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Vince Carter Ranks His Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!


  1. william johnson

    william johnson4 hours ago

    This vid makes me think what was the raptors thinking letting VC and T-MAC go instead of building a team around them

  2. Stanimir Jovanovic

    Stanimir JovanovicDay ago

    What about dead dunk in olimpics 2000?This was number 1 of all time!

  3. P R

    P RDay ago

    2:47 - V I N C E C A R T E R

  4. el brasi

    el brasiDay ago

    kilt mourning!!

  5. RCS

    RCS2 days ago

    Shawn Kemp greatest Game dunker in NBA history

  6. James Moore

    James Moore2 days ago


  7. Mike Bergeron

    Mike Bergeron2 days ago

    I dont want to dunk no more

  8. AFO

    AFO3 days ago

    The Zlatan Ibrahimovich of Basketball. It's not about the stats, rings etc here. If someone asked me, "just how beautiful can a goal possibly get?" Zlatan's career would be my answer. If someone asked me, "just how beautiful can a dunk possibly get?" Vince's career would be my answer.

  9. DarthJar

    DarthJar3 days ago

    That dunk on Zo was a grown ass man move.

  10. Ryan K

    Ryan K3 days ago

    I already knew what #1 was

  11. Joachim Ndahne

    Joachim Ndahne3 days ago

    Before carter there was Dominique wilkins unfortunately do Wilkins has never been realy recognized in this game. How ever carter was good

  12. Beautiful Lou

    Beautiful Lou3 days ago

    hear me out.. nba jam should re brand with new graphics and all the classic players available. would love to team up ginoblo and carter i would wreck

  13. Chef Yos

    Chef Yos3 days ago

    Literally flying 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee3 days ago


  15. William Chapman

    William Chapman4 days ago

    this is his best dunk ever : just over a 7ft big man. This guy was crazy !!! fun player to watch

  16. Emre Özdemir

    Emre Özdemir5 days ago

    Air Canadaaaaaaa!!

  17. gamgami gamgam

    gamgami gamgam5 days ago

    Old school.

  18. Ichimar486

    Ichimar4865 days ago

    I don't think I've seen #5 ever been re-done

  19. RIPKEE4

    RIPKEE46 days ago

    It’s crazy how many games he has played in the course of his career, but still remembers dunks with so much detail.

  20. Jimmy Benyoucef

    Jimmy Benyoucef7 days ago

    Who slam harder? Onyx, or Vince Carter?

  21. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper7 days ago

    Number 3. Was Superhuman. Never has anyone seen something so Spectacular

  22. Robert Barrios

    Robert Barrios7 days ago

    what about the Olympic slam where he jumped over a 7ft dude

  23. mrgarrettscott

    mrgarrettscott7 days ago

    Regardless of what the man says, the No. 1 Vince Carter dunk and no. 1 in-game dunk of all time is the Olympic dunk.

  24. 채호원

    채호원8 days ago

    00Slam dunk contest, olympic dunk

  25. Kevin Pan

    Kevin Pan9 days ago

    There's a windmill then there's a Vince Carter windmill

  26. Saint Michael

    Saint Michael9 days ago

    I can only dream of being eye level with the rim. Eye level!!

  27. magicznyrafal

    magicznyrafal9 days ago

    Number 9 is great, I remember when I seen this for first time, and how impressed I was.

  28. Arc Solomon

    Arc Solomon9 days ago


  29. Shannon Cassidy

    Shannon Cassidy9 days ago

    I think we all know what number one should of been....

  30. nicholas king

    nicholas king10 days ago

    Half man

  31. Tia Xi

    Tia Xi10 days ago

    I like the 360 dunk best

  32. Nicholas Anane Frimpong

    Nicholas Anane Frimpong10 days ago ..why can't I dunk one's

  33. Danny silva

    Danny silva10 days ago

    Best windmill dunker off all time. Vc makes it look too easy. Jason Richardson would be a close 2nd.

  34. Ronaldo Rivera

    Ronaldo Rivera12 days ago

    "Reverse backwards dunk" that should be a front facing dunk right?? Just saying.

