Waking Up With Ariana Grande | British Vogue


  1. Shann Suarez

    Shann Suarez16 hours ago

    73 questions with queen ari plssssss

  2. Elsa Madley

    Elsa Madley22 hours ago

    her voice is so relaxing omg

  3. Daisy Grace Diengdoh

    Daisy Grace Diengdoh4 days ago

    Cutie omg

  4. Lola Heurkens

    Lola Heurkens7 days ago

    When i wake up out of be.... wait when i wake up, i just fall in sleep again🙅🏻‍♀️

  5. EvlainePinn15

    EvlainePinn157 days ago

    Give me your life ariana. Please.

  6. Laila Sayeed

    Laila Sayeed8 days ago

    I love how she did her own makeup and she doesn't have millions of people surrounding her doing her hair and makeup

  7. Hannah

    Hannah11 days ago

    The title should be waking up with Toulouse

  8. unkown freak

    unkown freak11 days ago

    no hate , she already had make up on 💄💄😁

  9. KenAnn Rios

    KenAnn Rios12 days ago

    I love her deep voice

  10. cam

    cam12 days ago

    "i love working" sis can't relate

  11. K.A.

    K.A.12 days ago

    She is a Shinning Beaming Ray of Light. And with her Smile she Lights up any room she walks into. 💕💕

  12. Chris Hanson

    Chris Hanson13 days ago

    Why is she so perfect 😭😭

  13. MrRin213

    MrRin21313 days ago

    Does she never let the bathwater out or ?

  14. yasmeen world

    yasmeen world13 days ago


  15. Mr. A

    Mr. A14 days ago

    I would like to wake up with her too...😍

  16. Cheyenne Cruz

    Cheyenne Cruz15 days ago

    1:07 HER BACK LOOKS SCARY ariana pls eat more

  17. Arianator Amber

    Arianator Amber14 days ago

    She must be double jointed

  18. Sport shock

    Sport shock15 days ago

    Bom ver ela fora do personagem do palco!

  19. Nazz

    Nazz15 days ago

    This video needs to be longer 😭

  20. bruh Am TRYING

    bruh Am TRYING16 days ago

    *mom-making noises in kitchen-* *Me-be quiet! Pleaseeeee* *-mom-throws chanclas-* *Me-am UP cálmese*

  21. Mckenzie Wax

    Mckenzie Wax16 days ago

    Someone pls tell me what song is in the background omg

  22. Queenzie

    Queenzie17 days ago

    I’m her number 1 fan

  23. Alejandro Garcia

    Alejandro Garcia18 days ago


  24. Flaco Guerrero

    Flaco Guerrero18 days ago

    Beautiful Ariana Grande 💖😚🤗😇👑👢💍🐺💪🕆



    She's talented, cute,beautiful,has an angelic voice,savage and kind

  26. Leah ashe

    Leah ashe18 days ago

    Her hair and s short

  27. Good Morning

    Good Morning19 days ago

    Very underrated video

  28. Tryingtobesunshine 28

    Tryingtobesunshine 2820 days ago

    Is it just me or does her house seem surprisingly humble for a woman who's income is like 10000 times more than say, you and me? 😂

  29. Tryingtobesunshine 28

    Tryingtobesunshine 2815 days ago

    Lol makes sense huh

  30. Cici Westbrook

    Cici Westbrook15 days ago

    Tryingtobesunshine 28 her real house is HUGE asf! This either a hotel or apartment she’s living in 😂🙌

  31. ardita v

    ardita v20 days ago

    1:04 yo look at her shoulders omg

  32. guA12 04

    guA12 0420 days ago

    Sm knows arians bday? Jus wanna knoww

  33. Savannah Holmes

    Savannah Holmes20 days ago

    june 26th

  34. chloe rose

    chloe rose20 days ago

    what i do when i wake up: go back to sleep

  35. Gerard Kwok

    Gerard Kwok20 days ago

    Who on earth had the time to play with bubbles in bath on a regular morning?

