Was Helsinki A 'Top Three' Worst Moment Of Trump's Presidency?


  1. Jason Lambek

    Jason Lambek4 days ago

    The dead sun 😵🔆 makes me sad. Which honestly is better than the horror I usually experience watching resident dump.

  2. Nel Forks

    Nel Forks5 days ago

    "Gangrene on the body politic." I laughed so hard at that.

  3. Stephen Haggarty

    Stephen Haggarty12 days ago


  4. Dorth Surreal

    Dorth Surreal14 days ago

    It's not nice to speak with your mouth full well then I guess Trump can't be Putins cock stand any more but we all know that he is so moving right along

  5. MAFIA

    MAFIA29 days ago

    I hope under the table Trump is working out this Russia problem and publicly putting it behind him to avoid war, and with both sides having a nuclear arsenal at their disposal, it's very scary to even imagine.

  6. Anthony Walker

    Anthony WalkerMonth ago

    Yellow bellied coward how he’s running for re-election is beyond me, Is it because we enjoy mocking him. He did the same with Kim junkill.

  7. Judy Vieveen

    Judy VieveenMonth ago

    That was hilarious!!

  8. Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy

    Venkatesh Babu PonnuchamyMonth ago

    How do you prove planets can never fall into each other. Something like electrons.

  9. Martin Raucher

    Martin RaucherMonth ago

    Yang 2020 anyone?

  10. The Duder

    The DuderMonth ago

    Funny. This entire russia thing was only a means for ignorant people to not take responsibility for the fact that they entered trump on their ballots. Literally. For a hypothesis with zero supporting data, this entire russia nonsense should have been discarded moments after it was a thought. And this from someone who did not and does not support any politician what so ever. ALL of them lie constantly the very second they begin running for office.

  11. Tamala Rovaris

    Tamala RovarisMonth ago

    Sadly this has aged and scared us because this would turn out not to be the top three as time goes on!!!

  12. Kelley Condon

    Kelley CondonMonth ago

    Putins denial was firm, but supple...

  13. 刘宇龙

    刘宇龙Month ago


  14. James Endicott

    James EndicottMonth ago

    My uncle was actually the prison psychologist for Jeffery Dahmer. He said that Dahmer was a quiet man who kept to himself and was often contemplative (but not exactly repentant). Though, that wasn't entirely surprising since even in supermax facilities there is a hierarchy of what crimes are acceptable and which ones are taboo to the point that other inmates consider you a monster. "Doing stuff to kids" and "snitching" are pretty much the worst offenses to contract assassins, cop killers, and serial rapists. I was honestly surprised that cannibalism wasn't on that list but apparently that is more polarizing because some inmates consider it an even worse thing while others have a kind of fearful deference to someone being that unhinged. In short, I don't think Dahmer was friends with a lot of people in prison. Trump should probably stop trying to go that route.

  15. Ode K

    Ode KMonth ago

    Stephen is like a mischievous son who u wanna spank everyday but u can't bc he's so cute and funny

  16. Super Sonic

    Super Sonic2 months ago

    The fcking GOP will all have blood on their hands. They're without doubt more guilty & worse than that MANIACAL IDIOT they bow down to

  17. Wheels Lifts

    Wheels Lifts2 months ago

    Putin promised trump that he would buy him a cheeseburger if he denied russian interference. It's so sad that trumps dad is using him like this

  18. Rob Connors

    Rob Connors2 months ago

    Not because of Trump ... Your Show Sucks ...

  19. Just Human

    Just Human2 months ago

    Dumpf is shit scared of Putin! Look at the soft tone he uses in front of Putin. Putin definitely has the goods on him. Guaranteed!

  20. Elon Mush

    Elon Mush2 months ago

    Top Thirty mabe

  21. Elon Mush

    Elon Mush2 months ago

    Top Thirty mabe

  22. Elon Mush

    Elon Mush2 months ago

    Top Thirty mabe

  23. Charlie Bowman

    Charlie Bowman2 months ago

    I'm so sorry. I'm republican to the bone but honestly talking, I really feel sick about all this stupidity coming right out of the enormous fear Donald Trump feels for Putin. It can be seen how word by word Trump is trying to delight Putin with the speech he's giving. I'm so afraid about the future of the free world with Trump helping this muttafucker who is trying to get over the world. Just look how's it going now in Latin America specially with Venezuela and It will be with Mexico in the near future. Those two guys, Maduro and Lopez Obrador are clearly communists propelled by Putin's government. As I see it now, Trump is a communist or a pussy. This summit is equal to "Foro de Sao Paolo" but for America mainly. We shouldn't allow communism to invade the very last bastion of freedom in America, and the rest of the world shouldn't be fighting each other because of stupid differences. Chinese are thinking the same, doing the same, are organized and disciplined as well as Indians. Russians have only one great asset; their army but I think they're fed up of communism. So Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and the rest even Latin America should joint forces to stop Putin and his red communist machine. Sorry to say this but cold war should be now!

