We Dress According To South Carolina High School Dress Codes • Ladylike


  1. Ladylike

    Ladylike3 months ago

    Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin

  2. Hamna Iqbal

    Hamna Iqbal31 minute ago

    Do Virginia

  3. Joslyn Q.

    Joslyn Q.Day ago

    I think you should do Michigan because there's a lot of schools and it's messed up and wonky here

  4. Contessa

    ContessaDay ago

    Ladylike do Frederick county middle school or James wood high from Virginia!!

  5. Desire Leslie

    Desire Leslie14 days ago


  6. Hannah Grant

    Hannah Grant15 days ago

    Ladylike Lumpkin County High School

  7. Grace Goldberg

    Grace Goldberg2 hours ago

    You should do this with Jasmine 😂

  8. Karen Marie Jessen

    Karen Marie Jessen4 hours ago

    www.boredpanda.com/roanoke-school-adopts-gender-neutral-dress-code/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=BPFacebook please try This 😊😊

  9. Robyn van Schaik

    Robyn van Schaik5 hours ago

    Do in a video the Rules of Dutch school😜

  10. JasperisCasper

    JasperisCasper10 hours ago

    As for the fish hooks.. back when I was in school, LOTS of the boys in my had fish hooks on their ball caps. Idk. Weird southern things. I haven't seen anything other than that though.

  11. Hey It’s Tiff

    Hey It’s Tiff12 hours ago

    You guys should try Hawaii schools

  12. Galaxy Tails :3

    Galaxy Tails :314 hours ago

    I got dressed couldn’t a lot because I would wear yoga pants

  13. pony sisters

    pony sisters18 hours ago

    can you do Oregon next?

  14. Madelyn JARVIS

    Madelyn JARVIS21 hour ago

    You should have done my daughter's school Wade Hampton in Greenville sc

  15. Penguin 1502

    Penguin 1502Day ago

    New Hampshire please!

  16. Maddie Rose

    Maddie RoseDay ago

    Producer: This was actually her high school Mike: Oooo my god!

  17. Henry Vlogs

    Henry VlogsDay ago

    Do maryland

  18. India Jenkins

    India JenkinsDay ago

    I'm genuinely confused about what the problem is with bra straps, like are we not supposed to wear a bra?

  19. Lizzy

    LizzyDay ago

    If you do Pennsylvania I would suggest Pittston Area for a challenge

  20. Holly Belle

    Holly BelleDay ago

    Do Virginia next!!! I know one county that is very strict, “James city county” I used to live there and boy did I hate it. Also “Frederick county” and “Loudoun county” loudoun county is pretty well known for having a relaxed dress code, some of my friends live there

  21. Bailey Pattison

    Bailey Pattison2 days ago

    You should do North Carolina dress codes

  22. Riley Raker

    Riley Raker2 days ago

    do it with devin then do it with a man!

  23. Bailee Brant

    Bailee Brant2 days ago

    at my school your clothes must be clean and if your in 3rd grade or higher leggings are a NOPE but 2nd and under, leggings are fine... -_-

  24. Aliyah Relucio

    Aliyah Relucio2 days ago

    Can you do Las Vegas pla

  25. Reese D

    Reese D2 days ago

    as a south carolinian, it really sucks🤠

  26. Abigail Hoffman

    Abigail Hoffman2 days ago

    PLEASE do DeSoto county schools in MISSISSIPPI (center hill high school has the worst dress code in the district)

  27. smhsamanthalynn

    smhsamanthalynn2 days ago

    **watching this to see if my high school is here**

  28. Chandler Alvarez

    Chandler Alvarez2 days ago

    Why does mike always look like he is a cat that is about to sneeze

  29. Harlee Ramirez

    Harlee Ramirez2 days ago

    Do this with Morgan!!

  30. Leah Hernandez

    Leah Hernandez2 days ago


  31. Jareni Ibar

    Jareni Ibar2 days ago

    Lmfao no body follows dress code at Stratford, that and only 10% of the teachers actually care about dress code Not only that our principal said that girls who are over size two look like sausages in leggings or something like that :)

  32. Izabella Canales-Rendas

    Izabella Canales-Rendas2 days ago

    You guys should do georgia!!!!

  33. D Λ N I

    D Λ N I2 days ago

    i'll be experiencing these south carolina dress codes in august. stratford is my rival school i was surprised to see them

  34. Valentineდ金あπสж ฃ

    Valentineდ金あπสж ฃ2 days ago

    When are you doing one with Devin and do riverwood

  35. Jasmine Durrah

    Jasmine Durrah3 days ago

    Do Georgia!!!

  36. Niyah

    Niyah3 days ago

    can you do Maryland

  37. Mia D. Hunter

    Mia D. Hunter3 days ago

    Can you do Louisiana school dress codes sometime after Georgia? I also saw a suggestion of doing middle school dress codes, and I also think it would be a good idea! The suggestion was from Sophie

  38. Carsynisdead

    Carsynisdead3 days ago

    Omg thank u I live in spartanburg and it is terrible. I requested it! Also we don’t fuck our cousins lol

  39. Daisy Velasquez-Coreas

    Daisy Velasquez-Coreas3 days ago

    you guys should do monroe township high school in new jersey

  40. Candy Zhon

    Candy Zhon3 days ago

    I'm late

  41. zoe lewis

    zoe lewis3 days ago

    Wait, that's all the clothes u have? Or do I have an addiction

  42. Brynna Johnson

    Brynna Johnson3 days ago

    please do Iowa! please please, please!

  43. zoe henry

    zoe henry3 days ago

    oh yeah this is exactly what south carolina is like

  44. Lucy Grieswell

    Lucy Grieswell3 days ago

    Guys wear fishhooks on their hats

  45. Lucy Grieswell

    Lucy Grieswell3 days ago

    Omg those places are near my school in SC, my best friend goes to blythewood!!!!!

  46. Brenna Yeary

    Brenna Yeary17 hours ago

    Lucy Grieswell I go to Blythewood, I can’t be the only one that’s happy our small town got representations😂

  47. The Real Keen Ski

    The Real Keen Ski3 days ago

    When you do Devon's episode, you should do Centennial High School in Champaign Illinois

  48. Hannah Long

    Hannah Long3 days ago

    When you live in North Carolina: *dangit*

  49. Maddie Staggs

    Maddie Staggs4 days ago

    Do Virginia high schoolDress Codes

  50. ReyBeltane

    ReyBeltane4 days ago

    I love Joyce, but who brings a 'dominatrix dress' to a dresscode challenge. haha

  51. Daisy Kitten 602

    Daisy Kitten 6024 days ago

    Who thinks the no rack should be re-named the fail rail

  52. 미소 Miso

    미소 Miso4 days ago

    When I was in seventh grade I had no dress code what so ever but then i had to go to a new school a month before 8th grade ended and that dress code was 🤢 but now I’m in hs and have no dress code what so ever 🎉🎉

  53. LolaJean Covey

    LolaJean Covey4 days ago

    At my high school you can wear eny thing

  54. Whispering_Echo

    Whispering_Echo4 days ago

    At least you dont have to wear a uniform everyday to school, gotta love the UK

  55. Laina Plays

    Laina Plays4 days ago

    you should do Michigan schools next ;)

  56. Wassup Julianna

    Wassup Julianna4 days ago

    Woodruff is insane in South Carolina! No dyed hair, no unusual hairstyles, no tank tops, no leggings or yoga pants, no crop tops, no skirts above the knee or dresses below the knee, no frays or holes in pants, etc. etc. :/