We Ate The Rock's Cheat-Day Meals


  1. wannahuckaloogy5

    wannahuckaloogy5Day ago

    The skinny Asian girl eats and eats and not gains a pound. I gained 3 pounds just from looking at the brownies lol

  2. Crazy_ Unicorn3578

    Crazy_ Unicorn35785 days ago

    I am kind of related to the rock

  3. Frank Goerres

    Frank Goerres6 days ago

    I starded eating a banana 😂

  4. Alex Jacobsen

    Alex Jacobsen6 days ago

    I can eat like ten pizzas until I get sick(slices of pizza)

  5. Nguyen Minh Phuong

    Nguyen Minh Phuong7 days ago

    "You feel perfect? I wish I can feel perfect after two pizzas." Same😂😂

  6. Misaki chan

    Misaki chan8 days ago

    Its kinda shocking to see The Rock eat 12 pancakes everyday cuz i couldnt even finish 2 pancakes in the morning😅😂

  7. Park Jiminie

    Park Jiminie9 days ago

    I can only eat 2 pancakes and 2 pieces of pancakes wth

  8. Arctic Warrior The artist

    Arctic Warrior The artist10 days ago

    Rock: I can eat 12 pancakes! My bestie: I can eat 20 pancakes and 2 pieces of bacon Lol no joke my bestie had are this and did not get sick

  9. Beastplayseverything

    Beastplayseverything10 days ago

    why is every dude working for buzzfeed either sound feminine or be gay

  10. Charmquark

    Charmquark11 days ago

    YBs metabolism is faster than Usain bolt

  11. Guy_Named_Donald

    Guy_Named_Donald17 days ago

    Cheat meal sushi train

  12. Reem Abbalkhail

    Reem Abbalkhail17 days ago

    Why am I watching this while on a diet???

  13. Ann Kinomes

    Ann Kinomes19 days ago

    Can we not die from a heart attack after learning the price.

  14. Betül Akgöl

    Betül Akgöl20 days ago

    Even in my cheat day, im taking 3000 calories in one whole day. Rocky what kinda creature are you omg!

  15. Maho Vlogs

    Maho Vlogs20 days ago

    What a lucky guy is the rock man

  16. Bernadette Bangalan

    Bernadette Bangalan27 days ago

    I already eat like this

  17. Gravity Defying Potato 0959

    Gravity Defying Potato 095927 days ago

    While YB has the metabolism speed of an IPhone battery time, I have the metabolism speed of a car with square wheels and an ounce of gas. :(

  18. blep blep cat

    blep blep cat28 days ago

    YB's metabolism is enviable.

  19. Abigail Bu

    Abigail Bu29 days ago

    They should've spaced it out over time eating all that food within like an hour would be too much

  20. Ibo Jaff

    Ibo Jaff29 days ago

    Yb no boob

  21. Sky Silenced

    Sky Silenced29 days ago

    I wonder what places they got the food from

  22. Tia Marie

    Tia MarieMonth ago

    I like all those foods, but I'd get sick trying to eat that much. How does he do it? Of course, I'm much smaller than him. But, still...Most people can't eat that much.

  23. Robert Bobnock

    Robert BobnockMonth ago

    Guy is fucking gay

  24. Isabella Rose

    Isabella RoseMonth ago

    The rock is my absolute favorite person ever my life’s dream is to meet him

  25. Isabella Rose

    Isabella RoseMonth ago

    Yb has the metabolism of a jet plane and I have the metabolism of a dying cow

  26. Lydia Lee

    Lydia LeeMonth ago

    The Asian girl is so cocky

  27. Amazing Hontori

    Amazing HontoriMonth ago

    Well I can handle all because I love food and I ate 5boxes of pizza every break fast

  28. Medal Beer Salad

    Medal Beer SaladMonth ago

    Forget The Rock’s cheat day. Try “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s beer bash!

  29. Nexus5150

    Nexus5150Month ago

    Forgot the 4 mega plates of sushi he has on cheat days.

  30. Daron Soukkhanouvong

    Daron SoukkhanouvongMonth ago

    Now that is mind boggling

  31. Vanessa Haag

    Vanessa HaagMonth ago

    YB is such a champ she’s my favorite

  32. Its King Christian

    Its King ChristianMonth ago

    Why is YB so adorable

  33. ش Mavi

    ش MaviMonth ago

    So, is being gay a requirement to work at buzzfeed?

