No video :(

we broke up


  1. Hope Wyatt

    Hope Wyatt2 hours ago

    I understand but I love you too equally I wish I can meet you someday I live you guys soooo much😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Master Legend

    Master Legend2 hours ago


  3. Daija Harris

    Daija Harris3 hours ago

    MY HEART💔💔💔💔💔😰😰😰😰😰😰

  4. Lilya Kydd

    Lilya Kydd3 hours ago

    4:41 and on makes me laugh everytime.

  5. PinkPanda

    PinkPanda3 hours ago


  6. Turbo Vlogs

    Turbo Vlogs3 hours ago

    It’s been 3 months and I’m still crying

  7. Nina K.

    Nina K.3 hours ago

    This video made a lot of money lmao love you both

  8. Kea'Era Brown

    Kea'Era Brown3 hours ago

    I don't even know these people and I'm crying. You can FEEL the love they have for each other 😭😭

  9. hailey fisher

    hailey fisher3 hours ago

    Omfg I’m crying

  10. Kenny x 47

    Kenny x 473 hours ago

    Freaking finally my gosh

  11. Lauren Kim

    Lauren Kim3 hours ago

    Who else came here from laurex ...

  12. Al B.

    Al B.3 hours ago


  13. Alexis Verzal

    Alexis Verzal3 hours ago

    I love how they’re still best friends after they break up. I could never do that

  14. Catherineee

    Catherineee3 hours ago


  15. Sanaiya Jones

    Sanaiya Jones3 hours ago

    Last time i was so upset about a youtube brake up was shane and lisa 😂 atleast their friends and actually hang out still

  16. Unikate 08

    Unikate 083 hours ago

    Omg you broke up on my bday 😭

  17. Kayleen Verdadeiro

    Kayleen Verdadeiro3 hours ago


  18. Ellie bond MSP

    Ellie bond MSP3 hours ago

    Who's next Austin and Catherine

  19. Ellie bond MSP

    Ellie bond MSP4 hours ago

    Liza: I don't want anybody David: who do you want Liza: you

  20. Jemma Phillips

    Jemma Phillips4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who rewatches this video and cry? They made me think relationships are amazing and now they they aren’t together and ahhhhh

  21. Esa Qureshul

    Esa Qureshul4 hours ago

    You said he broke up with her make up your mind god benevolent AI

  22. Jenna Roberts

    Jenna Roberts4 hours ago

    I lost it a 2:31

  23. Sage Playys

    Sage Playys4 hours ago

    First Liza and David Then Alex and Lauren Who’s next PROTECT THE REACTICORNS AND SHANE AND RYLAND YASSsSSSs

  24. Brooklyn Hein

    Brooklyn Hein4 hours ago

    WE LOVE YOU BOTH!! and we will be there no matter what you do or decisions yoi make

  25. Kim Rowe

    Kim Rowe4 hours ago


  26. Kim Rowe

    Kim Rowe4 hours ago


  27. Kim Rowe

    Kim Rowe4 hours ago


  28. LizTheWiz

    LizTheWiz4 hours ago

    Liza needs the mayo.

  29. Sonya Spivak

    Sonya Spivak4 hours ago

    This is my hundredth time watching this hoping that they will get back together in this is clickbait each time I watch it I hope that they got back together and this is all a joke SO THERES.STILL HOPE

  30. Chia Rose

    Chia Rose4 hours ago


  31. GamingButNotReally

    GamingButNotReally4 hours ago

    Everyone, go to your MReporter search bar and type: we broke up. Results speak for themselves

  32. Sapphire Squirtle

    Sapphire Squirtle4 hours ago

    Liza and David... Trisha and Jason... Alex and Lauren... Safia and Tyler.... *WE NEED TO PROTECT SHANE AND RYLAND.*

  33. Jacinda Holden

    Jacinda Holden4 hours ago


  34. Lilia Perez

    Lilia Perez4 hours ago

    Get back together with David

  35. Jack Sibley

    Jack Sibley4 hours ago


  36. Boundless Gaming

    Boundless Gaming5 hours ago

    5:30 her face reminds me of a character in a disney moviw

  37. La vie De elysa abigaelle

    La vie De elysa abigaelle5 hours ago


  38. Mavis Lillac

    Mavis Lillac5 hours ago

    everyone coming back to this video after alex and lauryn broke up 😭😭😭😭

  39. Jake Phillips

    Jake Phillips5 hours ago

    Alex and Lauren and you two!?! I’m going to die!

