Betsy DeVos Asked to Justify Proposed $9 Billion Cut to Education Budget


  1. Bobby Thorne

    Bobby Thorne3 days ago

    Apparently she know nothing about education she’s an idiot

  2. Simon Randall

    Simon Randall3 days ago

    Money is not limitless? This monster owns 10 yachts and 2 helicopters and 4 air planes. But money for schools?! Thats too much.

  3. Carla Costa

    Carla Costa6 days ago

    Nothing she says makes sense. She is babbling.

  4. Carla Costa

    Carla Costa6 days ago

    We are 22 trillons of dollars in debt in just two years.

  5. Carla Costa

    Carla Costa6 days ago

    Cuts to education for billions. Someone is lining their pockets. A lot of brand new Cadillacs will be bought with that money.

  6. hela6208

    hela620810 days ago

    This sorry state affairs is why better educated and trained professionals from others countries are able to take top positions and the better payings jobs in the USA .The education being made available to the average American is being eroded in quality and will lead to the dumbing down of the general population. So much easier to bully, brainwash and control people who cannot think for themselves. Please do not allow this to happen. Education is the key to the future of the country and its people.

  7. Carla Costa

    Carla Costa10 days ago

    What an idiot.

  8. FromthePointedHill

    FromthePointedHill12 days ago

    She's part of the oligarchy funded by one of the biggest scams in America history, Amway/Quixtar. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks. And gee, doesn't Amway make a product to help her with that flyaway hair?

  9. Moe Alagha

    Moe Alagha14 days ago

    "Money is not limitless" when it comes to education. But when it comes to the military it certainly is.

  10. Evan Ray

    Evan Ray15 days ago

    Wow... money isn’t limitless! Well, talk to the POTUS about his stupid wall.

  11. Bodil marie Challand

    Bodil marie Challand15 days ago

    She pisses me of with her smirk on her ugly face 🤮🤮

  12. G Hill

    G Hill16 days ago

    These were not tough decisions, you are anti public education. From your actions and comments it's clear that your appointment is designed to dismantle your department. The rich can buy private education. Keep the peons or serfs from education, the better to control them.

  13. thriversoffset

    thriversoffset19 days ago

    this woman should be stoned, publicly stoned, live broadcasted

  14. Claire tiggs

    Claire tiggs22 days ago

    How on earth is this dimwit qualified to run edication shes running it into the ground, pretty sure she went to the same school as the dimwit in the WH, if you ask her her name an date of birth i doubt you would get a straight answer

  15. Darla Savard

    Darla Savard26 days ago

    She did the cuts to give the rest of the money to trump for wall!!!!!!

  16. Kimberly Akin

    Kimberly AkinMonth ago

    Ok here is the deal we will take a question and talk in circles and Baffle with BS until the time has run How Ok ok yes lets do that

  17. Pepe G

    Pepe GMonth ago

    She’s a fucking clown. Welcome to Trumps circus.

  18. Brian Numme

    Brian NummeMonth ago

    She’s never run a school or a public office. Don’t bother with your explanations, and word longer than two syllables is incomprehensible to her.

  19. Marcelline Choisne

    Marcelline ChoisneMonth ago

    they dont need educated people they need robot workers..

  20. Catherine S. Todd

    Catherine S. ToddMonth ago

    Comment by Raine Day (on another video): "Betsy DeVos is the sister to Eric Prince who founded Blackwater. That is one EVIL family. They are purposely destroying our revered American institutions for their gain and to force their version of Christianity on us. This is a long sought after plan. We MUST defend our public schools. Resist in the face of pure evil."

  21. Larry Williams

    Larry WilliamsMonth ago

    is this part of making America great again??? let's take 9 billion from education of OUR children and spend 5 billion on a wall. brilliant

  22. scott williams

    scott williamsMonth ago

    Now here is a qualified person for her job. One minute you’re having brunch at the country club with your stuffy cunty friends next minute you sitting before the world making yourself look even more stupid than we thought

  23. ThunderBuddy

    ThunderBuddyMonth ago

    Betsy devos is a horrible, awful.... Just terrible pile of a person.

