No video :(

we broke up


  1. Silly Button

    Silly Button17 minutes ago

    At first when i saw this on my rec. page on youtube i was like "ohh another clickbait from David imma watch it later" (cuz i watch all his videos) And then two days later i went on his channel and i saw the video isn't 4:20 and i froze...literally...cuz i knew its real.

  2. Tion

    Tion28 minutes ago

    David- We broke up Me- Join our party

  3. awptions

    awptionsHour ago

    50m views off a break up video. u know this shit made david at least 100k

  4. Dilynn Renee

    Dilynn ReneeHour ago

    “Y-yeah y-you need the m-Mayonnaise” I cried

  5. Adele Abbott

    Adele Abbott2 hours ago

    I’m sad about it but I fully support your decision 😔😔😔

  6. Lps Shadow Paw 3000

    Lps Shadow Paw 30002 hours ago

    I'm crying

  7. Zarielys Rodriguez

    Zarielys Rodriguez2 hours ago


  8. Zarielys Rodriguez

    Zarielys Rodriguez2 hours ago

    Go back together plz

  9. maya dhesi

    maya dhesi3 hours ago


  10. Axel Rivera

    Axel Rivera3 hours ago

    This is the saddest thing ever I’m still sad and it’s 2019 they need to get back together because they are the perfect couple if I had this type of relationship I would keep it but I know that if they need to take a break it’s okay because all of her fans will be understanding including me ❤️🥺😩❤️🥺

  11. Sahil Jyoti

    Sahil Jyoti4 hours ago


  12. Aceitsyaboy

    Aceitsyaboy4 hours ago

    If only you could sad react to MReporter Vids😫😭

  13. Brooke Ashley

    Brooke Ashley4 hours ago

    The only video that isnt 4 minutes and 21 seconds😪😪

  14. Bella Chu

    Bella Chu4 hours ago

    I watched Lauren and Alex’s break up video and yours is so much more cheery EDIT: I’m sorry though, I hope u guys r good now, 2019

  15. Ann Jay

    Ann Jay4 hours ago

    Me: it's the 22nd time you've seen this... you won't cry Im not crying it's just liquid leaking from my eye

  16. Hotel hideaway GEEK

    Hotel hideaway GEEK5 hours ago

    :(((( you guy handle that so well

  17. lilfatty skrr

    lilfatty skrr5 hours ago

    Holy sheet not in caps!?!?

  18. Itisella

    Itisella5 hours ago

    They can get back together now

  19. isra bennett

    isra bennett6 hours ago

    no matter how many times I watch this I feel SAD

  20. Life Of Ryleigh

    Life Of Ryleigh6 hours ago

    5:46 Omg this got me!!!! 😣😣😖😖😖😖😫😩😫😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😥😰😥😰😥😢😥😰😥😰😓

  21. Kendall McCombs

    Kendall McCombs6 hours ago

    Omg I’m still crying in 2019

  22. Justin Swanson

    Justin Swanson6 hours ago

    EVERY BODY WATCH THE VIDEO 10 MORE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALMOST 1 BILLION VEIWS

  23. aliovi rcpoeo

    aliovi rcpoeo6 hours ago

    how do you not cry while watching this

  24. Andressa Perez

    Andressa Perez6 hours ago

    I cried when David said I love you to her

  25. BraveStar

    BraveStar6 hours ago

    Ik im late but I am glad u guys try to make this as positive as possible for both of u and u guys respect each other

  26. Beasly

    Beasly7 hours ago

    1:33 i love how liza is still happy in a break up video

  27. Idaly Martinez

    Idaly Martinez7 hours ago

    4:25 lol

  28. Luci Verni

    Luci Verni7 hours ago


  29. Royah Damawand

    Royah Damawand7 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for his future girlfriend to react to this lol

  30. Dolan fan

    Dolan fan7 hours ago

    I've watched this a billion times and I've cried every time😭😭😭💔💔💔

  31. art.sthetic _18

    art.sthetic _187 hours ago

    Does anyone else still watch this video simply for inspiration?

