Van Jones: Blacks have sacrificed more for this country than most


  1. action figure

    action figure14 hours ago

    Personally who gives a shit. College football is better because they just want to play the game. These little bitches just like actors decide to tell the public of there political stance. If I did that I'm fired and so are most of you.

  2. Clarence Brown

    Clarence BrownDay ago

    These dummies that support Trump no matter what are amazing!!!

  3. Ranford conaway

    Ranford conaway2 days ago

    Trump needs a brain massage.He thinks dividing the races is going to send us back to the 50s and his racist anger against people of color is accepted by all whites.

  4. donnie williams

    donnie williams6 days ago

    most of if not all inventions were invented by black inventors, lets be real, don't say that's your bike when you know its not, if you stole it, say you stolen it, if people are illegally and secretly controlled by hypnosis for 25 to 35 years of their life, not only is this gone beyond evil ,words of comfort you cannot find for those who have awaken from such a wicked thing,,, a puppet on a string,,, what do those victims get for being illegally sleep for that long! Judgment Day Is On Its way now !

  5. Stinger4186

    Stinger41867 days ago

    shut up van jones. Your mother should have “swallowed” you, instead..

  6. Courney Hallcy

    Courney Hallcy7 days ago

    It’s not a competition though. I don’t care if we’ve sacrificed more. We’ve sacrificed. They sacrificed. This country is just as much mine as it is theirs and that’s what needs to be acknowledged. Everyone has bled for this country. Everyone has worked for it. Don’t act like it only belongs to you. White nationalist like the “blood and soil” chant well our blood is in this soil too.

  7. Gloria Peterson

    Gloria Peterson8 days ago

    The hole team needs to quit.That's all they doing getting rich off of them.Don't give a dm about these guys...

  8. Gloria Peterson

    Gloria Peterson8 days ago

    You see this loud fool up here lieing for trump

  9. Maryann Sawyer

    Maryann Sawyer10 days ago

    Head shape alone ill never forget u 😆 😆 😆

  10. Egeo Levy

    Egeo Levy11 days ago

    So white people are the creators of 95% of all inventions in this world and you all minorities are leaving the good life because of the white people sacrifice

  11. Shawntae Stepter

    Shawntae Stepter11 days ago

    These Caucasian ppl need to leave this country and go back to them caves. The first immigrants to ever set feet on this soil are not even Americans. Their foreign illegal

  12. Lilia G Wallace

    Lilia G Wallace12 days ago

    Well idiot Kanye West said the slavery was a choice

  13. Janiyah Hines

    Janiyah Hines12 days ago

    No matter how much he says he “ agrees”, he wouldn’t be arguing about it if he was for black people simple as that , it’s not complicated

  14. Laney Lana

    Laney Lana13 days ago

    THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT OFF OF BLACK BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. That is just the facts. People trying to rewrite history but let’s not forget. Whites had no ownership of this land it is NATIVE AMERICAN! Not only did they not “discover” this land, they stole it from the Native Americans and later enslaved a whole different race. Forcefully snatching African people from their families and homes.Not sure why white people love claiming to be white they should be more ashamed then anything!

  15. Avoid This Compmay

    Avoid This Compmay14 days ago

    Here's a reminder

  16. Agent SuperArgo

    Agent SuperArgo14 days ago

    This country was built by African Americans before the first world war so stop acting like this issue is aimed at veterans.

  17. David Williams

    David Williams14 days ago


  18. Martina Chavez

    Martina Chavez14 days ago

    Cuz no likes Trump!!!

  19. Martina Chavez

    Martina Chavez14 days ago

    Impech trump

  20. Martina Chavez

    Martina Chavez14 days ago

    If you rember in world war 2 ahh there Mexicans in that war too...

  21. mr__cards

    mr__cards15 days ago

    If I was a dickhead. I’d be mad and delusional too.

  22. Rexx Royal

    Rexx Royal15 days ago

    im African American and that word "most" in the title doesn't sit right with me, because lets not forget why we celebrate Cinco De Mayo...if u dont know do your research

  23. Robert Fredericks

    Robert Fredericks16 days ago

    van J krapenicki sucks his big mouth &lack of talent is why hes not playing

  24. Richellé Lewis-Perry

    Richellé Lewis-Perry17 days ago

    White people have no right to tell black people what to do or how to feel!!! Period!!!!

  25. Noeline Rapley

    Noeline Rapley17 days ago

    At least Black men fought, and didn't dodge the draft once, let alone 5 times

  26. Clarissa Reed

    Clarissa Reed18 days ago

    Every white man/woman came from a Black Man/Woman on this Earth. Scientifically, Historically, Biblically, through Archaelogy proven. Yeshua-Jesus Was, Is, and forever will be Black from Israel which is in Africa. Blacks are the original Israelites, not Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel..


