VENOM - Official Trailer 2 (HD)


  1. ali jaan

    ali jaan23 minutes ago

    So bane became venom

  2. The SuperBowserKain

    The SuperBowserKain24 minutes ago

    Cant wait to see it tonight

  3. R.I.P er

    R.I.P er42 minutes ago

    I would have liked it better if in took place in MCU

  4. Anna

    Anna58 minutes ago

    Heyo can someone help ya girl out? I would really love to go see venom, and I am 17, so pg-13 isn't a problem, but I just need to know a couple things. I saw on a comment that there is at least an implied sex scene, but how prominent is romance in this film? Does it take up a lot of time and do you think some strict parents would go see it?

  5. Tan Lee Lee

    Tan Lee LeeHour ago

    2:20 is the actual defining moment of the movie.

  6. Sassy Muffin

    Sassy MuffinHour ago

    No wonder monsters fuckers from Tumblr are crazy ☺🔥

  7. Veggie Stock

    Veggie StockHour ago

    I wish the fight scene between Venom and Riot could've been a bit longer

  8. Nazz Vitro

    Nazz VitroHour ago

    This day is my second time watching venom 😎


    JONE'S BBQ2 hours ago


  10. Daniel 5003

    Daniel 50032 hours ago

    1:34 and movie 1:01:32

  11. cháu của simmy

    cháu của simmy2 hours ago


  12. Shawnna Sully

    Shawnna Sully2 hours ago

    Finally end up watching it today it's an ok movie nice CGI ok story lots of comedic relief . It had some bite to it ,some of the action sequence were well conjoined. Vemons voice killer 💀

  13. Clarity lash

    Clarity lash2 hours ago

    Who’s imagining that eddie is keith and the women is lance?

  14. Erica Mills

    Erica Mills2 hours ago

    I didn't expect to like this movie, but I did. The dialogue was mostly wooden and the villain was so forgettable I doubt I'll remember him tomorrow, but Hardy did a FANTASTIC job as Eddie, Anne was a better female character than I ever thought she'd be, the chemistry and action scenes with Venom were absolutely the best. Overall a thin, kind of dumb movie, but it was so much fun I sincerely hope for a sequel. That stinger was excellent and hell, I just want more Symbrock shenanigans.

  15. Ahmad Othman

    Ahmad Othman3 hours ago

    Venom is fun and good at his heart! I love this film and Venom is one of my top favourite marvel characters now.

  16. BigPepe

    BigPepeHour ago

    Ahmad Othman this is from sony pictures

  17. Draxo.

    Draxo.3 hours ago

    My... speakers.... cannot.... make.... venoms..... sound. Help, i only hear globglobs

  18. Vaarshith N

    Vaarshith N3 hours ago

    The critics should learn how to criticize the film not just hate it.....

  19. Vincenzo Roman

    Vincenzo Roman3 hours ago

    thanos < VENOM

  20. Mortality Fast

    Mortality Fast3 hours ago

    I hope venom is on avengers 4 Like if you agree :3

  21. Wilson Playz

    Wilson Playz3 hours ago


  22. Mercury's Workshop

    Mercury's Workshop3 hours ago

    Best comicbook content of this year goes to: Spider-Man PS4 Venom Infinity War Daredevil Season 3 Deadpool 2

  23. Fosta Assassin

    Fosta Assassin3 hours ago

    Bad Movie...

  24. Algio Algio

    Algio Algio3 hours ago

    Venom is big😱😱😱😱😱😱💪

  25. LvngoURage 1

    LvngoURage 14 hours ago

    Just watched the movies 2 minutes ago OMG 5 stars dude I love so much

  26. Watermelon Person

    Watermelon Person4 hours ago

    Did anyone like venom? I want to know if it's good.

  27. hawkeng2007

    hawkeng20074 hours ago

    So good! The movie was amazing!

  28. TutorialesGamer

    TutorialesGamer4 hours ago

    Yo ya vi la película y está muy buena :)

  29. Soleil Morris

    Soleil Morris5 hours ago

    “i have a parasite” “apologise” venom said “nu uh” “APOLOGISE!” venom shouted SO CUTEEE

  30. Soleil Morris

    Soleil Morris5 hours ago


  31. Teniola Danmola

    Teniola Danmola5 hours ago

    Only real Marvel fans would get the Carnage reference in the end scene

  32. Andrew Brigmond

    Andrew Brigmond5 hours ago

    Somewhere, a Disney employee is wondering why Disney didn't by the movie rights to Venom.

