Van Jones Wants Democrats To Work Harder - CONAN on TBS


  1. bronson arnold

    bronson arnold8 months ago

    von johns is an idiot

  2. MrMystery99

    MrMystery998 months ago

    VERY pro Obama...

  3. redwolf7227

    redwolf72278 months ago

    Barak Obama bubble bath lol

  4. Heroes ofHogan

    Heroes ofHogan8 months ago

    "and the nazis"...... Did anyone catch that ?!!?...... This is America !!,.... he, (on the other hand), can Go Eff himself !!

  5. Burt Reynolds

    Burt Reynolds8 months ago

    Work harder at finding more "big fat nothing burgers", right Van Jones? 😂😂😂

  6. TheKijib

    TheKijib8 months ago

    look at the dislikes, this is why Trump won you idiots

  7. Ceco Elvisa

    Ceco Elvisa8 months ago

    I'd rather have the cookie monster in the white house , literally anybody else

  8. Bobby W

    Bobby W8 months ago

    Conan please don’t go political. I love you because you don’t go for the easy political trump humor

  9. foulpotato

    foulpotato8 months ago

    Democrats? Hard work? Most dems are slackers these days

  10. Hello

    Hello8 months ago

    We need a better candidate than established politicians. No more Clintons!!! Put forth a people's choice or Trump will have a 2nd term

  11. Heroes ofHogan

    Heroes ofHogan8 months ago

    No !, For the Love-Of-GOD,.....Please!....Put Forth Maxine Waters !!!......MAGA, 2020 !!!!

  12. McDangerously

    McDangerously8 months ago

    #WalkAway for anyone still sane out there. Democrats founded the KKK, Jim Crow was a Democrat. The Democrats did the war on drugs that put 2 million black fathers in jail and they love taxes. Ask yourself what changed when Barack was in power. Black people being majority Democrats is the biggest joke ever played on a group of people in the history of this country.

  13. deistmutt

    deistmutt8 months ago

    You can't work hard against the slogan "Get rid of muslims and illegal south americans". Too many white folks fear/hate the minorities.

  14. Heroes ofHogan

    Heroes ofHogan8 months ago

    Not fear/hate.......Minorities Just Stupid and Needy.

  15. veryape1

    veryape18 months ago

    So... Conan is now giving racists a platform?

  16. DeadBunny69

    DeadBunny698 months ago

    Democrat platform: We're not Trump, those people are racist, the Russians did it. Good luck with that dumbasses.

  17. animalntaz

    animalntaz8 months ago

    "Keep your political opinions to yourself!" says other people with political opinions.

  18. Heroes ofHogan

    Heroes ofHogan8 months ago

    So says Clueless.


    KAWAII OBAMA8 months ago

    democrats aren't an opposition to the republicans. they work for the same donors.

  20. Leedle Lee

    Leedle Lee8 months ago

    Arrogance. Arrogance is why the left lost in 2016 and why they are continuing to lose well into 2018, despite all the efforts they politicians and media dogs have put in. People are simply exhausted with the snobby attitude, thought policing, social engineering, manipulation of voters, and divisive rhetoric that defines the Democrats. Americans understand that their ideas are simply poisoning our country and the fact that they voted in Trump in 2016, over the dried up hag that the left was so exorbitantly confident would win, meant that Americans were desperate to cleanse the left's toxicity. Even now, they can't manage to develop a meaningful platform other than "We hate the President." The irony is that their excessive promotion of "diversity" (which in practice is just a new form of segregation), little concern for shared moral values, and neglect in educating their constituents is what's keeping them from mobilizing the party against at this moment. I doubt the party will last much more than another decade the way things are going now.

  21. John Smith

    John Smith8 months ago

    And the nazi's...fuck me what a twat

  22. performancepursuit

    performancepursuit8 months ago

    I lean conservative because of military service but like the middle, hence why I love Conan. But when Obama won in 08 my honest reaction was 1. let's see and 2. I hope the country does well. When I see dem's attacking conservatives before the electoral votes are in and praying for failure I question what is driving the divisiveness in this country? Is Van motivated by love or preserving self?

  23. Melinda Virosteck

    Melinda Virosteck8 months ago

    Barack Obama bubble bath? Ohh damn, I'd be down for that.... Hey Barry, u up?

