Top 10 WORST Fortnite Skins You REGRET BUYING!


  1. Fortnite Fan

    Fortnite Fan2 hours ago

    I really like the cuttle ten leader

  2. Lucy Lucy

    Lucy Lucy3 hours ago

    Um um um why is the scout in this

  3. The Dank Doggo Studio

    The Dank Doggo Studio3 hours ago

    The rex skin is awesome

  4. timotzi the psycho eyes

    timotzi the psycho eyes8 hours ago

    Rex is best!!

  5. The CrazyEnder

    The CrazyEnder11 hours ago


  6. Kyren Rose

    Kyren Rose14 hours ago

    I have cuddle team leader stop hating

  7. Harley Queen

    Harley Queen15 hours ago

    I love The cudel team leder its so cute

  8. fox lover

    fox lover20 hours ago

    And i dont like your oppeineon 😕😕😕

  9. fox lover

    fox lover20 hours ago

    I agree that cuddle is good

  10. DG Property Management

    DG Property ManagementDay ago

    I roll on the money ranger skin

  11. dylan hart

    dylan hartDay ago

    dude the cuddle team leader is the best

  12. Snake

    SnakeDay ago

    Your Mr Top5 This is top 10 Ive been scamed

  13. Benjamin Faxon

    Benjamin FaxonDay ago

    Recon Scout has come back out, nice try

  14. Benjamin Faxon

    Benjamin FaxonDay ago

    Bruh that Sargent Greenclover skin is so rare now no one would regret buying it

  15. Cyber Unagi

    Cyber UnagiDay ago

    i bought all these skins... im sad :(

  16. oh no no

    oh no noDay ago

    Cuddle TL is my favorite

  17. Diet Potato388

    Diet Potato388Day ago

    Tbh tenser made me like the scout skin

  18. Amanda Simmance

    Amanda SimmanceDay ago

    Hell no I won’t give you money

  19. Bboi Wiggum

    Bboi WiggumDay ago

    Bruh i like the mogul master its one off my faviorite skins

  20. Ashley Ramirez

    Ashley Ramirez2 days ago

    I can’t believe u don’t like the cuddle team leader skin cause I don’t regret buying it it is so adorable

  21. contanca de la rosa

    contanca de la rosa2 days ago

    I like rust lord

  22. T3K SwiTcHzZ

    T3K SwiTcHzZ2 days ago

    It’s the recon expert

  23. karla T.

    karla T.2 days ago

    I actually loveeeeee the cuddle team leader, it's one of my favorite skins ❤️❤️

  24. Extra Wolf TV

    Extra Wolf TV2 days ago

    Rex is awsome skin

  25. Theoharis #1

    Theoharis #12 days ago

    Before support a creator😇😇

  26. Erik Galvan

    Erik Galvan2 days ago

    To refund go to your settings all the way down go to submit recuest then click the item you want to refund

  27. Lily LOL

    Lily LOL2 days ago

    All of these are good.

  28. Lily LOL

    Lily LOL2 days ago

    Dino is awesome

  29. Robo Gamer

    Robo Gamer2 days ago

    I rock the rust lord

  30. Robo Gamer

    Robo Gamer2 days ago

    I got my girlfriend to rock the cuddle team leader

  31. Grant Gustin

    Grant Gustin2 days ago


  32. Five Cars Five Guys

    Five Cars Five Guys2 days ago

    your address: Jokes aside we there are some skins that we bought for 1 reason

  33. Cail TM

    Cail TM3 days ago

    Ranger is not 2000 vbucks. Why are the biggest MReporterrs always misleading

  34. Dice Chip

    Dice Chip3 days ago

    Leave Mr. Gatorade bottle alone 6:52

  35. Poco

    Poco3 days ago


  36. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah3 days ago

    Maybe you regret buying em', but I don't, they're cool skins in my opinion.

  37. William Patterson

    William Patterson3 days ago

    I don't know about you guys, but I think the special forces is cool and i copped him.

  38. Pablo el Diablo

    Pablo el Diablo3 days ago

    hes dumb, the special forces skin looks sexy

  39. Ski Jr

    Ski Jr3 days ago

    I mean it’s your guys’ fault for buying these skins

  40. GraigAaron

    GraigAaron3 days ago

    Cuddle Team leader is my favorite skin

  41. Рифуни

    Рифуни3 days ago

    Mamku ebal

  42. Luna -OONeG-

    Luna -OONeG-3 days ago

    i is sick to :(

  43. George Abd

    George Abd4 days ago

    Rust lord how dare you!!!

  44. The Benster

    The Benster5 days ago

    Season 7 anyone

  45. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez5 days ago

    Clickbait tumbnail and "worst" skin. People really like the skins

  46. Natalie Dodd

    Natalie Dodd5 days ago

    Love cuddles

  47. The Raven Plays

    The Raven Plays5 days ago

    I like rust lord he’s my 3rd fav skin

  48. Nathan Bohl

    Nathan Bohl5 days ago


  49. SOLID

    SOLID5 days ago

    You can't tell people what to like and what not idiot

  50. JJ'S World

    JJ'S World6 days ago

    Can someone give me v bucks my mom has died 2 days ago♡♡

  51. ShockOG Nathan

    ShockOG Nathan6 days ago


  52. Brody Bichon

    Brody Bichon6 days ago

    I love the Rex,it was my first skin

  53. Nayla al Mannai

    Nayla al Mannai6 days ago

    You can Just use tickets

  54. IronMango 6262

    IronMango 62626 days ago

    I love cuddl team leader bich

  55. Sohail .A

    Sohail .A6 days ago

    The rust lord makes no sense cause you had to unlock it to get the other skins like John wick or elite agent

