We built the Infinity Gauntlet with 25,000 magnets!


  1. Vat19

    Vat192 months ago

    If we are ever able to have Edo come back and build something else with NanoDots, what should it be?

  2. Carlo 895

    Carlo 895Month ago

    Yesss, ultimate answer!

  3. Felicia Bates

    Felicia BatesMonth ago

    Vat19 The vat19 logo

  4. sweetp700

    sweetp700Month ago

    Vat19 yep

  5. YourFace

    YourFaceMonth ago

    500th comment lol

  6. Louise RobertEdison

    Louise RobertEdisonMonth ago


  7. Huh Jenny

    Huh Jenny8 hours ago

    Human 3D magnet printer

  8. JuanCarlos moon

    JuanCarlos moon11 hours ago

    So cool

  9. Isla’s STUFFZ

    Isla’s STUFFZ17 hours ago

    I can do this mreporter.net/v/video-i8nJAz_n7go.html

  10. GenieKing

    GenieKingDay ago

    does it have a bottle opener

  11. Max Gummi Cat

    Max Gummi CatDay ago

    "Mr. Stark.. I don't feel so good"

  12. EnderRyzen

    EnderRyzenDay ago

    Hah, Infinity Gone-tlet

  13. comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squid

    comedian puppy corn wack a doodle squidDay ago

    NANODOTS BUILDER? I didn't even know this existed

  14. Dedshok

    DedshokDay ago

    thanosee boi

  15. Zohair Vlogs

    Zohair Vlogs2 days ago

    How to destroy the infinity Gauntlet “Call Edo”

  16. Slightly fox

    Slightly fox2 days ago

    Destiny arrives

  17. L R

    L R2 days ago

    The edo guy looks like Thanos

  18. Jack Engel

    Jack Engel2 days ago

    looks like Thanos won't bother us anymore

  19. Mystery man

    Mystery man2 days ago

    1:53 *TRIGGERED*

  20. RangeGamer Official

    RangeGamer Official2 days ago

    Nano dots reminds me of the magnetic thing is big hero 6...

  21. Daniel Andrade

    Daniel Andrade2 days ago

    Keep it up eedo or idoo

  22. Neala Sweeney

    Neala Sweeney2 days ago


  23. Quiik YT

    Quiik YT2 days ago

    the infinity GONElet

  24. LifeGeeks™

    LifeGeeks™2 days ago

    Now this... does put a smile on Thanos' face.

  25. DJ_Nugget

    DJ_Nugget2 days ago

    the title should be "He built the infinity gauntlet with 25,000 magnets!"

  26. TheTickster 2000

    TheTickster 20002 days ago


  27. Nyan cat

    Nyan cat3 days ago

    He looks like thanos

  28. Jennifer Manalo

    Jennifer Manalo3 days ago

    Infinity gone-tlet

  29. Kentkenny

    Kentkenny3 days ago

    ohaw ma gawd

  30. The Generalissimo

    The Generalissimo3 days ago

    Weren't these banned? I know buckyballs were, and it was a blanket ban on similar items.

  31. Doggy AMG

    Doggy AMG3 days ago

    1:50 Alternate ending to Infinity War

  32. Cloud Storm11

    Cloud Storm113 days ago

    2:04 you should’ve added Thanos has been defeated.

  33. the ink demon will return

    the ink demon will return3 days ago

    Nano dots thanos dots

  34. glitche n' stitch

    glitche n' stitch3 days ago

    saying that they did it even tho they hired someone *outside* of their company to do it...

  35. Kevin

    Kevin3 days ago

    1:50 That's how Avengers 4 is gonna end. They are just gonna crush the gauntlet and win

  36. Doby Granger

    Doby Granger3 days ago

    You mean HE did?

  37. Heath 72 Larsen

    Heath 72 Larsen3 days ago


  38. Doggy Bobby

    Doggy Bobby2 days ago

    Heath 72 Larsen lol

  39. Mia Wicks

    Mia Wicks3 days ago

    nanodots 3D printer

  40. Atreyu Rui Abarintos

    Atreyu Rui Abarintos3 days ago

    I did not get my nanodots

  41. Rosemary Herrera

    Rosemary Herrera3 days ago


  42. Purple Girl

    Purple Girl3 days ago

    No way is that the tie fighter from star wars

  43. Purple Girl

    Purple Girl3 days ago

    Oddly satisfying

  44. sylwia bujek

    sylwia bujek3 days ago

    If This Was How The Real Movie Was,It Would Be Much Shorter

  45. Qudsia Malik

    Qudsia Malik3 days ago


  46. Voices

    Voices3 days ago

    We? I think you mean him, and only him. You just recorded him doing it.

  47. boby Kuruvila George

    boby Kuruvila George4 days ago

    Can you make megadots. Nanodots but bigger

  48. Brotastic21

    Brotastic214 days ago

    Then there are those people who disliked because it’s 94% magnet and 6% cheap gems.

  49. Yeth Norakreach

    Yeth Norakreach4 days ago

    Ow my eyes

  50. Mia Rahaman

    Mia Rahaman4 days ago

    Wwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! (All that work for nothing😒😒😒😒😑😑😑😑😑😑😑☹️☹️☹️☹️

  51. Troll Vids TR

    Troll Vids TR4 days ago

    You mean HE built it?

  52. FlatEarther

    FlatEarther4 days ago

    The infinity gauntley is GONE-tlet

  53. Sis Jej

    Sis Jej4 days ago

    I wonder if you can wear it

  54. Babylyn Labrador

    Babylyn Labrador4 days ago

    That's from fortnite!