  24. pelos 26

    pelos 263 months ago

    the only show that will keep you sane with all this craziness going on in this country.

  25. Boobalopbop

    Boobalopbop3 months ago

    Omg!!! Throwback to Sarah Palin's Paul Revere story! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. William Ridge

    William Ridge3 months ago

    It's hard to figure trump's lowest moment, there's so many of them.

  27. Just Human

    Just Human4 months ago

    Donald Jackass Dumbpf is the worst stain on American history. He is America's biggest embarrassment. He is a psychopathic liar. Dumpf is also by far the most illiterate person in the world. Dumpf's, his family and his cult have a total IQ of 15. Dumpf is also the biggest threat to national security and safety.

  28. Alcagaur1

    Alcagaur14 months ago

    At least kids ten years from now, with this obvious, immediate and unquestionable example, won't have to learn about Benedict Arnold anymore.

  29. lil jack russell

    lil jack russell4 months ago

    Watching in 2019 & wondering why is he still president?🤔

  30. Just Human

    Just Human4 months ago

    Yeah, President Putin denied me a love chat very strongly and powerfully! Donnie sad. 😢

  31. HitchHiker224

    HitchHiker2244 months ago

    This is very entertaining for all those not Americans.

  32. nosuchthing8

    nosuchthing84 months ago

    If Obama had said this halfway through his first term, the military would have invented a time machine to prevent him from being born.

  33. nosuchthing8

    nosuchthing84 months ago

    The 'fix' doesnt make sense im context. He mentioned how he talked to putin, how putin said the claims were bogus.

  34. nosuchthing8

    nosuchthing84 months ago

    Top 100 maybe


    LEILA JACKSON5 months ago

    Love you Colbert for keeping us sane.. What is it going to take for this Fu------ Moran "THE DUMP" who a few still call him their President to be thrown to the curb. It is just unbelievable that hes still in the House.. Its nothing new that this Fake President is in Putin's pocket.. He cares more about Russia that the american people and that has been known since before he took office..... All i'm asking is How could this have happened with everything that was known before be stepped into the White House..? . He walks around like his shit don't stink--puts everybody down that is not his skin color (God forbid for that color).. He lies constantly. What kind of nut job is this. What are they waiting for? IMPEACH THE MOTHER F--------.. The republicans could and should have impeached him long ago...

  36. melonemann

    melonemann5 months ago

    Oh boy. I thought john oliver goes hard on trump. God was i wrong

  37. Александр Казанков

    Александр Казанков5 months ago

    Donald Trump has 7 repeat allele of D4 dopamine receptor gene (DRD4). His brother died ofalcoholism and D. Trump himself is an absteinee. A great novelty-seeker!

  38. Bam Bam Bernum

    Bam Bam Bernum5 months ago

    this would be great without the laugh track

  39. Jasper Lawrence

    Jasper Lawrence5 months ago

    it isnt hard to imagine trump blowing Putin

  40. Jim Pankey

    Jim Pankey5 months ago

    Love Colbert, his lines are clean and cutting. Loathe Trump....5 deferments from Vietnam, citing 'bone spurs.' Ahh, tell the truth, Trump----no guts!

  41. David Hanson

    David Hanson5 months ago

    Paul rivière was not the first person to warn that the British are coming that whole story is false

  42. Laurie Gogas

    Laurie Gogas5 months ago

    Trump is an a-hole!!! I can't believe he has supporters. They must be white, non college educated and non military people.

  43. Barbara Brinkmeyer

    Barbara Brinkmeyer6 months ago

    PUTIN is embarrassed to stand next to this American, but the new joke on the street is that 'time wounds all heels'. Just turn Trump over to the Mexican border town Police, & watch the Cartell run!

  44. iliamontreal

    iliamontreal6 months ago

    Sure Trump needs couple lessons in public speaking but his approval rating is 40% in US. Explain that to the next generation.... In order to impeach him, that number needs to be a lot lower and bashing him on night time TV and social media is one way to do it...but its stinks propaganda. Stop brainwashing Americans and let them make a more informed decision next time there is an election. That's it. Now can we talk about something else please?

  45. Alexander Fisher

    Alexander Fisher6 months ago

    The bone saw comment did not age well.

  46. David Edwards

    David Edwards6 months ago

    Mr tough guy said would one day, so he didn't upset his boss Vlad. Then next day tries to make Americans believe he said the wrong word. He says anything to please other dictators, but his attitude is...F$#k America.

  47. Rick

    Rick6 months ago

    Jeffrey Dahmer is so predominant in culture O_o

  48. Angela Frink

    Angela Frink6 months ago

    Yes it was! Then he claims he misspoke. He was unmasked if I didnt think he was a traitor before I do now! The shutdown is a ploy to give Russia money 5 billion

  49. BlookyDerp 22

    BlookyDerp 226 months ago

    I swear, Trump makes me proud to live in Sweden. NATO has gone to shit.

  50. Mick Nik

    Mick Nik6 months ago

    I find it ironic how around 70 years ago we called the Berlin Wall an act of communism and yet here we are making one lol