Van Jones: Blacks have sacrificed more for this country than most


  1. Yes, I expect you to read all of it.

    Yes, I expect you to read all of it.2 hours ago

    I love America we are going to be okay! Republicans and Democrats you need to hear this. We are going to be okay!

  2. Lourens Vd berg

    Lourens Vd berg6 hours ago

    This cnn reporter is so biased

  3. BogeyJoe Sr

    BogeyJoe Sr2 days ago

    pretty sure Indians sacrificed WAY MORE THAN ANYONE

  4. Felix Hill

    Felix HillDay ago

    Native Americans didn't sacrifice they were sacrificed on alter of white supremacy and racism. Sacrifice means to offer freely. Would you agree that the lambs perspective differs from the person who cuts his throat?

  5. Gordon Thomas BAILEY

    Gordon Thomas BAILEY2 days ago

    The past did nothing last just like the future because far too many come from lands where life is expendable and this attitude flows in their veins. If a dog bites the hand that feeds it it is usually destroyed, put down or minimally disciplined. Here we allow the mad dogs free range unless they are White or of European descent, then we call them RACIST.

  6. Gordon Thomas BAILEY

    Gordon Thomas BAILEY2 days ago

    Blacks are doing a great job sacrificing lives daily in Toronto with gunshot. Thanks for that, we used to be a safe City that gave access to refugees to save them from their own back home where they hail from only to have the hand that saved, housed, educated and fed them, BIT.

  7. Ariah Yisrael

    Ariah Yisrael2 days ago

    We were raped beaten robbed and forced to work for free. Chris killer Columbus stole my ancestors country through killing rape .robbing and shipping them off the same way they shipped us There is no Liberty and justice for all. The wicked. Devils with their pride will combust and I can't wait Europeans are nothing bed red non factor skin terrorist Sell outs are chocolate coveredEdomites. MT SEIR is the home Edomite CAUCASIONS. LOOK UP UR TRUE HISTORY NOW THAT UR WHITE SUPREMACY IS COMINGTOLIGH. LET OUR PEOPLE GO AND LOCK UR ADDICT KIDS INJAIL. HYPOCRITES AND KILLERS.

  8. Cole Thomas

    Cole Thomas2 days ago

    All these people saying black this black that. Why do y'all focus on race?!?! If Trump didn't invite a white guy who.wore a black tie it would be racist 😂

  9. Pierre Toussaint

    Pierre Toussaint2 days ago

    Got black to where we first started please pple tell me

  10. Pierre Toussaint

    Pierre Toussaint2 days ago

    What he is pointing is they dont live bout the national anthem anymore.just listen and u will hear it just listen

  11. James Garrett

    James Garrett3 days ago

    Fucc this miserable disgusting dumb perverted sick ignorant con man these miserable losers see there privilege diminishing and I think they told those grass cutting wet backs they gone give them a job if they hate blacks to and they run around and boot lick and ass kiss the same people that want they dumb ass out

  12. john herring

    john herring4 days ago

    Excuse me sir....but what you just did WAS lecture about go back to West Point and get education you idiot

  13. Linda Jackson

    Linda Jackson4 days ago

    Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing these players are human being talked to like nothing the owner of these teams are making great money with these people linda ja ☮️ ❤️ ❤️

  14. Frank Butler

    Frank Butler5 days ago

    I'm so fucking tired of white people being racist as shit on everything and then, when they want to pretend throw out an olive branch on something, it's 'criminal justice reform', as if all black people are criminals in the first place. How about reparations? Cash and land. Once we have wealth, we can control most of our own destiny. You can drop 'criminal justice reform' at the drop of a hat. Hell, in practice, you can still kill black people like you always have. I don't care about your 'programs', show me the assets. Show me the compound interest. You are not otherwise to be trusted with anything valuable. I'm not sorry.

  15. Dorcia Parham

    Dorcia Parham5 days ago

    AMERICAN FLAG TO BLACKS: a large symbol of RACISM. When it was created BLACKS were raped, castrated, lynched, beat to death .. ALL WHILE TOLD WORK SUN UP TO SUNDOWN. And make us WHITES WEALTHY - but you cant have a PENNY!


