Avengers Endgame Infinity Gauntlet Made out of Magnets!


  1. Vat19

    Vat1910 months ago

    If we are ever able to have Edo come back and build something else with NanoDots, what should it be?

  2. Stefano/TheBigDank

    Stefano/TheBigDank10 days ago


  3. Ripjaw

    Ripjaw14 days ago

    Thanos himself.

  4. Mr. Liquid Turtle 97

    Mr. Liquid Turtle 9714 days ago

    Clout Goggles

  5. aubhey toor

    aubhey toor15 days ago

    Thor’s hammer or Mario’s hat

  6. Yael Chanon

    Yael Chanon16 days ago

    A Sega Genesis

  7. teo cuber

    teo cuber2 minutes ago

    R.I.P thanos

  8. Damond Meza

    Damond MezaHour ago

    He destroyed the glove because he doesn't want it in vat 19

  9. Adventurer20

    Adventurer20Hour ago

    The title changed to put endgame in it lol

  10. SpiderMonkeyStudios

    SpiderMonkeyStudios2 hours ago

    Did they seriously change the name to avengers endgame infinity gauntlet after the end game trailer came out

  11. All George #saveyourinternet

    All George #saveyourinternet2 hours ago

    They should put their adverts on tv

  12. Aiden Negrete

    Aiden Negrete5 hours ago

    They said endgame but its infinity war

  13. Change Master

    Change Master7 hours ago

    Avengers end game gauntlet (the name of the next movie)

  14. Reese TV Music

    Reese TV Music7 hours ago

    Using a bunch of cute sweet tiny magnet balls to make a weapon that destroyed the universe.

  15. EPIC Rae!

    EPIC Rae!9 hours ago

    HEY Vat19 *Lets call them THANO DOTS*

  16. No Subscriber with no vids

    No Subscriber with no vids10 hours ago

    *Infinity Memelet*

  17. Chito Go

    Chito Go12 hours ago

    Can you wear it?

  18. Kriosis Reborn

    Kriosis Reborn17 hours ago

    this was Dr. Strange's plan all along

  19. Brenden S

    Brenden S17 hours ago

    A miniature car

  20. Brenden S

    Brenden S17 hours ago

    A car


    DUN LETS GO18 hours ago

    Why does it remind me of minecraft

  22. Edilene Faleiro

    Edilene Faleiro19 hours ago

    Omg and amazing

  23. Stormii

    Stormii20 hours ago

    Thanks taken to a whole new level.

  24. JustBilly123

    JustBilly12321 hour ago

    Uhh endgame?

  25. Kieran Lapointe

    Kieran Lapointe23 hours ago

    You leaked the name to avengers part 2 of infinity war

  26. Geof Castle

    Geof CastleDay ago

    What if thanos is right handed

  27. PZ27 The DNA Sampler

    PZ27 The DNA SamplerDay ago

    At least half the world won't die

  28. Raven502

    Raven502Day ago

    Can i have 1000 of these?

  29. Apple Doggo

    Apple DoggoDay ago

    Now this... this video puts a smile to my face

  30. Mark LUMABI

    Mark LUMABIDay ago

    title says endgame

  31. Deathlord Gaming

    Deathlord GamingDay ago

    All the music in this video is way too dramatic

  32. The ultimate Savini Jason0285

    The ultimate Savini Jason02852 days ago

    How to defeat thanos 👌 1:50

  33. Kimberly Mauss

    Kimberly Mauss2 days ago


  34. Ana Bonilla

    Ana Bonilla3 days ago

    Why did you put it more expensive than the turbospok

  35. A Travelling Bleach

    A Travelling Bleach3 days ago

    Vat19 teaches you how to beat Thanos

  36. Springtrap TV

    Springtrap TV3 days ago

    What, did you re-upload this because I saw this video a year ago and this came out a few days ago so....

