    I'd get the gpu if it was cheaper

  73. Gregory Manning

    Gregory Manning15 days ago

    Seems HardOCP was underwhelmed by this video. Not sure what they would have done any differently though. The H seems full of itself sometimes... www.hardocp.com/news/2018/07/03/glimpse_under_hood_larrabee

  74. Wolfer mark

    Wolfer mark15 days ago


  75. Justin Pliskowski

    Justin Pliskowski15 days ago

    Well he didn't try dropping it...

  76. saeful anas

    saeful anas15 days ago

    too many talking

  77. SlashmodeProductions

    SlashmodeProductions15 days ago

    womp womp! lol

  78. Felipe Toledo

    Felipe Toledo16 days ago

    Try it on an older Intel Legacy bios platform

  79. Timothy Mukansi

    Timothy Mukansi16 days ago

    This guy talks way too much. Jesus...

  80. Cylohs

    Cylohs16 days ago

    Intel: *yo b can you send that to us for a couple of minutes*

  81. JiaHaoCN Liang

    JiaHaoCN Liang16 days ago

    Larrabee acceleration card must be supported by BIOS, including the subsequent xeon phi accelerator card. If the BIOS does not support it, it is recommended that you try to find the C602 motherboard or dual LGA1366 workstation motherboard. This card is a complete PC with a built-in linux. Larrabee itself is designed for ray tracing. One of the main development members, Daniel Pohl, is the one who transplanted ray tracing technology to Quake. Unfortunately, larrabee Last gg

  82. SMOKESCREEN Cloud Nine-

    SMOKESCREEN Cloud Nine-16 days ago

    When his hand missed the box

  83. MCES LEX

    MCES LEX16 days ago

    Summary, he does a 14 minute speech (useless) and the card won't even work. gg

  84. Viacheslav Rizo

    Viacheslav Rizo16 days ago

    Good job, Linus! Congratulations on finding this card! I think you got rev 1 card. My card is rev 2, the main visual difference is in placement of video outputs. I also tried to launch it, using the second card as well and Xeon Phi drivers. Here are my test results - mreporter.net/v/video-ud5aJxdMJNo.html

  85. Tigerspaz

    Tigerspaz16 days ago

    Its probably because he kept putting his grubby fingers on the gold teeth

  86. acortina

    acortina16 days ago


  87. Hui Zhao

    Hui Zhao17 days ago


  88. CCT EVO

    CCT EVO17 days ago

    Again, where is the private link email contact at, then private coms can be performed. loved your effort, but no private email contact link on your postings. they you can not get anomus drivers if someone had the power to order anoumusly to have the drivers sent to you. like if any one knows your real mailing address.

  89. Abhinav

    Abhinav17 days ago

    It’s really ugly

  90. Theo Steyn

    Theo Steyn18 days ago

    Maybe its a PHI in disguise haha

  91. jasonsong86

    jasonsong8618 days ago

    I think i740 was the first Intel GPU. I had one in the 90s.

  92. Shital Savekar

    Shital Savekar18 days ago

    You talk way too slow.. I play your videos in 1.5x always... :-(

  93. Janko Kinčeš

    Janko Kinčeš18 days ago

    Did You wrote to intel Yet?

  94. death time 10 days

    death time 10 days18 days ago

    all i want to see is the fuckin gpu runing

  95. BullSh!t Gaming

    BullSh!t Gaming18 days ago

    Fastest CAD card you say? Where do I get one XD

  96. David Bruno

    David Bruno19 days ago

    Why you keep touching the pins, it makes me cringe.

  97. Joseph Kovacs

    Joseph Kovacs19 days ago

    I remember working on the Larrabee Project when i was working at Intel EPSD HPC at DuPont in Wa state. Disposed of many of those cards after doing numerous board reworks. Fun memories :)

  98. Akshay Achu

    Akshay Achu21 day ago

    Pardon Me : I Have The Latest Driver For that Which can run games better than a 1060 oc

  99. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf21 day ago

    you are not supportable

  100. TheHortond

    TheHortond21 day ago

    You can't buy anything on ebay that isn't crap. You want crap go to ebay.