    GUTTABANG5 days ago

    Once you look at the whole picture you realize America never gave A fuck about us, they can cover it up throw dirt on it but facts are facts this country will always be what it is racist to the core. Hatred to black, indigenous individuals that flag means nothing to us when we are shot down in the middle of the streets like animals.

  17. Jackie Planck

    Jackie Planck5 days ago

    As long as we are fighting amongst ourselves we are not a nation.

  18. Damien Feltus

    Damien Feltus6 days ago

    The president is the devil incarnate

  19. hebrew brown

    hebrew brown6 days ago

    ****TRUMP CREATED 00 JOBS"!!*** FACT"!!*** ALL ARE LIES"!!*** 😨💥💥💥"!!***

  20. hebrew brown

    hebrew brown6 days ago

    **** TRUMP 👹 IS A RACISTS"!!***WHICH IS THE REAL ** SON- OF- A - BITCH"!!***👹****

  21. hebrew brown

    hebrew brown6 days ago


  22. Stacey Donald

    Stacey Donald6 days ago

    Europeans are the only illegal immigrants in America. They were the ones that came and stole the land. Send them back to Europe.

  23. Kennedy Henry

    Kennedy Henry7 days ago

    It about black people protesting

  24. Jeffrey Fetzer

    Jeffrey Fetzer7 days ago

    Then every time they play the anthem tell the story of an African American Medal of Honor award.Or if you dont want to see color any award reciipient.

  25. Danielle jachowicz

    Danielle jachowicz7 days ago

    Why do these damn republicans keep saying it's about the American flag?!?!! It pisses me off that whitey can't understand that it is about the national anthem! How about taking the time to read more than the first verse of it?? You might not find it so damn hard to understand. If I were black I sure as hell wouldn't stand for that bullshit either!! Idiots!!



    Than most? THAN ALL!

  27. entertainment pro

    entertainment pro9 days ago

    yahhh..more rapes..murders..drugs..pimps...lies...theft...riots..and shaking change cups..MAGA !!!

  28. Joshua Jones

    Joshua Jones9 days ago

    When did the American flag start standing for white people

  29. Hebrew Man

    Hebrew Man9 days ago

    It's because we are HEBREWS

  30. Fred Wilkerson

    Fred Wilkerson11 days ago

    There spitting in the face of every White Mexican and Asian soldiers that have fought and died for this country . . . Just to please their inferiority complex . . . White people were fighting in wars in this country when black people didn't even know what a rifle was . . . There is a reason the most famous gun makers in America or name Ruger Smith & Wesson and Colt . . . These were white men . . . You can't name one gun or a famous named gun that was founded by black people or invented by black people or made in Africa . . . It was also white people that invented the nuclear weapons . . . They invented throwing rocks in Africa . . . And throwing Spears in Africa . . . And this is just facts . . . You look at every war Americans have been in and you will see white and Mexican and Asian people have fough just as much and even more then blacks . . . . Just check your history books and the records . . . There was practically no blacks in world war 1. . . . just check your records at the white people that died in that war . . . . For people that think they're so smart and or the superior people . . . Blacks cry and complain more then any other race on the planet . . . . They Turn their neighborhoods into drug infested and drug dealing shitholes . . . And then want to blame everybody else for it . . Especially Whites . . . Try blaming the people that live there . . . . It's pretty sad when the people that make the mess never have to clean it up . . . And then have the nerve to sit around and want to blame every other race for their mess . !!!

  31. Fred Wilkerson

    Fred Wilkerson11 days ago

    You look at every war America has been in . . . And white people have been right there in it . . . And they have died for this country just as much as any other race in this country . . . All this bullshit coming from people with an average IQ of 70 . . which is considered mentally retarded in most countries around the world . . . . Just like in school it's always the mentally handicapped that cry and need the most attention . . . Just a bunch of race card crybabies . . Looking for anything to cry about .