  40. Mavis Lillac

    Mavis Lillac5 hours ago

    david and liza.. alex and lauryn.. whos next? :( please not scotty n kristen or shane and ryland

  41. Indira Flynn-James

    Indira Flynn-James5 hours ago


  42. Boundless Gaming

    Boundless Gaming5 hours ago


  43. x.eveee

    x.eveee5 hours ago

    i still watch this and cry

  44. Juliana Milhomem

    Juliana Milhomem5 hours ago

    try not to cry challenge

  45. Bailey Mae

    Bailey Mae5 hours ago

    I really just hope Liza gets some mayonnaise real soon 💕 bc no one is over this yet

  46. Juliana Milhomem

    Juliana Milhomem5 hours ago

    I've watched this so many times and I cry everytime

  47. Feli J

    Feli J5 hours ago

    The day this video was uploaded my ex and I got back together now we’re broken up again with no intentions of getting back together and this has me in my feels

  48. Ryan blalock

    Ryan blalock5 hours ago

    This sucks I love them I have to watch this so many times to understand why

  49. Yuliana Suarez

    Yuliana Suarez5 hours ago

    I need them to get back together NOOOO WHY DID YALL BREAK UP I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS😭😭😭😭

  50. Backyardigan 69420_

    Backyardigan 69420_5 hours ago

    Those who actually say “love isn’t real” after watching this never had love to begin with tbh

  51. Backyardigan 69420_

    Backyardigan 69420_5 hours ago

    go back to Alex and Lauren’s break up video if ur going to talk about it

  52. souma Boudiaf

    souma Boudiaf6 hours ago

    you re just lying to yourselves !! you ll realize that after a while ...I hope it wuldnt be too late by that time 😉

  53. Demi-lee Tiffen

    Demi-lee Tiffen6 hours ago


  54. SlipsterPeeps

    SlipsterPeeps6 hours ago

    It’s been nine months... where’s the baby Liza?

  55. Erica Wong

    Erica Wong6 hours ago

    I will never believe in love again

  56. Graeson Smith

    Graeson Smith6 hours ago

    Nooooooo! "I don't really cuss online but David's the shit." She is so cute!

  57. I SeeYouShining

    I SeeYouShining6 hours ago

    42 million views tbh well done that's a lot but your not pulling a wall over my eyes, 😂

  58. 《Sad Emo Chick》

    《Sad Emo Chick》6 hours ago

    I wish this wasnt real I'm still sad about this

  59. Laila Zahran

    Laila Zahran6 hours ago

    Im sad but I support it if it is what you think it's the right thing for you.

  60. márcia daniela

    márcia daniela6 hours ago

    3rd time watching

  61. Erica Mccready

    Erica Mccready6 hours ago


  62. Meg Barfield

    Meg Barfield6 hours ago

    3:11 has me crying ;((

  63. jeepwoman64

    jeepwoman646 hours ago

    I dont know how I got here and I've never seen you guys but I see that 43million people gave no life.

  64. Allison VanVacter

    Allison VanVacter6 hours ago

    Today is September 18th, 2018. This video has 43 million views. If it's at something different, reply the date and # of views :)

  65. Laís Alves

    Laís Alves7 hours ago

    still not over this

  66. cheap king

    cheap king7 hours ago


  67. Sam Anthony

    Sam Anthony7 hours ago

    in six months david and liza will get back together and then 3 months after that lauren and alex will get back together 🤞🏾

  68. SerbBall Mapping

    SerbBall Mapping7 hours ago


  69. ginette gaisey

    ginette gaisey8 hours ago

    Omg im 😢

  70. Isabelle Gaisey

    Isabelle Gaisey8 hours ago

    I am crying 😭😭😭😭😭

  71. ginette gaisey

    ginette gaisey8 hours ago

    Omg they broke up omg

  72. Abbie Yawn

    Abbie Yawn8 hours ago


  73. Jay Lenerd

    Jay Lenerd8 hours ago

    Still upset over this bit I like to watch because I love them so much

  74. Jade Lamond

    Jade Lamond8 hours ago

    Imagine if zalfie broke up oh my...

