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Vince Carter Ranks His Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!


  1. Bobataco

    Bobataco12 hours ago

    0:14 THATS #10??

  2. 0532MOET

    0532MOETDay ago

    Would he trade one of these dunks for a championship? Or would he be happier with the 10 dunks? 😁

  3. Swa Sho

    Swa ShoDay ago

    i consider #4 my favorite. how often do we see that nowadays. keep in mind this was almost 20 years ago

  4. Thomas Weigle

    Thomas Weigle2 days ago

    "I can jump really high" - Vince Carter, 2018

  5. Aleks Jeff

    Aleks Jeff2 days ago

    Those oldschool early 2000's jerseys were the best

  6. Aysar Aburrub

    Aysar Aburrub2 days ago

    funny how his best dunk wasnt in the NBA so he didnt include it here.

  7. Vincent Jacobs

    Vincent Jacobs2 days ago

    "Eyes were right at the rim."

  8. Abiologicalblob :

    Abiologicalblob :3 days ago

    Amazing to be that confident athletically to be able to think, well I know i can get higher than Mutombo.

  9. John Pro

    John Pro3 days ago

    What makes Vince Carter so good is he’s able to THINK 2-seconds ahead of everyone else... this the creative dunks! He’s not a reactor, but a planner! You can’t stop a player like that, especially with that kind of athleticism!

  10. Ahrighty

    Ahrighty3 days ago

    every dunk is the nastest from vc

  11. Peter

    Peter3 days ago

    This video is lies. Number 1 is definitely over the dude at the Olympics! 💯

  12. James Ying

    James Ying4 days ago

    Best of all time

  13. Kyrie Ovin

    Kyrie Ovin4 days ago

    I like the dunk he did over the French man in the Olympics...raw material 😘🤣

  14. Kamunu Odomankoma

    Kamunu Odomankoma4 days ago

    Vince and MJ are my 2 favorite b-ball players of all time. Vince is the best dunker ever. Pure finesse!

  15. Hilario Galan

    Hilario Galan5 days ago

    Vince is amazing but he got no taste. Those ain't his bests.

  16. James Jackson

    James Jackson5 days ago

    Best dunker in NBA history. Period!! VC!!

  17. prince kane

    prince kane6 days ago

    Olympic games was his best dunk.

  18. joshua dela cruz

    joshua dela cruz6 days ago

    #1 sorry SO..........and BO#6

  19. kylehenzon belicano

    kylehenzon belicano6 days ago

    Love u vince, you are the greatest dunker and number 1 on my list, no one player will erase your dunk creativity and sensation, hope someday u visit philippines before u retired at NBA

  20. Odbayar Enkhee

    Odbayar Enkhee7 days ago

    Did anyone else was waiting for that dunk at the Olympic games versus French team when he flew over french center guy?

  21. Miha Zvizej

    Miha Zvizej7 days ago

    Olympic games dunk not in top 10?

  22. Giedrius K.

    Giedrius K.7 days ago

    Vince probably forgot some great dunks, it's easy, when you made so many great dunks in your career, otherwise i can't believe number 10 is more memorable than the dunks over Ben Wallace or Tim Duncan.

  23. Anne

    Anne7 days ago

    This guy is a dinosaur. I saw Chris Mullin, Mugsy Bogues, Doug Christie, Mutombo, and Alonzo Mourning in the highlights. I think Lonzo Ball was 1 when Carter was a rookie.

  24. Michael Eugene Romero

    Michael Eugene Romero7 days ago

    stephen curry's dunks are the best...

  25. Ernesto Bonales

    Ernesto Bonales8 days ago

    Olimpics should be a Bonus

  26. Plazar Lobbyz

    Plazar Lobbyz9 days ago

    Man I never get tired of watching Vince dunks.. half man half amazing

  27. hayden king

    hayden king9 days ago

    I get that 360 dunks are insanly difficult to pull off, but they dont look verry good to me

  28. Marques Dashoun

    Marques Dashoun9 days ago


  29. Filmblanc

    Filmblanc9 days ago

    It blows my mind that his dunk in the Olympics where he jumped over a 7 footer is not on this list (and is usually missing from other lists).....blows my mind

  30. seven FangYuan

    seven FangYuan10 days ago

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  31. Lemini Fx

    Lemini Fx11 days ago


  32. Tyler The Creator

    Tyler The Creator11 days ago

    👀 One of the best dunkers dunked on one of the best blockers on the day I was born

  33. WB

    WB12 days ago

    Favorite basketball player in the NBA, When i was a kid i heard he had to stop dunking so much because he was damaging his legs from the ridiculous dunks he was pulling off. I don't know if that was true but i still believe it, To this day Vince Carter is the man who jumped so high he took fall damage the absolute legend.

