Betsy DeVos Asked to Justify Proposed $9 Billion Cut to Education Budget


  1. Bill Fotsch

    Bill Fotsch7 days ago

    Secretary DeVos has been improving education for decades in advance of her taking public office, in sharp contrast to liberal puppets of the teacher's union, who have given us disasters like those outlined in yesterday's Wall Street Journal article on Rhode Island. Sadly I see that most of the comments are both uninformed and trying to support a status quo that has seen US student education decline versus the rest of the world for decades. Thank you Secretary DeVos for your great work against entrenched adversaries of school improvement.

  2. Marcy Brown

    Marcy Brown14 days ago

    she's smiling because she is an ignorant fool who knows nothing about what she's been hired to do.

  3. paulgary allbritton

    paulgary allbritton14 days ago

    goonie, Betsy, you think the she and fred Sanford would make a pair to draw to?

  4. Les Subrick

    Les Subrick15 days ago

    Bimbo Betsy is a greedy witch! Another idiot who uses God as a hate tool!

  5. Marton Steve

    Marton Steve21 day ago


  6. Ceres Station

    Ceres StationMonth ago

    This is one evil whore

  7. Golden Frog

    Golden FrogMonth ago


  8. gwen horton

    gwen hortonMonth ago

    shes a horrible human being

  9. lupelupelupe

    lupelupelupeMonth ago

    why this puta always smiling?

  10. Norberto PIneda

    Norberto PInedaMonth ago

    If there is one positive thing that can be taken from Betsy DeVos is that, even morons can become super rich and hold important government positions. No good breeding nor good sounding articulation can hide your level of intelligence nor character. God help us from these people.

  11. Childofearth

    ChildofearthMonth ago

    Stupid hag! I’m sick of this administration and senate. Can we clean house??

  12. 1WEr

    1WErMonth ago

    Betsy bullshit was hired by Republicans. They want war to increase their incomes and they need that budget cut to hide the cost of the their tax cut to self and donors.

  13. j r

    j rMonth ago's like cutting a 10 dollar food budget to feed a family of 4 to 6 dollars to feed the same family of 4 and then saying now you have so much more flexibility that you have 6 dollars instead of 10.....that's betsy's logic and justification for the cut. WOW!!!

  14. Salty_ Leo_

    Salty_ Leo_Month ago

    She's mentally insane

  15. Rondalyn Reynolds

    Rondalyn ReynoldsMonth ago

    Why do I feel she is just pulling numbers out of the air like the orange moron?

  16. Timbrock1000

    Timbrock1000Month ago

    WHAT DOES SHE ALWAYS GIVE THAT GOOFY SMILE? She smiles as if this were a Sunday afternoon chat on the back porch over a glass of tea.

  17. Joan Robie

    Joan Robie2 months ago

    This woman has NO experience in public nor private education. I know, I spent 50 years in public education. I have a Undergraduate and Graduate degrees, teaching, administrating, and working hands on with teachers. Mrs. De Vos will destroy public education because of her lack of knowledge. I, personally believe she has never spent “quality” time in any school! H

  18. Karen Thomas

    Karen Thomas2 months ago

    Betsy DeVos My mother used to always say, “stop passing your opinion when you are on the outside looking in.” Well, I have to differ with that axiom. I personally feel that if you are on the outside looking in, you get a clearer view of the entire room. Whereas, if you, DeVos, are on the inside, you only see what’s in front of you. I understand that you were born on a silver platter but, most of us have not and have to struggle for everything we have. Taking money from poor schools and giving it to schools that are well-to-do has been a practice since equal rights began and it has me thinking that you are one of those individuals that believe the poor should stay poor and allow the rich to get richer. I sincerely hope that I am wrong because that would make you a deplorable person. How can you support ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) pr NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and cut the very programs that assist poverty area students in learning. I am a black woman, mother, and grandmother and I join in the crusade to dismiss you from your position. It is, as it has always been, don’t educate them, they may take our jobs, live in our neighborhood, make as much money as we do, or heaven forbid, marry our daughters or sons. Let’s not educate them so they will stay on welfare, stay in the hood, never work, and never meet our children. DeVos, you bring racism to a whole new level. Maybe, if you stepped outside your world, you would get a clearer view about what’s needed in lesser society. Or, maybe that is your plan all along, like so many before you. Keep them in their place, right? You must be related to Tomi Lahren. She’s also clueless.

