We Got Coachella Makeovers


  1. Jessa Nae

    Jessa Nae15 days ago

    *Selorms look is the best! I think the other two could have absolutely been better, of course unless that's what they wanted! Not that they're bad....just not as standoutish as I think they could be! I think of Coachella as a place to show your curves, or body off (and I think every bod type IS perfect), and pull out every persons imagination in their style! Like somewhere over the rainbow, edgy, hippie glam! All bright colors, sparkle and skin you can have!! I will make it there one day lol!! I'm on the other side of the country and it stinks that it's so far away!!!*

  2. Jessa Nae

    Jessa Nae15 days ago

    *Awe, I love Curly!!*

  3. Katie Mathis

    Katie MathisMonth ago

    Just because Selorm's eye shadow is gray, doesn't mean her face should be too

  4. Litty Queen2000

    Litty Queen2000Month ago

    I would love to get styled for something like this but love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Laura Byrneham

    Laura ByrnehamMonth ago

    Ummm..... My 3 year old looks this way when she gets into one of my eyeshadow palettes..... All tea, all Shade.

  6. Samantha Odney

    Samantha OdneyMonth ago

    7:37 do u see the man from the late late show with james or something

  7. Demented nigga

    Demented niggaMonth ago

    A wrinkle of time 😭🤣😂

  8. turquoise blackmon

    turquoise blackmonMonth ago

    Selorm's look was a MOOD. and was EVERYTHING

  9. Victoria Heatherly

    Victoria Heatherly2 months ago

    sheridan needs to do a full face tutorial. I need that dewy beauty in my life!

  10. Steam Punk

    Steam Punk2 months ago

    What’s Coachella 🤔

  11. - a m a n d a -

    - a m a n d a -3 months ago

    His outfit was...meh

  12. Blysee Puso Bolivar

    Blysee Puso Bolivar3 months ago

    Selorm !!!!

  13. emma daniels

    emma daniels3 months ago

    I expected more with Ryann's... Kind of disappointed.

  14. david biafore

    david biafore3 months ago

    they dress him like a father, should not be at coachella haha

  15. girlalmighty

    girlalmighty3 months ago

    selorm sounds like a name for a troll

  16. Lee Trevis

    Lee Trevis3 months ago

    The gay looks absolutely terrible, not coachella, maybe a hipster gypsy

  17. Lee Trevis

    Lee Trevis3 months ago

    Why does bree look like a sweet potato 😂

  18. Jaime Gandarilla

    Jaime Gandarilla3 months ago

    utterly generic

  19. Lena White

    Lena White3 months ago

    why dont they style ryann good :-(((( literally gave him a tshirt n sum glitter........

  20. Molly Rose

    Molly Rose3 months ago

    Neverrrr liked festival looks

  21. Doc Acher

    Doc Acher4 months ago

    Selorm looked like a goddess! Boss af look

  22. Valerie Nixon

    Valerie Nixon4 months ago

    “I really love bright colours’ shows black shirt

  23. Margaux Esteve

    Margaux Esteve4 months ago

    STOP THINKING METAL BANDS T-SHIRTS ARE FASHION FOR F* SAKE If you don't listen to the band, don't wear their T shirts or sweat shirts or any thing, it's insulting.

  24. baconxxranch

    baconxxranch4 months ago

    I like selorms first outfit, hair, and makeup but tbh the others are just regular outfits...

  25. paperhatable

    paperhatable4 months ago

    That blue lipstick was STUNNING on her

  26. Lee Trevis

    Lee Trevis4 months ago

    The gay looks absolutely terrible, not coachella, maybe a hipster gypsy

  27. Lee Trevis

    Lee Trevis4 months ago

    Why does bree look like a sweet potato 😂

  28. floppy cake

    floppy cake4 months ago

    the first girl looks like she'd be in black panther or lord of the rings or something

  29. floppy cake

    floppy cake4 months ago

    wow... lot of glitter

  30. Something like a human *

    Something like a human *4 months ago

    Selorm is so beautiful! ❤️

  31. kelsey aikhionbare

    kelsey aikhionbare4 months ago

    So why are people wearing all black to cochlea

  32. Private Account

    Private Account4 months ago

    Coachella, where hipster twats and narcissistic fuckknuckles go to lactate their shallowness into a pool of trend-twat conformities and PRETENTIOUS displays of pseudo-appreciation of music. Where is a nuclear warhead or terrorist attack when you need one?

