We DISCOVERED Ancient Cave Paintings!


  1. Adian Smith

    Adian SmithDay ago

    it is just ancient graffiti

  2. Kathy Fisher

    Kathy Fisher2 days ago

    I want to know how many years old it is 😃

  3. 2025 - Alexander Schulz

    2025 - Alexander Schulz3 days ago

    Finding ancient paintings in Africa the place where the first of our species came from that is so awesome!

  4. benny paige

    benny paige6 days ago

    Confirmed, cave paintings doing the crip walk bruh

  5. Judy Holland

    Judy Holland12 days ago

    I want you to go on an adventure and see the Arctic Fox

  6. Smith Family

    Smith Family17 days ago

    Not a elephant. A kangaroo

  7. Adyen Kiel

    Adyen Kiel20 days ago

    Cayote:"This must be a male, notice the male part" Me:"i though that was a stick."

  8. PROnewbie

    PROnewbie21 day ago

    The croods

  9. Tyler Ashford iDLE

    Tyler Ashford iDLE22 days ago

    Are there fossils there

  10. Tarr Peter

    Tarr Peter25 days ago


  11. Oueis GAS

    Oueis GAS28 days ago

    I’m Muslim love your vids by the way ❤️حبىك I’m only a beginner hope I spelled it right ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Abigail Booth

    Abigail Booth28 days ago

    I am Aboriginal and I'm half white

  13. At0m1c. ly

    At0m1c. ly29 days ago

    I know a place in Wyoming with Indian paintings

  14. Bizon Blower’s

    Bizon Blower’sMonth ago

    Lol the male part 😂

  15. CravingPvpZ gaming

    CravingPvpZ gamingMonth ago

    Is that howard the alien?

  16. Stickmaster luke

    Stickmaster lukeMonth ago

    "The Male Part" That’s a little inappropriate, Coyote!

  17. Stickmaster luke

    Stickmaster lukeMonth ago


  18. Stickmaster luke

    Stickmaster lukeMonth ago


  19. B Avila

    B AvilaMonth ago


  20. Maria victoria

    Maria victoriaMonth ago

    How do you now if the lost caves have painting and never been explored if you haven't went inside of them then how do you now paintings are in there

  21. winkey 1eye

    winkey 1eyeMonth ago

    My home town

  22. gacha beans

    gacha beansMonth ago

    I was laughing when he said male part when explaing the art

  23. Nicklas André Baugerød

    Nicklas André BaugerødMonth ago

    Its a litle wierd that no one has seen those drawings but only 4 guys that have their hope up finds them when they just are walking around

  24. Ali Zuberi

    Ali Zuberi2 months ago

    Unlikely? Thousands of years they are the first one there? Heat ,sand dirt, rain ,paint made of red clay? would wash away.

  25. Erik Alias Pepe Horvath

    Erik Alias Pepe Horvath2 months ago

    Caveman s used blood to paint the self's because they wanted to keep meamoris and it happent 2.600000 million years ago😢😢😢

  26. Ayyub SM

    Ayyub SM2 months ago

    mark has it

  27. Ayyub SM

    Ayyub SM2 months ago

    Did you guys see the drone? At 45 secs.

  28. Melody Vaio

    Melody Vaio2 months ago

    How do these paintings get there like they didn't they didn't have paint back then

  29. Anneliese Macgregor

    Anneliese Macgregor2 months ago

    When I went camping at blackdown table land I saw cave paintings but they were hands and my step dad told me how they did it since they did not have paint like we have today! (Edit): they would chew on those red rocks and either spit on their hand or their finger then draw but with the hand they slapped it on the rocks!

  30. Justin Ratliff

    Justin Ratliff2 months ago

    Talk about beautiful.

  31. Yasser Goolam

    Yasser Goolam2 months ago

    It can be the San people that did it

  32. Yasser Goolam

    Yasser Goolam2 months ago

    I live in south Africa in gauteng

  33. Peter Pan And TinkerBell Tales

    Peter Pan And TinkerBell Tales2 months ago

    Please let me know if you need a partner to tag along. I'm always open 😉

  34. Dark Gaming

    Dark Gaming2 months ago

    In 7:03 at the right side where his pointing it look like a head.

