Waking Up With Ariana Grande | British Vogue


  1. The best Shimmy

    The best Shimmy18 hours ago

    AHHH I LOVE HER❤️❤️❤️

  2. kiz

    kiz23 hours ago

    1:05 woah her shoulder blades... are just... popping right out there

  3. Michell Production's

    Michell Production'sDay ago

    It looks like she's about to grow wings 😂😍 1:07

  4. army nator

    army natorDay ago

    0:41 CUTEEEE 😍😭

  5. rashida gabaji

    rashida gabajiDay ago

    The thumbnail reminds me of a bollywood actress- Kareena Kapoor Khan

  6. Gwyneth Chloe Gilana

    Gwyneth Chloe Gilana2 days ago

    When I wake up, I look like a potato. When Ariana wakes up, she’s on vogue and literally glowing.

  7. Fatma AL-Hamad

    Fatma AL-Hamad2 days ago

    She is my cupcake ❤️🔐I really love her sooo much and I wish my dream will come true (;

  8. Ella Victoria

    Ella Victoria2 days ago

    anyone know the background song? x

  9. Андреа Негриева

    Андреа Негриева4 days ago

    I love you

  10. All About Cabello

    All About Cabello5 days ago

    Omg she is so beautiful!!!😍😍😍

  11. London Tipton

    London Tipton6 days ago

    i wonder if this was a hotel or where she actually lives lol

  12. Honeymoon Adventures

    Honeymoon Adventures7 days ago

    I love her she's so nice and pretty

  13. vitae mins

    vitae mins9 days ago

    the definiton of aesthetic

  14. Barbie

    Barbie10 days ago

    Who is this areina grende copycat copying Emery Bingham?

  15. Jasmine brooks

    Jasmine brooks11 days ago

    She looks like Haily Baldwin in the thumbnail

  16. Soso Dasme

    Soso Dasme12 days ago

    I thought that was only the intro

  17. Jane Kawaii

    Jane Kawaii12 days ago

    she has wingsss!!

  18. Danielle Davidson

    Danielle Davidson12 days ago

    Lol wtf What does this have to do with waking up??!

  19. sucidal asf -xxx-

    sucidal asf -xxx-12 days ago

    the prettiest human ever. goodbye

  20. Bvstedd RBLX

    Bvstedd RBLX13 days ago

    0:52 she has a moon tatoo under her ear

  21. beautiful girl

    beautiful girl13 days ago

    Why isn't this longer 😮like the dove Cameron one

  22. lilzthefrilz 07

    lilzthefrilz 0714 days ago

    Her hair 😍👏


    MATILDE SALA14 days ago

    Wow sei bellissima😍

  24. Zea Mueller

    Zea Mueller14 days ago

    I will FREAKING DIE without music 🎶

  25. Bleh Idk

    Bleh Idk15 days ago


  26. albino hedgehog

    albino hedgehog15 days ago

    She's like a beautiful little elf.

  27. Jamie Castillo

    Jamie Castillo15 days ago

    why are people so mad about this sksk just say you dont like ariana and go 💀

  28. Gabby Kim

    Gabby Kim15 days ago

    Waking up? Never heard of it

  29. I've seen stuff

    I've seen stuff16 days ago

    1:05 eek look at her back

  30. Dalia Ahmed

    Dalia Ahmed16 days ago

    I always wake up with my hair perfectly done 👍🏽

  31. stan nct

    stan nct16 days ago

    I like the way this was filmed and how it was like a 1950s type thing.

  32. Ellen Bannon

    Ellen Bannon16 days ago

    all she does is sing boy songs. boring!

  33. Monette Olayao

    Monette Olayao16 days ago

    Her back bones...😊

  34. Syuzanna Grigoryan

    Syuzanna Grigoryan17 days ago

    Boring routine... Nothing special 😐

  35. libbyyy roxburghhh

    libbyyy roxburghhh17 days ago

    she has to get on the counter to do her makeup!! i adore her!! ❤❤

  36. Angelina Padgett

    Angelina Padgett17 days ago

    I thought I was the only one who sits in the sink and puts makeup on....

