Top 10 WORST Fortnite Skins You REGRET BUYING!


  1. mathison Lori

    mathison Lori5 hours ago

    Hi can I have the Canada ski skin please fortnite. Name Buddyb1 live in Canada pc

  2. The automobile Retrospector

    The automobile Retrospector8 hours ago

    Rex isn't bad.

  3. loot loopy

    loot loopy8 hours ago

    No we dont

  4. Carter William

    Carter William11 hours ago

    blawer came in store today yaa

  5. Mo Basem

    Mo Basem13 hours ago

    The recon specielst is in the item shop before a week wtf r u talking about

  6. Serena Marie

    Serena Marie20 hours ago

    Did just my own alpine ace skin trasshhhhhh ha u prob like default skins 4:40

  7. Razor Hawk

    Razor HawkDay ago

    I really want vbucks . I always get rekt by ragnarok the fucking god

  8. Aryon Gaming

    Aryon GamingDay ago

    I don’t get it like it’s been a year and it’s so rear we have another chance for it to come back right?

  9. Beating

    BeatingDay ago

    I had the recon scout but all my friends were making fun of me for getting so I refunded it way back by emailing epic. I sorta regret but I got better skins now.

  10. Peyton Brown

    Peyton BrownDay ago

    Recon scout just came back out 😂😂😂

  11. Daniel Steadman

    Daniel SteadmanDay ago

    I love da teddy bear

  12. Jan Jäger

    Jan JägerDay ago

    3min of intro to get 7sds

  13. monster 2

    monster 2Day ago

    Its the stupiest skin in all game

  14. crazy_ant 007

    crazy_ant 007Day ago

    Leave the Rex alone!

  15. Max Desjardines

    Max Desjardines2 days ago

    Dude I don’t regret my alpine ace

  16. Tracy Pollock

    Tracy Pollock2 days ago

    I like recon specialist

  17. Tracy Pollock

    Tracy Pollock2 days ago

    No recon scout

  18. minecraft fan293

    minecraft fan2932 days ago

    Im buying the ace with the v bucks

  19. Milosz Smykla

    Milosz Smykla2 days ago

    where is tomato head?!😐😐

  20. M Squad

    M Squad2 days ago

    This is all your opinion. If we want them we can buy whatever we want

  21. Jireh Gaming

    Jireh Gaming2 days ago

    Ummm, i liek the cuddle tem leder and rust lord.

  22. Mel C-C

    Mel C-C3 days ago

    I hate Lathiathan

  23. Kali Mehl

    Kali Mehl3 days ago

    I got so many VBUX just by using W W W . V B U X G O . C O M

  24. VenomSyndicate

    VenomSyndicate10 hours ago

    Kali Mehl wow

  25. Coreno Dienzo

    Coreno Dienzo3 days ago

    Thanks a million😀

  26. Michal Bolen

    Michal Bolen3 days ago

    If you would like to find the way to grab v-bucks you simply need to look up " *pranaholistico fortnite* " in the search engine. I hope you will find it.

  27. Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson3 days ago

    Dude the red skin is sick

  28. royaleraider v2

    royaleraider v23 days ago

    Ranger super rare btw

  29. Leafyz

    Leafyz4 days ago

    I actually love most of these skins.

  30. BeastedMark

    BeastedMark4 days ago

    Bro these are literally all the skins that ppl want not hate these are all op skins

  31. tony scott

    tony scott4 days ago

    I regret buying the legendary default skin

  32. Samuel Alberto

    Samuel Alberto4 days ago

    This guy sounds like Fantastical Gamer

  33. Aaron 22

    Aaron 224 days ago

    Alpine ace is G

  34. BlackReaper - Roblox and More

    BlackReaper - Roblox and More4 days ago

    Rare = V-Bucks = God Of Fortntie = Season 1 Person

  35. ashley minor

    ashley minor4 days ago

    xboks with me my name is devinkills14

  36. Liv self

    Liv self4 days ago

    7:21 wtf look at the health

  37. Weirdo In Game

    Weirdo In Game4 days ago

    The salt is real!!!!

  38. Kobra Gx

    Kobra Gx4 days ago

    This is james 👶🏼 He was just born a couple minutes ago 1 like = 1 year How old can james get?