  33. Eon Cajano

    Eon Cajano5 hours ago

    "Parasite." *A P O L O G I Z E*

  34. Zêus

    Zêus6 hours ago

    *Meanwhile, in another universe...*

  35. whatever man

    whatever man6 hours ago


  36. whatever man

    whatever man6 hours ago


  37. Emma Guerrero

    Emma Guerrero6 hours ago

    Alguien me podria explicar quien es venom o almenos recordarmelo esque ya se me olvido que personaje era😭😭😭😅😅😅😅

  38. whatever man

    whatever man6 hours ago


  39. YUNotNoZelda

    YUNotNoZelda6 hours ago

    1:24 my favorite quote

  40. Dan 7

    Dan 76 hours ago

    Who else is watching this after just seeing the movie?

  41. ItsNoahScott

    ItsNoahScott7 hours ago

    This is how venom should’ve sounded in Spider-Man 3!

  42. DJ Kittenz RBLX Stop Motions

    DJ Kittenz RBLX Stop Motions7 hours ago

    When Venom (an AMAZING movie) gets hate from critics but dead pool (an overly innapropriet that even R allowed humans say no to) gets love from everywhere My depression is back

  43. DJ Kittenz RBLX Stop Motions

    DJ Kittenz RBLX Stop Motions8 hours ago

    That time when venom says: Icelands pan grease, so many sex for one little dime. I know that's not what he says I just like New Rockstars okay

  44. Ryan W

    Ryan W8 hours ago

    I love VENOM

  45. Treefinity Steve

    Treefinity Steve8 hours ago

    ALL SYMBIOTIC WE ARE ENJOY! *WE ARE VENOM* *WE ARE CARNAGE* *WE ARE RIOT* *WE ARE LASHER* *WE ARE PHAGE* *WE ARE SCREAM* *WE ARE AGONY* *WE ARE HYBRID* *WE ARE KNULL* *WE ARE TOXIN* Let Me Know If I Missed Any + Have A Nice Day 🙂 Edit: I didnt put Anti Venom because hes basically venom

  46. Marcos Navarro

    Marcos Navarro8 hours ago

    V hi thanos

  47. Bogdan

    Bogdan8 hours ago

    Great movie,idk why everyone hates it

  48. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover8 hours ago

    I seen the venom movie on Wednesday

  49. chicken noodle

    chicken noodle8 hours ago


  50. This totally Looks like jiren

    This totally Looks like jiren8 hours ago

    W We We a We ar We are We are v We are ve We are ven We are veno We are venom We are veno We are ven We are ve We are v We are We ar We a We W

  51. VENOM. -MKD

    VENOM. -MKD9 hours ago

    I like it! (\/)

  52. Smeaton

    Smeaton9 hours ago

    Riz Ahmed? Rubber dinghy rapids bro

  53. Sckolar

    Sckolar9 hours ago

    Just read the critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently if you avoid creativity, and go through the motions of what is widely considered "Good" then you made a good movie, following tradition. Who exactly takes critics like this seriously?

  54. The Jersey-Devil

    The Jersey-Devil9 hours ago

    This movie really lived up to the hype

  55. Lialah v_v

    Lialah v_v9 hours ago

    I think just because there are critiques doesn't mean the movie was bad. I personally enjoyed it and thought it was a good movie. The plot however, deserves the critique.

  56. Fangirl2202

    Fangirl22029 hours ago


  57. Shadow Revered

    Shadow Revered9 hours ago

    Какой голос💜💜💜💜💜

  58. Mike Gaming

    Mike Gaming10 hours ago

    I just saw this

  59. djtekporlipostutorialsIT

    djtekporlipostutorialsIT10 hours ago

    no sense movie

  60. MrJonny6991

    MrJonny699110 hours ago


  61. Dvir Fight

    Dvir Fight10 hours ago

    best move ever 😎

  62. Toon Army TV

    Toon Army TV10 hours ago

    Anyone think venom looks jolly with his eyes and tongue at 1:30-1:32

  63. Teresa Rios Aramayo

    Teresa Rios Aramayo10 hours ago

    like si a venom no le gusta que le digan 🖒😂parasito

  64. Alexander

    Alexander10 hours ago

    Venom: i am inside your head *Later* _wHo'S aNnE?_

  65. rodney jones

    rodney jones11 hours ago

    I saw it last night it was great a must see

  66. Jelte Achterberg

    Jelte Achterberg11 hours ago

    Ive ben there its fcking sic cant wait vor venom twp

  67. Spider- man

    Spider- man11 hours ago

    I just realised how ugly WE are

  68. Hamid darkslayer

    Hamid darkslayer11 hours ago

    We can do what ever we want 😎💪

  69. Aleksa Boljević

    Aleksa Boljević11 hours ago

    Is venom an evil guy in spiderman 2

  70. Sir Andy

    Sir Andy11 hours ago

    Who’s here after watching venom?

