VENOM - Official Trailer 2 (HD)


  1. More Life

    More LifeHour ago

    Couldn't have b Picked an better actor, On God

  2. Jessie Lastern

    Jessie LasternHour ago

    Looks like the resin from my bong came alive eeith teeth ehhhhhh

  3. Sisri Anti

    Sisri AntiHour ago

    Lagi syantik

  4. *Lady Pank

    *Lady PankHour ago

    I love how everyone disregards the fact that this might have vore related deaths.

  5. Ali ram Guru nanak

    Ali ram Guru nanakHour ago

    October is too far I can't wait

  6. s02 Pzychotik

    s02 PzychotikHour ago


  7. R Suriya

    R SuriyaHour ago

    Waiting from india😍

  8. Amen Knowtech

    Amen Knowtech2 hours ago


  9. Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak2 hours ago

    On track to break the all-time October record set by gravity nearly 5 years ago

  10. KlearChristal

    KlearChristal2 hours ago

    Anyone else hyped?

  11. Abram Reyes

    Abram Reyes2 hours ago

    da asco

  12. the red-handed savage

    the red-handed savage2 hours ago

    I can already tell this movie is gonna be a CGI sh**fest.

  13. VooDoo Rem

    VooDoo Rem3 hours ago

    Makes no sense. Give it back to Marvel already :)

  14. YaY67-PR

    YaY67-PR3 hours ago

    OMG this movie see awesome✌ I have the prentice english🤣

  15. Xuffy

    Xuffy3 hours ago

    2:46 look at his shoulders IT LOOKS REAL

  16. RayquanRogers

    RayquanRogers3 hours ago

    Bruh this gonna be dope af to watch while high 😳

  17. Joey Cap

    Joey Cap3 hours ago

    Is it just me, or does this Movie look cool AF?

  18. Djordje Mandic

    Djordje Mandic4 hours ago

    Naruto and Kurama

  19. The Darkest Soul

    The Darkest Soul4 hours ago

    There is no Eddie ONLY VENOM

  20. Brizards ultimate Channel

    Brizards ultimate Channel4 hours ago

    Wait did I see anti venom vs venom

  21. Barnzooka

    Barnzooka4 hours ago

    Anyone remember Carnage?

  22. Brian

    Brian4 hours ago

    Even if the film doesn't turn great, Tom Hardy will still be fun to watch, regardless

  23. Brian

    Brian4 hours ago

    This Venom must be 7 feet tall or more

  24. The Doctor

    The Doctor4 hours ago

    Venom is suppose to be R rated to give us some blood pg13 is just to raise more money cuz of kids and those who are scared of R rated movies I dont mind it that badly but bit horror is suppose to show reality..not dreams of Teletubies

  25. Brian

    Brian4 hours ago

    1:55 I take it that she's supposedly Scream

  26. Radukai

    Radukai4 hours ago

    Yo no le veo futuro, pero bueno....

  27. Private User

    Private User5 hours ago


  28. So Tree

    So Tree5 hours ago

    What about carnage

  29. Sethsters 91

    Sethsters 915 hours ago

    Still of the opinion this movie bombs hard.

  30. Senguru Anony

    Senguru Anony5 hours ago

    2:35 when you watch Spider-Man's death scene in infinity war

  31. Eric S

    Eric S5 hours ago

    I just can't get behind this till I see the movie... Looks so corny

  32. Kristján Guðmundsson

    Kristján Guðmundsson5 hours ago

    please tell me that is carnage on 2:18


    ABHISHEK KUMAR6 hours ago


  34. Miko Prokkola

    Miko Prokkola6 hours ago

    2:18 anti--venom

  35. Retro Boomin

    Retro Boomin6 hours ago

    How is venom able to consume food with Eddie face behind his mouth???

  36. Christian Michael Odame Darkwa

    Christian Michael Odame Darkwa7 hours ago

    When venom fixed Eddy’s leg it reminded me of guts in The berserker armour

  37. elongura29

    elongura297 hours ago

    We are Venom

  38. BERTA Castañeda

    BERTA Castañeda7 hours ago


  39. jayvee del rosario

    jayvee del rosario7 hours ago

    The other one is carnage

  40. KOWSHIK Madhu

    KOWSHIK Madhu7 hours ago

    venom and Tom hardy good relationship

  41. Light Theory LLC

    Light Theory LLC7 hours ago

    Hmmm Too Graphic for the Kids 4 SURE! 16yrs + recommended.

