Victoria Beckham Says Yes to a Spice Girls Carpool Karaoke


  1. mel grant

    mel grantMonth ago

    Surprised she would lower herself For a reunion.

  2. Taila Bedford

    Taila Bedford3 months ago

    Ummm still waiting for this tho

  3. the Book Fairy

    the Book Fairy3 months ago

    I am still waiting

  4. apolo

    apolo3 months ago

    i love how she's down with the idea

  5. emanlga3

    emanlga34 months ago

    I'm still waiting...

  6. habbogigi

    habbogigi4 months ago

    Well...I'm waiting

  7. christina potter

    christina potter4 months ago

    I, for one, did not go crazy and will not in the future

  8. Bosnia Austria

    Bosnia Austria5 months ago

    Yeah would be great...invite Emma Stone to see the Spice Girls

  9. Julie Willard

    Julie Willard5 months ago


  10. peter adams

    peter adams5 months ago

    old spice, no thank you.

  11. Teagan Denny

    Teagan Denny6 months ago

    Can someone please explain why victoria and shaq are wearing matching tops

  12. brown stallion

    brown stallion6 months ago

    Please do carpool karaoke spice girls!!! Is Emma single?

  13. Michaella K

    Michaella K6 months ago

    James all of us spice girl fans are counting on you

  14. Zoe Cruz

    Zoe Cruz6 months ago

    please carpool karaoke with spice girls I just really love them

  15. cartergirl3of3

    cartergirl3of38 months ago

    Is it me or does she seem so...rehearsed? Like even when she's supposed to be on a talk show being herself, she's not herself. I relish the old interviews with her from the 90's when she didn't care as much about her image.

  16. Josefa Loyola Q

    Josefa Loyola Q8 months ago

    This is literally the first time i see her smiling!!

  17. eLe_GRINT

    eLe_GRINT9 months ago


  18. A

    A9 months ago

    Two months later and I’m still waiting

  19. Lori

    Lori9 months ago


  20. Gayham

    Gayham9 months ago

    James Corden makes me want to vomit.

  21. Spaceman

    Spaceman9 months ago

    didnot she refuse to have anything to do with the SG years ago? and said she is done with it!! Mel C was the same.. and now when the $$$$$$$$ is good, they are in for it.. disgusting..

  22. Tai Singleton

    Tai Singleton9 months ago

    Spice Girls ✌️ 🌎 🌍 Viva Forever! 🇬🇧

  23. MrJayel27

    MrJayel279 months ago

    Victoria Beckham and...Shaq hahah...nice pairing.

  24. Miguel Ángel Morales

    Miguel Ángel Morales9 months ago

    I'm looking forward to watching it!!!!

  25. sunny sim

    sunny sim10 months ago

    She really has no importance, and is the most unnatural diva out there. All she talks about is girl power, and how she loves women. What about conservation, and cleaning up the planet Victoria. She contradicts herself also when she claims that she caters for all women with her fashions, and yet her sizes don't go above 8. Plus her prices don't go below £1000.

  26. Li Rodri

    Li Rodri10 months ago

    sooo is this going to happen or not?

  27. NatalietheDoll

    NatalietheDoll10 months ago


  28. Leslhee Bayson

    Leslhee Bayson10 months ago

    My Gahd! my fave! I always pretend to be Posh Spice when I was still young hahaha!😊 can't wait to see them in a carpool karaoke!😍

  29. Emma Welch

    Emma Welch10 months ago

    YES to carpool karaoke WITH James driving!