  36. LexyAnn

    LexyAnn20 days ago

    0:18 so she gonna expose herself to the world when she gets in 😂😭

  37. Zainab Shifa

    Zainab Shifa20 days ago

    I recommend to change your hair style .! # arina !

  38. TidalNeko Chan

    TidalNeko Chan21 day ago

    Me: just woke up Get cellphone Turn on Open MReporter Searched about Ariana Grande Saw this Don Awww Ari is too cute to be true

  39. Franco BROWN

    Franco BROWN21 day ago


  40. gracie noble

    gracie noble21 day ago

    Who here loves Ariana Grande x 💘

  41. asmr aesthetics

    asmr aesthetics21 day ago

    *wakes up with makeup on*

  42. shesnelly

    shesnelly21 day ago

    does anyone know the brand of her dress? PLEASE

  43. Josephine H

    Josephine H21 day ago

    when her back said ”🥂✂️” i felt that

  44. O look u found my profil Subscribe then u fool

    O look u found my profil Subscribe then u fool21 day ago

    I need to just get up make my dam music and stop being liying in bed all day casue I’m wasting my time and life away

  45. O look u found my profil Subscribe then u fool

    O look u found my profil Subscribe then u fool21 day ago

    That’s true that is

  46. Bella Yrke

    Bella Yrke21 day ago

    I didn’t realise Ariana was so wise 💕

  47. abedin .6

    abedin .622 days ago

    this is so aesthetic

  48. Sinijni Sengupta

    Sinijni Sengupta22 days ago

    My morning routine is like wake up by my phone alarm then my parents than my pet dog then my mom kick me out of the bed then walk to the washroom in sleepy mood then brush my teeth, shower then sleep in bathroom then my mom shout at the door and then I eat every day boring breakfast cornflakes, dry fruit and milk then my daddy rushed into the car and chasing the school bus and me listening lecture of my daddy.

  49. Angel M

    Angel M22 days ago


  50. Julia

    Julia23 days ago

    1:07 😳 that back tho😭

  51. Smruti rekha Das

    Smruti rekha Das23 days ago

    Seriously i never woke up like this🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷....

  52. Gian Troche

    Gian Troche23 days ago

    What dress is she wearing !!!

  53. Norris Nuts Fa

    Norris Nuts Fa23 days ago

    This is so so short

  54. Hax_ weone

    Hax_ weone23 days ago

    She looks like Hailey Bieber in the thumbnail

  55. 100000 subscribers without any video

    100000 subscribers without any video25 days ago

    This is imagin song.

  56. taeyeon rai

    taeyeon rai26 days ago

    her voice is so attractive 😍😍

  57. Yuina

    Yuina26 days ago

    She is look like a Princess💓 love her

  58. Shania Karim

    Shania Karim26 days ago

    Her hair! Am I the only one who always thought her hair is all real!


    HOLLYWOODMAFIA27 days ago

    she already woke up with makeup on 'supposing''......what was the point on putting it on again? fail.

  60. Agata Nowobilska

    Agata Nowobilska27 days ago


  61. moon child

    moon child27 days ago


  62. AnnaMaria 003

    AnnaMaria 00328 days ago

    When I wake up I usually don't wear my makeup LOL

  63. alice aaa

    alice aaa29 days ago

    um I rly hate to says this word but this vid was aEstHeiC af lol

  64. dorky's Tuts

    dorky's TutsMonth ago

    1:08 she said 😗

  65. Carlos C teacher privado

    Carlos C teacher privadoMonth ago

    Did she say that she's got personalities [inside her]... Isn't that DID (Personality Identity Disorder)?

  66. S O P H I E

    S O P H I E23 days ago

    Carlos C teacher privado you mean dissociative identity disorder and no it was metaphoric

  67. Kirsta Lee

    Kirsta LeeMonth ago

    Such a beautiful human

  68. Serenity Shields

    Serenity ShieldsMonth ago

    Wakes up all perfect.There's celebraty life for ya😏

  69. d3ch3n s

    d3ch3n sMonth ago

    how am i just finding this

  70. Swagata Saikia

    Swagata SaikiaMonth ago

    How did her freakishly long hair get into that freakishly small bun??!!! Somebody FREAKING TEACH ME!!!

