We built the Infinity Gauntlet with 25,000 magnets!


  1. Vat19

    Vat194 months ago

    If we are ever able to have Edo come back and build something else with NanoDots, what should it be?

  2. Kris Tve

    Kris Tve17 days ago

    A vibrator

  3. Water Lemon

    Water Lemon17 days ago

    Yusufali Dostmohamed it's a hammer

  4. Doomdy Doomsday

    Doomdy DoomsdayMonth ago

    Vat19 johnny johnny yes papa eating sugar no papa telling lies no papa open your mouth ha ha ha

  5. Iron lord

    Iron lordMonth ago

    Vat19 Iron man's arc reactor!!!!

  6. Avery Roy

    Avery RoyMonth ago

    Vat19 hulk

  7. Sherri Olsen

    Sherri Olsen13 hours ago

    You Are Never Going To Guess Who Is The Best Person In The World (Read first word of my comment)

  8. nenz2009

    nenz200915 hours ago

    i want 78 magnets i live in malta

  9. Logan Loerzel

    Logan LoerzelDay ago

    Why is it satisfying to me when Edomite put down the magnets on the board thing?

  10. Thegamingorca

    ThegamingorcaDay ago

    In fast forward it looks like a 3D printer

  11. Katie Doge 101

    Katie Doge 101Day ago

    I love how they say "WE" but it's only that poor guy

  12. Arty 017

    Arty 017Day ago

    I made this at my house

  13. John Hill

    John HillDay ago

    Build a model of new York city with them

  14. jericho john Del rosario

    jericho john Del rosarioDay ago

    like this if i got you...... read more

  15. U Tube Magicians

    U Tube MagiciansDay ago

    Thats incridible 😰

  16. Ameena Ansary

    Ameena AnsaryDay ago

    Wow that was cool but you broke it😎

  17. David kovačić

    David kovačićDay ago


  18. Peachy Estrella

    Peachy EstrellaDay ago

    can I get free one of that please

  19. David Yun

    David YunDay ago

    The dude just got paid to build that and vat19 got nothing out of it except for the video, edo is smart

  20. Nico and the Jumsuit

    Nico and the Jumsuit2 days ago

    Thanos dots

  21. Brad Pettie

    Brad Pettie2 days ago

    *insert thanos truck here*

  22. Connors Corner

    Connors Corner2 days ago

    Who else wanted to see him put his hand in it

  23. Fidel Uyba-an

    Fidel Uyba-an2 days ago

    Lol so cool

  24. Leah Gordish

    Leah Gordish2 days ago

    You should rebuild it and then get a super powerful Nerf gun and shoot it and see how many boards it would take to take it down

  25. Dalia Chavez

    Dalia Chavez2 days ago

    As el cudo de Roblox

  26. PizzaGod Gamer

    PizzaGod Gamer2 days ago

    Thumb need to be a little wider but either than that great

  27. Sofia Khan

    Sofia Khan2 days ago

    Gosh!! why did I throw away my magnets...


    ATHIPSV2 days ago


  29. Parasuraman K

    Parasuraman K2 days ago


  30. 吕静

    吕静2 days ago

    A giant shoe please.

  31. Zoe Economos

    Zoe Economos2 days ago


  32. harvo is

    harvo is3 days ago

    shoulda put it on

  33. Daud ul Haq

    Daud ul Haq3 days ago

    Screw 3D building this guy is better

  34. Garrett Byrd

    Garrett Byrd3 days ago

    1:52 two men destroy the gauntlet with there bear hands man why weren’t they in infinity war

  35. lionboi kb

    lionboi kb3 days ago

    why did you break it you could have sold it your doing a good job, like that is hard plz sell it to sell it, cause since your good at making these stuff you can get money out of it

  36. Tubsters Tube

    Tubsters Tube3 days ago

    It’s not 25,000 its 2,800

  37. Adrian contreras

    Adrian contreras3 days ago

    That is cool And all locked

  38. Nikolai Enzo Estrada

    Nikolai Enzo Estrada3 days ago

    That is incredibol

  39. Nice Foot

    Nice Foot3 days ago

    Thanos dots

  40. Haxy agdeppa

    Haxy agdeppa3 days ago

    I like how the gauntlet is build. It puts a smile on my face

  41. FBI

    FBI3 days ago

    1:50 I don’t feel so good?

  42. Yasin And İnan

    Yasin And İnan3 days ago


  43. Bendy

    Bendy3 days ago

    Thanos, you finally lose!

  44. my name a jeff

    my name a jeff3 days ago

    I bet he was dying inside when he was crushing the gauntlet

  45. Lipson Philip Gomez

    Lipson Philip Gomez3 days ago

    I love...u did ur beast👍🏻😃

  46. It’s Jame

    It’s Jame3 days ago


  47. Devon Willoughby

    Devon Willoughby3 days ago

    Can you send me some😢

  48. Bontong Lee

    Bontong Lee3 days ago

    wow awesome building bro!!!!!

  49. LightningRedDragon LRD

    LightningRedDragon LRD3 days ago

    1:45 says 6 Hours 1:54 says forever

  50. santiago agudelo

    santiago agudelo4 days ago

    1:50 😢😲

  51. Scott Gore

    Scott Gore4 days ago


  52. Josephine Ong

    Josephine Ong4 days ago

    Is that new Vat19 ?!

