1. Mayukh Sarkar

    Mayukh Sarkar4 hours ago

    If you are using deep learning training, you are good to go..You don't need any driver

  2. Jake Drew

    Jake Drew5 hours ago

    fucking retard buys a GPU off eBay for 1500 and it doesn't even work just rambled the entire video.

  3. Rico Reyes

    Rico Reyes6 hours ago

    That was the longest single-take monologue ever. I don't know how you managed to remember all of that information.

  4. Acio Lord

    Acio Lord22 hours ago

    intel is professional in cpus no gpu

  5. J Frye

    J FryeDay ago

    alright this is one and only prototype. lets do this.

  6. Bread Toast

    Bread ToastDay ago

    I’d like to see the process one goes through to get a sponsor spot.

  7. Kris Roberts

    Kris RobertsDay ago

    Can you not get you have it and ask if they can steer you in the right direction for pairable hardware?

  8. Numa MATA

    Numa MATADay ago

    What you buy in eBay ICAN BUY MY OWN SH*T

  9. Daniel Dryden

    Daniel DrydenDay ago

    But can it run recycling bin at 60fps

  10. MaxSantos

    MaxSantos2 days ago

    "Canceled anywhere between 4 to... 5 times"... So... 4.3? 4.6?, 4.1?

  11. Ladislav Alexa

    Ladislav Alexa2 days ago

    Oh, this video is just click-bait. Sorry. I was expecting something more. :(

  12. Danny B

    Danny B2 days ago

    One day, this guy is going to gesticulate so hard with a piece of hardware in his hand that he'll jar all the wires out of it and break it.

  13. blhtml

    blhtml2 days ago

    Hope you can make it up and running...

  14. Kill Me

    Kill Me3 days ago

    Gotta' love how Linus misses grabbing the box and they didn't cut it out x)

  15. Wei Chen

    Wei Chen3 days ago

    "particular feature" lowkey novideo gamebroke reference

  16. Nermin C.

    Nermin C.3 days ago

    So why doesn't AMD or Nvidia make software based GPU's than?

  17. Amine Baghdad

    Amine Baghdad4 days ago

    i got a 2010 pc

  18. ducc

    ducc4 days ago

    Fun fact: It doesn't work

  19. SuperBaresa

    SuperBaresa4 days ago

    Here you go :D software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2012/06/05/knights-corner-open-source-software-stack/

  20. ricarda Moradza

    ricarda Moradza5 days ago

    Plugging alientech into a household pc

  21. Er Mutanda

    Er Mutanda5 days ago

    omg fucking put it on already

  22. DreamLiner PH

    DreamLiner PH5 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 WOT

  23. Shawn Gordon

    Shawn Gordon5 days ago

    Only Intel discreet GPU? What about the Intel Starfighter 740 graphics card? I had one back in the 90s as a competitor to the 3Dfx and Nvidia cards.

  24. Peter Stone

    Peter Stone5 days ago

    Where is part 2 Linus!

  25. Rm594shWNvSm

    Rm594shWNvSm5 days ago

    R.I.P Nvidia, AMD

  26. Adam

    Adam5 days ago

    Try booting the PC with another graphics card for video output and the Intel card in a second PCI-E slot. In Linux run lspci and share the output

  27. Bandita Patnaik

    Bandita Patnaik6 days ago

    I feel bad for linus

  28. IsraelProductionzz

    IsraelProductionzz6 days ago

    i have the drivers

  29. IsraelProductionzz

    IsraelProductionzz6 days ago

    and btw the gpu is sending ur ip to intel cuz u not supossed to have it so intel is coming to collect

  30. Bob Birdsong

    Bob Birdsong6 days ago

    I like how Linus just has a Blackwidow on the floor in the corner

  31. Yousef Al-Hunaif

    Yousef Al-Hunaif6 days ago

    linus is the infomercial king for #ads

  32. Wave Plug

    Wave Plug6 days ago

    *talks how good it is for 12min* *doesnt even boot*

  33. General Obi Wan Kenobi

    General Obi Wan Kenobi7 days ago

    Intel graphics are shit. They will always be shit.

  34. Michele Napoli

    Michele Napoli7 days ago

    Linus so sad that card not work i am looking forward to see it working please don't give up look for the drivers ;)

  35. Geoff Manser

    Geoff Manser8 days ago

    as shit as i thought then.

