Van Jones Thinks Trump's Supreme Court Pick "Sucks" - CONAN on TBS


  1. Jonathan Watkins

    Jonathan Watkins4 months ago

    Van sucks

  2. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker7 months ago

    hey....its Mr. Whitelash :P

  3. Jimothy McGiggles

    Jimothy McGiggles7 months ago

    oh there's a f'ing surprise. Van Jones doesn't like something Trump picked ahahahahaha but if obama picked the same guy, he'd be fine with it. he'd say, this is a smart choice or some rationale for it. the left, bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Orlando Vega

    Orlando Vega8 months ago

    Van is still Snowflaking trying to find a placecin politics.

  5. Diego Nunez

    Diego Nunez8 months ago

    Van Jones is a turd.

  6. Shawn Deel

    Shawn Deel8 months ago

    Van Jones racist piece of liberal trash

  7. The420Destroyer

    The420Destroyer8 months ago

    Van Jones is vermin.

  8. ThisorThat

    ThisorThat8 months ago

    Van Jones is an unqualified moron. But he IS black.

  9. TGNS

    TGNS8 months ago

    CNN sucks

  10. Maverick Watch Reviews

    Maverick Watch Reviews8 months ago

    This is the same Van Jones that got busted saying that the Russian Collusion hoax was indeed a "Nothingburger". Dems are pathetic and over.

  11. McDangerously

    McDangerously8 months ago

    Trump could have thrown a dart to land on anyone for the pick and they would have been ridiculed anyway. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. #walkaway for anyone still sane on the west coast.

  12. My Thoughts

    My Thoughts8 months ago

    Van Jones the racist WHITE-LASH guy, yeah I am gonna trust his opinion. Why put this bigot on TV?

  13. DeadBunny69

    DeadBunny698 months ago

    Conan has been jumping on the leftist propaganda bandwagon hard lately. Van Jones is not only a liar and hypocrite he's an enormous bigot. Would be a shame to dump Conan on my watch list because he's decided to go full libtard. He's the only late night host I even watch anymore, the rest are unfunny leftist trash.

  14. McDangerously

    McDangerously8 months ago

    Yeah I know, I'm especially saddened by Colbert's full SJW outing. Corden still seems cool and I think Fallon still has some hope, maybe.

  15. forsmanos

    forsmanos8 months ago

    Put glasses on a below average iq man and you get Van Jones.

  16. Jimmy Peters

    Jimmy Peters8 months ago

    Not fair? WTF is this? Grade school?

  17. Devon Gee

    Devon Gee8 months ago

    Who is this moron what does he do

  18. Mad For Games

    Mad For Games8 months ago

    How clever. “It sucks whoever it is.” Idiot.

  19. Amal Edward

    Amal Edward8 months ago

    Russian story is a nothing burger

  20. Aulorenzo

    Aulorenzo8 months ago

    Fill in the name and the response would be the same. Van Jones is a racist

  21. Jordan

    Jordan8 months ago

    Liberals find something to complain/ march about everyday.

  22. Ogi1508

    Ogi15088 months ago

    wow he doesnt like something trump did? shocking

  23. Aristo Two

    Aristo Two8 months ago

    WARNING !!!!!! Russian ProBots Below.. :

  24. aakkoin

    aakkoin8 months ago

    "It sucks whoever it is" Prejudice much? The democrats cannot approve of ANYTHING Trump does. So stupid and cultish. When Trump condemns criminals and murderers, the democrats start defending those criminals and murderers.

  25. Malvavisco

    Malvavisco8 months ago

    Only because he's not done anything worthy of approval. Just that minor no-big-deal reason.

  26. purple pillow

    purple pillow8 months ago

    Conan going downhill

  27. s bright

    s bright8 months ago

    Van jones and Conan still think we are coming to take over and exploit Haiti’s rich resources

  28. s bright

    s bright8 months ago

    Van jones isn’t intellectually fit enough to carry Kavanaughs first year prosser on torts book

  29. Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson8 months ago

    oh well, if Van Jones said it....seriously? and he didnt even know yet

  30. Sage Rastafari

    Sage Rastafari8 months ago

    Thats how the fugazi left thinks

  31. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith8 months ago

    Van is cnn left trash

  32. Dylan Arnold

    Dylan Arnold7 months ago

    You're a fool, Van is the man, watch him get interviewed by info wars.

