Top 10 WORST Fortnite Skins You REGRET BUYING!


  1. Ceedayandfearlessfan 12

    Ceedayandfearlessfan 1210 seconds ago

    I love the cuddle team leader

  2. Safjor

    Safjor23 minutes ago

    3 refunds per season thatl be lit

  3. The Canadian Gamer

    The Canadian GamerHour ago

    I spent 800 and some on fortnite lol

  4. CH40T1C_Playz YT

    CH40T1C_Playz YT2 hours ago

    The Rex skin isn’t a rip off well I don’t have it but the backbling goes with a lot of stuff and the alpine aces look cool but yeah I think it’s dumb how many they are and the cost to get one

  5. Spare Coochie

    Spare Coochie2 hours ago

    I actually really like the cuddleteam-leader

  6. Craig The derp

    Craig The derp2 hours ago

    The scout is a good skin

  7. Sebastian Holt

    Sebastian Holt4 hours ago

    Bad skin s bad skins the squad leader


    TAJ STANNARD4 hours ago

    I regret buying omen I refunded moisty merman for it. I regret it so much😭😭😭😭

  9. XD SniperKing00

    XD SniperKing005 hours ago

    I have #10 and i Like It 😂

  10. Polar

    Polar11 hours ago

    Polar say: Rex es la mera verga

  11. Popcone Popcone

    Popcone Popcone12 hours ago

    I have no Skins😫😞😩

  12. Phantom God

    Phantom God13 hours ago

    Rust lord was my first main skin. When I got it used it... Alot

  13. ابوداحم الجعفري

    ابوداحم الجعفري13 hours ago

    iagry but cadel team leder come on

  14. Phantom God

    Phantom God14 hours ago

    I bought the omen skin and I regret it

  15. Gladiator 2819

    Gladiator 281915 hours ago

    You can refund,go to settings> account>submit a request and choose what you want to refund

  16. Anthony Manjarrez

    Anthony Manjarrez16 hours ago

    The most rip off skin is the survival specialists

  17. Zaebree Coyle

    Zaebree Coyle19 hours ago


  18. james milkyano lie

    james milkyano lie19 hours ago

    I like the rust lord

  19. rockstar 214

    rockstar 21419 hours ago

    i hate cuddle team leader

  20. puppet tube

    puppet tube19 hours ago

    not be rude but some people like this skins

  21. BurntToast

    BurntToast22 hours ago

    I regret buying these? I didn’t know.

  22. Bilawal Ahmed Rahim

    Bilawal Ahmed Rahim23 hours ago

    I like the rust lord

  23. Zakdab

    ZakdabDay ago


  24. OfficialBlackOps4Clips

    OfficialBlackOps4ClipsDay ago

    Rex is such a 5year old skin....its ugly

  25. 10000 subscriber with no videos challenge!

    10000 subscriber with no videos challenge!Day ago

    I show respect for all skins 😊

  26. Noah Parks

    Noah ParksDay ago

    I like cuddle team leader and rust lord

  27. AleXD

    AleXDDay ago

    Regret buying a free skin (rust lord) lol

  28. 21 BM

    21 BMDay ago

    y yo you you r you re you rea you really thought I would do this

  29. Future Trend

    Future TrendDay ago

    cuddle team leader is my dream skin

  30. Hunter Raven-3

    Hunter Raven-3Day ago

    In season one it was not the battle pass, it was the seasonal shop. Also don’t include battlepass skins.

  31. AVDEV3

    AVDEV3Day ago

    Yet the leprechaun is one of the rarest in the game

  32. Emanuel Calidonio

    Emanuel CalidonioDay ago

    Zoey?? Why isn’t she there

  33. Black Night

    Black NightDay ago

    The thumbnail though the ranger is 2000 the ranger is 800 idiot

  34. Marcus Watkins

    Marcus WatkinsDay ago

    Cuddle team leader is my fav skin

  35. Donald Tramp

    Donald TrampDay ago

    I got sgt green clover loll

  36. Brody Brians

    Brody BriansDay ago

    I have cuddle team leader, sgt. Green clover and mission specialist

  37. end me

    end me2 days ago

    I don't regret buying the ranger 😅

  38. Rawr's channel

    Rawr's channel2 days ago

    3:44 it is coolllll!!!!!!!!!!

