We Ate The Rock's Cheat-Day Meals


  1. Nathan Perez

    Nathan Perez9 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought the cheers was perfectly in sync?

  2. JokingBeast 1885

    JokingBeast 1885Day ago

    So no one is going to talk about the fly at 1:21

  3. * E F * Bringer of Light

    * E F * Bringer of LightDay ago

    I didn't think those three could be any more disgusting, but they proved me wrong with this video. Cheers!

  4. Khaleesi Graal

    Khaleesi Graal3 days ago

    I’d love to eat like this for a day

  5. Ali Star

    Ali Star4 days ago

    The girl in the middle is just so fucking sexy

  6. Kyley Harris

    Kyley Harris5 days ago

    This is his chest day?! This is my everyday 🤷‍♀️😂

  7. Micah Clary

    Micah Clary6 days ago

    Stop showing me these fucking vaping adds like oh my fucking god like no one cares

  8. Jo Traintraveller

    Jo Traintraveller7 days ago

    Thing is that it cost a lot money too to eat that amount of food. He does eat so much healthy food on his other days too. I bet it cost a lot money each week.


    MAX VDBRINK7 days ago

    Does the rock have diabetes

  10. Daniel Trevino

    Daniel Trevino8 days ago

    I didn't think the lady in the middle was gonna be able to hang. I think she is twice as cool now.

  11. Farris Amine

    Farris Amine8 days ago


  12. The angel of darkness

    The angel of darkness9 days ago

    I can't even eat one pancake

  13. Ducks Fan#25

    Ducks Fan#259 days ago


  14. Kavita Mohindra

    Kavita Mohindra10 days ago

    Does he workout on his cheat day? Srsly? What's wrong with you

  15. Under Watch

    Under Watch10 days ago

    Eat this junk and you will never be ripped like the Rock. He can eat this garbage because he trens hard anavar gives up lol

  16. Monk D Luff

    Monk D Luff11 days ago

    Who else looked down in the comments to see Dwayne Johnson comment

  17. MarmotayTaiwan

    MarmotayTaiwan11 days ago

    Does anybody else watch this to feel good after a binge?

  18. Dogie the Dog

    Dogie the Dog11 days ago


  19. Mariah Francois

    Mariah Francois12 days ago

    I can freaking eat like this and stay slime for my bar suite like that Asian girls

  20. Benjamin Skater

    Benjamin Skater12 days ago

    What a waist of food

  21. Levi Langley

    Levi Langley12 days ago

    That guys so gay like oh my god I bet he sneezes glitter 😂

  22. celeste kim

    celeste kim14 days ago

    I can do all of this expect for the pancakes, I don’t like them rip. But substitute them for something else and I could

  23. PinkieGamer Sim1

    PinkieGamer Sim114 days ago

    I'm already full if I just ate one pizza

  24. Irond gamer Angtouane

    Irond gamer Angtouane15 days ago

    Well someone got call someone to fix the toliet

  25. Nick Tran

    Nick Tran15 days ago

    I eat burgers chips and other unhealthy food that would make you fat and I’m super skinny

  26. Catie Hatcher

    Catie Hatcher15 days ago

    They eat pizza weirdly like it's pizza u don't go and act all delicate it's supposed to be messy it's food

  27. Catie Hatcher

    Catie Hatcher15 days ago

    I can eat so much this would be easy

  28. Kimberly

    Kimberly16 days ago

    Anyone just came here to feel better about what u eat?? No just me... Ok:(

  29. GrifDAGamer

    GrifDAGamer16 days ago

    Dang son I would love that I would probably be able to eat the majority of it bc I have a pretty fast matabalism but as long as I work out in between lacrosse practice

  30. JOHN 3:16

    JOHN 3:1617 days ago

    Did anyone notice the fly at 1:20 or is it just me (it was by the pizza boxes near middle).

  31. Violetta Trushcheva

    Violetta Trushcheva18 days ago

    The rock doesn’t eat any of this food in a regular day because he probably gets sick of it after his cheat day

  32. Matthew Oppliger

    Matthew Oppliger18 days ago

    I can’t even eat 2 pancakes:(

  33. Celina Thompson

    Celina Thompson18 days ago

    Oh if I did that I’d eat all mine and theres

  34. Olivia Cathryn

    Olivia Cathryn19 days ago

    I feel sick watching them eat this

  35. Cozy SZN

    Cozy SZN20 days ago

    Asian girl is gorgeous

  36. Gina Gina

    Gina Gina20 days ago

    Thanks for donating the rest!!!

