Dre X - AIN'T LYIN (Official Video)

  • Mar 26, 2017
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  1. lee lo

    lee lo25 days ago


  2. Andrew Vieira

    Andrew Vieira9 months ago

    the video is so hard bro :D thanks for leaving it unlisted.

  3. NU-B-HUN

    NU-B-HUNYear ago

    This song has so grown on me!!

  4. 20-02 Ent.

    20-02 Ent.Year ago

    I'll be playing your joint(s) on my show 20-02 Ent. thru raponair.com I come out Fridays at 11 pm CEST Madrid time and 5 pm EST stateside the date will be 4-28-2017, the show is repeated Monday at the same time, the playlist will include the link to the song in the order it comes out on the show which will be posted on the website, and on spacejoints.com.mx giving you more exposure, please make sure to share/retweet if we tag you on our posts

  5. Tootsie Time

    Tootsie TimeYear ago

    love this dre!

  6. Dre. X Music

    Dre. X MusicYear ago

    Family x ❤️

  7. Dawq Azz ENT

    Dawq Azz ENTYear ago

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  8. Dawq Azz ENT

    Dawq Azz ENTYear ago


  9. Emil Wagenius

    Emil WageniusYear ago

    Posted on RapStarVidz - www.rapstarvidz.com/dre-x-aint-lyin/

  10. K Legacy

    K LegacyYear ago

    hard hard!

  11. Andrew Vieira

    Andrew VieiraYear ago

    You're so hard bro. love this video

  12. Luke November

    Luke NovemberYear ago


  13. Dre. X Music

    Dre. X MusicYear ago

    Love Broly!

  14. HBossOfficial

    HBossOfficialYear ago

    you still got it bro👏👏👏🔥

  15. Dre. X Music

    Dre. X MusicYear ago

    My G




  17. Daniel Son

    Daniel SonYear ago

    This is so sick. Great visuals too. Salute!