We built the Infinity Gauntlet with 25,000 magnets!


  1. Vat19

    Vat197 months ago

    If we are ever able to have Edo come back and build something else with NanoDots, what should it be?

  2. The ZD tv show

    The ZD tv show22 days ago


  3. Bernardo Gonsalez

    Bernardo GonsalezMonth ago


  4. Javier Rojas

    Javier RojasMonth ago


  5. werts18

    werts18Month ago


  6. Fireball Gaming

    Fireball Gaming2 months ago


  7. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The Skeleton3 hours ago

    can he build a working system computer?

  8. Rad Red Guy

    Rad Red Guy3 hours ago

    Minecraft infinity gauntlet is more fucking like it. Blocky as shit.

  9. Chance Hackney

    Chance Hackney3 hours ago

    Why you make your vids so short

  10. Damian Sandoval

    Damian Sandoval6 hours ago


  11. ItzEchoz

    ItzEchoz16 hours ago

    Now build thanos car with legos

  12. Natalie Henderson

    Natalie HendersonDay ago

    A huge nano dot

  13. Ella PAet

    Ella PAetDay ago

    1:54 the infinity “gone”tlet

  14. Devender Sharma

    Devender SharmaDay ago


  15. Lisa Fulkerson

    Lisa Fulkerson2 days ago

    2:02 if only it was that easy in the movie.

  16. Jonah Disky

    Jonah Disky2 days ago

    where was this guy is the movie

  17. POLAR YT

    POLAR YT2 days ago

    the infinity gauntlet didn't feel so good in the end

  18. Shobhit Ranjan.

    Shobhit Ranjan.2 days ago

    Ad was so lovely

  19. Exalatron/Neite

    Exalatron/Neite2 days ago

    Yay! Making an Infinity Gauntlet with *THA-NO DOTS*

  20. sprayer1407

    sprayer14073 days ago

    He looks like Thanos edo

  21. ElectaGaming - Roblox and more

    ElectaGaming - Roblox and more3 days ago

    *snappity snap snap*

  22. josh Wild

    josh Wild3 days ago

    The real question is can you wear this

  23. josh Wild

    josh Wild12 hours ago

    I think you can

  24. Yong Britt

    Yong BrittDay ago

    Property not

  25. Prisma Can

    Prisma Can4 days ago

    (Snaps fingers) Oh, wait these are magnets. Now my hands are stuck.

  26. Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz5 days ago

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  27. ItsMay :Bloxburg Tales

    ItsMay :Bloxburg Tales5 days ago


  28. Jessica Evans

    Jessica Evans5 days ago

    It would take me ummm........ .....a week 🤓🤓

  29. Len Neang

    Len Neang5 days ago

    Where is the pinky

  30. Tectonic Synclair

    Tectonic Synclair5 days ago

    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s see how long it is until this magnet company gets banned into bankruptcy like the others.

  31. Bananarama _

    Bananarama _5 days ago

    Avengers 4 trailer.

  32. TheSuperSaiyanPikachu

    TheSuperSaiyanPikachu6 days ago

    It is great. But it's way too flat. Maybe add a bit more detail

  33. RainBowFlyingUniKitty-2

    RainBowFlyingUniKitty-26 days ago

    I’m dying inside because of this vid

  34. Ace Deleon

    Ace Deleon6 days ago

    Ugly trush

  35. Marcos Feng

    Marcos Feng6 days ago

    My birth day was in this day

  36. Oswaldo Lopez

    Oswaldo Lopez6 days ago


  37. Oswaldo Lopez

    Oswaldo Lopez6 days ago

    Do o

  38. Noel Free

    Noel Free6 days ago

    It looks hard!!!

  39. Satyam Dixit

    Satyam Dixit6 days ago


  40. Pamela Ortiz

    Pamela Ortiz7 days ago

    Where did you get it

  41. SaltyBoii

    SaltyBoii7 days ago

    Better than my 3d printer

  42. Thanos The legend

    Thanos The legend7 days ago

    It would be helpful if you built a house in Africa

  43. _meme_ man

    _meme_ man7 days ago

    Vat: we should put this on permanent display Edo: Well ACTUALLY you can just crush it 😎 Me: looks like edo didnt want it on permanent display

  44. A normal User

    A normal User7 days ago

    id ont f eel so good

  45. efraim gohetia

    efraim gohetia7 days ago

    Have I seen this before on another vid

  46. Thazeng Vang

    Thazeng Vang8 days ago

    If my teacher was like “now students we have to make a infinity gauntlet out of nano bots ok” I will be like but how and I will say O hell nah

  47. Jon Lee Truman

    Jon Lee Truman8 days ago

    U should have tried it on

  48. Yåəłovsky Gønzálež

    Yåəłovsky Gønzálež8 days ago

    Please bulid me a girlfriend

  49. Aship 1120

    Aship 11208 days ago

    1:50 Thanos wouldn’t approve.