  30. Jade B.

    Jade B.10 months ago


  31. Dave herbolsheimer

    Dave herbolsheimer10 months ago

    Spice Girls Carpool would be great

  32. です。イプチハル

    です。イプチハル10 months ago

    she’s so lovely

  33. Charmaigne Calinao

    Charmaigne Calinao10 months ago

    When is this happening!? I'm so excited! 😍👌🎤🎶

  34. conny c

    conny c10 months ago


  35. Lloyd john Lyons

    Lloyd john Lyons10 months ago

    She been always reluctant to join her bandmates and put obstacles in the way of the group reuniting and you hear in the news she dosent really want to the tour or release new album Victoria a ungrateful celebrity because if it wasn’t for the spice girls Victoria would be nobody plus the only person that is helping her status is her footballer husband David Beckham. It’s about time Victoria stops all her Lies and just be honest on camera because all she is doing is looking two faced jealous person that isn’t grateful for the position she is in she takes a lot of things for granted as now every opportunity the spice girls have to celebrate its madam Victoria that dosent want part of any of it how unappreciated she is of where she is now the spice girls were the platform that led to her meeting David and her fashion career plus all her fans are properly. Spice girls fans so she really has to stop putting barriers up from stopping her bandmates in doing reunion she is just scared that spice girls will be still popular today and that the fan base hasn’t died and she doesn’t want endorsements coming in for new albums and tours plus singles because miss jealous Beckham has other more stuff to do with her failing fashion business that’s running in to major debt problems Victoria it’s about time you pick up the microphone make sure it’s turned on and get the other girls back togeather because all the spice girls fans want new music materiel and tour because the spice girls are still majorly still popular sorry to break it you but that’s how it’s coming across has she seen the votes about the popular spice girls bandmates apprantely Victoria is favourite spice girl member ranked can’t remember what place so what does that tell you Victoria even though you don’t like the spice girls heyday your going to always be remembered as posh spice so it’s about time stop trying rewrite history and let it be miss Beckham. The spice girls proved they are still popular at the olympics as much as she definitely looked miserable during it unfortunately today in society music business the group still have what takes to be massive again and yet she dosent want it Victoria it would help pay off those huge massive debts you have encountered with that failing fashion ambition think about how much cash you will have rolling in if you do it so that’s plus side for her but it’s will she won’t she do the band legacy thing but she wants to keep everybody guessing as much as she dosent want to do it spice girls will just keep popping up in interviews and videos so you might as well plus her daughter Harper is spice girl fan so that in it self is gaining new fans Victoria so it’s win win situation

  36. Allie Carta

    Allie Carta10 months ago


  37. joeljack1

    joeljack110 months ago

    She so reminds me of Anna Wintour!

  38. Avril Arteaga

    Avril Arteaga10 months ago

    I'm in love with The Spice Girls, They are still the best girlband ever & they will be 4ever.

  39. FunkyDoolittle

    FunkyDoolittle10 months ago

    where is MEL B???? in da photo???

  40. King Leon19

    King Leon1911 months ago

    She has a very sweet girlish voice

  41. Exemi

    Exemi11 months ago


  42. Robert McGhin

    Robert McGhin11 months ago

    If she's joking.....

  43. lirisDior

    lirisDior11 months ago

    do itttttttttt

  44. duppy conqueror

    duppy conqueror11 months ago

    Why do people always think victoria doesn't have a sense of humour, there's a lot of comments from people being shocked at the fact that she smiled/laughed....clearly not spice girls fans, because she's always been this way, she's actually very funny. Search "Victoria Beckham funny moments" or something

  45. Anto Emme

    Anto Emme11 months ago

    Omg!!!!! Can’t wait!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. GogoQ1

    GogoQ111 months ago

    Do it now!!!!

  47. MR. LENIS

    MR. LENIS11 months ago

    Am waiting james... make it happend!!!

  48. Evelyn Cortez

    Evelyn Cortez11 months ago

    Spice girls carpool karaoke yasss!!! Asap please!!!

  49. gebamst

    gebamst11 months ago

    Carpool Karaoke with Flula please!!!

  50. Me Fein

    Me Fein11 months ago

    Why is her head slanted in pictures so much with her only showing the left side of her face like she's had some sort of Stroke when in person both sides of her face are pretty normal? But let's face it, she's no Audrey Hepburn ffs.

  51. KuroiYuki88

    KuroiYuki8811 months ago

    Now make this Carpool Karaoke with Spice Girls true ffs I want this for real!!!

  52. george

    george11 months ago

    that would be amazing

  53. Jason Rodriguez

    Jason Rodriguez11 months ago


  54. Lori

    Lori11 months ago


  55. Syafiq Norkhalim

    Syafiq Norkhalim11 months ago

    I need a friend like Shaq

  56. V. Lilianne

    V. Lilianne11 months ago

    What kinda big thing spice girls brought to the world or our generation ? That’s was a fun girl band with catchy songs that made smash hits in the 90s there was no no BIG MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE!