    ARTHUR D DUDA18 days ago

    CNN... the confused negro network


    ARTHUR D DUDA18 days ago


  29. Deenihan18

    Deenihan1818 days ago

    If it's overcast in the morning Van Jones would make it racial issue.

  30. Jimmy antwan

    Jimmy antwan19 days ago

    Look these guys are scared of empowering much blacks in the west cos automatically they are empowering Africa.

  31. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz19 days ago

    If other countries take proud if did the same like Same NFL did that no place for that. Do you thank other countries did same things go will. At the end they never play team in other countries so that alot think about .

  32. mike becker

    mike becker21 day ago

    Shut the fuck up you race baiting for a profit asshole.. your fake news.. we will not be talking any of your questions.. you can't talk about the economy or jobs.. I know, let's talk about racist bullshit

  33. Warren Triplett

    Warren Triplett21 day ago


  34. Xavier hillard

    Xavier hillard21 day ago

    Fuck that racist ass national anthem no black person in their right mind should stand for that bigoted disgusting national anthem sing the whole fucking national anthem then tell black people to stand fucking disrespectful to all people of color in this nation Republicans are lying bastards the scum of the Earth fuck all conservatives I hope all you motherfukers rot in the depths of hell 👇and nothing but evil and fucked up and horrible things happened to you and nobody else but you and your families 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  35. adult1122

    adult112223 days ago

    Chris cuomo is no fuckin joke! Future president. Watch☝️

  36. Vincent Lombardo

    Vincent Lombardo23 days ago

    Mr. Jones is so, so boring. Racial accustaions against black N. E. Patriots fans. He states 'A lot of blacks were happy when Philadelphia won.' What does that mean? Where are his statistics?? Anyway I have no time to school this racist Jones dude. Hey, what are the Easgles doing now?? In 2018.. October... by the way dude.. the PAtriots were the better team, and it was sad to see them lose to a silly team.

  37. Afabolous Curry

    Afabolous Curry24 days ago

    Until we get our 40 acres and mule kneel baby kneel

  38. Roger Yelverton

    Roger Yelverton24 days ago

    Do the way MLK did it the fans and the nation would back and support the cause

  39. Godfrey Jemand

    Godfrey Jemand25 days ago

    The flag is a symbol PERIOD. It is a piece of cloth. Please get a life. I feel sorry for people who, "Die for a Flag". I have the same "Feelings" for the fans who wave their banners at sports and go out and fight with each other. We do not come from the monkies, we are still the monkies.

  40. pimpczar2011 daily

    pimpczar2011 daily25 days ago

    The conservaglib mentality is truly a mental health condition!

  41. Isabelle Charles

    Isabelle Charles26 days ago

    I admire Van Jones. He is so well spoken and an educated man.

  42. Jon Chrestman

    Jon Chrestman27 days ago

    President made this political.

  43. gsxr1000777

    gsxr100077729 days ago


  44. I am I NUFN

    I am I NUFN29 days ago

    Describe a drug dealer. Wow, you're so racist. How dare you liberals type cast minorities like this. Shame on you. Go tell them you're sorry for being a closet racist. Gender up and own it.

  45. Lynden Sterling

    Lynden Sterling29 days ago

    Sounds to me like white men are still trying to tell black people what they should do to get a better result

  46. Linda Adelleio

    Linda AdelleioMonth ago

    RED WAVE ~~~~~~ RED WAVE~~~~~~RED WAVE~~~~~~~RED WAVE~~~~~~


    AEROMAGNUM TVMonth ago

    Van Jones is a blatant racist!

  48. Fred F Dudley Jr

    Fred F Dudley JrMonth ago

    Donald Trump is the Son of Perdition: God is revealing him to people that voted for him and people that wouldn't vote for him. The sad part is no one will hold him accountable for his wicked ways. The CREATOR IS ON HIS WAY BACK TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU WICKED PEOPLE. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it but wickedness is a level of evil of no return. Why? Because he has a god complex. He feels that he is untouchable on all levels.

  49. Laroyce Hardy

    Laroyce HardyMonth ago

    Trump mad he got banned for life from nfl

  50. Dashaun Harris

    Dashaun HarrisMonth ago

    Yeah and We all Know What happens to blacks that takes form of the tip of The spear..

  51. Buffalo Man

    Buffalo ManMonth ago

    The black African king sold his own countrymen as slaves, to the world. Out of the 12.8 million slaves he sold, only 388 thousand of them were shipped to America. American white men then freed the black slaves and wrote the new rules so this couldn't happen again. so whats the problem now?

