We DISCOVERED Ancient Cave Paintings!


  1. Mackyme Porteza

    Mackyme Porteza25 minutes ago

    The color tone of this video is unpleasant to some eyes

  2. Acapulco Gold Pablo

    Acapulco Gold Pablo59 minutes ago

    I was the model for that one male painting.

  3. Evan Bono coolly

    Evan Bono coolly2 hours ago

    South Africa is the cradle of mankind I’m pretty sure it’s tens of thousands of years old or even more

  4. Haziq Raduan

    Haziq Raduan8 hours ago

    This place sure AWFUL!!! Full of ginies 👺

  5. Katie L

    Katie L12 hours ago

    “That one’s definitely a male” -Coyote Petersen 2018

  6. S0PH13_980

    S0PH13_98015 hours ago

    Coyote and team, can you visit Egypt ( my favourite country ) And look for bugs and plants on the grass near he River Nile?

  7. Fanny Campus Youth

    Fanny Campus Youth17 hours ago

    Coyote: woah, look at this! Me: What? 144p?

  8. Robotic Unicorn

    Robotic UnicornDay ago

    This was so interesting!

  9. Emmanuel Adao

    Emmanuel AdaoDay ago

    Am i only the one who saw skulls???

  10. Alex Dawn

    Alex DawnDay ago

    But what were they painted with?

  11. G Hoop

    G Hoop2 days ago

    So you didn’t really “DISCOVER” the paintings

  12. Jennifer HO

    Jennifer HO2 days ago

    How do you know that this is hundred years ago

  13. SSeAs0nsChaNgE PokemonB.O.A

    SSeAs0nsChaNgE PokemonB.O.A2 days ago

    More like Egyptian

  14. Isaac Marquez

    Isaac Marquez2 days ago

    The painting of that they think looks like an elephant looks more like a long necks tail. And you can actually see the long necks neck. That's pretty cool

  15. Ezekial Tube

    Ezekial Tube2 days ago

    Can you go to Philippines

  16. potato face yt

    potato face yt2 days ago

    Coyte is now father nature

  17. Joe Joe's World

    Joe Joe's World2 days ago

    That's so coo- amazing I wish I could be there!!!♡♡

  18. kollin seek

    kollin seek3 days ago

    Misleading title, I was really hoping he would go into a cave and uncover pics not the side of a cliff, that’s not a cave painting at that point, it’s a painting

  19. Ultra Instinct Warrior

    Ultra Instinct Warrior3 days ago

    Was that male's umm...Male part really...?that long? its as long as his torso on the painting

  20. HardLight Hub

    HardLight Hub3 days ago

    Its a place where you'll soon be treated like an animal Coyote. And you know why, "boar"

  21. raymond Tzun

    raymond Tzun4 days ago

    Cooooooool video

  22. Natalie Bailey

    Natalie Bailey4 days ago




    I think those sightseeing videos are a nice change of pace. Somehow it's all flowing together, animals, nature, but also mysterious manmade structures or, in this case, paintings. It's all adventurous.

  24. Applehead Defender

    Applehead Defender4 days ago

    Hang out xD


    DXDDY VASQUEZ4 days ago

    Dig balls!!

  26. Arshad Jamal

    Arshad Jamal4 days ago

    if the ancient cave man are spying on coyote and mark and mario and said,humains are in the teritory,l'est get them

  27. TheGalacticWolf Playz

    TheGalacticWolf Playz4 days ago

    This reminded me of Jumanji for some reason

  28. francheska badecao

    francheska badecao4 days ago

    Hey cayote what if you explore whats inside

  29. justin janssen

    justin janssen4 days ago

    Exercise current intervention away injure long massive drunk explanation benefit charge flame.

  30. Peter Holman

    Peter Holman5 days ago

    Its red bird poo.


    PIGEON MAN5 days ago

    Indiana Peterson Raiders of the found paintings

  32. Pete The Cat Boi

    Pete The Cat Boi5 days ago

    That painting is Howard the alien

  33. Ally_Zeh_BunnehXD Ello my name is ally :P

    Ally_Zeh_BunnehXD Ello my name is ally :P5 days ago

    did you know that people in the hundreds or maybe thousands were as tall as a mansion? .o. like if this mind blowing

  34. HarryBaalz

    HarryBaalz5 days ago

    That's really amazing! i want to do that sometime for sure!