  33. Can'tThinkOfAName

    Can'tThinkOfAName8 months ago

    Fancy Dark Coco Of course CNN is left, have you seen their hosts.

  34. Fancy Dark Coco

    Fancy Dark Coco8 months ago

    Eric Smith CNN is left?! 😂🤣😂🤣

  35. Armand Babakhanian

    Armand Babakhanian8 months ago

    No matter who Trump chose, the liberals would've hated it. As would have every single late-night talk show host, professor, journalist, and leftist politician.

  36. Malvavisco

    Malvavisco8 months ago

    Well obviously, because his choices are garbage.

  37. Jake Sanchez

    Jake Sanchez8 months ago

    If i wanted to know what Van Jones thought about trump i would watch him on CNN. This guy doesn't need more TV time. Come on Conan

  38. Dr Phot

    Dr Phot8 months ago

    Oh so now we know who Conan's fans really consist of you bunch of hillbilly Trumptard bunch of racist blokes... #VanTheMan

  39. Datlef2008

    Datlef20088 months ago

    Guess name calling is all you can do cause you can't debate at all it's pretty sad

  40. Donny V

    Donny V8 months ago

    That shtick is getting old chump. oh nooo i dont agree with other peoples thoughts, it must be cause their RACISTS. Hope you know your part of the reason trump got elected.

  41. Turkey Breast Medallions & Stuffing

    Turkey Breast Medallions & Stuffing8 months ago

    Who is Van Jones?

  42. John Smith

    John Smith7 months ago

    An ex Obama crony.

  43. Vamonos Pest

    Vamonos Pest8 months ago

    ... google?

  44. Vlaka

    Vlaka8 months ago

    Zzz american politics

  45. LiberalsArePoop

    LiberalsArePoop8 months ago

    Van Jones is a poop flinging monkey.

  46. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker7 months ago

    careful....u cant make a joke about blacks and monkeys without them taking it out of context and misinterpreting it and have them blame you for calling them non-humans......they cant handle triggers them so hard, they lose their careful :)

  47. Aristo Two

    Aristo Two8 months ago

    DoodyBoy67 Be Careful Roseanne.. You already died once........

  48. irish2pac

    irish2pac8 months ago

    Van Jones has Aids

  49. Slayerformayor1983

    Slayerformayor19838 months ago

    Too bad, so sad...

  50. LilFire Fox

    LilFire Fox8 months ago

    So...b/c Obama recommended ppl it's ok for you, but Trump's doing it is wrong?? And that's not racist at all why? ( I'm not going to say reverse racism b/c that dose not exist.)

  51. M

    M8 months ago

    The Supreme Court is there to make sure laws do not conflict with the Constitution as it is written when it was written. Not to make up their own interpretations. You know they have been doing it wrong when the very possibility of a past ruling being overturned exists. That means it was based on opinion instead of the actual Constitution.

  52. krninja22

    krninja228 months ago

    Conan has really gone downhill. Van Jones as a guest? Laughable.

  53. krninja22

    krninja228 months ago

    Whose next? Did you mean who's next? They bring idiots on their show so I think maybe you should audition.

  54. etheangel2220

    etheangel22208 months ago

    I think youre right. Whose next?! trump?

  55. The Grinch

    The Grinch8 months ago

    krninja22 seems to be everyone’s go to now days when they are going down hill. Jump on the trump hating train.

  56. Clay Bailey

    Clay Bailey8 months ago

    Explains a liberals logic

  57. GF Williams

    GF Williams8 months ago

    Van Jones? Is it a shock he despises Trump's pick? The guy is a Communist.

  58. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx17 months ago

    Communism is, by design, anarchist. Communism argues for the complete removal of government, currency, and class status. Everything becomes entirely communally owned and run.