  52. Rodney Lattany

    Rodney LattanyMonth ago

    Trump is the perfect example of radical racism,arrogance ,entitlement and ignorance of white breaded European Jews. Christ will use him and his followers as examples to show the world their hypocrisy to reveal Their Idiocracy previously hidden secret societies and destroy their worldwide domination aspirations. But they aren't just bent on enslaving the world they build their arsenal of weapons of mass destruction to destroy Christ the messiah himself. Intelligent white supremacy? Hardly mere inferior lunaticschallenging the creator of all things. Everything is a lie from Christ being white to the present inhabitants of Israel pretending to be descendents of Abraham giving that nation billions annually but the true Israelites are the enslaved black people spread out throughout the world. Our inheritance plundered stolen captivity without retribution work without compensation,murder without justice. Christ the messiah will return and all the inhabitants of the earth that took part in our mistreatment,bondage shall compensate 400 year's and the true children of Israel shall return to our rightful promised land of Israel. All who oppressed shall become the enslaved. All the rich shall be made poor and the poor made rich. Financial manipulation shall cease. False imprisonment shall end. No weapons formed against Christ will prosper. Satan the synagogue of Satan and his apostles shall fail. Democrat/Republican left wing/right wing? All parts of the same beast. White vs Black Idiocracy the devil seeks to annihilate all races and nationalities. For all we claim intelligence we are infact imbeciles following the devils plan of divide and conquer to the details of his written manuscript. Christ has the same enemies today as in ancient times the Jews,the. Roman Catholic regime that also founded Islam. And the current world superpower the USA the antichrist enforcement system. But it matters not Democrat or Republican the same beast controls both parties. Right wing or left? Wich side of the devil do you choose to embrace?

  53. Shaun Arledge

    Shaun ArledgeMonth ago

    Sad to see how conditioned WE are.From the tone of the comments,the elite are winning😎JMT.

  54. Yvonne Carter

    Yvonne CarterMonth ago

    guy on right, u can just tell hes racist he even looks it

  55. Yvonne Carter

    Yvonne CarterMonth ago

    devide n conquer poor white ppl wake up

  56. Herman Justice

    Herman JusticeMonth ago

    Flag waver. Racism Bigot trump. 1st amendment. Right to oppose injustice. Outright hate.

  57. Bobby Nelson

    Bobby NelsonMonth ago

    Over 8000 Blacks are murdered every year.. "" By BLACKS."" !! NOT WHITES. !!

  58. Gianluca Roccolano

    Gianluca RoccolanoMonth ago

    All the left is good at is b******* identity politics

  59. Samantha Fontenet

    Samantha FontenetMonth ago

    Last time I checked Chris is the mediator in this interview lol

  60. Dan Ferguson

    Dan FergusonMonth ago

    Yep, like I have no black friends, and if I did have black friends I would not be saying get over it. It would not be a subject of civil 20th century conversation. I guarantee that I am a common person, and I have never had anything nearing that conversation. Most of us have accepted history and gotten over it. Except Al Sharpton and Van Jones. There is no money or fame in peace, so these two race baiting thugs fight over the scraps of racism. That I KNOW!

  61. Ivom071

    Ivom071Month ago

    Blacks in USA don't get enough credit tbh.....

  62. Sunnyday May

    Sunnyday MayMonth ago

    America was built on hatred, racism.

  63. Kelly McShane

    Kelly McShaneMonth ago

    White Libefals kill black people. White Liberals gentrify Black neighborhoods. White prissy liberals gentrified Harlem. That is Van Jones boss. That pays his bills. He is the devil.

  64. Kelly McShane

    Kelly McShaneMonth ago

    Van Jones is a sellout to White privilege liberals. He is a POS. I am Black Irish. Van Jones is scum.

  65. Big Wide

    Big WideMonth ago

    True, blacks have sacrificed more in this country than most from the last 400 years still to this day, and it's sad that we have young black kids that get killed by the ones that's supposed to protect and server, a young black man or woman shouldn't have to die early just to become apart of black history and they wanna fuss about us standing up and fighting for justice shm!!!

  66. Bucky Brown

    Bucky BrownMonth ago

    Does Van Jones think about his "white lash" when screwing his white wife??

  67. Changsha

    ChangshaMonth ago

    Selling crack and having to go to jail, yea that's a big sacrifice. F&UCK the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    If all whites stopped helping Blacks,where would BLACKS be.

  69. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    There are Blacks that never touched slaves but hold on to that line for defense for being stupid.

  70. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    I hate CNN and all those that work for them.

