Betsy DeVos’s stumbling ‘60 Minutes’ interview, annotated


  1. KaiTakApproach

    KaiTakApproach10 days ago

    Having not seen the interview, this summary hardly makes DeVos look incompetent....and I am completely against her holding a Cabinet position so, no, that isn't a bias. The underlying economics mean money thrown at poor districts are NOT getting results. The Kim family is regularly ridiculed for their photo-op "visits" to factories and bases and there is likewise nothing substantial to be gained from marching down to visit a poor district school. Spot checks have to be done by people on the ground because a visit from the Secretary will only make staff and students act on their best, most unrealistic behavior. This is the problem right now...the media is more than happy to accommodate your emotional rage, but logic and reason go out the window, adding to divisions. There are 99 good ways to criticize DeVos and I don't see one in this snippet. American, Democrats, Republicans, pull yourselves out of your Hitler/Stalin slinging chat board rhetoric, turn off the TV and READ READ READ. You will never get accountability out of by and staffed by armies of lawyers....without learning to mount attacks that a judge would consider reasonable.

  2. Panther 74 Escaping

    Panther 74 Escaping2 months ago

    She is simply lost. This is a totally unknown situation for her, EXCEPT .... being a billionaire, she believes most people are sub-human or much lower than she, and therefore, are unable to comprehend what she is all about. Really. She has not a clue about the lives of 99.9 % of people in the USA. This person has no right to be Sec of Education. And her superior needs to step down. He is an embarrassment to the USA.

  3. cosgrove notts

    cosgrove notts3 months ago

    She needs another facelift.

  4. Noe Berengena

    Noe Berengena3 months ago

    Putin has his Russian oligarchs, so naturally Trump has to surround himself with billionaires.

  5. Robert Therob

    Robert Therob3 months ago

    She did not say they OBVIOUSLY couldnt be she said "I ... I dont know

  6. DynaMike

    DynaMike4 months ago

    Potential Grizzlies!

  7. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith4 months ago

    She was brought in to destroy public education and she is doing a good job of it.

  8. Ells bells

    Ells bells6 months ago

    jfc i kinda feel bad for her

  9. BigMommaLovesYou

    BigMommaLovesYou6 months ago

    Good grief! She is in charge of the Education Department.

  10. Godzilla52

    Godzilla527 months ago

    Milton Friedman would be spinning in his grave to see her argue in favor of school choice. We desperately need someone like Friedman to articulate school choice better and separate from Trump's nonsense. Miscommunication the benefits of School choice life Devos has done or tying it in with the Trump administration is only serving to discredit a valid opinion.

  11. Who's Scott Green

    Who's Scott Green7 months ago

    Your not misunderstood, your just an idiot.

  12. Audrey Zimmerman

    Audrey Zimmerman7 months ago

    “Billions and billions and billions and billions”

  13. RayJayRob

    RayJayRob7 months ago

    One "I don't know" is one too many.

  14. 70s80s

    70s80s7 months ago

    The Joker?

  15. Dr. Nugyen Van Phoc

    Dr. Nugyen Van Phoc8 months ago


  16. Mo Uniquefind

    Mo Uniquefind8 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY UNQUALIFIED!!!!!!! I am so glad that my kids have both graduated, but I feel for the children that are still in. This person is not in it for the GOOD and well being of the kids today. Her butt is looking for a kick back. Disgusting. WHAT ABOUT PROTECTING THE CHILDREN THAT ARE IN SCHOOL???? It should not be the norm to hear about a school shooting. So heartbreaking.

  17. XX Slendermom XX

    XX Slendermom XX8 months ago

    My seven year old autistic child has made more meaningful commentary on the state of public education... An example: "When I go to school, a darkness comes over me. It's like I can't think." Must be what this chick thought walking into this interview 🙄. Watch Kate McKinnon nail her on SNL Weekend Update... it's supremely satisfying.

  18. CrackberryMe

    CrackberryMe8 months ago

    Girl you better find another gig because the jig is up ...smh a hot mess

  19. Andrew 222333

    Andrew 2223338 months ago

    Yuk. That face is an education in forensic face lifting. What a rotten liar. Looks like the michael jackson effect going on here.

  20. Dbydesign

    Dbydesign8 months ago

    This woman is not misunderstood, she is understood all too well by anyone who listens to her. If dumb was pretty, she would be gorgeous!!

  21. wget Desa

    wget Desa8 months ago

    Not that bad

  22. International

    International8 months ago

    What? Did she thought she was going to be asked for beauty advice or raising her dogs? Of course not, she is the secretary of education, English is my third language I am more fluent than this woman and Trump together.

