We Got Coachella Makeovers


  1. Richita Syaza

    Richita Syaza8 hours ago

    my wig is snatched

  2. ExcitedPunch

    ExcitedPunch10 hours ago

    I. hate. that. hat. so. much.

  3. elle parsley

    elle parsley11 hours ago

    after watching the coachella video with ryan and selorm, i can see more tension between them

  4. The Amazing Youtube Fan!! :D

    The Amazing Youtube Fan!! :DDay ago

    I don’t like the second one but I love her makeup

  5. Maxine Ramos14

    Maxine Ramos142 days ago

    This more of a night coachella look

  6. Faith Herriott

    Faith Herriott2 days ago

    Please don't tell me they all actually are going to Coachella. I figured out of anyone BuzzFeed wouldn't want anything to do with Coachella because of who they donate to

  7. Crusty Booger

    Crusty Booger2 days ago

    These people look wonderful! They look so ethereal!

  8. Chris MDi

    Chris MDi2 days ago

    Ryan looks like he tripped and fell into a pile of glitter. And all those fake bitches judging their looks acting like they love it....we see right through your lies lol.

  9. OVO Jackie

    OVO Jackie2 days ago

    why did they make selorm look ashy WTFGSGSBS

  10. Tisa Anthony

    Tisa Anthony2 days ago

    Really guys! Yuk! Clown club.

  11. Sapphire Panda

    Sapphire Panda2 days ago

    i like the def leppard t shirt

  12. Random Stranger

    Random Stranger3 days ago

    0:10 why is Ryan's name blurred?

  13. Zoozy G

    Zoozy G3 days ago

    I would wear Pajamas With a Bunny slippers and a bowl of Cereal

  14. LaPieuvre Optimale

    LaPieuvre Optimale3 days ago


  15. Anthony Black

    Anthony Black3 days ago


  16. Masha Kalinkina

    Masha Kalinkina3 days ago

    Like, like, its like, you know like...like.

  17. Lauren O

    Lauren O3 days ago

    3:09 That is not Zenon. That’s her friend, Nebula.

  18. Crystal Surber

    Crystal Surber4 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-PPA_FOCYp3Q.html this is a better tutorial for glitter with color plus the other stuff that u put on that has lots of color.

  19. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !3 days ago

    No advertising

  20. David Cas

    David Cas4 days ago

    Stop supporting Coachella

  21. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !3 days ago

    No u

  22. Mia Brudenall

    Mia Brudenall4 days ago

    Rock in' it!

  23. KayKayMC5

    KayKayMC54 days ago

    Ryanns glitter is so bad omfg and it kinda looks basic Sheridan’s isn’t really that good it’s not what’s she would wear everyday minus the makeup But selorm looks amazing other than the makeup makes her look ashy

  24. Kaitlyn Hawley

    Kaitlyn Hawley4 days ago

    My favorite was selorm

  25. orcaivy

    orcaivy4 days ago

    Not a big fan in general of these looks (although selorns was definitely the best), but WHERE can I get my hands on Ryann's jumpsuit? Been looking for one like that forever!

  26. Maï

    Maï4 days ago

    boycott Coachella because they support really bad organizations : the owner of coachella gave money directly to anti-lgbt+ and anti-abortion rights organizations.

  27. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !3 days ago

    Let people support what they please.

  28. It’s.Joannaaa 24

    It’s.Joannaaa 244 days ago

    I dyed my hair Pastel mermaid for Coachella

  29. Kempson31

    Kempson314 days ago


  30. Mary Whatley

    Mary Whatley4 days ago

    Selorm looks like she should be in black panther

  31. Nathalie H.

    Nathalie H.4 days ago

    Selorm looks like Princess Shuri (Black Panther) with here up in those buns and all of the black and the glitter makeup... Which, honestly, real life goals right there

  32. Kai Bird

    Kai Bird4 days ago

    Selorm should honestly make her own channel

  33. Isabelle Gernhardt

    Isabelle Gernhardt5 days ago


  34. Ainsley  Karevicius

    Ainsley Karevicius5 days ago

    So wearing band t shirts is suddenly cool? I guess my wardrobe is fashionable after all.

  35. Pyrodermoid Dragon

    Pyrodermoid Dragon5 days ago

    Coachella? *W-what’s coachella*

  36. carlee jones

    carlee jones5 days ago

    Ryann looks like a ups man on the down-low with failed glitter highlight :’(

  37. Lee Lynda02

    Lee Lynda025 days ago

    serlom pretty with that long braid hair

  38. Karley Robbins

    Karley Robbins5 days ago

    You guys look amazing! Salorm, your eye makeup is amazing!!!