  19. Jill bartolo

    Jill bartolo2 months ago

    That smile is weird and creepy. Imagine being married to her

  20. Jae Paul

    Jae Paul2 months ago

    What a freakin idiot.

  21. ragusajr100

    ragusajr1002 months ago

    OMG, She is a true dingbat.

  22. Tommy T

    Tommy T2 months ago

    Senator Schats is about to wet himself thinking about how many votes he can buy with 9 billion dollars

  23. Gerard S

    Gerard S2 months ago

    Soooo the government can’t just fire her ?

  24. Littlelady.7 Vidhya vishal

    Littlelady.7 Vidhya vishal2 months ago

    This lady is dumb in all levels lol

  25. 8xdill So

    8xdill So2 months ago

    She’s stupid asf

  26. Menelik X

    Menelik X2 months ago

    Thank you white people y’all voted 🗳 for trump and got him and his baskets 🧺 of deplorables . Thank you white people and thank you white Jesus.

  27. William Cortelyou

    William Cortelyou2 months ago

    Can anyone justify a 9 billion dollar tax cut to public schools? Anyone? Does anyone think it's a good idea?

  28. chris craig

    chris craig2 months ago

    How did she get that job. Shes terrible. Smh

  29. Shaun McClendon

    Shaun McClendon2 months ago

    Her staff doesn't even prepare her for these hearings.

  30. Luke Vaughan

    Luke Vaughan3 months ago

    what a ........ B I T C H ! ! !

  31. chip chipperson

    chip chipperson3 months ago

    Respect the tax payer ...yeah her and her friends don’t get taxed anymore.

  32. Daniel Ahlert

    Daniel Ahlert3 months ago

    Betsy Cruella Devoss

  33. Frankie Kildea

    Frankie Kildea3 months ago

    How the hell are the American public still putting up with her bullshit? Shocking!

  34. dustinseth1

    dustinseth13 months ago

    Shouldn’t they have to justify the fact that so much is spent on education to begin with, considering the results are generally terrible?

  35. death_by_midget

    death_by_midget3 months ago

    they want flexibility WITH FUNDING to not be restricted to what they can and can't do with the money.

  36. Meme Machine

    Meme Machine3 months ago

    Money is not the only thing that makes schools good. They need better management. I lived in West Virginia, one of the poorest states, and the county got every student an iPad. They unnecessarily spend so much money. That was a common theme in WV in general though.

  37. jamslaps

    jamslaps3 months ago

    Seems a lot like she’s trying to run him out of his time by giving bullshit answers and stretching out her answers so she can’t take any more of his questions

  38. Blake M Hall

    Blake M Hall3 months ago

    She’s saying similar shit now when trying to defend her proposal to cut funding for the special olympics


    PRAISE GOD MEDIA3 months ago

    I'm sure Trump would have America's kids attend Trump Elementary, High School and University for excellent education in such classes as Political Swamp 101, History of White America 101, Liar Liar Pants On Fire 101, etc.

  40. Mad McMad

    Mad McMad3 months ago

    Making the population more stupid so they can control it.

  41. Harminderjit Gill

    Harminderjit Gill3 months ago

    The Prince Nazis. Flexible shitheads

  42. Anthony Soto

    Anthony Soto3 months ago

    That’s the face of a Evil woman.

  43. karen granger

    karen granger3 months ago

    Yes she smiling

  44. matthew thorpe

    matthew thorpe3 months ago

    Ugh. America is not so great anymore

  45. Lizivro

    Lizivro3 months ago

    It’s like our situation in Ontario. 1 billion has been taken by the PC party and Doug Ford. This is devastating for us and on April 4ths students had walkouts.

  46. Gail Thomas

    Gail Thomas3 months ago

    Bend over, here it comes....

  47. Carmen Serra

    Carmen Serra3 months ago

    That’s weird how did Betsy Devos learn that money is not limitless.

  48. Dman444

    Dman4443 months ago

    Trump picks only the best... Remember that, voters.

  49. greg Madore

    greg Madore3 months ago

    She is not a very good liar

  50. Mike Barra

    Mike Barra3 months ago

    If the budget cuts eradicate common core and govt mandated weekly tests; SAVE THE FUCKING MONEY 👌