We Ate The Rock's Cheat-Day Meals


  1. Chill

    Chill2 days ago

    i cheat everyday...

  2. Isabelle Steger

    Isabelle Steger3 days ago

    They should wait between meals.. that’s what most people do when they’re doing high calorie/ cheat day meals and sometime they do work out so..

  3. Liam Dragonborn

    Liam Dragonborn3 days ago

    Yall are bad at eating

  4. Jaxxed

    Jaxxed3 days ago

    Bro the Rock's toilet must not be doing too well..

  5. تمت المشاهدة

    تمت المشاهدة3 days ago

    cheak out S7S cheat meal and beat THE ROCK in 1 meal not day mreporter.net/v/video-BqFjmzTZuLk.html

  6. Gigihope Sprinkles

    Gigihope Sprinkles4 days ago

    I usually told myself that i had to much in cheat days but i guess im wrong Mine vs. The rock Mine: 3 big bingsus 10 choco brownies Milkshake The Rock 12 pancakes 4 boxes of pizza (How many again?) Brownies Oof.

  7. Claire Dreemur

    Claire Dreemur4 days ago

    Did they break this up??

  8. Martha Tansey

    Martha Tansey6 days ago

    Watching this while eating my cheat meal- subway and chippy chips☺️

  9. Queen cake paws

    Queen cake paws8 days ago

    I couldt even eat 3 pancakes and he eates 12!!!!!! xDDDDD Btw I looooove dwayne johnson!!!!!!!

  10. Jeffrey  Feng

    Jeffrey Feng9 days ago

    This is a cheat day? I eat this everyday.

  11. Izz yyy

    Izz yyy10 days ago

    0:27 u think u love the rock, my speech teacher had a cardboard cutout of him in her classroom

  12. Drama Lama

    Drama Lama11 days ago

    Did anyone else see the bug crawling around the pizza box at 1:22 🤮🤮🤮

  13. Addy Marshall

    Addy Marshall12 days ago

    You like brownies but I don’t like peanut butter

  14. Anatasii Y

    Anatasii Y12 days ago

    I can’t even eat one whole pancake..

  15. Girlydragongamer 121

    Girlydragongamer 12114 days ago

    I can do Round 3, a hundred times and still want more.

  16. Titus Tide

    Titus Tide14 days ago

    Yb is so adorable man

  17. E . Music

    E . Music15 days ago

    *Everyday* is my cheat day.

  18. Shawberry Family

    Shawberry Family15 days ago

    I can also do this lol

  19. Jack Hodges

    Jack Hodges15 days ago

    My dream

  20. SAD

    SAD16 days ago

    I would have not complain eating that I would eat all of that

  21. Amelia Virkovska

    Amelia Virkovska17 days ago

    I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the rock


    #MENDES ARMY17 days ago


  23. Freezy

    Freezy17 days ago

    Cheat days are made to make you eat junk until you hate the junk food, which will motivate you to keep eating healthy

  24. Taehyung's Smile

    Taehyung's Smile18 days ago

    I'm craving some pizza.

  25. Teia

    Teia19 days ago

    Omfg,If i eat less then a pizza i am gonna feel like i ate too much and i am gonna have 4 more kilos.

  26. Ife_ XOX

    Ife_ XOX19 days ago

    The key word here is “attempt”

  27. Elizabeth Bolland

    Elizabeth Bolland19 days ago

    I feel like I'd do great on this challenge

  28. Fiorella Pacheco

    Fiorella Pacheco19 days ago

    Ok no....I would have thrown up. They probably gained 5 pounds in a single day

  29. 13BK13

    13BK1319 days ago

    I want to do this

  30. Jensen Joy

    Jensen Joy20 days ago

    They're over here eating like 2 pizzas while I'm struggling to eat 2 slices

  31. Kliolile

    Kliolile20 days ago


  32. I dont know you

    I dont know you20 days ago

    I could eat all those brownies tf

  33. emma cameron

    emma cameron22 days ago

    I get so fucking hungry watching this!