  36. Julian

    Julian8 days ago


  37. minnesotamg

    minnesotamg8 days ago

    my motherboard gets a d6 error with no display... when I unplug the GPU, power on, then shutoff.... plug in GPU hit power again, I get a display... weird

  38. Naota Akatsuki

    Naota Akatsuki8 days ago

    I'm not sure.. Usually ASIC hardware solutions are much much faster than software because software is just another layer of data that has to be processed by the hardware in order to process the data that we want to have processed... How is going back to software make things better? Unless this is some kind of hybrid thing like their latest FPGAs that combines an Altera FPGA with an Intel processor, so some kind of adaptative ASIC but still an ASIC in a lot of ways.

  39. Ui Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masri' and Sandage

    Ui Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masri' and Sandage8 days ago

    11:11 "secret sauce drivers", yes please!

  40. SaitoGits

    SaitoGits9 days ago

    Intel Trash Video Card!

  41. Patryk Wrzeszcz

    Patryk Wrzeszcz9 days ago

    So it's an FPGA?

  42. Bob Blaine

    Bob Blaine10 days ago

    I'm not sure where you are getting your information about how GPU's work, but I think that the silicon based "Fixed Function Pipeline" that you are referring to went the way of the Dodo a number of years back. I believe that modern GPU's emulate the old fixed function pipeline for applications that need it in driver software and GPU instructions now. There are probably a few parts that are still in silicon around raster ops and generating an output signal, but not the pipeline itself. Also 64x4 cores was probably a lot for the time, but I think that a reasonable gaming GPU has around 1,000 or more...

  43. David

    David10 days ago

    Hello, I'm from Intel. If you delete this video, you will get 10.000 Bucks.

  44. Filip P

    Filip P10 days ago

    jeez linus drops everything cuz he swings it all around 3:41

  45. James Lawless

    James Lawless11 days ago

    But can it run doom?

  46. James Heigh

    James Heigh11 days ago

    Let me just grab this $100 keyboard and $100 mouse laying under a random desk....

  47. Jing Ramuus

    Jing Ramuus11 days ago

    I like the appearance of this graphics card.

  48. Cor Farv

    Cor Farv11 days ago

    lol, gonna send to NVIDIA and have them reverse engineer it, ur an evil genius

  49. Hanro50

    Hanro5012 days ago

    Is the Linux drivers open source?

  50. 劉振岳

    劉振岳12 days ago

    Maybe can try with that hot-swappable PCIe motherboard. first boot the system with another graphic card, and plug intel's card after system is running.

  51. Thezuule

    Thezuule13 days ago

    Let me go through the junk pile!?!??!!111one?

  52. SchwachsinnProduzent

    SchwachsinnProduzent13 days ago

    Funnily enough I had one of Intels graphic cards in my hands. As far as I remember it looked exactly the same. But I don't know whether or not this one was functional. In case someone wonders where you see such strange parts: FZJ (where else would you expect strange prototypes?)

  53. Felipe Pereira

    Felipe Pereira13 days ago

    Oh man, with this we could have a threeway RGB GPUs combo.

  54. photoputer

    photoputer13 days ago


  55. Die Marmeladenfresse

    Die Marmeladenfresse14 days ago

    In the power measure of Potato how mutch does it have?

  56. TQuaden Quaden

    TQuaden Quaden14 days ago

    Love the colour

  57. Kevin Savard Lapierre

    Kevin Savard Lapierre14 days ago

    what about plugging 2 different graphyc card at the same time and swap while booted ot try take a look in the settings if its detected

  58. Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen15 days ago

    i wood love to make a pc whit that i7 cpu for mie son, it wood be the best gift in the world

  59. 3p1ctr0ll

    3p1ctr0ll15 days ago

    you have to blow into pci slot

  60. Shionn

    Shionn15 days ago

    do you try on linux ?

  61. issam chraibi

    issam chraibi15 days ago

    I'll never buy anything from Intel again in my entire life , i had only problems with this brand ... if i want a GPU ,i'll look for AMD , NVIDIA , but certainly not intel .

  62. ジGhostin

    ジGhostin15 days ago

    wonder what Intel thinks of this being out into the public and in a random persons PC

  63. WWELEGEND 132

    WWELEGEND 13215 days ago

    10:41 what the hell was taht

  64. maksim melnikov

    maksim melnikov15 days ago

    Can I buy this from you?

  65. bearcolombia

    bearcolombia15 days ago

    Good to see Linus deal with disappointment...and then have to spiel out a commercial. :p

  66. JKTwice

    JKTwice16 days ago

    Don't mean to be a smart-ass, but en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740 This was Intel's foray into the add-in graphics market in 1998. And yes, it was horrible. Using AGP did not save this thing in the slightest. But now, Intel is developing graphics cards for real maybe. Lets just hope it wasn't as bad as the last time.