  24. mark merk

    mark merkMonth ago

    Ok....can someone explain to me where is all this money gonna go....they wanna cut stamps...welfare...and social security...what area needs this much of a cash bump....this woman knows nothing about education...they want to cut billions but i have to send my kids to school with toilet paper and handkerchiefs...the teachers have to spend their own money for things like paper and pencils...we have more to fear from our own government than we do from terrorism...

  25. Susan Weston

    Susan WestonMonth ago

    That smirk, is her trying to smile, something she can’t do naturally.

  26. JB Moore

    JB MooreMonth ago

    Didn't Trump did say he only hires the best people???.....smh

  27. Brian Numme

    Brian NummeMonth ago

    JB Moore yes! She’s the best worst person for the job!

  28. Bruno56

    Bruno562 months ago

    I am more moderate. Yes cut BUT also keep high for those students specializing in very importants areas like science, engineering, medicine & business. We need MORE accountants, financial, banking, science [like doctors] & engineering AND no idiots reading Hemingway, Karl Marx, Sartre & other stupidities for losers.

  29. Bruno56

    Bruno562 months ago

    Spend more money in things we really need.

  30. Herman Justice

    Herman Justice2 months ago

    If you look up the meaning of dumb it has a picture of her.

  31. mike swiental

    mike swiental2 months ago

    4000 employees with a 50 BILLION DOLLAR BUGET? what a waste of money. their job could be doe with a dozen people with new computers. what a waste

  32. liamWagnon

    liamWagnon2 months ago

    Devos is horrible

  33. Tony Callahan

    Tony Callahan2 months ago

    Who let Betsy out of her padded cell. Get her back in there before she hurts somebody. Amazing how this thing is allowed to hold an important position in society.

  34. Mo R.

    Mo R.2 months ago

    This woman is dumb as a box of rocks. Just disgusting.

  35. Jaclyn Lagrow

    Jaclyn Lagrow2 months ago

    How are people ok with this???

  36. Manuel Gomez

    Manuel Gomez2 months ago

    Education budget Cut? While They have blank check for war..

  37. M S

    M S2 months ago

    America is paying for all the damage it has done to the world by hitting rock bottom America has become a real shit hole

  38. Jeffrey Lombardo

    Jeffrey Lombardo3 months ago

    When Trump is assassinated and all his lackeys follow, the country will be better supported by real Americans. And if the Secret Service pick up on this---so be it-but God willing, they know it will be the best for America.

  39. Robert oreilly

    Robert oreilly3 months ago

    As the neocons have to continue to propose...get me straight the Nazi element of repubican...white entitlement...that the right is theirs...the are not only giving away the aim of our democracy... But your own grand children.. The idea of it only matters who wins...does not exceed your death...look at the evil...replicated...hitler Stalin mao...polpot... It is what you leave to the world...not what you take from it... Soon they will be giving death to your children...oh they ... Oh just grow up... I want my children to prosper in a world with out violence or hate... It is attainable...

  40. kazoosc

    kazoosc3 months ago

    true, money is not limitless .. but i wonder how you attempt to improve a thing by cutting the budget?

  41. Samuel Goldman

    Samuel Goldman3 months ago

    Ask her easy questions, she can not understand certain words and meaning of the questions

  42. Samuel Goldman

    Samuel Goldman3 months ago

    Any body can ask her about low income or no income families?

  43. Papai Pai

    Papai Pai3 months ago

    1:00 money is not limitless the perhaps your country should stop spending billions on it's over bloated military every year

  44. PixelMurder

    PixelMurder3 months ago

    Cruela DeVos is trying to breed new ignorant republican voters.

  45. Kiwi Jello

    Kiwi Jello3 months ago

    If you keep your children uneducated, then it is easier to politically manipulate them. Wake up people and look at the big picture. Our entire government is corrupt. All they care about is lining their pockets. If every US citizen died, they would stand over our bodies, light a cigar, and celebrate their wealth.

  46. Ben M

    Ben M3 months ago

    How else can she kill off public education? She's in her position to destroy it, and she has a huge financial conflict of interest motivating her. Her family specializes in privatizing and profiteering off of national services that unite, strengthen, and equalize citizens of a country. The so-called swamp wasn't drained, just brought indoors and expanded at the WH. The majority of Republican voters either don't understand or don't care. It breaks my heart that 40% of my fellow Americans are fools.

