1. Michael Strong

    Michael Strong6 hours ago

    I stopped watching at 10:21 too much talking...blah blah blah.

  2. vitloken1337

    vitloken13376 hours ago

    0310 what a lie. If you do a lille more reserch you see that is whas gpu goal to get back om theat nvidia and amd did alov C comilers over the bords. Intel FALED AGEN to deliver a chip that whas build for parallell compute. When larabi got a a part on gpu track It whas old In GPU is whas not id did scale well and its the p chip that they got back from the MIL after a lot of testing and bugfixes. So is larabbe a gfx, not today whas. all maketing did day that it shuld be a part of it, General treads ,,,,,,,,,,, Larabee and x512

  3. Norman Zakaria

    Norman Zakaria6 hours ago

    Who is the cameraman for this video? It seems too shaky for LMG quality

  4. CamperPunisher

    CamperPunisher6 hours ago

    Now it is gonna ne line Pokemon: choose between fire, leaf or water.

  5. Acecool

    Acecool7 hours ago

    I have a computer still running which was a great combo back in 2008... Asus P5k motherboard, 8GB DDR2, Q6600 Quad core Intel 2.4GHZ at 3.0GHZ on air and running smoothly for the last 10 years.. Except for the bluescreen issue with Asus drives because of incorrect settings to the networking port - which I corrected and haven't had any issues with since. I am planning on upgrading computers soon and I am planning on giving this to my brother, but if it could run that card, it'd be interesting to see as long as you reship it.. if you need it...

  6. John Doe

    John Doe8 hours ago

    If you just started watching this, don't. Fucking clickbait garbage. Reminded me why I hate this cocksucker.

  7. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez10 hours ago

    Thank you Linus, this was awesome to learn something new.

  8. TheNightJackal

    TheNightJackal10 hours ago

    Could you task Taran to edit a video with this GPU? Or is that impossible?

  9. TheNightJackal

    TheNightJackal10 hours ago

    If you can get the thing to work.

  10. Rod Munch

    Rod Munch10 hours ago

    You gave it aids.... :(

  11. Rahmad Mulya

    Rahmad Mulya10 hours ago

    Where's the benchmark result?

  12. Hychus 232

    Hychus 23210 hours ago

    Nintendo Labo on the shelf in the background at the beginning...

  13. compaq deskpro

    compaq deskpro11 hours ago

    Keep messing with it, it must work with something. How about that hot swap PCIE ASUS motherboard you have? Try stuffing it into that.

  14. kclubta mcleod

    kclubta mcleod11 hours ago

    1:44 LOL I had to rewind that ten times! Haha

  15. Gei ster

    Gei ster11 hours ago

    it sucked it didnt work but maybe you can load the intel drivers for the apu ( Cpu GPU ) say h400 generation and see if they take.

  16. Holyschytt

    Holyschytt12 hours ago

    OMG Talk after you plug it in.. Shoot Fire..

  17. chriss4365

    chriss436512 hours ago

    Thats why intel dominates they make good chips.

  18. Memory丶心无梦

    Memory丶心无梦12 hours ago

    hey,linus,i think you should use the motherboard close to the date of the card

  19. thmargar

    thmargar12 hours ago

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it. Try booting it in a non EFI motherboard. That card definately has no EFI profile to boot an EFI board. Try a good old simple BIOS one

  20. Elucator

    Elucator12 hours ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  21. A H

    A H12 hours ago

    Typical Intel. Just throw a few extra hundred watts of power at the problem.

  22. Warren S.

    Warren S.14 hours ago

    Intel probably caters to the Mac market. I hate saying it. But they need to work on integrated graphics and thunderbolt.

  23. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin Hernandez14 hours ago

    Take off heatsink show us the board clean it up check it out. Try using era parts. Intel made Mobo and cpu both would be an interesting video. I wonder if that device looking for genuine intel mobo.

  24. Bao Vuong

    Bao Vuong15 hours ago

    your window is broken :D

  25. MikeyMystery45

    MikeyMystery4515 hours ago

    I love how he swings around violently a super rare GPU that could possibly be one of kind and irreplaceable. It's almost disrespectful to people like me who don't have the money to buy new hardware all the time. It's almost like since he's drowning in free hardware from a thousand different places he no longer appreciates them.

  26. Miroslav Kocúr

    Miroslav Kocúr15 hours ago

    Have to curb your enthusiasm... AMD GCN was can do furture versions of DirectX too, just dont use x86 instructions for it. Larabee/Knights Corner/Phi were designed for different purposes than shader computation, but AMD GCN can do a lot of non-shader operations - as is seen by bitcoin miners.

  27. Jody Lynch

    Jody Lynch15 hours ago

    Great headset but don't buy if in UK as the tax is another £35!!!

  28. Matthias Schumann

    Matthias Schumann16 hours ago

    if a company gets big enough, it begins to work against itself

  29. xxdeathknight72xx

    xxdeathknight72xx17 hours ago


  30. Vast Majority

    Vast Majority18 hours ago

    Yeah you got it, but it doesn't work and you monetize it through a video lol.

  31. Nacho Chips

    Nacho Chips18 hours ago

    cmon intel. give these nvida clowns some competition.

  32. The4thaggie

    The4thaggie19 hours ago

    You win some. You lose some. I was kinda curious where this went but kinda forgot over the years. Thanks for going the mile and trying anyway. I hope it works out for you Linus!

  33. Bar Rotfus

    Bar Rotfus19 hours ago

    but can it run crysis?