  67. Matthew Orto

    Matthew Orto16 days ago

    Yes officer this video right here

  68. Channel SHANK

    Channel SHANK16 days ago

    NIvida and AMD GPUs are way better than intel. intel is for processors and motherboard chips

  69. AMD fx8150

    AMD fx815017 days ago


  70. Brendan Mendonca

    Brendan Mendonca17 days ago

    Do you think a lot of people are going to head to this thinking it is about intel's upcoming card when at the time of this video, there was only the past prototypes?

  71. dwarfer777

    dwarfer77718 days ago

    intel: get ahead of nvidia and don’t compete for fps, instead adopt the technique as to why movies look smoother at 30fps than 165hz gaming - motion blur. your move

  72. MagnumLifeGaming

    MagnumLifeGaming18 days ago




    0:17 lol he missed

  74. wayne wayo aveyard

    wayne wayo aveyard19 days ago

    so i've just wasted 14.4 mins on a video with 4 ads and no intel's prototype card working?..

  75. 石尸丹丁丹廾彐丁囗 中仈丹仁片囗

    石尸丹丁丹廾彐丁囗 中仈丹仁片囗20 days ago

    Office space. You tit xD

  76. Dj Reverse

    Dj Reverse20 days ago

    Where is part 2? Did intel said that you cant show us some charts?

  77. AstCeriskos

    AstCeriskos20 days ago

    Fuck your clickbait, cunt

  78. InvincibleGamer

    InvincibleGamer20 days ago

    Hi do you have a video about Nvidia Shield Tv? great graphic card though 😃👍

  79. Kunackles 480

    Kunackles 48020 days ago

    I think it's funny that there is a labo variety kit is the intro😂

  80. Ward Zahran

    Ward Zahran21 day ago

    Well it is 28/8 and intel teasesd a deticated GPU.

  81. Zurgham Tanveer

    Zurgham Tanveer21 day ago

    i want you to figure this shit out bro. i wanna see what's inside that thing!

  82. Benne175

    Benne17521 day ago

    You need a compatable mobo with drivers Ask the guys at Intel if they can help you. Only way.

  83. mrxman

    mrxman21 day ago

    Please, what have you been smoking? Not a discreet GPU.

  84. Ultimate Rebellion 6328

    Ultimate Rebellion 632821 day ago

    this is like resurrecting an old Autobot

  85. Steve Mayers

    Steve Mayers21 day ago

    Why even post this.

  86. Daniel Komari

    Daniel Komari22 days ago

    "intel's first dedicated graphics card" waaaas Intel 740 :) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

  87. Mohammed Jasser Hussain

    Mohammed Jasser Hussain22 days ago

    Fuck ...i waited and watched ur video till the end hoping it worked....

  88. Kristian Schultz

    Kristian Schultz22 days ago

    find a motherboard from around the time that thing got made to rule out compatibility issues?

  89. Marcos antonio

    Marcos antonio22 days ago

    Damn so much talking for jothing☹️

  90. Hayk Avetisyan

    Hayk Avetisyan23 days ago

    By the way where do you live?(I wish you were in the Philippines for a vacation)

  91. Hayk Avetisyan

    Hayk Avetisyan23 days ago

    Your videos have never yet sucked!

  92. Hayk Avetisyan

    Hayk Avetisyan23 days ago

    Please never change your intro!

  93. Hayk Avetisyan

    Hayk Avetisyan23 days ago

    My favorite channel!

  94. Hayk Avetisyan

    Hayk Avetisyan23 days ago

    Last time you changed your MReporter profile photo you did that while I was watching you video. The video ended and the other one started with your new photo!

  95. Verse Jumper

    Verse Jumper23 days ago

    So...why does he have so many dislikes in every video? Sure this guy isn't the best but I don't see why he garners so much hate...he's mildly entertaining.

  96. sleetskate

    sleetskate23 days ago

    LIAR!!!! i have an intel hd graphics 4000!!!!!!

  97. Alec Bateman

    Alec Bateman23 days ago

    Too bad it didn't boot, still a really cool video though

  98. Hehegebewegee

    Hehegebewegee23 days ago

    Does anyone else shake during the intro when it turns on????

  99. J C

    J C23 days ago

    As a fellow IT pro, I know how it feels to discover something awesome like this, only to have it fail at every turn. You rock! Have a nice day!

  100. gatto_nero

    gatto_nero23 days ago

    You such

  101. Moobeus

    Moobeus23 days ago

    Linus loves waving gpus around