  59. John Smith

    John Smith7 months ago

    xxchanchanxx1 isn't what you're describing an anarchist?

  60. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx18 months ago

    I do not think Van Jones argues for the government not existing anymore. I do not believe he argues against currency existing either. He may call himself a communist (I have not even checked this claim yet) but that does not make him a communist.

  61. GF Williams

    GF Williams8 months ago

    For him, it is "a means to an end", i.e. the very end of what you speak. Have you looked up this guy?

  62. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx18 months ago

    If he was a communist, he would be against the government even existing. He would be against currency existing. He would be against any executives of any business existing. Van Jones is nothing close to a communist.

  63. outdoor fun

    outdoor fun8 months ago

    Van Jones is an admitted communist. The Democrat party is full of them. Wake the hell up people and get your heads out of your rectums.

  64. payableondeath7

    payableondeath78 months ago

    I would think Trump fans would love Van, because he tends to be really divisive among Democrats

  65. J C

    J C8 months ago

    Leave the country libs.

  66. TheBaconBrotato

    TheBaconBrotato8 months ago

    Spoiler Alert: Van Jones SUX!

  67. 79

    798 months ago

    Conan should be more like Johnny Carson and stay away from politics TRUMP 2020 MAGA 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  68. Michael

    Michael8 months ago

    no difference between trump and Hilary, right, bernie bros? I hope the court overturns roe v wade. that's what you allowed to happen. I hope he takes your food stamps, healthcare, and jacks up the interest rates on your student loans, too. you deserve it.

  69. Leo Auqa

    Leo Auqa8 months ago

    Lol temper tantrum. No one cares about your indignation

  70. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    Michael I'm surprised it wasn't overturned the instant it was revealed that Norma McCovery lied about being raped.

  71. Auckland357

    Auckland3578 months ago

    The clue is “people who annoy you”

  72. JZ Silverback

    JZ Silverback8 months ago

    I'm sorry but Pres. Trump is a joke among all american presidents...

  73. Datlef2008

    Datlef20088 months ago

    What a cry baby

  74. Kell Brigan

    Kell Brigan8 months ago

    NOBODY CARES WHAT SOME YAHOO CELEBRITY THINKS. NOBODY CARES. NOBODY CARES. WHY THE HELL WAS THIS EVEN DISCUSSED? More importantly, "Team Coco," haven't you already lost enough of your audience? Do you really want to alienate more than half of the country? I just started following this channel because of the upcoming Comic Con coverage. Unsubbing. I just don't need this propaganda bullshit in my life. EPIC FAIL.

  75. shimmy.ojeleye

    shimmy.ojeleye8 months ago

    Jesus Christ dude if you can't handle differing opinions than you're exactly what's wrong with America.

  76. Doodles

    Doodles8 months ago

    I’m so surprised Van Jones. Just as surprised as noticing that every libtard online went insane after the announcement over a moderate conservative pick and got ready to march and sign their petitions!

  77. Corey Trevor

    Corey Trevor8 months ago

    Who cares what this dipshit thinks.

  78. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul8 months ago

    “It sucks, whoever it is”. Typical libtard viewpoint. No open mindedness, no logical thoughts, just tribal garbage think. Evolve already, damn

  79. Christ LIGHT

    Christ LIGHT8 months ago

    nothing burger *

  80. BlueFox94

    BlueFox948 months ago


  81. h berm

    h berm8 months ago

    he has a point van jones....i personally think trump should of chosen ted Nugent as his supreme court pick

  82. SuperNoone89

    SuperNoone898 months ago

    Lol at all the triggered Trumptards in the comments.

  83. McDangerously

    McDangerously8 months ago


  84. Jordan

    Jordan8 months ago

    You're an adult that said "Trumptards". Life is pretty downhill for you, huh?

  85. krninja22

    krninja228 months ago


  86. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    SuperNoone89 Something tells me they're like your sex life. Imaginary.

  87. evancortez2

    evancortez28 months ago

    What?? A liberal not approving anything Trump does? Shocking!!

  88. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez8 months ago

    Not as shocking as Trump not being in jail

  89. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    Michael You're saying that like he's the first president in the history of the United States to do that. Idiot.