  47. King Scottish1194

    King Scottish11943 months ago

    Let Betsy DeVos take a "pay cut" to $1.00 per year, if she wants to make a $9 Billion Budget Cut in Education. And the exact reason as to why this Representatives' time is limited when questioning the welfare of children is why exactly again???????? Betsy DeVos is in the wrong job, doing a horrible disservice to the United States of America and it's children. Much like brother/boyfriend Erik Prince, they are only in it for the money. I would not expect either of the two before mentioned villains to have 1 ounce of integrity, nor would they do a self less act. That's just the way that they are hard wired, to be greedy.

  48. daveusaz1218

    daveusaz12183 months ago

    if people teach their kids at home we can put charter schools out of business as well as the treasonous corporations that pad the pockets of people like this shameless women

  49. jeff wolf

    jeff wolf3 months ago

    That's the way that Republicans do it they take all the money and tell the teachers to make it up wherever they can by doing arts and crafts and other stupid shit like that it's the same stuff that was going on 35 years ago when I graduated high school. And frankly it's amazing at the public schools can make it on with what little they're given from the states and then the states just keep cutting and cutting because the federal government won't give them any money. They're way too busy giving the money to the military which is way over budgeted and a whole lot of fat needs to be trimmed off of that military budget that we have it is insane and our troops aren't even getting paid any of it. You trim all that fat off there will be plenty of money for things like medicare-for-all and upgrading/ improving the public schools, upgrading their computer systems and security and things of that nature.

  50. Keyania Warren

    Keyania Warren4 months ago

    Ok I don't know if this continuous smirk is a mockery of the committee or if she's just extremely high....

  51. eman

    eman4 months ago

    The education system should be leaned more towards entrepreneurship and critical thinking and other subjects that are less based on memorization and tests. As a high school drop out i can say i learned more about wealth, critical thinking,problem solving etc. In the first year oit of high school and in the streets hustling and learning hands on than i did in my last 4 years of school.

  52. james brill

    james brill4 months ago

    Better to spend on education then perpetual war.

  53. John Borg

    John Borg4 months ago

    ‘Intentional ineptitude’ is the modus operandi of the Trump Administration.

  54. JC E

    JC E4 months ago

    Our country (USA) is going down to the drain each and every single day! We spent more money than any other developed country in average while we are not even in the top 8 of countries with the best education system according to OECD. 1- South Korea. 2- Japan. 3- Singapore. 4- Hong Kong. 5- Finland. 6- The United Kingdom. 7- Canada. 8- The Netherlands. Remember, Betsy Devos family gave $200 Million to the Trump campaign confirmed by Forbes in 2017.

  55. Brian Jacobsen

    Brian Jacobsen4 months ago

    It is for the military.

  56. Jason Rosner- Bass

    Jason Rosner- Bass4 months ago

    She has no idea about anything but her own agenda

  57. Alya Gunawan

    Alya Gunawan4 months ago

    I think I lost a cell brain watching this. She is so incompetent..

  58. Nicholas Rees

    Nicholas Rees4 months ago

    This woman is the fucking devil!

  59. Ian Liege

    Ian Liege4 months ago

    FYI, her brother started Blackwater

  60. Patchuchan

    Patchuchan4 months ago

    What a horrible person I'd like to throw her into an active volcano.

  61. Court

    Court5 months ago

    This is what”white power” looks like

  62. BTS CTS

    BTS CTS5 months ago

    Why is this idiot collecting a salary, she has no idea what she’s talking about.

  63. Crash BanditLoot

    Crash BanditLoot5 months ago

    Great, about time we drain all the wasteful spending of unionized FUCKS that think just because they get tenure, they can give up and be worthless. Privatize education. Encourage competition. If you disagree with this, you're a moronic liberal.

  64. info145

    info1455 months ago

    Anything related to education is usually the first thing to suffer lack of government funding. Meanwhile, the politicians who are cutting those funds grant themselves massive salary increases!

  65. william

    william5 months ago

    Her hair looks like shit

  66. bc

    bc5 months ago

    MY grandkid can't write cursive....has no speech therapy...her teachers have no textbooks for her classes.....teachers are paid a bare minimum....and you want to cut the budget and shift to private schools? Sounds bad to me....