  37. 21 savage cat

    21 savage cat3 days ago

    Build big chungus

  38. p6n

    p6n3 days ago

    I can barley make a square with, tose

  39. Fish Biscuit

    Fish Biscuit3 days ago

    So all we needed to do was just turn the infinity gauntlet into a addicting crushing sensation.

  40. Jack Mc

    Jack Mc4 days ago

    Make a dog with magnets

  41. yoyo johnny 67

    yoyo johnny 674 days ago


  42. jvay heng1

    jvay heng14 days ago


  43. Chrysolite Vagai

    Chrysolite Vagai4 days ago

    So we just clicked on this video to see a man make a hand and put gems on it 😮

  44. Byron Berk

    Byron Berk4 days ago

    Snap, gone

  45. Laura Madson

    Laura Madson5 days ago

    Thanks can not snap any more

  46. firas drissi

    firas drissi5 days ago

    The shit fucking crazy

  47. Its Coming Home

    Its Coming Home6 days ago

    I guess its now the... Infinity Gone-let

  48. NOVA SQUAD 91

    NOVA SQUAD 916 days ago


  49. Thanos

    Thanos6 days ago

    i am gonna kidnap that guy and tell him to build me my Infinity Gauntlet

  50. Marcus Clemons

    Marcus Clemons6 days ago

    1:53 *Thanos Has Left The Chat*

  51. Teenboy08 Animations

    Teenboy08 Animations7 days ago

    This is thanos’s end

  52. BlackTiger [GAMES]

    BlackTiger [GAMES]7 days ago

    Its an human 3D printer

  53. Teemu Kyllonen

    Teemu Kyllonen7 days ago


  54. Kha Truong

    Kha Truong7 days ago


  55. GD MewPinkCat

    GD MewPinkCat7 days ago

    It’s more fun to break then build!

  56. Theodreik Trasmonte

    Theodreik Trasmonte8 days ago


  57. Theodreik Trasmonte

    Theodreik Trasmonte8 days ago

    I miss stan lee marvel comics legend...

  58. Audrey Gilbert

    Audrey Gilbert8 days ago

    How to win Infinity war endgame

  59. Daniel Ito

    Daniel Ito9 days ago

    lel rip stan lee

  60. Mightymoin

    Mightymoin9 days ago


  61. kareem arar

    kareem arar9 days ago

    1:47 wow you completed this in only 6 hours! A few seconds later: you spent forever on that!

  62. kareem arar

    kareem arar5 hours ago

    +Mew2is 2good4u2YT actually that would be a metaphor

  63. Mew2is 2good4u2YT

    Mew2is 2good4u2YT16 hours ago

    kareem arar it’s called a “hyperbole”

  64. nic hamlin

    nic hamlin10 days ago

    now there will be no snap

  65. EdwinPlayzYT

    EdwinPlayzYT10 days ago

    Now it's called a gone t lent

  66. Kenneth Jostner

    Kenneth Jostner11 days ago

    Do more

  67. BerryBicuits 2007

    BerryBicuits 200711 days ago

    It’s almost like Minecraft but better because you can’t kill your Minecraft dog accidentally

  68. Syeda Akter

    Syeda Akter11 days ago

    SO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Charles Schultz

    Charles Schultz11 days ago

    This is a re upload with a different title

  70. αιρηα Ξ

    αιρηα Ξ11 days ago

    Mr.stark This memes is dead

  71. Doggygamer 2000

    Doggygamer 200011 days ago

    I took a look I thought to my self than I realized don’t even try its impossible

  72. Shannan Bonser

    Shannan Bonser12 days ago

    Next week we need to make super man

  73. fatima abid

    fatima abid12 days ago


  74. gâçhã śtãr

    gâçhã śtãr12 days ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

  75. Mysterion /kenny

    Mysterion /kenny12 days ago

    Mad lad can beat thanos without the stones

  76. Emma the Unicorn

    Emma the Unicorn12 days ago

    Notice how the title says “endgame” and avengers endgame isn’t even out yet...