  90. Michael

    Michael8 months ago

    trump acting in his own best interest with no regard to the well being of the US? Shocking!!

  91. Lou Dryka

    Lou Dryka8 months ago

    Who is this guy and who cares what he thinks?

  92. rpnp2

    rpnp28 months ago

    Im calling bullshit.... MReporter when trump wins and this dude has a meltdown...

  93. 580patriot

    580patriot8 months ago

    Van jones also whined about a “white lash” after trump won. Who cares what he thinks? He’s a CNN mouth breather who will sing any song you want him to. Trump could’ve resurrected JFK and picked him and jones would’ve had a problem with it.

  94. etheangel2220

    etheangel22208 months ago

    I like how your second line is 100% true of trump if you crossed out CNN: "Who cares what he thinks? He’s a -CNN- mouth breather who will sing any song you want him to."

  95. Manolo Tejeda

    Manolo Tejeda8 months ago

    lol, he constantly does a "Trump is an idiot" impression, is openly liberal (has been for a long time) and has publicly, on the show, advocated things such as gun control. That's why everybody loves him, because he's a smart, funny, and sensitive person.

  96. 580patriot

    580patriot8 months ago

    SirGarforth exactly. Conan’s not really a politics guy and rarely, if ever talks about them and he’s fairly impartial. That’s why I like him the most.

  97. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    580patriot I feel like Conan only has him on and talks politics because he's being obligated to by the network. He knows it's cringy and unfunny but they've got his lemons in a vice.

  98. sachmo beemweaver

    sachmo beemweaver8 months ago

    This guy is a total ass. So much denial.

  99. Terrell Mclendon

    Terrell Mclendon8 months ago

    Wait till he gets his other 2 picks before his 2 terms are up....left will explode on itself an start eating their aborted babies!!! TRUMP 2020

  100. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx18 months ago

    Another thing about the heroin is that making legislation against heroin and making it harder to get does actually bring down heroin usage significantly. Laws like that achieve their purpose in protecting the American people, the abortion laws do not.

  101. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx18 months ago

    The heroin analogy is a little misleading since abortion is clearly safe and heroin is not. When we say legalize it, we aren't saying we are condoning it. We are saving more lives. We are not saving any lives by banning abortion, we are only causing more lives to be lost. I want to save as many lives as I can, that is why I support keeping abortion legal. You have to keep in mind that some of these women are 14, 15, 16 and sometimes younger and they are backed into a corner at such a young age so they result to abortions. I do not believe sentencing these women to die is the proper message we should send. Many more of these women are poor and feel like they have no other option because they cant support this child and they don't want to send it into an overcrowded adoption system where they are subject to trauma. Those women should not be sentenced to die. Instead, America needs to support contraceptives and sex education, because this will truly reduce abortion rates. This is happening right now. Abortion rates have been declining due to increased access to birth control and education. Teen birth rate is declining as well as the unintended pregnancy rate (which are two of the largest indicators for an abortion). Abortion will always exist, therefore we need to take the measures to make sure it is safe.

  102. Can'tThinkOfAName

    Can'tThinkOfAName8 months ago

    xxchanchanxx1 I got that, if you legalize heroin it will be safer and will result in less OD's, this pattern is true for most things I don't deny the stats. I just don't see how it justifies (IMO) legalizing murder.

  103. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx18 months ago

    I think if you read the rest of the paper (if you haven't read it yet). The big reason is that abortion restrictions only cause an increase in abortion morbidity. This leads to greater amounts of death, infections, life-long damages, short-term damages, and even infertility from abortions that are, usually, self-induced and unsafe. The WHO addresses that, from scientific research, only 1 in 4 abortions in nations that restrict abortion, are safe. Whereas in nations where abortion is broadly allowed, 9 out of 10 abortions are safe. I believe the Reviews in Obstetrics and Gynecology paper (which is a meta-analysis) does a good job at showing this. If you wish to read the paper, here is a link: This is why supporting abortion restrictions are backwards since they only create problems for women without even causing any change to the abortion rate.