  67. bc

    bc4 months ago

    Lets have the pentagon use bake sales to fund their adventures overseas....flexibility within the boundaries of your resources would be nice....but the funding comes first!

  68. DC Monster

    DC Monster5 months ago

    Yeah I can't go to school because of people like her. And the whole get a job and you can go to school BS is ridiculous I can't afford student loans. And I do work

  69. FBI

    FBI5 months ago

    colleges don't deserve cash until they start kicking out those anti free speech idiot leftist .

  70. jack linton

    jack linton5 months ago

    She just said @2:08: “philanthropic efforts”. Public education should never ever have to rely on philanthropic efforts and the fact that they would ever have to means that the public education system is then underfunded. One of the primary functions of a government is to fund its public services so that they operate to service the occupancy of that public sector. When it doesn’t do this is completing that very core function. How are philanthropic efforts to fund the compartments of public education than the government. One relies on voluntary and willing applicants. Don’t tell me that after cutting funding you can then guarantee a sufficient level of funding by bodies who don’t have to or ironically aren’t guaranteed to fund that gap in public education resources and programs. So then then how is this a better option when the other option has to completely fund and has been funding this $9 billion proposed cut of the public education expenses. This is straight out of the extreme wealthy fiscal playbook - government cuts essential public programs , reduces taxes on the wealthy and its solution to vital program funding is that it will be left to charity and philanthropic efforts so they can ultimately decide where he money goes to and does anyone really have faith that this is going to create an equal or better outcome. The crumbs that Betsy Devos and her like will throw out into public space will have little impact to the vulnerable and the working class who they have plunged further below the poverty liken that currently exists all to sate their conscious of what they have done and they can then pat themselves on the backs.

  71. Daddy AF

    Daddy AF5 months ago

    The $10,000 per school is likely absorbed by administrative cost (misappropriation, theft) before the money ever reaches a school.

  72. oscar navarro

    oscar navarro5 months ago

    the u.s.a wants u to not have a education!!

  73. James Mullen

    James Mullen5 months ago

    Money is not limitless except for Betsy herself. Philanthropic efforts? You're welcome to step up, you witch!

  74. Subhabrata Das

    Subhabrata Das5 months ago

    I always wonder, who are those few people that thumb down.. in this case, this guy!

  75. Subhabrata Das

    Subhabrata Das5 months ago

    Bring the axe! Less government waste.

  76. Steph J

    Steph J5 months ago

    I purposely responded without looking at the video. I dont know her reasoning but I will say that cutting our humongous budget is similar to making budget cuts on a personal level. Waste and fluff have to go.Important functions and expenses can be combined. Truth is, the layer by layer of bureaucracy does not result in a better educational environment. The STATE level is the key.The bigger the bureaucracy, the worse the result. Retired teacher, here.

  77. Sue Cabrero

    Sue Cabrero5 months ago

    She is an asshole

  78. Matrox One

    Matrox One5 months ago

    LOL....Huffington Pusss....right up there with the National Enquirer.

  79. darryl runnels

    darryl runnels5 months ago

    Money is not the answer. Look at inner city schools. The children act like animals.

  80. KootFloris

    KootFloris5 months ago

    If you pay for education through tax, it's cheaper than when you buy private schooling. And much better for the country as a whole.

  81. Mugen West

    Mugen West5 months ago

    Why would he mention private school funding? Government support funding for public schools is a must as it should be. Why private school funding? How long has this been happening? What are the percentages between the two? I would look into this but don't know how. Anybody here from Pubic School? Pleasant, I mean Present (😒 hmm)!

  82. Harry

    Harry5 months ago

    greed running a muck

  83. Gary Box

    Gary Box5 months ago


  84. Nightmare Man

    Nightmare Man5 months ago

    That’s just so she can put money in her pocket like all other politicians

  85. Anthony Kirkwood

    Anthony Kirkwood5 months ago

    Get that 9.billions from that fucking tax cut for the rich

  86. S. Gillespie

    S. Gillespie5 months ago

    Nancy Devos' bleeding heart is a lie - not when she wants guns in schools. Oh yeah, and what about all the training and mental evaluation of the teachers who chose to participate - WHY NOT SIMPLY HAVE GUN BYERS GO THROUGH SAME TRAINING AND EVALUATION!! It would be a whole lot less expensive! AND IF SHE EVEN HAS A HEART IT WOULD DEMONSTRATE THAT SHE DOES!

