We Ate The Rock's Cheat-Day Meals


  1. BTS girl

    BTS girl2 hours ago

    I would have been in food heaven

  2. Ana Bananna

    Ana Bananna2 hours ago

    The krusty krab pizza is the best pizza for you and me

  3. Green Lime

    Green Lime14 hours ago


  4. Artie Juarez

    Artie Juarez19 hours ago


  5. bostongirl555 MSP

    bostongirl555 MSPDay ago

    There is one difference in the Rock that we don't Have.... He gets more muscles...

  6. Socks The Doggo

    Socks The Doggo2 days ago

    I can barely eat 1 pancake lol

  7. What Up

    What Up2 days ago

    damn I can't even eat 1,000+ calories....

  8. Layba Safdar

    Layba Safdar2 days ago

    I'm glad that they didn't waste the leftover food like that brownie and pizzas

  9. Carol Coulson

    Carol Coulson3 days ago

    This show just lies

  10. Carol Coulson

    Carol Coulson3 days ago

    He doesn’t eat that

  11. Baka Kokoro

    Baka Kokoro3 days ago

    these are all my favorite food OMG , pancake brownie pizza yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez4 days ago

    Id devour those brownies

  13. Simone Regina

    Simone Regina5 days ago

    How do they even find this information to do these videos?

  14. Maya Raghuraman

    Maya Raghuraman5 days ago

    gimme the brownies anyday

  15. Csb1289

    Csb12895 days ago

    im happy they gave the leftover food to the needy, that's kind ;;

  16. Cinnamon Dreams

    Cinnamon Dreams6 days ago

    Who saw the fly on the pizza box

  17. SS Dreams

    SS Dreams6 days ago

    This is why we need a balanced diet. Eat calories, burn them, then get stacked with muscle like the rock!

  18. Masa Ali

    Masa Ali8 days ago

    I would definitely eat a whole pizza on my cheat day

  19. Kylie Ravenclaw

    Kylie Ravenclaw10 days ago

    I wish I could eat as much as the rock and still look like that. But no. Life is a cruel thing.

  20. xXxBeast BossxXx

    xXxBeast BossxXx10 days ago

    Id be good at it

  21. justcxsey

    justcxsey10 days ago

    It reminds me of when I was sick and even watching people on TV eat made me nauseus 😂

  22. Bubblestacker

    Bubblestacker11 days ago

    I have the same b day as the rock

  23. BoLt MPaladin 41

    BoLt MPaladin 4112 days ago

    Is that guy gay

  24. macie mullin

    macie mullin12 days ago

    If the rock had diabetes he would be fucked😂

  25. Annie Yang

    Annie Yang12 days ago

    I can only eat two piece of pizza

  26. IAmAFangirl4

    IAmAFangirl413 days ago

    YB is my spirit animal

  27. Grimm Wald

    Grimm Wald14 days ago


  28. Swag Time

    Swag Time14 days ago

    “Ha ha ha... CLASSIC ROCK”

  29. Spooky Stitch

    Spooky Stitch14 days ago

    I love that YB was ready to keep eating

  30. Lime._.Slimes5 Puco

    Lime._.Slimes5 Puco15 days ago

    Right before I watched this I got an ad about the Rocks new movie

  31. Sarah G.

    Sarah G.15 days ago

    Definitely would have thrown up

  32. JoshJazz01

    JoshJazz0115 days ago

    And Kate never pooped again

  33. Vesper AJ

    Vesper AJ15 days ago


  34. Sunni Wolfie

    Sunni Wolfie15 days ago

    I’m happy they donated the leftovers to people who need them

  35. FE LUCID

    FE LUCID15 days ago


  36. A Tibetan Mastiff

    A Tibetan Mastiff16 days ago

    pentu buter and cholate

  37. Michael Posz

    Michael Posz16 days ago

    Why is there a chest protector in the background ?

  38. Neil Surendranath

    Neil Surendranath16 days ago

    Why did they dress up for this?

  39. Wreckthetangle

    Wreckthetangle17 days ago

    I am sooo hungry right now and all that food just made it ten times worse 🙃

  40. Gina. Gina.

    Gina. Gina.17 days ago

    He probably shits like King Kong, I hope this is his cheat day because this is way too much food. Rock gets some salad.

  41. Harrypotterfan ForevA

    Harrypotterfan ForevA17 days ago


  42. Emily A

    Emily A18 days ago

    I have no self control so I think I could do this!!!

  43. Ana Shin

    Ana Shin19 days ago

    yb was still eyeing the food after everyone else was tapping out what a queen

  44. ula zalyte

    ula zalyte19 days ago

    Me to my friend: So I'm on this really strict diet to help me lose weight... My friend: Oh really?! What is it? I need to try this diet! Me: So basically I eat 12 pancakes, 4 pizzas, 21 brownies.. . My friend: Ok, never mind.

  45. Maya Leal

    Maya Leal19 days ago

    Pause at 2:28

  46. Legendary Arpon

    Legendary Arpon19 days ago

    Dam YB must poop alot

  47. Bradley Hudson

    Bradley Hudson19 days ago

    1:46 “I’m sweating”, “I’m delerious”, YB: “I still feel like I can eat one more” Wife goals ❤️

  48. Dahlya Elshennawy

    Dahlya Elshennawy20 days ago

    Who else hates those love beauty and planet adds THEYRE SO ANNOYING!!!

  49. Ash

    Ash20 days ago

    They didn't even try lol

  50. Taylor Rohatinsky

    Taylor Rohatinsky20 days ago

    Did y’all see the bug on the boxes of pizza?!