  32. art.sthetic _18

    art.sthetic _187 hours ago

    50 MILLION *dab dab 420 whip*

  33. EliPrince Df

    EliPrince Df8 hours ago

    2:37 You could see she was super sad.😭😫😢

  34. Allison Hwang

    Allison Hwang8 hours ago

    After rewatching this video 20 times, I noticed that they are wearing each other’s merch😭

  35. Amelia Xoxo

    Amelia Xoxo8 hours ago

    When David started crying that bloody broke me and the end did 😭😭😭😭

  36. Naahemaa x

    Naahemaa x8 hours ago

    **patiently waits for liza to tweet "i got the mayonnaise"**

  37. divljacina1

    divljacina18 hours ago

    what a hell is this sorcery......?

  38. El & ISS YouTube

    El & ISS YouTube8 hours ago


  39. Trini

    Trini8 hours ago

    Still sad in 2019 😭

  40. The Life Of Skye

    The Life Of Skye8 hours ago

    Im still cryin and watching this over an over 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  41. ELMsquad

    ELMsquad8 hours ago

    Still crying in February, 2019😭🥺

  42. Charlotte Farrugia

    Charlotte Farrugia8 hours ago

    liza is not the same anymore

  43. Jonas Gurley

    Jonas Gurley8 hours ago

    Who else is still watching this in February 21st 2019

  44. Catlover222

    Catlover2228 hours ago

    Why am I rewatching this? I am hurting myself more!!

  45. Holley_The_ Doggo

    Holley_The_ Doggo8 hours ago

    Still crying in 2019 😭

  46. Today.Ill. Try.135

    Today.Ill. Try.1358 hours ago

    This actually makes me cry!Love you guys!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Auden Pennington

    Auden Pennington9 hours ago

    The ending when helga comes

  48. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider9 hours ago

    Even tho it’s 2019 I still hope they’ll get back together 😭

  49. Marleny Llanos

    Marleny Llanos9 hours ago

    He gave her a small kiss

  50. Marleny Llanos

    Marleny Llanos9 hours ago


  51. dragon1881

    dragon18819 hours ago

    This was my first David Dobrik video


    MOOGY TUBE9 hours ago

    Who watching this on the toilet if u r sub to my Channel

  53. komeil noormohammadi

    komeil noormohammadi9 hours ago

    just 3:30 till 3:40 , it's amazing :)

  54. Lerato Malope

    Lerato Malope9 hours ago

    Still xrying why did ypu break up Please get back together 😨😨😶😫

  55. Moheera Ghouri

    Moheera Ghouri9 hours ago

    I am such a big fan of you guys. You guys should get back together

  56. Horselover

    Horselover10 hours ago

    This was literally my birthday worst birthday ever 😭

  57. jazzy is your queen

    jazzy is your queen10 hours ago

    Who else started crying at 4:27

  58. Snailie Snail

    Snailie Snail10 hours ago

    Still crying 2019

  59. Alivia Brown

    Alivia Brown10 hours ago

    Is it unhealthy that I am still so sad about this amazing power couple breaking up, like literally they were my favorite couple of all time😭

  60. Our Adda

    Our Adda10 hours ago

    I want them together!

  61. Maya Nieto

    Maya Nieto10 hours ago

    50mil viewssss

  62. Danielle Russo

    Danielle Russo10 hours ago

    I cried my eyes out right now. They are so perfect together its to hard for me seeing them separately ❤️

  63. Artic Wolf

    Artic Wolf10 hours ago

    youtube is tearing people apart

  64. Peaony温凯仪

    Peaony温凯仪11 hours ago

    Everyone could do with some mayonnaise.

