Van Jones: Blacks have sacrificed more for this country than most


  1. Freedom Capital Partners LLP

    Freedom Capital Partners LLP8 hours ago

    Whites say get over it ... when blacks say tear down those stupid civil war memorials ... no no !!! We are honoring OUR war dead. ... im a white cracker Trump voter to. Trump maga 2020 !!!!

  2. Freedom Capital Partners LLP

    Freedom Capital Partners LLP8 hours ago

    If i was black ... i would throw my feet up on the table and ask a white waitstaff to bring a glass of expensive whiskey for me to down.

  3. RAM

    RAM3 days ago

    They didn't show up to the white house because they were thought Trump was saying they don't have a right to express opinions. False.

  4. RAM

    RAM3 days ago

    Unholy shit, the anchor does what all Liberals do, throws in an "-ism", and he uses Jingoism all wrong. Fuck him. Van Jones, fuckin A m8, do you know how many non-blacks also died for the country and to give everyone rights? It's your Democratic party and fellow Liberals that passed racial laws and wanted to extend Jim Crowe laws. Kiss my ass..

  5. RAM

    RAM3 days ago

    Kaepernick was also let go because... he really sucked as a player. Fuckin Jones didn't follow it. The news anchor is such a cuck looking at Van Jones with such pity. Why, because he's black? Such dumb shit.

  6. RAM

    RAM3 days ago

    I have bloodline history to different ancestors who faced slavery, by Jones' logic, I am not over the slavery that I endured through them, and I demand reparations. I also demand that he quits bitchin like a pussy.

  7. RAM

    RAM3 days ago

    Most the generations alive right now have no connection to the slavery, furthermore.. it was the Democratic portion of families that originally owned slaves, and it was not just white slave owners.

  8. Buffalo Man

    Buffalo Man3 days ago

    lets hear the black racists talk

  9. hatre

    hatre3 days ago

    Fuck cnn

  10. jaywill19842011

    jaywill198420115 days ago

    How can van Jones be so called pro black.. but married to a white woman??

  11. M G

    M G7 days ago

    VJ, you must have received a severe blow to your head!

  12. brendan89303

    brendan893037 days ago

    this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen cnn is so bad lmao

  13. Craig Peterson

    Craig Peterson9 days ago

    America is America...CNN is the most pathetic shot hole station filled with racist bobble heads like van jones and and the white metro sexual dummies daily..

  14. GetoverYourself

    GetoverYourself10 days ago

    Idiocy is why your wife is leaving you Van, because your an idiot

  15. TheTomozzo

    TheTomozzo10 days ago

    the self admitted communist Van Jone's *white wife* has just served him divorce papers May 2018.

  16. Charles P

    Charles P11 days ago

    So your wife had enough of your ass, I don't blame her I'm surprised she lasted that long. Mr green jobs. What a joke.

  17. SHADRACH 7

    SHADRACH 711 days ago


  18. Lawrence Barr

    Lawrence Barr15 days ago


  19. Obaro Edafe

    Obaro Edafe15 days ago

    i agree with the white guy. I also agree with Van jones.

  20. Jon C

    Jon C15 days ago

    All our ancestors worked to make this country great. I can understand the black view point, but both sides must be valued

  21. Carl Gordon

    Carl Gordon15 days ago

    This is to set the record straight about the narrative and reason (which was co-opted from the original purpose by President Trump and others) why Colin Kaepernick, NFL players and others are protesting by (silently and peacefully) taking a knee during the national anthem. In general, the protest is to call attention to the continuous systemic racism and discrimination directed toward Black Americans of African descent by the white privileged class in America-and, more specifically, to call for the immediate cessation of the extrajudicial lethal social control tactics used against unarmed Black Americans by police departments in predominantly African American communities throughout the nation. White privilege has been undergirded by, fortified by and wrapped in the American flag and the notion of national patriotism since 1789, when the first Congress of the United States adopted the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights-and when the nation’s first president, George Washington, a lifelong enslaver of Africans and African Americans signed the first Fugitive Slave Act on February 12, 1793. Wait a minute, wouldn't that have been a conflict of interest by President Washington? Lest we forget the Dred Scott decision (the worst Supreme Court opinion ever written) handed down on March 6, 1857, by Chief Justice Roger Taney, from the bench in open court he uttered the following: “They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.” Patriotism is defined as the love and devotion that one feels for America. One of its symbols (the national anthem -ironically, “The Star-Spangled Banner”- was a symbol of resistance against British warships in1814 and was written by Francis Scott Key, an enslaver of Black folks, and the brother-in-law of Chief Justice Taney), fidelity to its laws, and support of the U.S. Constitution that protects Americans and gives us our way of life. So one would have to admit that the historical notion of patriotism and patriotic feelings about America depend on the color of one’s skin and one’s gender. Without a doubt, historically those factors have determined how much of the benefit and protection of the laws and the U.S. Constitution you receive. If you are a white American, for the most part you receive full protection, no questions asked. If you are a Black American of African descent, historically you were denied full protection, and this was codified into law at the inception of this nation in the U.S. . Constitution and by state law in every state of the Union. Statutorily (because of white privilege) white human beings were allowed to literally own Black human beings as their property from birth to death, including their children (the Latin phrase partus sequitur ventrem literally means “that which is brought forth follows the womb”).

  22. Carl Gordon

    Carl Gordon15 days ago

    Therefore, the feeling of patriotism for America would logically depend on which side of the color line you’re on-especially between 1896 and 1954 during the execution of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, which upheld racial discrimination and segregation as the law of the land. Nonetheless, despite the specious court ruling and inequities in receiving the full measure of protection of the U.S. Constitution before, during and after the decision, Black Americans have always been immensely patriotic. Black Americans have fought in every war (Black freedom fighters in the American Revolution; the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the American Civil War; the Buffalo Soldier regiments during the Spanish-American War at San Juan Hill, Cuba; and the Harlem Hellfighters in WWI, as well as the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII) in support of America and its noble ideals, with devotion and gallantry, while those who received the full protection of the U.S. Constitution-including every agency of the U.S government, the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Court and presidents of the United States, as well as every branch of the U.S. armed forces-applied the scourge of racism, segregation, discrimination, disenfranchisement and lynching against Black Americans in and out of uniform under the banner of white privilege, white supremacy and patriotism. Black Americans have also fought on American soil to secure full and equal civil and human rights by exercising their right to protest and to seek redress from the government in a lawful, peaceable and patriotic manner, in and out of uniform, as delineated by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And for exercising the tactic of civil disobedience to draw attention to the matter that you have your boot on their necks, they (Black men, women and children) have been and are being killed by police and others throughout America without accountability. Again, white perpetrators receive full protection of the U.S. Constitution while Black bodies lie in the streets of America without equal protection of the U.S. Constitution. Despite the horrible treatment of Black men, women and children throughout American history, there has never been a fifth column of Black Americans to overthrow or destroy the government of the United States, because, despite all the racism, segregation, discrimination, disenfranchisement lynching and over-incarceration perpetrated against Black Americans of African descent, we know we are Americans too. Now that’s real loyalty and patriotism! A note to all Black Americans of African descent in and out of uniform, especially in NFL, NBA MLB, and police and military uniforms:

  23. Carl Gordon

    Carl Gordon15 days ago

    The above narrative about the history of the notion of patriotism in America from the perspective of Black Americans of African descent is to educate and emphasize your duty and responsibility to exercise your birthright rights as guaranteed under the First Amendment of the United States of America Constitution. Your rights were paid forward and secured by Rachel and Jackie Robinson; W. E. B. Du Bois; Paul Robeson; Fritz Pollard; Jack Johnson; Muhammad Ali; Bill Russell; Tommie Smith and John Carlos; Jim Brown; Curt Flood; Rube Foster; Wendell Smith; Sam Lacy; John H. Johnson; Josephine Baker; Ella Josephine Baker; Rep. John Lewis; Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Thurgood Marshall; Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King r.; Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel; the Mendez family; Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.; Fannie Lou Hamer; Medgar Evers; Walter Arthur Gordon; Rev. James Reeb; Marian Wright Edelman, U.S. District Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr.; Myrlie Evers-Williams; Whitney Moore Young Jr. ; Rosa Parks; Father Theodore Martin Hesburgh; Viola Liuzzo; exercising their right to protest and to seek redress from the government in a lawful, peaceable and patriotic manner, in and out of uniform, as delineated by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And for exercising the tactic of civil disobedience to draw attention to the matter that you have your boot on their necks, they (Black men, women and children) have been and are being killed by police and others throughout America without accountability. Again, white perpetrators receive full protection of the U.S. Constitution while Black bodies lie in the streets of America without equal protection of the U.S. Constitution. So never let anyone or any institution deny you or impinge on your rights as an American to an equal and fair opportunity-not a guaranteed equal outcome but the guarantee of a fair and equal opportunity to compete in anything and everything; with the full protection of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to protest those rights if need be. Never forget those rights were paid for in blood before, during and after the modern civil and human rights movement. The complete list of indigenous, interfaith, interracial and intercultural American patriotic freedom fighters against anti-U.S. Constitution hate groups on American soil is too long to cite in this space, but you get my point-DON’T LET NOBODY TURN YOU AROUND. You honor those people when you fight for your rights. Especially when you’re fighting and protesting against injustice. If these freedom fighters are not familiar to you who paid it forward for you, may I suggest you look them up on the Internet or in your local public library. Copyright © 2017-2018 -Carl Gordon, co-founder and first steward of Unive

  24. JuaronTheMan

    JuaronTheMan15 days ago

    Fuck the national anthem. You know what I think of when I hear the national anthem? I think about my ancestors who were beatin and raped and had to work for free to build this fuckin country

  25. King Tutt

    King Tutt15 days ago

    CNN keep erasing My Views believe me these views are held by more African-Americans than you would care to believe

  26. r juniel

    r juniel15 days ago

    Why can't Americans agree to treat EVERY American American and as fellow humans beings???

  27. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    Sorry for the grammatical errors.

  28. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    When I mention the numbers earlier concerning how many whites killed each other during World War 1 in World War II those numbers are probably starvation and other factors so the numbers are probably closer two more like over a hundred million Europeans died in the two great Wars. I'm not even adding the millions of Germans who were killed after the war in retaliation for what Hitler did. The movement of the Germanic people from Eastern European countries to Easton Germany that occurred right after the war what's the biggest movement of a people of a certain ethnic group in the history of the entire world so when people are talking about black people killing each other please look at these numbers we kill each other around maybe 12 thousand a year this is a huge number but the to catch the numbers that the Europeans put up it would take us thousands of years. Just food for thought people need to really look at this.

  29. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    For people who want a different view of Africa look up Dancote this is the richest man in Africa some of the fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa Africans are really trying to build themselves up the only thing that harms Africa is bad leadership. Most of these bad leaders are supported by America and Europe so many Africans are fighting against these bad leader hopefully they will win

  30. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    We will never resolve the racial issues in this country it will never happen in a million years. Many people who are leading the racial charge are themselves new arrivals. Blacks have been here since the 1600s we were here when this country was essentially founded by the Dutch and the British. The Irish, polish, Eastern European Jews, and other people's from Eastern Europe such as slovenians, Russians, and other people's from the various Balkan regions of Europe. Are relative newcomers but they quickly forget their sufferings in Europe and immediately took their place in White America and begin to feel racially Superior to black people they had a chance to end suffering based on ethnic background but they chose the lowground not The High Ground. So how can black people expect these people to understand us when they were not the first Europeans in this country they are recent newcomers Trump's family is a recent newcomer and it's only because of his European background he now has the advantages of being white in this country. This will never in America. The opportunity for freedom real freedom came and went with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation we should have never been released from slavery we should have battled our way out of slavery it would have been better for us. Iron leadership at the time failed us because they believed in this constitution which was just ideological the only really Free People were white men white women work even free they couldn't even vote into the 1900s. Our leadership should have push for a country of Our Own maybe even within the United States I guarantee we would have built that country up would have been like a Canada another country friends with United States and a very wonderful place. If you look at us Post integration we were doing better theoretically then we were doing now there was not all this killing going on in the black community we had no drugs in our community maybe marijuana at the most. Alcohol may have been an issue but that was what all ethnic groups in America. I think this country would have been greater they could have put this country close to the Mexican border and maybe we would be absorbing those people and they would have helped you even build the country better imagine and African American country created by white men and insightful black men on the border between Mexico and America. Unfortunately what time for race reconciliation has come and gone. And it will never raise his head in America again believe me it will get worse because now you have Hispanics. And Indians people like Dinesh D'Souza who are not taking their place in White America so now we have other people who will stand on us. Hopefully my comments won't be erased because people need to think and I don't think we are thinking of the people

  31. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    Black people should have battled their way out of slavery and forced a violent end to slavery this should have been our civil war and the country would have been better for it we could have had all the mental resources of the country in use not just white men. Think of all the brilliant white women who were marginalized who had their opportunities stripped from them think of the many women Einsteins who had many ideas that would have been Advanced Humanity. Remember white women had to sit around while their husbands fathered children with slave women. Imagine these men some who became leader of this country would sell their own children and give their own daughters away for prostitution. I want a so-called white person who has children with a so-called black woman would you sell your own children. Look at their faces and imagine selling them. But men who wrote the Constitution of the United States and other important documents had no qualms about doing this. So how can we ever resolve slavery in this country I think black people should just forget about it just try to live your life as best as you can that's what I'm doing I just worry about my children. But I'm so excited about Africa places like Ghana where the economy is growing so fast so when I retire in about 10 years or so Ghana will have an even better economy. I don't have an issue with European Americans because if you look at your history you guys don't even get along with each other look at World War 1 you guys manage to kill 17 million of each other in just four years and then in World War II you guys manage to kill over estimated 70 million of each other. Yet people say black people kill each other if we killed each other 20000 a year it would take us hundreds of years to catch up with you guys did in just 9 years.

  32. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    I meant to say our leadership not Army

  33. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    If we haven't dealt with the racial issues over a hundred and fifty years ago we would have been in a much better position I think African Americans should have left this country right after slavery I think we foolishly thought that the constitution was real and not just ideological Army leadership after slavery failed us they bought into that ideological stuff and fail to see the reality for the for millions of Africans. African Americans will be marginalize until this country Fades into history look we now have new immigrants taking their place above us Indians people like Dinesh D'Souza and also many Hispanics are taking their role and moving into the white category so now we have new races to contend with our existence in America will continue to be problematic. I think we need to really think about a new home for ourselves. I know many say that Africa is a cesspool you have to visit Africa to realize how wonderful many areas in Africa are. Many of the fastest growing economies are in Africa one of the richest man in the world his name is Dangote the richest man in Africa why don't you guys who say Africa is not developing look at Africa just look at some of the things happening in Africa right now not that Africa is right for all black people but I think it'll work for a lot of us. When I visited Africa can you imagine being in a place where you don't have to stress of being an American or African American not worrying about what people are thinking about you just being really free. Since I visited Africa I have never felt so free. Unfortunately the situation in America will never change it can only get worse and I hope we in the future don't end up and even worse situation

  34. San Miller

    San Miller16 days ago

    Van Jones....the truth becomes unpopular when we speak the truth on race. As for this criminal president.....he’s not going to measure up

  35. King Tutt

    King Tutt16 days ago

    First of all racial problems will never end in this country. The opportunity to end racial discord should have occurred in 1800's first of all leading the racial train is Europeans like Irish, Polish, Italians and Eastern Europeans and Jews of Eastern of America is comprised of the marginalized whites of Europe. Who have come to America maybe way after Africans were here. These people immediately forgot their painful past and immediately began to enjoy their elevated status in America we saw this most in the early 1900s. In my opinion I think that releasing blacks from slavery really did nothing for us. The blacks that rebelled had the right idea understand what I mean you can't really release a person from slavery you only change their condition slightly. The Emancipation Proclamation was no more than a piece of s*** paper. We are still not full citizens of this country and continue to suffer the effects of slavery.

  36. tractor

    tractor16 days ago

    Van Jones is a racist ! A lunatic.

  37. tractor

    tractor16 days ago

    Cuomo is a communist, like his father.

  38. tractor

    tractor16 days ago

    African americans ! From what country in Africa . I guess they didn't see a single time any african country. And , What's wrong being American.

  39. ANT WILL

    ANT WILL16 days ago

    Damn dat he better lay off my boy Brady!!

  40. Tony R

    Tony R17 days ago

    Hispanics were slaves, Jews were slaves the Irish were slaves as well. Where's the uproar there from a certain aspect this video is bullshit others were slaves too at a point in history... it's funny how it seems to only be an uproar only when it's blacks were talking about

  41. tony martin

    tony martin19 days ago


  42. Alex Baxter

    Alex Baxter20 days ago

    Why do the majority of the people like the racist ignorant asshole on the right have no neck. Most of these trump supporters have no necks.. literally his jaw connects to his torso how the fuck is this possible. Did he sell his neck to give the money to trump? My theory is that tolerance is stored in the neck glands. Im going to make a spreadsheet to track this theory...

  43. Iam DizzieLos

    Iam DizzieLos21 day ago

    CNN is bullshit and they don't fool me or any1 like me

  44. Jamaul Johnson

    Jamaul Johnson21 day ago

    The white guy is brother but the black guy is Van????

  45. Jamaul Johnson

    Jamaul Johnson21 day ago

    Why can't they be both brothers?

  46. Pam Mckellar

    Pam Mckellar21 day ago

    Van Jones is a known communist deport him to cuba !!

  47. Jae Wing

    Jae Wing21 day ago

    Dane Calloway

  48. Marsha Dickerson-Jones

    Marsha Dickerson-Jones22 days ago

    White people always forget how black's were forced into this country 🤔🤔act like you can't comprehend white Nationalism #Foh you stole, raped, lynched, starved and beat 400 years. Fast forward to now, flood inner city neighborhoods with drugs and guns. Then mass Incarceration is a system run and owned by white racist!

  49. sikid4000

    sikid400022 days ago

    Van Jones is such a baby. He makes me cringe. He's always about to cry.

  50. Dorothy Gillette

    Dorothy Gillette23 days ago

    Van sucks

  51. 1234tric

    1234tric23 days ago

    The President is like an alcoholic. His drug is racism, and he is sick from it's venom for black people.

  52. Adidas Man44

    Adidas Man4423 days ago

    America is so great right? Full of foreign people while born citizens are treated like trash!!!

  53. al karg

    al karg23 days ago

    If i were "black" i'd be insulted that Van Jones thinks he speaks for "us" on this issue of protesting the flag/anthem ceremony at NFL games. I 'd say "F-U Van Jones. I think & speak for myself, and many other blacks prefer to do the same here, on this issue. You, and CNN are wrong for masquerading "morality" and feigning "passion" to stir shit up amongst americans to further your own corporate agenda(s). We're not illiterate anymore. We can see, hear, for ourselves and have a voice in social media. We're not dependent on VJ, or Sharpton or any other highly paid "sell-out" to represent us, as a group or as individuals. We're "onto you now."

  54. Mr JONES

    Mr JONES23 days ago

    If black people want a better life we must REPENT from our sins and not listen to these reprobate broadcasters and entertainers. Our ex-black president said being an abomination to God is good and now the nation is being propelled further into sin.

  55. Dan Ferguson

    Dan Ferguson23 days ago

    Wah! my great great great great grampa was a slave. Give me free stuff!

  56. Mitchell Halutick

    Mitchell Halutick23 days ago

    Trump 2020

  57. Andrew Sinclair

    Andrew Sinclair24 days ago

    Most "cowboys" were black, the soldiers in the Indian wars were mostly black ! INCLUDING THE MUCH VAUNTED SEVENTH CAVALRY ! The ONLY squadron that would escort bombers into Germany during the warwre black ! THEY SHAMED OTHER SQUADRONS INTO DOING THESAME !

  58. Thomas Diaz

    Thomas Diaz24 days ago

    They hid when colors was played. They hid in buildings, and they did more than most?

  59. Mike Montgomery

    Mike Montgomery24 days ago

    Urban dont seem like a bigot he protects his party yes but i dont see racism in him

  60. B.A.D. TV

    B.A.D. TV24 days ago

    Whatever happened to Matt.7. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. [2] For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Anyone who has a problem with someone peacefully protesting is unAmerican and a hypocrite.

  61. C. Harris

    C. Harris24 days ago

    Chris & Van💯💯love how you both stay with the culture 💯💯.

  62. Iris Rose

    Iris Rose26 days ago

    maybe in the past...but most blacks now sacrifice a real order to sit home and sling dope..while collecting welfare...ayyyyyy

  63. Talon Angel

    Talon Angel26 days ago


  64. Kick in the Bass TV

    Kick in the Bass TV26 days ago

    But, I guess I am not shocked by anything anymore. After all, we belong to a country that legally allows the killing of innocent and defenseless babies, and then promotes it and tries to destroy those who oppose it. So, CNN's far left bias is the least of our problems!!

  65. M R

    M R27 days ago

    CNN is for the uneducated blacks to watch lol for their ratings

  66. M R

    M R27 days ago

    They were used as cheap laborers lol they didn’t invent electricity , democracy , or anything really . All they did was provide able bodied labor. Lol in today’s works , some serve . Let’s get real though

  67. Russell Lee

    Russell Lee27 days ago

    The reality is that this farce show, along with it's host Van Joke, has the purpose of fueling anti-black sentiment with it's 'black-crazy' guests spouting lunatic positions. All the while feeling they are justified in pushing the idea that blacks are only innocent and oppressed, while ignoring the self-destructive behavior of the black community in America. I am truly afraid that this continuous defense of worthlessness, and the dedication to generational welfare living, will eventually lead to the regression of the black community to the point where they are discarded by a society that became tired of dragging a parasite population along. The worst thing that can happen right now to the black community is to have professional sports banned. It is the counterfeit success blacks have that allows them to bluff their way in this country as productive equals, when all they do is bounce a ball. It is destructive to America to have vocations that do not required an education, lawfulness, or the effect of furthering the nation. Counterfeit success for counterfeit people. Can any population be called equal with these destructive statistics: 70% of all black babies are born to single mothers. 78% of all black households are single mother households. 60% of all black adults have less than a high school diploma. 50% of all HIV+ people in America are in the black community (600,000). 10% of all adult black men are in prison. The number one killer of black people in America is other black people. It this the recipe for equality? Why do the black so-called leader never mention these statistics? Why do they never push for marriage in the black community, responsibility, education? How many more centuries is it going to always be everyone else's fault? This nation is paying them welfare for being worthless, yet they stand on the flag and say they are oppressed. They are oppressed, by themselves.

  68. Spencer Moore

    Spencer Moore27 days ago

    a Uniter for who is the question

  69. Deborah Hairston

    Deborah Hairston28 days ago

    Trump is nuts. Lock him up

  70. Bradley Parks

    Bradley Parks28 days ago

    Why do whites feel so privileged when blacks just want basic rights we are always vilified it's sad.

  71. Supajoc

    Supajoc28 days ago

    Van Jones

  72. Les CW

    Les CW28 days ago

    These Trump supporters are lost

  73. True Facts

    True Facts28 days ago

    FAKE NEWS !!

  74. Sam Castilleja

    Sam CastillejaMonth ago

    This whit bald motherfucker is an ignorant piece of shit!

  75. Cheryl Lucas

    Cheryl LucasMonth ago

    I hate what our country looks like now. There isn't a common ground.

  76. steveforprez03

    steveforprez03Month ago

    Hey Van Jones, I don't see military service on YOUR RESUME, moron, so, please keep your idiotic comments to yourself.

  77. Jack Meoff

    Jack MeoffMonth ago

    Picking Cotton, and leaning on a shovel, don't count! Blacks have cost White American Tax Payers far more than they have contributed!

  78. Kenneth Robinson,II

    Kenneth Robinson,IIMonth ago

    Dumbass 45 made it political the moment he opened his mouth and called the players SOBs...

  79. Maria Maria

    Maria MariaMonth ago

    Why don't they get mad at people who are eating, going to the bathroom, getting online for their beers and the rest of the so called "Patriots" for not respecting the National Anthem? Kneeling is more respectful than any of those things. This President is full of Caca.

  80. Jimbo San

    Jimbo SanMonth ago

    Yes! They sacrificed their morals and dignity. You are proving this to be FACT not fake.

  81. Brother Bootz Boots

    Brother Bootz BootsMonth ago

    It's caucasian, and it's not crazy. Lol.

  82. R Dy

    R DyMonth ago

    This is NOT a country about tolerance. That's a bullshit statement. This country isn't really a free country.

  83. Russell Lee

    Russell LeeMonth ago

    He should have said " Blacks have sacrificed more OF this country than most". Who occupies the majority of the slums in America. Who represents the highest fatherless rate (%70), the lowest education percentage (%60 of ALL black adults have less than a high school education)? The highest HIV+ rate (600,000, half of all HIV+ in the U.S.)?

  84. Andre Meadows

    Andre MeadowsMonth ago

    I don't know who you call a mother fucker laugh out loud I had an opinion on white people if you not evil like some white people I'm not talking to you I live a good life white people not holding me back on anything I never said one word about a race war at all or slavery I must have hit a nerve for you to come at me like you did no one wants a race war if we did have one lots of lives will be lost not just black lives white ones too so you can keep your nasty opinion to yourself I don't know if you a white man or not and I don't give a damn if anyone is a motherfuker it will be you not me mother fucker

  85. kelley dodge

    kelley dodgeMonth ago

    Colin kapernick is a 4th string QB

  86. Pamella Cupid

    Pamella CupidMonth ago

    that white man what ever his name is he is a fucking asshole he need to close his fucking racist ass..he is one of trump kiss ass.that fucking pussy

  87. Jon Landry

    Jon LandryMonth ago

    Virtue signaling Bullshit bla bla bla yelling and screaming. What a fucking joke CNN is.

  88. ElleJay Dotson

    ElleJay DotsonMonth ago

    Van Jones is a conundrum when it comes to black issues. He’s married to a cave beast. He should NOT be allowed to speak to black issues on our behalf.

  89. Pooka Young

    Pooka YoungMonth ago

    The white dude in the middle he got my respect he goes crazy I like them we need more white people like that out here that can actually see the truth he shut the white boy down on the right super funny

  90. Chief Y'Israel

    Chief Y'IsraelMonth ago

    without the Hebrew people. America would be Russia

  91. Chief Y'Israel

    Chief Y'IsraelMonth ago

    Charles Charlemagne .. it's always a cracker that done stolen every people national on earth to try to tell someone else who they .. the American stolen identity of the natives.. the Jewish man stolen identity of my people.. the European man stolen identity.. the Greek stolen identity. I so call Arab man stolen identity.. the so called Egyptian stolen identity... the white man is a fugitive and vagabond on earth coming from the Caucasus mountains.. no home land a theft on the earth.. know your history fool

  92. Mint Mastering

    Mint MasteringMonth ago

    Jingoism Extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy. "the popular jingoism that swept the lower-middle classes" synonyms: extreme patriotism, blind patriotism, chauvinism, extreme nationalism, flag-waving, excessive loyalty to one's country, xenophobia

  93. T-Minus Entertainment

    T-Minus EntertainmentMonth ago

  94. T-Minus Entertainment

    T-Minus EntertainmentMonth ago PLEASE HELP

  95. nik rite

    nik riteMonth ago

    Tom shady Brady didn't go to the white house when Obama was president.


    C-LAROCK THE MAYOR19 days ago

    nik rite you pick up on that shady Brady is what you call hidden racism smile in your face and know he has white privileges it's written all over is face this world has lost it we are not playing fare at all

  97. Johnboy

    JohnboyMonth ago


  98. Johnboy

    Johnboy14 days ago

    Not my fault I am what I am, at the same time it's not the fault of others for being what they are, and you sound like a hateful racist your self, maybe you should be getting involved with your suicide concept.


    BADAZZTHANG15 days ago

    Johnboy well then now you white people need to commit mass suicide because you are the creators of the term race and the creators of the institution of racism. You have to be Beyond dumb to say it's played out because if you're not getting affected by it. I guess you can say that when you're not affected by it all day everyday and I guess you just think it can simply be washed away even though it's ingrain in your DNA unbeknownst to you until somebody pisses you off then all of a sudden the real you comes out because I'm sure you want to call me a nigger right about now and I would love that because I would break down with that word means so you can understand why we all been laughing at you for years. You just proved everyone we've ever said about you all now take the pills that you all are overdosing on and hurry up and kill yourselves. Before we created you it was one set of people on this Earth and we've been here for millions of years. Ever since you came as been nothing but death destruction and misery so we're going to go back to the original people of the Earth. You nothing more than a science project the original inhabitants of the Earth shall take it back

  100. foresight seventy-nine

    foresight seventy-nineMonth ago

    Patriotism is something that you earn you earn that what has America done to earn the patriotism of black people? So you throw us off first black president to get us to forget about slavery and Black Wall Street in Oklahoma my White's slaughtered hundreds of blacks via terrorist attack I don't think so

  101. Eve Galewitz

    Eve GalewitzMonth ago

    You tell him Van

  102. Mike Alpha

    Mike AlphaMonth ago

    "Dont practice PATRIOTISM the way i like it, get out of our country" . I don't like this Chris Cuomo COWARDs PATRIOTISM why dont u leave our country... We dont like double standard COWARDs like u, this country is FREEDOM... The SON of a b1tch is u Chris Cuomo . Trump can do what he please... Cry babies

  103. aj arj

    aj arjMonth ago

    CNN = 🐃💩

  104. True Bruh

    True BruhMonth ago

    It’s just the same old stuff no matter what generation, whites wanting blacks to shut up

  105. T Mattison

    T MattisonMonth ago

    I get so tired of hearing about what the Democrats have done to my people when Republicans have not treated us any better. This is why researching history is so important, and not the whitewashed version we were taught,but true history..