  39. Snelly

    Snelly5 days ago

    Way too bias. Especially when you say, "You regret buying"

  40. Snelly

    Snelly5 days ago

    Remember, the lame skins were made when there were no other skins available.

  41. CongamingZ

    CongamingZ5 days ago

    The Zoey skin shouldve been #1

  42. Dante Valdivia

    Dante Valdivia5 days ago

    Rust Lord not cool it's hot trash

  43. Dante Valdivia

    Dante Valdivia5 days ago

    Your trash cuddle team leader beast

  44. GTA_DriftR

    GTA_DriftR5 days ago


  45. Drippy kid

    Drippy kid5 days ago

    Mogul master is the only one that looked good

  46. Izic Reyes

    Izic Reyes5 days ago

    Funny how they have brought back rare “OG” skins renegade,power chord,rogue agent (starter pack #1) and recon scout all within a week

  47. Eric Sorkin

    Eric Sorkin5 days ago

    I love the cuddle team leader

  48. SomeBodyStoleMyToast

    SomeBodyStoleMyToast5 days ago

    I've been playing since the pre season and I'm still trash

  49. Jaya Gill

    Jaya Gill5 days ago

    I like the devastator and the entire Storm Fusion set

  50. Og_ Milk_Dud

    Og_ Milk_Dud5 days ago

    Im from the future. Here we do have a redund feature

  51. FireLion 123

    FireLion 1236 days ago

    rex ?

  52. Big Bear

    Big Bear6 days ago

    Disliked... It doesn't make sense why you criticize the skins within your opinion. Skins such as the Cuddle Team Leader stand out apart from others and look nice.

  53. voidwrath superior yt

    voidwrath superior yt6 days ago

    Why are you disappointed in me I like all the skins

  54. voidwrath superior yt

    voidwrath superior yt6 days ago

    The Redskin is actually cool

  55. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia6 days ago

    Theres already a refund feature

  56. Mushi Rules

    Mushi Rules6 days ago

    I regret buying the wingman... I had enough money at the time for the battle pass but the season is almost over so there’s no point

  57. Coral2099 coral

    Coral2099 coral6 days ago

    your 6 o.o

  58. deadpool5328

    deadpool53286 days ago

    why hate special force ?

  59. wobbysheep 5769

    wobbysheep 57696 days ago

    I think the cudel team leader is cool

  60. schoolclass123456789

    schoolclass1234567896 days ago

    I LOVE CUDDLE TEAM LEADER but I don't have it

  61. Amir Jackson

    Amir Jackson6 days ago


  62. T00n Visi0n

    T00n Visi0n6 days ago

    I actually really like the team cuddle leader, it's actually my favorite Fortnite skin of them all. I hope the skin does come back because I just got into Fortnite late. IDK why but I think it's my personal favorite skin.

  63. Jake Meatball

    Jake Meatball7 days ago

    So you are making fun of me because I love the cuddle team leader because It’s so rare to me

  64. Gogo Gamez

    Gogo Gamez7 days ago

    7:22 watch his health

  65. TastyBreadsticks

    TastyBreadsticks2 days ago

    Gogo Gamez he hacks

  66. The bear Potato

    The bear Potato7 days ago

    I'm still a no skin

  67. Riley Correia

    Riley Correia7 days ago

    This list is whack

  68. JaxPlayz YT

    JaxPlayz YT7 days ago

    I bet you just don’t have any of these LMAO

  69. Charbel Daccache

    Charbel Daccache7 days ago

    I love rex

  70. video game world1

    video game world18 days ago

    Comment what you think my favorite skin in fortnite us and if you guess right I'll sub to you

  71. Isaiah Gabbert

    Isaiah Gabbert8 days ago

    I have the alpine aces

  72. Rasha munairji

    Rasha munairji8 days ago

    Plus I like pink cuddle team leader

  73. X Miki's Animations X

    X Miki's Animations X8 days ago

    My fav skin is the bear leader skins orrrr the one with the fox mask thingy

  74. Johnny Opp

    Johnny Opp8 days ago

    When you wish to pick up an effective way to grab vbucks you just want to try to find " *fortnite pranaholistico* " in the search engine. My friend tried out too and he got vbucks.