  42. Light Theory LLC

    Light Theory LLC8 hours ago

    VENOM should take over GHOST RIDER BODY

  43. Light Theory LLC

    Light Theory LLC8 hours ago

    If I was Venom, My "D" would be as BIG as I WANT 2.

  44. KaregoAt

    KaregoAt8 hours ago

    Looks awesome, can't wait! But! For once, can they give Tom Hardy a role where he doesn't have to mumblegrowl the whole time?

  45. I am light/darkness

    I am light/darkness8 hours ago

    I feel bad for the guy who's head venom ate.

  46. Josue Production

    Josue Production8 hours ago

    We are venom

  47. talons claw

    talons claw8 hours ago


  48. Rodri CvMS

    Rodri CvMS8 hours ago

    ya quiero verlaa!!!

  49. SuperMind Therorizer42

    SuperMind Therorizer428 hours ago

    Pause at 1: 20!! Eddie’s face looks freaking terrifying!😳😦

  50. will

    will8 hours ago

    Don't you just hate it when you accidentally kill someone with a parasite in you're body


    RIBERHUS8 hours ago

    Ctm esta wea va a estar terrible wena, like.

  52. Alan J

    Alan J8 hours ago

    Venom is such an awesome character being played by such an awesome actor!

  53. sebastiàn Matute

    sebastiàn Matute9 hours ago

    El doblaje del inglés superó a todos, incluso al latino suena su voz par dar miedi

  54. Jimmy Ahmad

    Jimmy Ahmad9 hours ago

    Where spider man tobey maguire?! 😢

  55. John Laney

    John Laney9 hours ago

    Jimmy Ahmad why tf would he be in this? Troll.

  56. Chevy Chief

    Chevy Chief9 hours ago

    22000 dc fans lol

  57. surya n

    surya n9 hours ago

    just awesome...… of the best trailers I have ever seen...…..

  58. Anna Rosseti

    Anna Rosseti9 hours ago

    🔴 *VEN0M (2018) fiIm available here ( **** )*

  59. Aiden Bell

    Aiden Bell9 hours ago

    Why in every superhero movie is main character fighting a different version of the same character it's shitty writing

  60. Emma Ling

    Emma Ling9 hours ago

    So I call it fake

  61. Emma Ling

    Emma Ling9 hours ago

    It's not made from marvel

  62. Emma Ling

    Emma Ling9 hours ago

    This movie is not out yet so how would you make a video out of a fake movie

  63. Sofi Smith

    Sofi Smith10 hours ago

    "We are venom." This is what i think of when people tell me they identify as they/them.

  64. Joppe24

    Joppe2410 hours ago

    So the other one is Carnage?

  65. John Laney

    John Laney7 hours ago

    VENOM CARNAGE wrong. Its literally impossible for venom and anti venom to exist at the same time.


    VENOM CARNAGE9 hours ago

    Yeah man... He's Riot and i think that anti - venom is also there

  67. John Laney

    John Laney9 hours ago

    Joppe24.......uh no. Its Riot. Do you know nothing about carnage?

  68. TheWayiare33

    TheWayiare3310 hours ago

    I have a feeling Ms. Chen won't be returning to her job😂😂

  69. dewi roslita

    dewi roslita10 hours ago

    pengen nonton

  70. Martin Diaz

    Martin Diaz10 hours ago

    Who Else liked the video before watching the trailer

  71. MrCouchmen

    MrCouchmen10 hours ago

    This is Venom, not that screecher from Spiderman 3.

  72. Ái Mỹ

    Ái Mỹ10 hours ago


  73. Joshua Drew

    Joshua Drew11 hours ago

    I can't understand half the things he says and I could understand Bane pretty easily.

  74. jared struyde

    jared struyde11 hours ago

    If mcu spiderman is tied to this venom... looking at an image of spider carnage from the comics. Spider carnage almost resembles the mcu iron spider... be cool to see either spidey becoming black spidey or spidey carnage, then venom absorbs his powers. By absorbing the symbiote spidey had.