  23. Robb F

    Robb F8 months ago

    Bring back the good ole days with the Taliban

  24. Kryptonite

    Kryptonite8 months ago

    well, as long as you tried your best and looked brave doing it, then the utterly horrifying and irrevocable damage is acceptable, right?

  25. Jamey Summers

    Jamey Summers8 months ago

    Her head is completely empty.

  26. Nova Hudson-Blackmon

    Nova Hudson-Blackmon8 months ago

    What an utter embarrassment! Not surprised though. This entire administration is full of incompetent elitists. Simply sad.

  27. hello motto

    hello motto8 months ago

    Why do poeple think that that a forced smile is a show genuinity? Urh these trained puppets sicken me

  28. SciGuy

    SciGuy8 months ago

    Life Lesson: DeVos and the Trump administration has taught me that there is life after public humiliation

  29. McFint69

    McFint698 months ago

    Yay, she said it hurts! More!!

  30. 9Biloela99

    9Biloela998 months ago

    Dangerous incompetent, ill informed, unwilling to learn, she is perfectly qualified to work for Trump

  31. S Ewing

    S Ewing8 months ago

    She's not the most hated cabinet person - she's a dumb republican like most of her cabinet. Most Republicans are either dumb, selfish, racist or assholes - or in Trumps case all of these. But Betsy seems to be in the dumb category like Palin

  32. Adam Brocklehurst

    Adam Brocklehurst8 months ago

    But she has wonderful teeth

  33. paul signac

    paul signac8 months ago

    Betsy ate my homework.

  34. Kaizokuman

    Kaizokuman8 months ago

    I'm guessing the interviewer laughing at the interviewee isn't something that happens often on 60 Minutes.

  35. Thankyou3403

    Thankyou34038 months ago

    She is right. One falsely accused person can have his/her life as ruined as someone who is the victim of sexual assault.

  36. Manijeh Ahmadi

    Manijeh Ahmadi8 months ago

    Wow! Is there anyone out there that has more qualifications than her? Well let's just do homeschooling😳

  37. Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang8 months ago

    Betsy, I truly believe that you are misunderstood because I cannot comprehend a single sentence that has come out of your mouth.

  38. VC YT

    VC YT8 months ago


  39. McSmokey 9

    McSmokey 98 months ago

    Oh poor Betsy. This is what happens when you buy cabinet positions. Unqualified moron, fits right in with Trump and the rest of his cabinet of thieves and idiots.

  40. Cheryl Ann Dean

    Cheryl Ann Dean8 months ago

    She DOESN'T KNOW A LOT! WHY is she there???????? Talk about dumb and dumber!

  41. Cheryl Ann Dean

    Cheryl Ann Dean8 months ago

    CHANGE? In the 30 years that I was a PUBLIC EDUCATION TEACHER, we went through a lot of changes. However, the GOAL was to make education better. And, yes, I've visited under performing schools. You visit them to assist them to come up to standards and norms. You don't ignore them. You don't take away their funds. YOU HELP THEM! God, she is a TOAD!

  42. Carolyn Smith

    Carolyn Smith8 months ago

    Betsy doesn't know. No! Really, Betsy has no clue. People hate her. Everyone wants change for the good. DeVos is destructive. She is dismantling the Public Education System. Fire her Donald.

  43. frank peter

    frank peter8 months ago

    these nazis are against public education... they know an educated and informed public is a threat to their agenda. poor people are to be exploited and discarded not educated and empowered. government for the people by the people starts with a publicly funded high value education. fck nzs!

  44. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel8 months ago

    20 years from now people will mark the decline of the United States to this racist and his administration filled with his sycophants, self serving, pocket lining unqualified idiots that this moron is filling our country's top positions with. And the American people watch all this fucking bullshit happen to them like its a goddamn reality show. Sheep, every last one of them. Their children's education is in the shitter, and this retard is getting told her job by a fucking journalist. But lets not miss out on tonight's episode of The Kardashians, lets get our priorities straight here.

  45. DrinkwithaMexican

    DrinkwithaMexican8 months ago

    I bet she gave good head in her day 20 years ago.

  46. ihateyoutube

    ihateyoutube8 months ago

    Smiling after every lie is Psychopathic

  47. Fred Bush

    Fred Bush8 months ago

    DeVos is stupid as a bag of shit

  48. Susan Avina

    Susan Avina8 months ago

    She's the worst!

  49. Jamie S

    Jamie S8 months ago

    How could one be Secretary of Education and NOT visit under-performing schools to see what the root of the issues are? Why would some of your initial priorities be overturning Obama era regulations? WHY WAS THAT A PRIORITY? I really am lost here..........

  50. Gabriele Riva

    Gabriele Riva8 months ago

    Why she ALWAYS smile?

  51. Montana fishing Fun

    Montana fishing Fun8 months ago

    I don’t know! This is disgusting. How stupid will our country be by the time this nightmare is over? O god please get involved. I’m praying for ya big guy.