  37. DaisyDoesBeauty 21

    DaisyDoesBeauty 2125 days ago

    I love Dwayne 😂

  38. sprzeni narkoman

    sprzeni narkoman25 days ago

    Pitanje:Da li ce te jesti govna ako ih poznati budu jeli 24 sata

  39. Sydney’s Club

    Sydney’s Club26 days ago

    Do u see the fly on the side of the pizza box at 1:21

  40. kelvin del rosario

    kelvin del rosario27 days ago

    This is what Matt Stonie would eat every single day.

  41. Stanna Marie

    Stanna Marie27 days ago

    Anyone else see the bug on the pizza at 1:21?

  42. KenMakesVideos ZL

    KenMakesVideos ZLMonth ago

    how to get diabetes

  43. Tracey To

    Tracey ToMonth ago

    2:25 does that sound weird or is it just me?

  44. Levis Christian

    Levis ChristianMonth ago

    Soy boy cringe.... get a lumberjack in there

  45. SugaCube

    SugaCubeMonth ago

    YB: Eats 21 brownies and gains nothing Me: *Breathes and becomes morbidly obese*

  46. benjam1n b0snar

    benjam1n b0snarMonth ago

    the title should be WE TRIED TO EAT THE ROCKS CHEAT DAY

  47. Netflix Lover

    Netflix LoverMonth ago

    Dang I gained ten pounds just by watching this

  48. Danh Nguyen

    Danh NguyenMonth ago

    2:25 sounds like they are in a satanic cult and they were about to drink at ounce of blood in a wine glass

  49. Jennifer Stormont

    Jennifer StormontMonth ago

    For me it would be my cheat week

  50. Miguel Celis

    Miguel CelisMonth ago


  51. Miguel Celis

    Miguel CelisMonth ago


  52. Asian Girl

    Asian GirlMonth ago


  53. Bee Phenix

    Bee PhenixMonth ago

    12 pancakes would last me a week

  54. Madeleine Mcilroy

    Madeleine McilroyMonth ago

    I have YB’s metabolisn

  55. j shae

    j shaeMonth ago

    Man I love Kate's mannerisms!!

  56. hey dad

    hey dadMonth ago

    I don’t like brownies

  57. overdosed in drama

    overdosed in dramaMonth ago

    he said “ i’m tapping out at 3 “... any wwe fan will understand

  58. - Malkx -

    - Malkx -Month ago

    Yo my sister has the metabolisim of a lightning bolt. We ate lunch and then 5 minutes later she needed to poop. ME ON THE OTHER HAND.. I could eat a piece of toast and poop it out the next day without eating for the rest of the day.

  59. Christian Zarate

    Christian ZarateMonth ago

    I can barely eat one pancake




  61. Dillon Thomas

    Dillon ThomasMonth ago

    Lol I’d eat 12 pancakes with lemon juice and sugar no bother

  62. Casta_jr

    Casta_jrMonth ago

    I thought they meant 4 slices😂

  63. Gaua Shxh

    Gaua ShxhMonth ago

    I think YB has bulimia or eats really healthy

  64. TxG PS4

    TxG PS4Month ago

    1:01 Where it all happened...

  65. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMonth ago

    His cheat day is what I eat every month

  66. Jenny Yunxi

    Jenny YunxiMonth ago

    1:21 a fly just landed on the pizza box

  67. wit w

    wit wMonth ago

    u hit the jym before cheat meal/day not after

  68. shooketh

    shookethMonth ago

    *classic rock*

  69. Jemarc Fontanilla

    Jemarc FontanillaMonth ago

    How do you no that's what he eat????!???

  70. Mary

    MaryMonth ago

    I don’t know what it’s like to have a slow metabolism, so I eat junk food everyday

  71. MyNameSquid

    MyNameSquidMonth ago

    I have 7 cheat days In a week

  72. The Foodie

    The FoodieMonth ago

    I would eat all of the brownies if there was no peanut butter

  73. Bekah Boo

    Bekah BooMonth ago

    How often is his cheat day? Like once every ten years????

