Waking Up With Ariana Grande | British Vogue


  1. Paris Vang

    Paris VangHour ago

    Her voice is so soothing for some reason!! 💛🌿

  2. landrey michelle

    landrey michelle3 hours ago

    she owns me

  3. Sofia Ocegueda

    Sofia Ocegueda14 hours ago

    She is so cutee😃😃

  4. Kylee Rochon

    Kylee Rochon15 hours ago


  5. Echa Kiut

    Echa KiutDay ago

    All her long hair was fake???? Wtf

  6. Galixy Unicorn

    Galixy UnicornDay ago

    I thought this was a song hahahahahah

  7. Sema Gomez

    Sema GomezDay ago

    She's so beautiful

  8. chloe ramirez

    chloe ramirezDay ago

    Thats her tru hair isnt it?

  9. chloe ramirez

    chloe ramirezDay ago

    She is definetly gorgeous

  10. Emilia Alvarez Chaves

    Emilia Alvarez ChavesDay ago

    Her hair is soooooo cute

  11. Anja Shull

    Anja ShullDay ago

    her shoulder blades at the end made me so uncomfortable

  12. 미위드

    미위드2 days ago

    Is her long hair fake??????

  13. Rose Harmony

    Rose HarmonyHour ago


  14. Ariana's left toe

    Ariana's left toe2 days ago

    Can someone please tell me *HOW* she still has a tiny forehead after wearing a ponytail all the time?!! I guess her forehead is superhuman.

  15. Nuura Al-daraji

    Nuura Al-daraji2 hours ago

    Ariana's left toe her hairline is stronger than Superman idk how that works

  16. Bethany Cooper

    Bethany Cooper2 days ago

    Please get Dylan O'Brien on here💓💓💓

  17. abby olivia :]

    abby olivia :]2 days ago

    what a CUTIE!

  18. Ava Nicole

    Ava Nicole2 days ago

    her hair looks so much thinner ?

  19. Ava Nicole

    Ava Nicole8 hours ago

    Celine ive always thought before she wore real long extensions that her hair was thick , ig not

  20. Celine

    Celine13 hours ago

    She's not wearing extensions

  21. amélie

    amélie2 days ago

    my queen is so cuteeee

  22. Sheii LoveB

    Sheii LoveB3 days ago

    Queen ❤

  23. meany head

    meany head3 days ago

    She's such an icon I love her

  24. Doris E

    Doris E3 days ago

    She looks sooo different these days. I think it’s the lesser makeup and weird hair. Her hair looks so fragile and weak ew

  25. Lola M

    Lola M3 days ago

    ugh i just love her so much

  26. ArianaGrande_fans_93

    ArianaGrande_fans_933 days ago

    This was very beautiful♥

  27. Kateřina Hyblova

    Kateřina Hyblova4 days ago

    Adriana besttttttt

  28. Amyahs World

    Amyahs World4 days ago

    Who just wakes up and stares out of the window and starts plowing bubbles on the bathtub and leaves the bathtub full of bubbles while getting dressed like a 10 year old and leaves their house? No hate to Ariana but I’m just curious.

  29. Boeiend

    Boeiend4 days ago

    SO mucch work to look like thatt

  30. Muy Mirw

    Muy Mirw4 days ago

    Ari is beautiful but why is she so skinny

  31. Nikki Ocegueda

    Nikki Ocegueda4 days ago

    73 questions with Ariana pleaseeeeee

  32. Jasmin Roma

    Jasmin Roma4 days ago




    my baby aripooh 💋😍😍



    my baby aripooh 💋😍😍

  35. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling4 days ago

    And to think this is Cat from victorious

  36. Memetan Boys

    Memetan Boys5 days ago

    This is waking up with Ari but imagine waking up with BTS 😏 it would be a lot more fun and REAL ☺️

  37. wig

    wig5 days ago

    omg queen

  38. lalia Ariana

    lalia Ariana5 days ago

    I love u Ari

  39. Av Pam

    Av Pam5 days ago


  40. Drea Thompson

    Drea Thompson5 days ago

    She is so pretty and amazing even me and my friend would listen to her songs when we are finished our studying

  41. skunkie110

    skunkie1105 days ago

    Ari without her massive ponytail of fake hair. A rare sight to behold.

  42. Samantha Perrin

    Samantha Perrin5 days ago

    0:54 you can see a reflection of a clock and it says 2:56 lol not morning😂

  43. cheristina

    cheristina5 days ago

    She has weird shoulder blades though

  44. sweetener avenue

    sweetener avenue5 days ago

    We Stan a legend

  45. Burak Sağlam

    Burak Sağlam5 days ago

    the cutie person ever

  46. Weave Master

    Weave Master6 days ago

    I 💖 Ariana but her Shoulder blades kinda creeped me out just a lil bit 😳 1:07

  47. Angela Jerry

    Angela Jerry6 days ago

    Does someone have a script of it?

  48. Corinna Obersteiner

    Corinna Obersteiner6 days ago

    She is reminding me so much of Carrie ("Sex and the City") in this video 😍 I don't know why, but wow ❤️

  49. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat6 days ago

    Who tf wakes up like that?

