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    RANI KUTBI36 minutes ago

    hey linus what kind of water bottle are you using ?

  2. tibial abyss

    tibial abyssHour ago

    I guess the oem prebuilt systems give all the f*cks

  3. Tech King

    Tech King5 hours ago

    I have g620 without Gpu and 2gb ddr3 ram. Is i5 3470 is good? Any second hand site?

  4. TheAppleFreak

    TheAppleFreak5 hours ago

    Gotta love those DMS-59 connectors. I dealt with so many of them on the Optiplex 755s in our work fleet.

  5. Martin Lingad

    Martin Lingad6 hours ago

    Hi Linus , budget pc good enough to emulate Xbox og, gamecube or ps2. Thanks

  6. Albert Levert

    Albert Levert6 hours ago

    What the heck is that color grading ?

  7. bigGatster

    bigGatster7 hours ago

    So we found a bloke who doesn't actually know how to build a PC who works at LTT, didn't expect that.

  8. xX Xx

    xX Xx7 hours ago

    At least you didnt have to install gforce fx5500 drivers on debian9 linux

  9. #number sign

    #number sign7 hours ago

    i subscribed for this kind of shit :D

  10. Tort

    Tort12 hours ago

    Speaking of horrible mistakes... **take a look at today's sponsor!**

  11. Psilocin Finite

    Psilocin Finite14 hours ago

    Chippah!!! Fawk yeah!!!

  12. LiK

    LiK16 hours ago



    PRIMAX XYG17 hours ago

    10:23 my physics teacher suprise test reaction time student

  14. Kryptiv Official

    Kryptiv Official17 hours ago

    loved this 1

  15. S O O C

    S O O C18 hours ago

    We once had a PC in support that had that GPU.... By boss broke three cables trying to plug them into the "obviously not dvi"-port...

  16. jasonsong86

    jasonsong8618 hours ago

    10:22 LOL

  17. R1D9M8B4

    R1D9M8B418 hours ago

    The looks on Linus's face.. When they were talking about the video during the opening. Frames 1:23 thru 1:29... Had me rolling. I my girlfriend left the shower naked thinking something happened to me.

  18. Zacomit

    Zacomit19 hours ago

    Gee, I wish I could get one of those Thermaltake A500 cases for my rig, but they are EXPENSIVE...

  19. Tony SK Lai

    Tony SK Lai19 hours ago

    Feeling of comeback to school life?

  20. TheLegendInYou

    TheLegendInYou20 hours ago

    i guess thats a do no reccomend

  21. 疯狂的大眼萌

    疯狂的大眼萌21 hour ago


  22. David Foster

    David Foster23 hours ago

    James hates Riley IRL

  23. Logan Parkinson

    Logan ParkinsonDay ago

    i've seen that port and linus hasn't??????????????????????????? it goes to a special connecter that IS dvi which allows dual monitor support using only that one connector

  24. John Heartman

    John HeartmanDay ago

    You Are The best~!

  25. Alex Help

    Alex HelpDay ago

    What a douche bag cuck lord Linus is

  26. Levi Giles

    Levi GilesDay ago

    15:51 that awkward transition

  27. Paulster2

    Paulster2Day ago

    Can we call that an official "RAM Raspberry", Linus?

  28. Kevin Langley

    Kevin LangleyDay ago

    Could you do a video on what can a Pentium III do running Windows 98SE in 2019?

  29. Smiley Yearwood

    Smiley YearwoodDay ago

    "an actual pc or an actual piece of sh*t" I find your lack of banter disturbing.

  30. Garydean Bell

    Garydean BellDay ago

    it would be more of a challenge if you got the parts from Amazon.ca. The selection is far worse than US and the prices are higher.

  31. Shmey

    ShmeyDay ago

    I actually kind of like the humble HD5450. I bought mine for an HTPC I built in 2012 for $30 (Sapphire) and got a $15 rebate. That card died in 2016. Still, four years for a $15 card didn't hurt my feelings at all.

  32. Toni Corvera

    Toni CorveraDay ago

    Next time how about "CHEAPEST PC with *standard* components" instead of parts meant for OEM prebuilt systems? EDIT: 11:22. Yeah *rolls eyes at Riley*

  33. Asheeka Rizqi Irhamna

    Asheeka Rizqi IrhamnaDay ago

    there is my pc

  34. Nikikumar C. Mistry

    Nikikumar C. MistryDay ago

    The "Not DVI" connector in 4:13 is old fashioned DMS-59.I know because I have a box full of break-out cables that end in 2x VGA or 2x DVI at work

  35. Daan F

    Daan F3 hours ago

    Yes they explain this at 6:06

  36. Dr.PanCakes

    Dr.PanCakesDay ago

    i use that core duo in my arcade emulator pc and its god awful trying to browse the internet

  37. Александр Скубаков

    Александр СкубаковDay ago

    Wow, what a colours in this vid! Looks like it was shoot on cheap full frame Canon DSLR.