  56. The Panda Dude

    The Panda Dude6 days ago

    Lov cattle team leader

  57. Takamori

    Takamori6 days ago

    Perhaps I'm just the kind of person who is easily pleased because I don't dislike many skins at all

  58. Norma Gutierrez

    Norma Gutierrez6 days ago

    More like rare skins am I right 👉

  59. kermit Cortes

    kermit Cortes7 days ago

    I regretted buying the growler skin

  60. Ashton Perry

    Ashton Perry7 days ago

    Also he’s sick 🤒

  61. Ashton Perry

    Ashton Perry7 days ago

    AHH that skin is horror👻😯 like if u agree my opinion

  62. It’s ya Boi Forklift

    It’s ya Boi Forklift7 days ago

    Cuddle is my favourite skin

  63. Mystic Dragon43

    Mystic Dragon437 days ago

    Rex is og P.s: it's my favourite skin

  64. XD_ThatOneGuy_XD

    XD_ThatOneGuy_XD7 days ago

    The skin I regret buying was my very first skin i bought in the item shop and it was the raptor, in my opinion it was a big waste of money no offense

  65. Ice BaseballRules

    Ice BaseballRules7 days ago

    Um ranger os 800 vbucks [ u clickbait]

  66. オタクポテト :3

    オタクポテト :37 days ago

    The Alpine Ace is really ugly... true fact

  67. Dante Caldera

    Dante Caldera7 days ago

    What skin should I get LOVE RENGER OR RABIT RAIDER

  68. Nikola Veselinovic

    Nikola Veselinovic8 days ago

    You are a noob this is god skin and you are noob

  69. WeinerSchnitzel Gaming

    WeinerSchnitzel Gaming8 days ago

    People do realize that the Alpine Ace is one of the best skins in fortnite

  70. the Crow cruzin

    the Crow cruzin8 days ago

    Cuddle looks .ok.

  71. Bearyboy 5050

    Bearyboy 50508 days ago

    Worst video ever put on youtube ever, EVER.

  72. Henry Gill-Pratt

    Henry Gill-Pratt8 days ago

    Also has he just listed og and good skins?

  73. Henry Gill-Pratt

    Henry Gill-Pratt8 days ago

    It’s so funny sgt green clovers actually og

  74. Corben_ Peach

    Corben_ Peach9 days ago

    The devastator lives up to his name

  75. Cabsel

    Cabsel9 days ago

    1:06 it’s against the terms of service to sell accounts. It’s what got Tfue banned

  76. 20k subs with no videos

    20k subs with no videos9 days ago

    not ninja

  77. Haris A

    Haris A9 days ago

    I want to throw money in your face and epic games face

  78. Noah Kirksey

    Noah Kirksey9 days ago

    Noice for cuddles

  79. In Truz

    In Truz9 days ago

    I love cuddle team leader and I have it

  80. Sexy Man

    Sexy Man9 days ago

    I freakin love cuddle team leader... Anyone else? Just me? Ok...

  81. WezZleTw

    WezZleTw9 days ago

    SPECIAL FORCES IS A GOOD ONE then maybe renegade raider is bad Cus you said back in the days, «There was only bad skins»

  82. Kinshasha Jackson

    Kinshasha Jackson10 days ago

    I think cuddle team leader is the best skin in the game

  83. Bryan Cruz

    Bryan Cruz10 days ago

    I thought renegade was gonna be on here I mean normal renegade btw

  84. ashley sylvia

    ashley sylvia10 days ago


  85. katie warman

    katie warman10 days ago

    cuddle bear team leader is my fav skin

  86. diane cherechinsky

    diane cherechinsky10 days ago

    I love rust lord why do pepole hate it?

  87. diane cherechinsky

    diane cherechinsky10 days ago

    Dude the rex skin is awesome

  88. Example Bot

    Example Bot11 days ago

    Top 5 gaming Top 10 video

  89. PLAY STATION 4 pro

    PLAY STATION 4 pro11 days ago

    Pathfinder skin

  90. Riley,s Stickbot tv

    Riley,s Stickbot tv11 days ago

    You know you can refund

  91. DYLANJC Animations

    DYLANJC Animations11 days ago

    The alpine ace is amazing and I love it

  92. DYLANJC Animations

    DYLANJC Animations11 days ago

    2:07 thank me later

  93. Luna Ranger

    Luna Ranger11 days ago

    I'm new to Fortnite and I just finished season 7 I have a pretty small amount of skins and I don't regret getting them. The majority of my skins were earned

  94. ZolexWolf

    ZolexWolf11 days ago

    I regret buying Nara, Mothmando that’s all

  95. MarzyD

    MarzyD11 days ago

    my only comment is fish stick.

  96. Ur mum

    Ur mum12 days ago

    T Tw Two Two Two m Two mi Two mil Two mill Two milli Two millio Two million

  97. Ur mum

    Ur mum12 days ago

    Two million

  98. AR Office Solutions

    AR Office Solutions12 days ago

    Scary 🤢🤢

  99. Earl The Red

    Earl The Red12 days ago

    I actually really like special forces skin it looks super clean but thats your opinion. This is mine

  100. ANTMAC55480 Mac

    ANTMAC55480 Mac12 days ago

    I like the black bling