  53. Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee4 days ago

    But it’s dangerous too I swallowed it, I almost died So be careful

  54. blood splat

    blood splat4 days ago

    *_"you should've gone for the head..."_*

  55. Blue scout

    Blue scout4 days ago

    This is epic

  56. Jack Lintrépide

    Jack Lintrépide4 days ago

    I cant have please free

  57. Archana Murmu

    Archana Murmu4 days ago

    Wow , Awesome it's so Amazing ♥️

  58. montenegro

    montenegro4 days ago

    1:52 rip thanos

  59. Alan Ebash

    Alan Ebash4 days ago

    1.58 how porn starts

  60. hedgehog gaming lang!!!

    hedgehog gaming lang!!!4 days ago

    Why these magnets are so viral

  61. Darkwiz Gaming

    Darkwiz Gaming4 days ago

    Avengers would win easly if thanos had this infinity gaunlet

  62. Vince Chavez

    Vince Chavez4 days ago

    Build a roblox character with Nano Dots

  63. Olivia

    Olivia5 days ago

    Omg 😲

  64. Clipcake Youtube

    Clipcake Youtube5 days ago

    *The end, is near...*

  65. Mika Benitez

    Mika Benitez5 days ago

    The Infinity Gauntlet is *GONE* -tlet...

  66. Mika Benitez

    Mika Benitez5 days ago

    I thought you were going to say a big fan lf Marvel...

  67. beyblade fire

    beyblade fire5 days ago


  68. Jawsthe Destroyer

    Jawsthe Destroyer5 days ago

    Make a nano dot fort :) :) :)

  69. Ihas Sunshine

    Ihas Sunshine5 days ago

    "The infinity gauntlet is gone" Now thanos can't destroy the universe

  70. Abraham Martinez

    Abraham Martinez5 days ago

    Well you now its run destroying

  71. Ares Sayson

    Ares Sayson6 days ago

    can he make a storm breaker or mjolnir?

  72. xX Static We Xx

    xX Static We Xx6 days ago

    “With the snap of my... oh... um, this isn’t my gauntlet?”

  73. Mitzy Santiago

    Mitzy Santiago6 days ago


  74. Pixel Kid

    Pixel Kid6 days ago

    Why not one more for good luck =(

  75. Bestworstplayer Tomeo

    Bestworstplayer Tomeo6 days ago

    This was when fortnite added a Infinity Gauntlet Ltm

  76. Cristina Nieves

    Cristina Nieves7 days ago

    Can you get make me one😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😎😎😎😎😎😫😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  77. Positive Nerds

    Positive Nerds7 days ago

    Infinity GONEtlet

  78. Jaslyn Garcia

    Jaslyn Garcia8 days ago

    He should make a human

  79. Flaming Ninetales

    Flaming Ninetales8 days ago

    It can be a house

  80. Ben-N-Making !!!

    Ben-N-Making !!!9 days ago

    Rip infinity gauntlet

  81. Manny Player

    Manny Player9 days ago

    His face though lol

  82. ChickenPower

    ChickenPower9 days ago

    Edo, the newest and most powerful avenger. Magnets.

  83. Stephanie PEREZ

    Stephanie PEREZ9 days ago

    I can’t stop watching this episode video

  84. Hgolf1 daily

    Hgolf1 daily9 days ago

    The only people who can Thanos with or with out the infinity gauntlet

  85. The Ultimate Milk Channel

    The Ultimate Milk Channel9 days ago

    Edo or ego the living planet

  86. Modee TV

    Modee TV9 days ago

    b b

  87. ChaseTheMaster

    ChaseTheMaster9 days ago

    Hah, get it? *THA-NOS* *dots?* Ya me neither

  88. ThiccNintendoGamer boy

    ThiccNintendoGamer boy9 days ago

    dislike jk

  89. Beertje en soesje

    Beertje en soesje9 days ago

    Oh my god guys

  90. QuackyTuckyLucky

    QuackyTuckyLucky9 days ago

    IRL Thanos building has gauntlet

  91. AHHH im fine

    AHHH im fine9 days ago

    ҽժօ ҍմíӀԵ íԵ íղ Տí× հօմɾՏ? *ղɑհ հҽ ҍմíӀԵ íԵ íղ ӀíƘҽ օղҽ հօմɾ հҽ ԹӀɑվҽժ աíԵհ Եհҽʍ ƒօɾ ƒíѵҽ ʍօɾҽ հօմɾՏ*

  92. xXUnicorn HybridXx

    xXUnicorn HybridXx9 days ago

    I have mad respect for this dude. His patience is incredible!!!

  93. ngv vr.2

    ngv vr.29 days ago

    1:48 avengers 4 ending

  94. 3301

    330110 days ago

    the mat should have said "thanodots"

  95. GalaxyKingYT

    GalaxyKingYT10 days ago

    Nano dots? Is it like Nano tech?

  96. Random man

    Random man10 days ago

    The gauntlet is gonelet

  97. Snape shot

    Snape shot10 days ago

    The infinty ganunlet is infinty gone

  98. Reily Munox

    Reily Munox10 days ago

    You should wear it

  99. WeeWee Channel

    WeeWee Channel10 days ago

    Make a gummy thanos glove

  100. agnes lidyana

    agnes lidyana11 days ago

    Omg he is amazing

  101. Gavin Tujan

    Gavin Tujan11 days ago

    Some of the Infinity Stones are in the wrong places.

  102. Leo Leo

    Leo Leo11 days ago

    That's wat happened to the infinity gauntlet

  103. AmirPlayZ - COC Dancing Line BarBarQ And More!

    AmirPlayZ - COC Dancing Line BarBarQ And More!11 days ago


  104. Owen_ Funko

    Owen_ Funko11 days ago

    Spoiler alert

  105. Stanley Bedford

    Stanley Bedford11 days ago

    Now make a nano tech /bleeding edge iron man suit haha jk this thing looks great