  35. Martin Rodriguez

    Martin Rodriguez12 days ago

    Cousins couldn’t make a move like that and he’s in his so called prime. If this was prime Vince all these boys would’ve been trying to mimic his move going to the hoop cuz it would’ve went in!!!!

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    sukarap123 sukre12 days ago

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  37. Thunder Lord

    Thunder Lord12 days ago

    That was all great!

  38. †rap King

    †rap King12 days ago

    absolutely a legend .

  39. Stephen Chisadza

    Stephen Chisadza13 days ago

    Eish, you will always have haters. Why would you dislike this video?

  40. Nathaniel Virina

    Nathaniel Virina13 days ago

    One of my idol. Best dunker of all time. It’s always fun to watch VC

  41. juan pablo pedrero

    juan pablo pedrero13 days ago

    Perfecta eleccion, aunque hay otras más brutales

  42. GT Highlights

    GT Highlights14 days ago

    crazy how much bounce he still has at this age! VC can dunk better than some of the young bucks in the league!

  43. Kabira 99

    Kabira 9915 days ago

    Dunk 🐐

  44. Twin Power

    Twin Power16 days ago

    They should've done top 15... Missed opportunity

  45. Oliver Hernandez

    Oliver Hernandez17 days ago

    Man he was short but was one of the greatest dunkers ever

  46. Oliver Hernandez

    Oliver Hernandez17 days ago

    Man when the raptors had Vince carter they were so dope

  47. Marciano Demidof

    Marciano Demidof18 days ago

    Vince Carter🙏. One of the greatest dunker in NBA history.

  48. Tyler Franklin

    Tyler Franklin18 days ago

    The best one was when he jumped over the 7 footer in the USA game

  49. Dimas AB

    Dimas AB20 days ago

    Can he still retire?

  50. Gaston Paz

    Gaston Paz21 day ago

    Air fukin canada

  51. Rich YSL

    Rich YSL21 day ago

    Vince Cheating His self Number 2 Was The Top Dunk

  52. Dashing_Davey

    Dashing_Davey21 day ago

    Dee Brown? Charles Oakley? Holy fuck Vince Carter and I are old 😂

  53. Teddy Dwyane

    Teddy Dwyane22 days ago

    Number 5 dunk is insane .. not even possible

  54. hmrhuang

    hmrhuang23 days ago

    I know it's not a NBA dunk, but that 2000 Olympic dunk by Carter over Weiss is still the greatest basketball play that I've witnessed in my lifetime!!!!!!!!

  55. Sim Hui Chun

    Sim Hui Chun23 days ago

    The 3rd Dunk will always be my favourite Dunk


    CRAZY_ DEVIL_ DUCK26 days ago



    CRAZY_ DEVIL_ DUCK26 days ago


  58. Khary Armah

    Khary Armah27 days ago

    🐐 dunker

  59. Manuel Montiel

    Manuel Montiel29 days ago

    I love Vince purple shirt is very nice!! Vince you are the best best best

  60. mahpalestine

    mahpalestineMonth ago

    Toronto will always love you Vince!

  61. human417

    human417Month ago

    Oh my happy tears just came out

  62. Kan Cho

    Kan ChoMonth ago

    What Carter actually differs from other legendary the great variety of dunk movements and REALLY unexpected finishes.. He should open a dunking academy so our next generation could watch other beautiful dunks.

  63. Iverson 2.0

    Iverson 2.0Month ago


  64. Roudy Petit

    Roudy PetitMonth ago

    The best dunks💥

  65. Alexacolyn Lomeda

    Alexacolyn LomedaMonth ago

    top 1 carter

  66. big sneak

    big sneakMonth ago

    how can you not count when you jumped over that guys head..that should been #1

  67. #trill

    #trillMonth ago

    I thought The Olympics dunk would of been #1

  68. Night's King

    Night's KingMonth ago

    I thought you couldn't self pass.

  69. I'm a faggot but,

    I'm a faggot but,Month ago

    Sad that no one is athletic as him today. His dunks are the GOAT

  70. Corey Jones

    Corey JonesMonth ago

    I can think of ten more top dunks that Vince Carter had he was so awesome!!