  65. lilianna games

    lilianna games11 hours ago

    I am crying every time i look on this😭😭

  66. Shruti Singh

    Shruti Singh11 hours ago

    50 M views 😑

  67. Angelica Gonzalez

    Angelica Gonzalez11 hours ago

    She best friend zoned him alot of times

  68. Cristina Victoria

    Cristina Victoria12 hours ago

    liza: ... he’s not going anywhere. so suck on that future girlfriend! cause this ones mine! me: interesting how liza is telling her future self to suck on it 😂

  69. Cristina Victoria

    Cristina Victoria12 hours ago

    david: it wasn’t healthy for us to be together... FOR NOW. liza: basically what we’re trying to say is that we’re friends david: and that you never know what’s going to happen but just not now. love that david emphasizes that “for now” and “you never know what’s going to happen” 😭

  70. Cristina Victoria

    Cristina Victoria12 hours ago

    this still makes me cry 8 months later 🥺

  71. Cristina Victoria

    Cristina Victoria12 hours ago

    they’re the only couple that broke up and said that they’ll still be best friends and proved it... liza found the mayonnaise so if any couple is highly likely to get back together, it’s them. so i hope they do because they genuinely loved each other and only want each other 😰

  72. JB’s Vlog

    JB’s Vlog12 hours ago


  73. Mila

    Mila12 hours ago

    Are you sobbing too?????????

  74. Hollie Savage

    Hollie Savage12 hours ago

    50 million views 4,999,999 of them are mine

  75. Salome Kvichidze

    Salome Kvichidze13 hours ago

    I literally cried

  76. Summer Wolf

    Summer Wolf14 hours ago

    It's 2019 and I'm still crying 😭😭😭😭😭

  77. Thomas Luben

    Thomas Luben14 hours ago

    RIP my ship I started crying 😭😭😭😭😭

  78. Samarra Masengi

    Samarra Masengi14 hours ago

    this the saddest shit ever

  79. Diamond Broady

    Diamond Broady15 hours ago

    I’m crying watching this. Omg 😭😭

  80. Lori Grace

    Lori Grace15 hours ago

    The "ily" at the end got me...miss these two

  81. dina eltalkhawy

    dina eltalkhawy15 hours ago

    2020 ?? Anyone ?

  82. dutchX Morgan

    dutchX Morgan15 hours ago

    Every time I watch the bit of David saying I love you and kissing liza I cry so hard 😭

  83. JIa-LI Lum

    JIa-LI Lum15 hours ago

    I hope this year ( 2019 ) is the year Liza will say. “ She finally got the mayonnaise “

  84. TMoneyTheLegend

    TMoneyTheLegend15 hours ago

    Kill urself

  85. Jacob Salas

    Jacob Salas15 hours ago

    This is the video that got me into the vlog squad.

  86. Jacob Salas

    Jacob Salas16 hours ago

    2019...find that mayo Liza 😭😭😭

  87. Sydnie

    Sydnie16 hours ago

    50 million views for MReporter’s fav couple

  88. Maddie Wright

    Maddie Wright16 hours ago

    GET BACK TOGETHER NOW lol jk do wat you want :)

  89. Maddie Wright

    Maddie Wright16 hours ago


  90. gracie riggs

    gracie riggs17 hours ago

    I think this is his most famous video wow

  91. Autumn Alexandra

    Autumn Alexandra17 hours ago

    7:39 woah....!!!!

  92. Deborah L

    Deborah L17 hours ago

    4:40? Can’t help it 💔

  93. Deborah L

    Deborah L17 hours ago

    1:37 and 1:42 his expression breaks my heart ah

  94. Deborah L

    Deborah L17 hours ago

    0:06 fav intro ever 😭💕

  95. PhantomRubi

    PhantomRubi18 hours ago

    THE MAYONNAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Aylin Yucel

    Aylin Yucel18 hours ago

    I am still waiting for that one video when they say we’re back together I hope 🥰😇😭😭

  97. gotcha drama

    gotcha drama20 hours ago

    Here we go again I’m crying again

  98. Jo Jones

    Jo Jones21 hour ago

    I am a huge fan

  99. Gamergirl 126

    Gamergirl 12621 hour ago

    Get back together NOW

  100. Ramia Bilal

    Ramia Bilal22 hours ago

    Next video: Meet my new girlfriend, Helga! XD no but seriously I was crying throughout the whole video and after so I’m commenting this like five minutes later. 🤧😭