1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming4 months ago

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  2. Nevaeh Bethea

    Nevaeh BetheaDay ago

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  3. Jennifer Turner

    Jennifer Turner20 days ago

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  4. Daniel campos

    Daniel campos23 days ago

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  5. MR MALONE52yt

    MR MALONE52yt23 days ago

    Top5Gaming power cord I GOT IT CORRECT

  6. Linda Johnson

    Linda Johnson24 days ago

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  7. Ninja wolf4

    Ninja wolf47 hours ago

    Power chord

  8. Daniel Rubio

    Daniel Rubio8 hours ago

    Power chord

  9. Spencer Gubitz

    Spencer Gubitz9 hours ago


  10. DamionMichael Morris

    DamionMichael Morris9 hours ago

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  11. Nicole Castellanos

    Nicole Castellanos10 hours ago

    Season 6 anyone?

  12. Aiden Oneal

    Aiden Oneal15 hours ago

    I regret nothing

  13. Mariel Carmona

    Mariel Carmona20 hours ago


  14. Mathew Miksche

    Mathew MikscheDay ago

    I got it right I am Mathias541

  15. Cokentoast123 The comedian

    Cokentoast123 The comedianDay ago

    I guessed Power Chord

  16. Crystal Ross

    Crystal RossDay ago

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  17. Nevaeh Bethea

    Nevaeh BetheaDay ago

    I meant like if you said power chord

  18. Nevaeh Bethea

    Nevaeh BetheaDay ago

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  19. Nevaeh Bethea

    Nevaeh BetheaDay ago

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  20. Nevaeh Bethea

    Nevaeh BetheaDay ago


  21. Adrian Zarate

    Adrian ZarateDay ago

    I got it right.

  22. Casey Andrews

    Casey AndrewsDay ago

    Is boof the same as oof????????????????? 🚆🚆

  23. Jesse Huesca

    Jesse HuescaDay ago

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  24. Jesse Huesca

    Jesse HuescaDay ago

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  25. the 1 man

    the 1 manDay ago


  26. Xd gamer 600 YT

    Xd gamer 600 YTDay ago

    Got it RIGHT

  27. dances with wolfs

    dances with wolfsDay ago

    You said the Leviathan was epic and the bright Gunner was legendary

  28. dances with wolfs

    dances with wolfsDay ago


  29. xx_bmxplant_xx _xx

    xx_bmxplant_xx _xxDay ago

    Rose team leader has pink hair under the hat also

  30. Weirdo Kun

    Weirdo Kun2 days ago

    Nice clickbait bro 👌

  31. Brandon Reed

    Brandon Reed2 days ago


  32. Da Gamer

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  33. Jozlyn Romero

    Jozlyn Romero2 days ago

    p o w e r c o r d

  34. Splat Cat

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  35. Dezmin Palmer

    Dezmin Palmer3 days ago

    Top 10 male skins and top 1 0 female skin

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  37. Bubba Cisneros

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  38. Master Golden Freddy Golden Freddy

    Master Golden Freddy Golden Freddy3 days ago


  39. Y0MaMaFooL

    Y0MaMaFooL3 days ago


  40. Milly of Milly Planet

    Milly of Milly Planet3 days ago

    Purple is epic and gold is legendary

  41. Detroit Hansjons

    Detroit Hansjons3 days ago


  42. Ajmoneycreeper

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  43. Nethanyl Palmer

    Nethanyl Palmer3 days ago


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  46. foxy fan 2000

    foxy fan 20004 days ago

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  47. Chickencabra

    Chickencabra4 days ago

    top5 promoting bucks scams, what has this world come to?

  48. Røyal Neøn

    Røyal Neøn4 days ago

    Question of the day music?


    KIKO SUAVE4 days ago

    They r not uzis they are fucking Tec 9...

  50. Moises Cornejo

    Moises Cornejo5 days ago

    Power chord

  51. Fortnite Gamer25Z

    Fortnite Gamer25Z5 days ago

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  52. Mr.NoBoDe I

    Mr.NoBoDe I5 days ago

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  53. Mr.NoBoDe I

    Mr.NoBoDe I5 days ago


  54. Racky Mayugi

    Racky Mayugi5 days ago


  55. stop-motion animations

    stop-motion animations5 days ago

    I thought this was the most expensive skins. Literally the first one was 15 bucks.....

