Betsy DeVos’s stumbling ‘60 Minutes’ interview, annotated


  1. Dave Alexander

    Dave Alexander22 days ago

    How many times dd she have to repeat 6th grade.? I know some 8th graders who, with a little briefing, could answer questions better than shd does. I think that she is the only caminet member who is less intelligent the her boss.

  2. mcgregordalton

    mcgregordalton2 months ago

    Stumbled to give the answers that you wanted to hear?

  3. Joan Robie

    Joan Robie2 months ago

    This woman’s smile tells more than her words!

  4. Charles Offdenson

    Charles Offdenson2 months ago

    We've invested billions of federal dollars from people's money. Zero results. Seriously why hasn't she been fired or assassinated

  5. heperile

    heperile3 months ago

    boohoo poor betsy devos, incompetent billionaire grifter

  6. basti vargas

    basti vargas3 months ago

    What a moron

  7. marlon kammeron

    marlon kammeron3 months ago

    And the most of the Pinokkio Trump voters Children Ghost go on Those schools Good Job de Vos love it

  8. marlon kammeron

    marlon kammeron3 months ago

    Stupid stupid human being lock Her Up

  9. Marcos Martins

    Marcos Martins3 months ago

    She's a complete twat 😂 she should come to Europe and do some stand up comedy, she's hilarious 😂

  10. Beth Lind

    Beth Lind3 months ago

    Da woman is da dum. $$$$$$ only aspired her brain

  11. C Silva

    C Silva3 months ago

    60 minutes of Betsy devos entire life of holding in her farts

  12. Ed Comuyog

    Ed Comuyog3 months ago

    she need to be taken out of the educational system cabinet secretary, God bless the future students of this country, they'll be in trouble whatever this lady can & would implement.

  13. EA

    EA4 months ago

    That's what happens when you're rich and the brain doesn't follow up.

  14. Don't Bet on It

    Don't Bet on It4 months ago

    How dare CBS ask the Secretary of Education questions about education.

  15. travis hawkins

    travis hawkins4 months ago

    Nothing but the best.

  16. Broyale26

    Broyale264 months ago

    Whata a waste of a half hour!

  17. Richard

    Richard5 months ago

    What a total twit Devos is. She is totally incompetent. Just another example of a bad Trump appointment.

  18. 71samrath

    71samrath5 months ago

    People calling her stupid, I don't think so, if you still think she is stupid, then you guys better do something because you are looking at future rulers of USA!! Go research her family.. these are very crooked and powerful people :)

  19. Bigbang Love

    Bigbang Love6 months ago

    *I hesitate to .....* X1000

  20. Catherine S. Todd

    Catherine S. Todd6 months ago

    Betsy deVos needs to GO NOW, along with the rest of this horrible administration. GO NOW.

  21. KaiTakApproach

    KaiTakApproach8 months ago

    Having not seen the interview, this summary hardly makes DeVos look incompetent....and I am completely against her holding a Cabinet position so, no, that isn't a bias. The underlying economics mean money thrown at poor districts are NOT getting results. The Kim family is regularly ridiculed for their photo-op "visits" to factories and bases and there is likewise nothing substantial to be gained from marching down to visit a poor district school. Spot checks have to be done by people on the ground because a visit from the Secretary will only make staff and students act on their best, most unrealistic behavior. This is the problem right now...the media is more than happy to accommodate your emotional rage, but logic and reason go out the window, adding to divisions. There are 99 good ways to criticize DeVos and I don't see one in this snippet. American, Democrats, Republicans, pull yourselves out of your Hitler/Stalin slinging chat board rhetoric, turn off the TV and READ READ READ. You will never get accountability out of by and staffed by armies of lawyers....without learning to mount attacks that a judge would consider reasonable.

  22. cosgrove notts

    cosgrove notts11 months ago

    She needs another facelift.

  23. Noe Berengena

    Noe Berengena11 months ago

    Putin has his Russian oligarchs, so naturally Trump has to surround himself with billionaires.

  24. Robert Therob

    Robert TherobYear ago

    She did not say they OBVIOUSLY couldnt be she said "I ... I dont know

  25. DynaMike

    DynaMikeYear ago

    Potential Grizzlies!