  74. Palms are sweaty Knees weak

    Palms are sweaty Knees weakMonth ago

    What a mukbang

  75. Can We Get 5,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos ?

    Can We Get 5,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos ?Month ago

    YB has gains nothing I gain *5,000 pounds* from eating *ONE* piece of pepperoni.

  76. Uloma Chimara

    Uloma ChimaraMonth ago


  77. kjl

    kjlMonth ago

    let me guess, the 100 pound chick couldnt do it?

  78. No thanks B

    No thanks BMonth ago

    I need yb’s metabolism right now

  79. Adeleine Arnold

    Adeleine ArnoldMonth ago

    How is yb so skinny yet she eats junk and the rocks cheat meal I get chubby after eating a cookie

  80. Bethacorn lol

    Bethacorn lolMonth ago

    This is what I eat on my period just me or what

  81. ThatGamingNinjaTurtle654 Reborn

    ThatGamingNinjaTurtle654 RebornMonth ago

    This is how rock has a lot of energy in the ring

  82. Kayla Kayelak

    Kayla KayelakMonth ago

    Next up: Diabetic Land

  83. Michael Morris

    Michael MorrisMonth ago

    why dont they eat the amount they should eat for there body weight instead of the rock...they dont even look like they workout

  84. Stacy

    StacyMonth ago

    At least they donated the food

  85. Amisha Chauhan

    Amisha ChauhanMonth ago

    The best part was that you guys don't waste food.

  86. •••Taehyung Is My Spirit Animal•••

    •••Taehyung Is My Spirit Animal•••Month ago

    This is inaccurate, you made them eat this in one sitting, I'm pretty sure he doesn't eat this in one sitting. ( well I'm not sure if they did eat this in one sitting because it looks like it )

  87. David Ye

    David YeMonth ago


  88. Urayji Ali

    Urayji AliMonth ago

    That dude is so gay 😒 Omg I am full

  89. Melissa Cordle

    Melissa CordleMonth ago

    For his cheat day one time he ate a whole plate of sushi!!!

  90. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha WolfMonth ago

    It does sound hard to eat like the rock ._.

  91. Jean2005

    Jean2005Month ago

    So glad to see the leftovers donated

  92. Maggie Bell

    Maggie BellMonth ago

    knowing kate has BED changes how I see this video

  93. Daniel Trevino

    Daniel Trevino8 days ago

    Who's Kate lol

  94. Maggie Bell

    Maggie Bell11 days ago

    Adrian Fregoso binge eating disorder

  95. Adrian Fregoso

    Adrian Fregoso12 days ago

    What's BED?

  96. Vaishnavi Joshi

    Vaishnavi JoshiMonth ago


  97. RoseGold Marble

    RoseGold MarbleMonth ago

    This is my every day

  98. Lars Zzzz

    Lars ZzzzMonth ago

    Who else has a hard time watching this after watching her combat her eating disorder

  99. Rachel

    RachelMonth ago

    +Reyana Kaji yeah she does, relatively recently

  100. Doughnut Productions

    Doughnut ProductionsMonth ago

    +Reyana Kaji no she just has a fast metabolism😸

  101. Reyana Kaji

    Reyana KajiMonth ago

    Lars Zzzz oh okay, thank-you! Does she have a video talking about it? I feel like I have a vague memory watching it once

  102. Lars Zzzz

    Lars ZzzzMonth ago

    Reyana Kaji the one that’s not YB

  103. Reyana Kaji

    Reyana KajiMonth ago

    Lars Zzzz who?

  104. Chemi

    ChemiMonth ago

    aw this must have been so hard for kate to do :( I know I would have gotten stressed tf out for the rest of the day and week

  105. ‘-‘

    ‘-‘Month ago

    I think I can eat the pizza and the brownie not the pancakes

  106. KiiD KAMIKURA

    KiiD KAMIKURAMonth ago

    omg that Asian girl is so fine

  107. im here

    im hereMonth ago

    Is it sad that I could eat two boxes of pizza if I really wanted to. I’m not overweight either 😂

  108. Mr ILoveKayla

    Mr ILoveKaylaMonth ago

    The guy is gay the one with the hat 🧢🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all need to stop it

  109. Alooy hasan

    Alooy hasan2 months ago

    Who else wanted to join them