  35. jose vargas

    jose vargas3 months ago

    Coyote: this is the male Mark: how can you tell Coyote: because of the male part Im like um ok and the started laughing 😂😂😂😂

  36. Caden De Wet

    Caden De Wet3 months ago

    They did not do that for fun they were telling a story

  37. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali3 months ago

    Its in stone age and ice age

  38. Ema Robinson

    Ema Robinson3 months ago

    im so tired im gonna die im so tired im gonna suicide laterlaterla

  39. Mia Wells

    Mia Wells3 months ago

    That's a lot of ketchup...

  40. Sophia Carreno

    Sophia Carreno3 months ago

    that big rock said 30?!

  41. Christian news and facts channel

    Christian news and facts channel3 months ago

    The world is not millons or billions of years old

  42. EJ'S Vlogs

    EJ'S Vlogs3 months ago

    They use the blood of the animal

  43. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith3 months ago

    Every body is saying that they drew those, like different people too 🤔🤔 they are real because I learn that in science, and they say that it is real

  44. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith3 months ago

    Omg coyote!! Can't believe you found that! It is so awesome

  45. Avery Camp

    Avery Camp3 months ago

    Posted on Twitter Twitter on you get a 🥇

  46. TiqaCup

    TiqaCup3 months ago

    5:06 *You're welcome*

  47. Alexthelion 99

    Alexthelion 993 months ago

    1k years ago Explorers find old painting

  48. Taylor Vance

    Taylor Vance3 months ago

    What I learned today is that men really just love to draw penises on everything. They can't freakin help themselves. Bathroom stalls, desks, rock cliffs, notebooks... Could you guys not?

  49. Random things with Arya 18

    Random things with Arya 184 months ago

    Coyote the first humans lived in South Africa 2-4 Million years ago not 100,000

  50. Lord Frieza

    Lord Frieza4 months ago

    Thats what I want to see from our ancestors not clothes that people was wearing 50 or 100 years ago in museums but these are real cool stuff from our ancestors

  51. RKN Ryan Z

    RKN Ryan Z4 months ago

    I love stuff on MReporter like yours

  52. Boba DeLarge

    Boba DeLarge4 months ago

    13 hectares?, how many liters of kerosene is that??

  53. Mandy Torres

    Mandy Torres4 months ago

    that is so cool. I want to watch this every day but i'm still mad that my mom put her email on here so life's life but I loved this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Artiscent

    Artiscent4 months ago

    Wow those paintings look realistic

  55. Amir Alam

    Amir Alam4 months ago

    Any chance you could explore Mauritius East Africa Coyote!??

  56. lucas ge

    lucas ge4 months ago

    i seen some in Africa when i was on a adventure in a massive cave

  57. Christian Vargas

    Christian Vargas4 months ago

    Did someone say b**** in 8:59

  58. Christian Vargas

    Christian Vargas4 months ago

    Did someone say b****

  59. Constance Polite

    Constance Polite4 months ago


  60. Imaspecofdust

    Imaspecofdust4 months ago

    Now I'm just thinking of the croods

  61. Zachary Kanyae

    Zachary Kanyae4 months ago

    How did you meet mark like if you want to know

  62. Bisu Tamling

    Bisu Tamling4 months ago

    Aren't you basically touching some type of poo right???

  63. Øfficial TøNZZ

    Øfficial TøNZZ4 months ago

    hmmmmm ima draw some paintings 100s of years later millions of people see them

  64. Shane Ross Petersen

    Shane Ross Petersen4 months ago

    I’m South African also and I’ve discovered some bushman paintings myself

  65. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz4 months ago

    Just google "Chauvet Cave"

  66. Esbe ii

    Esbe ii4 months ago

    I live in south africa and everytime we go hiking we see those marks

  67. Zabahsj Bzhjsjz

    Zabahsj Bzhjsjz4 months ago

    Its animal blood or a stone

  68. anand mungroo

    anand mungroo4 months ago

    How when i uses to draw on walls my parents gave me time out but these ancient ppl didnt ?!?!?!?! Wassup parents we be ancient toddlers lol

  69. GaKer

    GaKer4 months ago

    Are the first humans tall? Coz look at the drawings... the drawings are so high....

