Vince Carter Ranks His Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!


  1. M@

    M@9 hours ago


  2. lavere

    lavere13 hours ago

    Vince, please retire in Toronto!

  3. Andrew Hook

    Andrew Hook20 hours ago

    How is the dunk over the 7 footer in the Olympic games not on here??

  4. Jesse Kamau

    Jesse Kamau21 hour ago

    Bruh ; TESLA in Space

  5. Uptowns Finest

    Uptowns FinestDay ago

    Always wished a team that won a chip had Carter so he can get his ring

  6. Brian Teskey

    Brian TeskeyDay ago

    It’s a crime that they didn’t include his all time best in game dunk whoever made this list should be tried

  7. Parsa Ghasemi Dehkordi

    Parsa Ghasemi DehkordiDay ago

    He's the goat of dunking

  8. Andi H

    Andi H2 days ago

    No 3 is my fav. The perfect timing when Vince catches the ball midair is what makes it so insane good.

  9. Stupp

    Stupp2 days ago

    lindo vei 💕💕😭😭😭😭

  10. Connor J ROBSON

    Connor J ROBSON2 days ago

    Vince Carter talking to us

  11. Omar Mohd

    Omar Mohd3 days ago

    The GOAT for Raptors 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Mirzie Arizaldi Adiwidjojo

    Mirzie Arizaldi Adiwidjojo4 days ago

    I know this is the NBA channel and an NBA top 10 list, but common...his dunk over a dude when he was playin on team USA should be his no.1 on the list.

  13. Michael ADOS

    Michael ADOS4 days ago

    Vince Carter is probably the best electrifying dunkers after Dominique Wilkins and that’s probably debatable.

  14. MSC TheGamer

    MSC TheGamer4 days ago

    I'm literally playing through Vince's Live Event on NBA Live Mobile

  15. Arias Family

    Arias Family2 days ago

    MSC TheGamer me to

  16. Wohahi! borjacks

    Wohahi! borjacks5 days ago


  17. AudioStorm

    AudioStorm6 days ago

    Kemp is bigger beast

  18. ゴンザレス翔太

    ゴンザレス翔太6 days ago


  19. Ufddryoln Mkilthart

    Ufddryoln Mkilthart7 days ago

    The first should be the 25001 points dunk

  20. PleaseSubscribeToMe

    PleaseSubscribeToMe8 days ago

    Why are most of them in the same 2 seasons? (1998-99 and 99-2000)

  21. PleaseSubscribeToMe

    PleaseSubscribeToMe5 days ago

    Well yeah but primes usually last more than 2 years

  22. Gabigol

    Gabigol6 days ago

    was his prime

  23. That Lizard dude

    That Lizard dude8 days ago

    My favorite player of all time

  24. Emil Sosnin

    Emil Sosnin9 days ago

    Thumbs up if you're a Raps fan watching Carter highlights after Kawhi left us.

  25. Dan holland

    Dan holland9 days ago

    Where the USA dunk

  26. Amanda Colwell

    Amanda Colwell9 days ago

    I thought number 1 was going to be when Vince jumps over someone 7 foot tall and dunks it

  27. DeadThumbGamer

    DeadThumbGamer10 days ago

    #2 is a clear traveling violation

  28. HiLo

    HiLo10 days ago

    I know it's not NBA, but his dunk in the 2000 olympics was crazy

  29. Joe B Joe

    Joe B Joe10 days ago

    Needs a top 50 at least😂🤦‍♂️🐐

  30. Vito Corleone

    Vito Corleone10 days ago

    Kids today only seen those on MReporter and then they keep on saying that today’s NBA games are better than old games. lol. I’m grateful to have watched these games and few of Jordan’s last grand slam games.

  31. MahaVakyas

    MahaVakyas11 days ago

    lol Tim Duncan at 1:25 .. LMAO

  32. fajar kusuma

    fajar kusuma12 days ago

    The Best Dunker in NBA History. some of the insane, disrespectfull & un believable !

  33. Brodie Baker

    Brodie Baker12 days ago

    his greatest dunk ever was in the Olympics when he jumped over a man. greatest dunker ever


    WATER SHOT10 days ago

    Brodie Baker it wasnt a man. He was a little boy after that dunk. He got his manhood taken.

  35. Lil B

    Lil B12 days ago

    I remember being a kid lowering the goal just so me and my friends could come up with dunks like VC!

  36. J Fiah

    J Fiah13 days ago

    Forever one of favorites!

  37. J Fiah

    J Fiah13 days ago

    Still hate him and his cousin T-mac split up they coulda been something special together

  38. Metal Face

    Metal Face13 days ago

    One of the best.

  39. Sushmoy Islam

    Sushmoy Islam14 days ago

    Air 🇨🇦 ✈️

  40. Melvin Walker

    Melvin Walker15 days ago

    How can the Olympic dunk not be in there???

  41. Nyan Prater Jr

    Nyan Prater Jr15 days ago

    "It's here, I'm here, might as well dunk it." Can we say he has some 'serious-ass hangtime?'

  42. shinyahirano7

    shinyahirano717 days ago

    Dunk was dead by Vince Carter.

  43. Kerry Lucier

    Kerry Lucier17 days ago

    VINCE 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  44. The Real Truth

    The Real Truth18 days ago

    NUMBER 1 should have been when you DUNKED OVER that big ass white dude in the Olympic game. FACT! I can imagine why you chose the Mourning dunk as your favorite, based on his defensive skill level and greatness as a player, however.

  45. ilCapitano

    ilCapitano18 days ago

    Vince is cool af

  46. Lee PD

    Lee PD18 days ago

    not a human

  47. Nelson Pedrozo

    Nelson Pedrozo19 days ago

    "I thought: it's here, I'm here, might as well dunk it." Simple, huh?

  48. Minland J

    Minland J19 days ago

    My hero

  49. Jhon Smith

    Jhon Smith20 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing best dunker in NBA history .....period

  50. Jhon Smith

    Jhon Smith4 days ago

    @Michael ADOS Who was that Dominique Wilkins they called that ?

  51. Michael ADOS

    Michael ADOS4 days ago

    What about the Human Highlight?

  52. jovelyn aslim

    jovelyn aslim20 days ago

    He better than lebron!!! During his prime!!!

  53. regina cameron

    regina cameron20 days ago

    U know what's funny is both mj and Vince from unc. Dunking on all G'Town player. Pat Ewing, so and mt Rushmore . Damn I just realize this big men from Georgetown university cnt block no tarheels dunk. Lol

  54. Smok Biggarton

    Smok Biggarton20 days ago

    This should be called Top Dunks cause we all Know Vince got nuff dunks...besides The Slam Dunks dunks The best overall Vince dunk I think when he was playing on Team USA when he jumped over that tall guy in The Olympics

  55. cem yiğit

    cem yiğit20 days ago

    Efsanesin 🤙

  56. Pearl JAMFAN

    Pearl JAMFAN20 days ago

    I'm fan of I love when shoots the basketball go Vince carter