  34. Ilovecats 88

    Ilovecats 88Month ago

    You're telling me they get paid for this

  35. Ethan Urena

    Ethan UrenaMonth ago

    Lucky Lucky People....I WISH I WORKED AT BUZZ FEED

  36. Unicorn Rockstars

    Unicorn RockstarsMonth ago

    His cheat day meals are my everyday meals lol

  37. Charlie G

    Charlie GMonth ago

    He doesn’t eat it all in one sitting. And 2k calories is a pretty difference to be skipping

  38. Ashton Thibault

    Ashton ThibaultMonth ago

    Man. Horrible math. 12,550. Yet the pizzas apparently make up 12,400 of that. This why we don’t take you serious buzzfeed

  39. Baldric

    BaldricMonth ago

    I wish the rock commented on this video

  40. Wolf Animates

    Wolf AnimatesMonth ago

    Atleast the extra food was put to good use

  41. albert7139

    albert7139Month ago

    Whenever I make a batch of brownies they are gone in like 30 mins lol

  42. Leah B

    Leah BMonth ago

    I hate to admit how easily I could knock that out. Yay binge eating disorder....

  43. ผมไม่เล็กนะครับ

    ผมไม่เล็กนะครับMonth ago

    ผู้หญิงคนกลาง น่าเย็ดดีว่ะ กูชอบ

  44. H3nry 30r

    H3nry 30rMonth ago

    I can eat that all in 1 hour.... Am i ok?

  45. Michael Bullgary

    Michael BullgaryMonth ago

    Matt stonie: hold my beer.

  46. Yoda

    YodaMonth ago

    I wanted to barf watching this.

  47. iDunno 69

    iDunno 692 months ago

    319 calories for 1 brownie

  48. Aileen Angulo

    Aileen Angulo2 months ago

    He would be dead

  49. Loyal Smith

    Loyal Smith2 months ago

    What ? What ? How does the Rock stomach all that food and Four, that’s Four, large pizzas in a day. I would need a four hour nap from digesting even two whole pizzas. And two pizzas would be all I could manage in a 24 hour period. I love the Rock, but I would need my own separate toilet on the other side of the house from his.

  50. Chill

    Chill2 months ago

    i cheat everyday...

  51. Isabelle Steger

    Isabelle Steger2 months ago

    They should wait between meals.. that’s what most people do when they’re doing high calorie/ cheat day meals and sometime they do work out so..

  52. Liam Dragonborn

    Liam Dragonborn2 months ago

    Yall are bad at eating

  53. Jaxxed

    Jaxxed2 months ago

    Bro the Rock's toilet must not be doing too well..

  54. naruto

    naruto2 months ago

    cheak out S7S cheat meal and beat THE ROCK in 1 meal not day mreporter.net/v/video-BqFjmzTZuLk.html

  55. Gigihope Sprinkles

    Gigihope Sprinkles2 months ago

    I usually told myself that i had to much in cheat days but i guess im wrong Mine vs. The rock Mine: 3 big bingsus 10 choco brownies Milkshake The Rock 12 pancakes 4 boxes of pizza (How many again?) Brownies Oof.

  56. Claire Dreemur

    Claire Dreemur2 months ago

    Did they break this up??

  57. Martha Tansey

    Martha Tansey2 months ago

    Watching this while eating my cheat meal- subway and chippy chips☺️

  58. Queen cake paws

    Queen cake paws2 months ago

    I couldt even eat 3 pancakes and he eates 12!!!!!! xDDDDD Btw I looooove dwayne johnson!!!!!!!

  59. Jeffrey  Feng

    Jeffrey Feng2 months ago

    This is a cheat day? I eat this everyday.

  60. Izz yyy

    Izz yyy2 months ago

    0:27 u think u love the rock, my speech teacher had a cardboard cutout of him in her classroom

  61. Drama Lama

    Drama Lama2 months ago

    Did anyone else see the bug crawling around the pizza box at 1:22 🤮🤮🤮

  62. Addy Marshall

    Addy Marshall2 months ago

    You like brownies but I don’t like peanut butter

  63. Anatasii Y

    Anatasii Y2 months ago

    I can’t even eat one whole pancake..