  39. Destinee Rice

    Destinee Rice5 days ago

    Selorm is braid GOALZ

  40. Momon

    Momon5 days ago

    ooooo the hypocrisy

  41. peacheay

    peacheay5 days ago

    Selorm outfit without the ashy make up and all thAt jewelry 🙌🏽🙌🏽👌🏽, the guy should listen to the othey guy and dont wear a shirt under the romper and open it more , i just don't understand sheridan style but love the blue lips and the t shirt ☺️

  42. Annie Cham

    Annie Cham5 days ago

    is it me or have i not seen selorm in videos lately? it's probably me, but I'm glad she's back in my feed bc i missed her!!!

  43. Sazani Magar

    Sazani Magar5 days ago

    Guy's outfit looks like he just smack down his face on glitter and yeah ready for Coachella 😂😂😂

  44. Meghan Wartman

    Meghan Wartman5 days ago

    I love how in the states people are going to cochella and here in Canada we’re having an ice storm

  45. alyssa

    alyssa5 days ago

    i wish ryann was my best friend

  46. cecil le

    cecil le5 days ago

    coachella's owner is a sexist bigot who donates money to anti lgbt, anti abortion groups, don't forget it, #boycott

  47. Run For Fun !

    Run For Fun !3 days ago

    Let people support what they want. (You are half those things just by analyzing the owner. ) Get past it.

  48. Jojo JN

    Jojo JN5 days ago

    I think I would be willing to watch the whole video if they didn't put the result as the thumbnail...

  49. T3AM_Tink

    T3AM_Tink5 days ago

    First Person on the moon was Neil Armstrong

  50. Alexis Hayashi

    Alexis Hayashi5 days ago

    Selorm looks like a badass silver chainsaw metal princess

  51. Miss B

    Miss B5 days ago

    Make up is horrible I.can't imagine how badly it's going to look.when you start to sweat and they literally did nothing for.dude but threw glitter on dude pls find better stylist sad

  52. Lovely Inventor

    Lovely Inventor5 days ago

    Imagine if they only got the make over done but they’re not even going to go to Coachella 😭💀

  53. Savannah Newton

    Savannah Newton5 days ago

    I love this video ❤️❤️

  54. Caroline Knowles

    Caroline Knowles5 days ago

    Selorm's is my favorite.

  55. Maya Connor

    Maya Connor6 days ago

    The first one was fantastic but two others were crap...

  56. Ruby The Lion

    Ruby The Lion6 days ago

    It should have been for burning man not chochela

  57. redrxse x

    redrxse x6 days ago

    selormn looks ashy omg

  58. redrxse x

    redrxse x6 days ago

    everyone’s looks looked good besides ryann’s

  59. Emily Saenz

    Emily Saenz6 days ago

    ohmygod rainbow fish 😭😭😭

  60. SpiderViolet 455

    SpiderViolet 4556 days ago


  61. Vila Petrovic

    Vila Petrovic6 days ago


  62. Lizzy Rivers

    Lizzy Rivers6 days ago

    yo uhhh, who has the desk with james corden on the walls bc thats a real big mood

  63. Emily Janowicz

    Emily Janowicz6 days ago

    that blue lipstick is stunning!

  64. Sparkle M.

    Sparkle M.6 days ago


  65. Kaiden Krailer

    Kaiden Krailer6 days ago

    So I’m gonna be a nerd, but Selorm looks close to Shiva from FFX. I’m loving it.

  66. lol lol

    lol lol6 days ago

    Cochella is over rated ..... why go to a very expensive, stressful event when u can express your style everyday

  67. Gloxo

    Gloxo6 days ago

    Inner thigh can relate ☹️🤣🤣🤣

  68. Hana Liz11

    Hana Liz116 days ago

    "He's wearing a Rompim!" IM DEAD 😂😂😂

  69. Valentina Garcia

    Valentina Garcia6 days ago

    selorm is that her name gorgeous

  70. Valentina Garcia

    Valentina Garcia6 days ago

    I simply love the new queen on the crew who is she lovely ladyboy ask if she wants a hag to follow her

  71. Casual Artistry

    Casual Artistry6 days ago

    When she plays with her hair i live for selorm yass

  72. Alex _Santoro_23

    Alex _Santoro_236 days ago

    What really pisses me off is the fact that people who go to Coachella don’t even know who bands like Def Leppard are and sadly the shirts they wear and rip up look good on them.