  104. Can'tThinkOfAName

    Can'tThinkOfAName8 months ago

    xxchanchanxx1 I'm not very well read in the scientific literature, I usually resort to moral and philosophical points when discussing abortion. I do disagree with the premise that you state in the beginning. It seems that the first major point that you make is that restrictions don't work, let's assume you're right and say that abortion laws don't work that still doesn't make it just or moral to make it legal the ends don't justify the means. I doubt we would get into much scientific talk if we were to discuss this further, as I am illiterate on that portion of the subject if you'd like to respond and get a back and forth going I'd be more than willing to.

  105. Mikawo

    Mikawo8 months ago

    Sums up democrats well: It sucks for no other reason than Trump.

  106. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    Mikawo Unfortunately, the whole "open borders" nonsense comes with the package deal of being left-wing these days. The left have all but lost things to fight for, so they manufacture conflict to justify their existence. And i say that as someone who leans center-left.

  107. Mikawo

    Mikawo8 months ago

    People need to realize that the U.S. does not have unlimited resources and we have our own internal problems with poverty to focus on. As unsympathetic as it sounds, we can't just accept everybody who wants in.

  108. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    Mikawo I'm sick of all the faux outrage over the immigration crisis. These idiots are acting like Trump and ICE are just ripping innocent families apart for no reason when it's the parents who deliberately put their kids in these situations. And where was all this righteous indignation when all this was happening under Obama?

  109. Jacob Walls

    Jacob Walls8 months ago

    Lol, no Van...swinging the court is what leftists do

  110. Jacob Walls

    Jacob Walls8 months ago

    TDS is real

  111. Jacob Walls

    Jacob Walls8 months ago

    Number Seventeen exactly, let the haters cry

  112. Shutdown Corner

    Shutdown Corner8 months ago

    TDS is entertainment.

  113. Coco Li

    Coco Li8 months ago

    Came here to immediately dislike lmao love Conan but Van Jones is a complete dumbass

  114. Dr. Doak

    Dr. Doak8 months ago

    Communism will lose

  115. Dr. Doak

    Dr. Doak8 months ago

    Of course it's already lost but it doesn't change the fact that communism is alive in America. I'm just saying that it will lose here.

  116. Mr. Dick

    Mr. Dick8 months ago

    It already lost. Do you even know what communism actually is? No, you don't. You just yell it at everything you don't like. Aren't you at least a bit ashamed you're that ignorant?

  117. Nick Rotellini

    Nick Rotellini8 months ago

    More of Hollywood brainwash. Can we ever see tv without politics anymore? Pathetic all of you who get their news from celebrities.

  118. SALVIA'&TOAST ؟

    SALVIA'&TOAST ؟8 months ago

    Bias Shows only highlight that these people are clinging onto any perception of legitimacy 😆 Where's the likes of Ben Shapiro , Jordan Peterson , Lionel ? Conan and shows like it blatantly push the leftist narrative

  119. SALVIA'&TOAST ؟

    SALVIA'&TOAST ؟8 months ago

    h berm Nah Van Jones is a Cooperate mouthpiece not alt media , You're blinded by ur love of CNN.. .

  120. Ogi1508

    Ogi15088 months ago

    and how do you know which hosts are forced and which are doing it on their own?

  121. 580patriot

    580patriot8 months ago

    Conan is forced to because of the network he works for. Only Fallon and kimmel are legitimately liberal idiots who act all high and mighty.

  122. Zefram0911

    Zefram09118 months ago

    to be fair.. Van Jones sucks.

  123. Martian Boy

    Martian Boy8 months ago

    No bias here folks.

  124. Ogi1508

    Ogi15088 months ago

    nice logic Juan, you sure showed him

  125. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez8 months ago

    Of course not because we are all in agreement

  126. Rampaging Elephant

    Rampaging Elephant8 months ago

    From the thumbnail it kinda looked like Steve Harvey

  127. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez8 months ago

    racist lol

  128. Rampaging Elephant

    Rampaging Elephant8 months ago

    blind09 why am I getting this for saying he looked like Steve Harvey from the tiny thumbnail on my phone?!?