  87. grant macneil

    grant macneil5 months ago

    Mericas smart enuff. Don’t need no liberals or comunnists teaching my kids evolution or socialism. Keep ur kids homeschooled or the devil will get em. */s*

  88. Allen C.

    Allen C.5 months ago

    How dare these people start now to criticize her. They knew this woman was unqualified to head the federal government's education department. But I expect sub quality from Americans where reasoning is concerned. They sound intelligent, but close listening reveals a lack real fact based conclusions.

  89. Thomas Bernecky

    Thomas Bernecky5 months ago

    Time to go back and sit on one of your ten yachts Betsy.

  90. Lets Rumble

    Lets Rumble5 months ago

    why can republicans democrats can see all this crooked people trying to pass laws that only benefit them ..and make millions of dollars in the way

  91. Mark Martin

    Mark Martin5 months ago

    No cabinet member in the trumpturd administration cares NOTHING about the common folk. Keep them dumb that way we can enrich ourselves and our friends.

  92. Rick

    Rick5 months ago

    Betsy DeVos is HORRIBLE for United States Public Education.

  93. Michael0075

    Michael00755 months ago

    DeVos: Money greed billions guns kill murder shoot liberals conserve hate kill Bible scripture kill liberals kill kill kill kill kill kill guns in classroom kill liberals Bible scripture Bible conservative Bible smile insane Bible Jesus kill shoot liberal kill Bible scripture obey kill for *GOD* obey kill kill kill kill kill kill kill them all Bible kill liberals Bible scripture obey Come Betsy DeVos do it, just have all the liberal children dragged out into the schoolyard and shot for disobeying your God! And don't forget to smile,... it makes every better! Bible,....... BIMS! 🙃🤪🙃🤪🙃🤪🙃🤪

  94. Some 1

    Some 15 months ago

    Isn't Devos's husband involved in private education businesses?

  95. Nathan Cross

    Nathan Cross5 months ago


  96. BammBammHard

    BammBammHard5 months ago

    Bets is punishing the poor for taxing the rich during Obama... That's the CONSPIRACY

  97. Maureen Nolan

    Maureen Nolan5 months ago

    Betsy DeVos=disingenuous.

  98. Twang

    Twang6 months ago

    Like the man said, DeVos is "imagining" evidence that doesn't exist; the actual evidence (on record) proves just the opposite of what this lying witch claims. The 1% are literally gutting our nation's protective programs (all Depts.) and making our nation SICK and in lack of progressive safeguards to keep our nation strong and healthy. Dumb, sick and poor citizens make for better desparate SLAVES. Trump and his corrupt crew should rot in hell for the damage they are creating in our nation.

  99. Derek C

    Derek C6 months ago

    There's no reason why this POS should have this job. Except for $$$

  100. iam trappedonanisland

    iam trappedonanisland6 months ago

    But Donald said he only would hire the best people! How dare you question her! Sarcasm..eye roll... Good job America!

  101. Christian Miranda

    Christian Miranda6 months ago

    She's more of an enabler of profiteer private education corporations that will rob most of our children of quality educations. She's a puppet for the privatization of your local district's school systems. She wants to help destroy school districts and force parents to pay for education. Knowing that not everyone can afford the same level/quality opens up markets for less qualified education institutions to be erected that will offer subpar education. Similar to your local shitty trade schools like Kaplan University and University of Phoenix, but it could open the doors for poorer quality schools with unqualified and unregulated educators. She's basically a coyote working for wolves that was placed in charge of the chicken henhouse, advising the chickens on how to be safe. She's a fraud, a scammer, and *will* destroy generations of children's educations. This is truly the beginning of the movie Idiocracy...

  102. Christian Miranda

    Christian Miranda6 months ago

    Burn this witch alive

  103. Debra Combs

    Debra Combs5 months ago

    Evil like this, simply doesn't die, Christian.

  104. Rebe Vera

    Rebe Vera6 months ago

    Sell 2 or 3 of your dam yachts lady. Support education.