  71. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    I started hating CNN when i saw how bias they are towards Trump.

  72. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    bUT THEY BITCH,we all know why they bitch,they dont seem to cope with law and order.

  73. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    wHEN PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY WHERE THEY LIVE,THEY MOVE. we dont see blacks in America moving anywhere. because they know there is no other place on Earth better than the USA.,. How lucky they were to be taken as slaves. wOW.

  74. Narciso de Almeida

    Narciso de AlmeidaMonth ago

    When i listen to CNN i feel like becoming a Racist. well done CNN.

  75. Bobby Mitchell

    Bobby MitchellMonth ago

    Van needs 2 shut the fuck up he's a damn uncle tom , house N####r his wife is white he can't represent we black folk !!!!!

  76. John Barney

    John BarneyMonth ago

    U TUBE IS RIGGED !!! DONT CUT ME OFF LIKE U Have so MANY TIMES ,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!! ??? UR ALSO FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!

  77. John Barney

    John BarneyMonth ago


  78. Real Talk

    Real TalkMonth ago

    Van is a joke

  79. Cuku Kenivel

    Cuku KenivelMonth ago

    Why can't I "DISLIKE" a comment below by somebody ? You guys even have MReporter rigged!!! You are going DOWN in November !!!! And your friends in the DEEP STATE and Justice Dept. as well. You are on the LOSING SIDE .....ENJOY !!!

  80. Dana Pergande

    Dana PergandeMonth ago

    Colin kapernick sucks at football... That's why he can't get a job.

  81. Leslie Fisk

    Leslie Fisk2 months ago

    No black should got for this president to have a photo opp and nothing more

  82. Freedom Capital Partners LLP

    Freedom Capital Partners LLP2 months ago

    Whites say get over it ... when blacks say tear down those stupid civil war memorials ... no no !!! We are honoring OUR war dead. ... im a white cracker Trump voter to. Trump maga 2020 !!!!

  83. Freedom Capital Partners LLP

    Freedom Capital Partners LLP2 months ago

    If i was black ... i would throw my feet up on the table and ask a white waitstaff to bring a glass of expensive whiskey for me to down.

  84. RAM

    RAM2 months ago

    They didn't show up to the white house because they were thought Trump was saying they don't have a right to express opinions. False.

  85. RAM

    RAM2 months ago

    Unholy shit, the anchor does what all Liberals do, throws in an "-ism", and he uses Jingoism all wrong. Fuck him. Van Jones, fuckin A m8, do you know how many non-blacks also died for the country and to give everyone rights? It's your Democratic party and fellow Liberals that passed racial laws and wanted to extend Jim Crowe laws. Kiss my ass..

  86. RAM

    RAM2 months ago

    Kaepernick was also let go because... he really sucked as a player. Fuckin Jones didn't follow it. The news anchor is such a cuck looking at Van Jones with such pity. Why, because he's black? Such dumb shit.

  87. RAM

    RAM2 months ago

    I have bloodline history to different ancestors who faced slavery, by Jones' logic, I am not over the slavery that I endured through them, and I demand reparations. I also demand that he quits bitchin like a pussy.

  88. RAM

    RAM2 months ago

    Most the generations alive right now have no connection to the slavery, furthermore.. it was the Democratic portion of families that originally owned slaves, and it was not just white slave owners.

  89. hatre

    hatre2 months ago

    Fuck cnn

  90. jaywill19842011

    jaywill198420112 months ago

    How can van Jones be so called pro black.. but married to a white woman??

  91. M G

    M G2 months ago

    VJ, you must have received a severe blow to your head!

  92. brendan89303

    brendan893032 months ago

    this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen cnn is so bad lmao

  93. Craig Peterson

    Craig Peterson2 months ago

    America is America...CNN is the most pathetic shot hole station filled with racist bobble heads like van jones and and the white metro sexual dummies daily..

  94. GetoverYourself

    GetoverYourself2 months ago

    Idiocy is why your wife is leaving you Van, because your an idiot

  95. TheTomozzo

    TheTomozzo2 months ago

    the self admitted communist Van Jone's *white wife* has just served him divorce papers May 2018.

  96. Charles P

    Charles P2 months ago

    So your wife had enough of your ass, I don't blame her I'm surprised she lasted that long. Mr green jobs. What a joke.

  97. SHADRACH 7

    SHADRACH 72 months ago


  98. Lawrence Barr

    Lawrence Barr2 months ago


  99. Obaro Edafe

    Obaro Edafe2 months ago

    i agree with the white guy. I also agree with Van jones.

  100. Jon C

    Jon C2 months ago

    All our ancestors worked to make this country great. I can understand the black view point, but both sides must be valued