  71. Mark Sawyer

    Mark SawyerMonth ago

    Great list, but can everybody finally be honest and admit that the under-the-basket perspective on dunks is THE WORST. You need the camera slightly above the level of the rim, standard horizontal view, to see everything that matters on a dunk--elevation, attack, contest and power. Under-the-basket you see none of that, with every dunk looking basically the same. Apart from Dr J's under the basket wraparounds, I'd be happy to never see an under the basket video ever again...

  72. superchibiwings

    superchibiwingsMonth ago

    everytime he dunk it seems that my breathing stop and time stops.

  73. mark luis

    mark luisMonth ago

    What about the dunk over the French player?

  74. officialyungrich

    officialyungrichMonth ago

    aka Fly high Champ

  75. Joshua Ransom

    Joshua RansomMonth ago


  76. Diesel Bubs44

    Diesel Bubs44Month ago

    Where is the NBA Slam dunk contest and the Olympics

  77. edwin hamilton

    edwin hamiltonMonth ago

    Dude had the talent to be an all time great PLAYER, not just dunker....

  78. can nuk

    can nukMonth ago

    greatest dunk of career was as a net ? disagree.

  79. Loui Eriksson

    Loui ErikssonMonth ago

    If someone told me hed still be playing when i saw him back in his rookie yrs, id never believe em. Hows someone who plays so aggressively still playing? What a freak

  80. y roncero

    y ronceroMonth ago

    That dunk on Dikembe, probably the best shot blocker in NBA history, as a rookie... damn son.

  81. Essere Vivente

    Essere ViventeMonth ago

    Giocatore spettacolare ...

  82. K Osborn

    K OsbornMonth ago

    And he didn't even put his dunk from the

  83. K Osborn

    K OsbornMonth ago

    My goodness. #1 dunker for sure

  84. twenT2

    twenT2Month ago

    He’s 41 and still dunking, truly an amazing nba player

  85. SniffyPoo

    SniffyPooMonth ago

    my favorite was when he slammed the ball through the hoop

  86. samurl montana

    samurl montanaMonth ago

    that 360 bro damm,sick ass F***

  87. Wilkong

    WilkongMonth ago

    Where is that wild alley oop windmill from backboard and dunk from olympic games? The only player where top 10 is really not enough...

  88. Fatih Bahcivan

    Fatih BahcivanMonth ago

    Great video!

  89. Nathan Buie

    Nathan BuieMonth ago

    How did the dunk where he jumped over the 7 footer not make his top ten list???

  90. Globox822

    Globox822Month ago

    Aging sucks Doesn’t it?

  91. Tim Timmy

    Tim TimmyMonth ago

    Video about Carter's greatest dunks without the greatest dunk of all-time??? 🤨 (jumping over the dude in the Olympics)

  92. Terry Sun

    Terry SunMonth ago

    2:10 - T-mac's response was funny

  93. Laughing bro

    Laughing broMonth ago

    Vince can you re do this. Top 100 dunks.

  94. master 82575

    master 82575Month ago

    fantastic dunker ,best dunk is number 4

  95. Naimi Naimi

    Naimi NaimiMonth ago

    Dominique willkins Vince carter Michael Jordan

  96. Naimi Naimi

    Naimi NaimiMonth ago

    I think his Olympic dunk should be on top 10

  97. Naimi Naimi

    Naimi NaimiMonth ago

    Carter is like my favorite dude in nba I didn’t know Tracy mgrady t Mac were family

  98. Naimi Naimi

    Naimi NaimiMonth ago

    Carter hands up 👇

  99. ayush garg

    ayush gargMonth ago

    Its over it is over

  100. Michael Julien

    Michael JulienMonth ago

    WHAT ABOUT the 2000 OLYMPICS DUNK WHERE YOU DUNKED FULL OVER AN OPPOSING PLAYER, VINCE?! WHERE DOES THAT RANK? Number zero? Because that's definitely better than your number one choice.