  38. L W

    L WDay ago

    14:11 that is not how one should go Out for a Rip

  39. Anshuman Rathore

    Anshuman RathoreDay ago


  40. Geister 85'

    Geister 85'Day ago

    These old systems only worked using ram sticks with non high capacity ram chiplets, you needed DDR3 with chips on both sides thats how you knew it was low density. I am surprised you didnt ask your actual tech savvy guy Anthony over there

  41. jerome TV

    jerome TVDay ago

    Linus "in short were fucked up"

  42. Ember Tilton

    Ember TiltonDay ago

    Ok, but what if you were smart about it and didn't buy the cheapest of absolutely everything, but made a few small concessions for some actual performance? Like just a little more ram. Or using an old Xeon? I think you could do much better for like $20 more.

  43. Liam

    LiamDay ago

    Pretty sure the mobo beeping was in the same key as the background music.

  44. Vasco Ferreira

    Vasco FerreiraDay ago

    Me watches title, clicks on video thinking it's gonna be fun Me recognizes parts of his PC in the video Me jumps off second floor.

  45. Blizzardo1

    Blizzardo1Day ago

    @4:10 That's a DMS-59 *

  46. cornz38

    cornz38Day ago

    You didn'y "literally" go to Amazon, you WENT to amazon.com. Nothing literal about it. Stop saying "literally", you have no idea how to use the word.

  47. IamJacksColon4

    IamJacksColon4Day ago

    E8400 LOL im running an E8500.

  48. Fujaka

    Fujaka2 days ago

    How does this company even get money

  49. Da vid

    Da vid2 days ago

    OEM built systems f**k you, no matter what.

  50. TrollFaceTheMan

    TrollFaceTheMan2 days ago

    Playing at 720p seems like it wasn't a good idea if the CPU was already running at 100% as that just puts more load on the CPU by pushing more frames at it that it might be able to handle. Technically I think it should of been ran at 1080 too IF the card supported it to see if performance was any better. (Specifically samish framerate but able to run GPU with higher graphic settings.) (I know many people are not going to get what I am saying but it's a known thing that when CPU bound, running at lower resolutions tends to make graphic card performance worse by pushing more frames than the CPU can keep up with. Higher resolution can mean less extra frames pushed on CPU, meaning more GPU utilization and less CPU related stuttering.)

  51. Ryann Von Doom

    Ryann Von Doom2 days ago

    or you can be like me.. build a system wait a year and win the Linus Tech Tips/Corsair giveaway for a Vengeance 5180. WOOOOOOOOOOOO

  52. Muhammad Zibak

    Muhammad Zibak2 days ago

    how can i see the fps in games

  53. interlamer

    interlamer2 days ago

    That BSoD at 3:27. Lose, not loose.

  54. Creepinson Productions

    Creepinson Productions2 days ago

    What ram did you actually use tho? I see you put DIDN'T WORK in the description...

  55. NytOnPeliAika

    NytOnPeliAika2 days ago

    6:41 DDR2? Are you sure?

  56. Tec's Answer

    Tec's Answer2 days ago

    Still better than my AUD $1440 laptop.

  57. Takedown

    Takedown2 days ago

    This will never get 30 fps in dota 2 when teamfight begins ... I give it 15 fps in teamfights

  58. Max R.M

    Max R.M2 days ago

    10:20 haha linus's reaction was the main trigger of pressing the like button already no matter that haha. Nice experiment and really enlightening too.

  59. Matt Wright

    Matt Wright2 days ago

    dont do the instagram filter thing. Its makes you guys look like amateurs, pretending to be professionals, who are trying to look like amateurs. See how this filter you used in the intro caused me to completely not care about the content.

  60. mr. Screet

    mr. Screet2 days ago

    1:07 the fact that he says amazon.com instead of just amazon kind of triggers me

  61. Shuncey Balba

    Shuncey Balba2 days ago

    Speaking of horrible mistakes, not checking out our sponsor for todays video, Durex.

  62. REBELsst

    REBELsst2 days ago

    that IS DVI, but a Lenovo standard. have a couple in my junk pile. works just the same as DVI-D.

  63. Mark Davenport

    Mark Davenport2 days ago

    If the CPU has iGPU, putting in a dG:U makes the PC not the cheapest. :(

  64. alysdexia

    alysdexia2 days ago


  65. Rich H

    Rich H2 days ago

    Talk about boring...and stupid

  66. Luke Whiteman

    Luke Whiteman2 days ago

    I would normally find people like Riley annoying. But for whatever reason, I just want to be his friend... and laugh at him.

  67. Ethan Cook

    Ethan Cook2 days ago

    I actually got a PC with that EXACT processor and board from my uncle. so I know that those two are definitely compatable. good video!