  64. Girlydragongamer 121

    Girlydragongamer 1212 months ago

    I can do Round 3, a hundred times and still want more.

  65. Titus Tide

    Titus Tide2 months ago

    Yb is so adorable man

  66. E . Music

    E . Music2 months ago

    *Everyday* is my cheat day.

  67. Shawberry Family

    Shawberry Family2 months ago

    I can also do this lol

  68. Jack Hodges

    Jack Hodges2 months ago

    My dream

  69. SAD

    SAD2 months ago

    I would have not complain eating that I would eat all of that

  70. Amelia Virkovska

    Amelia Virkovska2 months ago

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the rock


    #MENDES ARMY2 months ago


  72. Freezy

    Freezy2 months ago

    Cheat days are made to make you eat junk until you hate the junk food, which will motivate you to keep eating healthy

  73. Taehyung's Smile

    Taehyung's Smile2 months ago

    I'm craving some pizza.

  74. Teia

    Teia2 months ago

    Omfg,If i eat less then a pizza i am gonna feel like i ate too much and i am gonna have 4 more kilos.

  75. gInGeR SNaP

    gInGeR SNaP2 months ago

    The key word here is “attempt”

  76. Elizabeth Bolland

    Elizabeth Bolland2 months ago

    I feel like I'd do great on this challenge

  77. Fiorella Pacheco

    Fiorella Pacheco2 months ago

    Ok no....I would have thrown up. They probably gained 5 pounds in a single day

  78. 13BK13

    13BK132 months ago

    I want to do this

  79. Jensen Joy

    Jensen Joy2 months ago

    They're over here eating like 2 pizzas while I'm struggling to eat 2 slices

  80. Kliolile

    Kliolile2 months ago


  81. ur a heavy NOOB

    ur a heavy NOOB2 months ago

    I could eat all those brownies tf

  82. emma cameron

    emma cameron2 months ago

    I get so fucking hungry watching this!

  83. No thanks B

    No thanks B2 months ago

    I wish I had YB’s metabolism

  84. White Rosey

    White Rosey2 months ago

    Who tf makes a list of how much you are going to eat, that is too depressing to know how much you are going to consume into your body.

  85. Real G

    Real G2 months ago

    how the rock stay fit muscle eating so many food? did he cheat too often? or 1 cheat meal per week?

  86. Joseph Anthony

    Joseph Anthony2 months ago

    My cheat day is sunday, but I never drink sodas anymore

  87. Steinfeld's hopeless fountain kingdom in Havana

    Steinfeld's hopeless fountain kingdom in Havana2 months ago

    hm... im hungry

  88. sweetdreamer

    sweetdreamer2 months ago

    Does he really eat that much??

  89. Cooperplayz1

    Cooperplayz12 months ago

    Nice to donate the food!

  90. katie w

    katie w2 months ago

    what I eat in a day on my period

  91. Quirky Dragon

    Quirky Dragon2 months ago

    I can’t even finish one pizza. I top out at three pieces

  92. Tahir Roshanali

    Tahir Roshanali2 months ago

    That Asian chick is money...

  93. VENOM Sainath

    VENOM Sainath2 months ago


  94. Orel Gorçe

    Orel Gorçe3 months ago

    The rock is like a v12 6.6 biturbo wtf 12000 calories 🤤🤤

  95. BeatFleek

    BeatFleek3 months ago

    Why do I feel like throwing up???? All this food gives me super anxiety !!

  96. Sebastian Nicolas

    Sebastian Nicolas3 months ago

    The rock goes to the gym everyday

  97. Junggshook Army

    Junggshook Army3 months ago

    4 pizzas? I can’t even eat 2! SKSKSKSSKSK

  98. Mare B

    Mare B3 months ago

    Lmao risk vs benefit does NOT exist. I can eat more junk food for less calories. Shame on the Rock

  99. ZoeyLeeAI PUBG

    ZoeyLeeAI PUBG3 months ago

    I will actually eat pizza everyday I LOVE PIZZA PIZZA IS MA LIFE