  39. slipperysammy_c

    slipperysammy_c2 days ago

    L Lo Lol Lo L My first ever one of thease

  40. game destroyer

    game destroyer2 days ago

    Cuddles is not bad >:(

  41. Terrorizer_riceman

    Terrorizer_riceman2 days ago

    Special forces doesn't look bad

  42. Muhammad Guman

    Muhammad Guman2 days ago

    Cuddel team leader is cute

  43. Jeremiahtube10. gaming

    Jeremiahtube10. gaming2 days ago

    I wish people would sto saying fortnite is a scam if u can still play the game and move and shoot its not a scam

  44. ZIG

    ZIG2 days ago

    2:45 that skin is in the item shop right now😭

  45. xShadow_Ninja

    xShadow_Ninja2 days ago

    Cute Cuddle I don’t know why people find it weird REEEEEEEEE

  46. Lil Pumpkin

    Lil Pumpkin2 days ago

    why is ranger in the thumbnail

  47. Killian455

    Killian4552 days ago

    What do ya mean, I didn’t regret buying Alpine Ace (CAN)?

  48. bro perfect

    bro perfect2 days ago

    The video starts at 2:13. Ur welcome

  49. crazy crew

    crazy crew2 days ago

    I would do anything to still have my account but have a cuddle team leader on it I would love to play with that skin I love that Skin

  50. DummyThunder12

    DummyThunder122 days ago

    Ha the jokes on you, I can't buy skins because I'm broke.

  51. Christian Voity

    Christian Voity3 days ago

    What about fred

  52. P3NGUIN

    P3NGUIN3 days ago

    Cuddle team leader is my favorite skin.. :c

  53. Goran Petrusic

    Goran Petrusic3 days ago

    But I love Rust Lord

  54. Ricky Vogler

    Ricky Vogler3 days ago

    You put rabbit raider in the thumbnail and in the intro, but I will never refund him cause hes my favorite skin. And if I even do refund him and hope he'll come back, it'll probably not be until like 2 months from now

  55. Schmalz Bart

    Schmalz Bart3 days ago

    This vid sucks. How am I regreting having a skin when I bought the battlepass and the skin came with it? Thats the weakest argument ever. If the whole bp would have sucked ass, k I guess Id understand it. But the way you put it..? Nah- dislike. Btw sgt greenclover will be rare til st. Patricks day. If they wont bring it back, Ill regret NOT buying it.

  56. Oranges Rule

    Oranges Rule3 days ago

    F you I love the cuddle team

  57. Kelly Kolwyck

    Kelly Kolwyck3 days ago

    Rust Lord of love it

  58. Lil Cringey

    Lil Cringey3 days ago

    Cuddle Team Leader = Furry what has epic done

  59. Pikihuia Pomare

    Pikihuia Pomare3 days ago

    why top5gaming are you dirty minded for a fortnite channel bro do not be innopropriate

  60. Zyron Simmons

    Zyron Simmons3 days ago

    I like being a default

  61. Shayden Welch

    Shayden Welch3 days ago

    Mine is the fly trap

  62. Narmeen Alzahim

    Narmeen Alzahim3 days ago

    I got the ace and commda

  63. Wolvigamer Velez

    Wolvigamer Velez4 days ago

    The bear is da best

  64. Fortnite Dolphin

    Fortnite Dolphin4 days ago

    I like the rust lord AND I have it😎

  65. Iulius Tita

    Iulius Tita4 days ago



    MUSTAKIM HOSSAIN4 days ago

    scout and pathfinder are the worst you are mentioning all the og and decent legendary skin

  67. Cayden Campbell

    Cayden Campbell4 days ago

    well im glad drift was not one cuz i like drift and have it and they should have a thng where if you want to sell the skin you canor trade skins and thing and sell things

  68. Savage 84

    Savage 845 days ago

    The raven wallpaper u put on screen that’s the one I have

  69. Jamie Bare

    Jamie Bare5 days ago

    can you put a in my opinion in the title please

  70. Lilian Quinones

    Lilian Quinones5 days ago

    The cuddle team leader is not that bad. But i have to agree with one thing IT IS FREAKING TERRIFYING!!!!

