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Vince Carter Ranks His Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!


  1. Crunch Buttsteak

    Crunch ButtsteakDay ago

    Announcers are so corny.

  2. Christopher Adams

    Christopher Adams2 days ago

    No. 4 is ridiculous dude palmed it, put it behind his head, and hit a 360 against the grain.... what the entire fuck

  3. Bob

    Bob9 days ago


  4. koy

    koy10 days ago

    Nasty windmill and reverse op dunk . I get little shiver every time I watch it

  5. Cody Gifford

    Cody Gifford11 days ago

    Can barely hear him with this stupid music lol

  6. Daniel

    Daniel11 days ago

    Lebron is the 2nd best in game dunker I mean I jumped over someone when they were standing and ended there career

  7. Diego Herrera

    Diego Herrera11 days ago


  8. 돈대기리기리알라깔라또깔라미또깔라미띠

    돈대기리기리알라깔라또깔라미또깔라미띠12 days ago

    The king binec carter 👑

  9. Константин Яковлев

    Константин Яковлев13 days ago

    Where is the dunk over French player? It was absolutely monster jam...

  10. iLLBiLLsRoastBeats

    iLLBiLLsRoastBeats13 days ago

    I don’t remember anyone ever calling him VC15

  11. aris orais

    aris orais14 days ago

    Top 10 dunks of all time!

  12. Sassonic

    Sassonic15 days ago

    I'm glad the one over the French guy in the Olympics wasn't put on the list (I know the title is NBA dunks) because even though the dunk was amazing, the opposing player acted like a weakling, whereas on this list Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo went for the block and those two are very amazing shot blockers!

  13. Hruaia Chenkual

    Hruaia Chenkual16 days ago

    G.O.A.T. of dunk....hands down.

  14. Darrell Rousu

    Darrell Rousu17 days ago

    I think your # 1 should be the one when u jumped over the guy and it looks like he saying what the heck was that

  15. Jake Rennings

    Jake Rennings17 days ago

    VC + T-Mac = The Dynamic Duo of the Decade.

  16. Stinson, Chris

    Stinson, Chris18 days ago

    Legendary! 👍👏

  17. Nwo Shorty

    Nwo Shorty19 days ago

    Vc and Roy Jones look alike

  18. nightkids29

    nightkids2920 days ago

    beast mode

  19. DJ 1

    DJ 121 day ago

    We have Steph Curry now! NBA sucks!

  20. Illay Reich

    Illay Reich21 day ago

    Vince is definitely the best dunker in the NBA. His 3rd. pick is my favorite.

  21. Vince15nt

    Vince15nt22 days ago

    Love your dunks so.. much

  22. C Law

    C Law23 days ago

    I get so hyped Up everytime i see no.3. How was that dunk possible?!

  23. Progressive Viewer

    Progressive Viewer25 days ago

    His Olympic dunk is the greatest international dunk of all time!

  24. rakusho amatuki

    rakusho amatuki25 days ago

    ダブルクラッチからのダンクがすごい。 あんなplayは漫画でしか見たことない。

  25. sami i

    sami i26 days ago

    *The best dunker of all time*

  26. Brent Lee

    Brent Lee28 days ago

    I'd love to see him play til he's 50. I don't want see my childhood nba stars retire. 😔 Let's make this last season the most memorable Vince. 😉

  27. Mistta82

    Mistta8228 days ago

    So you telling me number 1 is not when he jumped over a I guy in the Olympics. I'm just lost for words🤣

  28. Kareem Hinds

    Kareem Hinds29 days ago

    Number 4 was insane

  29. Michael Poppe

    Michael Poppe29 days ago

    That’s awesome but you need a top 50 cause you have so many more incredible dunks like the reverse baseline dunk you did with Toronto against Dallas which was unbelievable! Legend best dunker of all time and future first ballad hall of famer! Vinsanity!