  34. No thanks B

    No thanks B22 days ago

    I wish I had YB’s metabolism

  35. OverPopped

    OverPopped22 days ago

    Who tf makes a list of how much you are going to eat, that is too depressing to know how much you are going to consume into your body.

  36. Real G

    Real G23 days ago

    how the rock stay fit muscle eating so many food? did he cheat too often? or 1 cheat meal per week?

  37. Joseph De Santos

    Joseph De Santos24 days ago

    My cheat day is sunday, but I never drink sodas anymore

  38. Steinfeld's hopeless fountain kingdom in Havana

    Steinfeld's hopeless fountain kingdom in Havana24 days ago

    hm... im hungry

  39. sweetdreamer

    sweetdreamer24 days ago

    Does he really eat that much??

  40. CooperNinjaGaming

    CooperNinjaGaming25 days ago

    Nice to donate the food!

  41. katie w

    katie w25 days ago

    what I eat in a day on my period

  42. Quirky Dragon

    Quirky Dragon26 days ago

    I can’t even finish one pizza. I top out at three pieces

  43. Tahir Roshanali

    Tahir Roshanali26 days ago

    That Asian chick is money...

  44. VENOM Sainath

    VENOM Sainath26 days ago


  45. Orel Gorçe

    Orel Gorçe27 days ago

    The rock is like a v12 6.6 biturbo wtf 12000 calories 🤤🤤

  46. BeatFleek

    BeatFleek28 days ago

    Why do I feel like throwing up???? All this food gives me super anxiety !!

  47. Sebastian Nicolas

    Sebastian Nicolas28 days ago

    The rock goes to the gym everyday

  48. Junggshook Army

    Junggshook Army28 days ago

    4 pizzas? I can’t even eat 2! SKSKSKSSKSK

  49. I. B.

    I. B.28 days ago

    Lmao risk vs benefit does NOT exist. I can eat more junk food for less calories. Shame on the Rock

  50. Ava Lee

    Ava Lee28 days ago

    I will actually eat pizza everyday I LOVE PIZZA PIZZA IS MA LIFE

  51. Gexvy

    Gexvy29 days ago

    This is really alot haha

  52. Dancing With Fandoms

    Dancing With FandomsMonth ago

    I could jokingly say I could finish that entire thing But in all honesty, god that scares me. The mere quantity! AND I LOVE FOOD!

  53. Just that Guy.

    Just that Guy.Month ago

    I wouldve kept the food I didnt finish cause that's still tasty pancakes, pizza and brownies 😂

  54. Jay Nam

    Jay NamMonth ago

    This is what my diet is

  55. Sienna Gertenitch

    Sienna GertenitchMonth ago

    He only eats this much so he can maintain mucesle mass

  56. kaisoo and jikook is what i live for

    kaisoo and jikook is what i live forMonth ago

    I can't even finish 3 pancakes

  57. Janset Keser

    Janset KeserMonth ago

    The end of the video makes me feel like 👏🏻 we are proud of you

  58. asma Jawad

    asma JawadMonth ago

    I felt uncomfortable watching this I wish they: Had bright light, didn’t interrupt each other, I wish they weren’t sweating, and they r so squished

  59. Bella Singson

    Bella SingsonMonth ago


  60. MagicalMarsss RBLX

    MagicalMarsss RBLXMonth ago

    The rock has cancer i think....

  61. Wrubick's Kueb

    Wrubick's KuebMonth ago

    That was very nice of you to donate your food!

  62. Deema Zoloto

    Deema ZolotoMonth ago

    better pump iron like him

  63. Miqseri GX

    Miqseri GXMonth ago


  64. w00t1337

    w00t1337Month ago

    rather fap to pat and jen minecraft

  65. Morgan L. Kennedy

    Morgan L. KennedyMonth ago

    Yes, he does work out on his cheat days. Though I don't know how.

  66. ThorCereal

    ThorCerealMonth ago

    He eats 12 pancakes me: struggles to eat one

  67. Stormzyyy

    StormzyyyMonth ago

    The food looks delicious but I don't think I could eat it all I don't eat that much because I have anxiety and it's causing me not to eat and I use toe have so much weight and now I'm really skinny 😢😢😭😭😥😥😟😟🌮😰😰😥😥😓😓

  68. Kath Moon

    Kath MoonMonth ago

    '' I just love the rock so much'' :D that was sweet.