  68. Gueda Games

    Gueda Games2 days ago

    Also ddr3 you know rigth? WHAT 6:43

  69. Schmopie

    Schmopie2 days ago

    yall need an intro to a video like full house with the main staff

  70. Cameron Bean

    Cameron Bean2 days ago

    0:24 Comedy Gold

  71. Supercat Melee

    Supercat Melee2 days ago

    my build started as a prebuilt, but then i started adding in expansion cards and more ram down the line

  72. Vibol Thorng

    Vibol Thorng3 days ago

    Haha, this video is awesome! I love trial and error

  73. fgreger

    fgreger3 days ago

    Morale of the story: Don't touch OEM Hardware with a 10 feet pole.

  74. Val Spiridonov

    Val Spiridonov3 days ago

    Is it possible to create reliable artificial intelligence? run a government by AI? What is the definition of safety? Talked about this with Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy. mreporter.net/v/video-LjODz3_q3Zs.html

  75. MxJensen

    MxJensen3 days ago

    but..... Crysis?

  76. The gaming A

    The gaming A3 days ago

    Why are they just grabbing the motherboard like that

  77. Goofball Gaming

    Goofball Gaming3 days ago

    So Ebay is as bad as Amazon?

  78. Kotonoha Katsura

    Kotonoha Katsura3 days ago

    2:25 E8400 FUCK YES

  79. RightDemon

    RightDemon3 days ago

    They could have made it cheaper if they just downloaded the RAM smh

  80. Josef Nemec

    Josef Nemec3 days ago

    I don't think colors on this video are washed out enough, I still some color in there...

  81. killercivic2001

    killercivic20013 days ago

    Agree with "OEM system builders who *BIP* you with their components." I learned this the hard way... (well, the $470 back in 1999 way)

  82. Thaison Thaison

    Thaison Thaison3 days ago

    what is that sound

  83. Joshua Hignight

    Joshua Hignight3 days ago

    when you use mouse and keyboard...

  84. A A

    A A3 days ago

    Alright which one of the editors have a "zoom in on face and alter audio every vaguely funny comment" fetish going on? or better known as a "ziofaaaevfc" for short? Seriously knock it off.

  85. Dave Wisnosky

    Dave Wisnosky3 days ago

    This is a dumb fucking video about something no one cares about, but I’m still upvoting because of the cameo of Fellow Balding Fat Guy...big ups friend

  86. Psychic FN

    Psychic FN3 days ago

    That PC can run rocket league at 30 fps lowest settings, my gtx 1050 cant even run minecraft 😂

  87. YopediP

    YopediPDay ago

    you are definately doing something wrong

  88. YopediP

    YopediPDay ago


  89. IraqWarVet03

    IraqWarVet033 days ago

    Wow... such stupidity.. can you actually do one of these builds with propper components?

  90. Judess 69er

    Judess 69er3 days ago

    what what XD lol i just upgraded from a Radeon HD 5450 XD things actually quite solid when you run games in potato mode

  91. 2012TheAndromeda

    2012TheAndromeda3 days ago

    11:20 "What I kinda expected was for you to buy the cheapest brand new things" **Immediately coughs ** Idk why i found that hilarious

  92. MuHammer97

    MuHammer973 days ago

    That DVI thing is essentialy 2x DVI normally there is a splitter y cable with twi DVI ports

  93. MuHammer97

    MuHammer973 days ago

    and there he explains it

  94. Bubble Gaming

    Bubble Gaming3 days ago

    I feel like he got fired lol

  95. Quentin Bradford

    Quentin Bradford3 days ago

    I think this video holds the record for largest number of times Linus dropped the F-bomb in a video!!! LMAO!!!!

  96. Jakov Horvatić

    Jakov Horvatić3 days ago

    Did Linus just say he never saw a DVI port?!?!

  97. Scot M

    Scot M3 days ago

    Wow..total shit box! However, for my parents that need a pc to check email, facebook, and browse the internet...hey maybe its a go! They won't even realize how crappy it is!

  98. Miles Axelberd

    Miles Axelberd3 days ago

    wait i've used dms59! it was for our first PC went to VGA.

  99. Christopher Luke

    Christopher Luke3 days ago

    What’s with the colour?

  100. LetsGetReal

    LetsGetReal3 days ago

    Nothing is better than a low end gaming pc😑

  101. Cyberspacedweller

    Cyberspacedweller3 days ago

    Would love to see this PC vs a Raspberry Pi. lol

  102. 4_D.1

    4_D.13 days ago

    Still better than my pc

  103. FloodGates Studio

    FloodGates Studio3 days ago

    We use those gpu for dual monitors at where I work... haha

  104. daddy

    daddy3 days ago

    Should install Linux on that bad boy