  73. DearestClaudio

    DearestClaudio6 days ago

    The stylist and makeup artist did Ryann dirty with this one :\

  74. Sarah Faretta

    Sarah Faretta6 days ago

    why was ryans name blurred out in the begining when the introduced themselves

  75. May Spring

    May Spring6 days ago

    Selorms hair in this!!!! Wow 😍

  76. melonbonbon

    melonbonbon6 days ago

    Well i slept in watching youtube on loop and know I will watch the videos that helped me sleep again. Because they seemed interesting

  77. Sydney Young

    Sydney Young6 days ago

    i feel like ryann's makeup doesn't match the look at all like i really love the glitter, but it doesn't connect? the outfit just doesn't seem festival-enough i think you could be way more Out There with your look

  78. Isabelle P

    Isabelle P6 days ago

    I love Sheridan's glitter eye look

  79. Narwhal DOGE

    Narwhal DOGE6 days ago

    I live under a rock so what’s coachella... no hate just want a response :)

  80. Alexa's vastvids

    Alexa's vastvids6 days ago

    I'm not trying to be rude, so please no one reply mean things. Anyways, I subscribed to boldly, not as/is, some people may like it, but I miss boldly a lot.

  81. Mandycat234

    Mandycat2346 days ago

    Why are they doing a vid supporting Coachella when Coachella's owner donate huge amounts are anti LGBT like I though buzzfeed was pro LGBT 🏳️‍🌈

  82. Y. L. M.

    Y. L. M.6 days ago

    7:29-7:38 Is that flag what I think it is?

  83. Lindsey Botelho

    Lindsey Botelho6 days ago

    Love that they did this with people of different sizes, skin tones and sexes.

  84. taeminty

    taeminty6 days ago

    i mean they're not screaming coachella vibes

  85. Lexi Frame

    Lexi Frame6 days ago

    They were all cute but literally all three of them said they liked color so why did they all get styled in b&w for like THE most colorful music festival of the year? Sheridan had a splash of red and blue but still...

  86. {Gwen}

    {Gwen}6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought Selorm looked like Shuri


    POTATO_GAMES 4LIFE6 days ago

    Selorm, gurl, that foundation is too ashy!

  88. Hey Its Teresa

    Hey Its Teresa6 days ago


  89. coffeegirl18

    coffeegirl186 days ago

    YAAAS space buns!

  90. Olivia's Universe

    Olivia's Universe6 days ago


  91. Yoi Red

    Yoi Red6 days ago

    Dude when he stepped out of his transformation like thing I wanted so much to pull his pants up so bad my brother does the same thing and I’m like I just pull them up Lego really hard to give them a wedgy I do that to my dad to because they do not wear it like I do not wear it like that but that’s just my Pet peeve

  92. Lady-in-the-Moon

    Lady-in-the-Moon6 days ago

    Selorm looks like she just glided down from the moon to bless us with her presence and I am alive for it.

  93. Chéri Sue

    Chéri Sue6 days ago

    I can never get use to the new name change on this channel. Sounds like ASL which is medical disorder

  94. Lera 1234

    Lera 12346 days ago

    oh, wait so they don’t actually go to coachella

  95. bailey arianna

    bailey arianna6 days ago

    at 6:35 where are lindsey’s jeans from ??? so cute

  96. tymarrie

    tymarrie7 days ago

    my thing is, who has time to take ALL of that off???

  97. seyixo

    seyixo7 days ago

    i don't know why but ryann's outfit just really reminds me of a postman XD

  98. Lil' Cringe _

    Lil' Cringe _7 days ago

    Real Tea, Coachella sounds really fun, but it supports some awful organization.

  99. Santa Belle

    Santa Belle7 days ago

    Oh, sis...no

  100. Fazerella

    Fazerella7 days ago

    Lol. Compare Coachella with like Glastonbury or Reading/Leeds festival in the UK. One is all glitter, the other is nothing but mud.

  101. Chris Dwaynes

    Chris Dwaynes7 days ago


  102. Angie K

    Angie K7 days ago

    So stupid

  103. Jennifer Palmer

    Jennifer Palmer7 days ago

    My dad read those

  104. Jennifer Palmer

    Jennifer Palmer7 days ago

    Archie comics