  77. Cool guy 101

    Cool guy 10112 days ago

    he should build a deer stan

  78. Erik Marin

    Erik Marin12 days ago

    Wonder if you can wear it

  79. Hank Dudek

    Hank Dudek12 days ago

    This man is a living 3-D printer.

  80. Harry potter and pokemon boy

    Harry potter and pokemon boy12 days ago

    Well at least thanos can't destroy the world again that's a win

  81. Minecraft GamerXO0

    Minecraft GamerXO013 days ago

    Edd edo

  82. weird flamingo

    weird flamingo13 days ago

    Who in God's name is stan Lee?????? Edit:Auto correct did that to me I didn't mean stable lee I meant Stan lee

  83. Ocelot Plush

    Ocelot Plush13 days ago

    Don't know.

  84. Frank[GD]

    Frank[GD]13 days ago

    i wanna wear it 😳

  85. Zoe Kliethermes

    Zoe Kliethermes13 days ago

    Aye vat19 is in Missouri me too😂

  86. The Way Of The Geek

    The Way Of The Geek13 days ago


  87. Reece Mcmullan

    Reece Mcmullan13 days ago

    How about stan lee?

  88. Maryam Tambra

    Maryam Tambra13 days ago

    1:32 before & 2:04 the infinity gauntlet is gone 😂😂😂😂

  89. Tuturu !!

    Tuturu !!13 days ago


  90. ThaCHUBBmonster

    ThaCHUBBmonster13 days ago

    That guy is really talented

  91. Vaporizer gaming

    Vaporizer gaming13 days ago

    Lol they changed the title from infinity war to endgame

  92. El_ PoTaTo

    El_ PoTaTo13 days ago

    Vaporizer gaming ikr

  93. FlamedCenturion Gamez

    FlamedCenturion Gamez13 days ago

    Can someone pls watch my memeish video I made Here’s the link mreporter.net/v/video-stK1wyEwM3E.html

  94. FlamedCenturion Gamez

    FlamedCenturion Gamez13 days ago

    StRaNgEr DaNgEr

  95. Vedant Prabhu

    Vedant Prabhu13 days ago

    Thanos want to know your location

  96. Online Omnic

    Online Omnic14 days ago

    The infinity gaultlet is infinity gone

  97. gaming monkey force

    gaming monkey force14 days ago

    Chow did they know it was endgame because the trailer came out like 3 months ago and this video was made 9 months ago?

  98. baguettes

    baguettes13 days ago

    They changed the title it was originally infinity war but its endgame now

  99. Shrekkid 56

    Shrekkid 5614 days ago

    *Thanos wants to know your location*

  100. Jayce Schreiber

    Jayce Schreiber14 days ago


  101. Julie Yang

    Julie Yang14 days ago

    I have them too I buyed it

  102. SuperParrotPrince MC

    SuperParrotPrince MC14 days ago

    1:54 Avengers 4

  103. cookietheif Gachaandotherstuff

    cookietheif Gachaandotherstuff14 days ago


  104. Grzegorz K.

    Grzegorz K.14 days ago

    It's a master piece!!!

  105. Johannes Stentoft

    Johannes Stentoft14 days ago

    You saved the half of the universe😱

  106. Nosie

    Nosie14 days ago

    The new movie is endgame this was published 2018 March

  107. Ginger Latte

    Ginger Latte14 days ago

    My point!

  108. Michael diamonds cuter!!

    Michael diamonds cuter!!14 days ago


  109. John Marston

    John Marston14 days ago

    Is he German?

  110. Az Gunner_

    Az Gunner_14 days ago

    Hold the fuck on it says avengers fucking endgame even though its may 2018 and there was not even a word about endgame until December What the fuck

  111. Stephanie Breaux

    Stephanie Breaux14 days ago

    LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL