Van Jones Reveals How He Stays Optimistic


  1. neoc

    neoc9 months ago

    We need more people insulting the orange insult of a human being in the WH

  2. samus1421

    samus14219 months ago

    Van Jones rocks. can't wait for his new show to crush it.

  3. Pat Daddy

    Pat Daddy9 months ago

    Van Jones is that kid I. school who didn't get beat up because he had his lunch money ready in an envelope and thought the trash can had some good cuisine.

  4. Manatee Man

    Manatee Man9 months ago

    Why did y'all split these? Seriously. I understand you want to split them to pack more ads in for revenue, but you cut off this interview mid-sentence - TWICE! Poor editing. Very poor editing. Completely threw off the rhythm of the interview.

  5. Mr. Divery

    Mr. Divery9 months ago

    "Let's not become the hatred we're trying to stop"

  6. Donna E

    Donna E9 months ago

    Van Jones is such a good man, and a gentle soul. I'm looking forward to his new show.

  7. Edward Martin

    Edward Martin9 months ago

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  8. JR

    JR9 months ago

    Wanting borders doesn't equal "hatred" ya cucks.

  9. JR

    JR9 months ago

    we building that wall son.

  10. ChainMail

    ChainMail9 months ago

    nobody said that. nobody said anything about borders. you have hearing problems or as trump would say "fale news".

  11. JR

    JR9 months ago

    Another nothing burger

  12. Shawn

    Shawn9 months ago

    thanks don jr. still blowing daddy I see?

  13. New Message

    New Message9 months ago

    Unfortunately, hatred born of ignorance is only quelled through education. And Reps ain't to big on that thar edumacation!

  14. The Satyr

    The Satyr9 months ago

    Trump is a spoiled child playing President

  15. The Satyr

    The Satyr9 months ago

    The Republican party is the party of obstruction. Under the Obama administration the Republican party filibustered more times than all other filibusters in American history.