• Jun 24, 2016
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  1. Wet

    WetYear ago

    This got put into a compilation and we were put in the description and that's what I'm happy about. Here's the video

  2. Andycoulloun 1

    Andycoulloun 13 months ago

    Mark Ericksen They were messing around you stupid liberal bitch lol.

  3. Mark Ericksen

    Mark EricksenYear ago

    Trump supporters really are stupid.

  4. DĪžĪ”N Big Tiddy Goth gf

    DĪžĪ”N Big Tiddy Goth gfYear ago

    Wet I legit came from that video

  5. Frank's Gerard Way

    Frank's Gerard WayMonth ago

    My god we got some trump supporters

  6. Rizki wkwkek

    Rizki wkwkekMonth ago


  7. enrique torres

    enrique torresMonth ago

    Theres deadass girls saying deez niggas are cute

  8. Crazy Polar

    Crazy PolarMonth ago

    Fuck Trump

  9. Rapey racoon

    Rapey racoon5 months ago

    No way I'm subbing

  10. brb slasher

    brb slasher7 months ago

    KKK members xposed

  11. Ur fat Lol

    Ur fat Lol9 months ago

    Man he looks like Jeremiah

  12. Ur fat Lol

    Ur fat Lol9 months ago

    I want the first one's ig

  13. Ur fat Lol

    Ur fat Lol9 months ago

    He dropped the slice lmao

  14. Ur fat Lol

    Ur fat Lol9 months ago


  15. boricua Family954

    boricua Family9549 months ago

    wats da point of buying something dat u know u not guna like smh u got a pretty big meal there ...

  16. Evan Logan

    Evan Logan10 months ago

    r they high school fuck boys?

  17. Luis David

    Luis David11 months ago

    So good, I could feel the pizza's texture scramble around my eyeball

  18. 111116

    111116Year ago

    Those white kids better watch out.

  19. lqve bird

    lqve bird6 months ago

    111116 Or what? Fatass

  20. y u l i z a !

    y u l i z a !Year ago

    This dumb asf

  21. JewInPower

    JewInPower2 years ago

    ummm... your overall like-dislike ratio is showing...