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  2. Milla Tathi França

    Milla Tathi França2 months ago

    N A

  3. Sventinus gamer

    Sventinus gamer4 months ago

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS Nice Jumpsacre Its Scared Me Sooo Much xD

  4. Ade Indri

    Ade Indri4 months ago

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS pig yu

  5. Darth Sandrus

    Darth Sandrus5 months ago

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS bro it's the game dying light the following

  6. baby maira

    baby maira5 months ago

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

  7. Minecrafts.

    Minecrafts.2 hours ago

    Come on that was dying light but good vid

  8. Brandon's Garage

    Brandon's Garage6 hours ago

    Ha. Took my headset off before the jumpscare. Better luck next time fuckers.

  9. ruta glazghi

    ruta glazghiDay ago

    It's so bad!!!

  10. Angela Ziegler

    Angela Ziegler2 days ago

    Congratulations for making a video that will give you a heart attack.

  11. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS2 days ago

    Thumbnail says JUMPSCARE ;-)

  12. Harry Style

    Harry Style4 days ago

    Liked the ending... Create more of this..

  13. Hello World

    Hello World5 days ago

    It's awesome

  14. Gachs Cyte

    Gachs Cyte6 days ago

    whoever isnt watching this in vr is professional xd

  15. A weird person

    A weird person6 days ago

    I had the headset on and the end didn’t scare me lol

  16. WeeklyVids21

    WeeklyVids218 days ago

    This isn’t 360

  17. WeeklyVids21

    WeeklyVids216 days ago


  18. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS7 days ago

    Sure. That's that headset I used for gaming.

  19. WeeklyVids21

    WeeklyVids217 days ago

    Google cardboard VR box 360!!!

  20. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS7 days ago

    Read title and thumbnail = 3D not 360

  21. Underscore Zero

    Underscore Zero8 days ago

    cross your eyes to watch without goggles

  22. Josh Kessick

    Josh Kessick9 days ago

    right watched it 2:30 home alone in a new house thanks but enjoyed it

  23. Lary Da Gamer

    Lary Da Gamer10 days ago

    I was falling asleep to this video...then the jump scare...you are a mean bastard

  24. Mark D. Doom

    Mark D. Doom10 days ago

    Dying light. Nice

  25. Timothy's EpicGames

    Timothy's EpicGames12 days ago

    Dick move

  26. Komal Babhare

    Komal Babhare15 days ago

    Verrryy nice

  27. iota

    iota16 days ago

    now I get to experience being blind in vr is like

  28. Awkward Person

    Awkward Person16 days ago

    I was holding on to my wall. This is frightening.

  29. Полина Непомилуева

    Полина Непомилуева17 days ago

    I was scared at the end ...

  30. High Tech

    High Tech17 days ago

    Very very boring


    CEROSER17 days ago

    Had to drop that dislike lmao


    CEROSER17 days ago

    You know why haha

  33. Thant Soe

    Thant Soe18 days ago

    Lol dis is not 360

  34. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS18 days ago

    Read title and thumbnail

  35. Наталия Шафеева

    Наталия Шафеева18 days ago

    В конце какаята гадость!

  36. مصطفى سعد

    مصطفى سعد19 days ago


  37. BlueCookieGaming

    BlueCookieGaming19 days ago

    The jumpscare almost got me. I closed my eyes and immediately took off my headset

  38. Dario Caballero

    Dario Caballero19 days ago

    muy bueno !! no me la esperaba jajaja esta bueno 😂😂😂👍

  39. iamgoldengarbage

    iamgoldengarbage20 days ago

    Dying Light the Following

  40. wal rider

    wal rider21 day ago

    The one and only kyle crane is back this is the dlc for dying light if anyone is wondering

  41. MikiGamer HD

    MikiGamer HD22 days ago



    OYUN ÇOCUĞU23 days ago

    Fak you men

  43. Aline Laviola

    Aline Laviola23 days ago

    que sustoooo😀😱😱😱😱

  44. Nicholas Helzer

    Nicholas Helzer25 days ago

    You son of a bitch! You scared the shit out of me! At least i was on the toilet when it happend.