  56. Jeff Eberle

    Jeff Eberle5 days ago


  57. TheVenom _23

    TheVenom _235 days ago

    Epic is legendary and legendary is epic GOOD JOB

  58. Lincoln Rae

    Lincoln Rae5 days ago

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  59. david lander

    david lander5 days ago

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  60. Savage Derp333

    Savage Derp3335 days ago


  61. michael storrar

    michael storrar6 days ago

    I got the question right

  62. Jennifer Balze

    Jennifer Balze6 days ago

    oh and its power chord

  63. Jennifer Balze

    Jennifer Balze6 days ago

    omg i got question right

  64. Kristen Nerenberg

    Kristen Nerenberg6 days ago

    I got it right

  65. Sans Overlord

    Sans Overlord6 days ago

    At 3:49 he says crack shot is a epic rarity when it is a legendary😑

  66. Gamer T 27

    Gamer T 276 days ago

    I guessed it correctly and it was my first vid guessing

  67. Hunter doggy

    Hunter doggy6 days ago

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  68. Blake 0 o 10

    Blake 0 o 106 days ago

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  69. Francisco Vicente

    Francisco Vicente6 days ago


  70. BudakRobloxia Gamers

    BudakRobloxia Gamers6 days ago

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  71. CharEL DeCoste

    CharEL DeCoste6 days ago

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  72. Issei Teppei

    Issei Teppei7 days ago


  73. Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith7 days ago


  74. Thesus Hydra

    Thesus Hydra7 days ago

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  75. Gabe Soto

    Gabe Soto7 days ago


  76. Gabe Soto

    Gabe Soto7 days ago


  77. Daksha Patel

    Daksha Patel7 days ago

    I got it right

  78. The Phantom Treader

    The Phantom Treader7 days ago

    Got the daily question right! I was expecting Brite bomber and not Power Cord, LOL X)

  79. Temka Bat

    Temka Bat7 days ago

    high five my wiener snap meh wiener

  80. Sight Zone Plays

    Sight Zone Plays8 days ago

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  81. Batman Lopez

    Batman Lopez8 days ago

    I got it right I guessed I was powered cord

  82. Jaz and Jo tv Zarazua

    Jaz and Jo tv Zarazua8 days ago

    Got the quishtion right

  83. kilian Evans

    kilian Evans8 days ago


  84. Carolina Baronnet

    Carolina Baronnet8 days ago

    I got right

  85. Shirley Hubler

    Shirley Hubler8 days ago

    I got the question right!!

  86. Shirley Hubler

    Shirley Hubler8 days ago

    Boof You sayed

  87. Oscar Castro

    Oscar Castro8 days ago


  88. Rogue Wolf

    Rogue Wolf9 days ago


  89. The Lance Channel

    The Lance Channel9 days ago

    I got it

  90. Robyn Costello

    Robyn Costello9 days ago


  91. Hamza Eid

    Hamza Eid10 days ago

    I was right power cord

  92. Avery Robbins

    Avery Robbins10 days ago

    I got is right

  93. doge gamer 123

    doge gamer 12310 days ago


  94. Something Randomly

    Something Randomly10 days ago

    Dual wielding uzis those are tec-9s dumb dum

  95. Bobtron97 Asphalt

    Bobtron97 Asphalt11 days ago

    Power chird

  96. lolspeedy Pls

    lolspeedy Pls11 days ago

    All the 2,000 v-bucks skins are legendary

  97. Fishy Boopkins

    Fishy Boopkins11 days ago


  98. Char07

    Char0712 days ago


  99. Char07

    Char0712 days ago


  100. Karatee 44

    Karatee 4412 days ago

    He said bunny crawler lol

  101. July Here

    July Here12 days ago

    power chord

  102. LT . GhostYT

    LT . GhostYT12 days ago

    Did he say bunny crawler twice or do my ears deceive me

  103. Simon Franklin

    Simon Franklin12 days ago

    Did anyone notice that he said that the epic skin he called it legendary and the legendary epics 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  104. The Screaming Dog

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  105. awesome tech Smith

    awesome tech Smith13 days ago

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  106. awesome tech Smith

    awesome tech Smith13 days ago