  30. Kc Alangilan

    Kc AlangilanMonth ago

    Nice Idol Vince Carter Thank You For You all Make Unbelievable Dunks! You So Inspirate Me :)

  31. Kable Games Maniac

    Kable Games ManiacMonth ago

    same choice 😎 no.1 poster dunk

  32. joshua dela cruz

    joshua dela cruzMonth ago

    your always been and always will my No.1 favorite dunker of all time Happy Birth day Mr. Half Amazing VC :)

  33. darkknightsds

    darkknightsdsMonth ago

    Vince Carter acting like he didn't steal that off the backboard dunk from Tracy McGrady lol

  34. nick tidwell

    nick tidwellMonth ago

    Jordan was way better at dunking in heavy traffic with contact

  35. Ronnie T

    Ronnie TMonth ago

    Think he needs a pilot license MF pretty much flys

  36. Tytanium

    TytaniumMonth ago

    More like Vince carter reacts to top 10 best nba dunks

  37. WUDAT

    WUDATMonth ago

    Dunking over Zo shouldn't be his number 1. Alonzo Mourning has been on pretty much every highlight reel like Shawn Bradley.

  38. mark kram

    mark kramMonth ago

    that number 3 dunk was so epic.

  39. osama منوعات

    osama منوعاتMonth ago

    he is best NBA dunker all the time, he is horrible💪

  40. Subliminaltechpro

    SubliminaltechproMonth ago

    he is the best Dunker ever, like a specialist

  41. supergacela

    supergacelaMonth ago

    vs lakers?????????

  42. Logan Huck

    Logan HuckMonth ago

    Number Three...are you kidding me?? O.o Hang time at its best

  43. gemxwave

    gemxwaveMonth ago

    vinf cawter meng


    OKAYYYYMonth ago

    is carter a HOFer?

  45. Reggie Lee

    Reggie LeeMonth ago

    I was so pumped that Vince is joining my Atlanta Hawks that I registered these domains:,, Willing to sell one or two of them. search for them at

  46. Reliablethreat

    ReliablethreatMonth ago

    Vince Carter was a monster in his prime! He should have stayed in Toronto and became the greatest player in franchise history. He put Toronto on the map way before Chris Bosh or DeMar DeRozan!

  47. TheMan750

    TheMan750Month ago

    He kept the Raptors in Toronto

  48. Tyler Hoagland

    Tyler HoaglandMonth ago

    Why is the music so much louder than the guy talking? Some high school level editing right here

  49. Scale gaming

    Scale gamingMonth ago

    Dunking : Vince Carter > Lebron James Now i know people will get mad but vince carter can dunk way better then lebron And vince carter is better at 3 pointers.

  50. Eddie Rivera

    Eddie Rivera2 months ago


  51. McFfATtcmetory Linkilfoarkrankarn

    McFfATtcmetory Linkilfoarkrankarn2 months ago


  52. Çağan Demirezen

    Çağan Demirezen2 months ago

    Where is death dunk?

  53. Gay bears

    Gay bears2 months ago

    Visual concepts the greatest dunker ever. (I made a 2k joke GET IT?? VC AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

  54. Calvin

    Calvin2 months ago

    How the hell is he 41 and still playing.

  55. Steelz

    Steelz2 months ago

    if he included his dunk contest ones, this would be wayyy different...

  56. Mubupo

    Mubupo2 months ago

    Didn't he start pulling people out of the stands and dunk on them too?

  57. Consistent Inconsistency

    Consistent Inconsistency2 months ago

    Come on, don't lie to yourselves. We all know what's Vince Carter's greatest dunk ever, and no, it's not an NBA dunk. (The dunk of death - Team USA vs France)

  58. Consistent Inconsistency

    Consistent Inconsistency2 months ago

    They should've put it in the vid.

  59. dell cruz

    dell cruz2 months ago

    VC is one of the baddest dunkers in NBA history,if not the GOAT when it comes to dunking

  60. Mactar aka Eumeu

    Mactar aka Eumeu2 months ago

    I like ur top 10

  61. The Karnige

    The Karnige2 months ago

    and some morons think lebron is a better dunker. christ

  62. orochimaBruh faitdusal

    orochimaBruh faitdusal2 months ago

    man your best slam dunk is the reverse 360 of the all star game dunk contest, why are u lying? #BestDunkerEver

  63. mamster233

    mamster2332 months ago

    Vince Carter is better than Kobe

  64. Mark James

    Mark James2 months ago

    What about the dunk during the Olympics in Sydney? WTF?

  65. majornewb

    majornewb2 months ago

    Greatest in-game dunker of all time. 2nd greatest dunk contest dunker after Jason Richardson in my honest opinion.

  66. Ben Amor

    Ben Amor2 months ago

    Legend...half man half amazing....