  129. babablap

    babablap8 months ago

    blind09 no, Im not even a liberal.

  130. blind09

    blind098 months ago

    babablap did you get your little liberal feelings hurt?

  131. jay folk

    jay folk8 months ago

    Rampaging Elephant doesnt have the big eyes

  132. Emperor Pepe Flavius Memus

    Emperor Pepe Flavius Memus8 months ago

    Sorry von jones but trump ain't pickin a traitor and Communist. He's pickin a country loving real american. Leave the democrat party as fast as you can von jones. It's a lost cause. It's a sinking ship.

  133. xxchanchanxx1

    xxchanchanxx18 months ago

    You don't know what communism is, do you? If liberals were communist, they would be against the government itself existing, against currency existing, and against business executives existing. None of that is true. We have nothing close to communism in our nation.

  134. C. S.

    C. S.8 months ago

    Safi Siddiqi Except you're not an American. BOT

  135. Emperor Pepe Flavius Memus

    Emperor Pepe Flavius Memus8 months ago

    88Gibson LesPaul . Just because russia liked trump over Hillary doesn't mean they might have altered the election. They liked trump because they knew Hillary was a crook and a war monger and might have started a piontless war while trump said he wanted to make american-russian relationships better. And if you think that russia could alter the election in any way while obama was in office and unleashed his blood hounds on trump to find dirt on him. than you clearly think very less of your country.

  136. 88Gibson LesPaul

    88Gibson LesPaul8 months ago

    Safi Siddiqi Trump's sexual behavior is getting him in trouble again. "Isikoff and Corn reported that Trump and many of the people who accompanied him on the 2013 trip to Moscow had, earlier that year, visited a club in Las Vegas that regularly performed “simulated sex acts of bestiality and grotesque sadomasochism,” including shows in which strippers simulated urinating. Isikoff and Corn do not establish what kind of performance was on display the night Trump visited. It may or may not have involved bodily fluids. But the notion that a display of exotic sex acts lies totally outside the range of behavior Trump would enjoy is quaint and unfounded." Trump needs a loyal judge. Trump WILL call this judge when all of Mueller's info gets out. If this judge stands his ground, he may finish out his term far into old age. If not, he'll be found out and will go to prison and we'll rid of him just as we're rid of Scott Pruitt.

  137. Stonecold stunner P.h.D

    Stonecold stunner P.h.D8 months ago

    Go cry on tv you cuck !

  138. Hating me is conforming

    Hating me is conforming8 months ago

    Of course he does...

  139. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith8 months ago

    Van Jones is the definition of crazy

  140. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    Number Seventeen I'd say they're all crazy but Van Jones is just an idiot.

  141. Shutdown Corner

    Shutdown Corner8 months ago

    What about Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Nancy Pelosi...i'll stop

  142. WANDA French

    WANDA French8 months ago

    if you are not a woman you should not have standing on abortion

  143. DAT ALIEN

    DAT ALIEN8 months ago

    WANDA French A man should have a say in the matter since he helped create the baby. Doesn't matter if it's growing inside the woman because she clearly didn't make it by herself.

  144. Home Wall

    Home Wall8 months ago

    Because men don't reproduce? Clearly not reproductive rights if only one parent decides.

  145. gabethedizzle

    gabethedizzle8 months ago

    WANDA French if you’re not a man you shouldn’t vote. #Repealthe19th

  146. yashaleo N

    yashaleo N8 months ago

    ugh well... not wrong

  147. Skipless

    Skipless8 months ago

    Why is Conan wasting his time with guests who are big nothing-burgers?

  148. Hairballs 58

    Hairballs 588 months ago

    Both Conan and Andy are hardcore lefties, need to push that narrative.

  149. SirGarforth

    SirGarforth8 months ago

    C. S. How dumb do you have to be to think everyone who disagrees with you is a bot?

  150. J C

    J C8 months ago

    Mixes cause it's the only idiots who will go on his pathetic show.

  151. C. S.

    C. S.8 months ago

    Mixes The only nothing-burgers here are you BOTS.