  75. John Laney

    John Laney11 hours ago

    jared struyde no connection

  76. Pinhead Larry

    Pinhead Larry11 hours ago

    If this might take place in the mcu, then will half of the people in this movie disappear

  77. John Laney

    John Laney11 hours ago

    Pinhead Larry no connection

  78. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson11 hours ago

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  79. Jackson Cohn

    Jackson Cohn11 hours ago


  80. 易杰

    易杰12 hours ago

    The hero needs to save

  81. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson12 hours ago

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  82. Erin Martina

    Erin Martina12 hours ago

    Wow. Scaryyy 😭

  83. doomboy71426 orange turtle2017

    doomboy71426 orange turtle201712 hours ago

    Spiderman trilogy and amazing Spiderman: how do you like me now VENOM: how do like me this MUCH

  84. Fick Nitz

    Fick Nitz12 hours ago

    tom hardys acting looks terrible in this

  85. Andrew Shuboy

    Andrew Shuboy12 hours ago

    Is this part of the MCU? Does it take place after Infinity War?

  86. John Laney

    John Laney11 hours ago

    Andrew Shuboy no connection

  87. bernard ngatunga

    bernard ngatunga12 hours ago

    I thought it was rated R not pg13

  88. bernard ngatunga

    bernard ngatunga12 hours ago

    Did he say like a turd in the wind WTF

  89. bernard ngatunga

    bernard ngatunga12 hours ago

    Ok it looks good hope those aren't the best scenes from the movie

  90. Harold Peña

    Harold Peña12 hours ago

    Just Venom´s voice makes this movie a hit... Bane´s voice feels like a lullaby vs Venom´s

  91. Jesucristo_ el robot del futuro.

    Jesucristo_ el robot del futuro.12 hours ago

    esto tiene que ser un peliculon

  92. 호흡곤란

    호흡곤란12 hours ago

    2:45 We.....are Venom

  93. Jepersprepur

    Jepersprepur13 hours ago

    Soooo this movie is gonna be a weird one

  94. Sean Henderson

    Sean Henderson13 hours ago

    I wonder is this Venom is gonna be part of a villain in the upcoming new Spider-Man movie. I wonder what is there planning?

  95. Sean Henderson

    Sean Henderson8 hours ago

    John Laney Okay thanks.

  96. John Laney

    John Laney11 hours ago

    Sean Henderson no connection to the mcu spiderman.

  97. PatrickMatrix

    PatrickMatrix13 hours ago

    I'm not sure weather that was carnage fighting venom or another symboit

  98. PatrickMatrix

    PatrickMatrix13 hours ago

    John Laney ohh ok im sorry i just thought of carnage of my head forgive me

  99. John Laney

    John Laney13 hours ago

    PatrickMatrix dude no. Carnage is blood fucking red and has thin elongated features. He isn't silver and buff like venom. That symbiote is Riot, not carnage.

  100. PatrickMatrix

    PatrickMatrix13 hours ago

    There was another symbiot in the end it could have been carnage

  101. PatrickMatrix

    PatrickMatrix13 hours ago

    John Laney well carnage is reddish

  102. John Laney

    John Laney13 hours ago

    PatrickMatrix .....well...does it look anything like carnage? No.

  103. MrCouchmen

    MrCouchmen13 hours ago

    No spider webs?

  104. Ethan Wei

    Ethan Wei13 hours ago

    What a voice venom has

  105. movies want

    movies want13 hours ago venom official final trailer

  106. Emily Calhoun

    Emily Calhoun13 hours ago

    That music though

  107. OneEyedGhoulX

    OneEyedGhoulX14 hours ago

    How are people mistaking Riot with Carnage? Carnage is red and he isn't buff like venom

  108. John Laney

    John Laney13 hours ago

    OneEyedGhoulX dude seriously. Its pissing me off so much. People are dumb

  109. Дима  Плисак

    Дима Плисак14 hours ago

    R or PG-13 ?

  110. Sam E

    Sam E14 hours ago

    they didn't learn

  111. Fadel fikri

    Fadel fikri14 hours ago

    Ban Venom (Fighter)

  112. reza asadi

    reza asadi14 hours ago

    well the trailer just showed everything in the movie . no need to waste money on that

  113. Egyptian Comedy

    Egyptian Comedy15 hours ago

    Subsscribe Now

  114. BA86ali

    BA86ali15 hours ago

    2:54 makes MY mouth drool.

  115. Oli Couz

    Oli Couz15 hours ago

    Venoms power is licking peoples face off