  71. lRadol lGojil

    lRadol lGojil5 days ago

    I like cuddle team leader

  72. haris hashmi

    haris hashmi5 days ago

    the worst skin i bought is the ace skin

  73. Jay Jay & Jenson's PlayHouse!

    Jay Jay & Jenson's PlayHouse!5 days ago


  74. Gabriel Romero

    Gabriel Romero5 days ago

    Did you know that fortnite has been around tell 2011

  75. Fortnite Boss

    Fortnite Boss6 days ago

    He sounds like a hobo by saying throw money at me he could be

  76. beast master

    beast master6 days ago

    I like it how he makes fun of the rare skins like alpine ace,Sargent green clover

  77. dymetreusp

    dymetreusp6 days ago

    i beg your pardon rex is awesome no regrets

  78. AgentLuka

    AgentLuka6 days ago

    Couldnt get pink bear so bought spooky team leader. Damn i love the bear skins

  79. Vinny never stop making Minecraft vedios Foutz

    Vinny never stop making Minecraft vedios Foutz6 days ago

    I hate cuddle team leader


    SKULL TROOPER6 days ago

    Number 1 is so cool And I’m lucky I have it

  81. Anthony Garrido

    Anthony Garrido6 days ago

    I love team leader

  82. Howtotrainurfrog

    Howtotrainurfrog6 days ago


  83. Armyboy5875 Dr.giraffe

    Armyboy5875 Dr.giraffe7 days ago

    Why would I buy the Ariel assault trooper it is amazing and i would spend money on it...

  84. CHOCOLATE?!?!?! ?

    CHOCOLATE?!?!?! ?7 days ago

    I have the blue recon scout and I have to agree it doesn't look that good. But when you put the black night shield or red night shield on the back of it makes it look so much cooler somehow

  85. Braden Cooper

    Braden Cooper7 days ago

    Merge accounts

  86. Elephant Lord

    Elephant Lord7 days ago

    What about the pathfinder. Have you seen this skin like ever. The pathfinder is baisicly a default redhead with black pants and shirt is darker

  87. Jo-Damien Aston

    Jo-Damien Aston7 days ago

    My brother loves the rust lord

  88. Taylor Rene'

    Taylor Rene'7 days ago

    I love the Cuddle Team Leader 😑😑

  89. Estrella Mendez

    Estrella Mendez7 days ago

    Why you call the rabbit bad boy

  90. roblock 377

    roblock 3777 days ago

    You should have added the Galaxy skin. It is such a sh*t unlocking it!

  91. SuperNoob :D

    SuperNoob :D7 days ago

    I have scout

  92. Florex

    Florex8 days ago

    FYI: Title- 10 worst skins you regret buying, you can't regret buying the rust lord it's a battle pass skin

  93. Alex Garza

    Alex Garza8 days ago

    I rather rear the 9 skin then having a default skin

  94. Hillary Patterson

    Hillary Patterson8 days ago

    Cuddle team leader is scary as af

  95. PerodotTheCat

    PerodotTheCat8 days ago

    I'm a default :(


    CARDON NORTON8 days ago

    In the thumbnail is the rarest skin in the game literally only came out twice and was first skin ever released

  97. Codzilla * ___ *

    Codzilla * ___ *8 days ago

    I bought sergeant green clover but I didn't know that it was glitched

  98. AndyxOugham 07

    AndyxOugham 078 days ago

    This is the most bullshit list I’ve seen In my own eyes

  99. Simar Chowdhary

    Simar Chowdhary8 days ago

    I disagree with u about the cuddle team leader and seargent green clover

  100. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey8 days ago

    This is John wick He has 200 HP 1 like= 1 damage Let's see how quickly we can kill him