  32. Ryan B

    Ryan B11 days ago

    Who gives a fuck about race everyone needs to shut the fuck up and go invent something to make mankind better, white people stop acting like your sorry you don’t give a fuck move on with your lives, black peoples Stop acting like everyone owes you shit because the majority of people don’t fucking care anymore, MOVE ON EVERYBODY STOP TALKING ABOUT RACISM, STOP MAKING IT RELEVANT

  33. Edwin Henry

    Edwin Henry12 days ago

    You go Van! I am a retired Soldier!

  34. Edwin Henry

    Edwin Henry12 days ago

    You don’t get credit by attending WestPoint.

  35. Mike C

    Mike C12 days ago

    If anyone wants to get technical, the Italians, Germans, Irish and Jews built about 80% of the USA the last 140 years. Those are the facts! From Autos, grocery stores, imports, food, clothing, medicine, dental, law, fire and police services music, entertainment, jewelry, engineering, construction, sports, refuse companies, trucking, etc. No black even comes close to what those 3 ethnic groups accomplished!

  36. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson14 days ago


  37. Jess H

    Jess H15 days ago

    These news segments are a perfect replacement for the Big Bang slot as a great comedy. It gives us comedy in the best sense and those we are watching add to the comedy even more cuz it's their real feelings.

  38. Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas15 days ago

    Van Jones made some very good points and most of the African Americans as well as white were drafted into the Vietnam war but not Donald Trump he dodged that bullet!!! medical issues I not sure I buy that, and I am a conservative. Well done Van.

  39. Bobby Davis

    Bobby Davis15 days ago

    I don't stand for the anthem or the flag I don't listen to the anthem on tv or radio it has been over 55 years since I stood for the flag or listen to the national anthem because it did not have me in mind then and it doesn't have me in mind now.

  40. Keith Ford

    Keith Ford16 days ago

    The flag is a SYMBOL that represents THE PEOPLE....NOT vice versa! The protests are about the mistreatment of AMERICAN PEOPLE....the flag has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!! The diversion of attention to the flag/anthem is just another attempt to avoid addressing the real problem! Hence the problem persists!!!

  41. Cliff Tomlin

    Cliff Tomlin16 days ago

    They shouldn't even have a NATIONAL ANTHEM before games. People don't go to work on Monday morning to the National Anthem. Same old RACIST BULLSHIT! Why should Blacks respect the flag when it's a form of IDOLATRY anyway.

  42. T. Grant

    T. Grant13 days ago


  43. D P

    D P16 days ago

    Says the man who only dates white women.

  44. Crystal Brooks

    Crystal Brooks16 days ago

    Wow just another time where trump acts like a first grader . I'm so tired of ignorant ppl and this ignorant president not understanding what this issue is really about .


    ARTHUR D DUDA17 days ago


  46. Will Bernard

    Will Bernard17 days ago

    That flag don't mean crap. I wo5lay my life down for that piece of crap. There were slaves when it was designed.

  47. coolsouth S

    coolsouth S18 days ago

    Chris Cuomo... the Godfather part 6. He's the worst member of the Cuomo's.

  48. Anonymous Lee

    Anonymous Lee18 days ago

    That's Y whites keep blks from progressing, from given work to this generation,every time blks say what they did for this country,whites look at it as putting blks more in a pithole. Whites feel blks don't deserve this or that, but say to society C they behavior, cause whites don't want society to C their uncivilized behavior!!!

  49. Rodrigo Martinez

    Rodrigo Martinez18 days ago

    Go kneel in front of the PD station instead of an American game ! Idiots

  50. Master Lodge-El

    Master Lodge-El18 days ago

    Star spangled banner is a banner of commerce. Corporate flag. Do the research

  51. Master Lodge-El

    Master Lodge-El18 days ago

    Nobody likes Trump, face it

  52. Bruce Harvey

    Bruce Harvey18 days ago

    Because he sucks.Even most 49ers fan don't like him.He doesn't know how to read a defense..