  52. Richard Owens

    Richard Owens8 months ago

    A year ago, Devos had never set foot in any public school in her entire life. A good question for her today would be, how many has she visited since she accepted her position as Secretary of Education?

  53. Grey

    Grey8 months ago

    This is utterly concerning, to say the least.

  54. Richard Owens

    Richard Owens8 months ago

    I think she spends more time choosing a pair of shoes each day than thinking about her job and how to do it. She's just as stupid today as the day she took the position.

  55. Leyla A. Roberson

    Leyla A. Roberson8 months ago

    Wondering in which private schools she attended... never seeing so stupid person in my whole life

  56. John Paul B.T.

    John Paul B.T.8 months ago

    No that is incorrect. There aren't any powerful forces that's againts change, there are people who are against idiots in leadership roles.

  57. Patrick Reuben

    Patrick Reuben8 months ago

    This lady is a completely Incompetent

  58. Liz Brooks

    Liz Brooks8 months ago

    Betsy Devos is doing a fantastic job. The GOP key goal in dumbing down Americas and Betsy is doing everything in her power to make it a reality and she has great success.

  59. Talkindurinthemovie

    Talkindurinthemovie8 months ago

    She might be evil

  60. Errol 0007

    Errol 00078 months ago

    Why would she visit a school or even care about schools or education? Trump only employed her because she put 200 million into the Republican Party. fuck the schools.

  61. Elijah cesspoole

    Elijah cesspoole8 months ago

    can assure for however dumb she might have answered, anyone obama had in there was ten times worse. The schools area worldwide disgrace. Black privledge has taken over common sense. Evergreen college was just the tip of the iceberg. If you don´t know what happen there then you best do your research. Obama came close to completely destroying america. I will not stop exposing obama until he is put in front of a firing squad.

  62. Greg Salcedo

    Greg Salcedo8 months ago

    She's 'misunderstood' alright. Like right now, I can't understand why she keeps smiling while giving crappy answers.

  63. 567482 inCincy

    567482 inCincy8 months ago

    She is the most hated because she deserves to be the most hated. #Election2018

  64. daniel gardner

    daniel gardner8 months ago

    From the top down there is absolutely no one in the current administration that is qualified for the positions they hold.

  65. David Schwab

    David Schwab8 months ago

    BILLIONAIRE elitist complains of "powerful forces" working against her. HAH!

  66. sharon nagle

    sharon nagle8 months ago

    She better stop fooling around and start her homework.

  67. waverly2468

    waverly24688 months ago

    Teachers' unions hate her and are scared of her so she must be doing something right. She makes more sense than the nonsense that comes out of Randi Weingarten or Karen Lewis.

  68. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith8 months ago

    creepy cringe worthy.. on par with laughing Alexa

  69. edy kubiak

    edy kubiak8 months ago

    It's long past time to Eat the Rich.

  70. Miss Amazon

    Miss Amazon8 months ago

    She does that thing that Ivanka trump does.....she randomly smiles at the end of her sentences!! Unsettling at best!!

  71. 6Lilies6Phillies

    6Lilies6Phillies8 months ago

    Holy shit!

  72. zammmerjammer

    zammmerjammer8 months ago

    This is what it looks like when a rich person gets whatever she wants for her entire life. ZERO idea how reality works. Some countries have a few years of mandatory military service. I think all developed countries should have a mandatory 2 years in the service/retail/food industries for all citizens.

  73. Jack Brown

    Jack Brown8 months ago

    Body Language Analysis No. 4232: Betsy DeVos' 60 Minutes Interview - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

  74. Joshua Menendez

    Joshua Menendez8 months ago

    Eeery and scary feeling when she repeats "BILLIONS AND BILLIONS " of Dollars... Just like you know who.... snap out of it merica.... wake up.. -The Lizard king

  75. Lauranicole84

    Lauranicole848 months ago

    No, you are NOT misunderstood whatsoever, Betsy DeVos; you know darn well why you are unpopular and hated by all Americans, minus the 1% of your wealthy friends. Shame on you. Republicanism has infected your brain.

  76. john richards

    john richards8 months ago

    Hey... just had an amazing about having an Education Secretary who is smart, articulate and understands education?

  77. hfsk123

    hfsk1238 months ago

    I didn't see this bitch blink once

  78. A Bcd

    A Bcd8 months ago

    Soooooo much leather

  79. pag3309

    pag33098 months ago

    Kate McKinnon is gonna destroy Devos on SNL 😂😂😊

  80. The TOTCM Band

    The TOTCM Band8 months ago

    1:03 'We have invested billions of dollars and have scene 0 results." I wonder what she does for a living.