  33. J.R. M

    J.R. M4 months ago

    "Baby Oprah" 😆😆

  34. Hollie Gainer

    Hollie Gainer4 months ago

    Lol did the editor not know how to spell Ryann's name? Selorm and Sheridan's names pop up at the beginning and his is just a weird smudge?? EDIT: they really did him dirty with that UPS uniform too wow

  35. Fangirl_Editz

    Fangirl_Editz4 months ago

    “I wanna wear cute shorts and crap but my inner thighs are gonna be like aHhHhAh!” Me too Sheridan me too

  36. Cassandra Teal

    Cassandra Teal4 months ago

    they didn't even try with Ryan....

  37. piecookies

    piecookies4 months ago

    They all looked great but I’m sorry all the necklace paired with the handkerchief looked bad. I loved the glitter and the outfits but some of the accessories looked tacky instead of cool and trendy.

  38. Aleksi Koskinen

    Aleksi Koskinen4 months ago

    Precious fall exclusive slide jeans injury soul residence definition.

  39. DubblTrubbl22

    DubblTrubbl224 months ago

    Coachella donates a lot of the profit to anti gay fundraisers. Just saying.

  40. Mikey Sherrill

    Mikey Sherrill4 months ago

    Okay but did Curly loose weight? He looks sooo good!!!

  41. Bambi

    Bambi4 months ago

    Wait, why is buzzfeed doing coachella stuff- I thought coachella people were homophobic and pro-gun and anti-abortion and all that crap?

  42. Zoe Grace

    Zoe Grace4 months ago

    i feel like she took all the color out of the outfits i would rather have way more color

  43. Navy Rosie

    Navy Rosie4 months ago

    Ugh I hated Sheridan’s outfit.... you can tell Jazz does too... she never actually says she likes it 😂 6:34

  44. BTS Trash

    BTS Trash4 months ago

    I thought the person on the right of the thumnail was Vanessa Vanjie Mateo that's why I clicked

  45. Miss O.P.

    Miss O.P.4 months ago

    gonna be honest when i saw that white chick messing with that black woman's hair. i got scared. I lots some locks before to a white hair dresser who didnt know what she was doing. I GOT SCARED for her.

  46. ChestnutEN

    ChestnutEN4 months ago

    For everyone saying “BOYCOTT COACHELLA”, you can’t boycott coachella because you don’t agree with the founders opinion. If he doesn’t want to support lgbt or abortion, he doesn’t have to. it’s HIS opinion.

  47. Christa Gardner

    Christa Gardner4 months ago

    I hate it when white makeup artist don’t know how to use the proper color on black women.

  48. Layla Foster

    Layla Foster4 months ago

    sheridan should lose that hat, at least with that outfit

  49. Miriam Escalada

    Miriam Escalada4 months ago

    Selorm has a really nice and friendly face. Like, those people you look at while you're walking down the street and think about how cool would it be to be their friends...

  50. Missy D'Onofrio

    Missy D'Onofrio5 months ago

    You all look awesome!

  51. Khushi Vakta

    Khushi Vakta5 months ago

    I want to look like rainbow fish

  52. AGamerGoddess

    AGamerGoddess5 months ago

    I think his name is patrick? The guy who has curly black hair and red sweatshirt. He has lost sooo much weight

  53. Oreos ‘

    Oreos ‘5 months ago

    Selorms outfit was my favorite

  54. Falisha Tek

    Falisha Tek5 months ago

    #my name is also Bryana!

  55. clorax bleach

    clorax bleach5 months ago

    my wig is snatched

  56. ExcitedPunch

    ExcitedPunch5 months ago

    I. hate. that. hat. so. much.

  57. elle parsley

    elle parsley5 months ago

    after watching the coachella video with ryan and selorm, i can see more tension between them

  58. Lively_ Arielle

    Lively_ Arielle5 months ago

    I don’t like the second one but I love her makeup

  59. Maxine Ramos14

    Maxine Ramos145 months ago

    This more of a night coachella look

  60. Faith Herriott

    Faith Herriott5 months ago

    Please don't tell me they all actually are going to Coachella. I figured out of anyone BuzzFeed wouldn't want anything to do with Coachella because of who they donate to

  61. Crusty Booger

    Crusty Booger5 months ago

    These people look wonderful! They look so ethereal!

  62. Chris MDi

    Chris MDi5 months ago

    Ryan looks like he tripped and fell into a pile of glitter. And all those fake bitches judging their looks acting like they love it....we see right through your lies lol.

  63. OVO Jackie

    OVO Jackie5 months ago

    why did they make selorm look ashy WTFGSGSBS

  64. Tisa Anthony

    Tisa Anthony5 months ago

    Really guys! Yuk! Clown club.

  65. Sapphire Panda

    Sapphire Panda5 months ago

    i like the def leppard t shirt

  66. Random Stranger

    Random Stranger5 months ago

    0:10 why is Ryan's name blurred?