  69. E Z

    E ZMonth ago

    1:22 There is a huge fly on the box

  70. karma beach

    karma beachMonth ago

    i want the rocks metabolism

  71. Esther Johnson

    Esther JohnsonMonth ago

    I'm so happy that they donated the food to people in need afterwards! Most people would have just thrown it away, so I like that they took the time to hand it out to people.

  72. Killer Orca XD

    Killer Orca XDMonth ago

    I can eat all that

  73. homstuck nerd

    homstuck nerdMonth ago

    Just give me all the brownies

  74. Samanta hi

    Samanta hiMonth ago

    I reallt want pizza now... WE HAVE PIZZA

  75. The beagle show :3

    The beagle show :3Month ago

    This video made me have a stomach ache and I wasn’t even eating 😬

  76. Scrappy Coco

    Scrappy CocoMonth ago

    Yea right how tf can he eat that by himself

  77. Bailey Pierce

    Bailey PierceMonth ago

    that guy reminds me of lucas cruikshank

  78. michael

    michaelMonth ago

    This isn't even a challenge

  79. Skittle Gaming

    Skittle GamingMonth ago

    Te unfortunate thing is that my stomach goes out, but doesn't come back in....

  80. Laura Chalabi

    Laura ChalabiMonth ago

    My metabolism works... Its slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter but it works...


    TANYA BAYAMonth ago

    Out of the three I can finish the pizza 100% (if I'm hungry)

  82. sasha Caldwell

    sasha CaldwellMonth ago

    if they challenged a group of 14 year old boys they could defiantly do this

  83. Sights of Northern Ireland

    Sights of Northern IrelandMonth ago

    21 brownies? No problem.

  84. ninjabo 01

    ninjabo 01Month ago

    Pancakes =hard

  85. ninjabo 01

    ninjabo 01Month ago

    Brownies= that is a light snack

  86. ninjabo 01

    ninjabo 01Month ago

    Pizza=psh Frickn easy I can eat 8 x large dominoes

  87. Zapter 9

    Zapter 9Month ago

    I could survive in the desert with how much I'm drewling

  88. Grill Gaming

    Grill GamingMonth ago

    Anybody peep the bug on the pizza box at 1:24😭?

  89. MimiSweet Branch

    MimiSweet BranchMonth ago


  90. Lisa Kelly

    Lisa KellyMonth ago

    I am so hungry. This is killing me😢😢

  91. Enzo Baltazar_69

    Enzo Baltazar_69Month ago

    They actually ate more pancakes than the rock usually eats

  92. ASMR With Minnie

    ASMR With MinnieMonth ago

    I used to think the rock was my dad because my dads name is Dwayne ....I was disappointed 😢 when I found out that he wasn’t

  93. Morgan Locke

    Morgan LockeMonth ago

    DAT is a lot of brownies! I want to be them

  94. salome AB

    salome ABMonth ago

    Honestly, on a cheat day, I am not planning on dying . I feel disgusting for 2 days straight so I just eat a bit of this and that. Like one serving of fries, 3-4 slices of pizza and a slice of cake or ice cream. I always make sure not to eat salad or something filling and eat at slow pace. This is dangerous.

  95. Gracie face

    Gracie faceMonth ago

    1:22 hi fly on the pizza box 😂😂

  96. Vincent Valadez

    Vincent ValadezMonth ago

    My Heart hurts just watching this! 😂💔

  97. Audrey Gamer

    Audrey GamerMonth ago

    How do they know what the rock eats (do they put cameras in his house)😂😂😂😂

  98. Kit Kats

    Kit KatsMonth ago

    Does eating 21 kit kats count as dinner?

  99. Layba Safdar

    Layba SafdarMonth ago

    Yb can take any food challenge and still look so skinny and beautiful

  100. Ay Ball

    Ay BallMonth ago

    It made me full just watching this

  101. dani

    daniMonth ago

    I'm hungry and on a diet ... wrong video