  67. Justin Au

    Justin Au2 months ago

    43 inch vertical!

  68. team skeet

    team skeet2 months ago

    2000 with muggsy bouges his thoughts I wish i could do that *cries*

  69. MARVIN Bugarin

    MARVIN Bugarin2 months ago

    now i know where that orange skill came from XD

  70. okolekahuna

    okolekahuna2 months ago

    MJ may be the over all GOAT, but Vince is the GOAT of dunkers.

  71. LLLLL263

    LLLLL2632 months ago

    How can the 2000 Olympics dunk not be on here shame

  72. Chhlath In

    Chhlath In2 months ago

    His dunk is so powerful the great all time 👍

  73. eyedentity

    eyedentity2 months ago

    For mi dunk nr 2 and 3 are the best hang in time

  74. ShawdGawd

    ShawdGawd2 months ago

    no olympics???

  75. Champange Papi

    Champange Papi2 months ago

    I wanna see this dude at a trampoline park.

  76. memetherapy

    memetherapy2 months ago

    "ooooooh good old number 1..."

  77. Novi Zakon hip hop

    Novi Zakon hip hop3 months ago - hiphop song about Vince Carter, check it out!

  78. SuperRip7

    SuperRip73 months ago

    Thanks for the share. 06-19-18.

  79. GetDunkedOn

    GetDunkedOn3 months ago

    Honorable Mention : Jumping over a a 7 ft tall dude in the Olympics 😱😱😱😱

  80. Solomon Powell

    Solomon Powell3 months ago

    What about the dunk over the 7 footer? MUST MUST MUST be on this list!!

  81. daisukeherb

    daisukeherb3 months ago

    GOAT of dunking.

  82. John Stickney

    John Stickney3 months ago

    His athleticism, just off the charts. Made it look easy.

  83. Ronald Mclen

    Ronald Mclen3 months ago

    Vince needs a top 100, he’s done so many

  84. Daniele Dal Col

    Daniele Dal Col3 months ago

    3rd is actually one of the best dunk I ever see. It's amazing how he catch the ball behind his head one handed and throw it down! Jesus vc15 one of my favourite player of all time!

  85. NDB49

    NDB493 months ago

    I guess the olympic dunk didn’t count.

  86. DJaySplitSecond

    DJaySplitSecond3 months ago

    VC took in game dunking to another level

  87. leonard ngugi

    leonard ngugi3 months ago

    Vince your not human 🤗🤗🤗nice video.

  88. OPG RED

    OPG RED3 months ago

    If the Olympic dunk isn’t on here I’ll be sad

  89. Qin Woodruff

    Qin Woodruff3 months ago

    He can really talk. Good job. Let Curry talk about his top 10 shots. Lol

  90. TheTrueSonofSparda

    TheTrueSonofSparda3 months ago

    Number 4 is my favorite it’s hella clean and badass


    ELIAS FILHO3 months ago

    Vince Legend Carter, the Monster!!!

  92. Oyaji Fight Club

    Oyaji Fight Club3 months ago

    At 6'6", those could be very possible.

  93. Muhammad Ibrahim

    Muhammad Ibrahim3 months ago

    I love this guy in Toronto

  94. Dale Miller

    Dale Miller3 months ago

    How is Vince jumping over the 7 footer in the Olympics not on this list?

  95. dragking111489tin

    dragking111489tin3 months ago

    ey yo Vince how about the Olympic dunk

  96. sernick223

    sernick2233 months ago

    Raptors will retire No.15 put the country of Canada on his back.

  97. kracken

    kracken3 months ago

    always had a crush on him

  98. Denchik ShowEm

    Denchik ShowEm3 months ago

    I wish he got a ring with Tracey on the Raptors... that would have been something great... and then eventually grab them a good center to get a few more chips... oh the possibilities...

  99. Dark Dragon

    Dark Dragon3 months ago

    Where is his Dunk of Death (When he jumped to over a 7'2 player in the Olympics)

  100. HailKingCeezer

    HailKingCeezer3 months ago

    I know it's not NBA, they had to at least mention jumping over the 7footer in the Olympics

  101. Stay Focus

    Stay Focus3 months ago

    He is missing the dunk when he jumped over the 7 foot 2 guy thats got to be his best dunk ever come on vince.