  34. Luke Barham

    Luke Barham12 days ago

    What about his dunk jumping over a 7 foot dude in the Olympics

  35. Big Facts

    Big Facts12 days ago

    I wish I was Vince carter son I’d be a fuckin legend in the making And those asking don’t you got a dad no my parents are unknown and I’m adopted I play basketball and I’m 6”4 16 and all I know about my dad is he’s Nigerian and mom is white

  36. Fernando Ruiz García

    Fernando Ruiz García12 days ago

    NBA now

  37. Steven-Jon Marais

    Steven-Jon Marais12 days ago

    Vince Carter! Sensational Attacker of the rim!

  38. Andi H

    Andi H12 days ago

    No. 3 is my personal favourite.

  39. pdub420

    pdub42012 days ago

    Now do the top 10 blocked dunks!

  40. Jaanwaar Abanji

    Jaanwaar Abanji12 days ago

    “It’s here, I’m here, might as well dunk it.” GOAT

  41. baldheadkid

    baldheadkid13 days ago

    Most people don’t appreciate the 360 at number 4 was a ‘reverse 360’ meaning he span in the opposite direction (clockwise) which is generally harder to do than spinning anti clockwise

  42. Kelly's Day

    Kelly's Day13 days ago

    wheres the olympics hop

  43. Allan Conway

    Allan Conway13 days ago

    Wtf thumbs down VINCE CARTER???????

  44. Terrestrial_Bullitt_5373N

    Terrestrial_Bullitt_5373N13 days ago

    #3 will always be my favorite dunk by Vince Carter. btw where is the Olympic dunk over that 7'1" french center? That was filthy!

  45. Raskolnikov

    Raskolnikov13 days ago

    He is the best ever, but even he don't know his best top 10... my list is different for sure. Where is the dunk on tim duncan?

  46. Aris Ray Doloritos

    Aris Ray Doloritos13 days ago

    Pls join 2019 dunk contest thats my dream for u my idol

  47. DWes487

    DWes48713 days ago

    He's like NEO in the Matrix...He is the one!!! No debate, greatest dunker in NBA history.

  48. Ryanocerous 18

    Ryanocerous 1813 days ago

    What about when he jumped over the guy

  49. Shaun Don

    Shaun Don13 days ago

    Olympic dunk is not on here. NEXT.

  50. Zhivar Parks

    Zhivar Parks13 days ago

    Number one should of been when u dunked on that 7-footer

  51. Craig Hauser

    Craig Hauser13 days ago

    I watched live the dunk on zo and all the Nets dunks as a Nets fan. RJ actually posterized Zo that SAME GAME as well shortly before Vince did!!!

  52. alvin guebats

    alvin guebats14 days ago

    so beutiful to watch

  53. Cute XD

    Cute XD14 days ago

    How about dunk over 7.3

  54. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams14 days ago

    What about when vince jumped over 7 footer in the Olympics 😁

  55. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams14 days ago


  56. jack604

    jack60414 days ago

    Dude had all the kids tricked that if they bought Nike shox they can jump like him 😭😭😂

  57. fp9623

    fp962315 days ago

    "Wherever the ball goes, I'll figure it out"

  58. tranlanga mingo

    tranlanga mingo15 days ago

    Move bitch get out da way should've played every game

  59. Emmanuel Febiano

    Emmanuel Febiano15 days ago

    He should shave his his face still 1999-2000 VC..

  60. Noah Campagnolo

    Noah Campagnolo16 days ago

    Michael Jordan has left the chat...

  61. NoR Winters

    NoR Winters16 days ago

    Respect for this man. Just beautiful!

  62. Artem Timac

    Artem Timac17 days ago

    GOAT Still in the game

  63. Vic Jones

    Vic Jones17 days ago

    Definitely One of the "GREATEST" 🏀🏀🏀🏆

  64. KSxMrBojangles

    KSxMrBojangles17 days ago

    scrolling through these comments and you can see the decline of the US showing. Y'all are fucking stupid lol. title literally says "His Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!" Yet you go on to mention a Dunk that wasn't even in the NBA..