  81. The TOTCM Band

    The TOTCM Band8 months ago

    Careful folks, her brother know a mercinary

  82. vincent narvaez

    vincent narvaez8 months ago

    Don't get mad, vote Nov 2018. Let's stop this nonsense.

  83. ed kang

    ed kang8 months ago

    So many broken dreams for another pair of shoes and necklace... go die in a ditch

  84. ed kang

    ed kang8 months ago

    A total clown. She is trying to breed generations of brainless trump trolls

  85. David Kempton

    David Kempton8 months ago

    The 'really powerful forces allied against change are YOUR REPUBLICAN BUDS, fool. They let you have this job because they KNEW you would finish the job of destroying America's Public Education System that the GOP has been doing since the loss of Viet Nam War profits. They have NEVER forgiven the young for DARING to know enough to challenge them, and live by their own version of the Jewish slogan - "Never Again..." This entire government could be removed from office in handcuffs and incarcerated and NOTHING WOULD CHANGE. Because THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING since the election of a Black Man to the White House. At THAT moment, America's racists took control of the government, and they will NOT give it back. Consider the REAL options carefully - Civil War, Fascism, Third-World status and/or Global Extinction Event. Thanks, GOP. See ya at the polls. And on the street, motherfuckers...

  86. Bossman

    Bossman8 months ago

    She needs to arm grizzly bears to guard the schools. I'm for the right to arm bears!

  87. Cosmo Spacemonkey

    Cosmo Spacemonkey8 months ago

    She has that deer in headlights Jesus freak look.

  88. Lando Kalerisian

    Lando Kalerisian8 months ago

    my god- the senate affirmed her- they shld all b villified and fired

  89. Leo

    Leo8 months ago

    She's fucked up on Xanax rn

  90. mam362

    mam3628 months ago

    To be fair, questions like "how many rape accusations are false" are impossible for anyone to answer

  91. Kevin Enos

    Kevin Enos8 months ago

    I don't know what school this Devos airhead went to but it obviously underperformed.

  92. Jairo Herrera

    Jairo Herrera8 months ago

    Kevin Enos At Calvin College, but she high likely plagiarized and cheated her way in order to graduate.

  93. Claudia Canales

    Claudia Canales8 months ago

    Sarah Palin’s twin has surfaced!!!

  94. Afaf Bouardi

    Afaf Bouardi8 months ago

    Conjoined twin...these are the two that Ben Carson separated at birth.

  95. Iona Moxie

    Iona Moxie8 months ago

    "Research for the Home Office suggests that only 4% of cases of sexual violence reported to the UK police are found or suspected to be false. Studies carried out in Europe and in the US indicate rates of between 2% and 6%."

  96. Sabah Squared

    Sabah Squared8 months ago

    I think managing to get really far when your not that intelligent means you are actually smart just in a different way.Not saying she isn’t intelligent no idea maybe she does have a clue who knows

  97. Matt Kirk

    Matt Kirk8 months ago

    "Hated" because she is associated with Trump. She seemed perfectly reasonable in every comment/response she made here.

  98. Burr Anderson

    Burr Anderson8 months ago

    When your brain is smaller than a grain of sand one tends to have problems.

  99. Jennifer Franks

    Jennifer Franks8 months ago

    Has never even visited an underperforming school. Never. Let that sink in.

  100. Victor Hinojos

    Victor Hinojos7 months ago

    It is likely that, before she got pointed, she had never set foot in a public school.

  101. Eivana

    Eivana8 months ago

    Did Betsy just WILLINGLY go into this knowing she'd be seen as a god damn fool in front of the entire country?

  102. Deja Voodoo

    Deja Voodoo8 months ago

    If somebody that worked for me sat around with that nervous, self conscious smile all day, they wouldn't work for me anymore

  103. Cristina Zambrano

    Cristina Zambrano8 months ago

    Calling this woman idiotic is an understatement. Are these the leaders we depend on?

  104. User2718218

    User27182188 months ago

    It wasn't great but you have to read between the lines. Leslie Stahl was ready to ambush her and was looking for the kill. That's not journalism, that is just cheap sensationalism. And for all you know Betsy DeVos did know all of the issues quite well but if she were to speak the plain truth it would completely blow up like a bloody atomic bomb. So she was not great at navigating that nonsensical media tightrope when navigating the tightrope in front of the media is not what her job is about. And this is all highlighted with the fake "racial disparity" issue as presented. The reality is that it's black kids that are disrupting schools, being violent, and not learning at rates that are outrageous compared to any other race and in black-majority schools this is almost destroying the schools. The root cause for that is that the black community is in complete and total crisis. This fact would make Leslie Stahl choke and Betsy DeVoe probably is fully aware of it but can't say it because of the firestorm it would set off. There is dysfunctionality everywhere you look.