  75. Cloudy Cloud

    Cloudy Cloud8 hours ago

    Did anyone come after the break up with Alex n Lauren cause...I DID IM SO SADDD

  76. Benicia Vlogs

    Benicia Vlogs8 hours ago

    Who just came from the laurex breakup

  77. Mina A

    Mina A8 hours ago

    Liza and David Lauren and Alex Now Trisha and jasonnn??! 😭😭

  78. Love Laura

    Love Laura8 hours ago

    Lauren and Alex have reminded me about David and Liza breaking my heart. I mean breaking up 💔

  79. Begum Pipun

    Begum Pipun8 hours ago

    Everyone our mission is to protect Shane and Ryland!

  80. Harry Gleeson

    Harry Gleeson8 hours ago

    This waz the worst

  81. Violet Skellington

    Violet Skellington8 hours ago

    Liza: David’s the shit!!! David: *sniffle* You swore online for me 😭💕 Saddest/funniest thing

  82. Eleanor Bowman

    Eleanor Bowman8 hours ago

    Poor Liza. X

  83. GlockTube X

    GlockTube X8 hours ago

    You can tell that this was a real one

  84. multifandom trash

    multifandom trash9 hours ago

    I'm crying even if it's 394829 times watching FUCK

  85. Maria Sindreveli

    Maria Sindreveli9 hours ago

    Most sad break up i ever saw on my life


    FLUFFYGEKKO9 hours ago

    Who cares lol

  87. natasha roumeliotis

    natasha roumeliotis9 hours ago


  88. rylee miller

    rylee miller9 hours ago

    Jest be just because the fucking comments u break up I mean what Sorry for my profanity I'm just pissed

  89. virylixyus in the house

    virylixyus in the house9 hours ago

    Yes im here after laurex 😭😭😭

  90. rylee miller

    rylee miller9 hours ago

    W h f dude btw I female You'll live

  91. Holly Moss

    Holly Moss9 hours ago

    Still praying to god that they get back together :(

  92. Naim Hussain

    Naim Hussain9 hours ago

    im curious how much money you made of this video and pretty sure you are going to get back together because it seems youtubers are more desperate for money then good quality content these days

  93. Zun Fix

    Zun Fix9 hours ago

    Who is watching this again and again

  94. John Nilsson

    John Nilsson9 hours ago

    That they can still laugh makes me happy

  95. Zoee' Prince

    Zoee' Prince9 hours ago

    43 million views oml

  96. Yasmine Houchati

    Yasmine Houchati9 hours ago

    Yeah omg laurexxx 😢😢😢 and Liza and.... David. ..😢😢😢

  97. Melissa Özcelik

    Melissa Özcelik9 hours ago

    Omg i‘m crying why omg 😭 don‘t do this

  98. Daisy plush Time

    Daisy plush Time10 hours ago

    I feel so bad Liza is just crying and crying and now I wanna cry

  99. Ariana Fan #1

    Ariana Fan #110 hours ago

    3:11 to 3:15 I'm still in tears even though this happened in June it still gets to me EVERYTIME 2k18 sucks ass bro Like breakups everywhere 1.) Liza and David than 2.)Wolfi and Silvia *even though it wasnt rlly a breakup dont come for me* than 3.) Wassabi and LaurDIY and ect HELP!!! Srry if I spelled shit wrong oops

  100. amanda duquette

    amanda duquette10 hours ago

    dumbass reason to break up but whatever

  101. The Frölich Vlogs

    The Frölich Vlogs10 hours ago

    My brain is telling me to stop watching this... ...I should get my brain removed