  55. arbjagua r

    arbjagua r4 days ago

    Fun is not something one considers when balancing the fate of the universe but this, this puts a smile on my face

  56. W.D Gaster Master Blaster

    W.D Gaster Master Blaster4 days ago

    1:51 I don’t feel so good mr.stark

  57. Aireeka Azmir

    Aireeka Azmir4 days ago

    Wow just wow

  58. Tiago Oliveira

    Tiago Oliveira4 days ago

    Vat19: Infinity War Jamie - Captain America Jon - Iron Man Joey - Thor Eric - Hulk Kara - Black Widow Adam - Hawkeye Danny - Spider-Man And lastly... The Worlds Largest Gummy Bear - Thanos

  59. LeDonkly

    LeDonkly4 days ago

    Now do a life sized city

  60. Emily_Likes_Random_Stuff

    Emily_Likes_Random_Stuff5 days ago


  61. Jerus Patulot

    Jerus Patulot5 days ago


  62. Jason Wang

    Jason Wang5 days ago

    You should of put it on

  63. The YETI BEAST

    The YETI BEAST5 days ago

    We yeah sure I thought it was edo?!?!?

  64. Yusuf Mikaeel

    Yusuf Mikaeel5 days ago

    Infinity GONElent

  65. chhim panha pitou

    chhim panha pitou5 days ago

    Is it expensive if it expensive I don’t buy it ok

  66. Sasha Lin

    Sasha Lin5 days ago


  67. Adrian HO

    Adrian HO5 days ago

    Why not use coloured nanodots instead for the infinity stones

  68. Little Snow fox

    Little Snow fox5 days ago

    HOW on earth

  69. Some Buddy

    Some Buddy5 days ago

    If only they could do that in the movie ~Some Buddy

  70. Doodle User

    Doodle User5 days ago

    Some Buddy do you have little big planet

  71. Davis Pennell

    Davis Pennell5 days ago

    Close ur eyes from 1:57 to 2:03

  72. Pedro Emanuel

    Pedro Emanuel5 days ago

    Does the infinity gauntlet have 5 or 6 crystals I'm confused

  73. XxtherobloxandtheminecraftcutiexX :33

    XxtherobloxandtheminecraftcutiexX :335 days ago

    I didnt know the infinity gauntlet was so weak lol

  74. You_talking_to_m3

    You_talking_to_m35 days ago

    15 characters that can defeat thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet) in seconds: Edo

  75. SilentS

    SilentS5 days ago

    i didnt know Notch is a world class Nano Dots Builder :D

  76. Thijs Houben

    Thijs Houben5 days ago

    Infinity gonelet

  77. PixelGhostYoutube2007

    PixelGhostYoutube20076 days ago

    Ok, Thanos, all u need is this guy and 25,000 nanoballs and boom. World domination is yours

  78. mad gamer

    mad gamer6 days ago


  79. Bao Gia Nguyen (Bao)

    Bao Gia Nguyen (Bao)6 days ago


  80. jude TDM

    jude TDM6 days ago


  81. NothingIsHere

    NothingIsHere6 days ago

    *How to beat Thanos in seconds*

  82. TheInfamousWizard

    TheInfamousWizard6 days ago

    It really got to me when he destroyed it. Idk why

  83. DJ NinJA

    DJ NinJA6 days ago

    1:40 LOL

  84. Nick Gerse

    Nick Gerse6 days ago

    infinity *gone* tlet

  85. Mario Pangan

    Mario Pangan7 days ago

    I wanna where it

  86. Suuggaa Kpop

    Suuggaa Kpop7 days ago


  87. Christine JT

    Christine JT7 days ago

    Iron man helmet

  88. Christine JT

    Christine JT7 days ago

    Iron man helmet m

  89. Adam Marius Serna

    Adam Marius Serna7 days ago

    im doing wall pushups ;-;

  90. Alfie Gamer

    Alfie Gamer7 days ago


  91. Denneil1982

    Denneil19827 days ago

    Your car 🚗

  92. Kayla De souza

    Kayla De souza8 days ago

    HIVE ME A FREE GUMMY BEAR A BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i Live At Pasir is STRAIT 13

  93. Donna Rohr

    Donna Rohr8 days ago

    Oh my God you guys made this video on the day the day before I was born thank you I just love your vids

  94. 2's gang

    2's gang8 days ago


  95. Patricia Rivera

    Patricia Rivera8 days ago

    The infintygone it

  96. Gage Mitchell

    Gage Mitchell8 days ago

    it took me 3 days to build a nuketown cod construction set so imagining trying to do this

  97. Belle LPSCamo

    Belle LPSCamo9 days ago

    He should make a realistic looking cat or a robot you choose also you are amazing vat19!

  98. meme_master 27

    meme_master 279 days ago

    Top 10 people who could defeat Thanos (even with the Infinity gauntlet)

  99. WildKat

    WildKat9 days ago

    That Gauntlet is now a gone-tlet.


    ANDROID ADDICT9 days ago

    The shity version on the guntlet

  101. Morgan McGarvey

    Morgan McGarvey9 days ago

    This looks cool

  102. TheBuilder BOB

    TheBuilder BOB9 days ago

    Why didn’t you wear it

  103. Kayla R

    Kayla R9 days ago

    Shrek dies in infinity War

  104. Emerson Garmendia

    Emerson Garmendia9 days ago

    2:00 try not to get jealous challenge

  105. Emily K.

    Emily K.9 days ago

    I guess Vat19 Saved the universe.

  106. Shosho Altamimi

    Shosho Altamimi9 days ago

    Omg how did you crush it when he spend a ligit SIX HOURS ON THAT!!!!!! 😲 😮 oml

  107. Milos Rohr

    Milos Rohr9 days ago

    Infinity GONEtlet :D