  24. Crimass

    Crimass8 months ago

    Work harder or be smarter?

  25. Armand Babakhanian

    Armand Babakhanian8 months ago

    Democrats and liberals are why Trump won, and why he will win again in 2020. Everybody is sick of this PC illusion that is the progressive agenda. This uptight narcissistic condescending schumkery.

  26. Southern Slushie Chan

    Southern Slushie Chan8 months ago

    Stay away from politics Conan. I don't need to know what side of the spectrum your on

  27. Cancun771

    Cancun7718 months ago

    He's right you know. 95% of my twitter is like, Mueller this, Mueller that, Mueller _please_ get a move on. *There is no fate but what we make for ourselves!* Repeat after me: *Nobody will remove Trump for you.* Not Mueller - not anybody. *Only the American people can do that.* *The GOP will never impeach Trump.*

  28. thenewmiLONNIEum

    thenewmiLONNIEum8 months ago

    Malcolm X would correctly call this man a House Negro.

  29. Sarin VX

    Sarin VX8 months ago

    Van “blame whitey” Jones

  30. Lloyd Clement

    Lloyd Clement8 months ago

    Van Jones and Conan? Really? The democratic plane is in a downward spiral and the pilots are Crazy Pelosi, Mad Maxine, Delusional Schumer, Pocahontas, etc. The flight attendant just entered the cabin and said: "Is there anyone here who can fly this plane?" Crickets!

  31. GF Williams

    GF Williams8 months ago

    Yeah, Van Jones - "Workers of the World Unite!" Right?

  32. jay folk

    jay folk8 months ago

    wasnt the dude after lincoln impeached and removed?

  33. Tlc1992

    Tlc19928 months ago

    Im 25. Before i die id like to see democrats and republicans get along. This is ALL of ours country to make better

  34. E De

    E De8 months ago

    All those nothing-burgers are making me hungry for the truth.

  35. Daniel Campbell

    Daniel Campbell8 months ago

    I despise Trump, but Van Jones seems just as crazy and irrational as Alex Jones.

  36. Catherine3385

    Catherine33858 months ago

    I like Trump and I agree

  37. DatGuy

    DatGuy8 months ago

    You never know , you might end up voting for Trump 2020 bc the Dems go crazy

  38. Dejay Rezme

    Dejay Rezme8 months ago

    Yay! Get back to it! The Party has to go on! Nom nom nom tasty corruption and shitty journalists!

  39. yadira ramirez

    yadira ramirez8 months ago

    Dear Van Jones, Stfu.. you're not helping. Atte, real PROGRESSIVES.

  40. Marc Touss

    Marc Touss8 months ago

    van wants to be a true progressive but still massage the establishment on cnn... pick a side van... pick a side...

  41. angel2901

    angel29018 months ago

    Today I have read that Robert Duncan McNeill, who played Tom Paris on Star Trek Voyager, isn’t allowed to direct an episode of Star Trek Discovery. Because he is white and male. I’m not making this up, google it. As long as stuff like this happens, I can guarantee you that Trump will get a second term.

  42. Timppa 3

    Timppa 38 months ago

    Honestly, the way liberals have beem "handling" these 2 years actually makes it seem plausible to me that Trump (or atleast Republicans) might win again. I don't think politicians/media have gotten the message I think people tried to give by voting for Trump (I think most votes were more anti-liberal than pro-Trump).

  43. Home Wall

    Home Wall8 months ago

    Democracy is vote on issues. A representative republic means we vote for those who have the actual power and make the actual decisions, often representing the donor class alone.

  44. rpnp2

    rpnp28 months ago

    Hope and Change never came.. so people didn't want version 2.0 for 4 more yrs

  45. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul8 months ago

    rpnp2 oh change came. Just not in the prosperous way that was promised. It went down a dark path, no matter how much these idiots claim it was sunny. Artificial light doesnt count.

  46. Sambo Rambo

    Sambo Rambo8 months ago

    *smart man*

  47. B Richards

    B Richards8 months ago

    Get back to your show. Politics doesn't work.

  48. wolfpack81nc

    wolfpack81nc8 months ago

    Barbara Richards I would motorboat the truth if it sat on my face. You, however, are not tall enough to ride.

