Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect11 days ago

    Pumped y'all like the vid!! Which shot was your favorite? Y'all are the best.

  2. Virginia Smith

    Virginia Smith10 days ago

    How you land it on a boling ball

  3. Leo Burger

    Leo Burger10 days ago

    Dude Perfect WHAT happend of saying WHO’S PANDA ?🐼

  4. Christopher Remy

    Christopher Remy10 days ago

    The number didn't work for me

  5. Jamie Hay

    Jamie Hay10 days ago


  6. Domanick Georges

    Domanick Georges2 days ago

    Lol I like how you guys put a bible verse for a quick second 👌🏾💯🤙🏾✨🔥

  7. jason mcphee

    jason mcphee2 days ago


  8. Patrick Rankine

    Patrick Rankine2 days ago

    Can you do it

  9. Anthony Doucette

    Anthony Doucette2 days ago

    I have never seen someone that happy to get something stuck on the ceiling

  10. Juan pablo Molinares benjumea

    Juan pablo Molinares benjumea2 days ago

    What happened to panda?

  11. Mohammed Annas Quadri

    Mohammed Annas Quadri2 days ago

    Song name......?

  12. Yuvraj Sharma

    Yuvraj Sharma2 days ago

    Anyone from INDIA-Like Anyone from FOREIGN-Comment

  13. Souls Tornado

    Souls Tornado2 days ago

    The real legend is the person who filled the bottles with the correct and exact amount of liquid

  14. zt v

    zt v2 days ago

    Who said that dudeperfect are dead ?

  15. Adam McCain

    Adam McCain2 days ago

    you should do trick shots with zing zax

  16. Soren Erickson-Cichon

    Soren Erickson-Cichon2 days ago

    For your next overtime if you have game time play csr2

  17. Maverick Okkerse

    Maverick Okkerse2 days ago


  18. Maverick Okkerse

    Maverick Okkerse2 days ago


  19. Go cartoons

    Go cartoons2 days ago

    At 35 sec they edited it

  20. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu2 days ago

    3:48 10 часовую версию пожалуйста (10 hours version plase)

  21. iPoshlas

    iPoshlas2 days ago

    Love em' or hate em', have to admit, all the views they get - well deserved.

  22. iPoshlas

    iPoshlas2 days ago

    @huttio srreu disagreed

  23. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu2 days ago

    Its obviously in reverse.

  24. Dey Sanchez

    Dey Sanchez2 days ago

    Or energy 2037686236

  25. LilRatFinkAZ Fin

    LilRatFinkAZ Fin2 days ago

    Why did you lose their old phone

  26. TC Hone

    TC Hone2 days ago

    Dude perfect is so mean and they wont even let me join my there thing to add me. Its a joke

  27. Tannar John

    Tannar John2 days ago

    I love your videos they’re so cool

  28. AdiTya P.sahu

    AdiTya P.sahu2 days ago

    R they reversing the video??

  29. Dragon Sin Meliodas ಥ_ಥ

    Dragon Sin Meliodas ಥ_ಥ2 days ago


  30. Sloane Sandoval

    Sloane Sandoval2 days ago

    Make an OT episode

  31. Sam Watson

    Sam Watson2 days ago

    I wish I could do it like you also go on a cruse for your next bucket list also your the best MReporterrs ever

  32. Darknight YouTube Official Channel

    Darknight YouTube Official Channel2 days ago

    How many bloopers have?

  33. CVS

    CVS2 days ago

    My favorite shot was the last shot

  34. CVS

    CVS2 days ago

    Not going to lie my hands were sweating when Tim went up to that railing.

  35. Moo Chiken

    Moo Chiken2 days ago

    how expensive are the one-wheeled skateboard things you use. Also, where did you get them? I want one.

  36. Chad’s Channel

    Chad’s Channel2 days ago

    I like your videos and try to you get 1000 subscribers

  37. Brendan Buckley

    Brendan Buckley2 days ago

    Airsoft 2 is xoming

  38. Max watchman

    Max watchman2 days ago

    Build a boat 2

  39. Myron Wotton

    Myron Wotton2 days ago

    Its obviously in reverse.

  40. MiFey

    MiFey2 days ago

    2016 me be like


    《AK》 PUBG MOBILE2 days ago

    Please subscribe my channel and like

  42. Wicked Dummy filter

    Wicked Dummy filter2 days ago

    Question, how is Tim supposed to get down There probably is a way

  43. Christina's Doc & Makeup Corner

    Christina's Doc & Makeup Corner2 days ago

    U know why hes getting it perfect there is salt in the water

  44. BlooperSnooper

    BlooperSnooper2 days ago

    When will we see pandas face

  45. Its Dante

    Its Dante2 days ago

    Image I got 1000 subs by morning eu time lol I will never but I believe in this comment section ❤️

  46. The Buurma Family

    The Buurma Family2 days ago

    sooo short

  47. GiveMeSomeOatmeal

    GiveMeSomeOatmeal2 days ago

    Do aother airsoft battle

  48. X3G

    X3G2 days ago


  49. Ayeleey

    Ayeleey2 days ago

    Congrats for being the 10th mist subskribed chanel... 🥳

  50. Rhonda Alderman

    Rhonda Alderman2 days ago

    Do another Pringle’s trick shot

  51. TheGlovesMade

    TheGlovesMade2 days ago

    Nice. Hey! Can I turn yours channel name into draw picture? I am tiny YT channel...

  52. Romatshka

    Romatshka2 days ago

    Некоторые броски постанова и монтаж.

  53. Salvate Amoroso

    Salvate Amoroso2 days ago


  54. Pedro Destru

    Pedro Destru2 days ago

    Unico español?

  55. Elite Ahmad

    Elite Ahmad2 days ago

    How much Tries did you made for those clips?

  56. Sammay Anwari

    Sammay Anwari2 days ago

    Can we have next level things like overtime 14 you can add like a quiz and whoever wins can get the golden boy whoever loses can spin the wheel of unfortunate. The name could be the Quiz of Doom. I love your videos and I still love your Content its amazing you bring back the old with the new and I love the mixture. Please if you can bring back Stereotypes. I love those too. Can you add more challenges I love them as well.

  57. Stetson Pacheco Studios

    Stetson Pacheco Studios2 days ago

    Dude Perfect: Comment your favorite shot. Me: Every shot is my favorite!

  58. Michael Roberts

    Michael Roberts2 days ago


  59. Five Fellas

    Five Fellas2 days ago

    Definitely better than the other ones

  60. Sukut-ı Hayâl

    Sukut-ı Hayâl2 days ago

    hi everybody. if you join my channel, i will join your channel. let

  61. Rajinder Gosal

    Rajinder Gosal2 days ago


  62. Victor Tuffa

    Victor Tuffa2 days ago

    Like me or you're dumb

  63. Victor Tuffa

    Victor Tuffa2 days ago

    Hey dude perfect! Play hide and seek in the warehouse

  64. Тима леГоман

    Тима леГоман2 days ago


  65. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott2 days ago

    Yall need to come to Arkansas

  66. Daniel Coleman

    Daniel Coleman2 days ago


  67. Sohaib arif

    Sohaib arif2 days ago

    "ENERGY" hi dude perfect team hope you take like these videos always and make us laugh or smile not bore i am from india love ya all bye please reply on my comment bye