  45. Goahsgy

    Goahsgy26 days ago


  46. 2 as an a h

    2 as an a h29 days ago

    This was not Evan 360 thums down ugh

  47. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOS29 days ago

    Read the title next time. It's 3D for VR not 360 😄

  48. Team_Florencia Espinoza

    Team_Florencia Espinoza29 days ago

    Los odio son unos putos me asustaron

  49. bostynhenry

    bostynhenryMonth ago

    Ur video is trach

  50. najlla nn

    najlla nnMonth ago

    When was the end I scramed and almost start to cry 😂😂😂😂

  51. Darien Wilson

    Darien WilsonMonth ago

    Don't you just hate it when a fish goes into your eye?

  52. Sofia Garcia

    Sofia GarciaMonth ago

    Watching all that, for this , a waste of my life and time

  53. Skorpion TV

    Skorpion TVMonth ago

    Немножко стрёмно

  54. TheArtcicMan TAM

    TheArtcicMan TAMMonth ago

    wow putting dying light in this video just awesome

  55. lucy matsuno

    lucy matsunoMonth ago

    Ese final me tomo desprevenido

  56. JOka Antunes

    JOka AntunesMonth ago

    My girl watched this .. my mistake 😪

  57. atomic bob

    atomic bobMonth ago

    I threw my headset

  58. stuart williams

    stuart williamsMonth ago

    6:35 So guys we did it

  59. Granny horror game channel

    Granny horror game channelMonth ago

    So nice videos I subscribe your channel in just only in 3 second

  60. lihc0615

    lihc0615Month ago

    Hate the ending! I am not expected to watch horror! I hurt my arm!

  61. Jose ROSTON

    Jose ROSTONMonth ago

    Why there is zombie its not making any sense?

  62. Jose ROSTON

    Jose ROSTONMonth ago


  63. 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    3D-VR-360 VIDEOSMonth ago

    VR BOX headset is very popular and cheap.

  64. Jose ROSTON

    Jose ROSTONMonth ago

    I just have glasses

  65. Jose ROSTON

    Jose ROSTONMonth ago

    And i don't have control things :P

  66. Jose ROSTON

    Jose ROSTONMonth ago

    I don't have ps4 or ps

  67. ashok khairnar

    ashok khairnarMonth ago

    I was scale

  68. best snibird

    best snibirdMonth ago

    Not scary boy

  69. best snibird

    best snibirdMonth ago

    Fock you

  70. best snibird

    best snibirdMonth ago

    Not scary

  71. Jhonson Sales

    Jhonson SalesMonth ago

    Esse aplicativo é muito bom amei

  72. SlayerLion10

    SlayerLion10Month ago

    Korkunçlu karı çıkıyo Türkler dikkat edin

  73. Gheorghe Codrut

    Gheorghe CodrutMonth ago

    You cunt.

  74. Isabelle Lala

    Isabelle LalaMonth ago

    That end though

  75. Wahyu Puji

    Wahyu PujiMonth ago

    Its a game, dying light

  76. Tristan Coats

    Tristan CoatsMonth ago

    Jump. Do it bitch. You won't. Yeah, you scared. Scared little bitch. What you doin? Wait no. Oh shit. OH SHIT WE JUMPED! WHY TF DID YOU JUMP???

  77. N R

    N RMonth ago

    *Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild music plays* *Jumps* That’s Me In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. If I Was Link, That Would Happen

  78. Joshua Jones

    Joshua JonesMonth ago

    So guys, we did it

  79. Toby Tomlinson

    Toby TomlinsonMonth ago

    6:43 so guys we did it

  80. Mariesly Rodriguez

    Mariesly RodriguezMonth ago

    Why you have to scared me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  81. Tobin Wine

    Tobin WineMonth ago

    6:42 so guys we did it


    THE HACKERSMonth ago

    This is game video I m wrong

  83. ياسين نجم

    ياسين نجمMonth ago


  84. ELKING 333

    ELKING 333Month ago

    I was know this end omg

  85. الامير المقطع القادحه

    الامير المقطع القادحهMonth ago

    You’re slow today?

