Top 10 WORST Fortnite Skins You REGRET BUYING!


  1. TPN_ smooth

    TPN_ smoothHour ago

    I like rex

  2. Alfie vlogs 9000

    Alfie vlogs 90006 hours ago

    I regret NOTHING

  3. A-A-Ron

    A-A-Ron7 hours ago

    you forgot the beef boss skin

  4. Pugman196

    Pugman19611 hours ago

    Recon Scout is out in the item shop today so...its not rare anymore

  5. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer15 hours ago

    They brought the recon scout out again 😅

  6. Ashley Madeley

    Ashley Madeley17 hours ago

    The recon scout just came out again in the item shop today

  7. Gamer The 3rd

    Gamer The 3rd17 hours ago

    I like Recon Scout.

  8. C4pt Firewolf

    C4pt Firewolf18 hours ago

    @Top5Gaming Btw the recon scout is back in the shop

  9. Riley Rodgers

    Riley Rodgers19 hours ago

    The recon scout is out in the item shop right in July 14 2019

  10. The crazy Cousinsss

    The crazy Cousinsss21 hour ago


  11. Andrew justin

    Andrew justin21 hour ago

    Recon scout isn’t exclusive to season 1 anymore. They have it up to buy right now. July 14th 2019

  12. SandboxArrow

    SandboxArrow21 hour ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Raptor is overrated?

  13. ii Twitch

    ii TwitchDay ago

    I dont regret buying SGT green clover.

  14. MrNooberTuber

    MrNooberTuberDay ago

    He says you'll regret buying aerial assault trooper lol it's a really rare skin now

  15. ammar biak

    ammar biakDay ago

    My ‏ Favourite skin is the rust lord

  16. A V 3 7 Y

    A V 3 7 YDay ago

    Hey screw u I hav the Devastater skin and it was not a waste. 😤

  17. Lucifer Gomez

    Lucifer Gomez2 days ago

    It’s a opinion not a fact bitch all of what u said is a opinion next TIME OUT OPPION IN THE TITLE SO PEOPLE WONT GET MAD

  18. panda maniac-390 Gaming

    panda maniac-390 Gaming2 days ago

    I have always perferd the panda team leader it's just so much better and I'll never regret getting! 🐼

  19. T4gerine W0lvs

    T4gerine W0lvs2 days ago

    I bought Rex :|

  20. Crystal Wright

    Crystal Wright2 days ago

    you can refund skins

  21. Drew Stuart

    Drew Stuart3 days ago

    Hey you can refund skins

  22. Muhammad Atif

    Muhammad Atif3 days ago


  23. Lee Colon

    Lee Colon3 days ago

    I love cuddle team leader

  24. Ryan L

    Ryan L3 days ago

    I hate it

  25. ToastedT0ast

    ToastedT0ast4 days ago

    I personally think the cuddle team leader is one of the best because it is so dumb and derpy looking

  26. waddles 56920

    waddles 569204 days ago

    You can refund ur skins but 3 items

  27. Noßu Lingbao

    Noßu Lingbao4 days ago

    wasn't their a refund feature season 4?

  28. Dom K

    Dom K5 days ago

    I love rabbit raider lol zero regrets

  29. Bruce Apsley

    Bruce Apsley5 days ago

    I love cudll team leder

  30. fortnite why r good

    fortnite why r good5 days ago

    rl yes i do

  31. Bunper Tea1

    Bunper Tea16 days ago

    I can't mail u money but here is my mom's credit card 5573 5778 3356

  32. Foxymasterz

    Foxymasterz3 days ago

    Bunper Tea1 lol

  33. Tay’vion Posey

    Tay’vion Posey6 days ago

    Actually all of the skins are useless because it doesn’t actually do anything for you.

  34. Little Lamb - Roblox Videos and more

    Little Lamb - Roblox Videos and more7 days ago

    instead of cuddle team leader, you should have put raven

  35. Edy Lobo

    Edy Lobo8 days ago

    U suk

  36. Diana Torres

    Diana Torres8 days ago

    I actually like rex because i like dinosuars

  37. IsaZayYT

    IsaZayYT8 days ago

    You can get a refund

  38. Christian Clan

    Christian Clan8 days ago

    rex is so good

  39. Gacha Kitten437

    Gacha Kitten43710 days ago

    I like the cuddle team leader because it kind of looks creepy

  40. Baybo's Galaxy

    Baybo's Galaxy10 days ago

    U can refund BRUH

  41. creative crow sjgudsfzghzdydbsi

    creative crow sjgudsfzghzdydbsi12 days ago

    I like cuddle team leader

  42. dakota chisolm

    dakota chisolm13 days ago

    F u im obsessed with cuddle team leader

  43. BCLD Bros

    BCLD Bros13 days ago

    I have cuddle team leader and I like it

  44. Your boi Poda da beavo

    Your boi Poda da beavo13 days ago

    I love the dark voyager it’s my fave skin even though I don’t have it

  45. Waterbucket epic

    Waterbucket epic13 days ago

    Cuddle team leader is my favourite skin!

  46. LoonyTube

    LoonyTube10 days ago

    I love the teamleaders

  47. Dylan Arneson

    Dylan Arneson14 days ago

    my brother praises and owns the rex skin. send help

  48. YouTube Bros

    YouTube Bros16 days ago

    I don,t regret buying rex

  49. Meta Runner 23

    Meta Runner 2316 days ago

    we have gotten a refund option :D

  50. Sombra X Tracer

    Sombra X Tracer16 days ago

    Luv cuddle team leader

  51. Eraseable Noob14

    Eraseable Noob1416 days ago

    What is wrong with are you trying us to make us disappointed or regret

  52. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader16 days ago

    2 yeeesssss 1 NANI