  49. John Lopez

    John Lopez8 months ago

    not Conan's fault. He's just following orders from the top. But I agree, this will be the corruption of Conan's talkshow

  50. B Richards

    B Richards8 months ago

    C. S. Everything is a bot to you losers.

  51. B Richards

    B Richards8 months ago

    wolfpack81nc You wouldn't know truth if it sat on your face.

  52. wolfpack81nc

    wolfpack81nc8 months ago

    Barbara Richards go back to your Fox News BS 24/7 if you don’t like the truth.

  53. B Richards

    B Richards8 months ago


  54. Dustin

    Dustin8 months ago

    yeah I'm sure it's easier to blame people's issue with the democrats on russian bots. Good luck on the next election

  55. Claudio Michel

    Claudio Michel8 months ago

    The top mods there also moderate such fine subs as: hillaryforprison, TheNewRight, WomenforTrump, boycottCNN, MAGAmemes, Donald2020, TrumpPA, TrumpLivesMatter, TheNewRight_Training etc. Furthermore: and 4chan debunked them also.

  56. Dustin

    Dustin8 months ago

    lol russian trolls? How can you confirm this? do you believe every reddit jpeg you read with meme font?

  57. Claudio Michel

    Claudio Michel8 months ago

  58. DeadlyD0right

    DeadlyD0right8 months ago

    they always look back at obama like he was the 2nd coming of jesus. he was okay he wasn't terrible he did some bad things aswell. citizens united, ice hasn't been an issue during obama days but been around since bush jr., the billions of dollars in bailouts to corporations and banks with tax payer money but the average joe lost everything and got nothing.

  59. Alessandro Scuderi

    Alessandro Scuderi8 months ago

    Not to mention he was god awful with civil rights. US wasnt even ranked top 40 in the world in freedom of press by the end of his reign due to crack down transparency and war on whistleblowers

  60. Sir Winston Lennon

    Sir Winston Lennon8 months ago

    DeadlyD0right Obama lost a record 61 seats in the 2014 mid terms. What the hell is Van Jones smoking??

  61. DeadlyD0right

    DeadlyD0right8 months ago

    Jose Jonez probably frustrated that someone could have a different political opinion than them so they say they're a bot and report them for it too.

  62. Freeway

    Freeway8 months ago

    C. S. I think you're a bot. You keep repeating yourself on every comment.

  63. DeadlyD0right

    DeadlyD0right8 months ago

    beep boop

  64. MidScream1

    MidScream18 months ago

    You can't win Van Jones... All your base belongs with us :)

  65. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul8 months ago

    MidScream1 haha. Been a minute since ive heard/seen that said. Good use of it too.

  66. LibertyAndDeath

    LibertyAndDeath8 months ago

    Demographics are destiny so what happened was we woke up to the Democrats planned demographic replacement of white America.

  67. Dr. Doak

    Dr. Doak8 months ago

    If Trump supporters were real Nazis you'd be in a camp already.

  68. Gabriel360LIVE

    Gabriel360LIVE8 months ago

    Work harder? With what? How about education? No, wait. The Democratic Party wants people to be uneducated just as much as the Republican Party. If you want people to understand who their candidates are, you have to give them critical thinking skills. This is what is lacking in the US right now. That's why we had so many people standing behind Trump and Hillary. There's a reason education has declined over the decades, and it's because the Democrats and Republicans want an easier time fooling and controlling the voters. Of course, this is what we get when we don't grow an educated public: President Trump. Listen to George Carlin.

  69. Catherine3385

    Catherine33858 months ago

    C J You really should not spew crap from your mouth that you really do not understand To make a comment and then be "to tired" to back it up is stupid. Stop it

  70. Jesse Rivera

    Jesse Rivera8 months ago

    Gabriel360LIVE I don’t even follow politics but I was thinking the same thing. If we were more educated (including myself) then it would help with who’s put in office. Most of us are just stupid

  71. C J

    C J8 months ago

    Holmes245 // First of all, I’m a Swede. I’m no GOP- or DNC-voter. But listen to her yourself: Doing a report of school safety lastly, but refuses to include or focus on guns - that have killed so many only this year alone,.. That and much more,.. Your welcome.

  72. Holmes245

    Holmes2458 months ago

    CJ, I don't buy it. Where she "guesses half the time"? Guesses at what? You're just another liberal repeating something you heard because it's something you want to be true about her but when pressed, can't explain the why of it.