  86. Murillo Silva

    Murillo SilvaMonth ago

    Quer me matar do coração

  87. Brincadeiras da Duda

    Brincadeiras da DudaMonth ago

    Is the game me not like

  88. FlufflePuff Animations

    FlufflePuff AnimationsMonth ago

    Did anyone else hide in the comments?

  89. Emir wardana

    Emir wardanaMonth ago

    Anjir kaget gua 😡😒

  90. Claudine Coolmacker

    Claudine Coolmacker2 months ago


  91. Dinda Nafisa

    Dinda Nafisa2 months ago

    i watch this at 00.05 and suddenly i heard a knock on my door but hey its just my little sister lol wait, i dont have a little sister:(

  92. THE FBI

    THE FBI2 months ago


  93. Nigga Boss

    Nigga Boss2 months ago

    Graphics is too bad even when your watching at 1080 p

  94. luci lucis

    luci lucis2 months ago

    son una basura

  95. luci lucis

    luci lucis2 months ago

    son una basura

  96. Aannoying Caat

    Aannoying Caat2 months ago

    The whole time I was just thinking "this is dying light dude! Run, grapple, do some cool tricks or something." Then I got startled.

  97. Elijah Hilling

    Elijah Hilling2 months ago

    Holy shit! That startled the fuck out of me!

  98. •an amoral insane• •

    •an amoral insane• •2 months ago

    The end was dumb but the video that was terrifying

  99. Frank Makowski

    Frank Makowski2 months ago

    Lol anyone realize this is the zombie video game. Dying light?

  100. maan _19 mann_19

    maan _19 mann_192 months ago

    وجع شذا

  101. yung miso

    yung miso2 months ago

    leaving a dislike for that ending u hoe ass nigga

  102. Jazz Vlogs

    Jazz Vlogs2 months ago

    When I put on my vr glasses at the end i broke my vr glasses and crack my phone screen lol

  103. Anil Shenoy

    Anil Shenoy2 months ago

    I did not like it

  104. Andrés Pumarejo El Puma

    Andrés Pumarejo El Puma2 months ago

    Ibamos perfectamente hasta el final.. solo por eso se gano mi dislike eso no se hace..

  105. Ice Knight

    Ice Knight2 months ago


  106. Abas ALbddarey

    Abas ALbddarey2 months ago


  107. Siber Gamer2022

    Siber Gamer20222 months ago

    I live in Brazil 😡😠😭😭😭😭

  108. Siber Gamer2022

    Siber Gamer20222 months ago

    Wooooooooo What??? Like like like Yes Yesssssss Oooomaigoood

  109. lil pudge

    lil pudge2 months ago

    A nice peaceful mountain hike ending with a swim and a new friend

  110. braceface_ ken

    braceface_ ken2 months ago

    My vr is broken now...😭

  111. Danilo Santos

    Danilo Santos2 months ago

    Omg omaigood

  112. Benim dünyam

    Benim dünyam2 months ago


  113. Ynrez Nightcore

    Ynrez Nightcore2 months ago

    Nooooooooo 😂😂😂😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😨😨😨😨😨😠

  114. علي حسن

    علي حسن2 months ago


  115. علي حسن

    علي حسن2 months ago

    هلن بيكم

  116. Kanaye - Kun

    Kanaye - Kun2 months ago


  117. RusselGaming1234

    RusselGaming12342 months ago

    freaking davy jones man almost throw my vr to the wall

  118. nana Roma

    nana Roma2 months ago

    I don't like it

  119. nana Roma

    nana Roma2 months ago

    I don't like it