  57. jz12094250

    jz1209425011 months ago

    Just seems too much gestures on her hands.. LOL

  58. Silquia

    Silquia11 months ago

    Yesss!!!! Pleaseeee 😍😍😍😍😍

  59. SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

    SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering11 months ago

    What utter horseshit.

  60. Jenny Lani

    Jenny Lani11 months ago

    YES, to the carpool karaoke

  61. CookieGod666

    CookieGod66611 months ago


  62. Gabriel Incognito

    Gabriel Incognito11 months ago

    She is weird. Beautiful but weird.

  63. Highestcloud

    Highestcloud11 months ago

    Can't wait!

  64. Mary Noveloso

    Mary Noveloso11 months ago

    Make it happen!!!!!!!!!

  65. scrubl0rd

    scrubl0rd11 months ago


  66. Shauna B

    Shauna B11 months ago

    YES. PLEASE. !!!!!!!

  67. Adrian Adrian

    Adrian Adrian11 months ago

    Ugly woman

  68. Stephanie Sindoro

    Stephanie Sindoro11 months ago


  69. Odin Lush

    Odin Lush11 months ago

    Mainstream = Lucifer

  70. Victor Adams

    Victor Adams11 months ago


  71. priveyful

    priveyful11 months ago

    I'll believe it when I see it Victoria.

  72. azdgariarada

    azdgariarada11 months ago

    She's had SO much work done.

  73. \\.Confused.//

    \\.Confused.//11 months ago

    The bitch never says yes to anything unless it involves her earning a huge pay check or self gain. The only spice girls I want to see is one without posh. Filthy bitch

  74. Sara Girard

    Sara Girard11 months ago

    Meter dependent control kick promising headline find following landing brief whether mean.

  75. Catherine Dang

    Catherine Dang11 months ago


  76. Ray Don

    Ray Don11 months ago

    if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get w my friends..

  77. shrineheart87

    shrineheart8711 months ago


  78. Emily Nolin

    Emily Nolin11 months ago

    victoria is so beautiful i can't get over it!!! i love her!!!!!!

  79. Jacqueline Sandell

    Jacqueline Sandell11 months ago

    She is always portrayed as being so glum.. But she's actually a lovely person or seems to be. Out of all of them she really did get a bad rap I think.

  80. Frida Ayso

    Frida Ayso11 months ago


  81. MainManChris

    MainManChris11 months ago

  82. Fernando Dantas

    Fernando Dantas11 months ago

    they should do a "tour bus from the spice movie" Karaoke!

  83. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik11 months ago

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  84. Re Mi

    Re Mi11 months ago

    Make it happen!!!

  85. Wolkify

    Wolkify11 months ago

    "wannabe" is still the only song that gets 100% of all girls onto the dancefloor! 😁

  86. theothertroll

    theothertroll11 months ago

    Spice crap ~

  87. Stephanie Restless In Seattle

    Stephanie Restless In Seattle11 months ago


  88. The Count

    The Count11 months ago

    I'd suck her toes.

  89. kenneth tanner

    kenneth tanner11 months ago

    Want this to happen this needs to happen

  90. Kristin Freedom

    Kristin Freedom11 months ago

    PLEASE make this happen!

  91. Souleymane Amade

    Souleymane Amade11 months ago


  92. Spice5Girls

    Spice5Girls11 months ago

    Ohh YES! #GirlPower ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  93. smail redal

    smail redal11 months ago

    Get the shirt worn by Victoria Beckham at Amazon now ... link here

  94. A babble

    A babble11 months ago

    Can't she just ditch her media training and talk like a normal human being?

  95. Cassie Banaszek

    Cassie Banaszek11 months ago


  96. Mario A. Lòpez

    Mario A. Lòpez11 months ago

    Hahaha the logo is right on the money!

  97. Phuong Nguyen

    Phuong Nguyen11 months ago

    Victoria looks like she's comfortable and smiley 😊

  98. Harvey Gardner

    Harvey Gardner11 months ago

    bunch nevertheless invite bedroom outdoor heat sector unlikely bow twist client active.

  99. ERIC F

    ERIC F11 months ago

    Make it happen James!👍❤️😁😎

  100. Fatima Joven

    Fatima Joven11 months ago