  50. VX Depthzz

    VX Depthzz8 days ago

    Could've added some detail to it

  51. MakenziTDFR The Main Flash Rod

    MakenziTDFR The Main Flash Rod8 days ago

    How to destroy the infinity gauntlet Just squeeze it

  52. 내몸무개 구독자수라우

    내몸무개 구독자수라우8 days ago


  53. Dj Amador

    Dj Amador9 days ago

    You are awesome! >w

  54. JuicyBanoona

    JuicyBanoona9 days ago

    More like... Thano Dots

  55. Marcus Haouliy

    Marcus Haouliy9 days ago

    T h a n o s h a s k e f t t h e c h a t

  56. Janet Lee met chen

    Janet Lee met chen9 days ago


  57. Janet Lee met chen

    Janet Lee met chen9 days ago


  58. Sharifah Ismail

    Sharifah Ismail9 days ago


  59. The Indomaster

    The Indomaster10 days ago

    The infinitey gonelet I can't sbell

  60. RinSama

    RinSama10 days ago

    I bet this took 6 hours

  61. SSly__

    SSly__10 days ago

    Out of everything to do in life he chose to be a professional nano dot builder... Garfield would be proud

  62. annaalmao

    annaalmao10 days ago


  63. Benjamin Chen

    Benjamin Chen10 days ago

    Can he make the infinity blade weapons in the infinity balde

  64. Mystical Killer

    Mystical Killer11 days ago

    Oh No

  65. Franklin Alcantara

    Franklin Alcantara11 days ago

    Dd ffi

  66. Gaming Roblox2007

    Gaming Roblox200711 days ago

    I like how vat 19 said WE built but one person did it

  67. Zapnu Hola

    Zapnu Hola11 days ago

    Make a penis cumming..

  68. Cheezypuff _

    Cheezypuff _11 days ago

    * when thanks listens to music * *snap snap snap*

  69. chanthy yang

    chanthy yang11 days ago

    Nano dots? More like... Thanos dots

  70. Nuzhat Baig

    Nuzhat Baig11 days ago

    "Were gonna put this on permanent set on vat19" Nope ma work ma choice wut I do with it *crushes*

  71. RynSpin

    RynSpin11 days ago


  72. AlexisHappy •×•

    AlexisHappy •×•11 days ago


  73. ruizheng sun

    ruizheng sun11 days ago

    I can't believe it!!!!!

  74. Liam O'Brien

    Liam O'Brien12 days ago

    I like speks

  75. 3kTristan 07

    3kTristan 0712 days ago

    T H A N O S I S H E R E D A D D Y

  76. Tundra

    Tundra12 days ago

    Instead of "WE built the infinity gauntlet..." it should be "HE built the infinity gauntlet.."

  77. Meher Ghura

    Meher Ghura12 days ago

    Can I get those magnets

  78. Dr. 2xChampion

    Dr. 2xChampion13 days ago

    0:08 how did he make that? I want to do that with my maynets

  79. IconicallyToxic

    IconicallyToxic13 days ago


  80. Ke'J Reed

    Ke'J Reed13 days ago

    infinity gauntlet Mark 1

  81. Ethan Hetrick

    Ethan Hetrick15 days ago

    What do you want to eat snack v

  82. PlushieWorld 693

    PlushieWorld 69315 days ago


  83. TorSGaming

    TorSGaming15 days ago

    Can you snap with it

  84. Mymikyu Plays

    Mymikyu Plays16 days ago

    end be like: infinity gauntlet? more like infinity GONE-tlet

  85. Julian Smidt

    Julian Smidt16 days ago

    The infintully gonelant

  86. Boor Orbo

    Boor Orbo16 days ago

    You are amaizing

  87. Jayesh Sonkusare

    Jayesh Sonkusare16 days ago

    This is fun..come...join..😂😂😂

  88. Spider Man

    Spider Man17 days ago

    now we know what will happen in part 2

  89. CUBIX

    CUBIX17 days ago

    Well now the snapping can’t happen

  90. Devotee Proxy

    Devotee Proxy17 days ago

    Them: So who do you work as? Me: I'm a World Class Nanodot Builder. Them: So.... you're homeless? Me: .....yeah.

  91. Bananarama _

    Bananarama _18 days ago

    Thanosdots *tm

  92. Christopher Eng

    Christopher Eng18 days ago

    Edo be like “Fine I’ll do it myself”

  93. FerretFoxerFive

    FerretFoxerFive18 days ago

    It's not "infinity gauntlet" it's *T h a n o s G l o v e*

  94. lamp time

    lamp time19 days ago

    I don't feel so good

  95. XavierG

    XavierG19 days ago

    Can he build a A real life looking structure of somebody face

  96. Dat_ Guy

    Dat_ Guy19 days ago

    The infinity gauntlet snapped its self away from existence

  97. queenangelina

    queenangelina19 days ago

    I’m going to make that


    LIZZA MARTINEZ19 days ago

    This is for stan lee like if miss him😍😣

  99. Voyatoran

    Voyatoran20 days ago

    Jet williams: I don’t feel so good

  100. Mango

    Mango20 days ago

    Ie t is five gems not siks

  101. pokeyinmypocket {brony VA}

    pokeyinmypocket {brony VA}20 days ago

    The fact that be distorted it afterwards is sooo satisfying...in a artist perspective

  102. jessie james reponte

    jessie james reponte20 days ago

    wat we build wen he gas the only one

  103. Pinkie Pop Thuy Vy

    Pinkie Pop Thuy Vy20 days ago

    You are too strong because you broke it

  104. Anida Scenez

    Anida Scenez20 days ago

    "WE"!? Wow! Only Edo made the Gaunlet you guys are liars

  105. THE GAMER

    THE GAMER21 day ago

    All This Building..... *AND STILL NO WATER😢*

  106. Frisk The Human

    Frisk The Human22 days ago


  107. Eva Zulaikha Abdullah

    Eva Zulaikha Abdullah24 days ago

    Make the vat19 logo