  71. Dvir Fight

    Dvir Fight10 hours ago

    Sir Andy me

  72. Πάνος

    Πάνος12 hours ago

    We... ...are Venom

  73. Cate Briggs

    Cate Briggs12 hours ago

    This movie is so amazing .100% recommended

  74. Xode Productio

    Xode Productio12 hours ago

    This movie is so coooool!

  75. Elisa Zuniga

    Elisa Zuniga13 hours ago

    Está muy buena ya la fui a ver y si esta genial es bonito venom 😇😄👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💙

  76. Sam Wilder

    Sam Wilder13 hours ago

    remind me maxim anime

  77. sudesh more

    sudesh more13 hours ago

    VENOM is better than Spiderman

  78. Antonio Yañez

    Antonio Yañez13 hours ago

    0:34 pelicula de terror

  79. Asian Hy

    Asian Hy13 hours ago

    In the finial moment after the credits the guys said “carnage” carnage I believe is another venom. I’m sure they are going to make a venom 2 about him vs carnage. If you don’t know what carnage is search it up.

  80. Shahyan Khan

    Shahyan Khan13 hours ago

    We are venom

  81. Citlalli Garcia

    Citlalli Garcia14 hours ago

    I saw this movie last night and i loved it its really good

  82. Ieuan Smith

    Ieuan Smith14 hours ago

    what are you [Henry] we are bendy

  83. Mihailo Bacanovic

    Mihailo Bacanovic14 hours ago

    prototype 1 xD

  84. Achmad Nabawi

    Achmad Nabawi15 hours ago

    First in indonesia, superbbb 🙌

  85. Naulo Sanchar

    Naulo Sanchar15 hours ago

    This venom looks contagious I am going to drink this venom ... I mean to say I am going to watch this movie

  86. AsH R

    AsH R15 hours ago

    The end actually made me laugh, I’m glad we waited until 2018 to finally make a good movie about one of the most popular villains, in the world of heroes.

  87. TaLoN RuTlEdGe

    TaLoN RuTlEdGe15 hours ago

    I find it weird that part of the post credit is in the trailer also spoilers The movie was awesome but especially that fight scene and she venom that caught me offguard and agony STOP KILLING PEOPLE tho I kinda wish they didn't kill Carlton drake's assistant she couldve been a good character but overall 9/10 would see again

  88. Hanoch Bieber

    Hanoch Bieber15 hours ago

    Just came back after watchin thiz awesome wonderful movie😍❤️,Gud work 2 the Cast & Crew👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻

  89. It's yo Homie

    It's yo Homie15 hours ago

    Epic trailer

  90. Adwaith Shaji

    Adwaith Shaji15 hours ago

    this movie is amazing and I think the critics have gone crazy grade- A+

  91. Amber Kumar

    Amber Kumar16 hours ago

    Super action video

  92. farheena farooq

    farheena farooq16 hours ago

    Sometimes you gotta like your own comment to get the dice rolling

  93. Μαριλενα Τριαντφυλλου

    Μαριλενα Τριαντφυλλου16 hours ago

    Can someone ,who has watched the movie, tell me how it was?

  94. Noverdy Virgiawan Listianto

    Noverdy Virgiawan Listianto17 hours ago


  95. WaFF

    WaFF17 hours ago

    I have Watched the mod vi er 10/10

  96. Venom

    Venom17 hours ago

    Like a turd in the wind

  97. MrIDK0

    MrIDK017 hours ago

    What a nice kakuja he has there

  98. Migle Playz

    Migle Playz17 hours ago

    Intresting And Spooky!

  99. RWBY Maidens

    RWBY Maidens17 hours ago

    it would be pretty nice if I had a monster inside me, wait I do it's my soul.

  100. RWBY Maidens

    RWBY Maidens17 hours ago

    it's reassuring to have a monster inside you at all times, like what if he has to change, or shower??/ hmmmm

  101. Chris Razon

    Chris Razon17 hours ago

    Venom is the weakest of all symbiots. But he is the father of riot and other symbiots to come. Like carnage. Venom can give offsprings even though his a dude. And those offsprings are stronger than he is. Such as carnage. Riot. And the rest. That's why when they fought riot. He said 0 chance of defeating riot. Because his offsprings are stronger than he is. Makes sense.

  102. today wowow

    today wowow17 hours ago

    Venom is much better than rotten black panther and antman-wasp