We DISCOVERED Ancient Cave Paintings!


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    O.M.G 👯 so cool😎

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    I wish you saw this when I was doing my homework cuz I was learning about cave painting ;-; lol

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    Wow. Your adventures are always so interesting an amazing!! Thank you for sharing!!

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    Are they called petroglyphs?

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    Super cool

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    You just saved history. Do it again

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    wow really you discovered a cave cool an ancient cave😉🐫🗻🏕🏖🌏🌐🗺

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    Am man, I thought you guys actually discovered cave paintings

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    In Thailand have too it is in pha tham nation park, Ubonrathchatany (north east Thailand ) it have 3 group the second group is the largest drawing group

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    (The caveman does this) I found SOMTHING to dwa with *draws himself* who dat

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    is that jeep an import?

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    oh probably just a rental

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    I need tp for my bumhole

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    They draw better than me!!! WHAAAATATTTTTTT????

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    why did i start crying when i saw the paintings??? 😭 the heck

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    Could you come to pakistan

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    this was obviosly explored because there is a path 😂👌

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    UGH smh

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    i went fishing

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    That is incredible just to think they have been their for thousands of millions of years just think how long one year lasts!

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    Can you find gold for the next location

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    *"Wakanda Forever"*

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    Thx guys u make me learn new things and animals❤️


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    The male part 😂😁😂😂😂

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    What did they draw with that could last that long! ancient sharpies!

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    "That one's definitely a male"

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    it might be a cave of ancient peoples

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    5:23 Even at the dawn of humanity, people were drawing dicks.

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    Very interesting

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    5:20 wow i didnt know early humans had 3 legs wait

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    Cyote:is a male

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    I live in South Africa 😁

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    We watch the Brave Wilderness channel ALL THE TIME and love it! We can’t wait for you to come back to Boston so we can see the live show. My 5 and 4 year old sons were wondering how you get a Golden Ticket and I said if you buy a book at the show you may get a prize of a Golden Ticket to go on an adventure. They said they would like to do do that 😂 I said well we need to wait until they come back to Boston to try and win. They said well if we don’t get a ticket can we still go on the adventure?! My boys are waiting for their chance, come back to Boston! 👏

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    HOLY COW I forgot my candy bar

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    Sweet find coyote it is always cool to see historic sites and things in person

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    Idk if I can believe this

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    I hope coyote isn’t diving! Oh thank goodness 😅

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    Hectars lol.

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    It's neat that those pictures are still there. Really incredible. The pictures look like they were drawn by 1 year old kids though.

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    @cyotepeterson hi my name is Chloe and my cousin who loves your stuff was wondering if you would put a part 2 to this episode that shows us the findings that you discovered and maybe the history of paintings after you bring them to the research center. P.s she's 6 and wants to be a food scientist when she gets older so she love learning about all kinds of cool things!

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    so the Croods lived there???

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    I can hear beeeaters

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    Lies, the cave paintings were paid actors

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    False flag.

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    Red paint was made from blod and fat I know because I live in South Africa

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    out of all the damn hills they chose the most erroded hills they could find

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    Why I feel like I am watching jurassic park when they reach the plase

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    I wish I was pinned one day

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    This deserve so many more views. Not every day you find something so amazing and share it with the world and us :) Thank you for showing us a piece of history !!

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    aww man, they certainly did not find WAKANDA.

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    That's so cool!!!!

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    What’s a hectare

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    The color tone of this video is unpleasant to some eyes

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    I was the model for that one male painting.

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    South Africa is the cradle of mankind I’m pretty sure it’s tens of thousands of years old or even more

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    This place sure AWFUL!!! Full of ginies 👺

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    “That one’s definitely a male” -Coyote Petersen 2018

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    Coyote and team, can you visit Egypt ( my favourite country ) And look for bugs and plants on the grass near he River Nile?

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    Coyote: woah, look at this! Me: What? 144p?

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    This was so interesting!

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    Am i only the one who saw skulls???

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    But what were they painted with?

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    So you didn’t really “DISCOVER” the paintings

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    How do you know that this is hundred years ago

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    More like Egyptian

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    The painting of that they think looks like an elephant looks more like a long necks tail. And you can actually see the long necks neck. That's pretty cool

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    Can you go to Philippines

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    Coyte is now father nature

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    That's so coo- amazing I wish I could be there!!!♡♡

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    Misleading title, I was really hoping he would go into a cave and uncover pics not the side of a cliff, that’s not a cave painting at that point, it’s a painting

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    Was that male's umm...Male part really...?that long? its as long as his torso on the painting

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    Its a place where you'll soon be treated like an animal Coyote. And you know why, "boar"

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    Cooooooool video

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    I think those sightseeing videos are a nice change of pace. Somehow it's all flowing together, animals, nature, but also mysterious manmade structures or, in this case, paintings. It's all adventurous.

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    Hang out xD

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    Dig balls!!

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    if the ancient cave man are spying on coyote and mark and mario and said,humains are in the teritory,l'est get them

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    This reminded me of Jumanji for some reason


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    Hey cayote what if you explore whats inside

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    Its red bird poo.


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    Indiana Peterson Raiders of the found paintings

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    That painting is Howard the alien

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    did you know that people in the hundreds or maybe thousands were as tall as a mansion? .o. like if this mind blowing

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    That's really amazing! i want to do that sometime for sure!

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    Hey Coyote you should make a video of going to the Turtle Island in Costa Rica

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    this reminds me of rise of the tomb raider without killing

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    I wish I had coyotes life

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    this is good content, more like this please