  73. Shutdown Corner

    Shutdown Corner8 months ago

    if getting rid of common core is dismantling, then yes dismantle it

  74. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith8 months ago

    The landscape of the Democrats today vs 2015-2016 is even worse. Their message is one big blur with no leadership. 2020 will be a GOP win in larger margins.....Watch

  75. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul8 months ago

    Mark Smith their msg is to harrass and attack conservatives. They cant be any more clear about it.

  76. No One

    No One8 months ago

    Wait, is that Van "Nothingburger" Jones.

  77. Journeyman Dan

    Journeyman Dan8 months ago

    A year and a half in to the Trump presidency, and this is the first democrat I've heard who actually has an honest and realistic perspective.

  78. Journeyman Dan

    Journeyman Dan8 months ago

    I was referring more to his acknowledgement that Trump isn't going to stop being president and the whole Mueller probe is feeding delusional hopes for Dems.

  79. Leedle Lee

    Leedle Lee8 months ago

    Journeyman Dan he's actually neglecting to mention a couple of important details, particularly how the 2016 election was an election of voting in non-politicians, or at least political outliers, because people were so pissed with the government's stagnation at the time. People on the left were getting excited and mobilizing for one candidate, but it wasn't Hillary Clinton, and when the letter detailing how the DNC was going to put Hillary on a pedestal and disregard the thoughts and opinions of many constituents, any chance of mobilizing their party on a massive scale was absolutely gone. He is right about one thing though: no one on their end ever believed Trump could win. All of this is what we call arrogance. Arrogance lost the Democrats the 2016 election. Not racists, not sexists, not hatred or bigotry, and certainly not a "whitelash" as Van Jones put it with all of his prejudice and ignorance. It was pure arrogance, and people on both sides had enough.

  80. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    Journeyman Dan Van Jones is the definition of intellectual dishonesty.

  81. Stonecold stunner P.h.D

    Stonecold stunner P.h.D8 months ago

    His a cuck !

  82. CraigRattleHead

    CraigRattleHead8 months ago

    This interview is a big nothing burger.

  83. Burt Reynolds

    Burt Reynolds8 months ago

    The only bots around these days are the tired liberals who refuse to admit when they're wrong, or that they belong to the party of intolerance; the very thing they are suppose to be so passionately against. Hilarious and sad.

  84. droid

    droid8 months ago

    I'm seeing a lot of duplicate comments on the other Conan/Van Jones vids . The bots are out. Kinda funny in a way, because thumbs-downs and negative comments still count as engagement to MReporter, so bot-led neg-campaigns like this actually help the video they're supposed to be undermining (increasing their search ranking and monetization)

  85. Freeway

    Freeway8 months ago

    True. So tired of the politics and lies spread by these parties.

  86. C. S.

    C. S.8 months ago

    CraigRattleHead is a BOT.

  87. Donavan Caudle

    Donavan Caudle8 months ago

    This whole conversation is why Trump won in 2016

  88. Catherine3385

    Catherine33858 months ago

    Donavan Caudle true

  89. DaddynHay

    DaddynHay8 months ago

    "Everyone who disagrees with my race/identity obsessed hateful political views is a Nazi" Excuse me I must join my liberal friends and viciously race bait all night while we pretend we are anti-racism activist. If we have time we will bash women for having opinions we don't like while claiming we are feminist. Identity politics rule! Lets go call conservatives violent while ignoring the fact leftist commit violent acts 20:1 compared to conservatives. Everyone who I dislike is literally Hitler. Everyone but me is racist.

  90. C. S.

    C. S.8 months ago

    Donavan Caudle is a BOT

  91. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith8 months ago

    Um, missing from this conversation to make your statement accurate is: DNC corruption during midterms, Hillar Clinton as front runner amidst her email scandal, blue collar America voting....this list goes on.

  92. malik qayyum

    malik qayyum8 months ago

    Even Trump talks about it even now

  93. Psylent Productions

    Psylent Productions8 months ago

    I want Democrats to work smarter. Not harder. But then again, they would no longer be Democrats if that happened...

  94. Catherine3385

    Catherine33858 months ago


  95. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul8 months ago

    Psylent Productions zing!