  37. mary casha

    mary casha18 days ago

    Yh, this ain’t it

  38. Kawaii Rai

    Kawaii Rai18 days ago


  39. diamondcutie92

    diamondcutie9218 days ago

    i love her.

  40. Rumana Farazi Bonna

    Rumana Farazi Bonna18 days ago

    Why are you soooo beautiful Ariana... I just keep on staring you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Annie Grande

    Annie Grande18 days ago

    She's the sweetiest person ❤

  42. Nichole Plays

    Nichole Plays19 days ago

    Ok so i understand...ariana grande has thin hair...

  43. bbea alastair

    bbea alastair19 days ago

    When her wake up,look geougous When I wake up,I try to sleep again

  44. Deonne Bella

    Deonne Bella20 days ago


  45. Karuna Gaur

    Karuna Gaur20 days ago

    Her words are precious 💖

  46. Łεαh

    Łεαh20 days ago

    I. Love. Her.

  47. Roana Music

    Roana Music20 days ago

    Should i be a fan of her?

  48. STUIPED things

    STUIPED things16 days ago

    Her music is also great

  49. STUIPED things

    STUIPED things16 days ago

    Yes because he is a very sweet nice and vocal talented person

  50. Bushytail 13

    Bushytail 1321 day ago

    Who else does not wake up like you just came out of a model photo shoot. 🙋🏾‍♀️

  51. Aila Teh

    Aila Teh21 day ago

    When I wake up I stare at the fence outside my window (Its the only thing I can see)

  52. Maddie Fox

    Maddie Fox21 day ago

    she is the best person *EVER* even if i never met here, i know she is a great singer and a person with a *BIG* soul! she is pretty, kind, and smart! every single girl will wish to be like her, for an example *GABI* she really likes ariana grande because she also know she is a great person, but that dosent mean u gotta change! Ariana is the best example for every girl! that why every girl wants to be like her! Ariana Grande is my idol! she is the cutest person! 0:48, she is sitting in her sink, doing her makeup! that is so cute! i love you so much!❤️❤️❤️

  53. Henal Patel

    Henal Patel21 day ago

    Gabi Demartino has left the chat

  54. Tyke Tan

    Tyke Tan21 day ago

    *emery bingham is taking notes*

  55. Hajar& Hadil

    Hajar& Hadil22 days ago

    She’s so cute

  56. PK Grande

    PK Grande22 days ago


  57. Ddddd

    Ddddd23 days ago

    At least now I know I’m not the only one who sits on the sink to do my makeup

  58. Bella Stevens

    Bella Stevens23 days ago

    well guys she is wearing makeup in the bathtub still love her though lol!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  59. morwenna allan

    morwenna allan23 days ago

    PLEASE do 73 Q's with Ariana Grande!!!💖💖

  60. Honeymoon Butera

    Honeymoon Butera23 days ago

    Toulouse is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! 💕🐕

  61. Paris Stinson

    Paris Stinson26 days ago

    I love her so much, one of my biggest role models for sure.

  62. SerpentQueen@Hp

    SerpentQueen@Hp28 days ago

    *WAIT Ariana without her ponytail?!* which world is this?

  63. chandra bhushan

    chandra bhushan29 days ago

    Does her hair look thinner?

  64. Aastha Singh

    Aastha Singh19 days ago

    Yes it doe

  65. Saqib Dahri

    Saqib DahriMonth ago

    i love this cute small bean sfm ♡

  66. Ëmmä'š äėšthètíc

    Ëmmä'š äėšthètícMonth ago

    That was her talking? Wow she sounds so different I haven't heard her actual talking voice in a while.