  67. Zoozy G

    Zoozy G5 months ago

    I would wear Pajamas With a Bunny slippers and a bowl of Cereal

  68. LaPieuvre Optimale

    LaPieuvre Optimale5 months ago


  69. Anthony Black

    Anthony Black5 months ago


  70. Masha Kalinkina

    Masha Kalinkina5 months ago

    Like, like, its like, you know like...like.

  71. Lauren O

    Lauren O5 months ago

    3:09 That is not Zenon. That’s her friend, Nebula.

  72. Crystal Surber

    Crystal Surber5 months ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-PPA_FOCYp3Q.html this is a better tutorial for glitter with color plus the other stuff that u put on that has lots of color.

  73. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !5 months ago

    No advertising

  74. David Cas

    David Cas5 months ago

    Stop supporting Coachella

  75. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !5 months ago

    No u

  76. Aesthetic User

    Aesthetic User5 months ago

    Rock in' it!

  77. KayKayMC5

    KayKayMC55 months ago

    Ryanns glitter is so bad omfg and it kinda looks basic Sheridan’s isn’t really that good it’s not what’s she would wear everyday minus the makeup But selorm looks amazing other than the makeup makes her look ashy

  78. hunny_kaitlyn

    hunny_kaitlyn5 months ago

    My favorite was selorm

  79. orcaivy

    orcaivy5 months ago

    Not a big fan in general of these looks (although selorns was definitely the best), but WHERE can I get my hands on Ryann's jumpsuit? Been looking for one like that forever!

  80. Maï

    Maï5 months ago

    boycott Coachella because they support really bad organizations : the owner of coachella gave money directly to anti-lgbt+ and anti-abortion rights organizations.

  81. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !5 months ago

    Let people support what they please.

  82. _JV_ 19

    _JV_ 195 months ago

    I dyed my hair Pastel mermaid for Coachella

  83. Kempson31

    Kempson315 months ago


  84. Mary Whatley

    Mary Whatley5 months ago

    Selorm looks like she should be in black panther

  85. Nathalie H.

    Nathalie H.5 months ago

    Selorm looks like Princess Shuri (Black Panther) with here up in those buns and all of the black and the glitter makeup... Which, honestly, real life goals right there

  86. Kai Bird

    Kai Bird5 months ago

    Selorm should honestly make her own channel

  87. Isabelle Gernhardt

    Isabelle Gernhardt5 months ago


  88. Ainsley  Karevicius

    Ainsley Karevicius5 months ago

    So wearing band t shirts is suddenly cool? I guess my wardrobe is fashionable after all.

  89. Pyrodermoid Dragon

    Pyrodermoid Dragon5 months ago

    Coachella? *W-what’s coachella*

  90. carlee jones

    carlee jones5 months ago

    Ryann looks like a ups man on the down-low with failed glitter highlight :’(

  91. Lee Lynda02

    Lee Lynda025 months ago

    serlom pretty with that long braid hair

  92. KER

    KER5 months ago

    You guys look amazing! Salorm, your eye makeup is amazing!!!

  93. Destinee Rice

    Destinee Rice5 months ago

    Selorm is braid GOALZ

  94. Pariss

    Pariss5 months ago

    ooooo the hypocrisy

  95. peacheay

    peacheay5 months ago

    Selorm outfit without the ashy make up and all thAt jewelry 🙌🏽🙌🏽👌🏽, the guy should listen to the othey guy and dont wear a shirt under the romper and open it more , i just don't understand sheridan style but love the blue lips and the t shirt ☺️

  96. Annie Cham

    Annie Cham5 months ago

    is it me or have i not seen selorm in videos lately? it's probably me, but I'm glad she's back in my feed bc i missed her!!!

  97. Sazani Magar

    Sazani Magar5 months ago

    Guy's outfit looks like he just smack down his face on glitter and yeah ready for Coachella 😂😂😂

  98. Meghan Wartman

    Meghan Wartman5 months ago

    I love how in the states people are going to cochella and here in Canada we’re having an ice storm

  99. alyssa

    alyssa5 months ago

    i wish ryann was my best friend

  100. cecil le

    cecil le5 months ago

    coachella's owner is a sexist bigot who donates money to anti lgbt, anti abortion groups, don't forget it, #boycott

  101. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !5 months ago

    Let people support what they want. (You are half those things just by analyzing the owner. ) Get past it.

  102. Jojo JN

    Jojo JN5 months ago

    I think I would be willing to watch the whole video if they didn't put the result as the thumbnail...

  103. the. Jackson s. family

    the. Jackson s. family5 months ago

    First Person on the moon was Neil Armstrong

  104. Alexis Hayashi

    Alexis Hayashi5 months ago

    Selorm looks like a badass silver chainsaw metal princess