  50. Raegan 4ever

    Raegan 4ever6 days ago

    I love Ari

  51. Anni Faye

    Anni Faye6 days ago


  52. Chloe Driscoll

    Chloe Driscoll6 days ago

    your so cute nearly your 25 birthday

  53. Saskia Stober

    Saskia Stober6 days ago

    Wow She is living the life I've dreamed of

  54. Ari Grande

    Ari Grande6 days ago

    she is so beautiful omg and her hands are perfect

  55. Tammy Feet

    Tammy Feet6 days ago

    she's so funny look at her bunches what a cutie

  56. Qantar Abou

    Qantar Abou6 days ago


  57. Moonlight_ Ariana

    Moonlight_ Ariana6 days ago

    She is a Beauty 🌙😍🌹

  58. Katherine Ponce

    Katherine Ponce6 days ago

    Her hands are so beautiful😍

  59. And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu

    And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu6 days ago

    I'm not weird I swear, but I kept staring at her shoulder blades 😍

  60. Archi Dhakan

    Archi Dhakan6 days ago

    hahahaha!! same

  61. XxJessica CharlesxX

    XxJessica CharlesxX6 days ago

    She had a neck tatt??

  62. Sofi Flor

    Sofi Flor6 days ago


  63. Kyle Enfys

    Kyle Enfys6 days ago

    I love you Ariana Grande

  64. Alyssa Lopez

    Alyssa Lopez6 days ago

    Y’all see her back on 1:05 😬

  65. Sirine Bouadla

    Sirine Bouadla6 days ago


  66. Alissa S.

    Alissa S.6 days ago

    Hey now i know i'm not the only short person who sits on the bathroom counter to do their makeup!!

  67. LoveRR Xx

    LoveRR Xx6 days ago

    That’s it 😭😍

  68. h

    h6 days ago

    my love💜

  69. Tamara

    Tamara6 days ago


  70. Dangerous Woman

    Dangerous Woman6 days ago

    I'm one of the biggest arianators in the world so *ARIANATORS LET ME HERE YOOOO*

  71. Jkn

    Jkn6 days ago

    where her hair go

  72. Hailey Flanagan

    Hailey Flanagan6 days ago

    so beautiful

  73. Hailey Flanagan

    Hailey Flanagan6 days ago


  74. _Sienna Garza_

    _Sienna Garza_6 days ago

    Why is her hair so short and thin!??? She wears extensions bruhhh

  75. pewds queen

    pewds queen7 days ago

    I cant live without music.Music is love💜

  76. Nihal 542765

    Nihal 5427657 days ago

    I love seeing her without a wig/extensions, don't get me wrong sh slays with them, but without she is so cute ^^

  77. Jordan

    Jordan7 days ago

    my lifeeeeee

  78. Reehum Hanan

    Reehum Hanan7 days ago

    You know those idk what you call them the Back shoulder bones they scared me

  79. Chebet Aoko

    Chebet Aoko7 days ago

    ari in sink... made me feel like an elephant

  80. Dajour Williams

    Dajour Williams7 days ago

    her voice is so soothing, could listen all day

  81. Wan G.B.F

    Wan G.B.F7 days ago

    _princess of pop_

  82. Lorena C.D

    Lorena C.D7 days ago

    ari is so gorgeous ❤, but I need someone to give me the name of the background song, please.

  83. Leah LaBarre

    Leah LaBarre7 days ago

    I just love her.

  84. bal laurina

    bal laurina7 days ago

    It's cute and all but I really dislike the vocal fry... Btw I love Ariana!

  85. Heri Demsas

    Heri Demsas7 days ago


  86. jider

    jider7 days ago

    Fell in love with her in 2010🔥

  87. xrcrx ftfghjg

    xrcrx ftfghjg7 days ago

    another conceited chic video

  88. P h o e n i x

    P h o e n i x7 days ago

    She's such a beautiful person.❤

  89. didi hello

    didi hello7 days ago

    trop belle😻

  90. blxshie

    blxshie7 days ago

    Her Aesthetic xx

  91. Lauranne

    Lauranne7 days ago

    Dude, your back! 1:06

  92. Michelle Tram

    Michelle Tram7 days ago

    listening to Ariana in this video, i feel like i need to clear my throat (no hate i love Ariana)

  93. Alla Amleh

    Alla Amleh7 days ago

    wow queen

  94. K Ryusan

    K Ryusan7 days ago

    She is a fraud. It's all part of the matrix.

  95. Andy Delmonico

    Andy Delmonico7 days ago

    I just love this smol bean so much😭💕

  96. stupid scorpio

    stupid scorpio7 days ago

    Her voice is so beautiful and ya 😉💕

  97. musicvideosish

    musicvideosish7 days ago

    Illuminati puppet :/

  98. kiba600

    kiba6007 days ago

    Does anyone know what nail polish color that is?

  99. Vi

    Vi7 days ago

    I hope she drained the tub lol jk

  100. Tahseen Ahmed - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482)

    Tahseen Ahmed - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482)7 days ago

    1:07 oml her shoulder blades tho, they're pointyyy

  101. Lee Daniels

    Lee Daniels7 days ago


  102. KK Films

    KK Films7 days ago

    Her hair makes me wanna wear mine like that tomorrow ! (: ♡

  103. Bat Wolf

    Bat Wolf7 days ago

    The day I met her will always be the best of my life 💜

  104. alexa

    alexa7 days ago

    even her speaking voice soothes me and is just so beautiful i love it

  105. cheri chanel

    cheri chanel7 days ago