  26. Jeff Smith

    Jeff SmithYear ago

    She was brought in to destroy public education and she is doing a good job of it.

  27. Ells bells

    Ells bellsYear ago

    jfc i kinda feel bad for her

  28. BigMommaLovesYou

    BigMommaLovesYouYear ago

    Good grief! She is in charge of the Education Department.

  29. Godzilla52

    Godzilla52Year ago

    Milton Friedman would be spinning in his grave to see her argue in favor of school choice. We desperately need someone like Friedman to articulate school choice better and separate from Trump's nonsense. Miscommunication the benefits of School choice life Devos has done or tying it in with the Trump administration is only serving to discredit a valid opinion.

  30. Who's Scott Green

    Who's Scott GreenYear ago

    Your not misunderstood, your just an idiot.

  31. Audrey Zimmerman

    Audrey ZimmermanYear ago

    “Billions and billions and billions and billions”

  32. RayJayRob

    RayJayRobYear ago

    One "I don't know" is one too many.

  33. 70s80s

    70s80sYear ago

    The Joker?

  34. Dr. Nugyen Van Phoc

    Dr. Nugyen Van PhocYear ago


  35. Ms. Mo

    Ms. MoYear ago

    ABSOLUTELY UNQUALIFIED!!!!!!! I am so glad that my kids have both graduated, but I feel for the children that are still in. This person is not in it for the GOOD and well being of the kids today. Her butt is looking for a kick back. Disgusting. WHAT ABOUT PROTECTING THE CHILDREN THAT ARE IN SCHOOL???? It should not be the norm to hear about a school shooting. So heartbreaking.

  36. XX Slendermom XX

    XX Slendermom XXYear ago

    My seven year old autistic child has made more meaningful commentary on the state of public education... An example: "When I go to school, a darkness comes over me. It's like I can't think." Must be what this chick thought walking into this interview 🙄. Watch Kate McKinnon nail her on SNL Weekend Update... it's supremely satisfying.

  37. CrackberryMe

    CrackberryMeYear ago

    Girl you better find another gig because the jig is up ...smh a hot mess

  38. Andrew 222333

    Andrew 222333Year ago

    Yuk. That face is an education in forensic face lifting. What a rotten liar. Looks like the michael jackson effect going on here.

  39. Dbydesign

    DbydesignYear ago

    This woman is not misunderstood, she is understood all too well by anyone who listens to her. If dumb was pretty, she would be gorgeous!!

  40. wget Desa

    wget DesaYear ago

    Not that bad

  41. International

    InternationalYear ago

    What? Did she thought she was going to be asked for beauty advice or raising her dogs? Of course not, she is the secretary of education, English is my third language I am more fluent than this woman and Trump together.

  42. Robb F

    Robb FYear ago

    Bring back the good ole days with the Taliban

  43. Kryptonite

    KryptoniteYear ago

    well, as long as you tried your best and looked brave doing it, then the utterly horrifying and irrevocable damage is acceptable, right?

  44. Jamey Summers

    Jamey SummersYear ago

    Her head is completely empty.

  45. Nova Hudson-Blackmon

    Nova Hudson-BlackmonYear ago

    What an utter embarrassment! Not surprised though. This entire administration is full of incompetent elitists. Simply sad.

  46. hello motto

    hello mottoYear ago

    Why do poeple think that that a forced smile is a show genuinity? Urh these trained puppets sicken me

  47. SciGuy

    SciGuyYear ago

    Life Lesson: DeVos and the Trump administration has taught me that there is life after public humiliation

  48. McFint69

    McFint69Year ago

    Yay, she said it hurts! More!!

  49. 9Biloela99

    9Biloela99Year ago

    Dangerous incompetent, ill informed, unwilling to learn, she is perfectly qualified to work for Trump

  50. S Ewing

    S EwingYear ago

    She's not the most hated cabinet person - she's a dumb republican like most of her cabinet. Most Republicans are either dumb, selfish, racist or assholes - or in Trumps case all of these. But Betsy seems to be in the dumb category like Palin