  65. Danny V

    Danny V18 days ago

    1 Jordan 2 Kobe 3 Carter 4 Iverson 5 James The story best players NBA

  66. Garasky

    Garasky18 days ago

    Good video but the zoom in close ups and weird editing ruined some of the highlights. Can't we just get a wide shots normal speed for each first... and then do your slow down zoom in after??? -_-

  67. Christopher Hamm

    Christopher Hamm18 days ago

    Kobe and Jordan are the best

  68. TheKarub1

    TheKarub119 days ago

    Lol what about bis dunk over his Defender in the 2004 olympics?

  69. Pong zkee

    Pong zkee20 days ago

    Ingame or dunk contest dunkgoat of NBA.

  70. Non Ego Lifting Natty

    Non Ego Lifting Natty20 days ago

    Absolutely amazing :) been a hero of mine since high school


    FeelGoodTime.net23 days ago

    Greatest NBA dunker, both in-game and on slam dunk contest.

  72. EduSanjuan777

    EduSanjuan77724 days ago

    It seems Vince's biggest fan is... himself

  73. Vincent Playz/MCPE

    Vincent Playz/MCPE24 days ago

    Who Else Thought Number 1 Was The " Elbow Dunk (Dunk Contest) or his "360 Windmill" (Dunk Contest)

  74. Kyrie Ovin

    Kyrie Ovin25 days ago

    I like the dunk he jumped over the Russian his prime rookie yr

  75. Kyrie Ovin

    Kyrie Ovin25 days ago

    Vince has the best dunk ever...

  76. young low

    young low26 days ago

    Jordan was the prettiest dunker like Picasso in the air..but Vince was the greatest in game dunker an most creative dunker in NBA history hands down💯💯..much respect

  77. Max Sun

    Max Sun28 days ago

    many dunker can jump or creative, but Carter‘s dunk are most beautiful.

  78. Austin Johal

    Austin JohalMonth ago

    Where is the dunk on Fredrick weis

  79. Nhat Tran

    Nhat TranMonth ago



    FAME CORONAMonth ago


  81. yakima !

    yakima !Month ago

    no1 dunker!!

  82. Doyoukown Uay

    Doyoukown UayMonth ago

    The best

  83. N J

    N JMonth ago

    #3 will always be my favourite dunk of all time

  84. Daniel Moore

    Daniel MooreMonth ago

    What's even crazier is that Carter didn't include any of his dunks from the 2000 Dunk Contest or when he jumped over that guy in the Olympics. Greatest dunker of ALL-TIME.

  85. Francisco Tomas Ortiz Gonzalez

    Francisco Tomas Ortiz GonzalezMonth ago

    He make it look so easy OMG!!

  86. Nialee Mass

    Nialee MassMonth ago

    One of the most underrated nba players. My fave!

  87. 2kool 4U

    2kool 4UMonth ago

    #3 is greatest oop ever

  88. gotem nigah

    gotem nigahMonth ago

    It shouldn't be called dunking no more it be called Vince, examples I fixing to Vince this mf! Man you should of Vinced that bitch! It shouldn't be a Jerry logo no more it should be MJ, somethings just need to be changed

  89. Preston Odogwu

    Preston OdogwuMonth ago

    Still haven't seen a windmill better than VC's. Greatest NBA dunker EVER.

  90. Argoscorp

    ArgoscorpMonth ago

    Man....... I miss it

  91. Robin Piter

    Robin PiterMonth ago

    First song is good but man the 2nd one was painful

  92. Stelios Gerochristodoulou

    Stelios GerochristodoulouMonth ago


  93. Lekha Pratap

    Lekha PratapMonth ago

    Move like a Cadillac, DUNK like Carter!!

  94. TeamAnika

    TeamAnikaMonth ago

    Love me some Vince!

  95. norlens noel

    norlens noelMonth ago

    My fav Carter dunk is the off the backboard all star game dunk and the Kidd to Carter reverse dunk

  96. YoungSubaru88

    YoungSubaru88Month ago

    Under appropriated bro omg

  97. King Kang

    King KangMonth ago

    Dunk over Zo is the #1 in-game dunk ever

  98. Willy beast

    Willy beastMonth ago

    Number 9 was on my birthday.

  99. lyle anthony tallo

    lyle anthony talloMonth ago

    2000 Olympic again france dunk over 7'2 center VC15 best dunk ever

  100. Aryaan Sood

    Aryaan SoodMonth ago

    such a legend