  70. Always Arabella

    Always Arabella4 months ago

    Who skipped the part where they saw the painings?

  71. Memes have short lifespans

    Memes have short lifespans4 months ago

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  72. Shailaja Rani Bangaru

    Shailaja Rani Bangaru4 months ago

    Its looks like the running man (the thumb nail)

  73. DoggyBuilds

    DoggyBuilds4 months ago

    Oh, Hi mark.

  74. Luciana Borba

    Luciana Borba4 months ago

    Watched this In history

  75. EvanTheLad

    EvanTheLad4 months ago

    It’s sad that cave men are better at drawing than me

  76. hi hello

    hi hello4 months ago

    People use their own blood😁

  77. Kestutis Strazdas

    Kestutis Strazdas4 months ago

    That wrangler tho

  78. Lincoln Van Ryswyk

    Lincoln Van Ryswyk4 months ago

    If you go to jabiru Australia Northern Territory you will see lots of rock art tens of thousands years old I just went there and it was amazing

  79. Liberty Casaclang

    Liberty Casaclang4 months ago

    Ment male

  80. Liberty Casaclang

    Liberty Casaclang4 months ago

    Ha mail part

  81. Tim Gann

    Tim Gann4 months ago

    They obviously just drew a lot of guys with dicks on the wall..

  82. Keanu Samuel

    Keanu Samuel4 months ago

    There is a boy in South Africa in the Limpopo province that was raised by baboons his name was Koosie

  83. Freya's life

    Freya's life4 months ago

    Whil watching this I got a funny feeling like if u agree

  84. Freya's life

    Freya's life4 months ago


  85. noro inc.

    noro inc.4 months ago

    I don’t find this believable, maybe I’m wrong but I know they rarely painted humans. Very rarely. And the cave painting on this video are on the cliff side and all people. How tf did the paintings survive on the cliff side. Cave painting were preserved because they were deep inside the caves.

  86. robin humphries

    robin humphries4 months ago

    i am watching you project zogo


    XD MELLIODAS4 months ago

    its a hand in 7:00

  88. Asher Irwin

    Asher Irwin4 months ago

    WHY would you say that ...

  89. Fantasy cake animation animatrix alpha

    Fantasy cake animation animatrix alpha4 months ago

    You are in Africa were I was raised but right now I’m in England Plz come to England for a tour or something

  90. Ranstone

    Ranstone4 months ago

    I love how he says "SubSCrrIIIIIbe!".


    GAMER JAC4 months ago

    The history of howard the alien

  92. Kidz Quiz

    Kidz Quiz5 months ago

    Where is cave?

  93. night nova

    night nova5 months ago

    Hidden by everyone Me: not animals

  94. The Dry bones gaming show

    The Dry bones gaming show5 months ago

    Wow There a better drawer then me :I

  95. Cute panda girl

    Cute panda girl5 months ago

    O.M.G 👯 so cool😎

  96. iipxnda

    iipxnda5 months ago

    I wish you saw this when I was doing my homework cuz I was learning about cave painting ;-; lol

  97. Shayley Hope

    Shayley Hope5 months ago

    Wow. Your adventures are always so interesting an amazing!! Thank you for sharing!!

  98. animal Channel

    animal Channel5 months ago

    Are they called petroglyphs?

  99. canarin noiado

    canarin noiado5 months ago

    Super cool

  100. Rook Castle

    Rook Castle5 months ago

    You just saved history. Do it again

  101. Azeema Abdul Raheem

    Azeema Abdul Raheem5 months ago

    wow really you discovered a cave cool an ancient cave😉🐫🗻🏕🏖🌏🌐🗺

  102. SweetSteak12

    SweetSteak125 months ago