  35. roaring pig

    roaring pig5 days ago

    Hey Coyote you should make a video of going to the Turtle Island in Costa Rica

  36. jaunpa 2214

    jaunpa 22145 days ago

    this reminds me of rise of the tomb raider without killing

  37. IAIDEN2007

    IAIDEN20075 days ago

    I wish I had coyotes life

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  39. Ryan Weatherford

    Ryan Weatherford6 days ago

    this is good content, more like this please

  40. I Come For the Comments

    I Come For the Comments6 days ago

    It’s sad that those drawings are better than mine...

  41. Sanan Shah

    Sanan Shah6 days ago

    How come the steering wheel is on the right and not on the left

  42. William Parr

    William Parr6 days ago

    "Notice the male part" XD

  43. Renegade Raider

    Renegade Raider6 days ago

    Male part😂

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    great discovery!

  45. Tiffany Saiyuki

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    I LOVE THIS!!!

  46. Bullet - Agario

    Bullet - Agario7 days ago

    Mark:You alright?

  47. Retired and Prepping

    Retired and Prepping7 days ago

    Wow that is so interesting. No telling how old these are. I subbed your channel and want to see what you do next.

  48. al pachino

    al pachino7 days ago

    This is so amazing. You're very lucky to find such rare, historical paintings!

  49. Owl lover

    Owl lover7 days ago

    Mabe the Crouds are real because the Crouds draw on wallls

  50. Letho of Gulet

    Letho of Gulet7 days ago

    Definitely a male.. LMAO.

  51. AntsCanada

    AntsCanada7 days ago

    Prehistoric graffiti! Awesome!

  52. Special Tof

    Special Tof7 days ago

    I found a taruntala wasp on a tree in the video

  53. Y.N.D.N diy's

    Y.N.D.N diy's7 days ago

    This takes me back to Indiana Jones and Wild crats.

  54. kool

    kool7 days ago

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    Wow 😲

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    that is soon cool

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    go to Egypt next and go in a paramide

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    Whoa nice dude :P luv ur vids "STAY BRAVE,STAY WILD AND WE'L SE YOU ON THE NEXT ADVENTURE" :D i subscribe and like :D

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    QUARTERMASTER_EMI68 days ago

    +Brave Wilderness _Coyote, have you and the team ever been on location to the caves around the Grand Cayon?_ There is some Native American art I've been told that are around the systems of trails that meet with the edge of the canyon.

  64. Abby's World

    Abby's World8 days ago

    You should to Sedona Arizona were you can find stuff like that I went there it was so much fun and so interesting 😃

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    Is it just me or does it look like I’m ever episode there in the same outfit XD

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  68. I'm all about SEVENTEEN

    I'm all about SEVENTEEN8 days ago

    whyyyy.....when old people paints on wall it s priceless...but when i paint a reaally cool picture in our wall my mom just keeps yelling at me...i wanted to make a history of my own😂😂

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    your so brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Uh trash Indiana! Coyote is a better explorer! Who agrees?



    when would you guys come to Nigeria I love your videos but I wish you could come in person i could show you around

  73. Zai Cuevas

    Zai Cuevas8 days ago

    i know this isn't the topic of the video that im sayng but,for me hes like a demi god XDDDDDDDD cause hes been bit by some insects like the cow killer

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    Hey coyote we are going out to the lake in a few weeks for some fish do you think if it is possible make a video on how to remove a tick? I know it seems kinda silly but may come in handy.🙂

  76. Niang Nuam

    Niang Nuam9 days ago

    when i watch this it reminds of The Croods

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    I painted those last month

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    Wowwwww so cool

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    Call a scientist or someone

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    True Fact they used blood to draw

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    that's is my first time see a history painting WOW!!!!!!

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    They are called San people who made those paintings

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    This video makes me feel old.

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    My religion is Born again Pretty sure Im the one who did that😂

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    Hey if need to drive there just ask me because I go to Indonesia every year

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    Image It Was Just Some Kid’s Graffeti

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    I'm aboriginal 👍🏽

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    I love history so much

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    Have you been in Wakanda?

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    Notice the male part

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    Coyote is the next Indiana Jones XD

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    wow what a coinsidence his name matches his career

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    Is this true

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    Loved this

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    Wow...Incredible that you can still see the the ancient paintings, it’s unbelievable.