    RIZA UTKU BATIRALP19 hours ago

    Ok Linus, D6 means no VGA... and most new mobos have compatability problems. Use the card with and old mobo or update your BIOS and try again. If it wont work again, send the card to me. I'd like to spend my time :D

  35. Mark Pointon

    Mark Pointon20 hours ago

    Linus has been hitting the gym. Goodnes...

  36. senih yuksel

    senih yuksel20 hours ago

    That looks suspiciously similar to an amd card.

  37. Ikari1981

    Ikari198120 hours ago

    Love the technical details. Even it didn't work it was worth waching. Thank you.

  38. Patchuchan

    Patchuchan21 hour ago

    I'm surprised they never commercialized it.

  39. Connor Martin

    Connor Martin21 hour ago

    Now I want to work at Intel just so I can get prototype laptops XD

  40. Frank Thomas

    Frank Thomas21 hour ago

    Peaceful load formation glexyoa require expand these end withdraw cabinet eliminate regular.

  41. Frozzem

    Frozzem22 hours ago

    How to sum up the Video 13:16, remember to always skip through the video if its longer than 10 minutes ;)

  42. Junaid Alam

    Junaid Alam22 hours ago

    Without drivers who are you going to test it

  43. Seb Julien

    Seb Julien23 hours ago

    We need a third player in the GPU market, have you seen lately the GPU prices because of crypto currency? Always good to have competition.

  44. issaciams

    issaciamsDay ago

    Super boring. Video starts @10:40.

  45. Om Sinha

    Om SinhaDay ago

    So, are you telling me that, you managed to get a $400 GPU (which was under the development since The Mayans) but you don't have a PCIe 2.0 mobo lying around?

  46. PrinceOfPlateia

    PrinceOfPlateiaDay ago

    If you are still interested I have the drives for that beast.

  47. poinguan

    poinguanDay ago

    That's one expensive hair blower

  48. El Cachafaz

    El CachafazDay ago

    Pointless video. Sorry. But they will get a lot of money for it...

  49. Siana Gearz

    Siana GearzDay ago

    2:20 first and only dedicated graphics card? WRONG. There was Intel 740 Auburn! Developed by Intel and Lockheed Martin. Released to mass market to compete with NVidia Riva 128 and 3DLabs Permedia 2, and promote the new AGP port. You could buy a dedicated Intel GPU from any decent supplier for a short time in late 90ies.

  50. Siana Gearz

    Siana GearzDay ago

    Also we've had a fully programmable PC GPU before - Rendition Vérité that survived for 2 product generations and 3 products in total, V1000, V2100 and V2200. There was also a hilarious card with reversible bracket, where one side around it was PCI and the other was AGP.

  51. mahchymk93

    mahchymk93Day ago

    Lol, 400$ down the drain

  52. Ocean Man

    Ocean ManDay ago

    -Casualy reaches over to grab a 1tb ssd to instal in a computer

  53. Rabbi Hasan

    Rabbi HasanDay ago

    I just wasted 15 minutes of my time by watching this shit

  54. Jax Bird

    Jax BirdDay ago

    This should've been a 5 minute video, it's boring and got no real content, poor advertisers paying top dollars to show their brand on this garbage.

  55. da binjul

    da binjulDay ago


  56. chris casseday

    chris cassedayDay ago

    Linus the NOOB. It didn't work when I pushed the button. I give up.

  57. noobkaka567

    noobkaka567Day ago

    That Sennheiser headset is actually realy good! and the mic is awesome.

  58. Perfectionist Mind

    Perfectionist MindDay ago

    You can't buy on Ebay is Lian Li PC-X2000F. :(((

  59. Perfectionist Mind

    Perfectionist MindDay ago

    0:24 OMG you were gonna drop it! Geez brah. Don't hold something like that especially when it's a graphics card!

  60. FrostWarrior 09

    FrostWarrior 09Day ago

    This time you actually got a good sponsor

  61. Lester004

    Lester004Day ago

    I didn't understand anything you said

  62. SephiiiHD

    SephiiiHDDay ago

    Since it is an engeneering sample it normally do not come with any driver or software support since they are used for evaluation work under specific contractual terms and conditions. At least this is what intel has to say about those cards. I don't think that we will find any drivers for it, but, you still could try older hardware since this gpu propably doesn't support those newer chipsets and also might not even support win10. Since you are in a kinda close relationship with intel u might just ask them about how to set it up.

  63. Ben Cater

    Ben CaterDay ago

    Hey you are in trending!... at #50 lol

  64. Elias Bauer

    Elias BauerDay ago

    Perspective execute trap chemical construction associate stretch.

  65. pifer na aki

    pifer na akiDay ago

    Hahaaa! What a ridiculous voice. Nerdminem

  66. Соɾу ℛ.

    Соɾу ℛ.Day ago


  67. Richard Kelsch

    Richard KelschDay ago

    I feel like I just watched Geraldo open Al Capone's vault.

  68. Arch P

    Arch PDay ago

    Turn down the terrible music

  69. Michael Morrison

    Michael MorrisonDay ago

    Time to get a Linux crew on some drivers.

  70. Morwic

    MorwicDay ago

    what kinda computer case is that ?open frame ?

  71. Dan McGuire

    Dan McGuireDay ago

    Poor Linus...

  72. Dr. Octagon

    Dr. OctagonDay ago

    Let's hope they leave backdoors and other vulnerabilities all over these too!