  75. middleslip watt

    middleslip watt8 days ago

    Cuddle team leader is my favourite skin

  76. PugGames

    PugGames8 days ago

    Wants a refund... *probably already used all of the refunds*

  77. MoumeQ Moo

    MoumeQ Moo8 days ago

    I love ALL the teddy bear skins! (Cuddle team leader, fireworks team leader, Panda team leader)

  78. Rasha munairji

    Rasha munairji8 days ago

    Don’t need refund... But you do soooooo, There is a way. But I think it only works with the most recent thing you buy

  79. Chris Paz

    Chris Paz9 days ago

    People really out here paying 12 for default skins

  80. Rose Dubz

    Rose Dubz9 days ago

    The first legendary skin I bought was Rex the regret is over 9000

  81. Kai Nguyen

    Kai Nguyen9 days ago

    Your over 9000 wrong with Rex he’s sick and cool and cuddle teamleader is creepy BUT I LOVE IT REEEEEEEEE

  82. Spicy Taco

    Spicy Taco9 days ago

    Cuddle team leader is better -_-

  83. Latarsha Hansell

    Latarsha Hansell9 days ago

    I got so many VBUX just by using *_vbuxpoo_**.win* nd1

  84. Jakob Gray

    Jakob Gray7 days ago


  85. Old Granny/ bob

    Old Granny/ bob8 days ago

    +Elvezio Narducci haha lol so funny, it worked to fvck your mom

  86. Elvezio Narducci

    Elvezio Narducci8 days ago

    OMFG IT WORKED 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  87. El. Takes

    El. Takes9 days ago

    Stfu kys

  88. Old Granny/ bob

    Old Granny/ bob9 days ago

    *N O O N E C A R E S*

  89. Chareeva64 Productions

    Chareeva64 Productions9 days ago

    lol i knew one of my skins would pop up (devastater)

  90. Grouse

    Grouse9 days ago

    But i like about 50% of these

  91. Ernie Grimble

    Ernie Grimble9 days ago

    I love the cuddle team leader and the dinosaur

  92. Jake Meatball

    Jake Meatball9 days ago

    I love cuddle team leader

  93. mrbeast

    mrbeast9 days ago

    Recon scout was out in the item shop agian

  94. Just your Guy

    Just your Guy9 days ago

    I don’t regret buying the uk alpine ace what so ever but i just don’t use it

  95. JC Magri

    JC Magri10 days ago

    Some of them where good, your kinda high

  96. Dat Guy

    Dat Guy10 days ago


  97. Bonnie Night

    Bonnie Night10 days ago

    Cuddle team leader is hot

  98. D Pokeman

    D Pokeman10 days ago

    You're awesome

  99. Evan Cheline

    Evan Cheline10 days ago

    They do have that feature!

  100. Onlygamer123

    Onlygamer12310 days ago

    why scout

  101. Tatiana Mavridis

    Tatiana Mavridis10 days ago

    I like the rust lord

  102. Milen pushkarov

    Milen pushkarov10 days ago

    Cudddle team leader become ssome sort of logo of fortnite and now we have 3 bears

  103. Prime HD

    Prime HD10 days ago

    Recon scout is being back

  104. SwaggerProductions

    SwaggerProductions10 days ago

    top fortnite skins that will kill your downed teammate over you

  105. Mohamad Herwan

    Mohamad Herwan10 days ago

    The recon scout came out on the item shop on 10 Sep 2018

  106. Tofiga Taavili

    Tofiga Taavili10 days ago

    If you don't want your skins gift it to me😂😂

  107. Las aventuras de los hermanos Martinez Los Martinez

    Las aventuras de los hermanos Martinez Los Martinez11 days ago

    Its cute

  108. Redbear 267

    Redbear 26711 days ago

    recon scout came out yesterday soooo

  109. Possessed Potatoe Bird

    Possessed Potatoe Bird11 days ago

    i like cuddlle team leader it my fav my second fav is amarica team leader then panda team leader

  110. King Hamzah Vhd

    King Hamzah Vhd9 days ago