  51. Allie Carroll

    Allie Carroll21 day ago

    I’m hungry

  52. Izzicgaming

    Izzicgaming21 day ago

    Buzz feed hire me I’ll eat all that easy

  53. K & E

    K & E21 day ago

    -And I'm still trying to keep up with 2000 cals

  54. The iSpot Vlogs

    The iSpot Vlogs21 day ago

    He cheat days must me once a month

  55. JzeM

    JzeM21 day ago

    Why did they select a bunch of pansies to do this challenge? All, I hear is complaining...

  56. Jillian Nicole

    Jillian Nicole22 days ago

    I had a ad for a movie that stars the rock lol

  57. maome kat

    maome kat22 days ago

    Yb don't wear such a lose or low cut dress if you have to fix it every few mins. ..

  58. Fox Face

    Fox Face22 days ago

    She's a grown woman, she can wear what she wants.

  59. Brookelynn Fricke

    Brookelynn Fricke22 days ago

    Who Else has a “Rock” ad?

  60. Kettrix

    Kettrix22 days ago

    i’m not trying to be mean but is the guy on the left gay?

  61. Julian Hewlett

    Julian Hewlett22 days ago


  62. Julian Hewlett

    Julian Hewlett22 days ago

    I never thought id be so happy to see a plate full of brownies but i dont wanna see it

  63. Adriana Orejel Torres

    Adriana Orejel Torres22 days ago

    I'm mexican so it's basically impossible for me to be on a diet the closets thing that i will get to dieting is when wake up at night really late and didn't eat the whole day😭😭😭

  64. Emiko Autumn

    Emiko Autumn22 days ago

    On his Instagram story he had 12 pancakes and 12 eggs so...

  65. Thicc Dogo123

    Thicc Dogo12323 days ago

    Thicc to skinny af

  66. Eva Vlogz

    Eva Vlogz23 days ago

    I love the Rock.

  67. Monster Box

    Monster Box23 days ago

    Give us free 4 pizza's!

  68. cory goines

    cory goines23 days ago

    Middle is goals

  69. Gigi Colston

    Gigi Colston23 days ago

    *Brownies* 👀

  70. Filip Antic

    Filip Antic24 days ago

    why do pigs have internet shows!?

  71. Yes, hello I like pink

    Yes, hello I like pink24 days ago

    The girl beside YB reminds me of Gabby?

  72. Yes, hello I like pink

    Yes, hello I like pink24 days ago

    Rock’s pizza : double dough Buzzfeed: “thin crust”

  73. Faegir Volva

    Faegir Volva24 days ago

    To be fair, The Rock does a lot of exercise. More than most of us.

  74. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku25 days ago

    I can eat 21 brownies without knowing

  75. CWfan4life

    CWfan4life25 days ago

    I'm sure he didn't eat it all at once. Like through a course of a day.

  76. Ryan Cobb

    Ryan Cobb25 days ago

    21. Brownies wtf

  77. mohamed sayed

    mohamed sayed25 days ago

    Pfff I can eat all that in one bite

  78. Izzy

    Izzy26 days ago

    I’m happy they gave the rest to other people!!

  79. Humane Society of Parkersburg

    Humane Society of Parkersburg27 days ago

    I can eat four pizza slices and be full. Let alone boxes.

  80. Mooey uttho

    Mooey uttho27 days ago


  81. TutorialKing Games

    TutorialKing Games27 days ago

    umm 2:25 hello

  82. connor manklow

    connor manklow27 days ago

    The guy with the flower shirt seriously pisses me off for some reason......I have an unexplained hatred for his face too

  83. Why are you Looking at my profile?!

    Why are you Looking at my profile?!27 days ago

    1:25 I thought me eating 4 SINGLE pizzas was too much

  84. Corixa Maverick

    Corixa Maverick27 days ago

    I would be so happy if I did it

  85. DiscordRuler666

    DiscordRuler66628 days ago

    I could totally eat the 12 pancakes for breakfast. 4 boxes of pizza for dinner, and 21 brownies for dessert.

  86. K E

    K E28 days ago

    The rocks cheat meals are my daily meals. I'm not proud 😂

  87. Because I'm Batman

    Because I'm Batman28 days ago

    Im glad the leftover food didnt go to waste

  88. gurl bye

    gurl bye29 days ago

    I haven’t had a cheat day in two years..*cries*

  89. stephen capillas

    stephen capillas29 days ago

    The Rock could have eaten the pancakes in one sitting but he must have split the pizzas and brownies for lunch and supper.

  90. Puppies Are awesome

    Puppies Are awesome29 days ago

    I can't even finish 1 pizza

  91. The Goodest Boye

    The Goodest Boye29 days ago

    The guy really annoys me.

  92. Dogs

    DogsMonth ago

    Is it just me or does the girl on the right sound like Gabbie?

  93. Dogs

    DogsMonth ago

    Is it just me or does the girl on the right sound like Gabbie?

  94. zTomaz

    zTomazMonth ago

    We talk in klcalories so this is probably meant to be mo calories but klcalories

  95. donald lindsey

    donald lindseyMonth ago

    I like that they gave away the food instead of throwing it out

  96. Laurits

    LauritsMonth ago

    Basically a video People eating a piece of brownie.. Well done buzzfeed👏👏


    TOT NOSMSMonth ago


  98. jinjin

    jinjinMonth ago

    make me eat all of those

  99. Killdanaetor 107

    Killdanaetor 107Month ago

    The girl in the middle is so lucky she can eat when she wants and not get fat

  100. Lady Fierce NYC

    Lady Fierce NYCMonth ago


  101. Real Kailuafire

    Real KailuafireMonth ago

    So the rock could feed an entire community.