  67. فتاة الإنمي الأولى

    فتاة الإنمي الأولىMonth ago

    Ariana she is queen 👑💖😎

  68. Deejah Ibrahim

    Deejah IbrahimMonth ago

    I need more

  69. Kimberly Serioso

    Kimberly SeriosoMonth ago

    i thought she has a long hair

  70. Shelby Watson

    Shelby WatsonMonth ago

    U know what I do when I wake up is 1:wake up 2: 2 seconds later... 3:*falls asleep*

  71. Mariann M

    Mariann MMonth ago

    I love her 😍😭

  72. ArianaGrande ForLife

    ArianaGrande ForLifeMonth ago

    I LOVE ARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Sabrina Batista

    Sabrina BatistaMonth ago

    Omg her back

  74. Mr. Comedy

    Mr. ComedyMonth ago

    she is very polite

  75. kailey bitgue

    kailey bitgueMonth ago


  76. Palms are sweaty Knees weak

    Palms are sweaty Knees weakMonth ago

    It is only me who wakes up by freaking loud alarm? xD

  77. Laurin Davies

    Laurin DaviesMonth ago

    *ari show us the script sis*

  78. Marie Poch

    Marie PochMonth ago


  79. Timmyp 0820

    Timmyp 0820Month ago

    :o no hair extentions

  80. Briana Vasquez

    Briana VasquezMonth ago

    My queen Ariana grande ❤️🌷💍👑

  81. ami boo

    ami booMonth ago

    omg i’m so late but y’all know when ari does here makeup in the sink? i just realized that gabi does that too w0w

  82. Lily Steel

    Lily SteelMonth ago

    She does not randomly wake up looking out of windows 😂😂 wtf

  83. Kyla Chavez

    Kyla ChavezMonth ago

    Nice to know that I’m not the only one, who sits on the sink and does her makeup. 😅

  84. Caila 765

    Caila 765Month ago

    Was anybody else cringing at her shoulders😂

  85. Abby LifeStyle

    Abby LifeStyleMonth ago


  86. Moka Bell

    Moka BellMonth ago

    What’s with the dislikes

  87. Chica, go west

    Chica, go westMonth ago

    *Gabi Dimartino has left the chat*

  88. Willow Morris

    Willow MorrisMonth ago

    Shes so pretty yay

  89. Princess Mari

    Princess MariMonth ago

    I really wanna know what her natural hair looks like / how long it is

  90. ShxntyxxxFxtima xx

    ShxntyxxxFxtima xxMonth ago

    1:07 her back

  91. Luna Lovegood

    Luna LovegoodMonth ago

    If i woke up like that everyday, id probably not realise im dead and be in heaven😇😇

  92. Ingrid Koldenius

    Ingrid KoldeniusMonth ago

    *oof i love her*

  93. Hannah Roberts

    Hannah RobertsMonth ago

    Will you guys do annie Leblanc

  94. Hannah Roberts

    Hannah RobertsMonth ago

    +itzsteph ★ look her up on youtube she is from Brataley

  95. itzsteph ★

    itzsteph ★Month ago

    Hannah Roberts who’s that?

  96. Jasmin

    JasminMonth ago

    can someone recommand other morning routines with celebrities?

  97. Taniya Shafie

    Taniya ShafieMonth ago

    Gabi take notes x

  98. Mothership

    MothershipMonth ago

    So her giant ponytail she always wears is not her real hair, right?

  99. Allison Garcia

    Allison GarciaMonth ago

    I like her black polka dot dress

  100. Ellie Jameson

    Ellie JamesonMonth ago

    Forget about her who edited this?!?

  101. Bella

    BellaMonth ago

    Italian beauty

  102. Saranya Smiley

    Saranya SmileyMonth ago

    Comment your thoughts below, on her backbone at 1:08

  103. Sierra

    SierraMonth ago

    I like Ari's condo, it's all natural, like messy sandals and shoes, not anything super fancy

  104. gee m

    gee mMonth ago

    what an ANGEL

  105. Katiecatkin :3

    Katiecatkin :3Month ago

    Nahhh gurrlll this bish is copying emery Bingham