  71. yo wag1

    yo wag1Month ago

    She wakes up with makeup on????

  72. spirit yeeted away

    spirit yeeted awayMonth ago

    Her hair looks so little without hr extentions

  73. ultramaryna

    ultramarynaMonth ago

    I'm surprised that she decided to show her real hair in this video.

  74. medinah

    medinahMonth ago

    why am i just seeing this

  75. Emily Smith

    Emily SmithMonth ago

    Do 73 questions

  76. Eliana’s World

    Eliana’s WorldMonth ago

    I wish this video was longer....

  77. Fother Mucker

    Fother MuckerMonth ago

    fake hair fake voice plastic surgery how lovely

  78. ahmed ghare

    ahmed ghareMonth ago


  79. aman anwer

    aman anwerMonth ago

    her voice blew me away

  80. Pauline Brocard

    Pauline BrocardMonth ago

    I love so much her dress

  81. Reyhan Polat

    Reyhan PolatMonth ago

    She is a ANGELLLL♥️♥️

  82. katia m

    katia mMonth ago

    None gonna discuss how she climbs up the sink to put makeup on? 😂 Our shortie little queen 😍👑

  83. Sousou Mandhouj

    Sousou MandhoujMonth ago

    Trop belle

  84. Darragh Ruddy

    Darragh RuddyMonth ago

    What a tiny little fucktoy

  85. Lucero Orozco Sanchez

    Lucero Orozco SanchezMonth ago

    Hi mk ultra

  86. Michael Lopez

    Michael LopezMonth ago

    The worlds greatest woman that ever lived 😍

  87. vitomir filipovic

    vitomir filipovicMonth ago

    Can you film this kinda video w/ Maddie Ziegler?

  88. No Name

    No NameMonth ago

    Polska? ;D

  89. Angelina Didio

    Angelina DidioMonth ago

    I love how Ariana just casually does her makeup in the sink 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  90. Ariana Grande fan

    Ariana Grande fanMonth ago


  91. H. Alazawii

    H. AlazawiiMonth ago

    1:07 wtf is wrong with her back

  92. Lloyd Anthony Gonzales

    Lloyd Anthony GonzalesMonth ago

    I ❤️ You!

  93. Kamilė Jurevičiūtė

    Kamilė JurevičiūtėMonth ago

    Mom: Be Yourself Me: *Eats food all day* Mom: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Stop eating and do your homework! Me: But you told me to be myself.

  94. Dominique B.

    Dominique B.Month ago

    I love seeing just her natural hair

  95. G0ldenrayyy

    G0ldenrayyyMonth ago

    Where is that dress from😩?

  96. sweetener

    sweetenerMonth ago

    prettiest human being ever.

  97. R2 Pretty

    R2 PrettyMonth ago

    I love her so much ♥️🖤💜

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    m. macheMonth ago

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  99. m. mache

    m. macheMonth ago

    Ariana grande relaxing in her bobble bath honey you are magical gorgeous Artists singer your voice can be heard from the sky all over the world truthfully 95 percent of the world loves you I can't deny it myself or eny one health and I can't deny it by loves you public sector round the world voted 4.8 Bilions like you Best congratulations best wishes to my baby Ariana grande. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on MReporter International? X mo?

  100. Melvin Xavier

    Melvin Xavier2 months ago

    If only that foam evaporated

  101. siv p

    siv p2 months ago

    How can this already be 10 months ago?

  102. termitater squared

    termitater squared2 months ago

    I've never seen anyone so blatantly all about themselves like Ariana grande 🤣🤣🤣

  103. Kìmonanthe

    Kìmonanthe2 months ago

    The entire time I kept waiting for them to show the right side of her face.

  104. Tom Hall

    Tom Hall2 months ago

    Wats happened to her hair

  105. weird raccoon girl

    weird raccoon girl2 months ago

    Imagine living next to Ariana Grande and it doesn't matter if you're rich it's still cool